The Pet Pulse. The Price Is Right! AAF Spay/Neuter Up & Running! A Special thanks to the Joanie Bernard Foundation! Spring 2013

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1 The Pet Pulse Spring 2013 The Price Is Right! AAF Spay/Neuter Up & Running! Ask anyone on the street as to what Bob Barker s famous catch phrase is and you re likely to hear Please spay and neuter your pets! These few, simple and iconic words mean so much to the animal rescue community. The number one reason that there is such a problem with pet overpopulation, particularly in cats, is the lack of spaying or neutering of not only companion pets but of stray animals as well. While all of the pets adopted from the AAF have been altered, we always wanted to do more for the community in respects to helping control pet overpopulation. Thanks to a lot of hard work and years of preparation, the AAF can now help people make a difference. Thanks in large part to a grant issued in 2012 by the Joanie Bernard Foundation, construction was completed last October on what we are calling the AAF s most significant accomplishment since opening our new facility in the completion of our onsite Spay/Neuter Clinic. Small, but functional and efficient, the 476 square foot clinic now resides where an open-air patio once existed. Dr. Brady Hall performs just one of over 100 cat surgeries already completed in our new clinic. The clinic consists of two rooms, the surgery suite and the holding/recovery room. Construction of the clinic began back in 2011, long before we received the grant money to complete the project. Once the grant was awarded, the funding enabled us to complete the project. This was in large part due to the hard work of AAF volunteers David and Leslie Markesbery. Mr. Markesbery lent his years of carpentry and contracting knowledge to the project. AAF volunteer Gary Higgs also played a major role in in getting things done on the front end of the project. AAF Board member and volunteer Dr. Jodi Duff, DVM, played a major role in coordinating things on the surgical end. The grant from the Joanie Bernard Foundation not only allowed us to finish construction of the clinic, but also to furnish it with all of the latest state-of-theart equipment like the anesthesia machine, the autoclave, the pulse-oximeter and all of the surgical supplies. One of the unique aspects of our clinic is that all of the surgeries are performed by local veterinarians who volunteer their time on their off days. We want to thank Dr. Brady Hall, Dr. Stephen Sawdai, Dr. Hillary Voris and Dr. Jodi Duff for their generosity and helping the local community do their part to put a stop to pet overpopulation. The grant allows the AAF to charge the community just $10 for a spay or neuter for cats which also includes a rabies vaccine...and that is why we say the price is right! At this time we are only performing surgeries on cats, but we are hoping in time that we can also help out with dogs as well. Our focus is to help those who care for stray cats and maintain feral cat colonies but the program is also available for those with companion cats. The clinic offers other services including FeLV/FIV testing, micro-chipping, flea prevention and more. With the clinic only having been open for a few months, we have already spayed or neutered over 100 cats for the public. Believe it or not that number prevents over 42,000,000 possible homeless cats over a seven year period!!! Wow! More good news...we recently applied for another grant through the Joanie Bernard Foundation in order to continue to offer this wonderful program to the community and we are happy to say that they awarded the AAF another $80,000 to do just that. We want to thank everyone for their hard work in getting the AAF to this point, as it wasn t all that long ago that we were operating out of an old pole-barn where adoptions were few and far between and programs like our clinic were just a dream...and oh my how dreams come true! A Special thanks to the Joanie Bernard Foundation!

