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3 The Official B ULLETIN of the Basenji Club of America, Inc. (USPS ) ISSN X Is Published Quarterly March, June, September & December By the Basenji Club of America, Inc Old River Road, Rockford, IL Periodical Postage Paid at Rockford, Il POSTMASTER: Send address changes to: Basenji Club of America, Inc. Wanda Pooley 8050 Old River Road Rockford, Il Copyright 2006 by the Basenji Club of America Inc. All Rights Reserved. Material may be reprinted without written permission in publications of BCOA Affiliate Clubs only. Opinions expressed herein are those of the individual authors. Articles & opinions do not necessarily express or represent the policies & opinions of the Basenji Club of America, Inc. Advertising does not constitute endorsement by the Basenji Club of America Inc. and under no circumstance does publication of advertising guarantee services or products of its advertisers. The Editor, under the jurisdiction of the Club Officers & Board of Directors, reserves the right to reasonably edit or refuse to print all material submitted, including advertising. Editor Wanda Pooley Copy Editors Soraya Jenkins Karlene Schoonover Lisa Marshall Copy Coordinator Susan Chuvala Advertising Managing Editor Melody Falcone BCOA Business President s Message...2 Treasurer s Reports...3 Editor s Message...5 From Africa With Love - The First of a 4-Part series on pg. 10 BREEDERS WANTED RALLY-O!! pg. 27 Eye of the Beholder - A Project for Breeders pg. 23 SPECIALTIES SPECIALTIES SPECIALTIES Beginning of Page 40 UnderCover Basenjis...C1 Jokuba Basenjis...C2 Nigel DaSilva, SISCO...C3 Breka Basenjis...C BCOA National Specialty... 8 AdventureLand Basenjis... 6 Arendahl Basenjis Arubmec Basenjis Avuvi Litter # Basenji Club of Gtr Phoenix Specialty BCOA National Specialty Page 7 & 8 ADVERTISING Display & Commercial Puttin on the Ritz Regular Columns & Features AKC Stud Book Breeders Forum, Perspective Club Columns Club Specialty Results Eye of The Beholder-Breeders Wanted From Africa With Love GCBC Sweeps Judge Critique Giving Something Back Making A Difference Point of View, Evolution of Coursing Rally-O! Volunteer Questionnaire Departments 2006 Affiliate Club Specialty Dates AKC Breeder Program ASFA Committee Report Basenji Briefs Caught On The Net Club & Publication Information Junior Views Junior Showmanship Tally New Titles OFA Reports Perpetual Specialty Calendar Claire Wisch Eldorado Basenjis Flutesong Basenjis Indian Nations Specialty... 2 Mary & Gary Langula... 9 Melar Basenjis TarSha Basenjis Terry & Lisa Lemberger Tjesem - Benjamin On The Cover DC BOJAK UNDERCOVER KOJAK, SC, FCh, SDHR ~ Jack was indeed my special dog. In addition to the joy he brought me, he brought great happiness to many other people as well as Jack s claim to fame was his progeny. He produced 37 AKC conformation Champions and numerous field champions; so he will go down in history as a great producing stud dog. However, he was just as proud of the many wonderful pets, both Champion and non, that he left many, many people to enjoy. While he produced 3 puppies with documented Fanconi, he produced over a hundred without; and even those living with Fanconi dogs would not want to have forgone the privilege of owning and being owned by dogs with Jack s wonderful temperament and entertaining antics. UnderCover Basenjis - Gale Whitehurst The Basenji Club of America Inc. BULLETIN - 1

4 Hi all basenji folks, Mark your calendars for November 2 and make your plans to come to Oklahoma and enjoy the hospitality of the INBC. The Indian Nations Basenji Club has finally jumped through all of the hoops for AKC, dotted their I s and crossed their T s and are holding their very first Independent Basenji Specialty. Our first specialty will be dedicated to Shirley Jones of Hoo Basenjis, our long time club member and very good friend. We have some very unique trophies for all placements in all classes, many of them one of a kind trophies. There is a special Veteran award for the Best Veteran - The Hoo Perpetual Trophy The first place class trophies and the Best Veteran prize are one-of-a-kind, unique items, never seen before, and feature Shirley Jones art work. Make camping or motel reservations early as multiple activities will be going on at the Expo Center that weekend. For RV reservations at the fair grounds visit very nice camping areas clean showers and restrooms, laundry area dog friendly campground. Be sure to pick up after your dogs so they will continue to be dog friendly. Others Activities - Friday, Nov. 3 - INBC will be hosting a blood draw clinic for the phenome project after the basenjis show. - Friday & Saturday, Nov 3 & 4 - INBC will be hosting a Meet the Breed booth. - Saturday, Nov. 4 the Mid-Continent Kennel Club is hosting an eye clinic by Dr. A.J. Quinn, DVM. Saturday is an all-breed show with a BCOA supported entry. - Sunday, Nov. 5 An All-Breed show. We have gone all out for our first specialty and hope ya ll will come and join us and help us celebrate our first independent specialty. PRESIDENT S MESSAGE Your Board has voted for you to have the option of receiving your Bulletin Board via or the current hardcopy. I d like to take this opportunity to request that each of our members that have access to the Internet please consider this option..the BCOA will save a considerable amount of money if you elect to use the electronic method to receive your Bulletin Board..Below is a cost analysis on providing the Bulletin Board electronically: COST ANALYSIS: Yearly Per issue +Current Cost (8 issues) $5, $ Revised Cost using Electronic version $1, $ copies mailed *$ sets photocopied *$ Mailing labels *$ Savings $3, $ costs *estimated costs based on current photocopy and postal rates Sally Wuornos Thanks for the cost analysis, Wanda! This year, on your membership renewal form, you may designate if you would like to get your Bulletin Board ed to you. Those of you that don t have an Internet service, or still want to have the Bulletin Board mailed to you, may still have that option. Please take a few minutes to read the volunteer form printed in this issue of the Bulletin. The purpose of this form is to find those members who have expressed an interest in helping with various activities in the BCOA. One section covers skills and experience and another directed towards general volunteering. This valuable information can be used when a committee chair indicates to the Board that they are looking for help. A list of those members who have indicated interest or abilities in that area will be sent to that chair. In addition, a current list of the jobs that need volunteers is printed in this Bulletin. That list will be updated as the needs change, and those updates will be printed in the Bulletin. Remember that the list of chairs for the various standing committees is printed inside your membership roster and on the back page of this magazine. This will give you an idea of some of the committees that are ongoing, each year. I hope to see all of you at nationals. Have a safe trip and enjoy yourself. Superintendent ~ The Basenji Club of America Inc. BULLETIN - 2

5 BCOA BUSINESS BCOA P&L - Actual vs Annual Budget - 2nd Quarter 2006 Jan - Jun 06 Budget % of Budget INCOME Contributions Contributions to Outreach $40.00 Total Contributions $40.00 African Stock Project $72.00 $ % Book Sales $- $ % Health Fund $25.00 $ % Membership (Income) Affiliated Club Dues $ $ % Membership Dues $3, $4, % Membership Application Fee/Dues $ $ % Total Membership (Income) $4, $4, % Breeders Webpage $ $ % National Specialty Income National Specialty Profit-2005 $(20.00) Total National Specialty Income $(20.00) Miscellaneous Income $57.96 $ % Publications (Income) BCOA Bulletin Ads $3, $1, % Roster Advertising $ $2, % Total Publications (Income) $3, $3, % Rescue Fund $10.00 $ % Total Income $9, $9, % EXPENSE Rescue (Expense) $8.10 ASFA Delegate $85.00 $ % African Stock Project Expenses $98.40 $ % Bank Service Charges $19.52 $ % Book Expense $- $ % Breeders Web Page Expense $8.85 Contributions/Donations $- $ % Dues and Subscriptions AKC Awards Subscription $89.00 ASFA Annual Dues $50.00 $ % CERF Annual Dues $75.00 Total Dues and Subscriptions $ $ % Elections $- $1, % Events/Breed Booth Coordinator $22.16 $ % Membership (Expense) $28.11 National Specialty Expense $- $(30.00) 0.0 % Officers Expenses President $- $ % Treasurer $ $ % Total Officers Expenses $ $ % Outreach Program $ $ % PayPal Fees $ $1.92 6,872.4 % Postage and Delivery $31.46 $ % Professional Fees Accounting $ Total Professional Fees $ Publications (Expense) BCOA Bulletin $4, $1, % BCOA Bulletin Board $2, $2, % Roster Expense $2, $2, % Total Publications (Expense) $9, $6, % Website Maintenance $ Laura Hesse, Treasurer TOTAL EXPENSE $11, $10, % NET ORDINARY INCOME $(2,005.18) $(777.93) % OTHER INCOME/EXPENSE OTHER INCOME Interest Income $ $ % $ $ % NET OTHER INCOME $ $ % $(1,763.42) $(728.91) % BCOA Balance Sheet 2nd Quarter 2006 Jun 30, 06 ASSETS Current Assets Checking/Savings AnchorBank-Checking $7, AnchorBank-Market Yield Account African Stock Project $1, Archive Maintenance $ Contingency Fund $ Meet the Breed Booth $ National Specialty Reserve $ Rescue Fund $14, AnchorBank-Market Yield Account - Other $ Total AnchorBank-Market Yield Account $17, AnchorBank-Savings Rescue Fund $ AnchorBank-Savings - Other $76.08 Total AnchorBank-Savings $ Total Checking/Savings $24, Total Current Assets $24, Other Assets National Specialty Advance National Specialty Advance-2006 $6, National Specialty Advance-2008 $2, Total National Specialty Advance $8, Total Other Assets $8, TOTAL ASSETS $32, LIABILITIES & EQUITY Liabilities Current Liabilities Other Current Liabilities Payables Payable to Jefferson City K.C. $25.00 Total Payables $25.00 Trophy/Award Programs Sonbar BOB/BBE Award $ Total Trophy/Award Programs $ Total Other Current Liabilities $ Total Current Liabilities $ Total Liabilities $ Equity Opening Bal Equity $22, Retained Earnings $12, Net Income $(1,763.42) Total Equity $32, TOTAL LIABILITIES & EQUITY $32, The Basenji Club of America Inc. BULLETIN - 3

6 6 th ANNUAL SPECIALTY November 24, 2006 Empty Acres Equestrian Center South Miller Buckeye, AZ BREED & JUNIOR SHOWMANSHIP JUDGE: Mrs. Suzanne Dillin SWEEPSTAKES JUDGE Sue Joyner SHOW CHAIRPERSON Joel Brody ~ CO-CHAIRPERSON Arnieta Kurtz ~ TROPHYS Donna Smith ADVERTISING Sherry Stevens ~ SHOW SUPERINTENDENT Nancy Wilson 8307 E Camelback Rd Scottsdale, AZ FOLLOWED BY 2 DAYS OF ALL BREED SHOWS SAHUARO STATE KC, INC Check our Web Site at for silent auction items and additional information CANINE PHENOME PROJECT BLOOD DRAW - Sat. NOV 25, 2006 Contributions to the Basenji Health Endowment Fund 2 nd quarter, June 2006 Brenda Phillips In memory of Duncan Keynes Von Elsner In memory of my beloved Congo Sharon Kernen Melissa M. Tillman & Nancy Chiamos In loving memory of D.C. Zuri s Kazandu (Jaadi LeMay). He was such a wonderful dog and he is missed greatly. Jaadi was a champion and friend. This donation can t really explain how he has touched our lives. Basenji Health Endowment - Balance Sheet 2nd Quarter - June 30, 2006 Current Assets Checking/Savings AnchorBank-Money Market $55, AnchorBank - CDARS $91, AnchorBank - Checking $9, Total Checking/Savings $156, Total Current Assets $156, TOTAL ASSETS $156, LIABILITIES & EQUITY Equity Opening Bal Equity $150, Unrestrict (retained earnings) $7, Net Income $(1,332.46) Total Equity $156, TOTAL LIABILITIES & EQUITY $156, Basenji Health Endowment P/L 2nd Quarter - June 30, 2006 Ordinary Income/Expense Income Contributed support Indiv/business contribution $10, Total Contributed support $10, Earned revenues Dividends & interest-securities $38.00 Interest-savings/short-term inv $2, Total Earned revenues $2, Total Income $13, Expense Grant & contract expense Basenji Health Clinics $ Basenji Health Education $ Grants to other organizations $14, Total Grant & contract expense $14, Misc expenses Bank Charges $ Total Misc expenses $ Network for Good Processing Fee $19.50 Total Expense $14, Net Ordinary Income $(1,509.46) Other Income/Expense Other Income Unrealized gain (loss) Unrealized gain(loss) - investm $ Total Unrealized gain (loss) $ Total Other Income $ Net Other Income $ Net Income $(1,332.46) The Basenji Club of America Inc. BULLETIN - 4

7 FROM THE EDITOR Wanda Pooley We have stepped in to a new world and now that you have seen what the Bulletin looks like in color rumor has it that it would hard to go back to black/white pages. Assuredly we won t for quite a while anyway. Color covers are booked through We still have some of the inside cover pages available, though, for the 2007 issues. Contact Melody Falcone at if you want to save one for that great ad you have been waiting to run. Working in color is more demanding than in grayscale. The printer does an excellent job producing the Bulletin which makes the color requirements worth the time and work. Because the cover pages are bleed sheets meaning no borders, but printed to the very edge of the page the scaling is different than the standard pages. When sending an electronic file, the quality of the image must be a high resolution. Better yet, providing the original photo is going to produce a nice result for your ad. Contact me for any questions about color pages. On July 1 st I had the privilege of judging the Basenji Club of Canada s Sweepstakes at their national specialty. Any sweepstakes judge will tell you what an honor it is to have people bring their dogs to them. Puppies always warm my heart with their looks of brightness and innocence, but those veterans almost brought me to tears. At a time, many years ago, they, too, had stood on the table and gazed innocently and curiously into some judge s face. Now their wizened eyes stared at me as they stood patiently while my hands moved over their bodies. Unshaken with their position in life, they strode down the mat and trotted back with expressions of confidence in who they were. What a joy to see these old ones still moving with ease and pride! The next day I thought my only task would be sit in the shade and watch the Specialty judging, but was surprised and pleased when Show Chair Rose Thomson touched me on the shoulder and asked if I would be willing to judge Junior Showmanship. Would I? Are you kidding! I would love to!! Now before I go much farther I should tell you that everything I learned about Junior Showmanship has been from sitting outside the Junior rings with Lisa Marshall and her daughter, Amy a top junior handler at the time. Both these woman were well versed in this event and when we watched the judging they always maintained a fair and objective eye for the handling skills of all the exhibitors. The Canadian Kennel Club has a different swing on their Junior Showmanship program. Kids can enter the day of the show; they don t have to own the dog they are exhibiting; and they may start at a younger age. A Pee Wee class is offered for handlers 4 years old up to 6 years old. This is a noncompetitive, optional class issuing no placements but awarding a Participant ribbon. CKC offers novice and open categories for all the classes: Juniors - for children 7 years up to 10 years old; The Basenji Club of America Inc. BULLETIN - 5 Intermediate - for those 11 years to 14 years old; and Senior - for the older children from 15 years until their 18 th birthday. I had an entry of 13 children, something we don t see in the USA at national specialties anymore. In the Pee Wee class two charming little girls tried their best to get their dogs around the ring. The next class entries showed a little more skill in presenting their basenjis, and by the third class competition between the children was getting pretty keen. I was rather impressed by the Intermediate Novice entry. This young lady was quite talented in her handling skills and shows much promise. When the Intermediate Open class entered the ring, I was impressed with the showmanship of this group. These kids left no doubt in my mind that they knew what they were doing. Limited hand movements, controlled body gestures and an almost invisible measure to showing their dogs were very impressive skills. By the time we reached the Best Junior judging I was quite excited to see the winners of each class back in the ring. Very little tripped them up. All were keen to watch my every move. One child actually beamed proudly when I asked him to do the T exercise, a pattern I personally am loathe to do. In the end my pick for Best Junior was a young fellow from the Intermediate Open class who, if he chooses, could have a career in the sport of showing dogs. All the children did a nice job in their classes and all were well-mannered and exercised good sportsmanship a tribute to those who dedicated the time to train these youngsters. This experience was one I will treasure for many years. This is why we give our time, our expense, our energy. This is how we preserve the breed for the future; this is how we are assured the breed will continue.

8 AdventureLand Basenjis AB-SS Rafiki The Icon of Cool - Blade The Boys doing their thang! A Good Start! CH Rafiki-Hacker Red White & Blue x BISS CH AB-SS Follow the Money Breeder - Miles Owner Wanda Pooley ADVENTURELAND Rockford, IL Co-Breeder Michelle Gahgan RAFIKI Wonder Lake, IL AB-SS Rafiki Rebirth of Cool - Miles Blade s Owner Kim Witt - CHEROKEE POINT Roscoe, IL The Basenji Club of America Inc. BULLETIN - 6

9 2006 BCOA NATIONAL SPECIALTY CALENDAR OF EVENTS All events take place on the grounds of the Crowne Plaza Warwick except LGRA and NOTRA, which run on the grounds of Goddard Park In East Greenwich, Rhode Island, 15 minutes from the hotel (7.5 miles). Monday September 18 ASFA Field Trial and AKC JC Tests on the upper Lawn Tuesday September 19 Agility on the Lawn LGRA at Goddard Park in East Greenwich Obedience in the Evening in the Plaza a Ballroom Wednesday September 20 Health Seminar with Dr. Gary Johnson (in the Bristol Meeting Room) African Stock Exhibition on the Lawn NOTRA at Goddard Park in East Greenwich Rally-O in the Evening in the Plaza Ballroom Thursday September 21 Sweepstakes on the Lawn (will conclude Friday if necessary) Top Twenty in the Evening in the Grand Ballroom Friday September 22 Conformation begins on the Lawn Eye Clinic and Blood Draw in the Barrington Meeting Room Judges Education in the Kingston Meeting Room Annual Members Meeting in the Evening in the Plaza Ballroom Saturday September 23 Conformation continues on the Lawn Banquet and Auction in the Evening in the Atrium Sunday September 24 Junior Showmanship on the Lawn Titleholder/Rescue/Veteran Parade Conformation concludes Monday Sunday September Hospitality in the Newport Meeting Room 7 AM 10 AM Morning Refreshments 2 PM 4 PM Afternoon Refreshments Visit Rhode Island Late Summer and early Fall in southern New England can be breathtakingly beautiful. Find an hour or two to visit the shore. If you participate in LGRA and NOTRA or just plan to watch the races at magnifi cent Goddard Park in East Greenwich, take some time to enjoy the ocean that borders Goddard Park on the North and East. Or drive a short distance to one of the nearby beaches. In September you can still dip a toe in the Atlantic. The Basenji Club of America Inc. BULLETIN - 7

10 The Basenji Club of America Inc. BULLETIN - 8

11 Congratulations! Aljor s Back To Sonbar UDX, CGC, TDI Second UDX Basenji Ever And The Only Living UDX Basenji - Way To Go Sparks! Sparkie is the top obedience tally -- Final Mary Langula, West St Paul MN -- Handler Mary E. Patterson: Photographer We are very proud of Mary & Sparkie and all that they have accomplished. Mary & Gary Langula and Sally Wuornos, Co-owners SEE YOU AT THE NATIONALS The Basenji Club of America Inc. BULLETIN - 9

12 From Africa With Love By Brenda Jones-Greenburg For me, the trip to Africa was a childhood dream come true and the reality of Cameroon far exceeded the dream. First of a four part series Introduction Before we begin this journey together, I must thank a number of folks. Were it not for James Johannes, I couldn t have pulled off this trip. It was James who researched the trip toward a likely destination to suit me, and it was James who kept in communication with the outside world, much to my family s great relief. It was James who took endless film, and it was James who was perfectly affable at all times, not easy, since I rarely travel with anyone and usually prefer it that way. James also allowed me to choose what we brought back. Who could have asked for more? Then there was George, my guide, who spoke many African languages, plus English and French. Once in Cameroon, the itinerary was completely unstructured and could be changed at any time, as it often was. George opened many doors to the variety cultures and nations living within the Cameroonian border. It was also George who kept me within the Bantu area. Manu, a young woman who owned a translation service and whom James and I met on a genetics board, guided us to the right place to stay in Buea, and opened up her home to our dogs the entire time we were there. She also allowed James total access to the Internet. I ponder what would we have done without the generosity of this woman. Throughout the trip, there were many others who helped when help was needed. The person that stepped to center stage during the latter stages is Alexander Schmidt. Were it not for Alex, getting out of Zurich with the dogs would have been a nightmare. Flying over the Swiss Alps The Basenji Club of America Inc. BULLETIN - 10 This man will appear toward the end of my story and I ll give you a good look at a true bon vivant. For me, the trip to Africa was a childhood dream come true and the reality of Cameroon far exceeded the dream. Excluding travel time, I would be in Cameroon for just over two months, covering the south, southeast, southwest and west in a country just a bit larger than California. The trip begins It began with a morning flight from Phoenix to Dallas/Ft.Worth, a layover of two hours, then off to Zurich, arriving at 6:30 a.m. the next morning. They had a day room facility with bed, TV and showers for rent in eight hour segments. I checked in and crashed for about 5 hours, got up, wandered around the huge airport, and noting the convenience of underground trains running into Zurich, a mere fifteen minutes away. I went back to the day room to sleep a bit more. Our 2:00 p.m. departure to Douala, Cameroon, was delayed on hour while the airline changed an engine that was acting up, leaving some folks a bit nervous. Then there were the people who had too many items; mainly sacks, shopping bags and all types of suitcases held together by hemp of varying types. These bundles were put to the side as airline agents helped those folks label their items to Mt. Cameroon rising above the clouds make them ready for baggage. As the passengers settled in, it became obvious there were a huge contingency of Russians (all male), four Europeans, a smattering of Africans, myself and a

13 handful of folks I couldn t identify. We were all taken well in hand by the crew as they seemed determined to feed us for the entire eight hour flight. As we flew over north and north central Africa, the darkest of nights enveloped the plane. One could see blazing fires as we went south and I found myself wondering if what I saw were oil fields. We flew over Douala and began a descent towards the island A view of Douala of Malabo, where almost everyone disembarked. We were left with about fifteen people on board. We quickly took off for Douala and arrived within a few minutes. As we taxied in I observed no planes anywhere with one exception, a Virgin Airline plane setting off to the side. Since this airline is strictly for the traveling rich it struck me as a bit odd and a little ironic. When I stepped out the plane door a blast of overwhelming heat hit me, an indicator of things to come. Glancing around, I was reminded of a 1930 s black and white movie. Ahead was a dark corridor about 15 feet wide and 50 feet or so long. The floor surface seemed rough and the sides of the corridor were made of wood slats with space between them. There was barely light enough to make my way forward to what was obviously a Check Point Charlie with four armed men in the background, looking us over as an official checked passports. We turned right for about 50 paces where we waited as another officer took much longer looking at our passports. By this time the poor fellow behind me was wearing a shirt that appeared as though it had gone dunking for apples on its own and fell in, though I wasn t much drier. I could see through double glass doors at the end of the corridor and saw people stirring around on the other side, which momentarily caused me to forget the heat. I was almost there! One more checkpoint and out the door into Cameroon I went. About 25 feet forward a chaotic, noisy group was milling about, waiting. Just to the right of this crowd was a fabricated metal column coming out of the floor to a height of eight feet. It was spewing our luggage onto two conveyor belts. A well dressed, The Basenji Club of America Inc. BULLETIN - 11 heavy set man was in front of the crowd. He stepped forward, grabbed my gear, turned and introduced himself as Marc, the owner of the taxi company, and whisked me out of there, forcefully pushing through the people hawking food and services all the way to the curb, where a tall young man was waiting. Marc introduced him as George, my guide. We sped through Douala, a hair-raising adventure all its own, with no street lights and people out, walking, eating and drinking as though it were early in the evening. In no time at all we arrived in front of a rather shabby building which I realized was my hotel. I and my luggage were rushed inside where I checked in and immediately retired to the bar/dinning room for a much needed drink. After Marc briefly discussed the next day, I bid him goodnight till breakfast the next morning. I quickly finished the drink and went up to my minimal, but air conditioned, room. Although I didn t realize it at the time, the next morning gave me a good indication of what this extraordinary trip would be like. I woke up to the phone ringing and as I reached for the noise, I realized that I was soaked to the skin with perspiration. So much for Cameroonian air conditioning! It was Marc waiting downstairs. Breakfast consisted of bad bread and jelly, orange juice with ice which I couldn t drink because ice in Cameroon is made with contaminated water, and tea. There was always sugar, cocoa, instant coffee and powdered whole milk on most tables. I never got a good explanation as to why a country that produces coffee only drinks instant coffee. This would be my breakfast every day while in Cameroon. Lunch didn t exist but dinners, wow! They were always special! Marc exchanged a third of my Euros into CFAs (Cameroonian Francs) which led to a severe Markets alongside the road in Douala lecture on where to keep the monies I had with me. One can t use either traveler s checks or credit cards in Cameroon, which caused many heated debates at home prior to my trip. I won the argument and was loaded for anything. The monies lived all over my body, on my leg, neck and all 5 pockets in my pants. This currency only was the first crack in the window indicating the lack of trust and great fear people felt as they tried to cope with one another in an extremely harsh environment.. Marc left me waiting for George in the front room of this very small 1920 s hotel, suspended in time complete with retrofitted furniture. Just off this room was an export company with floor to ceiling wood carved statuary from a foot to ten feet tall. I wanted to buy it all but had no time to do anything but drool with delight. A car pulled up at the curb, but at first I took no notice as I was thinking about the view from my third story room that morning. A young woman had walked out to her dirt floored court from her tiny wood shack. Her head was in a beautiful piece of cloth with the colors of red, green and blue running through it. She was wrapped from shoulder to ankle in the same cloth. She wore no shoes and seemed preoccupied with rinsing, from a pan of water, a bunch of dirty dishes which were sitting on a bench.

