David Bates Bred, Bred 11 chicks in 5 15 months NSW~9835- Maiden Hen, Probably Cinnamon Myles Henke. Nice Young Bird Not Used

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1 26 Bune 046/4 Albino reat feather Welshman, 2596 Darman, 2596 Yianakis / Lawless-Pine, 2596 VK. Full sister to Sky Hen Lutolf article (fertile f.nnily). Not used Kirk Buneski Directional feather. reat style Welshman, 2596 Darman, 2596 lllkis Bune 076/4 Normal rey C / Lawless-Pine, 2596 VK. Kirk Buneski Full brother to Sky Hen Lutolf article (fertile family). Not used 263 Bune 060/4 Albino Bune 05/4 Albino 0 26S BCV Dominant~: reymng 0 Solid bird Welshman, 2596 Darman, 2596 Yianakis / Lawless-Pine, 2596 VK. Full sister to Sky Hen Lutolf article (fertile family). Not used Deep mask Welshman, 2596 Darman, 2596 Yianakis / Lawless-Pine, 2596 VK. Full sister to Sky Hen Lutolf article (fertile family). Not used David Bates Bred, Bred chicks in 5 5 months Kirk Buneski Kirk Buneski Myles Henke Mick earing Bred, ood mother, breeds 266 M Cinnamon Spangle Sky Myles Henke well 0 Double Factor Spangle 267 NSW~9835- Maiden Hen, Probably Cinnamon Myles Henke Yellow /6 Light reen Big Solid Young Bird Big Spots Not Used AbiHaider /6 Clearbody reen Nice Young Bird Not Used AbiHaider / /6 Pied rey Nice Young Bird Not Used AbiHaider 0 Opaline Light rey Young Hen Big Spots Not Used AbiHaider /6 Opaline Blue Young Hen Big Blow Not Used AbiHaider Powerful young Maiden Cock with good NSW 273 Cobalt Opaline depth of mask. He shows well when relaxed 0846/5 and has nice wings t] Quality Hen from my breeding Team with Violet reen Opaline/ EU479/4 big mask & spots. Showing Plenty of 274 Blue directional Feather 0096 ary Watson hen. Typical of his birds, 27 S W 238/4 Dark reen Cinnamon EJ well balanced with small wings and big face. 0 EU ~/4 t] Quality Large Hen from my Breeding team. rey Opaline reat width small wings and large spots. t] Long mask with good directional feather. Maiden Hen. Nice bird with good length of Double Factor Spangle mask. Well balanced with Directional 277 EU49/6 Yellow Feather W C 02 Normal rey Not Used 0 Ernie Wise Normal rey reen Fellows. Has bred some very nice birds Ernie WSe