2 It s that Easy! A few simple ways you can help the shelter! We have a partnership with ABITIBI Paper Recycling to help raise money for the AAF! There are two dumpster-style receptacles located in our parking lot just waiting for you to load all of your used: copy paper, junk mail, magazines and shredded documents. Please no phone books or cardboard! is a search engine that donates money to non-profit organizations. All you have to do is go to the website, select Animal Adoption Foundation as your charity and start searching! For every search you do a penny will be donated to the shelter. It may not seem like much, but if we can get a lot of people to use it the money will start adding up. Please use this website honestly. Any fraudulent behavior, such as searching the same thing 50 times, may cause the shelter to be de-listed. Make sure to tell all of your family and friends! ADOPT A SHELTER You read that right! You CAN adopt a shelter and we hope that you adopt the Animal Adoption Foundation. It s another easy way to raise funds for the AAF if you shop online. Here is how it works: 1. Go to and choose Animal Adoption Foundation to adopt 2. Shop Online. Shop Amazon, Office Depot, itunes, Expedia, Petsmart, Target (over Top 400 retailers) 3. Every time you shop using, you financially support your favorite animal charity at no extra cost to you. It s easy, it s free and your every purchase helps animals. Attention Kroger Community Rewards Card holders! In order to keep helping the AAF each and every time you shop at Kroger using your Kroger Plus card, you must go to during the month of April to re-enroll your card. It's a quick and easy process and should only take you a couple of minutes. If haven't already designated the Animal Adoption Foundation as your favorite charity for your Kroger Plus card, please consider doing so. Kroger will donate 4% of what you spend to the easy is that? Thank you for your ongoing support! And Because You Care The simple things in life like those above can help us......continue to treat homeless pets like Rupert and Tillie who came to the AAF and tested positive for heartworms. The treatment for this deadly disease is over $500 per dog. By taking just a few minutes to do the things listed above, you will be helping these and other wonderful pets in need. By the way, Rupert and Tillie are doing great! Page 2 The Pet Pulse

3 2013 Waggin Tails Auction Recap Cheers to all of those who supported the AAF at this years charity auction! The 9th Annual Waggin Tails Charity Auction was another big success and we have many to thank for such a memorable evening. The annual benefit that raises funds for the AAF was held on Saturday, March 2nd at Receptions in Fairfield. Over 350 animal lovers showed up for the extravaganza and did not go home disappointed. Between all of the sports memorabilia, the hand-crafted dog feeding station, all of the wonderful pet-related items and much, much more, over $39,000 was raised for the homeless pets at the AAF. We want to thank all of those on the auction committee for doing such a great job of bringing it all together. Hundreds and hundreds of hours of preparation go into this event every year and we couldn t have done it without you! We also want to thank Chris Geisen from 92.5 The Fox for entertaining everyone throughout the night and David Markesbery for providing the music and sound. And finally we want to thank all of those who attended and all of those who donated items...your generosity is always appreciated! We look forward to seeing everyone at next years event on Saturday, March 1st! You Big Lug! An oversize dog finds love just when he needed it most. While all of us at the AAF love the shelter pets equally...there are still those who tug on your heartstrings more than others. Case in point, Toby. This magnificent dog hasn t had things go his way in life and we are so happy to report that he now has what we hope is his forever home. Toby was originally adopted from the AAF as a young puppy only to be given up by his adopters and Toby ended up living on the end of a six-foot chain anchored to a barn...not the kind of life we or he had envisioned. He spent over two years on that chain and because of the lack of socialization, Toby wasn t exactly your model companion dog. Toby is so thankful for another chance at happiness. After learning about Toby s situation, the AAF rescued him from life on a chain and brought him back to the shelter. Thanks to a lot of training and a lot of TLC by AAF volunteers, Toby slowly began to learn that life wasn t supposed to be what he had grown accustomed to and quickly became a volunteer favorite. He was eventually adopted only to be returned for reasons directly associated with having lived his life on a chain. More training and more love was put into this 110 lb. softy and it has paid off. The Johnson Family of Hamilton fell in love with Toby and took him home on a trial basis and now can t imagine life without him. Toby is one of many examples of why we never give up on a four-legged friend and we hold firm the belief that there is truly a home for all of them though some may wait longer than others. Please remember that life on a chain is no life for a pet. If you know of someone keeping a dog on a chain for an extended period of time, please visit Page 3 The Pet Pulse