14 [Friday, July 14, 2006] American Kennel Club Extends Breeder- Exhibitor Coupon Program Wouri River, Douala. Fishing boats My focus went back to the parked car outside. The driver, a tall mid-thirties looking fellow, had picked up three shirts and two pair of pants from three different hawkers was dickering for the best price. The street was like a rather dumpy flea market with very little decent product for sale. Then a light went on in my very tired head and it hit me that the man was George with my 4 by 4 vehicle. I stepped to the door and said, George? The young man turned and smiled, rushed up the hotel steps, said, Hello, Madam, grabbed my three crates and back pack and off we went to the main police station to duplicate my passport and health certificate. It cost 3000 CFAs for the process and 2000 CFAs for the clerk who got us in and out within 5 minutes. This system would repeat itself throughout the trip. As I was fast learning, cash money is truly king in Africa. Flying over the Sahara To be continued. New York, NY The American Kennel Club today announced that litter registration discount coupons to Breeder-Exhibitors will continue due to the success of the pilot program. Earlier this year, AKC distributed a litter registration coupon to all breeders who earned a Bred-By Exhibitor Medallion in 2005 or competed in the Bred-By Exhibitor competition held in conjunction with the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship in Tampa in January Based on the positive responses from fanciers and the high redemption rate, AKC is pleased to continue issuing Breeder-Exhibitor coupons. It was with surprise and pleasure that I opened the letter from you containing a $10-off coupon for my next litter application, said Anne Bowes, Secretary of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of America. I am delighted. Thank you very much! I am proud to be a breeder/owner/ handler of AKC purebred dogs and I certainly appreciate the recognition from AKC. All Breeder-Exhibitors earning Bred-By Exhibitor Medallions in 2006 will receive a $10 off litter registration coupon. In addition, coupons will be sent to the Bred-By Exhibitor entrants in the Sixth Annual AKC/Eukanuba National Championship in Long Beach, CA on Dec. 2-3, To learn more about how to earn the AKC Bred- By Exhibitor Medallion go to: conformation/faqs.cfm The AKC appreciates and applauds the efforts of our dedicated breeders, said Assistant Vice President of Registration / Customer Service David Roberts. We feel rewarding valued AKC Breeders is an important step in furthering our mission of promoting the sport of purebred dogs. The Breeder-Exhibitor Coupon Program joins a growing list of AKC initiatives to support breeders such as the AKC Breeder newsletter, Online Litter Registration, and Breeders Symposiums, said President and CEO Dennis B. Sprung. AKC continues to demonstrate our commitment to our dedicated breeders and be assured, we will continue to research and implement services and programs designed specifically with breeders in mind. Photos provided by James E. Johannes The Basenji Club of America Inc. BULLETIN - 12

15 Introducing... CH. Arubmec s Final Mission, JC Maddi Sire: BIS/BISS CH. Arubmec s The Victor Thank you, Judge Joan Anselm This stunning Victor daughter on her way to a Group 4 is said to move just like her famous sire. Maddi congratulates her sister, CH. Arubmec s Happy Ending, JC, owned by Cindy Goss & Pat Cembura, on her winning ways. Breeder ~ Owner ~ Handler Pat Cembura Arubmec Basenjis website: The Basenji Club of America Inc. BULLETIN - 13 Dam: DC Arubmec s Saturn Sattelite, SC

16 Making a Difference I imagine that many of you have read African Roots 2006, Tonda Curry s essay about her March 2006 trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in the April/May/June 2006 issue of the BCOA Bulletin. When I read her article and saw the photographs, I felt a range of emotions. First of all I felt admiration for Tonda, Jon Curby, Mike Work, Joyce Moody and Anja Strietzel of Germany for having the courage and dedication to make such a trip. I felt proud to be involved with a unique and hardy breed that can be found in its homeland, living the same life in 2006 that it has for centuries. I felt sad that life is so difficult for the local people and dogs in the wake of years of civil war. With Tonda s words and photographs still fresh in my mind, I had the good fortune to run into Jon Curby at the Cincinnati Basenji Club specialties in May. After judging was over on the first day I chatted for a while with Jon about the trip and looked at some additional photographs he brought along. Hearing Jon tell about the incredible devastation to the country s infrastructure from the civil war and the resulting lack of resources got me thinking about opportunities to help out. I mentioned that the Basenji Club of Southeastern Wisconsin has in the past discussed making a charitable donation to a local area where native basenjis can be found, but that we had never found the right avenue to do so. Now it seemed like there might be the right opportunity to follow through on our club s desire to help make a difference. When I asked Jon if this might be feasible, he immediately listed three deserving projects with impact right in the area he had visited: 1. Pilots Without Borders (Netherlands-based voluntary organization Piloten Zonder Grenzen, modeled after the French Aviation Sans Frontières, this group provides aviation services to relief and aid organizations. 2. The Congolese School at EPI, run almost entirely by John Valk, the guide for the 1980 s and 2006 basenji expeditions. Some of the students at this school are orphans from the civil war. 3. Local bridge reconstruction if you read Tonda s article and looked at the photos of their truck crossing a bridge, you will know why this project was on Jon s list. I told Jon I would put this on the agenda for the next BCOSW meeting and literally sprinted back to Wanda Pooley at her setup with this exciting news. Our members voted unanimously at our By Lisa Marshall, President, Basenji Club of Southeastern Wisconsin John Valk s Congolese basic school and its students The Basenji Club of America Inc. BULLETIN - 14 June meeting to donate $ to John Valk for the Congolese School. We all agreed that supporting the local school would have a direct impact on the well being on the people there. It turns out that was the easy part. Jon Curby put me in touch with John Valk, who responded to my inquiry immediately and with appreciation. John gave us his address and phone number in the Netherlands where he was visiting in July, with instructions to wire the money via Western Union. We soon found out that WU has instituted strict guidelines about wiring money overseas due to the tremendous number of money scams operating these days. Wa n d a s attempt to wire the money to John was refused by WU, but at that point Jon Curby stepped in and deposited the money in an account he and John Valk use for the expedition expenses, for which BCOSW reimbursed him. Within days BCOSW received a thank you note from John Valk with a lovely photo of the school, the students and teachers. In this day and age many of us can rightly claim to have disaster burnout, responding to situations close to our hearts like the Kansas City basenjis and to tragedies far away like the tsunami a couple of years ago. The Democratic Republic of Congo is a world away, yet it is the home of our unique little dogs, and for that reason we feel a special connection to the area and its inhabitants. We wanted to help make a difference.

17 Giving Something Back John Valk, the guide for the recent Congo basenji expedition sponsored by Jon Curby, Tonda Curry, Michael Work, Joyce Moody, and Anja Strietzel, established and supports a school for Azande children near the village of Epi, a remote area of the Uele District of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Additionally, John provides much-needed basic medical supplies for the villagers in this area. He supplies this critical financial assistance primarily from his own private Netherlands pension income and from funds that he earns as an Uele District safari guide. In addition to the humanitarian efforts mentioned above, John also presently cares for thirteen orphans in Isiro, Democratic Republic of Congo. John Valk does not actively solicit donations to assist with his private humanitarian efforts. However, assistance is welcome and will make a direct and immediate impact on the lives of the individuals John Valk (standing) assisting with medical supplies and families who have served as the guardians and protectors of the basenji breed for hundreds of years. Clubs and individuals interested in providing assistance to John Valk and the villagers of the Uele District of the Democratic Republic of Congo may send donations, via Western Union, to: John Valk, c/o Mrs. E. Valk Burg Zaneveidstraat RG Maassluis Netherlands 2006 Affiliate Club Specialties July thru December The following dates are from AKC s corresponding date table based on the affiliated club s 2005 specialty date(s) unless otherwise notified of change of date by appropriate affiliated club liaison Information regarding venue, judges, show secretary/superintendent, etc. is updated as it is received from affiliated club liaisons. * Events listed are considered pending AKC approval until notification of approval received from the appropriate affiliated club liaison. Last update received May 30, Willamette Valley Basenji Club - July 14 Basenji Club of Southeastern Wisconsin - July 28 Western Waukesha County Dog Training Club, Ixonia, WI Specialty Chairman/Secretary - Lisa Marshall, Puppy/Veteran Sweepstakes - Ms. Katy Campbell Conformation/Jr. Showmanship - Mrs. Jeraldeen Crandell Evergreen Basenji Club - August 4 & August 5 Indian Nations Basenji Club - November 2 Superintendent - Onofrio Dog Shows, Sweepstakes Judge - Wanda Pooley Regular Class Judge - Mrs. Dorothy O. Hutchinson Basenji Club of Greater Phoenix - November 24 Superintendent - Nancy Wilson, , Sweepstakes Judge - Sue Joyner Regular Class Judge - Mrs. Suzanne Dillin Hoosier Basenji Club - August 19 Delaware County Fairgrounds, Muncie, IN Superintendent - Roy Jones, Puppy/Veteran Sweepstakes - Linda Ehlers Regular Classes - Terry Gavaletz Basenji Club of Northern California - October 21 Event Secretary - Judy Wilson, , Sweepstakes Judge - Ms. Camille Bakker Regular Class Judge - Mary Beth Arthur Basenji Club Of America National Specialty September Providence, RI The Basenji Club of America Inc. BULLETIN - 15

18 Arendahl Basenjis CH BISS Rafiki s Not a Moment Too Soon JC, FCh Three Generations on the Field Sydney Miranda CH Arendahl s Carnival Night - Casey s daugher by Ch. Rafikis Three Ring Circus Photos by Shot on Site CH Arendahl s Sometime Soon, JC, FCh - Sydney s daugher by Ch. Escapade s High Five Casey Lisa Marshall - Oak Creek, WI Amy Marshall - Metamora, IL The Basenji Club of America Inc. BULLETIN - 16

19 BREEDER S FORUM By Mary Lou Kenworthy Webster defines it thus: Perspective this experience - a good lesson in perspective. Subjective evaluation of relative significance: Not everyone sees the same thing in the same POINT OF VIEW. In slang it s expressed as way. I ve carried this knowledge into every part Perspective where you re coming from. of my life including my experience in basenjis. The significance of perspective was brought Subjective From my perspective it appears that when one home to me in a strange example the first time I basenji fancier makes a statement that is probably flew in an airplane. One of my fantasies has evaluation innocent enough, another will respond with a always been to fly a glider but there is a lot to learn very different opinion. Soon they are going at it of relative before such a thing can be undertaken. So when like strange basenjis thrown into the same X-pen. my friend Kay, who had recently gotten her pilot s significance: Neither takes the time to fully understand exactly license, invited me to go along to the local airport what the other is saying or why. one Sunday, I accepted. POINT OF Take Fanconi syndrome as one example of This was where Kay had gone to ground differences of opinions. Some people feel that VIEW. school. She had bought all the necessary books Fanconi is so rampant and ingrained in the breed and generously offered to let me borrow them if Not everyone sees that there is a constant need for new blood I wanted to take the course. Soon I found myself and without it the breed will be lost. From their airborne in a single engine trainer plane. the same thing perspective they are seeing their own basenjis, My attention was divided between looking all related basenjis and basenjis of other breeders in the same way. down at the beautiful central Pennsylvania that are in close association with them. It s one countryside ablaze in rich fall colors and watching I ve carried this big family so full of Fanconi that, from their to see how the tall, dark and handsome instructor perspective, Fanconi spells gloom and doom for was flying the plane. knowledge into everyone. Do you want to fly it? Rob asked. However, there are other basenji families in the every part of my Thought you d never ask! I thought as I world. Other breeders with their own families answered, Sure. Forget the fall colors! Rob life including of basenjis and their perspective comes from briefly ran through what was involved not much a different place. They are seeing few or no once you re in the air. my experience in basenjis coming down with Fanconi. They may I ve found the easiest way to maintain altitude sometimes have the audacity to say that their line basenjis. is to line the nose of the plane up with the horizon. (or family) is healthy and has not had Fanconi in Try it, he instructed. I did. That was easy I thought. Then Rob said, You re losing altitude. Bring her up! I pulled back on the stick, the nose came up and the horizon disappeared. Then I carefully lined the nose up with the horizon again. In a short time Rob said, You re losing altitude again. I repeated the procedure, brought the nose up and leveled off again or so I thought. You re losing altitude. Geezzz! I m doing what you told me to do. I turned to look at Rob and was about to give voice to my thoughts when I realized the problem. I had to look up at him. Rob was six foot three 5, 6 or more generations because this is what they are seeing. When these people speak out they are made out to be liars directly or indirectly by those who have not had the same experience. This difference in opinion, like most differences, occurs because some people are unable to view a situation from another person s perspective. Next time you are ready to jump on your keyboard and tell others how wrong they are, stop and think for a minute! Step back and try to see where that person is coming from. Look at the situation from their point of view and try to understand the difference in perspectives before you put your plane into a nose dive. inches and I barely made five foot one. Even sitting down there was a considerable difference in our heights. I don t think I m seeing the horizon the same way you do, I told him. He looked down at me and laughed. I guess you ll have to use the altimeter. Unfortunately, the evening that ground school was taught conflicted with my work schedule and my dream of learning to fly was never realized. But I did take one of life s lessons away from The Basenji Club of America Inc. BULLETIN - 17

20 Jungle Love 2006 AVUVI LITTER #1 HONEY x KUDO!!! Both Honey and Kudo are from the village of Lissegazoun in the northern Atlantique province of Benin in West Africa. They have been health tested & gene profiled to within an inch of their lives, as much as is currently possible to have done. We re pleased to share the complete results with you: UKC Ch. Avuvi Afonhaan CERF: BJ1143/ Hips: Good - OFA BJ 1751G25F-PI HA: Clear Thyroid profile: Normal DNA profile: V Coat color genotype: EE BB Dd a y a y Avuvi Enagnon CERF: BJ 1181/ Hips: Excellent - OFA BJ 1762E25M-PI DNA profile: V HA: Clear Thyroid profile: Normal Elbows: Normal - BJ EL149 Coat color genotype: Ee BB Dd a y a y Co-owner of both Honey & Kudo Robert Dean - Manassas, VA Owner of Honey Susan Patterson - Goldsboro, NC Owner of Kudo Anne Humphreys - Wolfforth, TX NOTE: Due to Anne & Bill Humphries relocating their horses, dogs & household to their new Wolfforth,TX ranch in Sept., Kudo won t be at the Nat l Spec lty in Rhode Island. However, Honey & Kuoabo (who lives in Framingham, MA) will be there w/ Susan & Robert, and prancing proudly in the African Exhibition Parade. See you there! The Basenji Club of America Inc. BULLETIN - 18

21 POINT OF VIEW By Mary Lou Kenworthy THE EVOLUTION OF LURE COURSING The sport of lure coursing evolved from open field coursing when increasing population and city sprawl took away much of the territory where it was safe to hunt with hounds. In the 1960s some open field coursing enthusiasts in California realized the need for a safer more controlled sport for sighthounds. Lyle Gillette envisioned how simulated field coursing could be held with a lure instead of live game so that trials could be held anywhere in the United States. This idea was refined to where it was practical. This group of sportsman approached the American Kennel Club with their idea hoping that the AKC would be interested enough to start the sport. While the AKC thought that it may be a good idea their position was you go ahead and do it and we ll watch and see what happens. Thus, in 1972, the American Sighthound Field Association (ASFA) was born. ASFA evolved over the years through local lure coursing clubs that sprang up all over the nation. This bunch of early lure coursing enthusiasts wrote the first rules for the sport. The rules evolved through trial and error over time. Rules continue to changes and/or are added as conditions require. ASFA lure coursing is probably the most democratic sport that exists. ASFA is not a powerful business venture that controls from the top. They are not in it for the money but for the love of their hounds and the sport. ASFA lure coursing functions because of the generosity of hard working volunteers from the people on the field through the highest officials. All ideas and rule changes originate with individuals who take their ideas to their local affiliated club. The affiliated clubs toss the ideas around, improve on them and present them at the ASFA Annual ASFA LCM Titles Earned LCM Number of Basenjis LCM 137 LCM2 44 LCM3 18 LCM4 7 LCM5 4 LCM6 2 LCM Convention of Delegates (ACOD) where they are voted on by delegates from all the other affiliated clubs. ASFA is run by the people and for the people who participate in the sport. One of the biggest jobs with running the sport is record keeping. In the beginning this was done by a very efficient lady named, Betty Blalock. As the sport grew, so did this job. Trial results were not official until posted in the Field The Basenji Club of America Inc. BULLETIN - 19 Advisory News (FAN), and since all posting was done by hand, it took a long time until the results were printed. At the 1982 ASFA ACOD the topic of discussion was the **DC Klassic Gebeep Hakuna Matata, SC has earned 12 LCMs. possibility of AKC recognition of lure coursing. Mr. James Crowley of the AKC attended the convention. Mr. Crowley attended the 1983 ACOD as well. The discussion this year was the definition of a proposal to be sent to the AKC indicating the basis on which the ASFA would agree to incorporation of the ASFA system of lure coursing as an AKC program. By the 1984 ACOD the topic of AKC recognition was dropped due to lack of response from AKC. At a Board of Directors Meeting that same year the need to phase in a computer program was discussed. Over the next few years they came up with a program but couldn t afford a computer that was big enough to handle it. Teaming up with AKC and having them do the records would have been a big help at this time. ASFA was eventually able to convert to a computer program and the sport continued to thrive. The main reason that ASFA couldn t come to an agreement with the AKC was over the hounds already titled by ASFA. AKC would not recognize these titles. Their thinking was that the hounds could run some more and earn AKC titles. These early ASFA titled hounds wrote the history of the sport and most of them were dead or at best very old with no chance to re-earn titles in AKC. ASFA was not about to discredit these pioneer hounds and their handlers by not having their titles recognized. ASFA continued without the help of AKC. In 1991 the AKC announced that they were creating a lure coursing program. Here is where opinions split and are debated to this day. ASFA had to choose whether to compete with the AKC or to help them work out a compatible program. The latter was deemed to be in the best interest of the sport. It seemed far better that long time experienced coursing people should do the planning instead of some paid pencil pushers who probably never owned a dog. The AKC hired *Mr. Dean Wright to help in the endeavor of unifying the ASFA and AKC sports. This was a good move for the sport. Mr. Wright had actively promoted the sport since its beginning. The tried and true ASFA rules that had been proven over

22 time were used as a guide to set up the AKC lure coursing system. The AKC changed the terminology and the scoring method so as to parallel their dog show system. This makes it more understandable to those involved in showing. Since the pre-qualification worked out so well for ASFA in keeping aggressive and/or uninterested hounds off the field a similar system was decided for AKC. Thus the Junior Courser and Senior Courser were developed. It pleased the AKC by bringing in more revenue while providing cheap and easy titles for those who enjoy collecting such. These AKC titles are the equivalent of ASFA s pre-qualification; both give permission to compete in lure trials. The AKC titles can be earned with much less commitment to running than the ASFA titles (earning 15 points as compared to 100 or 25 points compared to 300) while being much less stressful on show dogs. While there are some differences in the two systems, there are many more similarities. The running on the field is the same in both AKC and ASFA trials. In both competitions the hounds are scored on the same merits. The rules for both were derived from the same source. There are other reasons why both forms of coursing are so compatible. AKC uses the ASFA clubs to put on their trials and tests. ASFA judges do the judging at both AKC and ASFA trials. This saved the AKC from having to form coursing clubs and train judges. The AKC put very little work and money into the sport that ASFA created. ASFA volunteers have worked for 34 years, and are still working, for the love of the sport. Just as the AKC has taken over the registration of some breeds without the consent of (and in spite of objections from) the breeds parent clubs so have they taken over the sport of lure coursing to reap the financial rewards. While some people run in both ASFA and AKC events, you will find that the basic show people tend to run AKC and pick up a few titles. The hard core coursing enthusiasts, even though they also show, will run ASFA and their dedication to the sport is beyond measure. Imagine how many miles some ASFA hounds have covered to earned 15 and 16 LCMs** at 300 points each after the initial 100 for their Field Championships! *Dean Wright was instrumental in helping basenjis get started in coursing and to be accepted by ASFA. BCOA African Stock Project Order the 2005 BCOA African Stock Project Book ~ contains the Imports and the 1990 Foundation Stock Descendants. $24 for the entire report in a binder $20 for an update of the 1990 registered dogs & Avongara descendants section for those who have not updated prior to January 2005 $14 for an update of the 1990 registered dogs & Avongara descendants section for those having the December 2004 update Or order a Compact Disk which contains the Project website (CD contains better quality video than on the web) send: $8 for a CD CD can be used by a Windows or Macintosh PC having MS Internet Explorer or Netscape Browser version 4 or higher installed. Quicktime installer is included to view the videos. Price covers postage and handling. Make checks or money orders payable to the BCOA in U.S. funds only. Foreign orders please mail or Linda Siekert for prices. Mail your order to: BCOA African Stock Project c/o Linda Siekert 6800 N Montezuma Dr Tucson, AZ The Basenji Club of America Inc. BULLETIN - 20

23 Eldorado s Echo of the Wind Zephyr just shy of 8 months old at The Second Annual Hudson River Valley Hound Show: Best in Sweepstakes and Puppy Group 4 Owner: Ron Allen 57 Jackson Street North Attleboro, MA Breeders: Eldorado Basenjis Pam Geoffroy & Sheila Lund The Basenji Club of America Inc. BULLETIN - 21 Co-owner: Sheila Lund 197 Mt. Hope Street No. Attleboro, MA

24 ASFA COMMITTEE REPORT 2006 ASFA Annual Convention of Delegates The 2006 ASFA Board Meeting and Annual Convention of Delegates was held in Herndon, VA. The Board met on March st and the ACoD followed on April 1-2. Sixty-Five delegates and four observers attended this year s convention. The 2007ACoD will be held in Phoenix, AZ; the 2008 ACoD will be in Cleveland, OH. Leigh Littleton, Chair of Judges Licensing, recommended that the Judges Seminar guidelines be revised to provide for useful material for both new and experienced judges; that the seminar itself be made optional, with recognition in the Judges List for those who attend; that seminars be scheduled only when there is demand; and that the ASFA subsidize clubs who sponsor seminars. The ACoD then voted to authorize the Board to make these revisions in the interim, and bring them back to the next ACoD. Denny Baker, Chair of the Computer Committee, said that they would be investigating the possibility of putting hound records on the ASFA website. Hall of Fame initiates were: Kevin Bryson from Region 1 DOGS: Alfie s Ebony and Ivory Arby Afghan Hound Second Wind Black Comet Blacky Greyhound Celeres Firebrand of Aerie Brando Saluki Constitutional Revision Committee: Proposals: #1 regarding changes to Membership Year and deadlines passed. #2 regarding changes in club delegate naming convention failed. #3 regarding substitution of CFO for Treasurer passed. Rules Evaluation Committee: Proposals: #1 to delete rule permitting huntmaster to advise judges failed. #2 clarifying which hounds count for points failed; It was referred to REC for further clarification #3 allowing hounds to move up failed. #4 definition of hound certification passed. #5 changes in timing in provisional licensing of judges passed. #6 on judges seminars failed. #7 adding age of certification eligibility to rulebook passed. #8 BIF run to count as a clean run failed. #9 requiring a judge be licensed for any breed that he/she certifies failed. #10 changes in the Veteran Stake failed. The Basenji Club of America Inc. BULLETIN - 22 Election Results: The election for President was contested, with Marilyn Standerford of Nebraska nominated from the floor. All other races were uncontested, and the nominated slate was elected. President: Marilyn Standerford 1 st Vice President: Russ Jacobs 2 nd Vice President: Denny Baker Cooresponding Secretary: Mike Ferris Recording Secretary: Dana Moran Chief Financial Officer: Jeff Lipps Excellent Performance Award: The purpose of the ASFA s EPA is to recognize and reward those clubs which go the extra mile in providing the lure coursing fancy with good sportmanship and the highest quality field trials. There are a number of factors to determine this award. This year s winner was Heartland Coursing Association. New business: Among other action, the ACoD voted to: Invite all past Presidents of the ASFA to attend the 35 th Anniversary ACoD being held in Phoenix in They will be interviewed by Vicky Clarke, editor of the Field Advisory News. Refer to REC a suggestion that all premium lists have a real address or physical description and an emergency cell phone # listed, and a recommendation that the language on hound certification be clarified. Refer to Field Trial Improvement a suggestion that trial closing dates be noted on the ASFA website. There was an extended discussion of the ASFA disciplinary procedures, and the CRC will be recommending revisions in the current disciplinary language. Submitted by Russ Jacobs BCOA Lure Coursing Committee by Russ Jacobs BCOA Lure Coursing Committee