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3 280 [ 5 NSW 350 Cinnamon Spangle rey [0 From a very good Spangle Line, eoff Ernie Wise O'Connor - Crnig Langdon [28 [[ 420W068 Opaline ~:::on rey [[ Not Used - Time to move him on Ernie WSe [282 [[ NSW olden Face Blue Stylish Young Hen erry Lynch 27439/5 Cinnamon 0[ Nice young hen just about ready for 283 &M 020/6 reen Clearwing erry Lynch Breeding Box Sire: reen S H -2John Hewitt BRASEA482 reen Dam: reen KDOO9 Ken Dunk Qld Allan Reid have kept most of the siblings E Sire: reen x Dam: reen 285 BRASFA43 reen - Nov 6 Bred - should develop, not split as Allan Reid 206 B far as know 286 BRASEA6 Sire: Yfrey C&B purchased from Yellow Face rey C Cec earing Dam: rey NBC Dam Allan Reid 206 Father purchased from Henry eorge Qld 287 Sire: r reen NBC Dam: DF Sp NSW9303 Spangle rey reen Yellow NBC Brother won Champion Allan Reid 205 at BSNSW Annual 206 Nice Size ood Colour Bought But Not Spangle Sky D&RSmith Used. ]~ 0 [289 [[ 54,'6 reygreen/lacewing [[ Dob 24 May Very ~:~~till More rowing[[ D&RSmith [290 [[ 3345/5 Normal reygreeen [0 Not Used Too Young When Time To Breed 7596 K.K. ood Size Hen. [ Used. Brother To 33435/5. ood Size /5 0 reygreen/res For A Split Res Pied. 292 No Ring/ D&RSmith Not D&RSmith Hatched - 04,'04,'206 Sire: Violet Dk reen Nonnal Violet Dk reen Nonnal C Split Opaline (Watson, azzard & A & C? Split Opaline Drnery) Dam: Violet Nonnal (azzard & M & R Fellows) Hatched - 3/04,'206 No Ring/ 6 Sire: reygreen Opaline / Cinnamon reygreen Opaline H (0096 Bob Smith) Dam: Skyblue Spangle Spangle (Hunter Vic, Kakoschke, azzard & A & C Drnery) Maiden /5 Skyblue Opaline H 295 DKP - 053/ 6 Sire: Skyblue / Cinnamon / Opaline (0096 M & R Fellows) Dam: Skyblue Normal (7596 M & R Fellows & 2596 A & C Drnery) Just finished breeding in December 206. Hatched - 3/04,'206 Sire: reygreen Opaline / Cinnamon reynonnal C (0096 Bob Smith) Dam: Skyblue Spangle (Hunter Vic, Kakoschke, azzard & A & C Drnery). Maiden

4 296 Hatched - 08/05/206 Sire: Sire: Violet Dk reen Normal DKP- 07/ reygreen Opaline (Watson, azzard & A & C Druety) H 6? Yellowfuce Dam: rey Yellowfuce Normal (Kakoschke, azzard & A & C Druety) Maiden 297 illc028/6 Violet Sky 0 ood Young Cock Father s A Big Scobie Cock Has A Nest Brother Here Luke Connor J CU'~'~OFF Lt reen Cinnamon 0 ood Young Cock Father s A Big Scobie Cock Nest Brother Ldc028/6 Luke Connor 299 5/2050 Spangle Light reen 0 - Cliff Cameron 300 4/MC639 Cobalt Normal ] 6/ccoasll Violet Cinnamon 302 NSW/56489 Cinnamon rey NSW/ (205) 304 (PAR) Vety Fertile 0 JB Lines Well marked split Donated to BRASEA by (205) reen/split Lacewing Jim Baker, Thank You! JB Lines. Well marked Pied. Donated to Dominant Pied Sky Blue BRASEA by Jim Baker, Thank You! Blackeye Yellow et started with Blackeyes with this pair. Donated To Brnsea by Ray & Sue Condon, Blackeye White Thank You! VJH VJH023-6 CJ Recessive [~] Sky- ood Markings-Not Used - Cliff Cameron Cliff Cameron BRASEA BRASEA BRASEA VmceHudson Dominate Pied [~] Light reen-not Used VmceHudson VJH026-6 Recessive Pied [~] Violet -Dark Factor-Not Used VmceHudson Normal Violet 8 Excellent 309 Spangle Light reen /5 Normal Violet EJB DF Spangle Yellow / White 0 Sister is ring No nice cock still developing late bred Harro(ACD markings solid bird Father Normal reen from Harro Mother Spangle rey Harro (ACD from Peter Thurn 0 One of Pam's from ajohn Barden Violet cock and a azzard cock James Matthews / From a DF Spangle x DF Spangle pairing. rand.<jam was rand Champion at BS 205. James Matthews 32 Dp4092 Cobalt Yellow Face Long bird has bred well D&Pymont Cin Cobalt rey 0 0 Spare hen Has bred well for us D&Pymont D&Pymont

