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1 Page 1 of 51 Specific Types November 2016 OpenSalts.US Last Month Pattern Glass Past Topics Links Back to Message Board Specific Types Art Deco Art Nouveau Blue Willow Blue Onion Art Deco and Art Nouveau will be up to your own interpretation. Blue Willow and Blue Onion are two very recognizable design patterns. They can be any form - individuals, masters, doubles or condiment sets. TOPIC: Specific Types V All messages of :47 PM ET 2 01:47 AM ET 3 02:34 AM ET All set to go - definitions are above. I would say this is Art Deco style. Mine is a rectangle shape and I think has the triangle shape. The triangle is H&J Quick Tools Invite Readers Link To This Board Personalize Topic Look Set Topic Password Set Topic Introduction Show Subscribers

2 Page 2 of 51 Change Date/Time Display Delete Specific Messages Delete Entire Topic I have also called mine Art Deco - I have to read a little about the difference between Art Nouveau and Art Deco... Debi - I love "our salts" - and they are still some of the salts not identified? 4 10:44 AM ET Art Deco with touches of Nouveau 5 10:47 AM ET To me, Deco is all sharp lines and squares, triangles and other shapes. Nouveau is more flowing lines. I think Nouveau came before Deco. 6 01:28 PM ET Nancy - I have been reading - and you are right Art Nouveau until 1910 and Deco after, but?.?.? My "blue Olga" - I would say Art Nouveau - but I have written it's from 1920, so...confuced can't really find anything but "blue Olga for sale" no informations.... NB - this salt I had been looking for in about years before a friend of mine found it to me 7 Nancy Villaverde 02:50 PM ET

3 Page 3 of 51 Royal Doulton, Elaine Cooper's art nouveau page shows this one. 8 04:05 PM ET These are some Deco images. My favorite deco building in NYC is the Chrysler building. 9 04:05 PM ET 10 04:13 PM ET This pair of Royal Doulton I would consider Art Nouveau. Nouveau style uses more flowing lines derived from natural forms such as plants & flowers. I think most of old Tiffany is considered Nouveau :57 PM ET 12 Nancy Villaverde 05:27 PM ET And my French treasures? I have said but aren't they Art Nouveau? AND I should say about 1900 instead? Nancy D - Chrysler also one of my favorites Debi, I love that pair whenever I see your photos. I hadn't thought of my salt with the flower band as art nouveau until I say it listed as such in Elaine's book.

4 :44 PM ET Nancy V: Stylized tulips always seem to be labeled as Art Nouveau. And I love Tulips. : I guess your pair would come under personal interpretation of a style. I don't think you can always correctly date something by the decoration. It would be dated better according to the salt shape and the brass rims and when they were made. Page 4 of :48 PM ET This is classic Art Nouveau to me. 15 Nancy Villaverde 05:51 PM ET I hadn't given it thought before, but my "personal interpretation" says this Royal Crown Derby salt pig is art nouveau. I have three of these with different patterns, but this one is most likely to fit this topic :27 PM ET 17 06:38 PM ET I think this one is classic Art Deco. Geometric and sharp lines.

5 Page 5 of 51 Deco 18 06:39 PM ET 19 07:01 PM ET 20 07:42 PM ET So exciting....and again salts I have never seen before This I would call Art Deco...- and when I look at the age it say so Bedtime for me... I'm in love with your Deco salt,. Never saw one like it! Neat salts already! 21 09:31 PM ET 22 09:32 PM ET Here's a Blue Willow double made in France.

6 Page 6 of 51 Mark on the double :35 PM ET 24 09:36 PM ET This is the one I recently posted on the main board. Blue Willow marked "Edge, Malkin & Co." Edited 10:13 PM Another view to show the shape :38 PM ET This Blue Willow master has a lot of detail :40 PM ET 27 Different view shows pattern is also inside and on base.

7 09:41 PM ET Page 7 of 51 This master has a lot of Blue Willow pattern on it too :42 PM ET Including the inside :06 PM ET This individual is marked "Cranston" and was from Miss Cranston's Tea Room. Here's a link: :07 PM ET Another Cranston 31 10:10 PM ET 32 10:11 PM ET One of the two Blue Willow condiment sets I have.