25 EYE OF THE BEHOLDER WANTED: BREEDERS PLANNING A 2006 LITTER For a two year project beginning with the 1 st quarter 2007 Bulletin. Is planning that special mating an art, a science, or a combination of both? Do you carefully scrutinize those newborn puppies in the litter in your quest to find that winner of the next bench or performance title? If so, how about sharing your methods with others? Eye of the Beholder is a project based on a two-year evaluation of your pick puppy. This is an opportunity for people to learn the behind-the-scenes process of selecting what hopefully will be the best puppy from a litter that the breeder feels meets the basenji standard and may reach its potential, be it in the ring or on the field. Each quarter, beginning with the Jan/Feb/Mar 2007 issue the Bulletin will feature a column following the development and growth of basenji puppies from four to six different breeders. The purpose of this venture is to take a breeder s pick puppy beginning at 8 weeks old and follow it through until it reaches maturity at 2 years of age. In this first issue, each breeder will provide a pedigree and an analysis of the descendents, describe the merits of the mating why the dam and sire were chosen, the expectation of the resulting offspring and its accomplishments as a representative of the basenji breed. At quarterly intervals, each breeder will provide a progress report along with photographs of the puppy s growth. You, the readers, will be able to follow these puppies as they progress. This project offers an educational journey for all of us. For breeders, selecting the puppy that they feel best represents the standard is hard work work that s filled with joy and heartbreak. Eye of the Beholder requires an honest assessment of a basenji puppy s potential for development to expectations; it requires the readers to remain open to ideas and methods of selection; it also requires the willingness to accept when that potential does not come to pass. Are you a breeder willing to participate in Eye of the Beholder? If you want to play an important role in this project, please consider the requirements below and then contact the Editor, Wanda Pooley at or (815) for more information. Understand that this project or the BCOA does not endorse any kennel or breeder. This project is an educational endeavor only. ELIGIBILITY: Four to six breeders shall be selected to participate in the project for a two-year period. 1. Breeding must be done in Puppies must be registered by the AKC. 3. Breeders must sign an agreement to participate in the two-year project. 4. Breeders shall complete a questionnaire and submit a pedigree covering the proposed mating; why the dam and sire were chosen; the expectations and goals for the breeding; health concerns, and future anticipated growth from this offspring. 5. Breeders shall provide photographs quarterly, showing front, rear, left and right side. Movement shots may also be included. For the sake of consistency, the Editor will prepare the composites of each puppy. 6. Breeders shall write an assessment of the puppy s progress quarterly. 7. Breeders shall have the puppy s eyes examined yearly and have a radiograph done of the hips at 2 years old. 8. Breeder must own/co-own the dog. 9. Breeder shall provide a written report at the conclusion of the project stating how the puppy measured up to the expectations of the mating after it reached maturity. Sample Composite of an 8 week old puppy The Basenji Club of America Inc. BULLETIN - 23

26 INFORMATION HIGHWAY By Wanda Pooley AKC STUD BOOK - EVOLUTION OF RECORDS NUMBER ONE PHEMISTER S BOIS! Way back when in June, 1944 to be exact the first basenji was recorded in the American Kennel Club Stud Book. Alexander Phemister submitted foundation stock at that time with Phemister Bois (known previously as Bakuma of Blean) receiving the first AKC registration number of A-738,970 in Volume 61, No. 6. Since that time the enrollment of dogs and bitches into the AKC Stud Book has experienced several changes in the method of keeping track of producers and their progeny. FACTS JUST THE FACTS In the early days, AKC registered every dog and bitch of each breed numerically under a number prefixed with A in the Stud Book. No distinction was made between the breeds or groups. Every dog s number had the same prefix. Then in June 1946, beginning with Volume 63, No 6, all of the breeds in the Hound Group received the distinction of the prefix letter H to their registration number and entry to the Stud Book. Fine tuning the process further, in June of 1952, beginning with Volume 69, No. 6, instead of including every dog in the Stud Book, American Kennel Club limited entry to only those dogs and bitches that produced offspring and this only after AKC received the registration application for the first litter of offspring. All the registered Hounds continued to receive the H prefix. As the registration numbers grew, more letters were added to the prefix. H became HA ; then HB and HC and HD; then a big leap to HM prefix. In 2002, with the HM prefix numbers almost filled, AKC assigned a small number of hounds the HN prefix. This was soon replaced with the current HP prefix appearing on the registration papers today. With numbers being consumed at a rapid rate, during the HM prefix transition AKC enhanced their numbering process by assigning a two-digit suffix, thus identifying the offspring as -01, -02, -03, etc. following the litter registration number. This was a vast improvement because not only did this method slow the consumption of numbers, it made recording keeping easier for breeders. BACK TO AFRICA In 1987 and 1988 native basenjis were brought in to this country from Africa. In 1988, two things happened to change the AKC basenji Stud Books. First, in 1988 ballots were presented to the BCOA membership to decide two things (1) request that AKC open the Stud Book to allow native African basenjis to be registered and (2) to allow brindle/white as an accepted color. Once these ballots were approved, the BCOA then petitioned the The Basenji Club of America Inc. BULLETIN - 24 AKC to open the basenji Stud Book to accept these imports. Approval was granted by the AKC Board on November 15, 1989 with the caveat that The Board [AKC] wishes to emphasize that this is a onetime action, and no assurance can be given that a n y parallel action might be taken at some future date. The October, 1990 AKC Stud Book posted the first eight Avongara prefix native basenjis and one native basenji carrying the Esenjo prefix. Today we have new native dogs in the country. It remains to be seen whether we shall be granted another opening of the AKC Stud Book for their inclusion. READY ACCESS For years AKC allowed public access to the Stud Books. One only needed to pay a subscription to receive a monthly issue filled with every breed recognized by the AKC. It was common to see ads submitted by entrepreneurs in dog publications offering 3, 4, or 5 generation pedigrees printed on dazzling certificates. Better than that, though, were the true aficionados who diligently compiled databases to monitor stud dogs and brood bitches progeny, their breeding co-efficiencies, ancestors, descendents in other words -- every possible bit of information one could glean from a Stud Book record. This system worked well for everyone, and that was a problem. It worked too well. With the introduction of the Internet to the general public an influx of many offshoot registries popped up in the dog world. These organizations served as replacement registries for commercial breeders and they promised to register any dog, no questions asked -- just supply the name of the dam and sire, along with their Stud Book origins, and a certificate would be supplied. Since the best resource these registries had was the AKC Stud Books, they used one of the most valuable tools the AKC owned as a weapon against them. Commercial breeders thrived on this outlet. No more mettlesome AKC inspections; no more nuisance DNA testing; just registration papers unencumbered by restrictions. After years of being exploited, the AKC curtailed the publication of the Stud Book for public consumption. Everyone who had a subscription received their last copy on August However, AKC recognized the historic value to breed clubs and the need for canine research. Today it continues to provide breed parent clubs with this information. Each club may receive the monthly electronic file for their breed, and in turn, must sign a binding agreement with the AKC to use the material only for

27 Category # of Dogs Percent Number of Bitches % Number of Dogs % Colors: Red/White % Black/Tan/White 95 18% Brindle/White 80 15% Black/White 59 11% Titled (prefix) basenjis % Non-titled (prefix) basenjis % From known kennel names % noncommercial research and/or scholarship purposes. CRUNCHING THE NUMBERS From September 2004 through May 2006 a total of 532 basenjis were entered in the AKC Stud Books. A number by itself isn t all that meaningful, but when information is extracted the table to the left reveals some interesting facts. From commercial, novice, or occasional breeders, etc % WHAT DOES IT MEAN? Total basenjis from known kennels % Total basenjis from commercial, novice, or occasional breeders, etc % As we move toward the discovery of the DNA marker Basenjis entered in stud book at one year of age or less % for Fanconi, these numbers show that almost half of the basenjis producing puppies in this country stand a good chance of being tested by dedicated breeders and owners. The operative word is ALMOST, because 53.8% of the basenjis producing offspring live in a commercial environment or are owned by people less knowledgeable and possibly less committed to the breed. Some will argue that the known entity; the informed; the dedicated are a separate group and a world apart from commercial breeders. The reality is that basenjis come from one small group of dogs. No matter where a puppy s whelping box originates, its genetic makeup still descends from that original gene pool. Ignoring this fact can make the job to eradicate a disease more of a challenge. Of course, Fanconi is not the only health concern we face. The mode of inheritance for PRA remains a mystery, and while a clear test for Pyruvate-Kinase Deficient Hemolytic Anemia (HA) is available, few dogs owned by commercial breeders are likely to be tested. Further, annual eye exams and hip radiographs are done more routinely on basenjis owned by conscientious breeders/owners. How do we face the daunting task of educating owners of basenjis purchased from sources outside known, reputable breeders? The BCOA website is the best choice for making information available on health results and breakthroughs to John Q Public. This is our most dynamic means of communication. It s time to refocus the efforts of the website from a membership site to an information highway for all basenji owners. TURN THE TIDE.. As more information is collected from the AKC Stud Books it will be interesting to see if these percentages remain constant. Will dedicated breeders begin to tip the scale in their favor to conquer health problems in basenjis? The AKC Stud Book continues to be a good resource to assist in the never ending quest for the better dog the basenji. IT S ALL IN THE NAME Many breeders go to great lengths to develop a meaningful theme for naming their litters of puppies. The creativity of some people is captivating. A clever turn of words or phrase reveals interesting names for basenjis that catch one s eye in display advertisements. A quick scan down the list of dogs entered in the Stud Books and these unique names leap out to the reader. And then there are the other names that seem to lack thought or pride for the breed. For some strange reason people producing basenjis from unknown kennels seem to lack imagination when assigning a registered name. One only needs to peruse the monthly listing of the Stud Book to find such monikers as Bambi, Bandit IV (which means this designation has been used four times). Boy, Brandy, Daisy Mae of Goldie, Ethel Mae, Dottie, Miss Boo, Suzie Que, Sunny, to list just a few. The naming process seems to be one of the clear distinctions between hobby and commercial breeders. The Basenji Club of America Inc. BULLETIN - 25

28 CH. Klassic s Rudy Toot Flutesong Sire: CH. Penda Taji s Tri-Umphant One, JC Dam: BISS CH. Klassic s Rooty Toot Toot Owner: Nancy Craigie 380 Bohlken Dr. Hastings, MN / Thank you to Sue Kite and Jeff Gillespie The Basenji Club of America Inc. BULLETIN - 26

29 BASENJIS SCORE 99 & 98 IN RALLY-O! How about these basenjis! Although h some of us are accustomed to hearing, got to give it to you; training one of those dogs is like training a cat, our basenjis are getting high scores and first placements in Rally-Obedience. I truly believe that a set of Rally signs should be a part of every dog owner s household. You can download the signs from the AKC site [1], or, better yet, purchase the signs, holders and numbers, plus Janice Dearth s AKC Rally Course book, from J & J Dog Supplies [2].. and go for it! by Susan Kamen Marsicano, with contributions from Kim McNeill, Natalie Culver, and Nancy Banask to mind. In this game the agility obstacles are given numerical values, and the handler needs to decide on and run a course that makes up 21. I have seen that the handler is so busy counting to 21 that the dog is very much more relaxed than usual, and, also, sort of, watching the handler as if that person had suddenly gone daft. I ve seen that very same look on several dogs faces the first few times they try Rally, and find their owners doing things like 360 left. Dog is saying, my mom has possibly lost it, so I d better pay good attention just in case. And so, now, back to our basenjis and their high Rally-Obed. scores. basenjis that I know of who have scored in the 90s are 1. Digital with a 95 and a 99 (both 1st Places), in Novice 2. M with a 95 in Novice, and a 96 and a 98 (1st Place) in Advanced, 3. Sandy with 2 scores of 94 in Novice, Occhi with a 92 in Novice. Beginnings The originator of the sport of Rally Dog Obedience was Charles L. (Bud) Kramer [3]. Concerned with an apparent waning interest in traditional Obedience, resulting in large part, from the meteoric rise in the popularity of Agility, Bud conceived the basic concept of Rally Obedience and published the first article outlining the basis of the Rally concept in the February 2000 issue of Front and Finish [4]. It was hoped that Rally would be attractive to those new to the sport of dogs and encourage an interest in obedience training by providing an alternative venue in the field of competitive obedience. Rally was established as an AKC titling event on January 1st, Nancy Banask: I have been involved with dog obedience since1965 and teaching obedience training classes for 25 years. Rally came about from the obedience exercises known as doodling. Doodling has been around for as long as I can remember. These exercises are an integral part of teaching heeling to your dog. HOW IT WORKS A Rally course is made of signs, which are, most often, on the handler s right, so the handler can read the signs to the dog, who is in heel position, on the handler s left. The sport encourages enthusiasm. The handler is judged from the knees down, so we need to learn the signs and get our feet in the right place. Other than that, body language is ours to use, plus as much prattle as we want. Rally teases us into relaxing and having fun, thus letting the dogs do the same. The team learns, therefore, in leaps and bounds. It is a little like some games in agility. Black Jack comes The Basenji Club of America Inc. BULLETIN - 27 by Kim McNeill: I must admit, it was awfully fun to get the highest score in an obedience competition with a basenji. After successfully performing my first AKC rally trials, Sue asked if I would help her out on an article about Rally. In a moment of weakness, heady after my 2 first places, I agreed. She suggested I do a blow by blow, or station by station play of Sunday s rally course. The first day (my first rally trial ever) I competed with Jet, who earned a passing score of 86 out of 100 points, and Digital, who earned a score of 95 with a first place. So I arrived on Sunday feeling confident that my dog could do this. (I only entered Digital on Sunday.) There was some waiting around as the upper levels usually go first and we had to wait for our ring to be finished with and then set up. During this time I exercised my dog and brought him into the building so he d get a feel for the place and understand what we were doing. I then put him back in his crate so he could rest until it was time to perform. Once the course was set up, I got a course map and everyone was allowed to walk the course without their dogs. This allows the handler familiar with the flow of the course. As a handler, you should also notice where the mats are, if there is any unevenness with the ground and if any signs are put at an odd angle. The course seemed fairly straight forward and years of doing walk thrus for agility served me well. When I estimated there was about 10 minutes before I was expected on line, I went to go get Digital. He walked into the building eager and sure of himself. After all, this was his second day of Rally and he understood the game today. We warmed up by doing some heel work, sits and downs. He was rewarded with the treat du jour, which happened to be meatballs. I do this so that he knows what is at stake (steak?) if he performs well. I put the meatballs in an empty chair when the dog before us was almost half way through the course. (You are not allowed to have food or toys when you perform.) We then waited behind the gate until the ring steward called us. When the steward told us to go in, I took a deep breath, told

30 Novice Course Plan Digital it was time, and stepped up to the Start sign. With the Start sign on my right and Digital politely sitting at my left I waited for the judge to turn her attention to us. She does and asks if we are ready. I reply, yes. She tells us to begin. Another deep breath, Digs, heel and I step off with my left foot. (My dogs have been trained that stepping off with my left foot, the foot closest to them, means heel. Stepping off with the right is accompanied with a stay.) Our first station is a 360 right turn. I give Diggie an encouraging noise to let him know to pick up the pace as he has to cover more ground on a right turn and I pivot in place. Not a problem, Mom, he seems to say. We go on to station 2, which is Call Front Finish Left Forward. Ah, we can do this. Digital has a lovely finish left. I just have to remember that since it doesn t say to say Halt after the finish, I have step off before he sits. As I reach the sign, I take a step backwards and say Digs, front. Digital complies and sits directly in front of me close, but not touching my feet. Digs, Finish, I tell him as I gesture in a circular motion, palm down with my left hand. Digital complies and as soon as he is in heel position before he sits, I step off with my left foot. Station 3 is HALT Sit Down. This is not difficult, but I have to remember not to move my feet once we stop. I plant my left foot and say Digital, sit as I bring my right foot even with the left. Digital sits promptly and I ask him to down, gesturing in a downward motion with my right hand, but careful not to move my feet. As soon as Digital is down I say Digs heel and step off with my left foot. And on to Right Turn. Again, since Digital will have to move a little faster than I am, I give him a little warning, make sure my left foot doesn t get in his way and we do a smart The Basenji Club of America Inc. BULLETIN - 28 right turn. Station 5 is Call Front, Finish Right, Halt. So unlike station 2, I have to make sure he sits in heel position before I continue on. As I get up to the sign, I take a step or two backwards, say Digs, Front and bring both hands to my belly button. He sits nicely in front. Digs, Around, I tell him, gesturing with my right hand, palm down in a circular motion. He goes around me and sits in heel position. We step off to Station 6, which is Serpentine, weave once. Weaving, not a problem for an agility dog. Digital thinks it is a little odd that I m w e a v i n g with him, but he finds h u m a n s often do odd things. We enter with the first cone to our left shoulders, just like we do the poles in agility. In, out, in, out, around the last cone on to Fast Pace. I give Digital a little warning and we pick up the pace until we get to the sign that says Normal Pace. I pull my shoulders back a little and tell him Easy. Station 9 is About Turn Right. Again I give him a little warning and do an about turn. This station is very close to the gates marking the ring and just on the other side there is a cluster of dogs waiting to go back into the ring next to ours. Digital is momentarily distracted and had I been more aware of my surroundings I would have given him a little more direction, but I was focused on the next station and I felt the leash go tight. Station 10 is Left Turn and as I was doing that I was wondering if I should have redone the about turn. The left turn isn t really difficult; just let the dog know he needs to slow a tad to remain in heel position. And we re on to a 270 left turn. I signal to Digital with my left hand to keep him in position and we quickly do the turn and move on to Halt walk around dog. I ask him to sit as I m stopping. As soon as his butt hits the ground, I

31 New Champion Reveilles Enchanted Passport Harriett (Ch. Serengeti Lets Roll Reveille x Ch. Reveille Accord) Her first weekend out as a Special Back to Back Supported Entry Best of Breeds Basenji Club of Greater Detroit March 11 & Judges: Ms Barbara Alderman & Mr. Bill Cunningham Owners Claire & Kelly Wisch Mountain View GWP Brunswick, MD The Basenji Club of America Inc. BULLETIN - 29 Breeder Damara Bolte Reveille Leesburg, VA

32 tell him to stay, wave my right hand, palm open, in front of his nose and step off with my right foot. I walk around him, being careful not to tangle the leash and return to heel position and pause just a fraction of a second before saying Digs, heel. Station 13 is About left turn where I do an about turn into my dog and he goes around me to his right. Sounds confusing, and believe me, my friend had to show it to me several times before it made sense. I quickly turn into Digital and say Digs, around gesturing with my right hand, palm down in a circular manner. Just like I do when he s doing a finish right (see station 5). I move the leash around behind me as Digital is moving. He slips easily into heel position and we re onto station 14. Here there is a 360 Left. I talk to him a little and gesture with my left hand (the hand closest to him) to encourage him to keep moving. And then, the finish. We continue our brisk pace, making sure not to increase speed (points off for that, as it can be interpreted as adding a station) and exit the ring. Digital did a fine job and he is amply rewarded with a handful of meatballs. After all was said and done, that performance earned us a score of 99 (out of 100) with our second first place. The point off was when the leash went tight at station 9 and clearly that was my error for not being more aware of our environment. Here are a few things I ve learned about Rally: -It s fun. Really. -Basenjis can do this. Novice is all on leash. -Dog on left; sign on right (or in front if the sign is a direction change) -You can do this even if you have problems with right and left. (This is a big problem of mine.) All the signs have arrows on them. Just follow the arrow. -You can repeat a station if you feel the need. There is a 3 point penalty, but you can still qualify. -If the leash goes a little tight, don t repeat the station. The judges here aren t nearly as strict as I imagined. You ll probably only get dinged a point, maybe two. -If the sign says Halt, do not move your feet once you ve stopped. -You can ask to see your score after you finish. This will give you feedback on what to work on. -Enter weave cones with the left shoulder to the cone, just like in agility. -Everyone is encouraging and they really do enjoy seeing a dog not from the herding group. -Judges are really surprised when they look down at the scorecard and realize a basenji got first place. -You always go home with the best dog. Where to begin by Nancy Banask ATTENTION FOR OBEDIENCE AND RALLY Attention is one of the first things I teach to a dog that I am planning to do rally and obedience with. I think it is very important to teach attention. How much fun would it be doing rally with a dog focused on something else? To begin I start with stationary attention. First I ask the dog to sit, then I bring a treat to his nose and then bring it to my face saying READY!. When the dog looks at me I give him/her the treat. I repeat this several times with numerous treats. I like to use soft food that is very exciting to the dog. I practice this every day for 1 week or 2 and then I start to hold the dog s attention for a longer period of time. Once the dog understands to watch me until I give the release word I then will start moving attention. I add distractions and turns to start proofing the dog once he understands to watch me when I say ready. As I release and say OK I will reward the dog with the treat or jackpot. In the Basic or Beginning obedience classes I start with teaching the dogs not to pull. Week 1 - walk on leash, sit -stay. Week 2 -I teach change of pace (slow, normal, fast) and about turns and the come fore exercise (Call front),sit -stay and Down- stay. Week 3 - Come fore with sit in front, weave left and right(serpentine, circle right (360 )and circle left, Sit and walk around dog.. Week 4 - Recall, One step, halt, 2 steps, halt, 3 steps, halt. Step Right while walking ( moving sidestep), recall and stand stay. Week 5 - Figure 8, Right turn, left turn, Recall with finish left or finish right, left about turn. Week 6 practice and evaluation In the next level of obedience, Advanced, I continue to teach the doodling exercises with the addition of many more such as Spirals to the right or left, 270 turns right and left, left U turn, moving down, halt step to the right and halt, halt then fast forward from a sit. One of the most useful exercises in teaching the dog heel position is the Finding Heel exercise. The handler steps to the right, forward or backward and then asks the dog to heel. I also teach Pivot right and left 90 and 180 pivots right and left and back-up while heeling. Run by and call over jumps are also used in the Advanced classes. Generally after completing the Basic obedience and the Advanced classes dog and handler are ready to compete in all the levels of Rally. I have always felt that all these exercises assist the dog in understanding of the basic obedience exercises. Rally is fun for the dog and handler. It is a great way to introduce the dog to obedience competition. The Basenji Club of America Inc. BULLETIN - 30

33 Why did I want to try Rally? by Natalie Culver I first heard about rally obedience in the basenji breed article by Marcia Woodard in the November 2004 AKC Gazette. It was titled Basenjis and Rally Obedience: A Good Match. This caught my attention. I had been training agility with my 4 year old basenji, Kunjo, for over a year and we had just started competing. I have not ever trained for traditional obedience, frankly it seems not suited to Kunjo s personality nor mine, but Woodard described this Rally Obedience as less formal, less rigid, and all around fun for the dogs. She wrote, Rally Obedience, a new AKC event offered as a nonregular class effective January 1, 2005, is mentally stimulating, fastpaced, and rewards a variety of working styles - it suits basenjis. It suits basenjis. That says it all. I had to learn more. None of the local dog training facilities were offering rally classes, they said the interest was not there. This was the fall of 2004 and few people new about Rally-O. They said I should check back later in The training places expected there would be interest in classes once it was an AKC titling class, but I was interested and there was going to be a rally trial on New Years weekend near me in Hamden, CT. I wanted to enter. I wanted to get in from the beginning, how much fun would to be at the very first two days of AKC rally trials! I decided I would have to train Kunjo on my own using books and internet resources. I read the AKC Rally regulations. I joined and religiously read and learned from posts on a yahoo rally chat list. I printed the regulations and exercise sign instructions from the AKC web page; I read them, and re-read them, and highlighted the exercise instructions, and wrote in the margins. I taught some of the exercises to Kunjo, it came naturally to him, and he was having fun with it! The Rally exercises were the perfect filler for the inevitable down time in our agility group classes. Kunjo could not stand this boring down time, waiting while all the other dogs took their turn on the equipment. I would only get one good training sequence out of him per class, and then he would get too bored and loose focus. He and I would get so frustrated in class as he got more and more bored waiting his turn. Now we had something fun to do while we waited. We worked on the Rally-O exercises for the better part of each hour long agility class, waiting patiently now for our turn. Now Kunjo was doing more and more good agility training sequences in class, mixed in with all that rally. We also worked at home, just a few minutes each evening, but it was never boring because we had so many different exercises to learn. We didn t have to repeat the same thing over and over. Kunjo and I both enjoyed our 5 or 10 minutes of rally training each evening in the basement for the rest of the 2004 winter. This got us ready for the three rally trials I had entered on the first two days of January We were not perfect, but by the third trial I had overcome enough of my nervousness to keep Kunjo calm enough to qualify! It was Kunjo s first qualifying ribbon in an AKC event, and mine too. I agree with Marcia Woodard. Rally Obedience suits basenjis. Websites and credits for Rally article: 1. AKC ~ akc.org 2. J & J Dog Supplies ~ jjdog.com 3. Bud Kramer ~ www-personal.ksu.edu/~kramerc/home.htm 4. Front and Finish ~ frontandfinish.com 5. AKC Gazette ~ 6. Photos are of M and Kunjo, taken the first titling weekend by Mary Bloom. Photos of Kunjo by Susan Kamen Marsicano. 7. Nancy Banask ~ hitopdog.com Overveiw of Rally-O Rally is a sport in which the dog and handler complete a course that has been designed by the rally judge. The judge tells the handler to begin, and the dog and handler proceed at their own pace through a course of designated stations (10-20, depending on the level). Each of these stations has a sign providing instructions regarding the next skill that is to be performed. Scoring is not as rigorous as traditional obedience. The team of dog and handler moves continuously at a brisk, but normal, pace with the dog under control at the handler s left side. There should be a sense of teamwork between the dog and handler both during the numbered exercises and between the exercise signs; however, perfect heel position is not required. Any faults in traditional obedience that would be evaluated and scored as a one-point deduction or more should be scored the same in Rally, unless otherwise mentioned in the Rally Regulations. After the judge s Forward order, the team is on its own to complete the entire sequence of numbered signs correctly. Unlimited communication from the handler to the dog is to be encouraged and not penalized. Unless otherwise specified in these Regulations, handlers are permitted to talk, praise, encourage, clap their hands, pat their legs, or use any verbal means of encouragement. Multiple commands and/or signals using one or both arms and hands are allowed; the handler s arms need not be maintained in any particular position at any time. The handler may not touch the dog or make physical corrections. At any time during the performance, loud or harsh commands or intimidating signals will be penalized. The Basenji Club of America Inc. BULLETIN - 31

