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1 20 19 PREVIEW 4-7 April 2019 Birmingham, UK

2 TM JOIN US AT BSAVA CONGRESS 2019 CUTTING-EDGE INDUSTRY AT CONGRESS Don t forget all practising nurses and vets can attend the exhibition and Arena CPD for free. These top companies are already booked to join us in April PHILIP LHERMETTE BSAVA President SUE MURPHY BSAVA Congress Programme Committee Chair GRAEME ECKFORD BSAVA Congress Chair INNOVATION AND INCLUSIVITY Every inch of Congress 2019 has been crafted with you in mind. From the varied programme, to the largest small animal focussed exhibition in Europe, the whole event is designed by a team of volunteer vets and nurses. Alongside international speakers and experts, the programme is underpinned by the current needs of our profession providing topical, clinically relevant and evidence-based content within a first-class learning environment. Congress continually evolves, and (amongst countless highlights) 2019 includes an Advanced Practitioner stream, and a new interview format in Immunology. We have new themes running across many streams to ensure the content is delivered in an accessible format. Due to popular demand the ophthalmology stream makes a return in 2019, and we have increased the capacity of the incredibly well-received cardiology sessions. S C I E N T I F I C Our new stream of non-clinical CPD, Beyond the Clinics, received a fantastic reception in 2018 and we continue to provide this holistic support with lectures including how to drive day-to-day efficiencies, looking after physical health and how to build a career by design. The Congress exhibition is the only place to see the latest products, innovations and services all focused on the needs of the small animal vet and veterinary nurse. It s also completely free to attend so if you are a vet, nurse or work in practice and don t have time for lectures, make sure you take advantage of booking a free exhibition pass online. The exhibition is also a fantastic location to access relevant CPD from leading companies, and in an exciting development for next April, a new lecture theatre will be built within the exhibition floor, meaning access to latest industry insight has never been so easy. Not only is the education inspiring, but we have a full social programme to help you unwind. Movie Night continues, and our V19 Beach Party is the place to be on Saturday Night. Join us this April to create inspiring moments and forge life-long friendships. Keep an eye out for many more joining over the coming months 2 BSAVA CONGRESS 2019 PREVIEW

3 INSPIRE THE PROFESSION AT CONGRESS Submit an abstract for your chance to inspire the profession in 2019; focus on any veterinary subject, announce the preliminary results of a new study, describe interesting cases or discuss new techniques. Submissions from those in general practice are especially encouraged. Find out more at and submit between 17 September and 24 October WORK HARD, PLAY HARD AT CONGRESS With countless opportunities to network, catch-up and let loose, Congress is the social event of the veterinary calendar. V19 Beach Party on Saturday night is packed full of bands, buskers, comedy and food from around the world. Plus, join us in the exhibition for complementary drinks every evening, catch a relaxed showing at Movie Night, enjoy a coastal cookout on Sunday and so much more! BSAVA CONGRESS 2019 PREVIEW 3

4 THURSDAY 4 APRIL Hall 1 Hall 3 Hall 4 Hall 5 Hall 6 Hall 7 Hall 8 MY TOP TIPS IN OBESITY SURGICAL COMPLICATIONS ONCOLOGY RCVS EXOTICS DEALING WITH MDR STAPHYLOCOCCAL INFECTIONS Neurology Rick LeCouteur (USA) The principles of weight management: using scientific evidence to maximise success Alex German My wound broke down: what now? Mickey Tivers Paraneoplastic syndromes Erik Teske (NL) Professional outcomes review: looking to the future Stephen May Updates on rabbit medicine & surgery Chris Mans (USA) The lab report says MRSP: what do I need to know? Anette Loeffler Oncology Gerry Polton The practicalities of weight management: making it work in your practice Georgia Woods My enterotomy is leaking: what now? Mickey Tivers Biopsies: getting good results Jon Bray RCVS Mind Matters Initiative: disclosure Sedation, analgesia and anaesthesia in small mammals Chris Mans (USA) Tough choices: treatment options for MRSP pyoderma Anette Loeffler Reproduction Gary England Tackling the obese patient with concurrent disease: what are your priorities? Alex German Having difficult conversations Christine Magrath Pathology reports: what a clinician needs to know Erik Teske (NL) RCVS Mind Matters Initiative: &me live part I Managing chelonian shell disorders Chris Mans (USA) Top hygiene tips for dealing with multi-drug resistant skin pathogens in practice Anette Loeffler Soft tissue surgery Mickey Tivers Can obesity be prevented? Alex German Something is bleeding: what now? Rachel Hattersley Is advanced imaging always better? Gerry Polton RCVS Mind Matters Initiative: &me live part II Avian clinical techniques Chris Mans (USA) DERMATOPHYTOSIS Dermatophytosis casebook: common impersonators and atypical presentations Susan Paterson REPRODUCTION Lunch in Arena Birmingham Cardiology Ruth Willis Hormonal testing Gary England I didn t get surgical margins: what now? Mickey Tivers Planning oncological surgery Jon Bray VN Futures: a VN s guide to wellbeing Laura Black Clinical applications of rabbit endoscopy Paolo Selleri (IT) Is it a false positive? Current recommendations for diagnosis of dermatophytosis Susan Paterson Orthopaedic surgery Duncan Barnes Managing the pregnant bitch Angelika von Heimendahl I left a urolith behind: what now? Rachel Hattersley Chemotherapy: the basics Erik Teske (NL) VN Futures: a VN s guide to the Practice Standards Scheme Liz Cox Clinical applications of reptile endoscopy Paolo Selleri (IT) Managing multiples: dermatophytosis disease outbreaks Susan Paterson Afternoon Tea & Coffee Break President s Welcome, BSAVA Awards and Keynote Lecture with MATTHEW SYED Hall 1 15:50 16:35 Managing parturition: when do I reach for the scalpel? Angelika von Heimendahl 16:40 17:25 First 48 hours Sylvia Chastant (FR) 15:50 16:35 Oncology treatments: new and on the horizon Gerry Polton 15:50 16:35 VN Futures: a VN s guide to Schedule 3 and Delegation Julie Dugmore 16:40 17:25 VN Futures: a VN s guide to Advanced Practitioner Status Susan Howarth 15:50 16:35 Top tips for ferret surgery Paolo Selleri (IT) 16:40 17:25 Reptile diagnostic imaging Paolo Selleri (IT) MATTHEW SYED Join one of the world s most influential thinkers in the field of high performance and cultural change, Mathew Syed, as he discusses how to build a mindset of continuous improvement in the context of a complex and fast-changing world. 17:00 19:00 Drinks in the Exhibition 4 BSAVA CONGRESS 2019 PREVIEW

5 VETERINARY NURSING MANAGEMENT PRACTICAL OPEN TO ALL BEYOND THE CLINICS INTERACTIVE ADVANCE PURCHASE REQUIRED Hyatt Ballroom Hall 9 Hall 10 Hall 11 Kingston Theatre Venues as listed Austin Court NEW TO BUSINESS LEADERSHIP OPHTHALMOLOGY CONSULTATIONS GENERAL NURSING OTHER CPD CLINICAL ABSTRACTS Leadership: the art of managing uncertainty in veterinary practice Brian Faulkner Acquiring the right to lead: the difference between knowledge and self-belief Brian Faulkner Common eye conditions: medical and surgical Charlotte Dawson Surgical preparation and instrumentation for ophthalmic patients Charlotte Dawson Surgical nursing clinics Nicola Ackerman Advanced practitioner RVN and consulting: an update Jo Hinde Mentoring and supporting students Andrea Jeffery Infection control: a challenge for the whole team Louise O Dwyer Thursday 4 April Hall 5, ICC 20:00 08:00 09:00 SESSION VET Breakfast with a specialist Gary England 09:00 11:00 Birmingham Medical School Dental radiography Peter Haseler 09:00 11:00 Birmingham Medical School Rabbit dentistry John Robinson 08:30 17:00 Clinical Abstracts Short talks throughout the day showcasing the forefront of veterinary science, with poster presentations in the foyer of the Arena Birmingham Leadership and culture: two sides of the same coin Brian Faulkner Leading your sub-team managers Brian Faulkner Post-op nursing considerations for ophthalmic patients Charlotte Dawson