8 Page 8 of 51 Mark on the bottom of the plate :12 PM ET This set is unmarked :24 AM ET Debi - you "gave me" the Blue Willow name. Here in Denmark it's not seen often - "and until you" - mine two were called "china with blue decorations" See you have both from France and England - mine are not market :16 AM ET There's an endless selection of different Blue Willow designs but they usually have a bridge, two people crossing it, and two birds. There's a legend to go with it. I'll see if I can find it. There's also the type that only uses Blue Willow borders like my #21 and this one. 36

9 :19 AM ET Page 9 of 51 Here's a small oval one with just the border pattern :21 AM ET This oval one is a bit larger. It may have used as something else because of the dark brown stain inside. But it does have a full Blue Willow design :24 AM ET A Carlton Ware salt that might have been part of a condiment set :25 AM ET Carlton Ware mark :28 AM ET :29 AM ET Taylor Tunnicliffe & Co. bucket salt

10 Page 10 of :31 AM ET Mark on bucket I think just about wraps up my Blue Willow salts. I have many more in the Blue Onion design than Blue Willow. Will get those posted through the rest of the month. 44 Judy in Texas :02 AM ET Meissen Blue Onion Double 45 Judy in Texas :04 AM ET Meissen Blue Onion -- Mark on bottom of double 46 Judy in Texas :05 AM ET Judy in Texas :06 AM ET Meissen Blue Onion Leaf-Shaped

11 Page 11 of 51 Meissen Blue Onion Leaf-Shaped bottom :01 AM ET I have very little in blue willow/blue onion category. This is my leaf like Judy's. Perhaps slight difference in pattern or painting :06 AM ET A double 50 Nancy Villaverde :52 PM ET Pattern much like your #37, Debi. I knew you would have some lovely examples on these blue & white pieces. There is a solution that you can soak an old crazed discolored china piece in without much if any damage, but I haven't used it for a long time and am unsure what it is. Not bleach, which will weaken the china. Peroxide I think. 51 Nancy Villaverde :00 PM ET

12 Page 12 of 51 Saucer, child's tea set, shows the elements of Blue Willow well. 52 Nancy Villaverde :01 PM ET Nancy Villaverde :04 PM ET Linda H :42 PM ET :42 PM ET :29 AM ET Older version of the little saucer, marked Made in Japan. Blurry blue image. Judy, I had one shaped and pressed like your #47 but with multi-color instead of all blue. It was a bit too large to be a salt. this is the difference between art deco vs art neuveau in a short article Linda H. Great site for explanation of the two art disciplines. Thanks.

13 Page 13 of :34 AM ET :42 AM ET Linda - Thanks for sharing Don't know if my salt is blue?... Debi - now your link disappeared again? It could be seen when I started looking and now it's gone... : I think your #57 blue and white is just blue and white I don't see any Blue "Onion" or leaves in it. None of the Royal Copenhagen is Blue Onion either. Looks like the only way I can get one of the legends posted is to copy it. Long ago in China, there lived a very wealthy mandarin. He had a beautiful daughter named Koong Shee. The beautiful, young girl was the promised bride of Ta-Jin, a very old but wealthy merchant. The young girl however, fell in love with her father's secretary, a young man named Chang. Koong Shee and Chang would meet in secret beneath a large Willow tree and dream of their future together. Koong Shee was of noble descent and Chang was a mere commoner. So the young couple, no matter how great their love, would never be allowed to wed. When the girl's father found out about their secret meetings, he was furious. He banished Chang and forbade his daughter from ever seeing Chang again. Koong Shee would sit beneath the Willow tree that had once been a place of joy and would quietly weep. Her heart was filled with pain. Not only had she lost Chang but Ta-Jin was a wicked man and a very difficult person to please. Koong Shee longed to see her handsome, young Chang and her thoughts would fill with the happiness they shared while sitting in this very same spot together. As the day of the wedding drew near, Chang returned. He sent a message with Koong Shee's maid to meet him by the Willow tree. As Chang approached, he saw his beautiful Koong Shee sitting beneath the tree. Chang rushed to her side and once more held Koong Shee in his arms. They were so very much in love and did not want to be separated ever again. Chang and Koong Shee finally decided to elope and get married without her fathers permission. As they were starting to leave together, Koong Shee's father saw them and chased after the pair. The young couple raced across the bridge to a waiting boat and sailed away. A storm developed and the boat sank at sea. Suddenly from out of the storm flew two snow white doves. Seeing the young couple's love for one another, the gods transformed Koong Shee and Chang into two beautiful white doves. These two doves have lived on forever and can still be seen today flying high above the Willow Tree where Koong Shee and Chang first pledged their love.

