Cottonwood Tails. Vol. 1 No. 7 September October_ Krystle talking to Chili and Wyatt and their mom at Cottonwood s booth

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1 Vol. 1 No. 7 September October_ d Annual Cause for Paws Draws Great Crowd at Boulder Reservoir The Humane Society of Boulder Valley who hosts the event says on their website that The event is an annual fundraiser where humans and canines come together for a 5K run/walk (which is a Bolder Boulder qualifier) Krystle talking to Chili and Wyatt and their mom at Cottonwood s booth The Humane Society s goal this year was $90,000. Money is raised through sponsorships, individual fundraisers and registrations for the 5k run/walk event. Individual fundraisers work for prizes ranging from ear buds to the ultimate 1st place prize of an I Pad. As of this event, they have raised a little over $100,000 beating their goal. Walkers and their dogs take off on the 5K run/walk event this Saturday. An agility demonstration was given by Amy and Evie. Pets were allowed to run the course with their people in tow before the demo took place.. There was a jump hoop, weave poles, an A frame and tunnels.. Amy and Evie show the crowd how the weave poles are negotiated This years event also featured a Dock Dog Demonstration. by Rocky Mountain Dock Dogs, who were not only there to demonstrate, but let other pet owners decide if this was a sport for their dog. Many took advantage of the offer to let their dogs fly off the dock and into the cool water chasing their favorite air toy. One of the Rocky Mountain Dock Dogs goes airborne into the reservoir. This years Cause for Paws Doggie Dash was presented by the Wags and Menace Foundation. The foundation seeks to provide medical treatment for sick animals in Colorado, to fund organizations and activities that benefit animals, and to inspire, teach and motivate other individuals and organizations to achieve similar objectives. Read about Wags and Menace at their website located at Corrie and Penny hosting the games at Cottonwood s booth. Cottonwood Kennels loves being a part of events such as these that promote wellness and awareness for our pets. It allows us to talk to the pet owners and also visit other booths and increase our own awareness and knowledge in the pet world. We also give away free samples of our goods and services to all who stop by to chat with us. One of our main attractions though, is our games. The nice thing is everyone is a winner. We have the Ping Pong Ball in the Water Bowl toss and now have the Agility Collar Toss. See you at the next event. Come play!. There was also a pancake breakfast sponsored by Whole Foods and music by KCBO 97.3 FM Radio, along with more than 20 pet related booths and vendors on hand touting their goods and services.

2 Page 2 September _ October 2012 Making a Difference in the Fight Against K9 Cancer By Penny Vardell I lost Gabi, my dog of 12 years, back in the spring to bladder cancer. Those were very hard times for us here at home and our kennel family. We went through many ups and downs during those times. Now we have only cherished memories to balance out our mourning of her absence. The trouble with cancer in our pets is that as soon as we get that diagnoses it s a mad rush to try and beat it. All to often it is a battle that we lose. With Gabi, we only had 3 months after her diagnoses to come to terms with the outcome we had to face. In the process of my grieving Gabi, I began looking for ways to contribute to the cause of fighting K9 cancer. Dan Antaya, a co worker of mine suggested a site on the internet called Wishcuit. The group was developed after founder, Kelly Kaliszewski, lost her dog Cain to cancer. She began by raising money to contribute to research. She then began earmarking some of the donations to help families to pay for treatments. Kelly and Cain Along with her new dog Zoey, Kelly does everything from her w e b s i t e, t o s p o n s o r i n g walks, even selling bumper stickers with all proceeds going to K9 cancer causes. Some of the foundations supported through Wishcuit s work are Chase away K9 Cancer, CSU Animal Cancer Center, The Blue Buffalo Foundation for Cancer Research, VIP Pet Cancer Awareness Walk, and the Morris Animal Foundation. Kelly also raises money and cares for close to 20 rescue. This money covers spay/ neutering and any other problems Cancer accounts for nearly 50% of all disease related pet deaths each year. 10 Common Signs of Cancer in Pets 1. Abnormal swellings that persist or continue to grow Not all lumps and bumps are cancerous in dogs, but if you detect a growth on your dog it is important to have it checked out by a veterinarian. 2. Sores that do not heal Scratches and abscesses are not uncommon, but sores that do not heal can be of concern. 