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1 OFFICIAL PREMIUM LIST THE RED DEER AND DISTRICT KENNEL CLUB Announcing their 201 st, 202 nd, & 203 rd Annual Shows 3 ALL BREED CHAMPIONSHIP SHOWS 3 LICENSED OBEDIENCE TRIALS 3 LICENSED RALLY O TRIALS NOVEMBER 5, 6, 7, 2010 ENTRIES CLOSE WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 20 TH 9:00PM CST At the: WESTERNER PARK, RED DEER, ALBERTA Street, Red Deer AB, Canada, T4R 2N7 Win a Trip for Two to Vegas! Sponsored by Canine Review You could be a winner just by entering our show. The entry must be for an Official event. One Armband Number will be picked at random Sunday, Noon. FEATURING: Alaskan Malamute Club of Canada Nat l Specialty Alaskan Malamute Breed Booster Alaskan Malamute Lunch & Learn Seminar Doberman Pinscher Booster Boxer Booster Bouvier des Flandres Booster CERF Eye Clinic Scent Hurdle Racing Competition Therapy Dog Testing Dancing with the Dogs Guy Fawkes Mini Guy Contest Highest Placing Veteran Conf/Obed - Saturday Conformation Junior Handling Obedience Junior Handling Veterans Obedience Juvenile Sweepstakes Veterans Sweepstakes Reserved Benching Reserve Best In Show Parking Passes Meeting room available - to be reserved for clubs wishing to hold meetings SHOW SECRETARY: Patricia Button th Street Saskatoon SK S7N 1V7 (306) PERMISSION HAS BEEN GRANTED TO HOLD THESE EVENTS BY THE CKC. SHOWS & TRIALS WILL BE INDOORS AND UNEXAMINED. These events are held under rules of the Canadian Kennel Club 200 Ronson Drive, Suite 400, Etobicoke ON M9W 5Z9 Phone: Hours: 9:00-5:00 Monday - Friday SHOW PRECINCTS- The precincts of the show will be defined as the Westerner Altaplex Building and designated parking Areas, with the exception of the entrance and room housing the CERF EYE CLINIC RED DEER AND DISTRICT KENNEL CLUB: BOX 57, RED DEER, ALTA. T4N 5E7

2 THE RED DEER AND DISTRICT KENNEL CLUB 2010 EXECUTIVE BOARD OF DIRECTORS President: Jo Hammond Treasurer: Susan Humphreys Secretary: Bev Davies Fraser Obedience Dir Carol Allinson Show Director: Heather Albritton Program Director Karen Van Meer Vice President: Heather Albritton SHOW COMMITTEE Show Superintendent Glynn Humphreys Catalog Advertising (Camera Ready)Send to Show Sec Show Secretary Pat Button Booth Space Co-Ordinator Lisa Sverdus Chief Ring Steward (Conf ) Heather Albritton Reserve Benching Bev Davies Fraser Chief Ring Steward (Obed) Carol Allinson Special Awards/Trophies Heather Albritton Hospitality Members of the RD&DKC Ribbons Heather Albritton Complaints Committee As per CKC rules, if required, a committee will be struck from the show committee members. Official Veterinarian Piper Creek Vet Clinic- Dr. Greg Linnell (On Call Only) Official Photographer Cathy French Photography, Box 3118, Sherwood Park, Alberta, T8H 2T1 The Canadian Kennel Club Mr. Joe Mauro, Suite Ronson Drive, Etobicoke, ON M9W 5Z9, (416) CKC Director For Alberta: Anita Cairns, th Street SE, Calgary, AB T3S 0A7, (403) ZA3 ALB CKC Dog Show Rep. Kathy Hawker, 120 Windemere Crescent, Edmonton, AB T6H 4N7 ALB CKC Obedience Rep. Jeffrey Lunder, PO Box 353 Stn Main, Red Deer, AB T4N 5E9 JUDGES AND ASSIGNMENTS CONFORMATION Name Initials Address Shirley Hubenig SH Avenue NW Calgary, AB T2K 0J2 Dr. Richard Meen RM 2 Glenrose Avenue, Toronto, ON M4T 1K4 Dr. John Reeve Newson JRN 2 Glenrose Avenue, Toronto, ON M4T 1K4 Charles Trotter CT PO Box Carmel, CA Patricia Trotter PT PO Box Carmel, CA Mary White MW 119 Chadbourn Drive, Hudson, OH ASSIGNMENTS Group Friday Saturday Sunday 1 Sporting J Reeve Newson Charles Trotter 2 Hounds Pat Trotter Richard Meen 3 Working Mary White less Dobes S Hubenig Top ½ less P Trotter will judge Dobes Group Mary White Boxers C Trotter Bottom ½, & Group JRN will judge Boxers 4 Terriers Mary White 5 Toys Richard Meen 6 Non Sporting Charles Trotter 7 Herding J Reeve Newson Best In Show J Reeve Newson Best Puppy In Show J Reeve Newson Best Brace In Show --- Patricia Trotter