4 Letters From Home! We love it when folks send us updates and photos of pets they have adopted from the AAF! Here are a few to share with you. If you have made one of our pets a part of your family and would like to show them off, we encourage you to send us a picture and story to or post on Facebook at I've had Zoey for about a year and Colt for about 9 months and this is the first time they have been in the snow. Zoey decided to make a snow dog angel and Colt was content to run around. I know I have said it before, but I cannot thank you all enough for what you do. Heather Glass Jax in his handsome Christmas sweater... Mandy Schauer Just wanted to share and let you know Cupid is doing great! He loves hanging out with his new buddy Trooper. Page 4 The Pet Pulse

5 Thank you for all the hard work your organization does; Zuri, aka, Miss Purr Purr and Ike (Simon) might not have captured our hearts without you! Wayne Tucker Lovin' my little Ziggy (formerly Marlin). Thanks, AAF, for this beautiful little boy! Ellen Norcott About 3 weeks ago my family & I adopted these 2 kittens, Cheddar and Smoky (formerly Tory) from AAF and we are in love with them. They turned out to be really sweet, fun, and playful." Michele Metzler Page 5

6 Cheyanne. Forever In Our Hearts. On September 10, 2012 during our Meow Mingle Program, the AAF volunteers were socializing with the cats. Sara Shope and Karyn Vanderburg noticed that Louie, one of our cute black kitties, was looking intently outside. Sara, Karyn, and Jennifer Karpanty, the Assistant Director, investigated further because of Louie s intensity. Louie had his attention focused on an emaciated and sickly looking cat that was hiding in the bushes outside the enclosed cat porch. They went out outside and saw the sweet and pathetic looking cat in bad shape staring at them with sad but hopeful and soulful brown eyes. The homeless kitty let Jennifer pick her up immediately and was so grateful to be rescued. The staff and volunteers were concerned about this new cat they named Cheyanne and asked Kay Walsh, a Meow Mingler and Board Member, to take her directly to Mount Pleasant Animal Hospital in Fairfield. Dr. Steve Sawdai estimated that Cheyanne was between years old. She had a tumor on her back and mouth. Mount Pleasant Animal Hospital did a sick cat profile and later removed the tumors. The veterinarian said that she could live comfortably, but at some point the tumors would come back. Kay Walsh had grown attached to Cheyanne. Cheyanne had her own cat room and was well cared for by the staff and volunteers, but we wanted more of a quality of life for this poor girl. Everyone loved her. She purred the minute you stepped near her and was so grateful for any ounce of attention. Kay opened up her home and heart and offered to foster Cheyanne so she would get more one on one attention. Volunteers Ashley Goebel and Amanda Roy stepped up to foster when Kay went out of town. We knew that because of Cheyanne s age and prognosis that she would not be with us for a long time. We all wanted to make her last days ones in which she knew she was cherished and loved. Kay warmed her baby food, took her to vet visits, and even brought her and held her during AAF Board Meetings. It was heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time. Cheyanne lost her battle in February We all miss her but it was especially hard on Kay who loved Cheyanne as her own. We asked Kay what she wanted AAF supporters to know about Cheyanne. In Kay s own words: My only comment would be it was an honor to foster Cheyanne for her last few months - she purred right till the last day, never complained about any medicine she took, was a lady at all times using her litter box even when it was hard to walk due to her tumors. There is no excuse for what she suffered before she came to AAF but thanks to all the volunteers we made her last days full of cuddling and caring. I can only hope others will consider fostering- it is indeed a most rewarding experience. Cheyanne left her pawprint on the hearts of all of those that met her. She was very loved and cared for at the Animal Adoption Foundation and we will cherish her in our memory forever.