3. Loss of weight Often associated with cancer, loss of weight can occur even if your dog is still eating normally. If your dog is inexplicably losing weight, c o n s u l t a v e t e r i n a r i a n. 4. Loss of appetite If your dog shows no interest in eating or their daily consumption has declined for several days, h a v e t h e m c h e c k e d o u t. 5. Bleeding or discharge from any body opening Blood that is present in vomit, stool, or nasal discharge is cause for concern and although not always telltale signs of cancer, your dog should be examined. 6. Offensive odor A very strong and offensive smell can sometimes be a byproduct of tumors in the mouth or i n t h e n a s a l c a v i t y a r e a. 7. Difficulty eating or swallowing 8. Hesitation to exercise or loss of stamina Tiring out easily, unwillingness to exercise and loss of interest in normal activities can be an early sign of cancer. 9. Persistent lameness or stiffness An early indication is prolonged limping or f a v o r i n g a l i m b o r s i d e. 10. Difficulty breathing, urinating or defecating I have supported the Morris Animal Foundation for years. Gabi and I had walked in their events several times along with several of my other pets. I have appreciated the worldwide work and research they do for years. So, go online, attend an event, find out what you can do to help the cause. If we all pitch in, we can make a difference, whether big or small by donating our time and money to help make an animals life a little better. BANANA- PEANUT BUTTER COOKIES THIS ONE MAY NEED TO BE ENGLARGED DEPENDING ON THE ANIMAL(S). 3 CUPS WHOLE WHEAT/WHITE FLOUR 1 EGG Mikes Canine Culinary Corner By Mike Thorpe 1 BANANA(MASHED) ¼ CUP OF NATURAL PEANUT BUTTER( NO SALT OR SUGAR) ¾ CUP OF WATER MIX IN A BOWL AND KNEAD ON A FLOURED SURFACE UNTIL IT IS FIRM ROLL IT OUT TO A ¼ THICKNESS AND CUT INTO YOUR CHOICE OF SHAPES. PUT THEM ON A COOKIE SHEET ABOUT A HALF(1/2) INCH APART AND BAKE AT 350 DEGREES APPROX MINUTES THEY SHOULD BE FIRM TO THE TOUCH. YOU CAN LEAVE THEM IN THE OVEN TURNED OFF AND LET THEM FIRM SOME MORE FOR ABOUT 2 HOURS. MAKES BETWEEN COOKIES DEPENDING ON THE SIZE OF YOUR CUTTER the rescues may have. You can read more about Kelly s work at

3 Page 3 September October 2012 Notes From Small Dog Playgroup By Pilar Heffelfinger Playgroup Captain Our Friend Jack By Kristin Jeffers Abby and Toby are darling little West Highland terriers who come visit us often during the week. They love hanging out with their friends. Wading in the pools and playing fetch with the toys are some of their favorite things to do. They are very particular about their bouncy balls Abby had a major TPLO surgery this past winter. She spent several months on light duty in the front office and has just recently been able to return to playgroup. TPLO surgery ( tibial plateau leveling osteotomy ) is usually performed on larger dogs such as Labs and Rottweiler's. Abby was a special case! TPLO is used to treat cranial cruciate ligament rupture and involves changing the angle at the top of the shinbone ( tibial plateau ), by cutting the bone, rotating it and stabi- Abby and Toby sharing a little time in the front office during her recovery. lizing it in position with a plate and screws. Recovery is usually a minimum of 6 months, which means a lot of restricted activity, which is why Abby became a front office dog. Abby made it through the process in a little shorter time and is now happily back in playgroup with Toby. Toby is very happy to have Abby back in the group too. You can see it as they play together Abby (front) and Toby (rear) enjoying some slow time recently out in small dog play group Toby is very protective of Abby and will let all the other dogs, no matter their size, know that it is he they will have to deal with when they are together. "When most of us talk to our dogs, we tend to forget they're not people." - Julia Glass Little Jack Dana is a 4 1/2 year old Jack Russell mix who has a place in the hearts of the staff here at Cottonwood. Jack is mostly black with accented white spots on his feet and chest, with hair you can t help but play with. Mr. Jack is a man of reserve until he gets to know you, then you are his friend for life. You can find Jack out in playgroup, where he loves to play tag or find that great sunny spot to soak up the rays with his pals. Kristin and Jack in the front office. You will also find Jack in the front office where he loves to be a part of the action with staff members. He also enjoys a little down time up front sleeping on the various bed thrown about on the floor. You will see him sitting with the staff while they are filing papers and answering the phones or standing down on the floor watching over us as we check clients in and out. Jack is a ton of fun in a small package. He comes in the morning all wiggly and ready to go for the day. We love having Jack here with us.