34 TarSha s Weekend (Ch. Kazor s Hidalgo Races for TarSha x CH. TarSha s Painted Desert) CH. TarSha s Summer Heatwave Just like his name implies, Wave cranked up the temperature in the ring in Flagstaff and finished his Championship 2 days before his first birthday. He loves to show and the judges can t miss his gorgeous head, dead-on topline and long, flowing movement. He will spend the next few months maturing and then be in the Specials ring to strut his stuff this fall. Watch for this beautiful boy in a ring near you. Wave would like to let folks know that he had been told he will have Y2 brothers and sisters this winter but he does not want them all stay at the house because he would not get as much attention. So he would like people to call Mom (Tari) to talk to her about taking some of those puppies away!!!! TARSHA KENNEL 5855 N. Avra Road Tucson, AZ Tari A. Parish The Basenji Club of America Inc. BULLETIN - 32

35 In The Pines!!! (Ch. Nowata s Resurrection of Dune x CH. TarSha s Desert Oasis) TarSha s Vision Quest Not to be outdone, Quest decided it was his turn to do the winning and took Winner s Dog for a 3 pt. major the second day in Flagstaff. He finally decided to mature, both mentally (goof-ball) and physically, and show off his family winning movement, solid topline and beautiful head. He will be in the ring with his breeder, Tari, and/or his mom, Robin, to put another champion in the family, as soon as possible. (With his folks, Smudge and Oasis cheering him on to be their 3rd champ) Breeder: Tari A. Parish 5855 N. Avra Rd TARSHA KENNELS Tucson, AZ Owner: Robin Castille N. Terrace View SUNRUMBA SIGHTHOUNDS Queen Creek, AZ The Basenji Club of America Inc. BULLETIN - 33

36 TarSha s Weekend (Ch. Nowata s Resurrection of Dune x CH. TarSha s Desert Oasis) CH. TarSha s Spirit Guide Spirit decided to give her brother, DreamCatcher, a weekend off and take over in the Specials ring for the family. She gave a perfect performance and Judge Carla Lafave could not deny her proud, flawless movement and beautiful expression. Even though she had been told she was just going to get to play on the coursing and later the agility field after she finished her Championship, she agreed that going back into the show ring was not such a bad thing and she will be making occasional appearances in Specials rings throughout the coming year. TARSHA KENNEL 5855 N. Avra Road Tucson, AZ Tari A. Parish The Basenji Club of America Inc. BULLETIN - 34

37 by the Rio Grande (NM) (Ch. Kazor s Hidalgo Races for TarSha x CH. TarSha s Painted Desert) CH. TarSha s Summer Heat Wave Wave decided, just one week after he had finished his championship, he was not just along for the ride, not there just to practice and was not going to just be breed points for Spirit while in New Mexico. So on Sunday, even with a stranger taking him in the ring, he turned in a Breed winning performance for Judge Martha Olmos-Ollivier. Just like Spirit, Wave will be making occasional appearances in the Specials rings until this winter, when he will take over the primary role of keeping the family name in the winner s circle. TARSHA KENNEL 5855 N. Avra Road Tucson, AZ Tari A. Parish The Basenji Club of America Inc. BULLETIN - 35

38 Basenji Club of America, Inc. Volunteer Questionnaire Our members are the heart of BCOA. We currently have a membership of just under six hundred individuals in the United States and abroad --a membership comprised of people with plenty of creativity, skill and talent. If you are interested in volunteering some of your time and talent BCOA, please take a few minutes to fill out the following questionnaire and return it to: Gloria Steiger, Chair, Member Resources Comittee, 33 Lord Road, Buxton, ME 04093, or her your response at Name: Address: City: State: Zip: Phone - Home : Work: Cell: Address: 1. How long have you had a basenji(s) years. How many do you have? 2. What basenji activities are you interested or involved in? (Check all that apply) Pet/companion Conformation Lure Coursing Obedience Tracking Agility Racing Jr. Showmanship Other (please specify: 3. In what Club activities would you consider participating? Interested in hearing about anything available? General volunteering: Skills and Experience Club web site Fundraising Rescue Rescue experience National specialty Web design African stock project Computer security or administration Breeder referrals Publishing (periodicals and brochures) BCOA archives Vet tech or medical skills Health Management/coordinator skills Outreach and public education Accounting Run for club office or board one day Ring Stewarding Serve on committee (list committees of interest): List Ring Steward Association: Help with club publications or brochures Judging Help raise funds for various club activities What? or Health Endowment When? Help with regional clubs or help organize new regional clubs Organizing a dog function Help with regional specialty or match What kind? Other: When? 4. What other specific skills do you have that you think might benefit the Club? **Please note that this form and the information it contains will be retained by BCOA, and used solely for the purpose of identifying would-be volunteers for Club projects or activities, as they arise. We will not disclose your information to third-parties, or provide the information to other Club members for any purpose other than searches to identify potential volunteers for BCOA or Basenji Health Endowment projects or activities.** July 24, 2006-BCOA CONTINUED ON OTHER SIDE The Basenji Club of America Inc. BULLETIN - 36

39 Volunteer Questionnaire - page 2 5. What volunteer work have you been involved with in the past? 6. How much time do you have available for volunteering? (hours per month) 7. Do you have access to the Internet? (circle one) Yes No Available Positions A number of immediate volunteer opportunities are available, including the following: State rescue coordinator or assistant Help the health committee organize blood draw clinics in regions Help the health committee by working at eye clinics, blood draw clinics, and health seminars at nationals Help the outreach committee look for web sites to target Many national specialty positions for next few years, varying by year possible tasks include Hospitality Ring stewarding Organizing fun night Organizing the African match Helping with the auction Helping organize the banquet Being a specialty treasurer Helping locate a suitable show site; Helping organize performance events such as lure coursing, agility, obedience, rally, NOTRA, or LGRA Organizing the awards and ribbons; helping get sponsorships and donations Help with public education/outreach booth at Meet the Breeds and other events Help raise funds for the Basenji Health Endowment as well as many other tasks. Please contact Gloria Steiger 33 Lord Road, Buxton, ME 04093, or her at or contact the current Chair of the BCOA Committee your are interested in assisting directly (check your BCOA Roster for contact information). BASENJI CLUB OF AMERICA, INC. NEEDS AND WANTS NEW MEMBER-VOLUNTEERS -- SO PLEASE LET US KNOW ABOUT YOUR TALENTS AND INTERESTS TODAY! The Basenji Club of America Inc. BULLETIN - 37

40 Farewell to a Basenji Hero Benjamin aka Hamilton s Benji of Wacella Oct. 3, May 6, 2006 When we got our first basenji, Bungee, we knew about her brother, Benjamin. Named Spike when he was born, he had already been taken a week before our visit to the breeder in They proudly told us Spike had immediately gone on a vacation to Florida with his new family, who had changed his name to Benji. About a year later we were at the breeder s home for a breed club meeting (yes, we were sucked right in), and they brought Benji out to see us. He had been returned to the breeder because he was becoming bad-tempered. There was discussion about putting him down after he bit a prospective adopter. His behavior made many believe he had been mistreated in his former home. Our Bungee was a very high-strung basenji so we figured that was a factor in his behavior as well. He had a negative reaction when we called him Benji, so I tried calling him Benjamin. He happily responded to the more formal moniker so Benjamin he became. We had adopted him thinking we were saving his life when he was actually fated to save mine. In 1997 I was driving from Texas to the BCOA National Specialty in Denver, CO. I had loaded up the brand new Jeep with three basenjis, their gear, my luggage and supplies for a vendor booth. After I turned off the The Basenji Club of America Inc. BULLETIN - 38 Interstate onto a state highway in Colorado, my Jeep began having engine problems. At 1:00 in the afternoon I was stuck at the side of the road, watching the other cars zoom by. Around 5:30 I decided to walk the dogs in case I was still stuck there after dark. I remembered I had two airline cable tree trolley tie-outs in the back. I put two basenjis, Bungee and Hellfire, on the two tires facing away from the highway and had just picked up Benjamin to walk on a leash when a huge eighteen-wheeler pulled up behind me. The driver got out and asked if I was having trouble. I asked him to use the emergency channel on his radio to call help for me. I didn t like the way he was looking at me, so I kept Benjamin in my arms instead of putting him down. The driver offered to take me to the next town and I refused. I asked how far the town was, and the driver didn t know. Uh oh. I asked how far away a town was in the direction he d come from and he didn t know that, either. He again said I should go with him. I firmly assured him I would be fine if he just radioed the police and went on his way. During this exchange I noticed he was slowly stepping closer to me each time he asked me to go with him. I realized I would be pressed against the back of my Jeep with just a few more steps. I glanced to the left and saw the four-lane highway filled with whizzing cars. I couldn t possible run through that or let Benjamin down near it. To the right was flat pasture as far as I could see, fenced off from the road with barbed wire. I couldn t go that way, either. I began to get very nervous. The driver again stepped forward, much closer to me this time, still trying to convince me to go with him. I couldn t back up any further. Sensing his position, the driver reached for me with both hands, saying you re coming with me. Benjamin snarled and practically leapt from my arms, fangs flashing as he bit at the driver. In that second I was afraid I would lose my grip on him and he would go running into the freeway and be run over. Then I saw the driver backing away, holding his arm. He got into his truck and said he would radio for help. Then he drove off. There was no license plate on the truck that I could see as he pulled out. Shaking, I began to walk Benjamin around the Jeep. Ten minutes later a Highway Patrol officer stopped to ask if I needed help or if was I just walking my dogs. Boy, did I light into him! With the officer s help I finally got a tow truck, a hotel room and Benjamin got the royal treatment from both. I later learned that the description I gave of the truck driver fitted that of a serial killer who drove the highways looking for women whose cars had broken down. For the rest of his life, I told Benjamin he could bite anybody he wanted to, though he never did it again. The only exception was the vet and her staff, so the legend of The Benjamin has gained mythic proportion in Denton area animal clinics. There will never be another basenji like Benjamin.

41 The Basenji Club of America Inc. BULLETIN - 39

42 6 TH ANNUAL SPECIALTY August 20, 2005 Delaware County Fairgrounds Muncie, Indiana PUPPY SWEEPSTAKES JUDGE: NANCY MOORE BEST PUPPY IN SWEEPSTAKES -... Klassic s Million Dollar Baby At Tokaji. BEST OPP. SEX PUPPY IN SWEEPSTAKES -... Select Mister Incredible BEST PUPPY IN SWEEPSTAKES 9-12 MOS PUPPY DOGS 1 Yawheh s Great Light K Pachanga. Breeders: Belinda Gaymon & Dennis R. Gaymon; & Ann Harrison. Owners Belinda & Dennis R.Gaymon. 2 Select Mister Incredible. Breeders, Tracy Leonard & Jeffrey Leonard. OwnersTracy Leonard & Jeff Leonard. 6-9 MOS PUPPY BITCHES 1 Klassic s Million Dollar Baby At Tokaji. Breeders, Sue Kite & Jeff Gillespie. Owners Sue Kite & J. Gillespie & T. Hallam D. Hardy. 2 Meisterhaus Upsie Daisy. Breeders, A. Tad Brooks & Jerry Hope. Owners Louis V. DiBello & A. Tad Brooks. 3 Klassic s A Rose Is A Rose. Breeders, Sue Kite. Owners Sue Kite & Betty Rahiw. 4 Select Quercus Inside Trader. Breeders, Tracy Leonard & Andrea Steedle. Owners. Tracy Leonard & Andrea L. Walters. VETERAN SWEEPSTAKES. JUDGE: NANCY MOORE BEST VETERAN -... DC Baruh. s Winsome Miss SC BEST OPP. SEX VETERAN IN SWEEPS -...CH Possum Creek Just My Luck JC 7-10 YRS Dogs 1 CH Epic:s Neverending Saga. Breeders, Rebecca Blansett. Owner Audrey Wikoff. BEST OPPOSITE SEX PUPPY IN SWEEPSTAKES 2 Possum Creek s Lone Ranger. Breeders Carole L. Kirk & Jennifer Dudley & Todd Heady. Owners: Leann Neiman & Ms. Carole Kirk. 10YRS& OLDER Dogs Abs CH Baruh s Harpstring SC. Breeders, Linda Pence. Owenrs Gail J. Fralick & Christy D. Featherston. 1 CH Possum Creek Just My Luck JC Breeder/Owner, Carole. L. Kirk. 7-10YRS Bitches 1 D.C Baruh. s Winsome Miss SC. Breeders, Linda Pence. Owners Fritz & Gail Fralick. 2 CH Briden s Fit To Be Tried. Breeders, Owners Denise & Brian Vertrees. 3 CH Epic s Continuing Saga.Breeders, Rebecca C. Blansett. Owner. Audrey Wikoff. Abs Hofer Zipper, Breeders Linda M Cleven Owner Jennifer Hill 10 YRS & OVER Bitches 1 CH Baruh s Jessica Hahnd JC. Breeders, Linda Pence. Owner Pam Rieckhoff. Abs CH Reliant Alliance O Serendida SC. Breeders, Tracy & Jeff Leonard & J. Harper. Owners Tracy Leonard & Jeff Leonard. BREED JUDGE: Mrs. R S Forsyth... (48 Ent - 23d - 25b) DOGS Puppy 6-9 Mos. 1 Klassic s Rudy Toot Flutesong,...N Craigie 2 Select Intoxicated Information,... T Leonard/C Denslow 3 Moore s Artemis Back In Time,... G Fralick/F Fralick/C Douglas-Featherston 4 Meisterhaus Uncensored,...A Laws/A Brooks Puppy 9-12 Mos. 1 Select Mister Incredible,... T Leonard/J Leonard 2 Yawheh s Great Light K Pachanga,...B Gaymon/D Gaymon Bred By Exhibitor 1 Hacker s Rolling Stone,...A Harrison/DHarrison 2 Meisterhaus Vita Nuova,...A Brooks/J Hurt 3 Baruh-Kudabin Just A Gigolo,... L Pence/JDonald Open RD WHT 1 Tamsala Hot Onya Heels,... A Brooks 2 Seven Willows Sonic Boom,... P Cunningham 3 Hacker s Mystique Warrior,... T Schlenger/LSchlenge 4 Kchackers Rameses,... S Terry/L Kercheval Aerne Open BLK TN WHT 1 Yawheh s Kyanu K All About Grace,...D Gaymon/B Gaymon 2 Zande Feruzi,... S Lofrano BEST VETERAN IN SWEEPSTAKES RESERVE WINNERS BITCH The Basenji Club of America Inc. BULLETIN - 40

43 BEST OF BREED Open BRDL WHT 1 Baruh-Kudabin Sunkis Speakeasy,... S Pickett/P Pickett BITCHES Puppy 6-9 Mos. 1 Meisterhaus Upsie Daisy,... L Di Bello/A Brooks 2 Rafikis Darkest Before Dawn,...M Gahgan 3 Signet Explicit Wild Orchid,... A Brooks/J Hurt/B Cassell 4 Select Quercus Inside Trader,... T Leonard/A Walters Bred By Exhibitor 1 Sonbar Signet Legendary Lotus,...T.Curry/B Cassell 2 Sunkis Holly Golightly,... L Neff 3 Epic Simply Irresistible JC,...R Blansett/T Leonard American Bred 1 Epic s Lily Of De Nile JC,...M Walsh Open RD WHT 1 Pepparson s Uzuri Bulldobas,...N Craigie 2 Hacker s Yawheh K Cherish Life,...B Gaymon/D Gaymon/A Harrison 3 Select Inchanting Epic,...T Leonard/R Blansett 4 Hacker s Precious Gem Of Mariah,... C Clecak/M Clecak/A Harrison Open BLK TN WHT 1 Briden s Pinstriped Possum,...C Kirk/D Vertrees 2 Briden s Grand Taboo At Wc,...L Neiman Terbush/D Vertrees Open BRDL WHT 1 Possum Creek Zipnto Starfyre,... D Searcy/C Kirk Non-Reg Veteran, Dogs 1 CH Epic s Neverending Saga,... A WIKOFF/B Blansett 2 CH Possum Creek Just My Luck JC,...C Kirk Non-Reg Veteran, Bitches 1 DC Baruh s Winsome Miss SC,... GFralick/F Fralick 2 CH Briden s Fit To Be Tried,... B Vetrees/D Vertrees 3 CH Baruh s Jessica Hahnd JC,... P Rieckhoff 4 CH Epic s Continuing Saga,... A WIKOFF/B Blansett WINNERS BITCH/BEST OF WINNERS Best of Breed or Variety - CH Signet Denim and Diamonds, B Cassell/D Cassell/T Curry Best of Opposite Sex - CH Meisterhaus Politically Correct, A Brooks/J Hurt/T Huff/C Camp Best of Winners - Sonbar Signet Legendary Lotus, T Curry/B Cassell Winners Dog - Tamsala Hot Onya Heels, A Tad Brooks Reserve Winner Dog - Klassic s Rudy Toot Flutesong, N Craigie Winners Bitch - Sonbar Signet Legendary Lotus, T Curry/B Cassel Reserve Winners Bitch- Klassic s A Rose Is A Rose WINNERS DOG BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX Members of Hoosier Basenji Club wish to thank our judge, Mrs. Robert Forsyth and our Sweepstakes judge Nancy Moore, for their lovely hands with the basenjis. No grumbles were heard from dogs or people and everyone seemed to have fun. Thank you to all our exhibitors and everyone at ringside who helped make the specialty a good dog show day. We look forward to your company for our 7 th annual specialty August 19 th, 2006 at the Delaware County Fairgrounds in Muncie, IN. Terri Gavaletz is judge breed. Linda Ehlers is our Sweepstakes judge. We are pleased to have two will respected breeder-judges at our specialty. Hope to see you in at the show. The Basenji Club of America Inc. BULLETIN - 41


45 BRED BY EXHIBITOR DOGS 1/WD 31 SONBAR S NOTEWORTHY NEWSMAN....Sally Wuornos & Kari Wuornos-Winger AB-RAFIKI REBIRTH OF COOL.... Wanda Pooley D-ANN S JUSTAN ECHO....Dorothy Collette & Phyllis Machnicki DAKARS WILY WIZARD.... Karen Kuchta. OPEN BLACK, TAN AND WHITE DOGS 1 30 SONBAR EMERANT BNTRIED....Sally Wuornos & Kari Wuornos-Winger ZANDE FERUZI.... Sylvia Lofrano. OPEN RED AND WHITE DOGS 1 52 HACKER S TRAVELIN MAN.... Sheila & Ed Michalek and Ann Harrison. PUPPY BITCHES - 6 MONTHS & UNDER 9 MONTHS 1/RWB 44 RAFIKIS HEART AND SOUL.... Michelle Gahgan BARUH TESTAMENT TO HOO.... Linda Pence & Brad Phifer AB RAFIKIS CALM COOL AND COLLECTED.... Michelle Gahgan SONBAR S PHOTOGENIC PICK.... Sally Wuornos & Kari Winger. JUNIOR BITCHES - 12 MONTHS & UNDER 18 MONTHS 1 27 D-ANN S ADINA.... Dorothy Collette. BRED BY EXHIBITOR BITCHES 1 56 KELTWYN ANTIQUE AMBER CHARM.... Beth Straub LAUREL B KI SAVVY SAVANNAH....Laura Mae Hesse NEW WORLD WILD AGE....Karla Schreiber DAKARS TWISTED LICORICE.... Karen Kuchta OPEN BLACK AND WHITE BITCHES 1 23 AB I HEAR A SYMPHONY.... Wanda Pooley DAKARS WHATSINANAME.... Karen Kuchta TEAZER KHANI S FEARLESS BOOGIE.... Norma & John Frank. OPEN BRINDLE AND WHITE BITCHES 1/WB 43 C-QUEST RHYTHM OF THE RAIN....Sheila Maher & James Foley SAQQARA ELDORADO SINGULAR SENSATION. M. Sterling, Pam Geoffroy & Sheila Lund. OPEN RED AND WHITE BITCHES 1 40 MEISTERHAUS UPSIE DAISY....Lou DiBello & Tad Brooks SONBAR S NIFTY NATALIE....Diana Dickhausen & Sally Wuornos HEARTFIRE TRUE GOSSIP OF A-C.... Sylvia Lofrano. VETERAN DOGS 1 57 CH AB MAVERICK OF KELTWYN, JC.... Beth Straub. VETERAN BITCHES 1 5 CH RAFIKIS NOT A MOMENT TOO SOON, JC.... Amy Marshall MIJOKR S AMPERSAND.... Diana & Kristen McCarty CH SONBAR S BRITE WILDIRISHROSE.... Sally Wuornos & Kari Winger CH SIGNET HOOTENANNY.... Beth Straub. BEST OF BREED COMPETITION BOS 12 CH RAFIKIS DAWNS EARLY LIGHT.... Michelle Gahgan. AOM 10 CH ANKHU STEEL MAGNOLIA.... Caryn & Michael Jones. BOB 31 SONBAR S NOTEWORTHY NEWSMAN.... Sally Wuornos & Kari Wuornos-Winger Best of Breed/Winners Dog/BOW Best of Opposite Sex AWARD OF MERIT The Basenji Club of America Inc. BULLETIN - 43 Winners Bitch/AOM

46 Greater Chicagoland Basenji Club, Inc. Basenji Sweepstakes, June 17, 2006 Judge s Comments More than 20 years ago, a long-time Chicago area basenji breeder and I were traversing the jungles of Schaumburg, Illinois, trying to locate and capture Adina, a Canaan Dog bitch who had just arrived from Germany and escaped from my yard. What does this tale have to do with the judging of Basenji Sweepstakes, you might ask. Here is the story: Adina would go to no one, had been chased several times across Golf Road by the Rolling Meadows Animal Control Officer and, on her 33 rd day of freedom, had landed at Gould Office Complex, five miles away from her home-to-be. Her unwelcome presence there, too close to an outdoor dining area, had prompted a call to the Rolling Meadows Police, who then called us. The basenji breeder, with basenji in tow, and I arrived at the office campus armed with a humane dog trap laden with smelly food and water, and stayed into the night until forced to leave by the RMPD. Adina was safely inside the trap in the morning when the police called us. We took her home where she spent the next ten years leading a dog s life. She wasn t a basenji, but, I think the closest breed to it, and I am thankful for this story s happy ending. A version of this story was published in a 1983 issue of DOG WORLD Magazine. Over the years, I kept in touch with basenji happenings. Much to my great surprise and delight, I became the enthusiastic co-owner of Pat Bright s CH Dallas, a Johnnie son. Johnnie had been one of my favorites, and I was in heaven each time I saw Dallas. I was taken by the basenji breed s grace accompanied by a fair amount of strength. A basenji would be as much at home herding game for tribesmen as they are in the show ring. My Best in Sweepstakes Puppy, D-Ann s Adina, owned by Dorothy Collette, was beautiful, poised for her youth, and independent. She allowed her owner to guide her with knowing hands and put on a breath-taking performance in the ring. And her partner, the Best of Opposite Sex male, the six-month-old puppy dog, Baruh-hoo Takes the Cake, owned by John Siverson & Diana McCarty, matched her performance and type in every way! I wept with joy to have found them! The super condition of the six Veterans, one dog and five bitches, belied their ages, and they deserved every moment of their applause and tears. Best Veteran in Sweepstakes was 9 year old CH AB MAVERICK o f KELTWYN, JC, owned by Beth Straub and shown by Wanda Pooley. Best of Opposite Sex to Best Veteran in Sweepstakes was 10 year old CH RAFIKIS NOT A MOMENT TOO SOON, JC, owned by Amy Marshall, and shown by Lisa Marshall. In a larger sense my entries breed type and temperament, movement, proportion, bites, tail-sets and carriage conformed to the standard. Most toplines were level, although some were a bit high. Overall, there was a typey look about their heads and expressions. Their elegance and exquisite movement were impressive. The veterans were in marvelous condition. I found my winners among those whose style reflected their exquisite type, both standing and on the move. Though refined and elegant in appearance, there was no lack of strength and substance, and none became over-stressed. A few needed to perfect their attitude on the table. I absorbed the lessthan perfect behavior of these exhibits with the thought that they were testing the limits and not showing a flaw in temperament. I have since resolved to be less lenient. I am grateful to the Greater Chicagoland Basenji Club for asking me to judge puppy and senior sweepstakes, and thank the Chairperson-Show Secretary, Sue Joyner and Co- Chairperson, Janet Ketz, for their on-the-spot guidance and hospitality. My ring steward was indispensable. Thank you very much to all the GCBC members for your kind and generous welcome and continuous good-sportsmanship. I appreciated the quiet presence of Paul Gigous, a former basenji breeder, who remembered out loud his, and his late wife Una s, notable basenjis. The entire weekend was wonderful and unforgettable! Sincerely, Bryna Comsky The Basenji Club of America Inc. BULLETIN - 44

