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1 Page 1 of 78 Pink, Cranberry, Red & Amethyst October 2017 OpenSalts.US Pattern Glass Last Month Past Topics Links Pink, Cranberry, Red & Amethyst GLASS salts in colors listed in the title. Back to Message Board TOPIC: Pink, Cranberry, Red & Amethyst V All messages of Debi Raitz :44 AM ET All set! Quick Tools Invite Readers Link To This Board 2 Jytte :36 AM ET :02 AM ET GoodMorning from Denmark Still remember the day I bought this "salt"...was new in collecting...but this color just caught me.. Don't know anything about it...even not if it's a salt (but "it is" in my collection) Lovely way to start us off Jytte -- Before I go off on the wrong direction - Can the above mentioned colors be associated with some form of metal???? Personalize Topic Look Set Topic Password Set Topic Introduction Show Subscribers Change Date/Time Display

2 4 Debi Raitz :15 AM ET : Absolutely! Page 2 of 78 Delete Specific Messages Delete Entire Topic 5 Debi Raitz :17 AM ET Here's an amethyst thistle salt. 6 Debi Raitz :19 AM ET This one is crackle glass. 7 Debi Raitz :20 AM ET Cranberry Monot Stumpf 8 Debi Raitz :21 AM ET Debi Raitz Square cranberry glass with rigaree.

3 :22 AM ET Page 3 of 78 Dark cranberry with cut design. 10 Debi Raitz :23 AM ET Pink Crider salt 11 Debi Raitz :25 AM ET French - Pantin I think. 12 Jytte :09 AM ET :07 PM ET Wow Debi!!! One more "red" with handle

4 Page 4 of 78 Possibly my favorite cranberry, Moser table salt with underplot. I didn't realize how many salts I have in the red, cranberry, pink range, but I had noticed as I collect that these colors seems to dominate in salts. Is it just me, or or there more in this color range, especially in art glass? :13 PM ET Darn auto-correct. I wrote under plate but as one word, and it got auto-changed to underplot. I need to go back to written work habit of checking before hitting submit. One more, and then I have to run. More later. Old Bohemian pedestal with 6 gilded panels. 15 Jytte :03 PM ET Royal Brierley, England 16 Linda H :55 PM ET Linda H One of Ed's mini chickens

5 05:59 PM ET Page 5 of 78 gold color surround on a red oval 18 Linda H :02 PM ET a flower amethyst intaglio 19 Linda H :07 PM ET I guess that last one should say cherries. next up is a blown pedestal with a little white applied to the edges 20 Linda H :10 PM ET a small and rather plain cranberry piece 21 Linda H :15 PM ET Linda H :20 PM ET One of my first art glass pieces I bought, English, pink with some threading

6 Page 6 of Debi Raitz :53 PM ET A Davidson-- I'd like to find a blue one and maybe a clear with the white edge (hint hint!) Nancy V: Your Moser is gorgeous. Weird that underplate is not a word but underplot is. I just got a red line under both of them and am going to add underplate to my dictionary. Jytte: Love that Royal Brierley. Are they recent? Is that a pair I see? Linda H: If I'm not mistaken your #17 is a copper frame. It might clean up really well. It is H&J 874 but the description is wrong. I had one once with the original manufacturer's label saying the copper was mined out west somewhere. Can't remember now. Love the amethyst pedestal and if I could help you out with other colors of the Davidson I would. I thought I had a yellow with white top but couldn't find it. Edited :56 PM 24 Janelle :28 PM ET Pink art glass. 25 Janelle :32 PM ET Janelle :33 PM ET Pale Pink and Vaseline Art Glass. ( Just looking at how many I have. Better restrain myself lol)

7 Page 7 of 78 Cranberry Art Glass 27 Janelle :36 PM ET Debi Raitz :38 PM ET :13 PM ET :35 PM ET Love this little Webb Salt, such a tactile feel of this glass You have such lovely art glass salts Janelle. That Webb was a real find. I am just going to sit back and drool over all your entries - mine would be quite dull and out of place here in Art Glass Haven -- Thanks for the delicious eye candy ---- Wowza! Drool is right! These are amazing!! All of them!! 31 11:47 AM ET Janelle, your earlier posting of the Webb #27 confirmed for me that this one of mine is Webb Burmese. I love both of them in the soft looking pink, mine fading to yellow on the base. And it has a butterfly. 32

8 11:49 AM ET Page 8 of :54 AM ET Cameo, possibly Webb. Pairpoint peach blow and two Burmese, one in the center probably not a salt :57 AM ET Two cranberry with silver rims. 35 Linda H 11:59 AM ET :02 PM ET 37 12:02 PM ET 38 I think this one needs a holder Cranberry with enamel, two, one on left possibly Moser, one on right not, enameling not as delicate as Moser work. Linda, so hard to find extra holders, isn't it?