NEUROLOGY Nursing the brain injury patient Holly Smith How to implement running a clinic Helen Tottey How to do more clinics Helen Tottey Lungworm: should we be worried? Emily Thomas Where have all the nurses gone and why are they leaving? Andrea Jeffery Join us for a relaxed showing on Thursday evening. Film to be announced later this year. 09:00 12:00 Birmingham Medical School Basic eye surgery Ben Blacklock Elena Fenollosa-Romero 12:00 14:00 Birmingham Medical School Dental radiography Peter Haseler 12:00 14:00 Birmingham Medical School Rabbit dentistry John Robinson Lunch in Arena Birmingham POSTGRADUATE CERTIFICATE Setting up from scratch Brian Faulkner So you re now a Clinical Director. Help! Brian Faulkner 13:50 14:35 Nursing and rehabilitating patients with neuromuscular disease Joe Fenn Rehabilitation post spinal surgery Holly Smith 13:50 14:35 Communication skills for consulting nurses Helen Tottey Medical clinics: what can we be doing? Nicola Ackerman Afternoon Tea & Coffee Break 13:50 14:35 Nursing and treatment options for the hyperthyroid cat Suzanne Rudd Ill communication: effective team handovers Louise O Dwyer 14:00 15:00 Award ceremony 15:00 17:00 Case studies 13:15 14:45 Executive 2, ICC SESSION OPEN TO ALL Dispensing errors Michael Stanford 14:00 17:00 Birmingham Medical School Basic eye surgery Ben Blacklock Elena Fenollosa-Romero 14:00 17:00 SESSION VET Emergency thoracic and abdominal radiology Raquel Salgüero (SP) Jennifer Kinns 15:00 17:00 Birmingham Medical School Dental radiography Peter Haseler 15:00 17:00 Birmingham Medical School Rabbit dentistry John Robinson 17:00 19:00 Drinks in the Exhibition BSAVA CONGRESS 2019 PREVIEW 5

6 FRIDAY 5 APRIL Hall 1 Hall 3 Hall 4 Hall 5 Hall 6 Hall 7 Hall 8 OPHTHALMOLOGY CLINICAL PATHOLOGY ON A BUDGET HAEMATOLOGY DENTISTRY in association with BVDA STUDENT STREAM PR AND MARKETING BOURGELAT (STATE OF THE ART) 08:30 10:10 The cracked or dirty windshield: disorders of the ocular surface Caryn Plummer (USA) Getting more for no more from your laboratory Ian Ramsey Approach to anaemia Vicki Black Odontogenic tumours Philippe Hennet (FR) 08:30 08:50 The 10 minute consult: dealing with problem ears 08:55 09:15 The 10 minute consult: itchy and scratchy approach to the pruritic dog in 10 minutes Helping practices with the latest top tips and positive PR Imaging the adrenals Raquel Salgüero (SP) Cytology: fine-needle aspirate techniques and solid lumps Kathleen Tennant Transfusion medicine Dan Lewis Jaw opening and closing disorders Philippe Hennet (FR) 09:25 09:45 The 10 minute consult: my dog is drinking buckets! PU/PD Jen Stallwood 09:50 10:10 The 10 minute consult: skinny kitties Fiona Whitworth Atypical hypoadrenocorticism Michael Herrtage BIG ISSUES The bulging eye : how do I know, how do I treat? Ron Ofri (IL) Cytology: don t forget the blood smear Kathleen Tennant Management of IMHA James Swann Flap techniques in palatal surgery Philippe Hennet (FR) Images: what can you see? Vicki Black A series of hot topics and thought-provoking lectures, debating some of the big issue areas faced by the veterinary profession today Diagnosis of canine hyperadrenocorticism: is it always straightforward? Michael Herrtage Glaucoma: understanding and treating a leading, and painful cause of blindness Ron Ofri (IL) Cytology: fluids Kathleen Tennant Approach to the suspected coagulopathic patient Vicki Black Mandibular fracture repair considerations Alexander Smithson Emergency cases Sophie Adamantos Monitoring treatment in canine hyperadrenocorticism Ian Ramsey Lunch in Arena Birmingham RECENT GRADUATES AVP Ophthalmic manifestations of endocrinopathies Caryn Plummer (USA) When to test and when to treat Ian Ramsey Management of thrombocytopenia James Swann Oral masses in cats: inflammatory or neoplastic Philippe Hennet (FR) Tooth extraction Alexander Smithson A series of hot topics and thought-provoking lectures, debating some of the big issue areas faced by the veterinary profession today Management of intraoperative hypotension Delphine Holopherne- Doran Masquerading eye disease: when one disease looks like another Caryn Plummer (USA) Point-of-care meters Ian Ramsey Investigation of polycythaemia Erik Teske Feline chronic stomatitis: a frustrating and debilitating disease Philippe Hennet (FR) Pale, bruised, bleeding: what s going on? Dan Batchelor Infection control for the surgical patient Kelly Bowlt Blacklock CLINICAL PATHOLOGY REFRESHER Afternoon Tea & Coffee Break Cataract: what can I do about it? Ron Ofri (IL) Small mammals John Chitty Investigation of leucopenia Erik Teske Periodontal therapy Alexander Smithson Is this murmur significant? Ruth Willis A series of hot topics and thought-provoking lectures, debating some of the big issue areas faced by the veterinary profession today Top tips for great medical and surgical case reports Rachel Hattersley Ian Ramsey Will my dog see again? Examination, assessment and differential diagnosis of the blind patient Ron Ofri (IL) Reptiles and birds John Chitty Haemolytic anaemia: when is it not IMHA? Vicki Black Feline extraction techniques Alexander Smithson How to manage cases that aren t going well Dan Batchelor Options for the treatment of combined cranial cruciate ligament insufficiency and medial patellar luxation Duncan Barnes 17:00 19:00 Drinks in the Exhibition 6 BSAVA CONGRESS 2019 PREVIEW

7 VETERINARY NURSING MANAGEMENT PRACTICAL BEYOND THE CLINICS LT 1, Arena Hyatt Ballroom CT NEW TO MANAGEMENT 09:00 09:45 I want a CT scanner: considerations prior to purchase Internal marketing Chris Gush Louise O Dwyer Chris WarrenSmith Kingston Theatre OPEN TO ALL INTERACTIVE Hall 9 Hall 10 Hall 11 Venues as listed Austin Court ECC SURGICAL BEHAVIOUR, WELFARE & ETHICS OTHER CPD CLINICAL ABSTRACTS 08:30 09:00 How good are you and can you prove it? Nursing the trauma patient Caesareans Dog bite prevention RCVS KNOWLEDGE Paul Aldridge Shakira Free-Miles 09:10 10:10 09:50 10:35 I have a CT scanner: what now? External marketing Richard Casey Matthew Winter ADVANCE PURCHASE REQUIRED How to apply best evidence to manage and care for epilepsy patients in daily clinical practice Holger Volk Paul Pollard 08:00 09:00 SESSION VET Breakfast with a specialist Jon Bray Nutrition myths in critical patients The VN s role during acute surgical haemorrhage Street dog health and behaviour Nicola Ackerman Heather Bacon Claire Roberts 09:00 10:30 Lodges, Austin Court PRACTICAL VET Flexible endoscopy 09:45 12:45 SESSION VN Understanding the financial basics Common toxins in dogs Matthew Winter Georgina Hills Research into small animal practice: why evidence matters Does what we wear in the theatre, impact patient safety? Good intentions and good welfare outcomes Claire Roberts Hayley Walters 11:15 12:45 Lodges, Austin Court PRACTICAL VET Flexible endoscopy Peter Denys Cockcroft Breathe in: thoracic CT How practice finances work Bleeding nightmares Thoracic wall trauma Chris WarrenSmith Miles Russell Learning from a rabbit anaesthetic death: implementing an evidence-based approach to rabbit anaesthesia in a practice setting Emily Thomas Paul Aldridge Positive patient welfare: what the RVN can do Hayley Walters Molly Varga Pam Mosedale Short talks throughout the day showcasing the forefront of veterinary science, with poster presentations in the foyer of the Arena Birmingham Paul Higgs David Walker Sophie Keyte Florent Duplan Lucy Barker How to look at a CT scan: a beginner s guide Sarah Egleston 08:30 17:00 Clinical Abstracts Anaesthesia: case-based discussions Emma Archer Paul Higgs David Walker Sophie Keyte Florent Duplan Lucy Barker Lunch in Arena Birmingham 14:05 15:45 Around the abdomen: indications for abdominal CT Team development First do no harm: how systems can reduce the rate of morbidity and mortality by 50% Renay Rickard Matthew Winter Richard Killen Laura Playforth Richard Byrne 13:50 14:10 13:50 14:10 How to manage a chest drain Emily Thomas Pre-op surgical site infection prevention Claire Roberts Breed-specific legislation 14:15 14:35 14:15 14:35 Shakira Free-Miles How to place nasal oxygen catheters Sarah Egleston How to reduce post-op HAI Claire Roberts 13:50 14:35 Getting the best out of clinical workflow Nursing the septic abdomen patient Geriatric