14 03:44 AM ET Page 14 of 51 Some have the onions :45 AM ET :09 AM ET 63 Nancy Villaverde :23 AM ET :13 AM ET Most have just the leaves as on Meissen. Debi, thanks for posting the information. I think the link came down because of a pop up ad that appeared when clicking on your link. I tried it a few times & every time the ad obscured the info & was difficult to get rid of. The link worked for me, but it's gone now. Thanks for posting the story again. I hadn't seen it in years. That was a new story to me. Thanks, Debi. 65 Linda H :04 PM ET Linda H :06 PM ET This one might be considered art Deco

15 Page 15 of 51 a cut glass art Deco 67 Linda H :09 PM ET My one and only one that would fit into the Blue willow pattern,,excluding the children's dishes :49 PM ET Art Deco pedestal :55 PM ET Silver Art Deco :56 PM ET Cut glass Deco

16 04:33 PM ET Page 16 of 51 Thanks for adding the text Debi...and very sorry to hear about your loss Think my salt is Art Nouveau (know I love it ) :36 PM ET The Just Andersen here - it's really difficult for me - the age say Art Deco - I feel Art Nouveau? :37 PM ET :33 PM ET :34 PM ET Art Deco When I went to copy the Blue Willow legend text, there was a popup and I know I couldn't have accidently clicked on anything so it's probably best that it is gone. Seeing all these different Deco and Nouveau styles has opened my eyes. I wouldn't have thought of the whale tail as Art Deco style it really is. I have a pair.

17 Page 17 of 51 My whale tails :43 PM ET Debi - I try to open my eyes - but I'm still very confuced Salt: Art Deco :48 PM ET And - Art Nouveau Nancy D - do you agree? Is your also Art Nouveau? :49 PM ET :59 PM ET Yes, I agree. Your blue opaline in the acorn holder would qualify, also. Things with flowing lines and natural elements belong with Nouveau. I think when the change came for Nouveau to Deco, many artists took the elements they liked best and put both in their art. That's why some of the art is difficult to pinpoint. Just my opinion, though, I'm no art student.

18 Page 18 of :00 AM ET I think of Nouveau art as more romantic. This is my blue opaline similar to s. Oh Nancy - I love your #79 - tried to get one similar yesterday - but I didn't succeed - so when/if you once want to sell it I would love to buy it... And I feel the same way as you about Nouveau and Deco - Just Andersen gives me problems - the age is Deco, but some are in my opinion Nouveau and some are both - when I get time I'll try to take a picture with "my problems" :52 PM ET :21 PM ET Intaglio Art Deco A blue one! Never saw one except my amber one :58 PM ET :00 PM ET Art Deco style

19 Page 19 of 51 Art Nouveau style :15 PM ET Art Deco :17 PM ET Art Nouveau :53 PM ET My Tiffany Art Nouveau from the top :55 PM ET :27 PM ET Side view of #87. Tiffany salt

20 Page 20 of :32 PM ET :42 PM ET 92 Nancy Villaverde :44 PM ET :21 PM ET 94 Lynda LaLonde :41 PM ET Sue Sawyer :27 PM ET :02 PM ET Okay I am controlling my drooling long enough to post at least one - Believe this little guy would be Art Deco - I believe so, too. I never saw one with silver overlay. It was a first for me too Jane - Would the Egyptian Revival pieces fall in with either of these Art styles?? Wrong, Mary, he's art ducko. Oh my Nancy - Do not travel too far from the pond - lol lol lol Lolololol, I like the name Art Ducko. Makes him special. He is pretty too. Good one, Nancy V. Made me chuckle. This is a basic Blue Onion design. I hope some of you have some Blue Onion salts. I discovered hardly any of mine have pictures taken already. So I'd