9 12:04 PM ET Page 9 of 78 Cranberry faded to clear cruet set. I have only three glass cruet sets, but I do love them 39 Linda H 12:04 PM ET this cranberry is 3 inches across, but only 1 3/4 inch tall, picked it up in June 40 Linda H 12:08 PM ET :08 PM ET Yes Nancy, I never see just a holder. I'm drooling over everyone's pictures. This one is one of my favorites, lacy enamel over a cranberry String of 7-8 art glass in stand. There seem to be more pinky of this type than any other color. I know I have more, and I'm not really a fan of pink. I see this pleated one frequently, at least frequent if it can be applied to art glass salts. 42 Linda H 12:11 PM ET :12 PM ET looks like we posted at the same time, I'll retry that picture

10 Page 10 of :13 PM ET 45 12:15 PM ET String of 7-8 art glass in stand. There seem to be more pinky of this type than any other color. I know I have more, and I'm not really a fan of pink. I see this pleated one frequently, and I see I'm repeating one just posted! I think the posting got messed up as we both posted at once, Linda. I thought you posted an identical salt, but I think it's just my photo posted twice. Nice art glass in stand, peloton decoration, probably Webb. 46 Linda H 12:16 PM ET Fine cut & block by King glass, with pink flashing 47 12:17 PM ET I know I've posted this salt here previously, a favorite because I got it for about $30 when the type was selling for high prices because it was listed on ebay as a "lid to something." Opal decoration on a tulip shape, berry pontil. 48 Linda H 12:19 PM ET

11 Page 11 of 78 A Crider handkerchief salt 49 12:20 PM ET Another cranberry with peloton decoration. 50 Linda H 12:23 PM ET my weird Italian basket with gold flakes in the glass, I almost didn't buy it but it was really cheap, and hadn't found anything else that day :23 PM ET Simple four-lobed shape. I think the clear ruffle looks prettier than vaseline on pink or cranberry, definitely nicer on red. I see red with one or two rows of vaseline ruffles on ebay postings from England, never bought one :26 PM ET

12 Page 12 of 78 Pink and white striped salt with berry pontil. I have the identical one in blue and white. 53 Linda H 12:28 PM ET :29 PM ET a deep amethyst intaglio Last two for now, a rather aggressive one on the left, reminds me of a circus tent, and a pretty one with slightly orchid tint to the pink on the right. 55 Linda H 12:35 PM ET A Guernsey glass repro of the atterbury basket salt, this turns grey in florescent light 56 Linda H 12:39 PM ET Linda H A Degenhart bird with berry

13 12:46 PM ET Page 13 of :36 PM ET I'll post one more for today, then I'd better get busy and get something done besides play on the computer. this one is a pink flower on a silver stand. Playing on the computer is such a nice way of avoiding all kinds of serious stuff. I should stop and do some exercising. Maybe I'll hunt more pink, cranberry, red, & amethyst. All I've posted were pics on file on my exterior hard drive :08 PM ET 61 02:13 PM ET Nah, I'll exercise later. Another art glass in stand, the candy striped one. Red heart-shaped cup or pitcher in salt size :16 PM ET Red pedestal with cut patterns on rim. This is like a cobalt one posted last month :17 PM ET

14 Page 14 of 78 Love this deep red boat-shaped cut glass salt. I shared a second one with another collector :20 PM ET Moser cabochon in red. This is a very small one, 1 3/8" wide :21 PM ET 66 02:25 PM ET 67 02:27 PM ET 68 07:19 PM ET Probably a little vase, it was a present for my salt collection. Blown glass, a little lop-sided which I hadn't noticed until I photographed it. Three ruby stained pattern glass salts. Scalloped 6-point from H&J cover, Nevada in the US Glass States series, and Fan & Diamond. I have that last one in amber stain as well. Now I have to go do something constructive and dull. #62 should probably have been called cranberry. The line between that and just plain red is a little blurry. Nancy V. Your art glass salts in holders are beautiful. You and J.J. have accumulated a wonderful collection.

15 This little beauty is in sterling :21 PM ET Purple intaglio in holder from a set of 3. Page 15 of :24 PM ET This is a cased salt...right? 71 07:26 PM ET Pretty pink :29 PM ET Pink intaglios in holder :31 PM ET Cranberry in hloder :33 PM ET Purple with grumpy dog :36 PM ET I know this is in H & J somewhere but my books are in boxes...somewhere.

16 76 07:37 PM ET Heisey glass :38 PM ET Pink Crider in the Crider family. Love Crider salts. Page 16 of :41 PM ET Purple intaglio hanging on holder. The stem is bakalite :43 PM ET Lite cranberry. Wish I had the whole set :44 PM ET Pink, are these Pairpoint? Ohhhh, no, no Fostoria. Edited 07:46 PM 81 07:48 PM ET Pink. I guess I really like pink :50 PM ET Purple intaglio with fancy rim. 83

17 07:51 PM ET Pink art glass :53 PM ET A gaggle of cranberry. Page 17 of :54 PM ET Cranberry :56 PM ET Cut in cranberry :02 PM ET I actually got this one from Israel. It was an auction, but I don't remember who's auction it was. Not ebay, that, I remember :03 PM ET Better view :05 PM ET Lite cranberry set. 90

18 08:06 PM ET Cranberry double :08 PM ET Little cranberry in silver. Page 18 of :09 PM ET Pink Fostoria :11 PM ET This one always makes me think of a ballet ruffel :14 PM ET Has etching on the side. I guess the computer is sick of me. It won't let me post any more. Edited 08:20 PM :11 AM ET :12 AM ET Love this one so much

19 Page 19 of 78 I think I got this one from :14 AM ET Venetian swan :16 AM ET Amethyst intaglio :18 AM ET :20 AM ET Cranberry in stand Baccarat rose tiente