47 Congratulations Zeke!! Zeke continues to amaze, thrilling his owners by taking BOB at the 2006 BCOSW Specialty under Judge Jeraldeen Crandall. He also went BOB at the Dairyland Classic May 5 & Zeke says: Now can I go coursing? BISS CH Hacker s Hyde and Zeke, JC CH Hacker-Rwandas Night Light X CH Hackers New Vision Proud Owners: Terry and Lisa Lemberger Verona, WI - Breeder: Ann Harrison The Basenji Club of America Inc. BULLETIN - 45

48 Basenji Club of Canada Sarnia Safari Revisited July 1 & 2, 2006 Sarnia, Ontario BEST PUPPY IN SWEEPS PUPPY SWEEPSTAKES JUDGE: WANDA POOLEY BEST PUPPY IN SWEEPSTAKES:... Baruh n Schaumburgs Hoo s Hoo BEST OPPOSITE SEX PUPPY IN SWEEPSTAKES:...Klassic s Toot Your Horn JUNIOR PUPPY DOG Klassic s Toot Your Horn...Sue Kite; Jeffery Gillespie Iaret s Trid2stopme...Michelle Eckman, Melisa Skillman; Latasha Skillman Iaret s Cover Me... Michelle Eckman; Melisa Skillman; Latasha Skillman Iaret s Petal To The Medal. Michelle Eckman; Melisa Skillman; Latasha Skillman JUNIOR PUPPY BITCH Baruh n Schaumburgs Hoo s Hoo... Chris & Allison Cowie Klassic s Yuara Hoot... Sue Kite; Jeffery Gillespie 3 43 Miloki s Mischief Maker... Valerie Rodger; David Wedge 4 72 Baruh Testament To Hoo... Linda Pence; Brad Phifer VETERAN SWEEPSTAKES - JUDGE: WANDA POOLEY BEST VETERAN:... Ch Klassic s Outa This World BEST OPPOSITE SEX VETERAN:... Ch Select Quercus Rubra VETERAN SWEEPS 7-9 YEARS DOG Ch Select Quercus Rubra...Andrea & Tim Walters; Tracy Leonard DVM Ch Mankia s Kimwondo Kwa Dalji...Patricia & William Reath Ch Ajabu Mankia s Zawadt Kwa... Christopher Hershey VETERAN SWEEPS 9-11 YEARS DOG Ch Here Comes Native Dancer...Susan Wilcox VETERAN SWEEPS 11 YEARS & OVER DOG Ch Mankia s Kuchimba...Lynn & Dennis Arrand Ch Premiers Troubled Taz... Michelle Eckman 3 37 Ch Our Harley s Brite Promise JC... James E. & Pamela Williams VETERAN SWEEPS 9-11 YEARS BITCH Ch Klassic s Outa This World... Michelle Eckman VETERAN SWEEPS 11 YEARS & OVER BITCH Ch Mankia s Tatu Tawi Kwa Dalji...Lynn Arrand; Carol McGrogan Ch Mankia s Zuri Hazina Tena...Lynn & Dennis Arrand BEST TAIL 1 43 Miloki s Mischief Maker,... Valerie Rodger; David Wedge Mankia s Kishoko, Breeder:...Deborah Lobo Ch Select Quercus Rubra,...Andrea & Tim Walters; Tracy Leonard DVM Ch Mankia s Pole Ndaniya,...Deborah Lobo BEST COAT 1 43 Miloki s Mischief Maker,... Valerie Rodger; David Wedge 2 83 Dafina Rafiki Johari,... Margaret & Donald Parkes Ch Mankia s Pole Ndaniya,...Deborah Lobo Mankia s Kishoko,,...Deborah Lobo. BEST HEAD Tagati s Josabry Annie Oakley,...Johanne Aubry Savoie; Nancy Kneen 2 36 Mankia s Masoka Kwa Mandalay,... Jennifer Roy Mankia s Bibi Aziza A Josabry,... Johanne Aubry Savoie Ch Mankia s Pole Ndaniya,...Deborah Lobo BEST VETERAN IN SWEEPS WINNERS DOG BEST OPPOSITE SEX PUPPY IN SWEEPS BEST OPPOSITE SEX VETERAN IN SWEEPS CONFORMATION: JUDGE JOHN ROWTON JUNIOR PUPPY DOG RWD Klassic s Toot Your Horn... Sue Kite; Jeffery Gillespie Iaret s Cover Me,...Michelle Eckman; Melisa Skillman; Latasha Skillman BRED BY EXHIBITOR DOG 1 WD 115 Timar s Lighting Strikes,...Jean Martin Itzyu Taarakian Roundabout...Jan Bruner Iaret s Trid2stopme,... Michelle Eckman; Melisa Skillman; Latasha Skillman OPEN RED & WHITE DOG 1 50 Blackwing s Shiraz...Kathie Upton Klassic s Raisin Cane... Alma Flint Pandora s To The Rescue... Michelle Eckman WINNERS BITCH/BOW The Basenji Club of America Inc. BULLETIN - 46

49 BEST OF BREED BEST VETERAN/AOM JUNIOR SHOWMANSHIP JUDGE: WANDA POOLEY Junior Novice Jarrod Tilton Nicole Allen Junior Open Jordan Ashley Tony Phillips Mary Phillips Intermediate Novice Yvonne Eberhart Intermediate Open Nigel Phillips Peter Phillips Brianna Eckenstein Senior Novice Latasha Skinman Senior Open Celine Bosse BEST OVERALL Nigel Phillips BEST OPPOSITE SEX OPEN BLACK TAN WHITE DOG Klassic s Tri N Stop Me...Melisa Skillman; Shawn Skillman OPEN BRINDLE & WHITE DOG Eldorado N Terrarust Whirlwind... Terray Boomir Baruh s Timothy Of Schaumburg... Pamela Sweeney Deosil s Lil Golden Book,... Michelle Eckman; Lisa Hogan Mankia s Mtunza...Lynn & Dennis Arrand VETERANS DOG 7-10 YEARS Ch Select Quercus Rubra,...Andrea & Tim Walters; Tracy Leonard DVM Ch Ajabu Mankia s Zawadt Kwa... Christopher Hershey 3 19 Ch Okon Rance,... Donald Zeversenuke Ch Here Comes Native Dancer...Susan Wilcox VETERANS DOG 11 YEARS+ 1 BV,AOM 242 Ch Mankia s Kuchimba...Lynn & Dennis Arrand Ch Premiers Troubled Taz,... Michelle Eckman 3 37 Ch Our Harley s Brite Promise JC... James E. & Pamela Williams JUNIOR PUPPY BITCH 1 RWB, BP 354 Baruh n Schaumburgs Hoo s Hoo... Chris & Allison Cowie Makalika-Jerlin Onyx...Jan Bruner 3 43 Miloki s Mischief Maker Sherwood s Something Sweet,...Arlene Bacon; Robyn Dubbert BRED BY EXHIBITOR BITCH Klassic s Yuara Hoot,... Sue Kite; Jeffery Gillespie Quercus Select Incandescent,... Andrea Walters & Tracy Leonard DVM 3 49 Blackwing s Shamaron Arielle,...Kathie Upton OPEN RED & WHITE BITCH Taji s Closing Bell At Quercus,... A & T Walters & K.T. Cambell, Select Rugosa Rose Bouqet,... Linda Lipford & Tracy Leonard DVM 3 73 Baruh-Hoo Bounce Hooverling,... Linda Pence; John Donald 4 54 Kudabin Spritely Spirit, Dr.... Gloria Fellers OPEN BLACK & WHITE BITCH 1,WB BOW 142 Jerlin s Lunar Eclipse,...Bethany Redo Bluestones Jezi Duara,... Susan C. Wilcox OPEN BLACK TAN WHITE BITCH Select Fitina Mtoto H-Crest,... Christopher Hershey; Tracy Leonard OPEN BRINDLE & WHITE BITCH Meisterhaus Kiroja Kiss N Tell,... Kelli Harmon VETERANS BITCH 7 TO 10 YEARS Ch Klassic s Outa This World,... Michelle Eckman VETERANS BITCH 11 + YEARS Ch Mankia s Tatu Tawi Kwa Dalji,...Lynn Arrand; Carol McGrogan Ch Mankia s Zuri Hazina Tena,...Lynn & Dennis Arrand SPECIALS ONLY 116 Ch Timar s Morning Mist Of Relyn, Bitch...Jean Martin 168 Ch Dalji s Binti Kwa Tatu A Mankia,...Lynn Arrand; Carol McGrogan 240 Ch Mankia s Kero Matata, Dog...Lynn & Dennis Arrand BOB 353 Ch Schaumburgs Thats Amoire, Dog... Chris & Allison Cowie BOS 605 Ch Baruh N Schaumburgs Miamore, Bitch.... Chris & Allison Cowie 607 Ch Dalji s Jumanne Kwa Mankia, Bitch... Celine & Raymond Bosse EXHIBITION ONLY 74 Baruh-Hoo Is A Rose Tatto SC,... Linda Pence 239 Ch Mankia s Zuri Mzao Kwa Tena,...Lynn & Dennis Arrand. BRACE BBR 166 Ch Mankia s Tatu Tawi Kwa Dalji,...Lynn Arrand; Carol McGrogan BBR 168 Ch Dalji s Binti Kwa Tatu A Mankia...Lynn Arrand; Carol McGrogan 239 Ch Mankia s Zuri Mzao Kwa Tena,...Lynn & Dennis Arrand 243 Ch Mankia s Zuri Hazina Tena,... Lynn & Dennis Arrand STUD DOG Ch Schaumburgs Thats Amoire,... Chris & Allison Cowie 240 Ch Mankia s Kero Matata,...Lynn & Dennis Arrand BROOD BITCH 1 74 Baruh-Hoo Is A Rose Tatto SC,... Linda Pence, 166 Ch Mankia s Tatu Tawi Kwa Dalji,...ynn Arrand; Carol McGrogan 239 Ch Mankia s Zuri Mzao Kwa Tena,...Lynn & Dennis Arrand SEXUALLY ALTERED MALE Dalji s Shukrani Kwa Mankia,...Celine Bosse; Raymond Bosse Sherwood s Black Tie Affair,...Arlene Bacon; Robyn Dubbert Ch Mankia s Pole Ndaniya,...Deborah Lobo Mankia s Kishoko,...Deborah Lobo SEXUALLY ALTERED BITCH 1 83 Dafina Rafiki Johari... Margaret & Donald Parkes Ch Mankia s Penye Kudumu Dalji,...Lynn Arrand; Carol McGrogan THREE GENERATION 36 Mankia s Masoka Kwa Mandalay,... Jennifer Roy 239 Ch Mankia s Zuri Mzao Kwa Tena,...Lynn & Dennis Arrand 243 Ch Mankia s Zuri Hazina Tena,...Lynn & Dennis Arrand The Basenji Club of America Inc. BULLETIN - 47

50 Willamette Valley Basenji Club 2006 Summer Specialty BEST OF BREED BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX DC Zindika Svengali Determinator Dorsey BEST OF WINNERS/BEST BBE CH Khani s Written In The Stars HayLey WINNERS DOG Taji s Margarita With Salt Rita AWARD OF MERIT Kazor s Case Closed Casey AWARD OF MERIT Am CH Khani s Achtung Baby Pippi Am CH Platinum s Fear Is Not A Factor Joe The Basenji Club of America Inc. BULLETIN - 48

51 BEST PUPPY IN SWEEPSTAKES BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX TO BPIS Atarasi Take Charge Sarge BEST IN ALTERED SWEEPSTAKES Taji s Klassic Intoxication Puppy BEST JUNIOR VETERAN Khani s Sunkis Back In Business Zoey AWARD OF MERIT Am Can CH Ali is Petite Syrah Ciara SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR JUDGES: Breed ~ Mrs. Carol Spritzer, OH Sweeps ~ Mrs. Carol Webb, Kazor Basenjis UPCOMING WVBC EVENTS Winter Specialty, January 18, 2007 Breed ~ Mrs. Terri Gavaletz, Bushbabies Sweeps ~ Mr. John Gaidos, Teazer Basenjis Summer Specialty, July 13, 2007 Breed ~ Mrs. Barbara Binder, Del Viento Borzoi Sweeps ~ Mrs. Debi Adams, Jade Whippets Am Can CH Emerant s The Instigator Gator The Basenji Club of America Inc. BULLETIN - 49

52 Club Specialty Results Friday, July 28, 2006 Ixonia, WI VETERAN SWEEPSTAKES JUDGE Katie Campbell BEST VETERAN... Ch Sonbar s Brite GenuineOrignial BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX... Ch Kibushi Neverminds New World JC VETERAN DOG 7 & Under 10 YRS 78 1 Ch Jerlin s Braveheart...Linda Ehlers VETERAN DOG 10 years & older 27 1-BV Ch Sonbar s Brite GenuineOrignial..Laura Caldwell Sally Wuornos & Pat Bright 40 2 Ch Jerlin s Bosalo Mongo of TuTu JC... Elda R Cross Tom Cross 37 3 Chujos Aramis Nick SC... Holly Hamilton Matt Monroe VETERAN BITCH 7 & Under 10 YRS 72 1 MIJOKR S Ampersand... Diana McCarty Kristen McCarty VETERAN BITCH 10 yrs & older 54 1-BOS Ch Kibushi Neverminds New World JC... Karla Schreiber 56 2 Ch Stargazer s Belle Starr... Kristine A. Hagen PUPPY & VETERAN SWEEPSTAKES: KATIE CAMPBELL CONFORMATION: JERALDEEN CRANDALL BEST PUPPY IN SWEEPS PUPPY SWEEPSTAKES JUDGE Katie Campbell BEST PUPPY... Klassic s Yuara Hoot BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX... AB-Rafiki The Icon of Cool PUPPY DOG 6-9 MOS 22 1-BOS AB-Rafiki The Icon of Cool... Kim Witt 62 2 Klassic s Toot Your Horn...Sue Kite Jeff Gillespie 79 3 Sugrshaq s Prince Rahib...Ruth Trunita Miller 35 4 AB-Rafiki Cool Million...Janet Ketz Lou Ketz BRED-BY EXHIBITOR DOG 11 1 AB-Rafiki Rebirth of Cool...Wanda Pooley 43 2 Flutesong s Day Tripper... Nancy Craigie 38 3 Kasendo-TuTu Wild Fire Blaze n...kathryn Boyd Elda Cross 23 4 Joy-Us Fire On the Mountain...Susan Joyner PUPPY BITCH 6-9 MOS 49 1 Rafiki s Heart and Soul...Michelle Gahgan 39 2 Kasendo s Desperate Housewife...Kathryn Boyd Elda Cross 31 3 Sonbar s Photogenic Pick...Sally Wuornos Kari Wuornos Winger 28 4 Baruh Testament to Hoo...Linda Pence Brad Phifer BRED-BY EXHIBITOR BITCH 63 1-BP Klassic s Yuara Hoot...Sue Kite Jeff Gillespie 50 2 AB Rafiki s Calm Cool and Collected...Michelle Gahgan 24 3 Joy-Us Stella D oro...susan Joyner BEST OPPOSITE SEX PUPPY IN SWEEPS BEST VETERAN IN SWEEPS RESERVE WINNERS DOG BEST OPPOSITE SEX VETERAN IN SWEEPS RESERVE WINNERS BITCH The Basenji Club of America Inc. BULLETIN - 50

53 BEST OF BREED...Ch Hacker s Hyde and Zeke JC BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX... Ch AB-SS Follow the Money BEST OF WINNERS...Rafiki s Darkest Before the Dawn WINNERS DOG... Laurel Sashalia Tajiamiri RESERVE WINNERS DOG... AB-Rafiki The Icon of Cool WINNERS BITCH...Rafiki s Darkest Before the Dawn RESERVE WINNERS BITCH... Klassic s Yuara Hoot BEST BRED-BY EXHIBITOR... Klassic s Yuara Hoot PUPPY DOG 6-9 MOS 33 1 Sonbar s Powerful Pacesetter...Sally Wuornos Kari Wuornos Winger Flutesong s Day Tripper...Nancy Craigie SugrShaq-Ankhu No Holds Barred...Caryn J. Jones Michael P. Jones AB-Rafiki Cool Under Fire... Wanda Pooley DOG MOS Sonbar Dann Breaknall The Rules...Sally Wuornos Laura Caldwell Tambuzi Jetset to Jerlin... Linda Ehlers BRED-BY EXHIBITOR - DOG WD Laurel Sashalia Tajiamiri...Laura Mae Hesse Mary E. Simmons Sonbar s Noteworthy Newsman... Sally Wuornos Kari Wuornos Winger Jerlin s Double O Seven... Linda Ehlers Kasendo-TuTu Wild Fire Blaze n... Kathryn Boyd Elda Cross AMERICAN BRED - DOG Baruh-Hoo Takes The Cake...John Siverson Diana McCarty OPEN BLACK/WHITE DOG 66.. ABS Vinaka s Three-D World Atlas... Dennis Trautman Cathy Trautman OPEN BLACK/TAN/WHITE DOG RWD AB-Rafiki The Icon of Cool... Kim Witt Sonbar s Natural Novelty... Sally Wuornos Kari Wuornos Winger Zande Feruzi...Sylvia Lofrano Blue Notes Take Five... Holly Hamilton Joell Coltrane OPEN RED/WHITE DOG Sonbar s Phoolish Pleasure at Cumback...Joseph R. Tomey Cathy Tomey PUPPY BITCH 6-9 MOS Baruh Testament to Hoo... Linda Pence Brad Phifer Rafiki s Heart and Soul... Michelle Gahgan Sonbar s Photogenic Pick... Sally Wuornos Kari Wuornos Winger BRED-BY EXHIBITOR - BITCH RWB/BBE Klassic s Yuara Hoot... Sue Kite Jeff Gillespie Jerlin s Arietta... Linda Ehlers Laurel B Ki Savvy Savannah... Laura Mae Hesse AB Easy Does It... Wanda Pooley AMERICAN BRED - BITCH Sargent s Screaming Trouble... Billie Sargent OPEN BLACK/WHITE BITCH Teazer Khani s Fearless Boogie... Norma Frank John Frank OPEN BLACK/TAN/WHITE BITCH WB/BOW Rafiki s Darkest Before the Dawn... Michelle Gahgan Briden s Pinstriped PossumCarole Kirk...Denise Vertrees OPEN BRINDLE/WHITE BITCH White Wind FR Flies on the Butter...Kristine A. Hagen OPEN RED/WHITE BITCH AB Kenya Kaching...Wanda Pooley Denise Smith Sonbar s Indigo Ice...Pat Wand Sally Wuornos Heartfire True Gossip of A-C...Sylvia Lofrano MIJOKR S Ampersand... Diana McCarty Kristen McCarty VETERAN DOG 10 & OVER Chujos Aramis Nick SC... Holly Hamilton Matt Monroe Ch Jerlin s Bosalo Mongo of TuTu JC... Elda R Cross Tom Cross Ch Sonbar s Brite GenuineOrignial... Laura Caldwell Sally Wuornos & Pat Bright Sonbar s Magic Leonardo, CD, JC, MX, MXJ, AX-P...Pat Wand VETERAN BITCH 10 & OVER Ch Kibushi Neverminds New World JC...Karla Schreiber BEST OF BREED 14.. Ch Ankhu Steel Magnolia...Caryn J. Jones Michael P. Jones 64.. BOB Ch Hacker s Hyde and Zeke JC... Terry Lemberger Lisa Lemberger 34.. BOS Ch AB-SS Follow the Money... Wanda Pooley STUD DOG Ch Jerlin s Braveheart... Linda Ehlers BROOD BITCH Ch AB-SS Follow the Money... Wanda Pooley Ch Klassic s Tooty Toot Toot... Sue Kite Jeff Gillespie Ch Serengeti Joy-Us Pennyroyal, JC... Susan Joyner WINNERS BITCH/BOW BEST OF BREED BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX WINNERS DOG The Basenji Club of America Inc. BULLETIN - 51

54 Basenji Club Of Northern California - Saturday 05/20/2006 PUPPY SWEEPSTAKES - JUDGE: Mr. Troy J. Shadbolt 12 to 18 Months Dogs. 1/BSSW 7 EMERANT S THE NAVIGATOR.... Lisa R Hart & Bryce Hart KINETIC S ENCHANTED KNIGHT JC.... Deborah Voss & Lisa Voss KAZOR S WARRIOR SHAKA.... Linda Galan KAROSEL S COLT FORTYFIVE. Douglas Bright & Connie Bright & Donna J Lubbe. 6 to 9 Months Bitches. 1/BOSSW 58 ARUBMEC S TRI-BEKKA.... Marilyn Madsen & Patricia Scanlon. 12 to 18 Months Bitches KINETIC SOURCERY.... Lisa Voss & Samuel Stump VETERAN SWEEPSTAKES, JUDGE: Mr. Troy J. Shadbolt 7 Years & Under 9 Years Dogs DC SHERWOOD S IN THE NICK OF TIME SC RN.... Lisa Voss. 9 Years & Under 11 Years Dogs. 1/BOSVS 11 DC KHANI S BENNY N THE JETS SC.. Kathy Britton & Emily Britton & Connie Paulsen DC TANZA S TEGO.... Jeff Sheldon & Pat Fragassi. 7 Years & Under 9 Years Bitches CH ZURI S JOKA OF JAMAA JC... Jeff Sheldon & Ken & Marilyn Leighton 3 42 JAMLA S RAPTOR AT SHENDARI SC....Judy Stahl., Hayward 1 54 CH SHIKA S MISTY DANCER....Edward J & Joni Boese. 9 Years & Under 11 Years Bitches CH ZURI S MATUKO SC...Donna Troyna & M Hutchinson & M Leighton. 11 Years & Under 13 Years Bitches. 1/BVSW 50 CH ARUBMEC S AUTUMN SERENADE....Rae Johns. REGULAR CONFORMATION Mr. Charles A. BagnellI Puppy, 6 to 9 Months Dogs ARUBMEC S ALEXANDER...Dorothea Gilardi & Joseph Embry & Patricai Cembura 12 to 18 Months Dogs KAROSEL S COLT FORTYFIVE. Douglas Bright & Connie Bright & Donna J Lubbe. 2 9 EMERANT S BARNSTORMER... Stephanie Jones & Todd Jones. Bred by Exhibitor Dogs. 1/RWD 7 EMERANT S THE NAVIGATOR.... Lisa R Hart & Bryce Hart 2 39 TAILWIND DP ROCKETS RED GLARE....Julie Leicht. Open, Black and White Dogs BUSHBABIES BLACK AXE.... Jeff Schettler & Judy Schettler KINETIC S ENCHANTED KNIGHT JC... Deborah Voss & Lisa Voss Open, Brindle and White Dogs DEVILS PEAK TW CALL OF DUTY.. Jennifer Miller & Shelby Miller & M Cortez & C Austin. Open, Red and White Dogs. 1/WD 33 FOPAWS ATARASI MAKESUWONDER.... Kevin Leimback & Therese Leimback & Jordan Reed KAZOR S WARRIOR SHAKA..... Linda Galan. 3 9 EMERANT S BARNSTORMER.... Stephanie Jones & Todd Jones 4 49 KAZOR S AUTUMN HIJINX JC....Barbara Sauceda & Carol A Webb BASENJIS. Puppy, 6 to 9 Months Bitches ARUBMEC S TRI-BEKKA.... Marilyn Madsen & Patricia Scanlon 12 to 18 Months Bitches MEISTERHAUS VERY ERIN BARKOVICH. Patricia A Hoffer & A Tad Brooks 2 14 KINETIC SOURCERY.... Lisa Voss & Samuel Stump. The Basenji Club of America Inc. BULLETIN - 52 Bred by Exhibitor Bitches. 1/W/BOW 48 TAJI S MARGARITA WITH SALT.... Katie Campbell ZURI S RUBII SKY JC....Pat Hoffer & Donna Troyna 3 30 TAILWIND DP LET FREEDOM RING. Brenda Leicht & Julie Leicht & Martina Cortez. Open, Red and White Bitches. 1/RWB 46 ARUBMEC S AIM HIGH.... Lisa Baker & P E Cembura 2 28 KAZOR S GOOD KARMA AT FOPAWS.... Kevin Leimback & Therese Leimback & Carol Webb Veteran, 7 Years & Under 10 Years Dogs. 1/AOM 31 TERRARUST S MY-TYM TO APPEAL. Kevin Leimback & Therese Leimback & Patrick Allison 2 11 DC KHANI S BENNY N THE JETS SC.... Kathy Britton & Emily Britton & Connie Paulsen DC TANZA S TEGO.... Jeff Sheldon & Pat Fragassi Veteran, 7 Years & Under 10 Years Bitches CH SHIKA S MISTY DANCER....Edward J & Joni Boese 2 40 CH ZURI S JOKA OF JAMAA JC... Jeff Sheldon & Ken & Marilyn Leighton 3 42 JAMLA S RAPTOR AT SHENDARI SC.... Judy Stahl Veteran, 10 Years & Under 13 Years Bitches CH ZURI S MATUKO SC....Donna Troyna & M Hutchinson & M Leighton 2 50 CH ARUBMEC S AUTUMN SERENADE....Rae Johns. Field Trial Bitches FC KAROSEL S PISTOL PACKEN KATE. Connie L Bright & Douglas Bright DC ZURI S SHADA LA CHIENNE NIKITA SC... Donna Troyna & M Hutchinson & M Leighton Best of Breed Competition. BOS 23 CH ARUBMEC S TITUS.... Michael Martin & Linda Martin BOB 24 CH JASIRI-SUKARI CONGO-LEEZZA RICE. R & P Lopez & K Toohey & H & K Jones AOM 32 CH KHANI S WRITTEN IN THE STARS....Connie & Jerry Paulsen & Kathy Britton. JUNIOR SHOWMANSHIP COMPETITION JUDGE: Mr. Charles A. Bagnell Open Intermediate. 1/BJ 6 CH KHANI S ACHTUNG BABY JC.... Shelby Miller Open Senior. 1 7 CH SHIKA S PIPER CUB.... Rebecca Boese Obedience Competition Judge: Alvin Eng Novice B 173 O2 CH Tanza s Almazi Madini CD,RN,CGC...Ann Paterson-Hine High Scoring In Trial O2 Rally Competition - Judge: Alvin Eng Rally Novice A 75 R2 DC Sherwood s In The Nick Of Time SC....Lisa Voss First: R2 Rally Novice B 8 R4 Arubmec s Sweet Seth... Michael & Linda Martin 93 R7 CH Tanza s Almazi Madini CD,RN,CGC...Ann Paterson-Hine 83 R CH Jamaa-Tanza Makindu,JC,RN HP Brenda Phillips & Jeff Sheldon First: R7 Second: R4 Third: R9