21 concentrate on the ones not already shown bit's still going to be a big picture taking effort! Page 21 of Nancy Villaverde :56 PM ET :15 PM ET Just got a new (to me) Moser artistic glass book and read about their production of art nouveau and art deco pieces. This is a salt of mine that shows art nouveau enameling. It's one of my favorites. I've chosen an angle that shows the enameling well. It's pedestal style with a clear stem and foot Oh, "V", that is breathtaking. Love the color, so delicate. 99 Nancy Villaverde :30 PM ET Lynda LaLonde :51 AM ET Lynda LaLonde :33 AM ET ? Art deco 103 Lynda LaLonde Thanks, D, I like green and this is one of my favorites. The green shades slowly to clear near the bottom of the bowl, a technique Moser perfected. Here's a side view. I don't have the matching under plate as I do with the same shape in cranberry, but the pattern on that one isn't exactly art Nouveau. Nancy, this one brings tears to my eyes. Such beauty. I love it...alot.

22 09:43 AM ET Page 22 of Nancy Villaverde :19 PM ET Art Deco...the Tiffanies. Edited :43 AM Wow! I have exactly 1 tiffany. I keep looking at the ones with pigtails but haven't bought yet :27 PM ET :01 PM ET This screams Art Deco I hear it, Nancy! :07 PM ET :15 PM ET 109 Here's the toad that goes along with the monkey Nancy D posted. I hadn't thought of either as Art Deco but they do seem to fit in. I would like to find the blue monkey some day! Thanks for showing the toad, Debi. I didn't know there was one.

23 "The Salty Nut"... P.J :27 PM ET Page 23 of 51 I'll bring my sailor along to keep all the other "critters" in line... LOL "The Salty Nut"... P.J :28 PM ET My toadie is green, as well he should be!!!... LOL... I didn't know he came in any other color... LOL "The Salty Nut"... P.J :31 PM ET :52 PM ET :14 PM ET :32 PM ET But... my monkey... got into a pink paint box... LOL.. you know how monkey's can be... I love those and have never had any of them. At least I get to see pictures! I thought there was a third one of this type. Forgot it was a sailor. How cute! I didn't know these existed in transparent colors like PJ's frog. I thought they were all frosted. I don't know that I ever saw one that wasn't frosted. Well everyone certainly has been busy on this side of the board -- Very nice to the eyes!!!

24 Page 24 of :05 PM ET Art Deco - 3 piece set - The salt was one of the original from my grandmother - Finally found the pepper and mustard - Now need a carrier/base :10 PM ET :14 PM ET :51 PM ET J. H. Werner - Art Nouveau??? My goodness! #116 sure is a fancy salt! #116 looks very Art Nouveau to me. Lovely :18 PM ET :30 PM ET Here is his "plain" side -- I love the flowing activity on it --

25 Page 25 of Sue Sawyer :38 PM ET :07 PM ET Nancy Villaverde :37 PM ET I would say this Russian double is Art Deco. I never realized how much Deco I had until I began to go through my photos. I don't think I could follow those, Mary and Nancy D. Beautiful, simply beautiful. I've been finding a lot, too. Now I just need my photographer! Oh yeah, Nancy D. That double is deco in spades :15 AM ET :33 AM ET So exciting to see your beauties and for me it's really nice to read your comments - what is what.. Just Andersen, Denmark started about he should bee a Deco - I think he is both - so I buy Nancy D'S comment "some are taking things from Nouveau"... The two in front I would call Nouveau - the three behind both and the other Deco????? Marvelous collection - I do not think I have even one of his pieces - Must correct that - lol I don't have any, either. They are neat! Many makers worked in both styles, even at the same time. I guess it was sort of a transition thing.

26 09:39 AM ET :17 PM ET, nice to see your Andersen salts. I don't have any but I like them. I agree there are elements of both Art styles in them. Lovely. Page 26 of "The Salty Nut"... P.J :13 PM ET Mary... Here's a very similar... tho with straight lines instead of "zig-zag" lines... Another photo with pieces out of the holder to follow 129 "The Salty Nut"... P.J :13 PM ET Pieces out of the holder "The Salty Nut"... P.J :17 PM ET Here's another set... tho I can't seem to find the tops to the oil and vinegar??? Can't tell you how many set's I've tried :- { 131 "The Salty Nut"... P.J :18 PM ET Here's the set in the holder...