20 Page 20 of :52 AM ET, love your two cranberry in silver! Your round with ruffled rim is Nevada in ruby stain like the one I posted. And the one you posted with the question mark is cased, color over white or vice versa. Nancy D. love the #99 that's almost Jack-in-the-Pulpit shape. I have one in aqua. I didn't post my Baccarat rose tiente because the rust color fades to almost clear on mine. Yours looks much more red. 102 Janelle :44 PM ET Some more art glass, this is Italian with gold inclusions 103 Janelle :47 PM ET So in love with some of these salts that has been shown More art glass rose bowl shape 104 Janelle :51 PM ET This is a dark Ruby Colour, very small only about 3" tall, decoration on it is beautiful and probably bohemian. I have been told more than likely early 1800's, still admire it every time I look at it :55 PM ET Amethyst little shoe

21 06:57 PM ET Page 21 of 78 Cranberry in holder :59 PM ET Square cut glass :01 PM ET Master red salt in holder :05 PM ET :07 PM ET Two red birds 111 Previous salt #108, out of holder.

22 Debi Raitz :11 PM ET :16 PM ET 114 E. Jane Koble :35 PM ET :00 PM ET Nancy D: I've seen you post your #108 before and I think it's the most glorious red salt I've seen. Love the cutting on it. You call it a big is it? I agree with Debi Nancy - it is past the point of wanting to die for and surprisingly enough - I am not a cranberry extreme lover or collector - But I would take a whole shelf of just that salt -- Ladies - I had to get a towel! What a great start. I hope to do better this month than last. Thank you Nancy V. I am glad you like them. You did post that salt Nevada, and I missed it. Good catch. It is a pretty salt. You know Nancy D, I don't think I have 1 red salt. I must have a screw loose. I need red and green for Christmas. Edited :01 PM :04 PM ET Art glass... the trim on the one salt might be red...maybe. Page 22 of :05 PM ET Thar'S a purple one in there :09 PM ET More art glass. Mine are not as pretty as many of yours but they are ok :10 PM ET

23 Page 23 of 78 Tulips, love the colors :13 PM ET Hey, I found a red. Yaaa :15 PM ET Pink intaglio. She a pretty little one, different from the usual :17 PM ET Son of a gun, another red. Sucatash, did not realize. Darn, it is side ways...why? Edited :18 PM :20 PM ET Ok, I have 3 reds, Christmas is saved :25 PM ET :27 PM ET I am so sorry, I don't know how I got 124 and 125. It didn't give me a delete choice either, or I would have done that to one of them. Maybe Debi can ditch it. This is a better picture of the salt. It is one of the clubs aniversay salts I think.

24 Page 24 of 78 This is a deep cranberry hunker. Very heavy master :33 PM ET I love this maker. This is the only one I have. just had one on ebay but I keep spending my money on grand kids. My salt withdrawal is starting to over take me though. I hate not having my salts at my finger tips. I hate not getting new salts. Grand kids may have to take a back seat. 129 Jytte :57 AM ET Janelle :48 AM ET Jane - I had to get two towells...woooow Janelle - a little similar to your #104...I have written Bohemia??? Pass the towels to me also. So many of these salts tick my boxes. Jytte, that 129 is gorgeous and from my limited knowledge I would say Bohemian. Is it the same size as the blue ones. My 104 may not be a salt,( who said that!) but it is now. The only other thing I could think of is maybe a beauty patch stand. As I said it is small. 131 Jytte :49 AM ET Janelle - your #104 couldn't be anything but "a salt"!!!!!!! :-) Maybe my Marius Hammer salt couldn't be called Pink, Cranberry, Red or Amethyst...but here it is...

25 08:11 AM ET Page 25 of 78 This is the bottom of #108. It is 3" diam, by 2" high :14 AM ET Red glass, metal bottom :15 AM ET Debi Raitz :32 PM ET Boat salt I don't think I've ever seen that EARL boat in red before. Is it red glass or is it flashed? :31 PM ET 137 Large heavy tilted bowl with all-over cut floral pattern. I've seen this shape with a cut or metal addition at the base of the opening made for an ash tray. I suppose this with no such cigarette holder space is a salt. I really like it. It's 3" across.

26 :35 PM ET Pair of Davidson pressed salts, Chipendale on left, William & on right. I have a string of Davidson patterns, mostly in yellow, another one or two in pink but on the top shelf of my large curio, hard to reach. Maybe someone else has more Davidson in pink. Page 26 of :37 PM ET #78 in H&J, English insert that needs a stand, also known in yellow :39 PM ET Pair in cranberry faded to clear, both from 3 piece sets in holders, but these are orphan pieces. I earlier posted a set with a similar or maybe identical salt to the cut pattern on the right :41 PM ET Small heavy controlled bubble salt only about 2" wide :45 PM ET :11 PM ET Small cut-to-clear, multi-rayed cut base and band of tiny cuts all around the rim. So much work on such a tiny object. Debi, my boat is red glass, not flashed. Why did you call it an EARL boat. Never heard that term.