J Reeve Newson J Reeve Newson Mary White Charles Trotter Charles Trotter Charles Trotter Patricia Trotter Charles Trotter J Reeve Newson Remaining Breeds & Group M White will judge Dobes C Trotter will judge Boxers Richard Meen Mary White Richard Meen Charles Trotter Mary White Mary White --- ASSIGNMENTS INCLUDE BOTH BREED AND GROUP LEVEL WITH THE EXCEPTION OF: FRIDAY Working Group Doberman Pinschers will be judged by Patricia Trotter. The Remainder of the Breeds and Group will be judged by Mary White. FRIDAY Terrier Group Charles Trotter will judge all breeds except American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Miniature Bull Terriers & Cesky Terriers. These four breeds and the Group will be judged by Mary White. SATURDAY -Working Group - to be judged as follows: Top 1/2 of Group 3: Akitas to Greenland Dog (except Boxers) to be judged by Shirley Hubenig. Boxers, (Booster) will be judged by John Reeve Newson. The remainder of the Breeds and Group will be judged by Charles Trotter. SUNDAY Working Group Doberman Pinschers (Booster) will be judged by Mary White. The remainder of the Breeds and Group will be judged by John Reeve Newson.

3 OBEDIENCE & RALLY O Name Initials Address Christopher Cornell CC 62 Bon Jon View Way, Sequim WA Isabel Hutton IH 48 Briarcroft Road, Brampton ON L7A 1X7 Shirley Hubenig SH Avenue NW, Calgary AB T2K 0J2 ASSIGNMENTS OBEDIENCE RALLY O Trial 1 Fri Trial 2 Sat Trial 3 Sun Class Rally Fri Rally Sat Rally Sun S Hubenig I Hutton C Cornell All Classes I Hutton C Cornell S Hubenig All Classes All Classes All Classes Run Offs Veterans Run-Offs Run Offs C Cornell Therapy Dog PRIZES BIS & BPIS Prizes are sponsored each day by GLOBAL PET FOODS, RED DEER Any moneys won will be awarded to the HANDLER of the dog who is considered to be the agent of the dog s owner. CONFORMATION OBEDIENCE $100.00, Rosette & Best in Show each day Prize High in Trial each day $ & Rosette Reserve Best In Show each day Rosette High in Class each day $50.00 & Rosette Best Puppy in show each day $50.00, Rosette & Prize 2 nd, 3 rd, & 4 th in each Class each day Rosette First in Group each day $25.00 & Rosette High Aggregate Score over 3 Trials $ & Rosette 2 nd, 3 rd, & 4 th in each Group each day Rosette ***See explanation below Best Brace in Show (Saturday only) $50.00 & Rosette Qualifying score in Rally or Obedience Ribbon Best Puppy in each Group each day $20.00 & Rosette RALLY O Best of Breed each day Rosette 1 st in Class $25.00 & Rosette *** Dogs must be handled by the same person in all 3 trials, and the qualifying scores must be from the same class. *** The Red Deer and District Kennel Club welcomes Boosters and Special Prizes to Support Entries to their shows. They will supply Rosettes for BOB, BOS, RW, BW, WM, WF, BP, & Highest Qualifying in Obedience. BREED BOOSTERS Alaskan Malamute Booster- Under John Reeve Newson, Chris Cornell & Shirley Hubenig on Sunday Will sponsor the following awards BB, BOS, BOW, WD, WB, BP and the Highest Qualifying Score earned by an Alaskan Malamute in the Obedience Trial on Sunday as well as the Highest Qualifying Mal in Rally O on Sunday. Alberta Doberman Pinscher Club Booster- Under Mary White & Chris Cornell on Sunday. Will sponsor prizes for: BB, BOS, BOW, WD, WB, BP and the Highest Qualifying Score earned by a Doberman Pinscher in the Obedience Trial on Sunday Alberta Boxer Club- Under John Reeve Newson, Isabel Hutton, Chris Cornell on Saturday. Will sponsor the following awards: WM/RWM, WF/RWF, BOW, BB, BOS, BP, also the Highest Qualifying score earned by a Boxer in Obedience under judge Isabel Hutton. And the Highest qualifying score earned by a Boxer in Rally O (time will be the deciding factor in the case of a tie) on Saturday under Chris Cornell. Alberta Bouvier des Flandres Club under Mary White & Isabel Hutton on Saturday Will sponsor the following awards: WM/RWM, WF/RWF, BOW, BB, BOS, BP, also the Highest Qualifying score earned by a Bouvier des Flandres in Obedience under judge Isabel Hutton.

