Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened. ~Anatole France Annual Report

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1 Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened. ~Anatole France 2014 Annual Report

2 Table of Contents Letter from the Executive Director Page 3 Shelter Statistics Page 4 Adoption Information Page 5 Fundraising Highlights Page 6 Giving Programs Page 7 Programs and Services Page 8 Volunteer Program Page 10 Budget Summary Page 11 Mission & Vision, Staff List Page 12 Board of Directors Jim Stuart, President Middlebury College Deborah Laframboise, Treasurer DGL Accounting Services Maureen Conrad National Bank of Middlebury Reinhold Lange, Vice President Middlebury Interactive Languages Erin McCormick, Secretary Middlebury Interactive Languages Lesley Deppman Deppman & Foley, Attorneys at Law Marcia Liotard Retired RN *** Professional affiliations provided for informational purposes only. Annual Report Staff: Jessica Danyow and Hannah Manley. Designed by Michelle Shubert. Photos by Michelle DeRosier and Dottie Nelson. 2

3 From the Executive Director... Dear Friend, 2014 was a busy and productive year for our organization and we are pleased to share some highlights with you and invite you to get involved in our organization as we celebrate our 40th anniversary in 2015! The shelter saw an 11% increase in animals that we were able to serve and we adopted out 30% more animals this year than in We enjoyed great collaboration with other Vermont shelters and routinely transferred animals to and from our neighboring shelters in order to find them homes as fast as possible. Our community based-animal welfare programs also saw growth with the creation of Keeping Pets with People, a program designed to provide financial support to pet owners facing unexpected financial hurdles that might put their pets at risk of surrender. Our renovated building on Boardman Street hosted a variety of educational workshops and seminars including Pet First Aid, Dog Training Classes, Animal Massage, and more. To accomplish all this, our shelter staff worked seven days a week, 365 days a year but still we couldn t have done what we did without the countless hours donated by our volunteers. We look forward to developing expanded volunteer opportunities in We are excited about 2015 and you can expect to see Homeward Bound involved in community outreach such as hosting microchipping clinics, facilitating low-cost spay/neuter clinics and more programs designed to reduce the likelihood that Addison County animals will need our sheltering services. We hope you share our excitement about the role Homeward Bound, Addison County s Humane Society will play in 2015 as we work toward a more humane community for animals and people alike. Warmly, Jessica Danyow Executive Director 3

4 4 Shelter Statistics

5 Adoption Information CATS & KITTENS Kitten (0-12 months) $125 (Two for $175) Adult Cat (1-8 Years) $90 (Two for $150) Senior Cat (8+ years) $60 Special Needs Cat Donation Only Adoption Fee includes: Spay/Neuter, FELV/FIV Test, Distemper and Rabies Vaccines appropriate to age, Parasite treatment, Microchip, Certificate for Free Vet Exam, Lifetime support from Homeward Bound. DOGS & PUPPIES Puppy (0-12 months) $200 Adult Dog (1-8 years) $150 Senior Dog (8+ years) $100 Special Needs Dog Donation Only Adoption Fee includes: Spay/Neuter, Distemper, Bordatella, and Rabies Vaccines appropriate to age, Parasite treatment, Microchip, Certificate for Free Vet Exam, Lifetime support from Homeward Bound. SMALL ANIMALS Ferrets $50 (Two for $90) Rabbits $25 (Two for $40) Birds $25 (Two for $40) Guinea Pigs $15 (Two for $25) Hamsters, Mice, Gerbils, & Rats $10 (Flat fee, regardless of # adopted!) Senior-to-Senior Adoptions We acknowledge the great health benefits that pet ownership can bestow on people and encourage these adoptions through our senior-to-senior program whereby any animal 8 and older is a no-charge adoption to citizens 55 and older. 5

6 Fundraising Highlights Giving At A Glance 1,270 donors in ,114 of those were Vermont residents, 156 were residents of 29 other states! Gift Range Number of Gifts $5,000 - $10,000 4 $1,000 - $4, $500 - $ $100 - $ $1 - $ The Top 5 s Top 5 Towns by Giving: 1. Middlebury 2. Bristol 3. Vergennes 4. New Haven 5. Ferrisburgh Top 5 Individual Gifts: $9,736 $8,000 $5,000 $5,000 $3,000 Top 5 Fundraising Efforts: Top 5 Months of Giving by # of Gifts 1. General Donations 2. Annual Appeal 3. Woofstock 4. Guardian Angels 5. Dining Cards 6

7 Giving Programs The Legacy Society The only thing you take with you when you re gone is what you leave behind. ~ John Allston Making a planned gift to Homeward Bound is a meaningful way to carry forward your compassion and concern for animals, and a wonderful way to say thank you to every animal that has touched your life. Further, it is one of the most effective ways to ensure that Homeward Bound can continue to save lives and provide other vital services that make Addison County a more humane community for animals, while also receiving tax benefits. Donors who include Homeward Bound in their long-term charitable planning are recognized as members of the Homeward Bound Legacy Society. These thoughtful supporters have decided to establish a legacy of support that will help animals for years to come. If you have, or would like to include Homeward Bound in your estate plans, please contact us with information about your planned gift so that we can recognize your generosity and talk with you about how you would like us to carry out your legacy. You may remain anonymous if you wish. Homeward Bound Friends of the Animals You have been my friend. That in itself is a tremendous thing. ~ Charlotte from Charlotte s Web Friends of the Animals is a very special program that has a tremendous impact on the welfare of animals in Addison County. Our Friends of the Animals are a core group of sustaining donors that contribute monthly, quarterly, or bi-annually to help support the care, feeding, and adoption of our wonderful shelter animals, as well as important programs in our community. Our Friends of the Animals include: Joni Burkett Amy Carter Todd & Luana Findley Diane & Kevin Quiet Sydney & Heidi Stokes Nancy Ward Bruce & Suzanne Byers Pat Davies Judi Fisher Michelle Shubert Jim Stuart Michael Warner & Joseph Watson Sarah & Susan Carter Martha Dier Gayle & Jay Malinowski Allen Stillman Barbara Tennien Nancy & James West 7