27 Debi Raitz :06 PM ET :12 AM ET :07 PM ET Nancy D: That is the name in the 1891 Bryce catalog. (Link above) It was also made by United States Glass Company when Bryce joined. Not known if the red color was an original or later color. Very nice find though. I have saved your picture to add to that page in the H&J Project. That project is not dead, just hard to get all the pictures with only a half dozen people contributing. The last page we tried to do had too many holes to post. I continue to collect pictures when I see them. Maybe if we continued with the clear glass pages we might get enough. Thanks for the link, Debi. I think I got the boat from Anita Lytte Williams when she was selling her collection. I think it was a year or two ago. Finally took some pics- here are some pinks Page 27 of :08 PM ET A pair, surprise :10 PM ET Love art glass in framed :18 PM ET One more try

28 :19 PM ET Page 28 of 78 Different holder :20 PM ET Love this shape :22 PM ET Have a pair / Just took one out :23 PM ET :49 PM ET 156 Janelle :58 PM ET Stripes Such luscious pinks, Susie. I especially like the first you posted and the pair. I posted the twin to your square shape with candy stripes.

29 Page 29 of 78 Susie, you certainly know how to make me envious A very special salt, John Walsh Walsh Mother of Pearl Satin 157 Janelle :00 PM ET Cranberry & Uranium 158 Janelle :02 PM ET My first art glass, pink striped 159 Janelle :07 PM ET :37 AM ET Beautifully cut, possibly Val Saint Lambert Gorgeous salts. JJ, everyone Thanks Nancy V, this is my favorite type of salt right now In dire need of holders, just bought 5 w/o holders couldn't resist them, LOL!

30 Page 30 of Linda H 07:52 AM ET Susie if you find any holders I could use a couple myself LOL now, a cranberry with vaseline and clear rigaree, someone else show this one? 162 Linda H 07:54 AM ET this one has some bits of something black in the glass,and several bubbles, but its blown 163 Linda H 07:58 AM ET a pink and white ruffled one in a holder, another of my favorites 164 Linda H 08:00 AM ET Linda H 08:05 AM ET the holder on this one is showier than the salt

31 Page 31 of 78 an intaglio with flowers, and a "jeweled" rim 166 Linda H 08:07 AM ET Cambridge? lotus 167 Linda H 08:10 AM ET a deep red liner in a pewter bowl, this is just a little over 2 inches across 168 Linda H 08:13 AM ET a Degenhart club from the 4 piece set, but I only have this one in red, the others are green,i'm looking for the green one 169 Linda H 08:16 AM ET Linda H Mosser, one of the first ones I bought

32 08:19 AM ET Page 32 of 78 another recently made one- within the last fifty years anyway. moon & stars :18 AM ET Red lotus salt, not flashed :24 AM ET Swan with lemon squeezer base :27 AM ET Round with square feet :28 AM ET Crider salt

33 175 10:41 AM ET Page 33 of 78 10th Convention salt, 2007, Indianapolis :45 AM ET th Convention salt, 2005, Plymouth, MA :07 AM ET Red pedestal :08 AM ET :09 AM ET Bohemian

34 Page 34 of 78 Very pretty salt with enameling 180 Linda H 02:01 PM ET a westmoreland mini hen, it's really a dark red over milk glass, the light made it look more orange 181 Linda H 02:05 PM ET pink & amethyst intaglio pheasants 182 Linda H 02:13 PM ET tiny amethyst hat, less than 2 inches tall 183 Linda H 02:18 PM ET another intaglio

35 184 Linda H 02:30 PM ET Page 35 of 78 a red liner in a sterling holder marked with a W in a circle 185 Linda H 02:39 PM ET another pretty silver or plated with red liner 186 Linda H 02:42 PM ET that tiny salt with an amethyst liner 3/4 inch tall, 187 Linda H 02:45 PM ET Linda H 02:52 PM ET ok, this isn't a salt, but you find them paired with other intaglios, and I just think it's adorable

36 Page 36 of :53 PM ET This isn't glass, can I show it here? Pottery,one of a kind,hand made in Africa,about three years old Linda H, is your pink ruffled the same as #153 posted by? They look similar and are very lovely. You and Nancy D ova just posted a string of salts to envy. My sister has quite a collection of those little intaglio card holders and has given me a number of them, some jeweled, that mix very nicely with my salts. They are darling. Edited 02:56 PM 190 Linda H 02:57 PM ET :59 PM ET 192 Linda H 03:04 PM ET E. Jane Koble 08:44 PM ET pink, almost cranberry, Murano pedestal Nancy D, love the red swan with the clear base. I felt lucky years ago to find a pair of clear ones in a flea market, marked $20 for the pair. I sold one, kept one. Only later did I find they existed in red, green, and cobalt I don't think I've noticed a colored one with a clear base before. Nancy V., they do look similar, hers looks cased where mine is more pink and white striped, but the rigaree is the same, and the holders might be the same. Probably the same English maker Had to go find another towel! This is turning into quite a month. If I can just get some pictures taken...

37 09:37 PM ET Page 37 of 78 This is a great month, here are a few with cranberry :39 PM ET One of favorites, had never seen this with deep,red glass :40 PM ET Big, heavy pedestal :41 PM ET Another pedestal with heavy bowl :42 PM ET Cranberry in pewter? Frame

38 09:43 PM ET Page 38 of 78 Flashed, I believe :44 PM ET Lovely ruffled edge :44 PM ET Lovely edge color :45 PM ET :20 PM ET :57 PM ET Small, with darling curly feet Susie, the Shoshone with red is one of the prettiest salts. Another one of my long wishes and desires. Love getting to see it. Thank you.