4 $$$$ ENTRY FEES- GST INCLUDED $$$ **NOTE: Faxed/ ed or On-line entries will incur a 10% service Charge. See above. Entry per show or trial Puppies (Jr. & Sr. Puppies Only) /entry Rally Obedience Transition Class *Listing Fee per event Therapy Dog Testing per dog Exhibition Only / In Transit per day * Unofficial Events $ Reserved Benching per 10' x 10' ' spot Catalogues Preordered/Prepaid Purchased at show [If available] CERF Testing - See Form below Veteran's Obedience Electrical inside show building Prepaid Electrical inside show building At Show Varies * Unofficial events include: All Sweepstakes, Brace events & Veterans Obedience. Dogs entered in Veterans Obedience must be entered in Exhibition Only if not entered in a Regular event. * Listing Fees are required for any dog without an individual CKC Registration Number, Miscellaneous Class Number, Event Registration Number, or a Performance Event Number, except for dogs entered in Exhibition Only. Over payments will not be refunded but will be gratefully accepted as a club donation. There will be a $25.00 Service Charge for all N.S.F. cheques. Important Notice Cheques post-dated for after the Closing Date will not be accepted. Tendering of an N.S.F. cheque shall be considered NON payment of entry fees and is an offence punishable by disciplinary action and cancellation of awards by the C.K.C. IMPORTANT ** To ensure getting a Catalogue we encourage you to Preorder as there will only be a few extra printed and there will be no mail outs. PLEASE MAKE ALL CHEQUES PAYABLE TO: RED DEER & DISTRICT KENNEL CLUB (RDDKC) Mail or courier entries to: Show Secretary, Pat Button, th Street, Saskatoon SK S7N 1V7 Phone: The RD&DKC Dilquin Poodles Littlefeat Kennels SPECIAL ** VETERANS ** AWARD On Saturday ONLY special prizes will be awarded to the oldest Veteran obtaining a Best of Breed or better in Conformation or Qualifying scores or better in Obedience & Rally O OTHER SPECIAL AWARDS CONFORMATION Cindy Harvey is pleased to offer a prize for Best of Winners in Standard Poodles Friday, Saturday & Sunday Sheena & Franco Melone are pleased to offer a prize to Winners Male and Winners Female Miniature Pinschers on Saturday, Nov, 6, of Joan Frost, $30.00 awarded to Group 3 rd 2010 in Memory (Breeder, Owner, Handled) in the Toy Group on Friday, Saturday & Sunday

5 Deldawn Kennel Oh My Dog! K-9 Consulting Inc. Meadow Park Saint Bernards Averina Kennels Coronado Poodles Cruisin Australian Shepherds Oh My Dog! K-9 Consulting Inc. Donel Bryck is pleased to offer a trophy in memory of Isabelle Standell to be presented to the Winners female West Highland White Terrier on Saturday Donna Dee is pleased to offer a prize for the Best Siberian Husky Puppy on Sunday Linda Symons is pleased to donate the keeper trophy for the John Elliot Perpetual Trophy for Best of Breed Saint Bernard on Saturday OBEDIENCE Heather Albritton is pleased to donate a prize to the Highest Qualifying Poodle in Obedience for each trial. A Special Prize will be offered for any Averina Poodle obtaining a Qualifying Score or completing an Obedience or Rally O Title June Thompson is pleased to offer a prize for the High Scoring Standard Poodle in each Rally O Trial on Friday, Saturday & Sunday Is pleased to offer a prize for the High Scoring Australian Shepherd on Saturday in honour of Cruise, Can/Am & ASCA Ch. OTCH BYDAY HE S A TOP GUN TT, ASCA, CD Donna Dee is pleased to offer $50.00 for High Aggregate Obedience Dog on Sunday REGULAR & SPECIAL EVENTS Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Veteran & Puppy Mal Seminar - Noon Dancing with the Dogs Jr Handling Conf & Sweepstakes - Evening Therapy Dog Testing after Noon Obed Noon Mini Guy Contest through BIS Scent Hurdle Racing CERF Testing the weekend immediately after BIS 8:00am 12:00 CERF Testing (8 12:00) (1:00-5:00 pm) Veterans Obed PRE SHOW EVENTS - THURSDAY EVENING JUVENILE SWEEPSTAKES Males and Females will be judged together Puppies will be divided by sex and age as follows: Males & Females: Junior Puppies 6-9 months Senior Puppies 9 12 months Yearlings months 1 st in each class 30% of Class Entry and Rosette 2 nd in each class 20% of Class Entry and Rosette 3 rd in each class 10% of Class Entry and Rosette 4 th in each class 5% of Class Entry and Rosette Best Overall 10% of Overall Entry and Rosette 25% will be retained by the club to defray costs. VETERAN SWEEPSTAKES Classes will be divided by sex and age as follows: Over 7 but under 10 Years and 10 Years and Older 1 st in Class 25% of Class Entry and Rosette 2 nd 4 th in Class Rosette Best Veteran in Sweeps 30% of Total Entries and Rosette Best Veteran Runner Up 20% of Total Entries and Rosette Males and Females will be judged separately. Dogs may be spayed or neutered to compete in Veteran Sweepstakes. The Club will retain the remaining 25% to help defray costs.

6 DANCING WITH THE DOGS -- SATURDAY AT NOON PLEASE PREREGISTER Bring your best tunes and your best routine for you and your dog and enter our Dancing with the Dogs Demonstration contest. A prize and $25 is offered if there are 5 or less entries. If there are 6 to 10 entries the prize money will be increased by $6.25 to a maximum of $50. A prize will be offered for the dog and handler team that has the greatest combined a e and the lowest combined age (if they wish to divulge that information). Judging will be based loosely on Canine Freestyle rules. The dancers are scored on technical and artistic elements of their routine. Judges look at the content of the dance, the flow of movements, demonstrated teamwork, and artistic presentation. Creativity and costumes as well as props may also be a p art of the presentation but must be kept to a minimum. These later items must not impede the movement of the dog nor should the routine present any risk of the well being of the dog. ALASKAN MALAMUTE NATIONAL SPECIALTY The Canadian American Club will hold their National on Saturday, November 6, 2010, under Judge Wendy Maisey. For information and Premium lists please contact Kathy Hawker, 120 Windermere Cresc, Edmonton AB T6R 2H6, , * ALASKAN MALAMUTE BREED SEMINAR (FALLACIES, WHAT YOU THOUGHT YOU KNEW BUT DON'T) *** PLEASE PREREGISTER & PREPAY *** HELD IN THE TRAILBLAZER ROOM LUNCH & LEARN * FRIDAY 12:15 to 1:15 Preregistration is required to ensure sufficient food is ordered. If sufficient registrations are not rec d this event will be cancelled. $10.00 per person (include s lunch) Sandwiches, vegetable & dip trays will b e provided JUNIOR HANDLING -- CONFORMATION This competition will be held on Sunday during the luncheon break. Entries will be taken on SUNDAY ONLY, and the fee will be $1.00. JUDGE: TBA Classes: Pee Wee, Junior Novice/Open, Intermediate Novice/Open, Senior Novice/Open PRIZES: Pee Wee - Prize // Junior, Novice, Open Winners - Ribbon Best Overall Handler - Rosette JUNIOR HANDLING -- OBEDIENCE This competition will be held on Sunday during the luncheon break. Entries will be taken o n SUNDAY ONLY and the fee will be $1.00 JUDGE: TBA Classes: Junior & Senior Novice A, Junior & Senior Novice B, Junior & Senior Open A, Junior & Senior Open B Ribbons for the winners in each class. SCENT HURDLE RACING COMPETITION THE ALBERTA SCENT HURDLE RACING ASSOC. will host a Scent Hurdling competition on Saturday immediately upon completion of Best In Show. For more information contact: Avril Tatterson, or Phone Entries must be sub mitted to Show Secretary, Pat Button by the closing date. $10.00 per team. THERAPY DOG CERTIFICATION TESTING - FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 5TH Therapy dog testing will be conducted by judge, Chris Cornell who is an accredited Therapy Dog International tester and will test PUREBRED dogs and handlers in the obedience ring area after Best In Show on Friday. TDI certificates will be awarded to those who qualify. This testing is somewhat similar to CGN testing in format but goes further in order to test the dog's capabilities in a therapeutic setting and role. There are limited spaces available and pre registration is encouraged to ensure a space although if time allows applications may be taken at the show. Cost will be $15.00 per dog. Cash only if paying at the show. NOTICE TO ALL EXHIBITORS: ANYONE BEING RUDE, VERBALLY ABUSIVE, AGGRESSIVE OR INSULTING TO ANY RD&DKC VOLUNTEER WILL BE EXCUSED FROM THE SHOW.