welfare Gillian Page Sarah Egleston Difficult skin closures: what options do we have? Heather Bacon Paul Aldridge 16:35 17:20 16:35 17:20 16:35 17:20 Give the dog a bone: orthopaedic CT Crisis, what crisis? Reliable care in the NHS: building safer systems in a just culture Dying to pee: nursing the blocked cat Loco-regional blocks Welfare conundrums Louise O Dwyer Heather Bacon Chris WarrenSmith Suzanne Rudd Margaret Mary Devaney 17:30 18:15 17:30 18:15 17:30 18:15 Could I, should I, would I? When can I use spinal CT? Managing the dyspnoeic patient Rehabilitation of orthopaedic patients Acute pain and its welfare implications Emily Thomas Holly Smith Hayley Walters Matthew Winter Friday 5 April Hall 5, ICC 20:00 Join us for a relaxed showing on Friday evening. 15:00 16:30 Lodges, Austin Court PRACTICAL VET Flexible endoscopy Paul Higgs David Walker Sophie Keyte Florent Duplan Lucy Barker Afternoon Tea & Coffee Break Julie Beacham Obesity: turning failure into success Alex German A headache or a pain in the neck? Head and neck CT Chris WarrenSmith 14:00 17:00 SESSION VET Don t forget to book your ticket for V19 BEaCH PaRTY Saturday 6 April ICC From 19:30 Film to be announced later this year. 17:00 19:00 Drinks in the Exhibition BSAVA CONGRESS 2019 PREVIEW 7

8 SATURDAY 6 APRIL Hall 1 Hall 3 Hall 4 Hall 5 Hall 6 CRITICAL CARE FANTASTIC FOREIGN BODIES AND HOW TO FIND THEM! NEUROLOGY CARDIORESPIRATORY SHELTER MEDICINE Hall 7 EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION Basic introduction to the use of blood gases Tracking foreign bodies: a review of imaging techniques How to get the most from your neuro exam Approach to the young coughing dog Caring for pets of homeless people Steven De Decker Simon Tappin Jenny Stavisky Ruth Serlin You re different from me: four communication styles Dan Lewis Francisco Llabres Diaz Alan Robinson Advanced blood gas analysis Foreign bodies of the head Jon Bray Older dog with a cough: is it cardiac or respiratory? Top tips on how to tell A pragmatic approach to dog diarrhoea in the shelter environment Meetings, meetings: make them work Dan Lewis Cerebrovascular disease: do dogs have strokes? Rick LeCouteur (USA) Alan Robinson Jenny Stavisky Simon Tappin Techniques for oxygen therapy Endoscopic management of foreign bodies Poorly puppies: neurological disease in the young animal Approach to pulmonary hypertension Prepubertal neutering: a pragmatic approach When they say No : managing expectations Kieran Borgeat David Yates Alan Robinson David Walker Steven De Decker Nutrition in critical care For the chop : surgical management of thoracic and abdominal foreign bodies Cervical spondylomyelopathy ( Wobblers ): diagnosis and treatment options How I perform a bronchoscopy A pragmatic approach to the skinny old cat in the shelter environment Could do better: managing high performers Rachel Dean Alan Robinson Georga Karbe Steven De Decker Dan Lewis Isuru Gajanayake Simon Tappin Lunch in Arena Birmingham AVP Approach to DKA Needle in a haystack: dealing with tracking foreign bodies Spinal cord disorders on a budget Thoracic imaging picture quiz: is it cardiac or is it respiratory? Ocular manifestation of systemic disease All together now: creating team dynamics Ben Blacklock Alan Robinson Sophie Keyte Rick LeCouteur (USA) Georga Karbe Kieran Borgeat Emergency management of urethral obstruction The recurrent foreign body: what to do next? Cranial nerve disorders: figuring out the floppy faces The punctured pet: dealing with thoracic bite wounds/stick injuries Cardiac manifestation of systemic disease Five signs of a high performance team Ruth Willis Alan Robinson Jon Bray JD Foster (USA) Rick LeCouteur (USA) Georga Karbe Afternoon Tea & Coffee Break Acute kidney injury A logical approach to vestibular disease JD Foster (USA) 16:50 17:10 Top tips on chest drain placement Georga Karbe Steven De Decker Management of refractory epilepsy Yes, please: improving client compliance Jeremy Rose Alan Robinson 17:15 17:35 Top tips on thoracic cytology Kathleen Tennant 17:45 18:05 Management of canine acute pancreatitis Isuru Gajanayake Preparation for V19 Beach Party Diagnosis and medical management of pyothorax Simon Tappin Acute kidney injury: practical management Difficult client or difficult communication? David Walker Alan Robinson 18:10 18:30 Diagnosis and surgical management of pyothorax Georga Karbe 17:00 18:30 V19 Pre Drinks in the Exhibition Arena Birmingham / Exhibition closes at 18:30 8 BSAVA CONGRESS 2019 PREVIEW