39 Page 39 of 78 Pinks are my start - Deep sided horseman scene - Love this one and have it in several other colors including a black one - Never sure why they made black ones - but am certainly happy they did :59 PM ET The most beautiful bird image I have ever scene - Have had this one for forever - Makes me drool even knowing it is mine - lol lol :00 PM ET Smoke 'em if ya got 'em Baby :02 PM ET NEAL SC 9 in pale pink :03 PM ET H&J 3702 in a delicious pink

40 :04 PM ET Stevens and Williams alabaster glass with sterling rim Page 40 of :06 PM ET :08 PM ET My precious little swordfish before he crumbled into separate pieces of the design - One day he and I shall go to Gorilla Glue Urgent care -- I want to thank you all for your beautiful postings - I knew I could smile if I came here when that smile was needed and you never let me down - So many beautiful salts it is difficult for me to decide which one I should swipe - But then the month is not over yet -- Thanks Ladies!! :48 PM ET Oh my - I forgot this last one Steuben Rosaline with alabaster foot - How could I forget one of my favorite Steubens - DUH and double DUH -- Since I have trouble distinguishing red from cranberry at times -- Next time I post I will blend -- Looking forward to what you all have from now until then :38 AM ET :30 PM ET 216, That pink Steuben. I am going to break and enter and steal that one. And...all your art glass...and all your Dalton and...i'll be stealing for so long, I'll get caught. Oh - Please remember I have guard cats - Actually two Bengal tigers and a used up puddy tat with the attitude of a Saber tooth -- Other than that feel free to enter --

41 :55 PM ET Pockets full of catnip... socks full of tuna...pack some shrimp in my...?...salt stealing carry all. Yeeeeaaaa, this just might work. (I was going to put the shrimp in my underware but thought that a tad gross.) Lolololololololol, sorry, Crack myself up. Page 41 of Debi Raitz :47 PM ET Clear glass with cranberry at the top. It reflects to the bottom. 218 Debi Raitz :48 PM ET Debi Raitz :52 PM ET H&J 559 in pink Cambridge Crown Tuscan swan 220 Debi Raitz :54 PM ET Amethyst or lavender colored pedestal 221 Debi Raitz :55 PM ET Red Kralik salt

42 Janelle :21 AM ET Page 42 of 78 Cranberry Edged 223 Janelle :22 AM ET Cranberry & Vaseline 224 Janelle :24 AM ET Little Millefiori 225 Janelle :26 AM ET :24 AM ET Cranberry with white edging Ha - I knew I could pull out some more beauties and a beautiful intro to what ever red and/or cranberry I have to post -- Thanks for another delicious morning

43 :32 AM ET Page 43 of 78 Red based Dopplewandglass with flowers :33 AM ET :42 AM ET :37 PM ET And her un-identical twin sis Ohhhh J.J., Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. These are all so beautiful that they may out-do the blues in my mind. Sorry, Debi, but you do have some lovely pinks below. Susie, the stain on the group you show is called ruby stain by collectors of that type. Ruby and amber stain collectors paid prices well above what salt collectors thought was right for those back "in the day." I sold salts to them and years later, bought ones like them back into my collection for pennies on the dollar. Your Shoshone, in the middle, is rare to find stained, and I never got back one of that pattern. I posted some I have way back down these pages. 232 Jytte :29 PM ET Jytte :30 PM ET Towels From me three similar and then not

44 Page 44 of 78 And Jytte :31 PM ET :45 PM ET 236 E. Jane Koble :20 PM ET :03 PM ET :09 PM ET The last... Well if and when I get around to doing more postings - they are going to look plainer than they already look - I must and will admit - The art glass pieces are simply beyond belief and past the point of gorgeous - Love to look and drool but no desire to own -- Lucky for all of you - one less competition -- Sob - I only have Shoshone with gilt decoration! P. J. that's a pretty one too but I am hungry for a ruby stained one. Oh my, I could look and look and Look! Gorgeous everyone!

45 09:10 PM ET Page 45 of 78 My favorite lavender pair in holders :18 PM ET Oops, sorry, wrong color last posting, trying again :19 PM ET Lovely ruffled edge :20 PM ET :22 PM ET One of my smallest salts...

46 Page 46 of 78 English hallmarks :23 PM ET Cameo glass, love :24 PM ET Bohemian? :24 PM ET :26 PM ET Tiny pair

47 Page 47 of :32 PM ET A new salt for me, Amberina Did I miss something from P.J. - Haven't heard from her for a while - Dang I hate to be missing anything - well at least I am not missing more beauties -- Another pretty month - but must admit even with all this - I am still highly partial to my cobalt Janelle :54 AM ET Cranberry with lacy edge and clear rigaree 250 Jytte :07 AM ET this page... Salt: Battersea in bad condition 251 Janelle :08 AM ET Janelle :10 AM ET Cranberry Pair We get to play Jytte while everyone sleeps. Love your Batterseas. All of them

48 Page 48 of Janelle :13 AM ET Very Ruffled 254 Jytte :40 AM ET :24 AM ET :26 PM ET :35 PM ET :37 PM ET Running for bridge Janelle - no time for playing - and you know I love your Art Glass salts Salt: a little similar to one of Debi's...mine is from Sweden by Hanne Dreutle No, you did not miss anything from P.J. Just me being a dummy. Misspoke, ment to comment to Jane about her Shoshone. Sorry. Thank goodness - Thought I was losing it or the meds were really working overtime -- Susie, 244 and 245 gorgeous! The cameo with acorns is so nice. My only red cameo is fairly ordinary with flowers. I'm still happy to nave it. Thanks Nancy V! That is my only cameo other than a perfume, so I treasure it!!