7 RESERVED BENCHING & POWER Each space is 10 X10 at a cost of $10.00 (GST included). It is recommended if you are purchasing power that you reserve a space. Pre payment and pre booking of spaces is a requirement and payments must be received by closing of entries. Please indicate if you are purchasing power Name: Bench me with: Phone #: E:mail Space(s) (10 X10 = Number you are purchasing Prepaid Power $75.00 ($95 after closing date) COMMERCIAL BOOTH SPACE Name of Company: Contact person: Phone #: E:mail Space (10 x 10 $ = ($25 discount for double booths) Extra $10.00 Prepaid $75.00 ($95 after closing date) Each booth will be supplied with one table & two chairs. Extra tables may be rented at a cost of $10 each. There will be a $25 discount for double booths. Each space is 10 X10 at a cost of $ (GST included). Pre payment and pre booking of booths is a requirement and payments must be received by closing of entries (October 20/10). If you need extra space to bench your dogs please make us aware. For more information contact Lisa: GENERAL INFORMATION AND REGULATIONS Dogs should be in the building at least one hour prior to ring time. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to be aware of the posted schedule and be at ringside at the time of judging. The club will not call individual dogs to ringside. Please remain at ringside until judging is completed. - A practice ring will be set up in the benching area. Regular rings must not be used for this purpose. Dogs must be exercised in the areas provided, anyone exercising their dogs on the grounds outside the building and not cleaning up after them, will be excluded from the show or trial. Exhibitors are reminded to respect hospitality facilities. The Red Deer & District kennel Club reserves the right to refuse future entries from any exhibitor who creates excessive destructive or disruption to host facilities (Hotel, motel or campground). The show superintendent is in complete charge of the shows and trials which, are governed by CKC rules. No judge or any other person participating in any capacity at a dog show held under CKC rules shall be subjected to an indignity of any kind during the progress of the show. The Show Committee has a responsibility to see that this rule is enforced. Chapter 19.7, Page 55, CKC Conformation Show Rules and Regulations. The Dog Show Committee will use due care and diligence for the welfare of dogs, exhibitors and spectators, but will not be responsible for, nor assume any liability in the event of accident or misfortune. The Red Deer And District Kennel Club reserves the right to remove from the shows or trials any person or dog for any just cause. Any dog excused by the show superintendent or veterinarian, for any reason, shall not compete in any classes or accept any awards for the duration of the shows or trials. No refund of any fees will be made. If because of riot, civil disturbance, or any other acts beyond the control of the show committee, it is impossible to open or complete the show, no refunds shall be made! PARKING PASSES Please obey posted parking signs on the Westerner grounds. The RD&DKC will not be responsible for parking tickets incurred by exhibitors who illegally park in fire lanes or other areas. Parking Passes are available either preordered or purchased at the show. $7.00 for all 3 days. Can be purchased later but will still cost $7.00.