4 Page 4 September _ October 2012 Our Barnyard Friends Scott Carpenter Park Goes to the Dogs Meet the Cottonwood Family By Penny Vardell Now is the time to meet our most prevalent barnyard friends. The Chickens. Of all the barnyard inhabitants, the chickens are my favorite. I love to watch them just mill around all day, no hurry, just taking their time and enjoying the shade here and there. Oh, they squabble occasionally, but never anything serious. Thee annual Dog Dayz event at Scott Carpenter Park drew large crowds as always with the pooches having a great time in the big Pond. The event is held at the end of pool season every year and runs for two weeks. This year ran from September 21 until September 30. Dogs only are allowed in the pool and their owners must stand aside and watch the fun. And much fun was had. This month we would like to tell you about Kristin Jeffers. Kristin has worked with Cottonwood for four and a half years. In that time she has definitely shown her love for animals and dedication to her work. You will see Kristin at the front counter, feeding station, out in the playgroups, even collecting eggs from the barn. There is no job she cannot tackle. Kristin also works with a lot of our We have quite an assortment of barnyard fowl, with Barred Rocks, Silkies, Araucanas and Bantams. We do get quite an assortment of eggs. I guess if I were to tell the whole truth, I would have to say that what they give back is the thing I like about them the most. Eggs. We gather between 4 or 5 dozen eggs a day from the henhouse We give most of them away on our counter every afternoon, on a first come, first serve basis, so feel free to grab a dozen. Like children, the little four legged ones splashed and frolicked in the pool, chasing balls and just plain swimming and diving. Saturday saw vendors and service organizations set up around the perimeter of the pool area. Cottonwood Kennels set up shop poolside September 22. Our dogs had a blast. Our resident water dog, Neah, showed off her diving and swimming skills through out the 5 hour session. Kristin Jeffers special needs dogs, the older pets who need more attention and the little ones who have anxiety and separation issues. Kristin also has her own little one, a four year old Manchester terrier named Rambo. Her and Rambo love hanging out at area dog parks with their friends. Kristin spent time in Europe after she graduated high school visiting Italy, Greece and parts of Turkey. She turned 18 in Germany on her trip. She has also travelled to lots of states with Washington and Hawaii being amongst her favorites. Kristin attended the University of Northern Colorado majoring in anthropology. Kristin also loves to go camping, swimming and bowling in her spare time. Cottonwood is very lucky to have Kristin as a part of our team. Way to go Kristin.