49 :45 PM ET Page 49 of 78 Okay - I will post a couple to get you guys going again - French - Paillard Bros :47 PM ET Another square with dark cranberry or red liner :49 PM ET Simplicity - Boat shaped cranberry salt on a silver metal collar stand :52 PM ET :04 PM ET Vienna Austria - I have more silver and red or metal and red - but I also have a very demanding cat tonight - and I am tired of trying to work around his lonesome self - so he wins - I shall quit everything and go give him uninterrupted attention for about 20 minutes and then he will be okay by himself - Then I will see to the needs of the other two - lol lol

50 Page 50 of E. Jane Koble :57 PM ET Debi Raitz :07 PM ET :40 AM ET :41 PM ET Amethyst pedestal with white lace decoration. Amethyst! That is so pretty - the shape and the decoration. That amethyst with the lace is stunning. Don't remember that I ever saw an amethyst with white lace before or a lace one in that shape. I am with the chorus here - I thought I had the colors covered with the usual colors and a brown and a clear - but Thanks Nancy - Now I have to find an amethyst one -- and a beautiful pedestal at that - I've had this one for years, the only lace decorated one I've kept :25 PM ET :26 PM ET A few more, may be dusty, lol! Master salt, with Vaseline Rigaree and prunts!

51 Page 51 of 78 Bohemia salt :27 PM ET Some cranberry needing holders, sigh :28 PM ET One of my favorite big salts :29 PM ET :30 PM ET A pair

52 Page 52 of 78 My assistant fell asleep 274 Janelle :36 PM ET Barack Salt, not really red or cranberry, 275 Janelle :41 PM ET Susie, so hard to get good help these days. A pair, heard these referred to as tango glass 276 Janelle :43 PM ET :55 PM ET Love the red in this one and the holder Love the Barack salt, JJ; and the color on the tangos really pop when you enlarge them Janelle - I have heard that it is extremely bad luck to be in possession of two tango glass salts with silver rims - Now this may not be true - but just in case --

53 09:14 PM ET Just saying friend - Better safe than sorry --- Don't mess with superstition - They are beautiful and then so is your Barack salt - Page 53 of :21 PM ET Took an hour today and played with my cabinets - realized this one had been on the Dopplewandglas shelf which no longer exists and so it got moved to the red shelf where it is now very happy - So had it out and took the picture - Nothing fancy - Just good ole stuff :55 PM ET Bimini with bird :56 PM ET Love this deep color; love the color on the one you just posted, 282 Jytte :41 AM ET Jytte One more wow...seing that many them... Salt: Italy

54 02:42 AM ET Page 54 of Debi Raitz :52 AM ET And Bohemian (or France?) As much as I love you guys I am beginning to think of the Pair collectors as hoarders. Just think of the space you'd gain and the money you could make to fill up that space with other salts! 285 Debi Raitz :40 AM ET Ruby red glass with sterling overlay. Just 1-1/2" diameter and 5/8" high. 287 Debi Raitz :45 AM ET Red glass blown into sterling frame so it's not removable. I think it's made by Whiting, with #3582 on the bottom. 288 Janelle :04 AM ET Debi Raitz :43 AM ET Debi Raitz :03 AM ET Debi that blown salt is to die for. Ticks my boxes. You know, I am starting to think you are right. But to actually split them oooohhh. That might hurt. It would only hurt for minute Janelle, while you're trying to decide which one to keep. You'd still have one of them to look at. I guess I just never understood the "pair" mentality. I was always happy to find a pair and be able to sell one for sometimes more than I paid for both of them. Or at least more than half the purchase price. That definitely made me happier than having a pair. I guess there just aren't that many ruby red salts. Thought I'd see more.

55 291 E. Jane Koble :46 AM ET Page 55 of 78 Finally got some pictures! Portieux. Almost black amethyst. Edited :48 AM 292 E. Jane Koble :50 AM ET Helene or Zippered Spearpoint - Central Glass - c For some reason the scallop on the right side appears clear. Edited :03 AM 293 E. Jane Koble :52 AM ET American - c E. Jane Koble :54 AM ET Similar to Tulip with Sawtooth patterns. French - c E. Jane Koble :57 AM ET Master.

56 296 E. Jane Koble :00 AM ET Page 56 of 78 Cut glass. French??? 297 E. Jane Koble :00 AM ET Tiny flowered intaglio in jeweled frame. 298 E. Jane Koble :01 AM ET E. Jane Koble :02 AM ET :56 AM ET 301 Dark amethyst hunting scene. Black amethyst angel blowing bubbles. This was hard to photograph! Beautiful string of purples, Jane. I love the cut glass pedestal at #296, and the classic pedestal at #295. I love that shape in any color, have it only in cobalt, which I forgot to post last month.