9 VETERINARY NURSING MANAGEMENT PRACTICAL OPEN TO ALL BEYOND THE CLINICS INTERACTIVE ADVANCE PURCHASE REQUIRED Hall 8 Hall 9 Hall 10 Hall 11 Kingston Theatre Venues as listed Austin Court IMAGING ONCOLOGY MEDICINE ANAESTHESIA LOCO-REGIONAL ANAESTHESIA OTHER CPD CLINICAL ABSTRACTS Is this a bone tumour? Differentiating benign and malignant bone disease with radiographs Jennifer Kinns A waste of time? Should we still be doing skull radiographs in 2019? Jennifer Kinns Common cancers and paraneoplastic syndromes Fiona McDowall Oncology emergencies Nicola Read IBD Diabetes mellitus: let s not sugar coat it! The pre-anaesthetic exam Emma Archer Anaesthesia of the head trauma patient Denise Prisk Basic LA plus pharmacology Jaime Viscasillas LA equipment Matt Read (USA) 08:00 09:00 SESSION VET Breakfast with a specialist Karen Perry (USA) 08:30 11:30 Lodges, Austin Court PRACTICAL VET Drains Rachel Hattersley Tom Cox 08:30 17:00 Clinical Abstracts Short talks throughout the day showcasing the forefront of veterinary science, with poster presentations in the foyer of the Arena Birmingham Is this elbow dysplasia? What radiographs tell us and when to use CT Francisco Llabres Diaz From head to tail, imaging the neurological patient: when are radiographs still useful? Francisco Llabres Diaz Staging the oncology patient Nicola Read Radiotherapy Linda Roberts Feline diabetes: they are not small diabetic dogs DKA Anaesthesia of the RTA cat Claire Woolford Anaesthesia of the brachycephalic patient Denise Prisk Local block in the head Jaime Viscasillas Thoracic limb LA techniques Matt Read (USA) 08:30 11:30 Executive 2, ICC SESSION VET Reptile anesthesia, analgesia and sedation Chris Mans (USA) 09:30 12:30 SESSION VET Ocular emergencies Ben Blacklock Lunch in Arena Birmingham Now, your turn: interactive orthopaedic film reading Jennifer Kinns Now, your turn: interactive head and neck film reading Raquel Salgüero (SP) 13:50 14:35 Chemotherapy: administration and adverse effects Fiona McDowall Palliative care for cancer patients Linda Roberts 13:50 15:30 Transfusion medicine and common bleeding disorders Rachel Pickes 13:50 14:35 Anaesthesia of the young and old Emma Archer Anaesthesia for the acute abdomen Claire Woolford Epidural anaesthesia Jaime Viscasillas Pelvic limb LA techniques Matt Read (USA) 14:00 17:00 SESSION VET Extraction complications in cats and dogs: prevention and treatment Phillipe Hennet (FR) Alex Smithson Afternoon Tea & Coffee Break Orthopaedic weird and wonderful: an interactive radiographic journey Jennifer Kinns 16:35 17:20 Novel treatments: what s new and advances Nicola Read 16:35 18:15 Endocrinology Rachel Pickes 16:35 16:55 Central lines Claire Woolford 17:00 17:20 Arterial lines Claire Woolford Abdominal/thoracic LA techniques Matt Read (USA) Now your turn: interactive spine film reading Francisco Llabres Diaz 17:30 18:15 Client support for patients with terminal illness Fiona McDowall 17:30 18:15 Anaesthesia and analgesia of patients with complex medical conditions Emma Archer LA and analgesia cases interactive Matt Read (USA) Jamie Viscasillas 17:00 18:30 V19 Pre Drinks in the Exhibition Arena Birmingham / Exhibition closes at 18:30 BSAVA CONGRESS 2019 PREVIEW 9