5 35 38~o~r NSW NSW JB JB 322 ~ 323 CBC ::tal J6 MC MC BRASEA BRASEA NSW 083/5 EU245/4 330 EU 25/4 [ reywing rey reen Bloodline Welshman Richard Bucior reywing rey reen Sky Cinnamonwing reen/blackeye Cinnamonwing reen/blackeye Nonna! Sky Blue Spangle Light reen 0 ~=======B=loodlin==.=e=~==e=lshman========~~Ri=.c=hard===Bu=cr=.o=r~ o [ Excellent Face with Directional Feather. Very Nonna! rey 0 VioletNonna! Spangle Olive E] E] Normal rey 0 Normal/Fallow Cobalt Normal/Fallow Cobalt reygreen Cinnamon Opaline Spangle rey/albino & Poss Split Dilute o rey reen Dilute 0 [ Bloodline Welshman Sire is a Cinnamon Light reen cock bred by lenn Schiller. Dam is one of our Black Eye Yellows. They had 8 stylish chicks, 3 are in this auction & we kept 5. Sire is a Cinnamon Light reen cock bred by lenn Schiller. Dam is one of our Black Eye Yellows. They had 8 stylish chicks, 3 are in this auction & we kept 5. young bird. Only 6 months Old. DOB: 9/08/6 Very young Hen, only 7 months Old. Very Well Bred. DOB: 9/07/6 From my best breeding pair has 2 Cinnamon brothers in this Auction ood hen and produces lovely baby's Mum is a spangle mauve, Dad - nonna! green. From a a very good dark factor line. Richard Bucior Ray & Sue Condon Ray & Sue Condon Mark Perez Mark Perez W.Capper W.Capper Mario Capasso - Mario Capasso Father is BV 52/3 in this auction. Mother is a nonna! Cobalt. Hatched 8/6/206. Should develop further. Father is BV 52/3 in this auction. Hatched 2/4/206 Poweful Maiden cock with excellent width. Showing nice quality feather from the Cinnamon. Quality Wmgs From My breeding team. Large bird with nice length of mask and good spots From my breeding team. Breeds and rares chicks well. B MacCarthy BMacCarthy 33 4BH NSW NSW Bred by Brian Harms. azzard/fellows Opaline ~=:on rey 0 Ernie WSe Bloodlines, has bred very nice chicks Not Used Ernie Wise Albino 0 ~==================;~======~ Not Used Opaline~:e:we rey 0

6 EJ N~:7 [ 335 [ 336 NSW BRASEA B~~ 448 [ Sire r reen Dam: r reen rey reen Hatched Nov 6 Should develop - Allan Reid not spli as far as know EJ Allan Reid Sire reen 45-4 Dam reen 49-4 reen C Hatched Sept 206 Not split as far as know Allan Reid - should develop more Pied rey reen [0 [ Sire Sky 46-4 x Pied r reen 46-4 Double Factor Spangle Yellow 338 BRASEA424 reen BRASEA reen 0 Sire: Sp r reen Dam: DF Sp Yellow Hatched Nov 6 Should Develop more Sire: reen 45-4 Dam: reen 49-4 Late bred Sept 6 Should develop Sire: reen 45-4 Dam reen 49-4 Allan Reid Allan Reid Allan Reid [ 340 BRASEA473 [ reen [0 Sire r reen Dam: r reen Allan Reid 34 NSW0930 Mother has produced my best spangles Sire: Spangle rey reen 205 Sp r reen 46-4 X Sp r reen Allan Reid Hatched - 5/04,206 Sire: Violet Dk reen Normal 342 (Father came 20' Normal NSW DKP - 054/ Dk reen Opaline H State Team Challenge in 205) 6 Dam: Skyblue Normal (Watson, azzard, A & C Druery & M & R Fellows) Maiden Hatched - 29/08/ Sire: Cobalt Dominant Pied Normal DKP - 090/ Sky violet Normal C Dam: Violet Opaline 6?Split Opaline (Watson, azzard, A & C Druery & M & R Fellows) Maiden Hatched - 09/02/206 Sire: Violet / Cinnamon / Opaline DKP - 047/ Sire came 205 National Violet Dk reen Opaline H 6 (Bob Smith, azzard & A & C Druery) Dam: reygreen Normal 00% Bob Smith Maiden Hatched - 02/06/206 Sire: VioletDk reen Normal NBC-752/ (Brother came 20" Normal NSW Sky violet Normal H 6 State Team Challenge in 205) Dam: Lt reen Normal (Watson & A & C Druery) Maiden Hatched - 5/04,206 Sire: reygreen Opaline / Cinnamon DKP- 056/ (00% Bob Smith) Dk reen Opaline H 6 Dam: Skyblue Spangle (Hunter Vic, Kakoschke, azzard & A & C Druery) Maiden 347 VJH048-6 i Opaline 0 rey Opaline-Late Bred-Not Used Vmce Hudson