27 132 "The Salty Nut"... P.J :22 PM ET Page 27 of 51 Does this qualify as art deco??? 133 "The Salty Nut"... P.J :23 PM ET Here are all the pieces out of the holder... I figured with all the angles and stuff it did??? :06 PM ET 135 Nancy C Villaverde :05 PM ET :29 PM ET Blue Willow Pretty blue willow,. I don't think I've kept any good examples in salts. P.J. we have cousins -- Once again - you have me drooling - I am not normally a blue willow fan - but for yours I will change for a few minutes - lol lol

28 06:48 AM ET Page 28 of 51 Thanks Ladies German Art Nouveau - I think :49 AM ET :04 PM ET French Art Deco Holy Salt Collector - The blue glass are --- oh my they just ARE!!!! :12 AM ET :15 PM ET Yes Mary - a good blue pair And here some bought in France so I think.... And Art Nouveau or...? (They are "soft"?) Never think I learn... PJ - I know you like them

29 Page 29 of 51 Another Deco :20 PM ET :24 PM ET Another Art Deco with silver rim A cubed Art Deco :28 PM ET The photo that goes with comment # :34 PM ET 146 Would we call this frosted flower salt Art Nouveau?

30 :42 PM ET Page 30 of 51 Art Nouveau cupid. Edited :42 PM :43 PM ET Art Nouveau lady :44 PM ET Art Nouveau Moser spa glass from Marienbad :45 PM ET Art Nouveau Cupid :45 PM ET Art Nouveau convention salt - forget which one.

31 :46 PM ET Page 31 of 51 Art Nouveau Daum Nancy :47 PM ET Art Nouveau gold and silver enamel :48 PM ET Art Nouveau Crider jack-in-the-pulpit convention salt - again I forget which :48 PM ET :50 PM ET Art Deco lady.

32 Page 32 of 51 Another Art Deco lady :51 PM ET Just plain Art Deco :53 PM ET Art Deco black on black Anna Merino, Santa Clara :54 PM ET Art Deco silver overlay on cranberry - tiny salt :54 PM ET Art Deco winged lion with book.

33 07:55 PM ET Page 33 of 51 Art Deco. I have no idea what this actually is! :23 AM ET Wow Nancy and Jane Art Nouveau :24 AM ET 163 "The Salty Nut"... P.J :27 AM ET :27 AM ET And a Russian Art Nouveau... Yep... Dooo Love the #140's!!! Both frosted and clear!!! Great 1!!!

34 Page 34 of :48 AM ET Nancy Villaverde :17 AM ET Art Deco Don't know if it's a salt Thanks,! Well, it's a salt now, and a nice one. Jane, you may know your 159, winged lion with bible is the symbol of St. Mark and the logo of Venice. Love bunches of yours. Is 160 maybe a monogram Y F? :03 AM ET Art Deco/Nouveau intaglio salt. Woman smoking, Deco or Nouveau? Or both :04 AM ET :06 AM ET 170 Lynda LaLonde To me, Deco Jane, your #153 is the Jack in the Pulpit Crider 1st Convention salt! Jane, that Daum is absolutely beautiful.

35 11:16 AM ET :27 PM ET :53 PM ET I love that Daum, too, Lynda. I had a chance to buy two of them really cheap and sold one - a long time ago. A cheap Daum? A unicorn. Page 35 of :27 PM ET I do never think I'm going to own a Daum - I think they are very beautiful - but you can't have all One more "Blue Olga" Art Nouveau to me :29 PM ET :37 PM ET And an old, old Art Nouveau

36 Page 36 of 51 You ladies have certainly been busy - and so have I in drooling over load --- WANT WANT WANT :43 PM ET Art Deco??????????? :44 PM ET :44 PM ET Art Nouveau??????? Art Deco :45 PM ET :40 AM ET Art Confused!!!!