55 Friday 05/26/06 JUDGE: Mr. Joseph R. Tomey Basenji Club Of Cincinnati Hamilton, OH Friday 05/26/06 Saturday 05/27/06 Puppy, 6 to 9 Months Dogs. 1/W/BW 41 AB-RAFIKI THE ICON OF COOL.... Kim Witt 2 19 KLASSIC S TOOT YOUR HORN.... Sue Kite & Jeffrey Gillespie 3 15 AB-RAFIKI COOL UNDER FIRE.... Wanda K Pooley 4 11 KARNAKS MYSTICAL MOON UNIT.... Karen Hutchison Bred by Exhibitor Dogs. 1/RD 9 MEISTERHAUS VITA NUOVA.... A Tad Brooks & Joseph A Hurt 2 31 MARIAH S EMERALD KNIGHT.... Christopher & Maria Clecak 3 29 AB-RAFIKI REBIRTH OF COOL.... Wanda K Pooley 4 17 SIGNET EXPLICIT WILD OATS....Brenda J Cassell Open, Black, Tan, and White Dogs KLASSIC S DUSTIN THE WIND....Tom Hagen Open, Brindle and White Dogs POSSUM CREEK S WILD AMBITION.... Carole Kirk Open, Red and White Dogs MEISTERHAUS VALIANT JOE LEE....Rolland Terrell & A Tad Brooks. Puppy, 6 to 9 Months Bitches. 1/RB 22 KLASSIC S YUARA HOOT.... Sue Kite & Jeffrey Gillespie 2 24 AB RAFIKIS CALM COOL AND COLLECTED.... Michelle Gahgan 12 to 18 Months Bitches MEISTERHAUS VISIONARY....Kathy L Caton & Tim Huff & Thomas Meade II 2 12 QUERCUS SELECT INCANDESCENT. Andrea & Tim Walters & Tracy Leonard DVM. Bred by Exhibitor Bitches. 1/WB 52 SONBAR SIGNET LIGHTFOOT LILLY....Brenda J Cassell Open, Black and White Bitches JERLIN S LUNAR ECLIPSE.... Bethany Redo Open, Black, Tan, and White Bitches BRIDEN S PINSTRIPPED POSSUM.... Carole Kirk & Denise Vertrees Open, Brindle and White Bitches. 1 8 SUBLIME CHIYA ALMOST HEV N WV.... Bethany Redo & Stephenie Cheng & Rick Christensen. Open, Red and White Bitches KAZOR S NOT JUST A PRETTY FACE.... Sharron M Schmidgall & Carol A Webb Veteran, 7 Years & Over Dogs CH SELECT QUERCUS RUBRA....A & T Walters & T Leonard. Veteran, 7 Years & Over Bitches CH RENEGADE S OBSTINATE FOLLY.... Cherri & Len Johnsen Best of Breed Competition. BOB 35 CH MEISTERHAUS POLITICALLY CORRECT. Tim V Huff & A Tad Brooks & Joseph Hurt & C Camp. BOS 48 CH ARENDAHL S CARNIVAL NIGHT... Lisa & Amy Marshall Saturday 05/27/2006 PUPPY SWEEPSTAKES JUDGE: Mrs. Iris M. Craven BASENJIS. Sweepstakes, Puppy, 6 to 9 Months Dogs. 1/BSW 41 AB-RAFIKI THE ICON OF COOL....Kim Witt 2 15 AB-RAFIKI COOL UNDER FIRE.... Wanda K Pooley 3 11 KARNAKS MYSTICAL MOON UNIT.... Karen Hutchison 4 47 MEISTERHAUS XECUTIVE DECISION.... Lou DiBello & A Tad Brooks. Junior, 12 to 18 Months Dogs. 1 7 SIGNET EXPLICIT WILD OATS....Brenda J Cassell 2 23 MEISTERHAUS VALIANT JOE LEE....Rolland Terrell & A Tad Brooks 3 31 MARIAH S EMERALD KNIGHT. Christopher & Maria Clecak Puppy, 6 to 9 Months Bitches. 1/BOSSW 22 KLASSIC S YUARA HOOT....Sue Kite & Jeffrey Gillespie 2 24 AB RAFIKIS CALM COOL AND COLLECTED.... Michelle Gahgan I HOPE YOU DANCE IN THE JUNGLE....Suzi J Clark 4 28 SELECT INSIDE THE BOX....Tracy Leonard DVM & Jeffrey Leonard PE. Junior, 12 to 18 Months Bitches QUERCUS SELECT INCANDESCENT. Andrea & Tim Walters & Tracy Leonard DVM MEOSTERHAUS UPSIE DAISY.... Lou DiBello & A Tad Brooks. CONFORMATION JUDGE: Mr. Jon K. Curby Puppy, 6 to 9 Months Dogs. 1/RD 41 AB-RAFIKI THE ICON OF COOL....Kim Witt 2 47 MEISTERHAUS XECUTIVE DECISION.... Lou DiBello & A Tad Brooks 3 21 KLASSIC S GIT R DONE.... Pamela Peterson 4 19 KLASSIC S TOOT YOUR HORN....Sue Kite & Jeffrey Gillespie Bred by Exhibitor Dogs. 1/W 31 MARIAH S EMERALD KNIGHT.... Christopher & Maria Clecak 2 17 SIGNET EXPLICIT WILD OATS.... Brenda J Cas 3 9 MEISTERHAUS VITA NUOVA.... A Tad Brooks & Joseph A Hurt sell 4 29 AB-RAFIKI REBIRTH OF COOL.... Wanda K Pooley Open, Black, Tan, and White Dogs KLASSIC S DUSTIN THE WIND....Tom Hagen Open, Red and White Dogs MEISTERHAUS VALIANT JOE LEE....Rolland Terrell & A Tad Brooks. Puppy, 6 to 9 Months Bitches. 1/RB 24 AB RAFIKIS CALM COOL AND COLLECTED.... Michelle Gahgan 2 22 KLASSIC S YUARA HOOT....Sue Kite & Jeffrey Gillespie SELECT INSIDE THE BOX....Tracy Leonard DVM & Jeffrey Leonard PE SIENNA S ONE FINE DAY....Loanne & Mike & Michelle Miller Puppy, 9 to 12 Months Bitches TAMSALA PANDEMONIUM....AT Brooks & Joseph A Hurt & Bilys E Blair-Bain 12 to 18 Months Bitches MEISTERHAUS VISIONARY.... Kathy L Caton & Tim Huff & Thomas Meade II 2 26 MEOSTERHAUS UPSIE DAISY.... Lou DiBello & A Tad Brooks 3 12 QUERCUS SELECT INCANDESCENT.... Andrea & Tim Walters & Tracy leonard DVM., Swanton Bred by Exhibitor Bitches I HOPE YOU DANCE IN THE JUNGLE....Suzi J Clark 2 20 EPIC TRI MY BEST JC.... Becky Blansett & Elizabeth Wiley Open, Black and White Bitches. 1/W/BW 14 JERLIN S LUNAR ECLIPSE.... Bethany Redo Open, Black, Tan, and White Bitches BRIDEN S PINSTRIPPED POSSUM.... Carole Kirk & Denise Vertrees Open, Brindle and White Bitches REVEILLE LINE-UP FOR TOMJO....James E Berry & Ric Wright 2 8 SUBLIME CHIYA ALMOST HEV N WV.... Bethany Redo & Stephenie Cheng & Rick Christensen Open, Red and White Bitches KAZOR S NOT JUST A PRETTY FACE.... Sharron M Schmidgall & Carol A Webb 2 56 NEW WORLD WILD AGE.... Karla A Schreiber Veteran, 7 Years & Over Dogs CH SELECT QUERCUS RUBRA....A & T Walters & T Leonard Veteran, 7 Years & Over Bitches. 1/OS 38 RENEGADE S OBSTINATE FOLLY.... Cherri & Len Johnsen 2 40 DC KLASSIC GEBEEP HAKUNA MATATA SC....Suzi J Clark Best of Breed Competition. BOB 35 CH MEISTERHAUS POLITICALLY CORRECT. Tim V Huff & A Tad Brooks & Joseph Hurt & C Camp JUNIOR SHOWMANSHIP COMPETITION JUDGE: Mr. Joseph R. Tomey Open Junior. 1 8 MEISTERHAUS VISIONARY.... Thomas Meade II Open Intermediate. 1/BJ 6 EPIC TRI MY BEST JC.... Elizabeth Wiley The Basenji Club of America Inc. BULLETIN - 53

56 CLUB COLUMNS By Lisa Marshall HotteR than Blazes! I know the Midwest isn t the only part of country in the middle of a heat wave, but wow, it s hot here! We had our annual club fun day on Sunday, July 16 at South Beloit City Park, South Beloit, Wisconsin on a day when the actual temperature hit the upper 90s and the heat index (created by meteorologists to make us feel even more miserable?) hit 110 F. The heat kept some people at home in the air conditioning, but we still had a good turnout. The park has many big shade trees plus we have use of a covered pavilion in which to set up our lunch. With a nice breeze, it was surprisingly pleasant. We filled a kiddie pool with 80 pounds of ice to plunk the dogs in periodically. Karla Schreiber set up a very short lure-coursing loop for a quick practice, but mostly we all sat in the shade, eating Wanda Pooley s home made fried chicken, fresh fruit, salads, and other pot luck goodies! Our annual specialty closed on Wednesday, July 12 with a good entry of 70 dogs representing 103 entries. The high gas prices aren t keeping people home. We are pleased the basenji entry for the Saturday (BCOSW supported entry) and Sunday Waukesha Kennel Club shows held nicely. Look for BCOSW specialty results in this issue. Kudos to the 2006 National specialty committee for their terrific fundraising efforts. Specialty chair Bill McCann sent some 2007 calendars - African Discoveries The Michael Work Collection, and New Wrinkles in Thyme, a basenji fanciers cookbook for me to sell. I brought them to the fun day and sold em all. Another batch should arrive in time for our specialty. Stay cool! Greater Chicagoland Basenji Club By Arnieta Kurtz On June 17 the GCBC held it s 32 nd annual Specialty and Sweepstakes. Although the entry was down somewhat, five-point majors were awarded in both sexes. The results are posted in this issue. Once again we were at the Lake County Fairgrounds, but we are becoming less than satisfied with this site. There is an all-breed show on Friday and an all-breed show on Sunday. On Saturday there are many The Basenji Club of America Inc. BULLETIN - 54 specialties, both on the grounds and in all directions in the Chicago area. On Saturday the grounds belong to the Great Lakes Terrier Association. They allow us to be on the same grounds (after many years of not allowing other breeds) but they take precedence, and even collect a parking fee from all exhibitors and the other showgiving clubs. This year many of the terriers were also having N a t i o n a l S p e c i a l t i e s ( t h o u g h many of their Nationals did not draw as many as our local specialty) which necessitated less space for other breeds. So, instead of having our own small building we shared a building with 92 Papillons and 26 Old English Sheepdogs. We were squashed in the middle. basenji exhibitors are very flexible. We were a bit crowded, but did provide some crating room and still were able to have a nice auction and some room for sale items. The auction did

57 well thanks to some lovely d o n a t i o n s. Unfortunately food is becoming an issue on this site. We usually provide coffee and doughnuts in the morning. We purchase the coffee from the fairgrounds, so this is not an issue. However, with so many people with other breeds passing back and forth it was decided that free coffee would not be a good idea. We also usually put out snack items in the early afternoon. Since we do not charge for them they have been overlooked, but this year the fairgrounds cracked down. They have a cafeteria and would like everyone to buy their food there. We also were not able to provide our usual b a s e n j i c a k e. However, the show proceeded smoothly, w i t h m e m b e r s pitching in w h e r e v e r needed. The next day was a BCOA supported entry. There were 31 basenjis entered an entry larger than many breeds, including terriers. However, the superintendent had scheduled us to show OUTSIDE! Luckily our intrepid show secretary managed to persuade the head of the Chain O Lakes club to open a building that, for no known reason, is never used though paid for. He was able to persuade the superintendent to put two rings in that building. So, when the heavens opened up during basenji judging we were nice and dry in a building. It appears that we will be at the same location again next year, as the fairgrounds will not be moving yet. However, plans are afoot to make it unnecessary to rely on the terriers allowing us on their grounds. We hope all negotiations go well and we will be able to try something special in Is your club s column among the missing?? A space is the next issue is waiting to be filled with club news Basenji Fanciers of Greater Phoenix By Arnieta Kurtz The first Sunday in June found members of the BF of GP gathering for the annual awards party. It was held at the home of Flo Havens. Hotdogs, hamburgers and beverages were provided. Jennifer Brody worked the grill. Everyone attending brought either side dishes or desserts to share. Doggie bags of leftovers were sent home with attendees. Following lunch the awards for 2005 were given out. The first ever Lifetime Memberships were given to Bev and Glenn Bland for 33 years of service to the breed and club. The Junior Showmanship Award went to Jocelyn Brody. She shows Buddy Nowatta s I Did It Again, JC. Three dogs owned by club members finished their AKC championships in Ch. Sulou s Venus Venture and Ch. Zindika s Sly Anubie are owned by Susan Howard and Louise Neal. Ch. Furaha s Joy-Us Nafasi is owned by Arnieta Kurtz and GCBC member Sue Joyner. The club has now held two lure coursing practices, one in June and one in July. They have been held on Saturday mornings, from 6:00 to 8:00 a.m. The dogs have been running in a fenced field at a local school. If we finish by 8:00 it is before the heat of the day, and before any other group needs the field. Both practices have drawn at least a dozen basenjis with attendant owners. Members are learning to use the equipment and dogs have been learning about chasing those plastic bags. Some of the dogs have already been coursing, but many are new to this game. It has been fun for all. There will be one more practice this summer, in August. The current focus of the club is preparing for our sixth annual specialty show and sweepstakes. It will be held on November 24. (See our ad in this issue.) Though this is being written in July, November will be here before we know it. Puppy and senior sweepstakes will be judged by Sue Joyner, Joy-Us Basenjis. The conformation and junior showmanship classes will be judged by Suzanne Dillin of Texas. This year we will be at a new site on the west side of town, Empty Acres Equestrian Park. Trophies will be Egyptian themed. There will be coffee and doughnuts on the morning of the specialty for exhibitors, and a delicious lunch will be provided by the club. Dinner following the show is being planned, so think about joining us at a local restaurant to visit and talk BASENJIS! We will be having a silent auction with lots of wonderful basenji stuff! The specialty is on Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, followed by two days of all-breed shows. The Saturday Sahuaro K. C. basenji classes are being sponsored by the Basenji Club of America. Club members will be joining together for a Thanksgiving Feast. Friends who will be arriving early for the show are invited to join us. So, think about spending Thanksgiving weekend in sunny Phoenix. The Basenji Club of America Inc. BULLETIN - 55

58 Indian Nations First Specialty Really Special by Sandy Beaudoin INBC (Indian Nations Basenji Club) is having its first conformation specialty on November 2, 2006 in Tulsa, OK. Long considered a coursing club, with an enviable reputation for running first rate events, the club decided it was time to spread its wings and become as versatile as the little dogs we all own and love. With its reputation for excellence on the line, INBC has gone all out to produce the best local specialty possible. The first consideration was judges, and in that regard the group believes it would be hard pressed to find a better combination. Dorothy Hutchinson will judge regular classes, and Wanda Pooley will peruse the sweeps entries. Dorothy was a unanimous pick of the many judges available to us, and there was little argument when Wanda s name was proposed for sweeps. We hope the potential exhibitors will be just as pleased. Along with top notch judges and a multiple show weekend, INBC is honoring Shirley Jones, whose loss affected many people in the breed, but is most grievously felt in her home club. Shirley s art will be displayed on a variety of items relating to the specialty, including the goodie bags (whose extraordinary contents are as special as the specialty), catalog page and trophies. The first place trophy in all regular classes (except veteran s where it is offered as a second place, being upstaged by custom desk clocks) and in sweeps for best puppy dog and bitch and best veteran dog and bitch, is a genuine bone letter opener decorated with Shirley s art (pictured). This is a custom designed, one of a kind edition that should be incentive to enter that one extra dog just to have another chance to win one. The club is very proud to offer such a unique trophy. Shirley s favorite classes were the veterans. INBC is honoring her memory and love for the old timers by offering the Hoo Trophy ( Hoo was Shirley s kennel name), a perpetual trophy to be awarded to the best veteran in regular classes at the INBC Specialty. As with the bone letter openers, the Hoo Trophy is also custom designed, a one of a kind wall hanging featuring Shirley s art. Each winner will also be presented with a small plaque replica of the design when the trophy itself is returned each year. An added plus for this great weekend of shows is a blood draw for the Canine Phenome Project on Friday. Details TBA. We believe this to be the only one currently planned for the southcentral part of the country. Qualified, experienced basenji people will be doing the actual draw. INBC hopes everyone will take advantage of this opportunity. Another reason to come to Tulsa! November is a wonderful time in the State of Oklahoma, so dust off those veterans, put the finishing touches on the pups and come on down, or up, as the case may be. The basenji specialty will be with a combined specialty group on Thursday evening preceding three all breed shows Friday, Saturday and Sunday so Willamette Valley Basenji Club By Connie Paulsen The Basenji Club of America Inc. BULLETIN - 56 We are sitting here baking the temperature outside is 98 degrees F with an expected high of 104 today. We are all extremely happy that our specialty was last weekend and the weather was not this stifling sunshine. We are northwesterners and we like the clouds, and the rain that keeps our part of the country pretty and green, and smelling nice. Our lure trial was the middle of June, and we had two days this year. The entry was smaller, and the field was in great condition and with that in mind we had an excellent trial. No problems with the lure machine, and everyone was happy, except for those of us who had basenjis that felt they would rather do something other than chase the lure! Last weekend, July 14, we held our annual specialty. Due to the new AKC Cluster rules, the Brush Prairie cluster went from 5 all breed shows in 2005 down to two, only on Sat. and Sun. And earlier in the year, we learned that there was a conflict between the Kennel Clubs and the local businesses that put on an Air Show. The kennel clubs ended up moving the two all breed shows to the State Fairgrounds in Salem. Numerous breed clubs chose not to follow them, and held independent specialties, off site. WVBC was one of those clubs. Julie Leicht works for the City of Gresham, and found us a lovely park in Gresham where we could hold our specialty. There was a covered shelter for our BBQ, a playground for the children, and plenty of trees to help keep the heat at bay. We liked the site enough that we are hoping to be able to hold our specialty there next year. The only drawback is that we cannot really hold obedience there because there are so many ducks, and we figure that could be an unfair distraction to a basenji. The Air Show was also held last weekend located across the street from the Washington County Fairgrounds where the Brush Prairie Dog Shows were previously held. We feel it was luck that intervened and we were not on the grounds this year. On Sunday afternoon, at 4:30 pm, one of the jets in the Air Show crashed into a house just blocks from there. It was a disaster and would have been a mess trying to get it out of the Fairgrounds. Right now, WVBC members are taking a little break; we get to go exhibit at the EBC Specialty and we don t have to do the work. We will attend a few shows, then start planning our January Specialty to be held in conjunction with the Rose City Classic. Our Sweepstakes Judge is Mr. John Gaidos, [Teazer s Basenjis] from Hawaii, and our Breed Judge is Mrs. Theresa Gavaletz, [Bushbabies Basenjis] from California. Please make plans to attend. There will be four All-Breed Dog Shows. Don t forget to strip test your basenjis. Good Luck in the Ring. CONNIE PAULSEN Indian Nations (Continued)n there will be plenty of points for the youngsters. For premium lists, contact Jack Onofrio, , or check com. Entries for all shows close October 18, 2006.

59 Basenji Club of Northern California From Pat Fragassi, Secretary It has been a busy couple of months for the Basenji Club of Northern California Our new Officers and Board of Directors for 2006/2007 President: Lisa Voss Vice President: Parry Tallmadge Secretary: Pat Fragassi Treasurer: Troy Shadbolt Directors: Donna Troyna, Angie Lindsey, Pat Hoffer On May 20 st we had our Spring Specialty we had a great entry, lots of good friends visiting and showing. Big thanks to everyone that supported our Specialty. Our Judges were Troy Shadbolt for Sweeps (and he will tell you that the Veteran Class were just the BEST!) Regular Classes and Jrs: Chuck Bagnell Regular Classes BOB Ch Jasiri-Sukari Congo-Leeza Rice BOS Ch Arubmec s Titus AOM Ch Khanis Written In The Stars & Terrarust s My-Tym To Appeal (From the Veteran Class) WD - Fopaws Atarasi Makesuwonder (4pt major) RWD Emerant s The Navigator WB & BOW Taji s Margarita With Salt (4pt major and New Champion) RWB Arubmec s Aim High Best Jr. - Shelby Miller/ Ch Khani s Achtung Baby, JC Winners at our puppy match: Best Puppy In Match Squawcreek s Jabari Ti-Rifiki Chris O Rear Best Opp Puppy Bushbabies Squawcreek LapDancer HT Terri Gavaletz Rally Qualify Score: Kontobi s Ti-Louise On June 4 th the Basenji Club of Northern California held an AKC all breed Lure test and trial. We had a great basenji turnout and split 5pt major stakes in Open. BOB DC Arubmec s Wooded Tiger,SC Open A Kinetic s Enchanted Knight (5pts) Ch Zuri s Ti-Asabii SC (3pts) Eldorado s Yodeling Moon God, RN JC NAJ (2pts) Open B Eldorado s Y s African Sinbaji, RA JC (5pts) Ch Rugosa Rosenkavalier, JC (3pts) Hugo s Victorious Hunter, SC (2pts) Specials DC Arubmec s Wooded Tiger, SC DC Arubmec s Saturn Sattelite, SC FC Zuri s Pennii, SC Veterans DC Zuri s Shada La Chienne Nikita,SC Ch Zuri s Matuko,SC DC Sherwood s In The Nick Of Time,RN,SC Upcoming events. The black and white stuffed basenji toys have finally arrived. They had been stuck in customs hanging out in Hawaii but will start to ship July 29, Hopefully before the end of the year we will be ready to go with the Brindle model to complete the set Sweeps Best Puppy Emerant s The Navigator Best Opp Puppy Arubmec s Tri-Bekka Best Veteran Ch Arubmec s Autumn Serenade Best Opp Veteran Ch Khanis Benny N The Jets On June 3, 2006 we had our annual Puppy Match and along with that this year we had a blood draw for the CPC Program. Both were a smashing success! The support and donation of their time from The Livermore Veterinary Hospital this would not have been possible. Thank you to Dr. Jerry Bird and Dr. Larry Tischer, along with Three Vet Techs (along with our own Vet Tech, Chris O Rear) for your dedication to animal care and supporting our effects to find a DNA marker for many genetic problems! Also thanks needs to be given to Troy Shadbolt who planned, organized, staged, packed, mailed you name it. All ran smoothly and was like a little assembly line! When all was said and done 51 samples were sent. We were also able to provide lots of things learned to other groups planning Blood Draws. October 21, 2006 Basenji Club of Northern California Fall Specialty, Pleasanton California Visit for information. December 2 & 3 rd Lure Coursing, Livermore. ASFA and AKC all breed The Basenji Club of America Inc. BULLETIN - 57

