Reptiles of Mauritius

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1 Reptiles of Pristine Imagine 371 years ago Before people lived in Nik Cole Prior to 1638 much of the island was covered in forest Pristine 671 species of plant 46% (endemic) found only in The forests supported 22 types of land bird, 12 endemic - only found in, such as the dodo Except for bats, never used to have mammals There were no: The forests had also 23 supported different types endemic of reptile, reptiles 22 found only in nowhere else in the world 1

2 With no terrestrial mammals, was a reptile and bird dominated island REPTILIAN PREY PREDATORS SEED HERBIVORES for DISPERSERS other of larger birds, reptiles & POLLINATORS and birds invertebrates maintaining allowing habitat the natural regeneration habitat through browsing & grazing Whilst the forests supported the reptiles and birds Reptiles helped 1638 to people support settled the forests in They all depended and the forests upon each were other rapidly to destroyed live Many animals from other countries Today <2% Some The loss that were of were forests completely lost and from lost the the introduction from mainland managed of animals and because to from survive they outside were on endemic the surrounding caused to the islands, loss - EXTINCT of where many the reptiles disturbance was not as severe Reptiles Birds Mammals Round Island One of the few places not invaded by rats - the worst invasive animal in the World Round Island The Became island the also last supports location on healthy Earth populations to find: of other endemic and native reptile species Keeled Gunthers scaled gecko, boa, Phelsuma Casarea dussumieri guentheri Ornate day gecko, Phelsuma ornata Bojer s skink, Gongylomorphus bojerii HOME TO A REPTILE COMMUNITY THAT USED TO OCCUR THROUGHOUT MAURITIUS Durrell s Telfairs night skink, gecko, Leiolopisma Nactus telfairii durrelli Bouton s skink, Cryptoblepharus boutonii 2

3 Other Islands of importance Other Islands of importance Orange-tail skink Lesser night gecko Ilot Vacoas Bojer s skink Preventing further extinction With the threats that caused the loss of the reptiles removed from some of the islands Mauritian With most Wildlife of the Mauritian Foundation reptiles found National just one Parks or a and few Conservation tiny islets the Service risk of Durrell extinction Wildlife is very Conservation high Trust Restoring islands removing introduced species, such as rats from islands We have started moving endangered reptiles back to islands where they used to occur Reducing the risk of extinction Gunners Quoin Ilot Vacoas Bojer s skink, once widespread throughout the SE, restricted to Ilot Vacoas Telfair s Orange-tail skink, skink, once once widespread, restricted to Ile Round Flat aux Island Fouquets Island We are also plan Keel-scaled to restore boa other species in the next few years Durrell s night gecko Guenther s geckotop predator of Lesser night gecko Continue to restore other islands and replace their lost wildlife Ile aux Aigrettes Completely harmless to us 3

4 Black River Gorges National Park Black River Gorges National Park Upland forest day gecko Macchabé skink Lowland forest day gecko Black River Gorges National Park Ornate day gecko Blue-tailed day gecko 4

5 Bouton s skink We are working to protect these reptiles, but we have many challenges Native - not restricted to Found on several islands Lost from most of Poste Layfayette Cap Malheureux Introduced animals are the greatest threat, especially if they reach the islands Destruction Discarded of habitat litter is is a major also a problem major threat Open fires, improper BBQ use and littering destroy habitat Mauritian reptiles are part of the Nation s Heritage The Rare Campaign Miss-Ti as the mascot Carries the colours of the flag! The future survival of these unique animals is dependent upon your awareness and help in preventing extinction 5