57 :51 PM ET Page 57 of 78 14th Convention salt, :54 PM ET Intaglio in holder :56 PM ET Dog intaglio :59 PM ET Stripes :07 PM ET Beautiful red salt 306 Nice additions to the drool page Nancy

58 :16 PM ET Page 58 of Jytte :11 AM ET DROOOOL... Lacy France (I think) 308 Jytte :12 AM ET Lacy Belgium or France 309 Jytte :13 AM ET :17 PM ET 311 E. Jane Koble Lacy Denmark The purple ladies are wonderful, Jytte!

59 04:00 PM ET Page 59 of 78 Red salt picturing woman and child :11 AM ET OH MY GOODNESS -- This is a heart stopping month - I just received this one - It is cranberry glass with clear glass rigaree and then decorated with the white enameling - Two worlds pulled together to create a very pretty piece Jytte :11 PM ET So many different One of my new...don't know much about it...but it look as if it come from Europe (France, Bohemia???) :05 PM ET Red with rigaree

60 04:10 PM ET Page 60 of 78 Group photo :25 PM ET Pink mineral with green rim :01 PM ET Similar to #305, but smaller & different pattern :13 PM ET :19 PM ET 321 E. Jane Koble :19 PM ET New salt made by Rod Elser, OSCAR member. I think auto correct changed my appreciation for purple lacies to ladies. Yep, did it again here but I noticed this time and insisted I do mean lacies. #315 - Christmas in October, Nancy!

61 Page 61 of :50 PM ET Boy - Everyone is still going strong here - Red intaglio in jeweled holder :52 PM ET 3 pedestals - Flat rim - Rolled rim and one of mine by Rod :52 PM ET Two Palais Royale :55 PM ET Red metal elephants with amber salt -- and now I will have to find time to take pictures of my Amethyst - Until then I will await more from you ladies - I know you are not through :00 PM ET Oh, #322 has so many jewels and #323, wow, pretty pop of color.

62 :43 PM ET Thanks - When they are on the shelf = I love the total difference in the colors of the flat and the rolled rims - Dark red stays dark and the bright red gets brighter -- Page 62 of Janelle :42 PM ET :17 AM ET :23 PM ET :05 PM ET 332 Janelle :33 PM ET Pale Pink, one of a set if 4, the glass screws into the holder and has "foreign" in the inside base of the glass. Nice, JJ!! Love the pink and the word foreign Tis a lovely salt Janelle - Have always liked the glass with the silver base - Just adds a bit of class - though it appears your glass bowl has enough of it on its own - I wonder if ordinary fan and diamond bowls with a flat base were drilled to allow a screw attachment to a silver base? Could have been done originally to attach glass by one maker to silver base by another. I'm not suggesting a seller combined the two. This particular set has a glass peg much the same as the tulip salts, the peg has the indentations so it can screw into holder, the base is marked foreign also. I have never seen another one the same so I have never found out any more about it. The electroplating does not seem to be as good as well known English makers. 333 Janelle :40 PM ET Photo

63 Janelle :55 PM ET Page 63 of :22 AM ET Debi Raitz :41 PM ET I found this, guess that explains why, but not from where. I am not a silver person as you all know, but EAPG salt on a silver base is so pretty. Adds a piece of elegance. Janelle: I know I had one just like that in a light blue glass and I'm sure it was also marked foreign. I don't remember that it twisted out of the base though. Maybe it was just in there so tight I thought it was glued in. Anyway, can't find now so not sure if it's just hiding somewhere or if I sold it long ago. 337 Janele :25 PM ET Debi, if any one had a blue it would be you lol. Nice to know there are others out there. This is the tiniest, itty bitty salt. 1/2 inch high and wide. Bimini 338 Janele :27 PM ET Janele :28 PM ET Cranberry hiding under all that ruffled Vaseline glass

64 Page 64 of 78 Cranberry Flashed with clear multi rayed star in base 340 Janele :31 PM ET :28 AM ET Amethyst Canoe, Some how I had a feeling this month would be quite beautifully colorful right up to the last day Jytte :24 PM ET Jytte :24 PM ET Thanks for sharing all those beauties...???

65 Page 65 of 78 Biedermeier Jytte :25 PM ET England Jytte :26 PM ET England or France????? 346 Jytte :27 PM ET Jytte :29 PM ET GB

66 Page 66 of 78 UK 348 Jytte :30 PM ET And UK 349 Jytte :31 PM ET One more from UK 350 Jytte :33 PM ET Jytte :35 PM ET Could be from England...

67 Page 67 of 78 Moser 352 Jytte :36 PM ET Also UK 353 Jytte :37 PM ET France 354 Jytte :37 PM ET Jytte :39 PM ET And France

68 Page 68 of Debi Raitz :28 PM ET Norway 1800 Jytte: You have such an amazing collection! Love the different shapes and colors. I recognize #352. That was in one of our trades. Love how you can see the thin layer of cranberry glass encased in clear in # :43 PM ET Red in silver holder :15 PM ET :08 PM ET 360 Debi Raitz :11 PM ET Obviously there is no slowing Jytte down - lol lol Just won this on a best offer - Everything goes together including the spoon - Birmingham by John Grinsell and Sons -- Better than cotton candy -- Okay - I came here for a specific reason - but now I do not remember what it was - so I guess I will leave - Good bye that is gorgeous! Seems to me you have a duplicate salt now. /m210 Please get in touch unless you plan to join the pair hoarders!! LOL I have always wanted one of those pink ones with the sterling rim. Edited :13 PM

