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1 Szent István UNIVERSITY FACULTY OF VETERINARY SCIENCE ENDO th Budapest Workshop on Clinical Endocrinology Endocrine and Reproductive D isorders in Com panion A nim als 20 th -28 th June, 2001 Budapest, Hungary

2 Dear Colleagues! Improving and harmonising of clinicians (first of all Ph.D students', residences' and young assistants') professional knowledge is a priority goal in our knowledge based era. International courses on specific issues designed for young professionals can serve effectively this go al. Our Faculty of Veterinary Science has more than 200 years experience in education and research. It answering to this challenge arranged the first Budapest Workshop on Clinical Endocrinology, - a summer school like course some years ago - using the framework of VETNEST association of veterinary faculties in Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia. The growing number and satisfaction of the participants encouraged us to continue this initiative of capacity building. The current year course is focused on clinical and reproductive endocrinology of companion animals. During the 8 days of the course you will have the chance to listen to internationally recognised senior scientists' lectures, take part on practical demonstration and training in high ualified laboratories and display and discuss your own research activity. These provide settings for deep discussion and shared learning in contemporary issues of veterinary endocrinology. Furthermore, it intend to serve the purpose of founding and supporting professional connections and friendship. And - last but not least - you will enjoy the hospitality and beauties of Budapest, capital of Hungary. We invite all clinicians dealing with endocrine malfunctions and reproductive disorders of companion animals first of all the young professionals, researchers and Ph.D students not only from the countries of the VETMED faculties, but from any other states of the World. Similar to our invited keynote speakers, who come from several European countries, as well as from the USA. We will be glad to see you in Budapest! Prof. Gyula Huszenicza, DVM, PhD

3 P r o g r a m 20 th June, Wednesday Registration Welcome by L. Solti, dean, Faculty of Veterinary Sciences Technical announcements. Gy. Huszenicza Cell signalling: its importance at different levels of endocrine regulations. P. Rudas A review of laboratory procedures available in endocrinology. V.Csernus In vivo techniues, in vitro bioassays (organ perfusion, tissue culture, superfusion-perifusion, haemolytic plaue assay, electrophysiological methods); hormone determinations (physicochemical methods, ligand binding assays - RIA, ELISA, TEGLIA, etc.); methods in molecular biology (PCR, Southern-,Northern- and Western blotting, DNA synthesis and seuencing, cloning); histological methods. Utilisation of these techniues in research, diagnosis and therapy. Part cont. Part cont. Part st June, Thursday Diagnostic procedures of thyroid and adrenocortical function in the campanion animal medicine: determination of thyroid hormones, cortisol and ACTH. (J.A. Mol) Advanced endocrinology of adrenal function. (C. Reusch) Canine hyperadrenocorticism (C. Reusch) Clinical care of canine Cushing disease in Hungary (J. Thuróczy) Adrenocortical insufficiency (C. Reusch)

4 Clinical biochemistry of the hypothalamus-pituitary system (J. A. Mol) (Patho)physiological overview of the growth hormone and growth factors secretion (J.A. Mol) Acromegaly (J.A. Mol) Growth hormone deficiency (J.A. Mol) 22 nd June, Friday Advanced endocrinology of pancreatic function. Diagnostic procedures of endocrine pancreatic (mal)functions (M. Hoenig) The comparative pathology of canine and feline diabetes mellitus. (M. Hoenig) The clinical pathology and therapy of diabetic ketoacidosis (M. Hoenig) Long-term management of complicated diabetic cases (C. Reusch) Clinical care of endocrine pancreatic malfunctions in Hungary (M. Magdus) Neurohypophyseal peptides. Diabetes insipidus. Inappropriate vasopressin secretion. Polyuria. (J.A. Mol) Seminary session 1 Free presentations of the participants. 23 rd June, Saturday Conseuences of long term systemic glucocorticoid use. (D. C. Ferguson) Endocrinology of canine and feline obesity (M. Hoenig) Endocrine regulation of hair growth (E. Bamberg)

5 Endocrine and metabolic conseuences of ovariectomy and castration (M. Hoenig) Use of fecal steroid assays in reproductive care of domesticated carnivores and zoo animals (E. Bamberg) Guided sight-seeing tour in Budapest. free, voluntary program. Application no later than 21 st June! A one-day cultural program. free, voluntary program. Application no later than 21 st June! 24 th June, Sunday 25 th June, Monday Group 1*: Lab visit and demonstration. (Dept. of Physiology and Biochemistry) Group 2*: Demonstration of your results in research: interactive multimedia techniue. (Dept. of Physiology and Biochemistry, "Kemény Armand" Multimedia Laboratory) Group 3*: Lab visit and demonstration. (Dept. of Obstetrics and Reproduction) Basic thyroid physiology. (P. Rudas) Clinical aspects of thyroid physiology and pathology. (D. C. Ferguson) Diagnostic procedures of thyroid malfunctions. (D. C. Ferguson) Canine hypothyroidism (D. C. Ferguson) Clinical care of thyroid malfunctions in Hungary. (M. Magdus) Seminary session 2 Free presentations of the participants. 26 th June, Tuesday Group 1*: Lab visit and demonstration. Dept. of Obstetrics and Reproduction