7 Hello Friends of Animals, Nothing is Impossible! My name is Reese. My name is Reese and I was born in July of I was one of a litter of kittens that was at the original shelter on Chapel Road before the facility in Ross Township opened in Eric Johnson, the Executive Director, met me when I was a baby and never thought a story like this would ever have to be written about such a wonderful cat. The staff and volunteers thought I would get a home pretty quickly, but I kept waiting and waiting and no one ever picked me. I ve been a good boy at AAF for nine whole years. Nine years, you ask? You read that right. Nine whole years. I m happy to report my family finally found me! I ve been a good boy since I was a baby. I followed the rules and was friends with all of my roommates in my cat room that came and went over the years. I thought someone would have picked me a lot sooner because I m a cuddler, a charmer, and one of the sweetest boys around. I even have cute paws that make it look like I have thumbs! The nice folks at AAF often told me that good things come to those that wait and they were right. My special day came on April 3rd. I always had access to a screened in porch where I loved to watch the birds and lay in the sun. I also enjoyed climbing on the cat trees or laying on the cozy cat beds in my favorite nooks. April 3rd was different though. AAF Volunteer, Taylor Buttelwerth, put me and my friends in cat carriers in the lobby so she could clean and straighten my room. I was looking around and saw two ladies walk by. I got good vibes from them so I frantically started waving my paw trying to get their attention. It worked. They came over to me and talked to me. I kept waving my paw and making cute faces and rubbing against the front of the carrier. One of the workers at the AAF told these ladies my story and asked if they wanted to meet me. They said yes! I mean, I m cute and friendly. I spent one on one time with them in the Volunteer Room. It didn t take long before I overheard them telling the staff they wanted to adopt me. The staff was so happy they were cheering and smiling from ear to ear. The phone in my new home rang the other day and I heard my new mom talking to one of the ladies from the Animal Adoption Foundation calling to see how I was doing. My mom told the Assistant Director that I was doing great and that I was already running the household. My mom told her that I love to take turns sleeping in different beds in my house. I also love my new cat friend and having my own special family. I just want all of you to know that nothing is impossible and there is always hope. I also want to say hi to my second family at AAF and thank you for caring for me and loving me for nine years. Thank you to all that support the AAF and continue to care for my friends. I hope that more people choose adoption because great cats like me are waiting for you. I hope you liked my story. Love, Reese There are few things in life more heartwarming than to be welcomed by a cat. -Tay Hohoff

8 Stay Connected with Pet Connection. AAF Shelter Cam Some cute and funny moments at the shelter! You can tune into 88.3 FM every Wednesday from 4-5pm to listen to the radio program Pet Connection, founded by AAF volunteers Greg Thompson and Joby Wesolowski. Pet Connection on WAIF focuses on the no-kill movement in animal shelters, and they engage weekly in a topic pertinent to no-kill animal shelters and getting as many dogs and cats into their forever homes. Guest speakers from shelters throughout the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky region, as well as, other groups involved with animal welfare have