60 Rip Van Wrinkle Basenji Club by Susan Kamen-Marsicano The Rip Van Wrinkle Basenji Club had its 10th Annual Specialty Match, but with a different twist. Instead of doing agility and Rally-Obed with our our breed & fun classes, we combined with the Hudson River Valley Hounds Association s AKC Sanctioned Lure Coursing A Match. This was at Gayle Bontecou s in Clinton Corners, NY, which is a truly fabulous estate. support the clubs and got very wet. THANK YOU! Fortunately, we didn t get wet until lunchtime, so the trial was run under cool conditions with an overcast sky and a nice breeze, and the JCs got to play in the mud! MUDDY, wet, Rip Van Wrinkle Club THANK YOUS to: Our Judge, Sue Schulz, who really has a knack for running these affairs, and making everyone relaxed and happy. Mary Beth Printsky, our chief ring steward. Lotte Schaeffer Hotaling for creating MALIKA BAYO, the greatest doll in the world, who was won by Peggy Pick Sutton. Jacquie Cookingham for donating 3 handmade bracelets to our raffle, won by Gayle Bontecou, Mary Beth Printsky, & Chey Miller GREAT NEWS! AKC accepted our lure coursing match. HRVHA is now licensed to hold AKC lure trials in the Hudson Valley. We will use a larger of Gayle s fields. Stay tuned for the date, which should be in the spring of I was FTC and Lynn Kiaer, Cu Liath Deerhounds, FTS. Here s her report: Let me extend a very public thank you to the wonderful people who made our A match run so well: To Denise Como, who judged, mentored, taught, and got very wet. To Richard Whritenour, who judged, lure operated, mentored, taught, and got very wet. To Tracy Rudzitis, who lure operated, mentored, taught and got very wet. To Susan Marsicano, who field chaired, ran the Rip Van Wrinkle Basenji Club get-together, fed us all, and got very wet. To Gayle Bontecou, who owns the field, provided the mule and loaned us Josh, and got very wet. To Josh, whose last name I can t recall, who pitched in as needed (and was he ever needed!) and got very wet. To Karen Christensen, who set up the field, huntmastered, pitched in as needed, and got very wet. To Natalie Culver, who field clerked, pitched in as needed, and got very wet. To Tom DeLee, who set up the field, huntmastered, pitched in as needed, and got very wet. To Dottie Flood, who led the inspection team, collected practice monies, and got very wet. To Dominic Carota, who kept things moving in the paddock and got very wet. To Joanne Callahan and Anne Harlan, who field clerked and got very wet. I am sure that there is someone I forgot, and so when I think of him or her, I will thank them twice! And to all the exhibitors, club members, spectators (yes, there were quite a few) who brought your dogs and your selves out to The Basenji Club of America Inc. BULLETIN - 58 The WINNERS!! BPIM: Obike, owner Natalie Culver. BAIM: Laser, owner Karen Christensen. BOS: Molly, owner Carolyn Lee & Steve Garvey. Guy Noir won Musical Sits, 2nd Lulu, 3rd Lima, 4th Ian. Kato won Musical Downs, 2nd Caesar, 3rd Zahra. Zahra was a REPEAT Best Yodeler, Donald 2nd, Indy 3rd. Bud won Curliest Tail. 2nd Dash, 3rd Indy. Lima won Most Wrinkles, 2nd Indy, 3rd Ian, 4th Caesar. Lima won the Bambi Memorial Veggie Eating Award, 2nd Donald, 3rd Indy, 4th Dash, 5th Caesar. BUT Lima just had to relinquish her award to BUD, who ate ALL the veggies that were left! GO BUD! He is 15 1/2. Lima ALSO won the Costume Class. Persistent, isn t she! Lure Coursing Results: Ba- Basenjis: Open 1/BOB Apu Lima Lou Beanie JC 2 Apu Bella di Cerignola SC 3 FC Apu Sir Laserlot MC GRC 4 CH Apu Must Be The Money SC Special 1 FC Apu The Answer SC FCh SGRC 2 FC Apu Occhi Belli OA NAJ MC LCX CGC TDIA JC Passing: Ba Dirty Harry Callahan Ba AB Easy Going Harrison Ba Apu Nicco Bello Lee Garvey Ba Ab Molly Red Rider Ba Mata Haur Zahra of Zair They tried Ba Kato s Green Hornet Ba Apu Louise Brooks

61 HI-COUNTRY BASENJI CLUB by Pat Bird The Club has had a few activities in the last few months. Some of the members took a First Aid class (first aid for dogs) and found it fun as well as helpful. Unfortunately, there was no photographer in attendance. The practicing of mouth-to-snout resuscitation would have made a fun picture. In June, S a n d r a W a l k e r hosted a garage sale. It was a very successful sale as the p r o c e e d s t o t a l e d $500. In July there was a Getting The members feel that they can now use some of these techniques and start training their basenjis. In August we will have a potluck at our supported entry in Greeley. It is always fun to sit and talk with the people who have come to the show. In September we will have our annual Rescue Reunion which is a gathering of owners and the dogs they have rescued. Photo credits to Rick Christensen The Dallas-Fort Worth Basenji Club Started with Obedience Training session with a local trainer. One of the practice dogs was a show dog who was reluctant to sit or do a down. The trainer was very patient with him and he did finally sit and did one or two downs. She also worked with an 8-month-old puppy that was much more cooperative. The Basenji Club of America Inc. BULLETIN - 59 June is election month for our group, followed by a very slow summer season to wait out the inevitable Texas heat wave. By September we ll be back to business. We held our meeting at a local dog spot, The Pooch Patio in Dallas. Though everyone was encouraged to bring their basenjis only one was in attendance. Most of the members had to come directly from work and our meeting did not happen to coincide with National Take Your Dog to Work day. Several new member applications were read and subsequently approved during the following month s meeting. We hope they will all be hard workers to help prepare for the 2008 BCOA National Specialty. We are especially pleased to welcome back some returning applicants whose memberships had lapsed for a number of years. Their years of breed experience can only be a plus for our group. The new roster of officers for our operating year is as follows: President Karlene Schoonover Vice President Paul Pulsinelli Secretary Fran Medley Treasurer Linda Coker Membership Carl Tally Board Members Richard Hobbs, Kent Doughty

62 BAY STATE BASENJI CLUB by Bill McCann New Wrinkles in Thyme: A Basenji Fanciers Cookbook I am a packrat disguised as a collector. I collect a mixed bag of stuff, artwork, Sunday funnies, Japanese woodblock prints and picture books, and all kinds of other books, including cookbooks. The cookbooks are an odd mix. I love the great food writers like Elizabeth David and, my favorite, M. F. K. Fisher because they are very interesting observers of the world around them and are superb writers about a subject of interest to us all. We all know what we like to eat. David and Fisher have a lot to tell us about food and about ourselves. If we most often go to a cookbook because we want to look up a particular recipe or get an idea, we can just as often find ourselves lingering over this or that recipe or set of ingredients because of the fascinating things they tell us about other people in other places, today or in different times. Some of my favorite c o o k b o o k s are from the Depression era. Many of them are barely more than pamphlets, some from the Farm Bureau, but the best are from rural church groups. These cookbooks are a window on tough, hopeful communities making the best of it in hard times. In the toughest times, because humans are resourceful, the food can be delicious. In New Wrinkles in Thyme: A Basenji Fanciers Cookbook, Peg Grundman shares a delightful recipe reminiscent of that era, Appleless Apple Pie. When the Bay State Club began talking about how to raise money for the 2006 National, the idea of creating a cookbook was quickly adopted. We like to meet around food. At Bay State matches, it s always potluck, always abundant, always good. Competitive as we may be, diverse as our members are, independent as our opinions are on the dogs and the basenji issues of the day, the food we share unites us, nurtures our friendships and fuels our common efforts. At meetings in club members homes, our host The Basenji Club of America Inc. BULLETIN - 60 may do most or all of the cooking. We have had memorable meals cooked by - among others - Nikki debarros, our resident artist that debonair basenji in top hat and tails serving as our specialty logo is Nikki s creation and Pam Geoffroy, our Trophy Co-Chair (and very much the driving force and brains behind the 2006 specialty) and Rita Pontes, our Hospitality Co-Chair, Obedience and Rally Chair and the Editor of New Wrinkles in Thyme: A Basenji Fanciers Cookbook. So, with Rita leading the effort, we got to work. We put out a call to basenji folks around the country and around the world. The response was instantaneous and extraordinary. We knew early on that we had all kinds of wonderful recipes from every which where. In fact, even after we went to press, more great recipes came in. (If we do manage to sell out what we have, we re ready to offer an expanded 2 nd edition). Rita and Pam researched the cookbook publishing companies and chose Morris Press Cookbooks who turned out to be a great outfit to work with. They gave us a well-made, nicely designed hard cover book with an easy-use spiral binding, lots of practical charts and colorful features. Susan Coe designed the cover. She also provided the photos of the cover model that appear with this article. First responses to New Wrinkles in Thyme: A Basenji Fanciers Cookbook have been very positive. The cookbook has received kudos from cooks and non-cooks alike. We appreciate that. Most of the comments have noted how entertaining the cookbook is to read, its overall quality and its attractive appearance. But the best feature and the nicest surprise in our view is the awesome array of basenji folks who contributed recipes. In order of appearance our contributors are: Susan Patterson, Lt. Col. And Mrs. Barry MacNeill, Cheryl Miller, Simone Mullin, Nikki debarros, Susan Coe, Rose Patterson Jurgonski, Pamela Geoffroy, Peg Grundman, Pat Bird, J. M. Galaszewski, Parry Talmadge, Debra Konicki, Terri Gavaletz, Toni Ackerman, Sally Wuornos, Ann Wilson, Rita Pontes, Carol Webb, Marianne Klinkowski, Dan and Donna DeFlorio, Cindy Griswold, Lisa Marshall, Jo York Bradshaw, Jane Williams, Katie Campbell, Penelope Inan, Dilys Blair- Bain, Karla Schreiber, Donna Stelzl, Jennifer Haynie, Linda Daves Siekert, Doreen Duffin, Susan Joyner, Susan Kamen Marsicano, Karen Christensen, Lisa Hart, Nancy Ann Mitchell, Nancy Craige, Bob and Ann House, Kim Byrd, Lorene Kinchen, Pat Pritchard, Martha Travis, Barbara Kunze, Carole Kirk, Rose Thomson, Laura Gilchrist, Sally Wallis, Michelle Voyek, Beth Straub, Iris Craven, Tammy Fowler, Sue Schulz, Glenda Galdeen, Terray Boomir and John Donald. We are grateful to each for their generosity. Their gift is what makes New Wrinkles in Thyme truly a basenji fanciers cookbook. You can purchase New Wrinkles in Thyme: A Basenji Fanciers Cookbook online at or you can send a check for $12 plus $2 for shipping inside the US ($4 Canada) to Bill McCann, 37 Gillette Ave., Springfield, MA Overseas buyers, contact Bill McCann, for shipping costs.

63 CAUGHT ON THE NET Dogs Excel on Smell Test to Find Cancer By DONALD G. McNEIL Jr. In the small world of people who train dogs to sniff cancer, a little-known Northern California clinic has made a big claim: that it has trained five dogs - three Labradors and two Portuguese water dogs - to detect lung cancer in the breath of cancer sufferers with 99 percent accuracy. The study was based on established concepts. It has been known well- since the 80 s that tumors exude tiny amounts of alkanes and benzene derivatives ives not found in healthy tissue. Other researchers have shown that dogs, whose noses can pick up odors in the low parts-per-billion range, can be trained to detect skin cancers or react differently to dried urine from healthy people and those with bladder cancer, but never with much remarkable consistency. The near-perfection in the clinic s study, as Dr. Donald Berry, the chairman of biostatistics at M. D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, put it, is off the charts: there are no laboratory tests as good as this, not Pap tests, not diabetes tests, nothing. As a result, he and other cancer experts say they are skeptical, but intrigued. Michael McCulloch, research director for the Pine Street Foundation in Marin County, Calif., and the lead researcher on the study, acknowledged that the results seemed too good to be true. (For breast cancer, with a smaller number of samples, the dogs were right about 88 percent of the time with almost no false positives, which compares favorably to mammograms.) Yes, we were astounded, as well, Mr. McCulloch said. And that s why it needs to be replicated with other dogs, plus chemical analysis of what s in the breath. He is applying for National Science Foundation grants to try just that, he said. The fact that the study was carried out by a clinic supported by the Pine Street Foundation that combines traditional chemotherapy with acupuncture and herbal medicine raised suspicions, as did the fact that it is to be published by a littleknown journal, Integrative Cancer Therapies. (The journal published it online last year.) But experts who read the study could not find any obvious fatal flaw in its methodology, and the idea that dogs can detect cancer is not crazy at all, said Dr. Ted Gansler, director of medical content in health information for the American Cancer Society. It s biologically plausible, he said, but there has to be a lot more study and confirmation of effectiveness. Dr. Berry, too, was interested but suspicious. If true, it s huge, he said. Which is one reason to be skeptical. Dr. Berry noted, half-jokingly, that Gregor Mendel, the 19th-century discoverer of the laws of genetics, also reported data The Basenji Club of America Inc. BULLETIN - 61 on his crossbreeding of green and yellow peas that was too good to be true: he repeatedly came up with the perfect 3-1 ratios he predicted. But we ve forgiven Mendel and his gardener, Dr. Berry added, because his theory turned out to be right. In Mr. McCulloch s study, the five dogs, borrowed from owners and Guide Dogs for the Blind, were trained as if detecting bombs. They repeatedly heard a clicker and got a treat when they found a desired odor in many identical smelling spots. The clinic collected breath samples in plastic tubes filled with polypropylene wool from 55 people just after biopsies found lung cancer and from 31 patients with breast cancer, as well as from 83 healthy volunteers. The tubes were numbered, and then placed in plastic boxes and presented to the dogs, five at a time. If the dog smelled cancer, it was supposed to sit. For breath from lung cancer patients, Mr. McCulloch reported, the dogs correctly sat 564 times and incorrectly 10 times. (By adjusting for other factors, the researchers determined the accuracy rate at 99 percent.) For the breath from healthy patients, they sat 4 times and did not sit 708 times. Experts who read the study raised various objections: The smells of chemotherapy or smoking would be clues, they said. Or the healthy breath samples could have been collected in a different room on different days. Or the dogs could pick up subtle cues - like the tiny, unintentional movements of observers picked up by Clever Hans, the 19th-century counting horse, as he neared a correct answer. But Mr. McCulloch said cancer patients who had begun chemotherapy were excluded, smokers were included in both groups and the breath samples were collected in the same rooms on the same days. The tubes were numbered elsewhere, he said, and the only assistant who knew which samples were cancerous was out of the room while the dogs were working. The fact that dogs did this is kind of beside the point, he said. What this proved is that there are detectable differences in the breath of cancer patients. Now technology has to rise to that challenge. The next step, he said, will be to analyze breath samples with a gas chromatograph to figure out exactly which mixes of chemicals the dogs are reacting to. Even if the dogs are accurate in repeat experiments, Dr. Gansler of the American Cancer Society said, it will be useful only as a preliminary scan. It s not like someone would start chemotherapy based on a dog test, he said. They d still get a biopsy.

64 JUNIOR VIEWS Working for a Handler By Ciara Cassell Basenji Pack Runs Free From Jocelyn Brody Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work for a handler? Most people think that working for a handler is simple, but in reality it is not. Many think that because you will be working for someone you will get to show more. That is not necessarily the case and it is all decided by the person you are working for. Handlers don t want just any kid to help them. They want someone they can trust, someone who works, someone who is willing to learn, and someone who works well with their dogs. If you are lacking something in those four categories, but you still want to work for a handler, here are some helpful things to get you started: 1. Go to training classes. You are never too old or too good to go to classes. 2. Watch the breed and the juniors rings as often as you can. You can always pick up little tips from watching and talking to people. 3. Do your research. Find a reliable handler near you that may want some help at a few shows. 4. Introduce yourself. Meet at a show and introduce yourself. Tell him/her that you are willing to occasionally assist at some shows and if they need some help you are more than willing. 5. If you do end up assisting them, make sure you do more than you are asked. Keep the setup clean, make sure water buckets are full, have dogs ready and exercised etc. Those are just a few things you can do to help you. Another thing though is age. Most handlers do not want a ten or elevenyear- old assisting them. If you are younger and you really do want a job as an assistant, consider just helping as many handlers as you can. You don t have to actually assist someone to learn. If you see someone ringside that has too many dogs and can t quite get their armbands, offer to hold dogs or to get numbers. A big thing that a lot of handlers like is to see someone cleaning up after other people s dogs. If you have some time, go outside with the Pooper Scooper and clean up. It s big with the handlers. Do little things to help out and don t worry about trying to get the job. Everyone has to start somewhere. Start at the bottom and go to the top. It s a lot easier then trying to start at the top and then start all over down at the bottom. If you would like to contact me, you can me at I will talk to you about anything you want. Jocelyn and I have started a basenji junior message board. We have a couple of people on there, but we would really like some more! If you are interested, please go to: proboards98.com. My personal juniors website is: com/juniorbasenji. It is under heavy construction but should be completed by September. The Basenji Club of America Inc. BULLETIN - 62 We made the trek from the desert floor up the mountain last weekend with ribbons and placements dancing in our heads and game faces sternly set tight. However, the weekend actually provided a prize we never dreamed could be possible. First stop -- we and our solo house dog, aka Buddy -- was the breed ring and then to a junior friend s house of the Bloor-Goins in Williams. We hopped out of the car and into the door to be greeted by no less than 26 legs and 5 tails. Ok - for those doing the math, three were humans. Hurry! Get inside and close the door, was the verbal greeting. Once inside what do you do? Where do you put Buddy down? Oh my gosh! He is going to be eaten, I thought. The den mother, Dee, proclaimed, Don t worry. They may growl a bit but everything will be fine. So down I put my only son, Mr. Buddy, hoping and praying he d be able to run as fast as he does at lure coursing if the pack was set on having him for dessert. Sun and Dutton, the two older veterans, grumbled a bit seeing my young buck introducing himself to Liberty, the young mistress of the house. There were a few snarks and heavy handed paw skirmishes, but actually they just ran around and introduced each other. Whew! I breathed after holding my breathe for what seemed like two hours. That evening Buddy slept with my dad, and I curled up in my friend Delaina s room with my Sun pillow and Liberty foot warmer. The next morning we went to the shows. Not a bad day for us; typical to get dumped by a non-basenji judge in Juniors, just out of points in breed, but lucky enough to make a Group 2 in Puppies. That evening was much the same thing as the night before, only this time my mom and sister, Monica, came to join us. Again I snuggled up to my new Sun and Liberty comforters while my boy, Buddy, slept with my parents. The next day at the show was even better. Buddy and I performed very well as a team and took a second in Juniors, but, alas, got dumped in Breed yet again. Oh well. That just meant we got to leave earlier to visit another basenji breeder before we cruised back down the mountain to the valley of the sun. Anytime one can postpone 107 degree heat it s a good thing. We pulled up the driveway and noticed an ex-pen blocking the entrance to the front steps. Hmmm must be dogs about, I thought, but oddly none in sight. So, I reached over and laid my Buddy down on the porch while I hopped over the makeshift expen gate. Out came Chris, the breeder, with a bright cheery smile on her face welcoming us inside. Hurry, she said, we don t want them to get out. Once inside it seemed as if the floor was alive and moving. WOW! There were basenji dogs everywhere. Buddy had joined the pack and I could no longer determine which dog he was. I started counting in my head. One, two, three and so forth and was up to eight when the door opened again. One, two, three, four more basenjis were, one-by-one, inserted inside the door. Again the Hurry!!! was exclaimed. Continued on pg. 63

65 Basenji Junior Showmanship Top Ten Based on AKC Show Awards through July 2006 Covering shows January 1, May 31, 2006 Prepared by Lisa Marshall, (414) Total Best Jr Placements Rank Name Points Handler 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 1 Rebecca Boese Rachael Seyler Ciara Cassell Chelsea Goss Margaret Dugan Jocelyn Brody Thomas Scott Meade II Megan McCartney Veronica Predale Ellie Thornley BASENJI BRIEFS By Susan Chuvala Regular exercise is one of the best things you can give your senior basenji. It s important for older dogs to stay active in order to maintain muscle mass, but be sure that the type of exercise you choose is appropriate for your basenji s age and physical condition. Walks that are of greater frequency but shorter duration are best to preserve joint mobility and keep weight in check. Teaching your basenji hand signals at an early age will pay off later if he should experience hearing loss as he ages. Broad gestures can also be appreciated by a dog with low vision. As a senior basenji becomes less active and spends more time lying down, calluses are likely to develop on his elbows. Cushioned beds, especially those made of orthopedic foam, can help prevent their formation. An inexpensive dog bed can be made quickly and easily from a twin size egg crate foam mattress pad. Simply fold it in half and cover with a twin size fitted sheet. JUNIOR VIEWS (Continued) Back to counting I went while trying to find my Buddy in the now sea of basenjis at my feet. No sooner than I d made it up to twelve when the door opened again. This time I gasped out loud, More dogs? Again, Hurry was the answer with a smile on Chris face. I honestly don t know how, but all of a sudden Buddy was back in my arms, licking my face all over and wagging his tail. Okay. I could relax again and look around. Somebody said, We have 18 basenjis in this house! Is everybody ready? Ready, I thought, for what? Chris asked, Okay, so who s taking their cars and does everybody know which cars the dogs are going to be divided into? One by one we scooped up dogs and placed them inside vehicles. One by one we all climbed into the cars. We drove down a dirt road, maybe just a few miles away from Chris house, and into the deep, piney woods. Chris stopped first and out popped a half dozen basenjis. One by one, each car stopped and out popped more basenjis and people. Dogs ran in groups, then smaller groups, and then back into the main group, around and around us as we walked through the woods. Sometimes dogs would play, and sometimes dogs would growl. It was fascinating to watch the dogs and even more amazing to see them all together. We hiked through the woods for what seemed like two hours. We stopped for water breaks. There the dogs gathered just like fish, all trying to get a few pieces of bread thrown into a pond. I could barely believe how much and how quickly 18 basenjis could drink water. Sure, there were skirmishes and some dogs did more than they should have, but the worst injury was my sister Monica who, even though my parents told her to walk, took off running, then fell, and bit her lip. Into the cars we packed just as before; dogs and people all together and back to Chris house we drove. Gradually, one by one, each group of dogs and their people said their goodbyes until just a handful of us were left when we said our goodbyes. I ll never forget this day or well, maybe I should say at least I hope not to until we do it again -- eighteen basenjis in a pack and their companions, all running free in the cool piney, woods. This morning I woke up and felt the heat coming through the triple-paned window glass. Phoenix summer is back again. It s back to doing all the normal stuff -- eat breakfast, get dressed. Then, from my bedroom I heard a knock at the door followed by a Hurry! It was Chris with two basenji girls coming over to say Hello to me and my Buddy!!!!!! The Basenji Club of America Inc. BULLETIN - 63