7 N~~~ Cinnamon rey reen Recessive 0 rey -Not Used VmceHudson 0 azzard/fellows. Late bred. Pan! Anderson 350 PBS87- Spangle Opaline rey Watson/azzard. Pan! Anderson 204 reen [~] NSW reen Cinnamon Bloodline Wel~hman 204 Richard Bucior NSW Sky Opaline Bloodline Welshman Richard Bucior 204 [~] NSW rey Cinnamon Bloodline Welshman Richard Bucior NSW/56390 Cinnamon Sky Blue JB Line Jim Baker (205) ~ JB4;'075 Dominant Pied Dark JB Lines (206) reen Father has won Res.Champ on show bench Jim Baker DOB: 24;'7/6 356 NSW5 No tail has a good fuce and has never been in N onnal Skyblue W.Capper the breeding cabinet 0 CBC6WAL Opaline reygreen Very showy and is from my Pied line W.Capper MC 00 Recessive Violet ~ ~~ Mario Capasso MC 069 Normal rey / recessive 0 ~ uf Mario Capasso 4, MC 092 Normal rey reen ~ Mario Capasso 0 36 Violet Split Recessive 3E04;'4 Joe Elias Pied Light reen Dominant 477/5 - Joe Elias Pied 0 Lovely Hen With reat Blow. Uncle Was NBC 4 BAR 363 C~ Sky Cinnamon Opaline 205 Sky National Rep. Breeds Well. " 3 Barnett Cousin To Last Used April 206. This Hen A Super Directional Feathering And Was Last Bred n December 206 And Light reen Cinnamon H Produced 7 Chicks. Her Uncle Was A Sky C~Barnett National Rep. " Cousin To Nbc 4 Bar WA03478 Nonnal Yellow Face rey 0 Super hen C&B066 Normal Sky A bit overweight Still producing 0 Solid bird 25% Scobie, 25% McNiece, 2.5% NSW Melshman, 2.5% Darmon. Normal rey 38693/5 Niece of Sky Hen Lutoif article (fertile family). Not used C&Bearing C & B earing Kirk Buneski BUDERARS Birds of mass enjoyment BUDERARS Birds of mass enjoyment