attended. According to Mr. Thompson, Helping homeless animals is the most important part of my life. Everyone must find their niche, where they fit in and the Pet Connection is one way to get these awesome organizations the exposure they need. Both Eric Johnson, Executive Director, and Jennifer Karpanty, Assistant Director, have spoken as guests on behalf of the Animal Adoption Foundation. We want to thank WAIF for providing the AAF a stage to help spread awareness about the pets in need that cannot help themselves. Cheeseburgers in Paradise? Pretty maids all in a row! Good Karma! Thank you to our Sponsors... Our corporate sponsors are very important to the AAF! Whether big or small, each of the following businesses helps us with our mission. Please take the time to visit them and say thank you! MoonDoggies Grooming & Design The Whistle Stop Ross Hardware Circle Storage of Colerain BP Gas of Ross Compuaide of Ross Training Tracks Wendy s in Ross The Joanie Bernard Foundation Redefining Dogs Magnet Signs of Ross Duke Energy WCPO-Channel 9 The Kroger Company Amy s Lawn Care, Inc. Petsmart Cincinnati Pet Pages Mount Pleasant Animal Hospital West Side Animal Clinic Okeana Veterinary Clinic Oxford Veterinary Hospital Animal Care Clinic, Oxford Village West Framing, Oxford The Tenderle Foundation The Grooming Gals Animal Ark Pet Resort The Hamilton Eagle Riders MedVet RMA Fleet, Inc. Storage Trailers Butler Rural Electric Cooperative Best In Show Dog Grooming Petco Flexi-Leash First Financial Bank Page 8

9 Acknowledgements...Thank You To All! Leadership Level ($1000) Protectors ($100) Protectors ($100) Patrons ($50) David & Leslie Markesbery Elizabeth Rogers The Joanie Bernard Foundation Joseph Marcum Lori Foster and Friends Cindy & Ernie Pendergrass Benefactors ($500) Roger Kolloff Bonnie Kolloff Denis Mutter Robert & Claudia O Meara Michael & Karen Pierson Susan Riley Benjamin Stegemoller Rose Sweeney Supporters ($250) Michael & Therese Brenner Kathleen Bunnell Errol & Joanne Byers Jennifer Chesnut Joan Fisher Barb Hurley Robert Lambert Heather Marsh McAuley High School Pat Miceli Linda Mulock Deborah Pawling Ellis & Debbie Pullins Ann Regan Ival & Becky Watson Protectors ($100) Karen Auffinger Jeanette Berning Brown Enterprises Inc. Ray Boyle Ruth Brown Mary Brower Barbara Buckner Michael Burns Candace Bottoms Amy Carr Robert & Treasure Chesnut Carol Couto Dan Miller Auctions Marjorie Davidson Jaci Defelice Doti Lackey Lanny Hargraves Mary Durning Richard & Regina Eldridge Faith Lutheran Church The Fatika Family Sharon Fernandez First Ameritas Mary Flory Thomas Gardner Janet Gorman Nancy Griffiths Jack & Susan Grove Brady & Teresa Hall Peggy Hall Robert & Bonnie Hauser Jayne Haverkos Shirley Hicks Tina Hollenbeck Carol Ann Johnson Charles Jones Brandan Jones Carolyn & Jay Kahn Debbie Kern Ryan Bell J.E. & Jo-Jean Kleinfeld Jennifer Kokos Dennis Lynch Diane Mastin Judith Matre Peggy McCoy, M.D. Robert & Helen Meinerding Nancy Mohr Jenny Mor MSD/WWC/SMU Cincinnati VA Med Center Lauren Osborne Linda Owens Tom & Sandra Patton Pet People The Peterka Family William & Brenda Philpot Robert & Linda Rice Maria Ritter Sherry Robbins Mary Ruehl Stacy Rullman Paul & Judith Schiller Lauren Schwab John Sheehan Sarah Siegle Gail Stark Cincinnati Mine Machinery Dianna Thompson Valcom Enterprises, Inc. Lauren Walsh The Waters Family Jamie & Gina Ward Barbara Wells Shirley Ziegler Patrons ($50) Michael & Amy Abrams Sandy Allen Joseph & Mike Arcaro Steve & Carol Archdeacon Nancy Axmacher Jean Baker Andrea Bakker Jacqueline Sue Baldrick Thelma Becker Angie Beeber David Blevens Martha Borkosky Robert Bowen Clyde & Gayle Brown Kim Capehart