37 Page 37 of 51 Very pretty salts Mary - love to see other also have problems... Deco? :41 AM ET Deco :42 AM ET Deco :43 AM ET :44 AM ET Nouveau

38 Page 38 of 51 Nouveau :45 AM ET Nouveau in pewter :47 AM ET :31 AM ET 188 Nancy Villaverde :48 AM ET :08 AM ET Deco or? Have never seen the double enamels - but you know I love the pewter the best!!! You are all finding deco and nouveau styles lurking where I hadn't thought to look. I'll be looking at some of mine with new eyes.

39 Page 39 of 51 These have to be one or the other -- I think - I hope - I guess :13 AM ET made me post it -- so it is good here :14 AM ET Unmarked but really pretty art Nouveauy-Deco'd :15 AM ET Art Nouveau perhaps :18 AM ET :20 AM ET Another Art N

40 Page 40 of 51 Which ever but one of my mostest favoritest -- Trying to find ones I have not posted a zillion times -- Okay off to start my chores and tasks :58 AM ET 196 Nancy Villaverde :23 PM ET Mary - love your #193 and the other beauties - think I have to look at some more of my silver Nancy V - I also (still) think it's so very difficult to find out - "which is what"? Salt: Art Nouveau - "china in silver" Very classic look on the silver over china, :39 AM ET 198 Lynda LaLonde :21 AM ET Thanks Nancy - a china I do love.. Salt: Blue Onion Marvelously beautiful salts. I haven't tried the "tinfoil baking soda trick" so I still hate silver. Mary, I have a box of silver for you. It is in my hundreds of boxes packed...somewhere. Little girls helping, moved it with other boxes. Bless their sweet little pointed heads. Love you.

41 Nancy Villaverde :40 AM ET :19 PM ET Be careful with polishing methods with silver plate. Some of them strip silver off and can wear through thin plating. I've heard that the ones that call for immersing pieces in a solution take away the top surface of the silver. After posting this I googled silver polishing methods, and one site approved the way using aluminum foil claiming that it was safe for silver plate. It did say that immersing silver in liquid tarnish removers removes a layer of silver. Some of this is a reason I don't collect silver salts. Edited :04 PM Thanks for the heads up Lynda and I appreciate the incoming -- I do love to see the beauty of the silver emerge when I clean it - Have not been a good silver mother lately - but hope to be able to get back into it - My shelves look like no one cares about shiny -- Have always been leery of the soaking method - I guess I also appreciate the fact that I - me - personally made them beautiful again -- Page 41 of :59 PM ET Art Deco :00 PM ET Art Deco - cut to clear :01 PM ET Soft Art Deco The red pair - well they are just simply spectacular!!

42 06:09 PM ET :52 PM ET 206 Nancy Villaverde :54 AM ET Don Rabourn :39 AM ET Jute, I agree with Mary. But I do love the blue sets, too. If it's a beauty contest, I vote for the red one. I don't just "vote" for the Red one, I WANT it!! I can't understand why anyone would need more than ONE of EACH Salt(if I kept two of each one, I'd have over 20,000!! The "little "buggers" are about to "run us out" NOW!)Take care ALL! Don Page 42 of :12 PM ET Don - normaly I don t need more than one - but my "petit" French ones have to be in pairs. And Don you are "fit" again? Nouveau salt :13 PM ET Deco (GeorgJensen)

43 02:30 PM ET Page 43 of Susie P :11 AM ET Don Rabourn :24 PM ET If you're serious Don, I have this one to sell. I don't believe in pairs either and this was one of a pair. The cut to clear design is a bit different but it's the same type salt. I can you more pictures. Has a spoon too. Pairs, Pairs, pairs, tra laa laa. Oh, excuse me! LOL!!! Debi, I'm VERY SERIOUS! With all these salts, I don't have a Ruby cut to clear with silver rim, in any design! Send me the "details", you know that I DON'T use PayPal! :11 AM ET Don - how lucky for you Salt:Art Deco, Sweden :11 AM ET :39 AM ET And Art Nouveau, Denmark - Love the simplicity in the shape and design of your last post number Elegant!! Lucky you Don - See as I have always said it pays to ask - of course I grovel grown ups ask -- lol

44 Page 44 of :12 PM ET I love your wood and silver salts. This one is just wood with brass nubs but definitely a Deco look. Everyone's salts are spectacular. And such diversity! PS: The red salt is on its way to Don :14 PM ET I spotted this picture while looking for the wood salt. Another Deco looking salt. This one is black soapstone with carving :25 PM ET :13 PM ET This is my Deco wood salt similar to Debi's., love both your Deco & Nouveau salts. So beautiful. Don must be in seventh heaven Debi -- Good for both of you and another salt has found a good home among a zillion friends :57 PM ET :57 PM ET Art Deco (not salts?)