8 /6 370 Stylish bird with big spot 25% KK 25% NSW Foster 25% Welshman 25% Yianakis / Normal rey 4848/5 Lawless-Pine Cousin of Sky Hen Lutoif article (fertile inni.ly). Not used 50% Foster, 2.5% Welshman, 2.5% NSW Lemon Face Opaline Dannan. Brother to Lots, 2 & /5 Spangle rey Nephew to Sky Hen Lutoif article (fertile inni.ly). Not used. Albino 0 Young Bird Not Used Kirk Buneski Kirk Buneski AbiHaider /6 Albino Young Bird Not Used 0 AbiHaider /6 Lutino 0 Solid Young Hen ood Colour Not Used AbiHaider 373 NSW rey reen Opaline/ 0 Maiden Cock with nice round spots and 08800/5 Dilute showing nice feather length and Direction. 374 t] Nice Quality Maiden Cock with nice round NSW rey Opaline spots and showing nice feather length and 08335/5 Direction. 375 &M 04/6 Rainbow Will be Months at auction. erry Lynch No Ring Blue Clearwing Missed Ringing Early December erry Lynch [~] EJB reygreenlreywing t] D.O.B 09/0/6. Very Young From A Pair That Bred 5 Chicks n Two Rounds. Father Very Fertile. 75% K.K. ood Size Hen With Feather And Direction From Strong Line. D&RSmith /5 Normal rey D&RSmith NSW reygreen Cinnamon 0 00% McFarlane Letting o My rey 6398/5 reens Definitely Breeds Luke Connor 380 NSW reygreen Cinnamon 0 00% McFarlane Letting o My rey 08657/5 reens Definirely Breeds Luke Connor 38 6/ CC 04 Violet Normal [~] - Cliff Cameron 382 EJ rey reen Cinnamon - Cliff Cameron [~] 383 5/20987 rey Cinnamon Normal - Cliff Cameron 384 Bloodline Bucior/Capasso 0740NSW Born 5/0/206 Sky/Cinnamon 206 Donated To BRASEA By Richard Bucior, Thank You! BRASEA White double fuctor 0 Nice young bird - Donated to BRASEA by D & Pyrmont, Thank You! BRASEA Thank you to to those who have donated birds and and prizes, so so we we can can continue with our our work for for lira "Rares" and and other types of of Budgerigars under our plan, which never sees them compete against each other having their own awards and and Champions it it is is Budgerigars after after all all....

9 CRESTED BUDERAR CLUB of AUSTRALA (;OL VARD COMPETTON ENTRES Dear Show Secretary Please supply the Crest Awards show winner of your club's Crest variety awards. Any Age Young Any Others ( Juvenile, UBC, etc ) Type of Show. Club and State To :- The Secretary. The Crested Budgerigar Club of Australia PO Box 4 CROYDON NSW 232 Or You ARE WELCOME to with the details... Please do it in writing thanks

10 "B SEA" Budgerigar Rare And Specialist Exhibitors of Australasia ncorporating The Australian Bush Budgerigar Organisation "ABBO" PO BOX 4, CROYDON, NSW, 232, Australia web Now you can join "BRASEA" as a member for $25 or $5 per year from July to June 30 th per member or partnership at the one address Seniors & Students halve all Fees - Juniors FREE NEW MEMBER / RE-NEW AL Members are included on the mailing list for all correspondence and auction catalogues, invited to assist with all "BRASEA" functions in their area, asked to roll their sleeves up to work for "rare" budgerigar varieties and colours each year... in short, this is a working Organisation, all you need to do is give, give, give, your time and money and effort... have no illusions... you get nothing but the satisfaction of working for our budgerigar rares... hereby apply for membership of "BRA SEA " under the conditions listed above and agree to work for the benefit of the "Rare" Budgerigar varieties and colours. the Australian Bush Budgerigar Organisation and the World Friendly Budgerigar Family Nalle(s) Mailing Address Postcode Country Telephone (... ) Mobile *Direct Bank Deposit Commonwealth Bank BSB Account details We enclose $ for our membership fee to the next June 30 th (cross out one) We enclose $ for our membership till June 30 th and understand all Bulletins and correspondence will only be ed to me... must have all address for lower rate We would also like to donate (optional) $... towards the "BRASEA" programme. Part year - Sept to June $20/$0, Dec to June $5/$7.50, Mar to June $0/ $5 Seniors & Students only pay half rates - Juniors FREE... Sign Sign "All Members inel Juniors (new and renewals) go into the draw for one of our large beautiful paintings, drawn approx December 5 th - every time a Member introduces a new Member the ol'iginal Member goes into a draw twice, for special prizes - help promote "BRASEA" OVERSEAS MEMBERS PLEASE PAY N AUSTRALAN DOLLARS

11 V

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