8 Programs and Services As the county s only animal shelter, we work hard to meet the needs of a growing and changing population. Since 1975 we have provided temporary shelter for thousands of lost, abandoned, neglected or surrendered animals. We understand that the welfare of animals is always linked to the welfare of people and we have developed and continue to focus on developing programs that can provide support to struggling pet owners. Trap-Neuter-Release: Homeward Bound operates a seasonal Trap-Neuter- Release (TNR) program to help address the overpopulation of stray, feral, and loosely owned cats in Addison County. In 2014, 177 cats were sterilized and vaccinated through the program at no cost to farmers and other caretakers. Humane Education: We host tours and pay visits to area school children, summer campers, library groups, and more providing education on proper pet care, dog bite safety, the importance of spaying and neutering, and encouraging kindness and responsibility. Pets in Crisis: We work with local human service providers to address the animalrelated needs of victims of domestic violence and natural disasters. We can offer short-term housing for animals so that their humans can focus on recovery without anxiety about their beloved pets. Lost & Found Referral: We facilitate the reunion of pets and their people through our low-cost micro-chipping service and our lost and found referral service. In , we were able to re-unite 69 lost pets with their families. Third-Party Adoptions: We act as an adoption clearinghouse for people who need to re-home their pets but do not want to surrender them to the shelter. Third-party adoptions are posted on our website and promoted in the shelter. Cremation services: We provide on-site pet cremation service for individuals and organizations throughout Vermont. 8

9 Keeping Pets with People: This is a growing program. We provide financial subsidies to people with unexpected financial hurdles in order to decrease the risk of owners surrendering their animals due to financial constraints. Pets Eat Too! : We partner with the Champlain Valley Agency on Aging to provide pet food to homebound seniors who receive Meals on Wheels. In 2014, we delivered more than 420 pounds of food. Humane Investigations: We facilitate humane investigations throughout Addison County and work to support law enforcement in cases of animal neglect or cruelty that violates Vermont's animal welfare laws. In 2014, we received 60 complaints of neglect and worked to educate and provide resources to resolve concerns Cases by Type of Animal 2014 Cases by Nature of Complaint 9

10 Volunteer Program Volunteers don't get paid, not because they're worthless, but because they're priceless. ~Sherry Anderson General Volunteering Homeward Bound encourages the involvement of volunteers who support our mission; to educate the community and improve the lives of animals, alleviate their suffering, and elevate their status in society. Volunteers play a vital role within our organization! Without their support, we would not be able to assist nearly the number of animals who need help in our community. In 2014 we had a total of 109 volunteers. Of those 65 were active (volunteering at least 1 hour per week), for a total of 2283 hours! 253 hours of administrative support ~ 693 hours of cat socializing ~ 698 hours of dog walking and training ~ 109 hours of property maintenance ~ 466 hours of manning special events ~ 64 hours of promotion and fundraising assistance Foster Care Homeward Bound occasionally receives animals that are pregnant, have offspring, are sick or injured, or who are too young to be placed immediately for adoption. These animals are temporarily placed in private foster homes where they receive care, nurturing, and socialization until they are able to return to the shelter. In 2014 we had 24 active foster families caring for 216 animals, totaling over 6,000 hours of care! Animal Transport Homeward Bound has a core group of volunteers who drive shelter animals to and from their spay/neuter appointments, often as far away as Burlington and Rutland! In volunteers transported 339 animals to appointments, totaling over 100 trips and more than 85 hours on the road! 10

11 Budget Summary We do not receive any county, state or federal funding or funding from any national organizations Summary Budget: Income & Expenses Income: Earned Income: $207, 018 (Income earned from shelter fees & services) Income Restricted Income: $32,281 (Grant funding) Unrestricted Income: $221,146 (Donations, fundraising, direct mail, membership dues, etc.) Total Income: $460,445 Expense: Program & Services Expense: $270,571 (Includes preparing animals for adoption, cremation service expense, etc.) Expenses Restricted Program Expense: $31,014 Fundraising Expense: $69,003 Building Expense: $29,184 General & Administrative Expense: $94,873 Total Expense: $494,645 11

12 Mission & Vision, Staff List Homeward Bound Vision and Mission Statement Administrative Staff Jessica Danyow Executive Director Hannah Manley Development Director Michelle Shubert Administrative Assistant Shelter Staff Anne DeHaven Operations Manager Chris Ouellette Animal Care Coordinator The mission of Homeward Bound: Addison County s Humane Society is to educate the community and improve the lives of animals, alleviate their suffering, and elevate their status in society. We safeguard, rescue, shelter, heal, adopt and advocate for animals in need, while inspiring community action and compassion on their behalf. We envision a world: That is nurturing and compassionate towards all animals; Where no animal suffers from abuse or neglect; and In which all people regard companion animals as lifelong, valued family members. Morgan Cote Foster Care Coordinator Wendy Audet Michelle DeRosier Terri Phelps Caitlin Sheldon Nancy Ward Front Row: Chris Ouellette, Anne DeHaven, Jessica Danyow, Michelle DeRosier, Caitlin Sheldon, and Terri Phelps. Back Row: Nancy Ward, Morgan Cote, Hannah Manley, Michelle Shubert, and Wendy Audet Boardman Street, Middlebury, VT Open Tuesday thru Saturday 12-5