69 :07 PM ET Looked on my pink shelf Debi and it is not there - I am not want to post pictures of salts I do not have - as a matter of fact I do not keep them - Maybe in one of the drawers in the garage - When it is tolerable to be out there searching - I will look - If I find it - you may certainly have it - Page 69 of Jytte :08 AM ET Debi - I still remember from who every single of my trading salts comes from...and I'm sending "warm greetings back" when I'm looking at them - your new set is just beautiful... Salts: Italy 363 Jytte :09 AM ET Italy 364 Jytte :09 AM ET :15 AM ET And Italy I knew you had more Jytte - Very pretty ones too --

70 :50 AM ET :00 PM ET Jytte, Your salt collection is beyond out of this world. You just collect beauty and more beauty. So beautiful, Jytte. And lovely variety. I'll get off now because my new kitten is after the cursor on the computer screen. When I stop moving it, he gives it a big swat, thinks he has it cornered. If I could just keep him off the keyboard! Page 70 of :35 PM ET Cranberry pot :37 PM ET :44 PM ET Red birds :45 PM ET :01 PM ET 375 Jytte Pink with clear rigaree oooooh Nancy you have a mini red hen - Lucky you!!! Oh No - Jytte where are you and some more of your beauties -- I am going through withdrawal - The day is bland - Sad - I am going to have a very sad and drab day --

71 03:01 PM ET Page 71 of 78 - it is so easy for me...i just choose "red"...and then they come Salt: Italy 376 Jytte :02 PM ET Sweden (I think) 377 Jytte :03 PM ET Sweden - I know 378 Jytte :04 PM ET Jytte :07 PM ET No idea...but two Danish spoons with them...

72 Page 72 of :00 PM ET Czechoslovakia Okay Jytte and a heads up for tomorrow - either first thing in the morning or late tonight my amethyst shall begin to appear - I think it will anyway - lol lol --- Have not been able to follow through with my mental plans for some time now - Do to circumstances beyond my control - has taken me three days to restock the cupboard with cat food and put the cases away in the closet - Finally at 4:30 this morning I just started to do it - And it was done in a couple of hours - But it is done :08 PM ET Moser :10 PM ET Red in silver holder :12 PM ET Pink unicorn

73 06:19 PM ET Page 73 of 78 Pink elephant :24 PM ET Shaded pink, cut glass :25 PM ET E. Jane Koble :42 PM ET :13 PM ET :53 PM ET :23 AM ET Fritz glass Jytte - you've done it again. Need a new towel. Pink elephants - just what we need, Nancy! Love the unicorn. I've never seen that one. I have the snail. Wow Nancy - You are pretty much holding up your own end of the topic - Thanks - it is a bit dry here and so my mouth needed to activate the drool mechanism -- Well,, of course the Moser is your photo of the one that is now mine. Thought I had already posted these, but can't find them. I was sure I showed the photo of the pink shaded one. Brain is failing sometimes. Nancy = talk about brain failing - I did not even notice the one time classic Kern picture of the green base and white back drop - Those were the days of beautiful clear pictures that Bob took for me - Now it is all done with my phone - Wish Bob was up to taking pictures again - For several reasons - but one very important one - He would be up to it -

74 393 E. Jane Koble :47 AM ET :14 PM ET :35 PM ET Yes, that's the most important reason,. Love 385, Nancy. Nothing better than cranberry cut glass., Wishing Bob good O2 absorbing powers, strength in health and use of his magic camera powers. Page 74 of E. Jane Koble :45 PM ET Blown ruby glass - very dusty glass! 397 E. Jane Koble :46 PM ET E. Jane Koble :46 PM ET Pink Fritz.

75 Page 75 of 78 Blown and enameled Boston & Sandwich. 399 E. Jane Koble :47 PM ET Blown ruby glass. 400 E. Jane Koble :47 PM ET Austro-Hungarian cut glass on silver base. 401 E. Jane Koble :48 PM ET E. Jane Koble :48 PM ET Austro-Hungarian cut back to cranberry on silver base.

76 Page 76 of Janelle :35 PM ET Red and amberina intaglios. Thank you everyone, there has been some pretties here this month :03 PM ET Just under the wire - Meant to be able to post earlier but just did not happen - so before the doorbell starts to ring - My amethyst salts NEAL SL 1 MEDIUMAMETHYST :06 PM ET Pale harp player in jeweled frame :11 PM ET :12 PM ET Plain boat pedestal

77 Page 77 of 78 CODDINGTON :14 PM ET Intaglio sailing ship :16 PM ET Both shapes of the convention salt :25 PM ET Clover intaglio :26 PM ET horse head intaglio in jeweled frame

78 08:28 PM ET Page 78 of :32 PM ET 414 Jytte :04 AM ET Last is my frosted ram - it is last because I have Mackie on the desk pushing on my hands and I am tired of retyping every other word - Happy Halloween everyone - I was also hoping to get things posted earlier so Jytte could send us off with beautiful amethyst pictures -Pretend it is still October Jytte and show us some more amethyst - PLEASE!!! - your amathyst salts are so Beautiful (a little envy) V All messages of 414 Copyright Internicity Inc. All rights reserved. By using QuickTopic, you agree to our terms of use. Privacy statement FAQs Contact