8 Can you help out? It s easy just be a donor! Exhibitors and Spectators are encouraged to bring a donation of People or Pet food products for The Red Deer District Food Bank and the RED DEER SPCA EXTRACTS FROM THE DOG SHOW RULES BREEDS,CLASSES, AWARDS AND STAKES REGULAR OFFICIAL CLASSES: All of these classes must be divided by sex. Note: no dogs under the age of six months on the first day of the show shall be allowed within the Show precincts as defined in the Premium List. Every dog within these precincts (exceptions are IN TRANSIT AREA) must be entered in one of the Regular Official Classes or in Exhibition Only EXHIBITION ONLY PUPPIES 3-6 MONTHS OF AGE: (a) Must be entered in Exhibition Only providing the owner of the puppy has also entered a dog in one of the regular official classes. (b) May not compete in any official, unofficial or non-regular classes including parades nor are they required to be listed in the catalogue. JUNIOR PUPPY: shall be for dogs at least six months of age on the first day of the Show and under nine months of age on the day of the show. SENIOR PUPPY: shall be for dogs 9 months of age and under twelve (12) months of age on the day of the show MONTH - for dogs over 12 months of age but under 18 months of age. CANADIAN BRED: shall be for dogs born in Canada, Champions of any country excluded. BRED BY EXHIBITOR: shall be for dogs owned and handled in the ring by the Breeder. The handler must be the owner/co-owner AND breeder/co-breeder of the dog. The owner/breeder must handle the dog in this class, but need not handle the dog for further awards. OPEN CLASS: shall be for all dogs. SPECIALS ONLY: is for dogs which have a recorded CKC Registration or Event Registration Number and have attained the required points for Championship status including at least one 2 point win either at the breed or group level. Should a dog which is entered in this class be found either not to be registered or has not completed the requirements for Championship status, all awards earned at the show will be cancelled. Dogs entered in this class will compete for Best of Breed, Best of Opposite Sex and Best Puppy if eligible. MOVING DOGS TO SPECIALS ONLY : A dog which is individually registered in the records of the CKC and has completed the requirements for a Championship in accordance with these rules but at the time of the closing of entries for a show has not received confirmation of the title, may be transferred from one of the regular classes to Specials Only providing the transfer is submitted to the Show Secretary in writing by the owner or handler at least 1 hour prior to the opening of the show. NOTE: Class dogs may be moved to Specials Only as long as the registration number is on the Move Up Sheet. RESERVE BEST IN SHOW: will be selected from the remaining 6 Breeds competing for BIS OBEDIENCE CLASSES OFFERED: Novice A, Novice B, Open A,Open B, Utility, Pre Novice,Veterans,Brace,Exhibition Only, RALLY OBEDIENCE CLASSES: Novice A & Novice B, Advanced A & B, Excellent A & B, Exhibition Only CHAPTER 4 - JUDGES SECTION 19.7 It shall be the duty and obligation of the show-giving club to see that a judge, club official, volunteer, or any participant at an event held under these rules is not subject to indignities. The Conformation Show Committee Chair shall promptly report to the CKC any infringement of this regulation, and the Discipline Committee shall have the authority to take such action as it deems fit on receipt of a report indicating that this has occurred. A copy of this regulation shall be prominently placed in every premium list and catalogue. CHAMPIONS AND CHAMPIONSHIP POINTS A dog awarded WINNERS at a Championship show shall be credited with a number of championship points (ranging from 0 to 5) and the number of championship points credited to a dog awarded WINNERS shall be as provided hereunder. The schedule to be employed in the determination of the number of points awarded WINNERS shall be as follows:

9 Competing* or more Points *Includes the dog awarded Winners In counting the number of eligible dogs in competition, a dog that is disqualified, dismissed, excused or ordered from the ring by the judge shall be included in the calculation for points. If a dog awarded WINNERS is also awarded BEST OF BREED at the show, then all dogs competing in the breed, including Specials Only, shall be included in the total. If a dog awarded WINNERS is also awarded BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX to Best of Breed, then all dogs of the same sex including those competing for Specials Only shall be included in the total. If a dog is awarded WINNERS is also awarded BEST OF WINNERS, then all dogs defeated directly or indirectly in the breed shall be included in the total. If a dog is awarded WINNERS only, then all the dogs of the same sex in the class competition shall be included the total. The number of championship points to be credited to a dog awarded WINNERS shall be determined by the highest award earned and calculated as per Section In addition to championship points allocated at the breed level, a dog awarded WINNERS, which also places in the regular Group competition, shall be credited with the following additional points provided that a dog was defeated at the Group level. No. of Breeds Competing Placed Placed Placed Placed At Group Level 1 st 2 nd 3 rd 4 th 13 or more A dog awarded WINNERS which also places BEST IN SHOW at an All-Breed Championship Show shall be credited with 5 Championship points inclusive of any points earned at the breed and group level. In no case can a dog earn more than five points at a single show. SECTION In or for a dog to be recognized as a Champion, and its owner provided with a Championship Certificate, a dog must: (a) earn 10 championship points under at least 3 different judges; and (b) be registered in the records of the CKC, have an ERN or MCN (c) have earned a least one 2 point win either at the breed or group level. NOTICE TO FOREIGN EXHIBITORS Attention U.S. Exhibitors: Please note that fees are due and payable in Canadian dollars. Due to consistently fluctuating currency rates, discounted cheques will not be accepted. Personal cheques will be accepted, however, they are to be payable in Canadian funds. If you send a cheque in U.S. funds it must be made out for the full amount of the entry and no exchange will be refunded to the exhibitor. Please do not mark cheques Payable in Canadian Funds or At Par. They will not be cleared by the banks. To simplify the process, we urge that you purchase bank drafts or money orders payable in Canadian funds. Your understanding and co-operation is appreciated. Thank you. EVENT REGISTRATION NUMBER (ERN) To obtain an ERN: Send a photocopy of the dog s Registration Certificate reflecting current ownership with a written request for an ERN number. Please indicate coat type and size, if applicable. Fee for an Event Registration Number with the CKC is $ GST of 5%. Include your payment in the full amount in Canadian funds. Payment may be made with VISA or Mastercard, personal or business cheque or money order. For Non-Members, please note that if paying by cheque, the cheque must be certified. Non-residents of Canada, please note that discounted cheques or money orders will not be accepted due to fluctuating currency rates. Provide us with your full return address. Faxed requests will be accepted. Please ensure that your VISA or MasterCard number is legible and you have included your expiry date and signature. An ERN must be obtained within thirty (30) days of obtaining points, awards or scores to avoid cancellation. If factors beyond your control prohibit this or present a problem, please send a written request for a thirty (30) day extension. Please forward your request to: The Canadian Kennel Club, Show and Trials Division, 400, 200 Ronson Drive, Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada M9W 5Z9, Telephone: / Fax:

10 ALL BREED CERF EYE CLINIC: DR. GRAHN (U.Of S.) NOTICE: REGISTRATION FOR THE CERF EYE CLINIC MUST BE ENTERED SEPARATELY FROM OTHER EVENTS IN THIS SHOW Mail completed forms to RED DEER & DISTRICT KENNEL CLUB I/C Theresa McDermott, Ave, Camrose, AB, T4V 0E7 All attempts to service walk in appointments will be made but pre-registration is recommended. SATURDAY NOVEMBER 6th: 8AM TO 12PM & 1PM TO 5PM SUNDAY NOVEMBER 7th: 8AM TO 12PM PRE-REGISTRATION IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED AS THIS CLINIC FILLS UP VERY QUICKLY **IMPORTANT**Please note you will be contacted via with your appointment time the week prior to the show only** Effective JANUARY 1, 2001, CERF adopted a policy that a permanent identification in the form of a microchip, tattoo or DNA profile will be needed for any dog to be registered with CERF. Please ensure you have proof of permanent identification available at the clinic. OWNER ADDRESS PHONE# ADDRESS (MANDATORY) DOG S REGISTERED NAME BREED and COLOR MALE/FEMALE SPAYED/NEUTERED BIRTHDATE TATTOO # MICROCHIP # REGISTRATION # IS THIS DOG BEING SHOWN AT THIS SHOW? YES NO *** A PHOTOCOPY OF THE DOG S REGISTRATION PAPERS MUST ACCOMPANY FORMS FOR PRE- REGISTRATION OR THEY WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED *** EARLY BIRD ENTRY $34.00 for the first dog. $32.00 for each consecutive dog. Early Bird entries will only be accepted if forms are completed in full with all the correct information. They must be received by mail with payment in full no later than October 10, LATE ENTRY $36.00 for the first dog. $34.00 for every consecutive dog. These are entries that are received October 11 October 22nd, ENTRIES RECEIVED AFTER OCTOBER 22nd, WILL BE SUBJECT TO A $3.00 ADMINISTRATION CHARGE. LITTERS $34.00 for the first dog. $30.00 for each consecutive dog. The litter must be entered as an early bird entry and pups must be under 1 year of age. The litter must be brought to the clinic at the same time by the breeder unless prior arrangements have been made to have someone else bring in the litter. DROP-INS $38.00 per dog (due to limited space, drop-ins will only be accepted if Space is available.) MAIL COMPLETED FORMS TO: THERESA MCDERMOTT, AVE, CAMROSE, AB, T4V 0E7 PHONE: (LEAVE MESSAGE) MAKE CHEQUES PAYABLE TO RED DEER & DISTRICT KENNEL CLUB

11 ACCOMMODATIONS IN RED DEER BEST WESTERN Street Designated Pet Rooms - $20.00/night COMFORT INN Street Very Pet Friendly - $20.00/stay ECONOLODGE Hwy 2 Gasoline Ally N $10.00/dog/night HOWARD JOHNSON Hwy 2 Gasoline Ally N $10.00/dog/night MOTEL St. Southpoint Common No Fee RED DEER Avenue $18.00/dog/night. Rate will drop if TRAVELODGE more than 2 dogs SANDMAN HOTEL Avenue $10.00/each dog WESTERNER CAMPGRD Westerner Grounds PRE-REGISTRATION & PRE-PAID FORM Please use to PRE-REGISTER & PRE-PAY for the following events and indicate on form: Therapy Dog Testing - $15.ea, Scent Hurdle Racing - $10/team, Dancing With The Dogs - $10/team, Alaskan Malamute Seminar - $10/person, Parking Passes - $7 I / We wish to Pre-Register/Pre-Pay for the following event(s): EVENT: NUMBER OF PEOPLE NUMBER OF DOGS/TEAMS ENTERED BREED(S) NAME OF OWNER/AGENT: CONTACT INFORMATION: Phone PAYMENT INCLUDED: $ Guy Fawkes "Mini Guy" Contest In honour of the fact that November 5th is Guy Fawkes Day or Bonfire Day we are sponsoring a contest which will allow us to also follow the English tradition of collecting "a penny for the guy". Due to space consideration we are limited to mini guys only (maximum size 12"H x 8"W). Fire regulations will not allow us to burn the effigies in a bonfire instead we will have a penny poll to determine the best effigy. PENNY POLL Design. Build and Bring your best mini guy effigy and enter the contest. All entries will be placed on display with cash collection jars in front of each one. The "mini Guy" which collects the most money will be declared the winner at the end of the Sunday lunch break and will receive the contents of "their' jar. All other funds collected will go to the SPCA, Food bank, or Chinook Winds Greyhound Rescue. Remember, remember, the fifth of November, Gunpowder, treason and plot. Never heard of Guy Fawkes?? What can we say except, "Google it".