Focus of the week. Attendance for Wk Beg Nursery=81.8% Reception=94.3% Y1=94% Y2=98.7% Y3=90.7% Y4=94.5%

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1 Focus of the week HOW TO BE OPTIMISTIC Positive thoughts lead to positive emotions. Positive emotions make you healthy and happy. Whoever is optimistic is happier and more successful in school and in their life generally. To be positive and optimistic, we should: BE ACTIVE: happy people have positive goals and take on positive tasks. Proactive people are 15% more satisfied with their lives than those who choose to do nothing. DO SPORT: regular physical activity keeps the body healthy. Daily walks raise the level of happiness by 12%. Attendance for Wk Beg Nursery=81.8% Reception=94.3% Y1=94% Y2=98.7% Y3=90.7% Y4=94.5% DO GOOD: those who regularly do good for others are 24% happier than those who do nothing for others. THINK POSITIVE: those who think optimistically double their chances to realise happiness and achieve their goals. Y5=98% Y6=98.7%

2 2.School News In every edition we will talk about special events or news going on around the school. In this edition we shall talk about the upcoming events World book day and Bad hair day. On Friday 10th February we raised money for Great Ormond Street Hospital by coming to school with our bad hair. Our newly elected school council organised this event along with the head of school council Mrs Prosser. Also coming up is World book day on Thursday 2nd March where each student dresses up as a character from their favourite book. There will be series of book related activities during the morning but lessons will go on as normal in the afternoon. Please start getting costumes ready!

3 Nearly half the cats in the UK are overweight. An owner of a fat cat has stated that all cat owners should leave a bowl of food out and record how much it eats in a day. They should have more toys that cats are interested in and should spend at least a quarter of the day spending time with their cat. So if you have a cat make sure you are keeping it alive and healthy by doing all the things listed above.

4 4.World News Anyone looking to eat their breakfast on a Trump-free Sunday will be disappointed. The face of the US president is seldom absent. The Sunday Telegraph alone carries five photographs and a cartoon of the newest occupant of the Oval Office. The Sun on Sunday also has five photos, although Trump is eclipsed by six pictures of David Beckham on a single page, ahead of his appearance on BBC Radio 4's Desert Island Discs. Some coverage of Trump's first week in the White House is scathing. The Observer concludes that the president "cannot be trusted" on issues that affect Britain, describing him as "ignorant, prejudiced and vicious in ways that no American leader has been". It reports the case of a Yazidi woman who fled an "Isis massacre in Iraq", but was not allowed to board a flight to the US to be reunited with her husband.

5 Nadia s Natter Every month I will have a competition. The competition will require the best jokes, short funny stories, and the best letter to me. I am available at breakfast club, playtimes and lunchtimes.

6 6. Short story of the week All was quiet in Mrs Stripes literacy class until Tommy let out a blood curdling scream. TIGER! He bellowed, whilst pointing one of his many bony fingers at the polished window. Without warning, children were screaming, climbing the table and doing many more imaginable things. SILENCE! Roared Mrs Stripes at the top of her lungs. We shall leave to the town hall in an orderly fashion. Suddenly, she began to run out the school wiggling her fairly large bottom behind her. Confused they all began to run after her. After a few minutes, all the children had been rounded up and had decided to form an army in order to win this battle. Once and for all! Mrs Stripes led carrying a stick (wiggling her bottom to the marching beat) whilst all the children marched after her. As they approached the school playground Mrs Stripes took lead. She went face to face with the monster only to find out it was a toy. TOMMY! She bellowed. OOPSY DAISY!

7 7. Games/Jokes Can you spot the 5 changes we ve made to this picture. Q:What do you call cheese that's not yours? Q: What do elves learn in school? Try and answer these fun and hilarious jokes. Q: Why did the boy bring a ladder to school? Q: Everyone has it and no one can lose it, what is it? -

8 8. Sport News As a lot of footy fans out there know that Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard have recently retired. Facts LAMPARD Lampard is 38, his debut was in 1995, he played for 5 clubs, played 649 league games, has 106 England caps, scored 29 international goals and has won 13 trophies. Frank Lampard has scored the most goals outside the penalty box in the premier league history (41 goals). He also has scored the 4th most premier league goals in football history following Alan Shearer, Wayne Rooney and Andy Cole which are all strikers. Gerrard Gerrard is 36 years old, his debut was in 1998, he played for 2 clubs, he played 540 league games, has 114 England caps, has scored 21 England goals, and won 9 trophies. These stats show that Lampard is a lot better but what do you think?

9 Answers Answers: 1.Nacho-cheese 2.Elf-phabet 3.To go to high school 4.A shadow