10 SUNDAY 7 APRIL Hall 1 Hall 4 Hall 5 Hall 6 Hall 7 Hall 8 MY PRAGMATIC APPROACH TO CARDIOLOGY ORTHOPAEDICS IMMUNOLOGY MANAGEMENT SAFETY STREAM 09:00 09:45 PU/PD Sophie Keyte 09:00 09:45 Cardiac therapeutics: atrioventricular valve disease Sonya Gordon (USA) 08:45 09:30 FL lameness in cats: sources and solutions Karen Perry (USA) 08:45 09:30 Understanding immunological testing James Swan 08:45 09:30 Top 5 reasons vets get sued and how to avoid them as a recent graduate Dave Nicol (AUS) 08:45 09:30 Pre-op safety and preparation: what really helps and do pre-op bloods improve outcome? Matt Read 09:55 10:40 Hypercalcaemia Sophie Keyte 09:55 10:40 Cardiac therapeutics: feline cardiology Kieran Borgeat 10:05 10:55 HL lameness in cats: sources and solution Karen Perry (USA) 10:05 10:55 Immune-mediated skin disease Laura Buckley 10:05 10:55 Putting you first: how to manage body and mind to avoid burnout, depression and other negatives Dave Nicol (AUS) 10:05 10:55 How equipment harms patients Matt McMillan 11:15 12:00 Juvenile lameness Duncan Barnes 11:15 12:00 Cardiac therapeutics: dilated cardiomyopathy Sonya Gordon (USA) 11:00 11:45 Feline OA: diagnosis and management Karen Perry (USA) 11:00 11:45 Novel immunotherapy James Swan 11:00 11:45 Personal branding for vets: why you need one and how to become the local pet celebrity Dave Nicol (AUS) 11:00 11:45 How to use checklists to improve safety (and how not to) Matt McMillan 12:10 12:55 Seizures Jeremy Rose 12:10 12:55 Cardiac therapeutics: medical treatment of arrhythmias (in dogs with DCM) Sonya Gordon (USA) 13:05 13:50 Coronoid disease in dogs: where are we now? Laura Cuddy (IE) Coastal Cookout 13:05 13:50 Glomerulonephritis JD Foster Hall 3, ICC 13:05 13:50 What anaesthetic monitoring really helps Matt McMillan Coastal Cookout Hall 3, ICC 14:15 15:00 Prescription foods Isuru Gajanayake 14:15 15:00 Challenging cases: approach to the patient with cardiac disease and renal dysfunction JD Foster (USA) 14:00 14:45 Humeral intercondylar fissures in dogs Laura Cuddy (IE) 14:00 14:20 How to collect CSF samples Paul Higgs 14:25 15:40 How to perform joint taps Paul Higgs 14:00 14:45 Clinical audit: how to set up Pam Mosedale 15:10 15:55 Pruritic skin disease Laura Buckley 15:10 15:55 Challenging cases: approach to the cardiac patient with concurrent respiratory disease Kieran Borgeat 14:55 15:40 Ununited anconeal process: what to do? Laura Cuddy (IE) 14:55 16:35 Stiff, painful and pyrexic: an interview with a medic, neurologist and orthopod Duncan Barnes Vicki Black Jeremy Rose 14:55 15:40 An anaesthetist s day from hell: interactive cases Matt McMillan Matt Read 16:05 16:55 Chronic diarrhoea Eilidh Gunn 16:05 16:55 Cardiac therapeutics: pericardial disease Sonya Gordon (USA) 15:50 16:35 Elbow incongruence: what to do when Laura Cuddy (IE) 15:50 16:35 M and M rounds Catherine Oxtoby CONGRESS CLOSES 10 BSAVA CONGRESS 2019 PREVIEW

11 VETERINARY NURSING MANAGEMENT PRACTICAL OPEN TO ALL BEYOND THE CLINICS INTERACTIVE ADVANCE PURCHASE REQUIRED Hall 9 Hall 10 Hall 11 Kingston Theatre Telford Room Venues as listed EXOTICS NURSING LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT NUTRITION AGM BEYOND THE CLINICS VDS TRAINING OPEN TO ALL OTHER CPD 09:20 10:05 Help: rabbit anaesthesia Jo Hinde 09:20 10:05 Leadership: what are the benefits for RVNs Liz Cox 09:20 10:05 Making and implementing a nutritional assessment Georgia Woods 09:00 09:45 Taking time out to get time back Penny Barker 10:40 11:25 Preventative medicine for rabbits Jo Hinde 10:40 11:25 Challenges of the head nurse and how to lead your team effectively Renay Rickard 10:40 11:25 Compliance for nutritional recommendations Georgia Woods 10:45 12:00 BSAVA AGM All BSAVA Members welcome 09:55 10:40 The three Ps for having a good day: present, proactive and positive Carolyne Crowe 10:15 12:15 SESSION VN Better vet visits: working towards fear free practice Linda Ryan Coffee Break 11:35 12:20 Rabbit obesity clinics Jo Hinde 11:35 12:20 Leadership skills for all roles Liz Cox 11:35 12:20 Feeding the renal patient Georgia Woods 11:15 12:00 Leaning into colleagues, clients and cases Carolyne Crowe 13:35 14:20 Nursing patients with ileus Jo Hinde 14:30 15:15 Is it all about hay and grass: rabbit nutrition Nicola Ackerman Coastal Cookout 13:35 14:20 Managing your team through a change Renay Rickard 14:30 15:15 Swapping between leadership and management: multi-tasking nurses! Liz Cox Hall 3, ICC 13:35 14:20 Nutritional management of the hyperthyroid cat Georgia Woods 14:30 15:15 Nutritional management of gastrointestinal disease I Aarti Kathani IN CONVERSATION WITH 13:35 14:20 Pete Wedderburn (IRE) BSAVA President Phil Lhermette in conversation with Pete Wedderburn, a small animal vet, journalist and broadcaster 12:10 12:55 Stepping up and speaking out Penny Barker JOIN US AT EUROPE S LARGEST SMALL ANIMAL CONGRESS For the most up-to-date Congress information please phone , or visit 15:20 16:05 Exotic pet welfare and ethics Shakira Free-Miles 15:20 16:05 A simple approach to development reviews Renay Rickard 15:20 16:05 Nutritional management of gastrointestinal disease II Aarti Kathani CONGRESS CLOSES JOIN BSAVA TODAY BSAVA members enjoy substantial savings on Congress registration along with a host of other benefits. Join today for exceptional value CPD courses, great savings on BSAVA publications, access to exclusive member only online resources and much more. Visit BSAVA CONGRESS 2019 PREVIEW 11

12 MORE REASONS TO JOIN US IN 2019 CREATED BY YOU FOR YOU BSAVA Congress is sculpted by 28 volunteer vets and veterinary nurses who give their spare time to create the jam-packed engaging, relevant and practical programme to meet your current needs. DID YOU KNOW? BSAVA is not for profit our surplus is invested back into the profession through BSAVA s activities; promoting excellence in small animal practice through education and science. MEMBERS SAVE MORE BSAVA Members enjoy significant savings on Congress registration alongside a range of other benefits including discounts for local CPD courses, publications, and an exhaustive library of online resources. THE WHOLE PACKAGE Each lecture pass grants free access to the Congress exhibition and includes a complimentary Proceedings, along with lunch and drinks for each day of registration. VISIT BIRMINGHAM Over 90% of the UK population live within just 4 hours travel to Birmingham via road, rail and air. The city boasts an abundance of top restaurants, bars, culture and attractions. FREE EXHIBITION PASSES If you don t have time to attend the lectures, we offer free exhibition passes to vets, veterinary nurses and practice staff. BOOK YOUR PLACE Join thousands of colleagues attending world class lectures, wet and dry labs and non-clinical CPD, all tailored to the needs of today s small animal vet, veterinary nurse and practice managers. Registration for Congress 2019 will open online towards the end of October 2018 at See you at Congress! All lecture passes include complimentary access to the Congress Exhibition in Arena Birmingham. BSAVA MEMBERS Cost until 31 January 2019 Cost from 1 February 2019 BSAVA Member and FECAVA/ASAVA/BEVA Member BSAVA Member 1/2/3 Year Qualified BSAVA Senior Member/Vet Student Member/Postgraduate Member BSAVA Nurse Member (including Student Nurses) (Access to Nurse and Management streams) BSAVA Nurse Member (Upgrade to vet streams) Whole Congress Day Rate Whole Congress Day Rate Whole Congress 95 Day Rate 47 Whole Congress Day Rate Whole Congress Day Rate PRACTICE BADGES Bring different vets or nurses from your practice to each day at Congress. Not available after 6 March One attendee must be a BSAVA Member 1 Vet per day Whole Congress Nurse per day Whole Congress 272 NON BSAVA MEMBERS Non-member Vet Non-member Nurse & Animal Technician (Nurse stream only) Practice Managers (Access to Management and Nurse streams) Whole Congress Day Rate Whole Congress Day Rate Whole Congress Day Rate EXHIBITION ONLY BSAVA Members (includes complimentary lunch) Day Rate Free Non-member Vets, Nurses, Practice Managers (does not include lunch) Day Rate Free Commercial attendees Day Rate 110 The Congress venue Exhibition 4 6 April 2019 Arena Birmingham King Edwards Road, Birmingham B1 2AA, UK Lectures 4 7 April 2019 ICC, Broad Street, Birmingham, B1 2EA, UK Venue and travel information can be found at Staying in Birmingham? If you need a hotel, our partners at BCD Meetings and Events can help you find the perfect accommodation to suit your needs and budget. Visit and bag the best rates today. Contact us If you need help or advice please get in touch! Call or All prices include VAT. Lecture and speaker details correct at time of going to press. Subject to change. 6908CONG18 BSAVA CONGRESS 2019 PREVIEW 12