5 Page 5 September October 2012 Front Office Report Your Pets Horoscope By Rhonda Beitzel By Madame Neah Kennel Manager As Cottonwood comes into the 2012 holiday season, we find ourselves with a record number of early reservations. Our Thanksgiving and Christmas schedule is already booked to capacity. We are currently taking reservations for Spring Break It will not be long before Spring Break is booked. So make your reservations early. At these high volume times, we require a non-refundable pre-payment due by the beginning of the month of the reservation. These high volume times are Spring Break, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving and Christmas. We will call to remind you the deposit is due at the first of the month. We hope that you remember to make cancellations so we can get in as many as we can off the very long wait lists. Cottonwood Kennels is open from 7:30 am until 6:00 pm everyday, 365 days a year. We are fully staffed and love being able to spend the holidays with your family member. We just ask that you remember to book early. "You can't keep a good man down -- or an over affectionate dog." -Unknown Aries (3/21-4/19) You will be like a teddy bear. You will like to move in the slow lane. Also, you are both a good listener and snuggler. Your strengths will be needed this month. Taurus (4/20-5/20) You like being a trendsetter. I see a new glamorous collar and leash for some of your futures. Wear it proudly. Gemini (5/21-6/20) You are feeling feisty nowadays. Look for activities that will allow you to express your wild side. Try spending more time with the pack. Cancer (6/21-7/22) You are looking fo balance in your life this month. Enjoy the good things in life long walks with family, your favorite bone and a sunny spot to curl up in. Leo (7/23-8/22) Be careful of your eccentric side. Not everyone enjoys a game of keep away. There are times to play and times to respond to loved ones. Virgo (8/23-9/22).You may feel a little glum this month due to the colder weather. Enjoy the beautiful days though that we have in between. Get a new coat to brave the colder days. Everyone will enjoy the stylish new look. Libra (9/23-10/22) You have always been a love bug and this month you feel especially loving. Take every opportunity for cuddling, snuggling and hugs and kisses. Your lovingness will be appreciated Scorpio (10/23-11/22) It is time to get organized. Go through your toy selection, get rid of old ones to make space for new ones. Time to dig up new bones before it gets too cold. Then you will know what to put on your Christmas list.. Sagittarius (11/22-12/21) Your fun loving goofy and maybe clumsy side comes out with the snow. Look for new adventures, but be cautious too. Capricorn (12/22-1/19) You are very loyal and family oriented. Focus this month on new games and tricks with family. Some new treats are on the horizon. Aquarius (1/20-2/18) Your head is in the clouds, leaves are falling and soon the snow. Spend time with friends to help your focus during these busy times. Allow yourself to dream of upcoming fun. Jump and play in a leaf pile. Pisces (2/19-3/20) Focus on others this month. Your special attention to others who are struggling is needed. You get the opportunity to make new friends that will last a lifetime. *********************************************************************************************************** Meet Guy,a sweet, playful, young chocolate lab mix. Guy is currently staying here at Cottonwood Kennels. Guy is a rescue from Texas who is looking for a forever home here in Colorado. Guy was shy when he arrived, but he is learning so much!. This sweet, cute Guy will melt your heart! Is Guy a match for you?! If you would like to meet Guy, just ask at the front desk, we would be happy to introduce you to him.

6 Page 6 September _ Ovtober 2012 Downtown Boulder s Lights of December Parade ******************************************** Join us at the 25th annual Lights of December Parade. All the floats are created by local groups and businesses. Lots of people, including Santa himself, are always looking for a reason to come to Boulder and this Saturday provides an excellent one! The parade begins at 15th and Walnut streets going west to 11th Street. The route then heads north on 11th Street to Spruce Street where it goes east ending at 15th. There are two reviewing stages, one located at 14th and Walnut streets and the other at 11th and Pearl streets. Attendees are encouraged to park for free in one of the five City of Boulder parking structures and to pay special attention to event No Parking signs along and adjacent to the parade route. Remember, on Saturday & Sunday, parking is free in City of Boulder parking garages! Cottonwood Kennels Play and Stay for Pets Downtown Boulder s Lights of December Parade is a free event and open to the public.. Cottonwood Kennels would love to have you join our group in the parade. Come walk your dogs along with our float as we celebrate the holidays Boulder style. Sign up in the office or call us and get included. ******************************************** Remember us for all your boarding, daycare and grooming needs. Open 7 Days A Week 7:30am until 6:00 pm