Vanessa Cavens Peggy Chandler Garry Clawson Janet Clegg Robert Collier Debbie Cook Ken & Lisa Crawford Kellene Doty Nancy Douglas Rebecca Evans Becky Flick Marjorie Fugate Michael & Teresa Gagnon Jeffrey Gearhart Gary Glaab Maggie Gonzales Binney Gray Joanne Grogan Elisabeth Haley Joanne & Michael Handley Paul Hemmings David Hippe Phyllis Hollenbaugh John Hubbard Bertha Jackson Irene Kleiman Deborah Kuhlmann Lane Public Library Vicki Lape Janet Ludlow Ronald Mangus The Mays Family Betty McAdams Lowell & Sandra McGuffey Guy & Barbara McMickle Gary McPhail Jon & Karen Montan Glenn Mundstock James Neal Sharon Ollinger Mieko Ono Nancy Padgett Lynne Piepmeyer Matt Pittinger Richard Reed Bill & Teddi Spade Charles Sazavsky Ryan & Lori Schisler Kenneth Schwartz Phyllis Schwartz Karen Baker Leslie Mucha Kimberly Scott Barbara Seipel Motorists Insurance Page 9

10 Acknowledgements...Thank You To All! Patrons ($50) Beverly Thompson Mary Tryon Gregory & Kelly Turner Peggy Vanderwaag Village West Framing & Gallery Larry & Lindy Waters Ellen Weisman Peter Wendt Kenneth & Jennifer Wilson Thomas Wissing Family ($30) Hank & Lynn Berens Georgia Dreyer William Stenger Amy Eldridge Dorothy Fitzgerald Terrance Gittinger Karen Groene William & Kathleen Hoenninger Peggy Hofling Lacee Justice Kenneth & Kelli Lackman Debbie Lutkenhoff James & Laura McGrath Gayla Medley Maria Metz Roberta Milinski MoonDoggies Grooming & Design C.K. Nichelson Peter Williams Kathleen Snyder Karen Womack Friends ($25) Lori Allen Nelson Baker Denise Baldrick Brian & Leslie Black The Burcham Family Melissa Bussey The Clevenger Family Robert Crist Mary Day Jason Carr Electric Friends ($25) Maureen Fitzgerald Glenn Grothaus Melanie Hanson Daniel & Rae Hoetker Joe & Lisa Kuykendall Sharon Mahoney Sam & Linda Maxfield Frances McClure Kenneth McDowell Dale & Ruth McKee Kathy McRoberts John & Kathy Mumper Pat Ossenschmidt William & Gail Phelps M. Quick Missy Rechel Josie Burton James & Jeanette Rednour Laura Scheffler Sarah Schellenger Amy Schiewetz Robert & Alice Schuette The Schuetz Family Harold & Clelia Simpson Don Stadler Ginny Thiell Kathy Vinje Victoria Wolpert Honorable Mention Tina Abner First-Hand Authentication Karen Banfield Dorothy Behrens Amanda Cahoon Martha Campbell David & Julie Churchman Emily Clark Julie Cohen Meredith Epperson Al & Linda Fenzel Heidi Glick Amy Hamlin James Squance Kathleen Duffy Honorable Mention Kevin & Mary Lackman Lynn Locke Michelle Martin-Dienno Jaime Martinez Constance Megison Helen Paff Mike & Jenny Peters Mary Lou Plank Haley Pratt Susan Reich Bonnie Rettig Krista Roth Lindsay Rowley Robert & Marlene Sandlin Tara Scarborough Barbara Scheibling Frank & Betty Schneider Dolly Tucker Gregory Williams Puppy Love! Sapphire (on left) loves her new sister. Sapphire was found on a busy highway, tiny and all alone. Your donations made sure she found her forever home! Thank You! Page 10

11 In Memoriam Tina Abner in memory of Sammie Elsaesser James & Jeanette Rednour in memory of Sammie Elsaesser Robert & Marlene Sandlin in memory of Sammie Elsaesser Michael & Amy Abrams in memory of Donald Retherford Tina Hollenbeck in memory of Donald Retherford Motorists Insurance Group in memory of Donald Retherford The Mays Family in memory of Donald Retherford Jean Baker in memory of Valerie Baker Denise Baldrick in memory of Jacqueline Baldrick Cincinnati VA Medical Center in memory of Jacqueline Baldrick Karen Banfield in memory of Shirley Pittinger The Clevenger Family in memory of Shirley Pittinger Heidi Glick in memory of Shirley Pittinger Karen Groene in memory of Shirley Pittinger Glenn Grothaus in memory of Shirley Pittinger Ken & Kelli Lackman in memory of Shirley Pittinger Kevin & Mary Lackman in memory of Shirley Pittinger Sharon Mahoney in memory of Shirley Pittinger Sam & Linda Maxfield in memory of Shirley Pittinger John & Kathy Mumper in memory of Shirley Pittinger MSD/WWC/SMU in memory of Shirley Pittinger Sharon Ollinger in memory of Shirley Pittinger Robert & Claudia O Meara in memory of Shirley Pittinger Helen Paff in memory of Shirley Pittinger Tom & Sandra Patton in memory of Shirley Pittinger Mike & Jenny Peters in memory of Shirley Pittinger Matt Pittinger in memory of Shirley Pittinger Frank & Betty Schneider in memory of Shirley Pittinger Diane Mastin in memory of Shirley Pittinger Jeanette Berning in memory of Miss Kitty Collete The Burcham Family in memory of Gayle Stewart Greg & Kelly Turner in memory of Gayle Stewart Valcom Enterprises Inc. in memory of Gayle Stewart Martha Campbell in memory of Jerry Quick Peggy Chandler in memory of Al Kuhr Robert & Treasure Chesnut in memory of Timothy Chesnut Shirley Hicks in memory of Tim Chesnut Julie Cohen in memory of Bobby Louis Elisabeth Haley in memory of Donna Curtis Mieko Ono in memory of Donna Curtis Peggy Hall in memory of Christopher Case John Hubbard in memory of Christopher Case Peggy McCoy, MD in memory of Christopher Case Brady and Teresa Hall in memory of Christopher Case Carolyn & Jay Kahn in memory of Kami Jennifer Kokos in memory of Reba Silver Dale & Ruth McKee in memory of Ronald Wilson Susan Reich in memory of Ronald Wilson Robert Meinerding in memory of Max Patricia Miceli in memory of Elmo and Doris Malblanc Jon & Karen Montan in memory of Solomon MoonDoggies Grooming & Design in memory of Buster MoonDoggies Grooming & Design in memory of Maxi Taxi Keeney Cynthia Pendergrass in memory of Visitor William & Brenda Philpot in memory of Cheryl Kilwy Ann Regan in memory of Kevin R. Regan Ann Regan in memory of Robert T. Regan Tara Scarborough in memory of Anne Marie Gail Stark in memory of Helen Grammel Rose Sweeney in memory of Lady Ginny Thiell in memory of Cinco Peggy Vanderwaag in memory of Bea Smith The Waters Family in memory of Agnes Ashbrook Victoria Wolpert in memory of Nancy Nunamaker In Honor Of... Joseph & Mike Arcaro in honor of Christine D Andrea Ruth Brown in honor of Connie & Skip Wyatt Faith Lutheran Church in honor of Barbara Wells Mary Flory in honor of Sarah, Shasta & Laura Lacee Justice in honor of Belinda Koehler Dennis Lynch in honor of Gary Hesse Linda Mulock in honor of Lori Foster Pet People in honor of Michael Bowman Ann Regan in honor of Rick & Candace Weppler Lauren Walsh in honor of Ella Larry & Lindy Waters in honor of David & Liz Dietrich Page 11

12 P.O. Box Hamilton, OH Presorted Standard U.S. Postage PAID Hamilton, OH Permit No. 389 Shelter Location: 2480 Millville-Ross Rd. Hamilton, OH PETS Visit our Website: Like us on Facebook! adoptionfoundation The AAF is solely funded by donations, with no government aid. Please don t forget about the many pets anxiously awaiting new homes at the AAF. The Animal Adoption Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Please give generously. We need you. Your ongoing support is greatly appreciated! Yes, please let me help the animals! Leadership Level $1000+ Patron Level $50 Benefactor Level $500 Family Level $30 Supporter Level $250 Friend Level $25 Protector Level $100 Please check this box if you would like an acknowledgement of your donation sent to you via . Please write down your address in the space provided below. Thank you for saving a tree (and a stamp). Name Please clip and return to: Address City/State/Zip The Animal Adoption Foundation P.O. Box Hamilton, OH Phone Number/