67 AKC TITLES CHAMPIONS Titles earned April thru June 2006 CH Ahmahr Nahr s Just Call Me Madam JC B/R Title Earned: 06/21/06 DC Astarte s Sultan Siete With Pips SC x DC Ahmahr Nahr s African Dancer SC Owner/Breeder: Jennie D Behles & Robert J Walley CH Bantu-Farouk s Coyote Spirit D/R Title Earned: 06/17/06 CH Farouks Pride Of The Pharaoh x Flag A Flying Owner: Allan Jelinek & RUTH JELINEK Breeder: Katherin J Skoczek & Ruth Jelinek & Allan Jelinek CH Berimo Kudabin Whitelightning B/B Title Earned: 04/22/06 DC Berimo s Roustabout SC x CH Kudabin Thymeless Treasure Owner: Judith L Glass & Pat Marshall Breeder: John Donald & Denise Walsh CH Calypso Jon Bon Jovi D/B Title Earned: 05/27/06 CH Calypso Draken Dreamer x Calypso XI Xclusively Rennek Owner/Breeder: Susan Patterson & Kevin J Brothers CH Chiya Sublime Rocky Mt N High D/BR Title Earned: 06/30/06 CH Skyhi s Power Outage x CH Jazzeta s Leather-N-Lace JC Owner: Jerry Morgan & Sue Morgan Breeder: Rick L Christensen & Stephanie CHeng CH Congaro s Shining Friendship B/R Title Earned: 04/09/06 CH Jasiri-Sukari John Tri-Volta JC x CH Sukari-Jasiri At First Sight SC Owner/Breeder: Catherine Ongaro CH Dragnquests Class Action Title Earned: 05/13/06 Kazor s Case Closed x CH Dragnquest Kazor Odds-N-Ends Owner/Breeder: Jacqueline C Jones B/BR CH Eldorado Shot N Th Dark At Kisa B/R Title Earned: 04/15/06 CH Terrarust s Remote Control x Eldorado s Joie De Vivre Owner: Kim Byrd & Dana Byrd Breeder: Sheila Lund & Pamela A Geoffroy & Terray Boomir CH Eldorado s Bejeweled B/R Title Earned: 04/30/06 CH Terrarust N Beaubri Makersmark x CH Eldorado s Barcelona Owner: Sheila Lund & Terray Boomir & Pamela Geoffroy Breeder: Pamela A Geoffroy & Sheila Lund CH Eldorado s Zinfandel B/BR Title Earned: 06/03/06 CH Akuaba s Winds Of Change x CH Eldorado s Questionable Lady Owner/Breeder: Sheila M Lund & Pamela A Geoffrey CH Emerant s Barnstormer D/R Title Earned: 06/24/06 CH Emerant s The Instigator JC x CH Sonbar s Graceful Goddess Owner: Stephanie Jones & Todd Jones Breeder: Lisa R Hart & Kari Wuornos Winger CH Emerant s Miss Rabblerouser B/T Title Earned: 06/24/06 CH Emerant s The Instigator JC x CH Sonbar s Graceful Goddess Owner: Lisa R Hart & Dudley N Hart Breeder: Lisa R Hart & Kari Wuornos Winger CH Ginger Spice N Everything Nice B/BR Title Earned: 06/25/06 CH Ahmahr-Nhnp s Torquoise Warrior JC x White Wild Dark Star Tomnee Owner: Anna Seyllar Breeder: Jennie Behles & Renee Wise & Michelle Smith Barboun CH Illusion s Mlia Amina B/BR Title Earned: 04/30/06 CH Tamba s Thats All Folks x CH Illusion Mlia Beguiler O Dune Owner/Breeder: Bob Reed & Terry Reed CH Itzyu The Red Baron Title Earned: 05/25/06 Wakan Goodgrief Charliebrown x Itzyu Tell It Like It Is Owner/Breeder: Lisa Corell Auerbach D/R CH Jasiri-Sukari Pup Star D/R Title Earned: 05/06/06 CH Meisterhaus Politically Correct x CH Sukari-Jasiri Soda Pup Owner: Todd Cosper & Kathleen A Jones & Julie L Jones & Chrissy Cosper Breeder: Julie L Jones & Kathleen A Jones CH Jokuba-Asias Four Freedoms D/R Title Earned: 05/14/06 CH Jokuba Meisterhaus E Pluribus Unum JC x CH Jokuba Undercover Alibi Owner: Jeffery Slonaker & Scotti Slonaker Breeder: Lisa Myers & Russella S Bowen CH Jokuba-Redmarsh Trapped In Silence D/R Title Earned: 05/13/06 CH Jokuba Meisterhaus E Pluribus Unum JC x CH Redmarsh Three Little Birds Owner/Breeder: Russella S Bowen & Kristen Marshall CH Jumoke Khani Baru Paso Doble D/R Title Earned: 06/27/06 DC Khani s Benny N The Jets SC x CH Jumokebaru Mischievous Sprite Owner: Bryan Gregory & Kathy Britton & George Woodard & Laurie Gregory Breeder: Bryan Gregory & George Woodard & Laurie Gregory & Connie Paulsen & Kathy Britton CH Kanibaru Vibrant Vision Title Earned: 06/18/06 Kanibaru Visual Touch x Kanibaru Debonair Star Owner: Marcy Poch Breeder: Miss Davina Hopkins B/R CH Kazor s Good Karma At Fopaws B/R Title Earned: 06/24/06 CH Kazor Bay-Senji Yuara Natural x CH Kazor s Only Me Owner: Kevin Leimback & Carol A Webb & Therese Leimback Breeder: Carol A Webb CH Kchackers Rameses Title Earned: 05/21/06 CH KC Kabaka Bongo x KC Hackers Alpha Showgirl Owner: Sarah Terry & Lisa Kercheval Aerne Breeder: Lisa Kercheval Aerne D/R CH Khamsin Imani In A Great Spot D/T Title Earned: 04/07/06 CH Arubmec s Sweet Spot JC x CH Khamsin Imani Tak n By Storm Owner: Sherry Heath Breeder: Brian D Williams & Erin J Roberts & Nicole Ann Williams & Michael Jameson M.D. CH Khani s Mysterious Ways JC D/BR Title Earned: 05/20/06 DC Khani s Burn Down The Mission SC x Khani s Excalibur Island Girl JC Owner: Ellen M Bramble & Kathy Britton & Connie Paulsen Breeder: Kathy Britton & Connie Paulsen & Emily Britton CH Klassic s Dustin The Wind D/T Title Earned: 06/23/06 CH Penda Taji s Tri-Umphant One JC x CH Klassic s Rooty Toot Toot Owner: Thomas Hagen Breeder: Sue Kite & Jeffrey J Gillespie CH Klassic s Lady In Red Title Earned: 04/29/06 CH Reliant Black Velvet x CH Klassic s Ms Behavin Owner: Alexander Guth & Sue Kite Breeder: Sue Kite B/R CH Klassic s Rudy Toot Flutesong D/T Title Earned: 06/02/06 CH Penda Taji s Tri-Umphant One JC x CH Klassic s Rooty Toot Toot Owner: Nancy Craigie Breeder: Sue Kite & Jeffrey J Gillespie CH Kokopelli s Electra Title Earned: 06/10/06 CH Bluestones Winter Breeze x Kokopelli s Kwela Owner/Breeder: Gretchen A Van Alstyne B/R CH Majestic s Perfect Gentleman D/R Title Earned: 05/20/06 CH Terrarust N Beaubri Makersmark x Majestic s Rumpleteazer Owner/Breeder: Debra M Konicki CH Mardi Gras Klassic Jazz D/T Title Earned: 04/22/06 CH Penda Taji s Tri-Umphant One JC x CH Klassic s Rooty Toot Toot Owner: Michael L Graves & Christine L Graves Breeder: Sue Kite & Jeffrey J Gillespie CH Mariah s Emerald Knight D/R Title Earned: 05/27/06 CH Hacker s This Bud s For You x Hacker s Precious Gem Of Mariah Owner: Christopher Clecak & Maria Clecak Breeder: Christopher Clecak & Ann Harrison & Maria Clecak CH Mata Hauri Happy Camper Title Earned: 06/04/06 Mata Hauri Lunar Eclipse x Mata Hauri Versace Owner/Breeder: Debbie Hauri D/BR CH My-Tym Dragnquest Ice d T. D/R Title Earned: 06/26/06 CH Arubmec s Overdrive To My-Tym x CH Dragnquest My-Tym Xpres lines Owner/Breeder: Jacqueline C Jones & Darlene Y Lowit CH Ra-She Cheyenne Bear Title Earned: 04/08/06 CH Jerlin-SS Special Forces x CH Ra-She Sundancer JC Owner/Breeder: Sherry Brisco B/R CH Sashalia Sunlight JC B/R Title Earned: 05/07/06 DC Dharian s Galactic Visitor SC x CH Palm Desert s Black Gold Owner/Breeder: Alice Bair CH Skyhi s Devil In Disguise Title Earned: 05/14/06 CH C-Quests Soul Driver x CH Akuaba s Saboteur JC Owner: Brandie Reed & Laurie Stargell Breeder: Laurie Stargell B/R CH Sonbar Signet Lightfoot Lilly B/T Title Earned: 05/26/06 CH Nyanga Signet Sweet William JC x CH Sonbar s Graceful Goddess Owner: Brenda J Cassell Breeder: Kari Wuornos Winger & Brenda J Cassell CH Suddanly Lady Zoom Zoom Zoom Title Earned: 05/14/06 Kenset The Wheels In Motion x Suddanly Lady Low Rider Owner/Breeder: Susan M Campeau B/B CH Sunbird Suddanly Lady B Good JC B/B Title Earned: 04/14/06 CH Suddanly Bets Ona Lady s Man SC x Sunbird Suddanly Sweet Sue SC Owner: Carolyn Noll Gerics & Susan M Campeau Breeder: Sue Campeau & Carolyn Gerics CH Sunbird Suddanly Lady s Man SC D/B Title Earned: 04/15/06 CH Suddanly Bets Ona Lady s Man SC x Sunbird Suddanly Sweet Sue SC Owner: Carolyn Noll Gerics & Susan M Campeau Breeder: Sue Campeau & Carolyn Gerics CH Tarsha s Summer Heatwave D/BR Title Earned: 06/10/06 CH Kazor s Hidalgo Races For Tarsha x CH Tarsha s Painted Desert Owner/Breeder: Tari A Parish CH Undercover Beloved Dream On D/R Title Earned: 06/10/06 CH Undercover Lighthorse Harry x CH Undercover Daydream Believer Owner: Anne Rogers & Gale Whitehurst Breeder: Anne Rogers CH Undercover Escapade Zsazsa B/R Title Earned: 06/04/06 CH Escapade s High Five x CH Undercover Beguiling Bridget Owner: Gale N Whitehurst & Mary Ann Hope & Jerry Hope Jr. Breeder: Gale N Whitehurst & Jerry Hope & Mary Ann Hope CH Wakan Eurynome Title Earned: 05/25/06 CH Wakan Equuleus x Akili s Marcie Owner/Breeder: Toni L Ackerman B/R The Basenji Club of America Inc. BULLETIN - 65

68 CH Zindika Changa s Darby Dan D/BR Title Earned: 05/20/06 CH Changa s Dan Patch SC x CH Zindika Tried It This Time JC Owner: June Young & Cecily D Rappe Breeder: Cecily D Rappe DC Zuri s Muziki Blue Note SC D/R Title Earned: 06/03/06 CH Penda Taji s Tri-Umphant One JC x CH Jato Jenr ly Speaking Owner: Joell Coltrane & Marilyn Leighton & Holly Hamilton Breeder: Kenneth Leighton & Sandra Bridges JUNIOR COURSER Ahmahr Nahr s Just Call Me Madam JC B/R Title Earned: 05/28/06 DC Astarte s Sultan Siete With Pips SC x DC Ahmahr Nahr s African Dancer SC Owner/Breeder: Jennie D Behles & Robert J Walley Apu Lima Lou Beanie JC B/R Title Earned: 04/09/06 Apu The New Edition JC x CH Apu Little Red Lentil RN OA AXJ Owner: Joanne Callahan & Edward P Callahan Breeder: Susan Marsicano CH Arubmec s Hannah JC B/T Title Earned: 06/18/06 CH Penda Taji s Tri-Umphant One JC x CH Arubmec s Mind Of Her Own Owner: Patricia E Cembura Breeder: Michael Martin & P E Cembura & Linda Martin Blue Note s A Love Supreme JC B/R Title Earned: 05/29/06 CH Penda Taji s Tattletale x Jumokequita African Bibi SC Owner: Shirley Christensen & Sean Christensen Breeder: Joell Coltrane & Holly Hamilton Blue Notes Swing Song JC Title Earned: 05/28/06 CH Penda Taji s Tattletale x Jumokequita African Bibi SC Owner: Kristin Tebb Breeder: Joell Coltrane & Holly Hamilton B/T Devils Peak Cds Precious Sasha W JC B/R Title Earned: 06/18/06 CH Tazamisha s Enchanted x CH Tazamisha Maximum Risk Owner: Theresa Cuzzetto & Cynthia Austin & Martina Cortez Breeder: Cynthia J Austin & Martina M Cortez Dharian s Bronze Star JC D/R Title Earned: 04/15/06 Dharian s Star Trek x Dharian s Obsidian JC Owner: Lynda Lane & S Anne Humphreys & Anthony Mosa Breeder: S Anne Humphreys & Bill Humphreys Jr. Karosel s Colt Fortyfive JC D/T Title Earned: 06/18/06 Karosel Yikes Its Stripes At My-Tym x Karosel s Politically Incorrect Owner: Douglas Bright & Connie Bright & Donna J Lubbe Breeder: Donna J Lubbe Khadijah s My-Tym Alone JC B/R Title Earned: 05/27/06 CH Devils Peak Whirligig Archangel JC x DC My-Tym Khadijah Luvme Or Levme SC Owner/Breeder: Darlene Y Lowit & Sandy J Kernen Khani s U Should B Dancing JC B/R Title Earned: 06/18/06 CH Khani s Tazamisha Heartbreaker SC x Khani s Brilliant Mistake SC Owner: Theresa Mills & Kathy Britton & William Mills & Emily Britton Breeder: Kathy Britton & Connie Paulsen & Emily Britton Kinetic Heart Of Lucky Magic JC B/R Title Earned: 06/04/06 DC Tamsala Rocket Socks MC LCX x DC Sherwood s Shadow Of The Moon SC Owner: David Weikel Breeder: Lisa R Voss & Samuel H Stump & Robyn Dubbert Kinetic Sourcery JC B/R Title Earned: 06/04/06 DC Tamsala Rocket Socks MC LCX x DC Sherwood s Shadow Of The Moon SC Owner: Lisa Voss & Samuel Stump Breeder: Lisa R Voss & Samuel H Stump & Robyn Dubbert Meisterhaus Very Erin Barkovich JC B/R Title Earned: 04/02/06 CH Meisterhaus Tail Of Intrigue x CH Meisterhaus Material Girl Owner: Patricia A Hoffer & A Tad Brooks Breeder: A Tad Brooks & Joseph A Hurt Nowata s I Did It Again JC Title Earned: 04/22/06 Nowata s Red Buttler x Halebopps Loving Friend Owner: Joel Brody & Jocelyn Brody Breeder: Sherry Stevens D/R Rugosa Rose To The Occasion JC D/R Title Earned: 05/07/06 CH Hacker-Rwanda s Spotlight x DC Select s Rosa Rugosa SC Owner: Veronica Perrine & Parry Tallmadge Breeder: Veronica Perrine & Parry Tallmadge & Tracy Leonard Tailwind Dp Rockets Red Glare JC D/R Title Earned: 06/18/06 CH Arubmec s Printed Report JC x CH Tazamisha Unexpectd Treasure JC Owner: Julie Leicht Breeder: Julie Leicht & Cynthia J Austin & Martina M Cortez Tailwind s Firecracker Dp JC B/R Title Earned: 06/18/06 CH Arubmec s Printed Report JC x CH Tazamisha Unexpectd Treasure JC Owner: Dennis Muhly & Susan Muhly Breeder: Julie Leicht & Cynthia J Austin & Martina M Cortez CH Taji s Klassic Architecture JC D/T Title Earned: 05/29/06 CH Penda Taji s Tri-Umphant One JC x CH Klassic s Rooty Toot Toot Owner: Katie Campbell Breeder: Sue Kite & Jeffrey J Gillespie Tis-A Zumi Wild Child JC D/R Title Earned: 05/29/06 CH Tis-A Fopaws Under D Influence JC x CH Arubmec Tis-A Idaho s Jewel JC Owner: Cyncy Crockett & Joyce Hughes Breeder: Joyce A Hughes & Fred Hughes Tw Dp Twilights Last Gleaming JC D/R Title Earned: 06/17/06 CH Arubmec s Printed Report JC x CH Tazamisha Unexpectd Treasure JC Owner: Natalie McIntire & Julie Leicht & Jerome McIntire Breeder: Julie Leicht & Cynthia J Austin & Martina M Cortez Vinaka s Piece Of The Puzzle JC B/R Title Earned: 04/23/06 CH Jerlin s I m A General Too x CH Quad-K Mystical Shadowdancer JC Owner: Marie Heidebrecht Breeder: Dennis Trautman & Cathy Trautman Voyuz Something Like Elvis JC Title Earned: 06/18/06 CH Jerlin s Braveheart x CH Voyuz The Wretches Gone Awry Owner/Breeder: Troy J Shadbolt SENIOR COURSER D/T CH Ammahr Nahr s Sagitta SC B/R Title Earned: 05/28/06 CH Astarte s Osiris x Jazzeta s Classic Twix Owner: Breanna Barbour & Michelle Smith Barbour Breeder: Jennie D Behles Blue Notes Take Five SC Title Earned: 05/29/06 CH Penda Taji s Tattletale x Jumokequita African Bibi SC Owner/Breeder: Joell Coltrane & Holly Hamilton CH Dark Skies Morgans Grace SC Title Earned: 04/09/06 Mata Hauri Blockbuster x Mata Hauri Ambara C-Breeze Owner: Kenneth Morgan & Kate Morgan Breeder: Debbie Hauri & Gloria J Steiger D/T B/R Dharian s Born To Roam SC D/R Title Earned: 05/29/06 FC Dharian s Knight Phanfare SC x FC Dharian s Woz Up SC Owner: Charlotte Wenger Breeder: S Anne Humphreys & Cecelia Wozniak The Basenji Club of America Inc. BULLETIN - 66 CH Dharian s Sweetness SC D/B Title Earned: 04/15/06 CH Nyanga Signet Sweet William JC x Dharian s Obsidian JC Owner/Breeder: Bill Humphreys Jr. & S Anne Humphreys Eldorado s Yodeling Moon God RN SC NAJ D/BR Title Earned: 06/04/06 CH Akuaba s Winds Of Change x Avongara Dinari Owner: Katherine Scott Breeder: Pamela Geoffroy & Sheila Lund & Susan Coe FC Eldorado s Y s African Sinbaje RA SC NA NAJ B/BR Title Earned: 06/04/06 CH Akuaba s Winds Of Change x Avongara Dinari Owner: Linda Siekert & Rand Siekert Breeder: Pamela Geoffroy & Sheila Lund & Susan Coe Jumoke s Saylah Of Baraka SC Title Earned: 05/28/06 CH Jumoke-Quita Dreamcatcher JC x Jewel Hill Of The Nile Owner: Paul L Root & William John Bowlus Breeder: Rob Hill Nowata s I Did It Again SC Title Earned: 05/27/06 Nowata s Red Buttler x Halebopps Loving Friend Owner: Joel Brody & Jocelyn Brody Breeder: Sherry Stevens B/BR D/R Tis-A My-Tym To Rule SC D/R Title Earned: 05/28/06 CH My-Tym Waits For No One x CH Karosel s Tisa My-Tym To Sing JC Owner: Cyncy Crockett Breeder: Darlene Y Lowit & Joyce A Hughes Zuri s Rubii Sky SC B/R Title Earned: 04/02/06 CH Zuri s Akintunde x CH Zuri s Mugabe Owner: Patricia Hoffer & Donna Troyna Breeder: Kenneth S Leighton & Donna M Troyna & Marilyn Leighton MASTER COURSER Jumokequita African Luxor MC D/T Title Earned: 05/27/06 CH Amuns MR.T Darkstarofbordeaux x CH Baru s Gabrielle Of Jumoke Owner: Paul L Root & William John Bowlus Breeder: J K Lange & Jodee Funchess DC Jumoke-Quita Dream Of Qena MC B/R Title Earned: 05/29/06 DC Jasiri-Sukari The Illustrated Man SC LCX x DC Akuaba s Quita Sizzler MC Owner: Paul L Root & William J Bowlus Breeder: Bryan Gregory & Laurie Gregory FC Select In My Pocket MC B/R Title Earned: 05/07/06 DC Select To Infinity Andbeyond SC x CH Marra s Y-Not Select Me SC Owner: Tracy Leonard D.V.M. & Jeff Leonard Breeder: Evelyn Hirt & Jeffrey L Leonard & Tracy A Leonard D.V.M. AKC FIELD CHAMPION DC Dark Skies Morgans Grace SC Title Earned: 05/20/06 Mata Hauri Blockbuster x Mata Hauri Ambara C-Breeze Owner: Kenneth Morgan & Kate Morgan Breeder: Debbie Hauri & Gloria J Steiger B/R FC Eldorado s Y s African Sinbaje RA SC NA NAJ B/BR Title Earned: 06/04/06 CH Akuaba s Winds Of Change x Avongara Dinari Owner: Linda Siekert & Rand Siekert Breeder: Pamela Geoffroy & Sheila Lund & Susan Coe DC Epic In Da Nile SC D/T Title Earned: 05/06/06 CH Reveille Tried And True x CH Epic s Continuing Saga Owner/Breeder: Tracy Leonard D.V.M. & Rebecca C Blansett DC Jokuba-Asia s Let Freedom Ring SC B/R Title Earned: 06/18/06 CH Jokuba Meisterhaus E Pluribus Unum JC x CH Jokuba Undercover Alibi Owner: Russella S Bowen Breeder: Lisa Myers & Russella S Bowen

69 FC Jumoke s Saylah Of Baraka SC Title Earned: 05/29/06 CH Jumoke-Quita Dreamcatcher JC x Jewel Hill Of The Nile Owner: Paul L Root & William John Bowlus Breeder: Rob Hill B/BR LURE COURSER EXCELLENT DC Jasiri-Sukari The Illustrated Man SC LCX D/BR Title Earned: 05/12/06 DC Jasiri-Sukari Juri Seinfeld MC x CH Jasiri-Sukari Taboo Owner: Julie L Jones & Richard Lopez & Kathleen A Jones & Patricia A Lopez Breeder: Kathleen A Jones & Judy L Secaur & Julie L Jones NOVICE AGILITY CH Luna s Blitzen Deerest JC NA NAJ B/R Title Earned: 04/01/06 CH Tjebu s Martian Moon Phobos JC x CH Laika s Bambi Deerest CDX SC AX OAJ Owner: Mary Williams Breeder: Mary Williams & Glenn Williams NOVICE JUMPER Eldorado s Yodeling Moon God RN JC NAJ D/BR Title Earned: 04/09/06 CH Akuaba s Winds Of Change x Avongara Dinari Owner: Katherine Scott Breeder: Pamela Geoffroy & Sheila Lund & Susan Coe OPEN AGILITY PREFERRED CH Kazor s Moonlit Madness Fly n Hi CDX OA B/B OAP OAJ OJP Title Earned: 06/16/06 CH Red Jhinn s Iyam What Iyam x Reveille Savannah At Kazor Owner: Cindy Griswold Breeder: Carol A Webb OPEN JUMPER PREFERRED CH Kazor s Moonlit Madness Fly n Hi CDX OA B/B OAP OAJ OJP Title Earned: 06/16/06 CH Red Jhinn s Iyam What Iyam x Reveille Savannah At Kazor Owner: Cindy Griswold Breeder: Carol A Webb AGILITY EXCELLENT C And J s Stripe Teaser At Kazor CD AX AXJ Title Earned: 06/16/06 CH Kazor s Tom Foolery x She s Like The Wind Of Woz Owner: Cindy Griswold & Carol A Webb Breeder: Charles Headrick EXCELLENT JUMPER B/BR Suddanly Midnight Stranger JC OA AXJ D/B Title Earned: 05/14/06 Suddanly Mysterious Stranger SC x Kenset Suddanly Tiyrant Maid Owner: Charlotte D Wenger Breeder: Susan M Campeau RALLY NOVICE Asil Da Qi Diamonds In The Ruff RN Title Earned: 05/19/06 CH Kazor s Tom Foolery x Regal-Fox Cheetah Owner: Dr. Laura Stadtmore Breeder: Beverly Riley D/BR Eldorado s Yodeling Moon God RN JC NAJ D/BR Title Earned: 04/09/06 CH Akuaba s Winds Of Change x Avongara Dinari Owner: Katherine Scott Breeder: Pamela Geoffroy & Sheila Lund & Susan Coe Kisa N Akuaba s Muddy Sneakers RN D/BR Title Earned: 04/15/06 CH Akuaba Seeks Gold At Eldorado x CH Kisa Dancing In The Dark Owner: Jesse Johnson Breeder: Susan R Coe & Kim Byrd DC Sherwood s In The Nick Of Time RN SC D/R Title Earned: 04/01/06 CH Kenset Made In The Usa x CH Sherwood s Restless Heart Owner: Lisa R Voss Breeder: Robyn A & James A Dubbert Wakan Hope For Freedom RN MX MXJ B/R Title Earned: 04/08/06 Wakan Goodgrief Charliebrown x CH Wakan Sunshine Come Softly Owner: Paige Collier Wiseman Breeder: Toni L Ackerman Wyoland s Let My Pony Run Free CDX RN Title Earned: 06/04/06 Kibushi Get Sirius x CH Wyoland s Fax A Miracle To JF Owner/Breeder: Janora Baltz RALLY ADVANCED B/BR CH Amun All-Starr From Cynosure RA D/R Title Earned: 05/21/06 CH Cynosure Beau Geste CD JC x CH Amun Blaze Starr Owner/Breeder: Judith K Lange & Jacques K Lange Eldorado s Y s African Sinbaje RA JC NA NAJ B/BR Title Earned: 05/07/06 CH Akuaba s Winds Of Change x Avongara Dinari Owner: Linda Siekert & Rand Siekert Breeder: Pamela Geoffroy & Sheila Lund & Susan Coe DC Sinbaje s Picture Perfect CD RA SC OA NAJ D/R Title Earned: 05/07/06 CH Sundiata Sir Ochre Dutton x Wakan African Sage Sinbaje UD AX OAJ Owner/Breeder: Linda Daves Siekert UTILITY DOG EXCELLENT Aljor s Back To Sonbar UDX B/R Title Earned: 06/11/06 CH Sonbar s Celestial Yoda x CH Sonbar s Brite Fina Owner: Gary Langula & Mary Langula & Sally Wuornos Breeder: Lon & Lynette Flage Eldorado s Y s African Sinbaje, RN, NA, NAJ, FCh Titled earned: 04/02/06 Owner: Linda & Rand Siekert Ch Serengeti Joy-Us Pennyroyal, CGC Title earned: 04/22/06 Owner: Susan Joyner ASFA FIELD TITLES FIELD CHAMPION LURE COURSER OF MERIT DC Klassic Gebeep Hakuna Matata, LCM 12 Title earned: 04/16/06 Owner: Suzi J Clark B/Br B/R B/Br GRC Tompkins Crazy for Daisies GRC Owner: HeatherTompkins LGRA TITLES 2006 Ch Rafikis Twilights Last Gleaming JC FC GRC Owner: SusanCook/Michelle Gagan Apu Sir Laserlot SC GRC Owner: Karen Christensen FC Tompkins Cruzin for a Bruzin SC FCh JOR GRC Owner: HeatherTompkins UnderCover Meisterhaus Valentino GRC Owner: Kelli Harmon Apu the Answer SGRC Owner: Karen Christensen/Susan K. Marsicano Apu Jay Dreamin Breeze SC SGRC Owner: Natalie Culver Gracie Lou Freebush SGRC Owner: Heather Schubert SGRC Canis Basenji Robert Vavra, author A delight book available from the Basenji Club of America, Inc. that deals with the comical reality of living with basenjis. Cost is $13 Orders outside the U.S. please add $2.00 for postage. Order from club member: Carrie Jones th St. NE Eyotz, MN or order online at: The Basenji Club of America Inc. BULLETIN - 67

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