45 Page 45 of 51 Art Deco :18 PM ET The feet are definitely Art Deco :30 PM ET :32 PM ET :27 PM ET Many of us have these salt/pepper sets. I think they are very Deco. Recently learned that there are many different patterns in this set. Blue Onion doubles

46 Page 46 of :29 PM ET Your Bimini Nudes are glasses to a decanter set - But a long time ago "we" took them over as salts - I have had several in my collection over the years - They also come in a fish stem -- And a cat stem! :46 AM ET Thanks Mary - you tought me years ago - I think they are very elegant And now some pewter salts :47 AM ET :48 AM ET One more

47 Page 47 of 51 Deco :49 AM ET Danish :53 AM ET 232 Nancy Villaverde :16 AM ET :24 PM ET And my favorite Art Nouveau Thanks! to Mary - I could add "leaf - flower - stem".this day I also learned a new word - stem... Thanks for all the blue onion doubles, Debi. I've had various salts in that pattern, but when I searched I found I haven't kept any. they probably went when I decided to go with glass rather than china.

48 Page 48 of 51 Thanks Nancy V. Obviously with my blue and white obsession I have a lot of Blue Onion pattern salts. I call this one Blue Onion too but the pattern is not as pronounced. It's an old Minton double :25 PM ET The mark is hard to see with the naked eye :28 PM ET This one is the same shape but it's Copeland :29 PM ET Copeland mark :10 PM ET 239 This is the majority of my Blue Onion salts.

49 :13 PM ET Page 49 of Nancy Villaverde :16 PM ET :32 PM ET A few more individuals. Oh Boy! I like the ones that clearly have an onion on them, shows where the pattern got its name. The patterns without the onion shape are sometimes more graceful however. Many moons ago I wrote an article on blue and white china. There was something about the onion being a mistake when the design was "borrowed" from the Chinese. Their décor was actually a pomegranate. I'd have to read it again to get it straight :43 PM ET Love all your blue & white, Debi. Unfortunately I'm lacking in that area. Here is the 10th Convention salt. Very Art Deco :47 PM ET :52 PM ET 3rd Convention salt. Art Nouveau

50 Page 50 of :07 PM ET My cut glass bridge set. Love them so much and bought one by one. Art Deco Edited :53 PM Here's the article I wrote about the origins of blue and white china :24 AM ET Thanks for sharing Debi This month has been a "learning one" to me... Two more salts I want to share French :26 AM ET :40 PM ET 249 Nancy Villaverde And perhaps French? Both Art Nouveau This has been an enlightening and educational month. Lots of Art Deco and Art Nouveau inspired salts. In December the topic will be Transferware Salts. I think they are mostly English and most might be masters, but there's a lot of others. December may be a busy month for most of you so this will probably be a pretty limited topic but it's one we have never done. The onion on those salts does look more like a pomegranate, Debi. It's so stylized that I hadn't given it a thought. The article link didn't work for me. My

51 :06 PM ET :53 PM ET :15 AM ET 252 Nancy Villaverde :26 PM ET poor old Mac is getting so outdated that I have trouble opening several things, so it may be a fault in my program. Nancy V: It's in Word Document form so maybe not your Mac's fault. I converted it to PDF, so try this link: I forgot about changing the topic until just now but I'm dead tired so it'll be changed tomorrow. Thanks for the help to a Mac user, Debi. I can't open Word but PDF works. Great article and wonderful pictures. So much variety in blue and white. No wonder you never tired of it. Page 51 of 51 V All messages of 252 Copyright Internicity Inc. All rights reserved. By using QuickTopic, you agree to our terms of use. Privacy statement FAQs Contact