6 Group 2*: Lab visit and demonstration. Dept. of Physiology and Biochemistry Group 3*: Demonstration of your results in research: interactive multimedia techniue. Dept. of Physiology and Biochemistry, "Kemény Armand" Multimedia Laboratory Main forms of hyperthyroidism: feline hyperthyroidism and thyroid tumors in dogs (theories of etiopathogenesis, pathology and clinical aspects) (D. C. Ferguson) Disturbed thyroid hormone metabolism: comparative aspects of its possible involvement in the pathogenesis of certain skin lesions (D. C. Ferguson) Visit at the National "Frédéric Joliot Curie" Research Institute for Radiobiology and Radiohygiene. (N.R.I.R.R.) Leaving for the institute by bus Radiopharmaceuticals used for evaluating the endocrine system.. (Gy. A. Jánoki) Scintigraphic examination of the endocrine organs in the veterinary medicine: the thyroid and the adrenal glands. (L. Balogh) Break Group 1**: Thyroid scintigraphy in dogs. (L. Balogh, G. Andócs) Group 2**: RIA kits developed and manufactured in N.R.I.R.R. (K. Nagy) Break Group 1**: RIA kits developed and manufactured in N.R.I.R.R. (K. Nagy) Group 2**: Thyroid scintigraphy in dogs. (L. Balogh, G. Andócs) 27 th June, Wednesday

7 Group 1*:Demonstration of your results in research: interactive multimedia techniue Dept. of Physiology and Biochemistry, "Kemény Armand" Multimedia Laboratory Group 2*: Lab visit and demonstration Dept. of Obstetrics and Reproduction Group 3*: Lab visit and demonstration Dept. of Physiology and Biochemistry New insights in endocrinology of reproduction in dogs and cats and factors affecting fertility (J. Verstegen) Diagnosis and treatment of female (in)fertility in dogs and cats (J. Verstegen) Use of progesterone determination in reproductive care of female dogs and cats: Hungarian experiences (L. Solti) Clinical aspects including endocrinology of pseudopregnancy and pyometra: ethiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment (J. Verstegen) Seminary session 3 Free presentations of the participants 28 th June, Thursday Endocrine and other methods used for (1) suppressing or inducing oestrus /ovulation (2) diminishing the luteal activity or inducing luteolysis and (3) interrupting the unwanted pregnancies in dogs and cats (J. Verstegen) Genital conseuences of canine hypothyroidism (J. Thuroczy) Side effects of steroid (synthetic gestagen, estrogen and androgen) therapy in dogs and cats (J. Verstegen)

8 Physiology and pathology of genital (including prostatic) function in male dogs and cats. Clinical endocrinology of cryptorchism. Factors influencing the male (in)fertility, endocrine and other methods in their diagnosis and therapy. (J. Verstegen) 14.15Closing and Farewell (Faculty's Student Canteen)

9 General information Date and Venue The Workshop takes place Wednesday June 20 to Thursday June 28, 2001 at the Szent István University, Faculty of Veterinary Science, Lecture Hall of Postgraduate Education: 2 István Str., Budapest, VII. Language of the Worksop is English (without translation) Form of presentations Review lectures held by invited lecturers and completed with data and copies of relevant literature (45-90 min. including discussion). Demonstrations and training performed by invited lecturers. Participants' presentations. These could be app min. presentation on your own research activities on voluntary base followed by discussion guided by senior researchers. Target group Under- and post-graduate students and young academic staff members like veterinarians, animal scientists and biologists from veterinary and agricultural faculties, research or diagnostic organisations. Invited lecturers and trainers Balogh, L. Bamberg, E. Csernus, V. Ferguson, D.C. Honig, M. Huszenicza, Gy. Jánoky, Gy. Magdus, M Mol, J.A. Reusch, C. Rudas, P. Solti, L. Thuroczy, J. Verstegen, J. Austria, Viena USA, Georgia USA, Georgia Holland, Utrecht Helvetia, Zurich Belgium, Liege

10 Registration Completed registration form (attached and available on our home page: www. univet. hu) should be forwarded before 30 th April, 2001 to: SzIE ÁOTK TKK H-1400 Budapest, POB 2. Hungary or by fax: or by as attached file: Registration fee: HUF (or 280 EU.) It will be paid by wire transfer to: National Savings Bank (OTP) N o : address: 49 Király Str., Budapest VII., Hungary SWIFT code: BICVHUHB (The banking charge is up to the participant.) Notes: At the transfer please give your name and refer to the Workshop. In case of over-registration the date of receipt gives the order. The final enrolment will be decided only when the registration fee receives. The deadline is: 7th June, Participants from Brno, Hannover, Helsinki, Kosice and Vienna within a valid framework of bilateral student exchange programs can have free of charge student hostel accommodation. You are reuested to attach an authorised declaration on validity of the program for There are some fellow ships as much as 80 EU /person. Please indicate if you want to have get one of them giving a short explanation, too. registration fee include lunch, coffee and refreshment, handouts or/and copies of the lectures and the sight-seeing tour on Saturday. Accomodation & Meal 1. "Marek J." Faculty's Student Hostel: three-bed rooms with private facilities, but w ithout breakfast for 4500 HUF (app. 17 EU)/night which should be paid at the time of final registration. Room (and price) can be shared among 2 to 3 persons. Address: 59 Mogyoródi Str., Budapest, XIV, T: ( 2. Hotel Carmen *** HUF (app. 42 EU/night for single-bed room, or HUF (app.53 EU) for double-bed room. Breakfast is included. Both of them are about 30 mins far from the University (half by bus, half by walk) Accomodation fee can be wired together with the registration fee, or can be paid in cash at the time of final registration. An invoice also can be sent for reuest. will be served at the University's Student Canteen.