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1 STUDBOOK BREEDING PROGRAMME Cuora amboinensis Malayan box turtle Cuora amboinensis kamaroma No 4; old female with healed wounds confiscation Hong Kong December 2000 Report 2006 (January December 2006) Merijn Kerlen, species coördinator

2 Introduction Since the last report, December 2006, the number of international members and contacts is growing. For this year 3 animals died. New breedings, 8, have been reported from 2 locations. One location is similar to 2005, the other loication is a new breeding location and also member of the studbook for many years. Both breeding locations are from parents from the big confiscation at the end of One more country is added to the studbook; Sweden. Also some more contacts have been made in Germany and France. At the moment the studbook has locations in Belgium, Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands and Sweden. 4 Different subspecies are known (amboinensis, couro, kamaroma and lineate). Except lineata, all subspecies are present in the studbook. Most of them are subspecie kamaroma followed by amboinensis. So far it is almost impossible to find good locations for the juveniles from last year. Some people are looking for adult Cuora s but only the sub specie couro and female amboinensis. Animals offered are mainly kamaroma and male amboinensis. This is exactly the same as the year before. 2

3 Studbook population The total population; Date Locations Specimens Birth Death (9, 12, 15) 2? (13, 16, 26) 4 2 till (31, 44, 34) 8 25 till (27, 41, 43) (29, 44, 43) (25, 35, 22) (28,33,38) 8 3 The total population over the past 2 years separated by subspecie; SubSpecie amboinenis couro kamaroma lineata unknown Total 11, 7 2, 2 37, 42 0, 0 48, 31 Male 7, 3 1, 0 9, 10 0, 0 11, 12 Female 3, 3 1, 2 17, 16 1, 0 11, 14 unkown 1,1 0, 0 11, 16 0, 0 26, 5 Black colored; 2006 Red colored; 2005 Number of locations over the past 8 years; locations Till Till

4 Growth of the population over the past 8 years, total and separated by sex; male female unknown total Till Till The population over the past 8 years, birth, death and total; birth death total Till Till

5 Transfers Date Till Till Transfers The number of transfers is, for the last few years, only the amount of transfers within the studbook between studbook members. Discussion Subspecie Specimens C.a.a. 11 (7,3,1) C.a.c. 2 (1,1,0) C.a.k. 37 (9,17,11) C.a.l. 1 (0,1,0) C.a. *) 48 (11,11,26) *) Unknown or uncertain subspecie The number of males The number of females The number of unknown The number of unknown or uncertain subspecies At the moment there are many problems with people looking for species of Cuora amboinensis. Finally, when some animals are offered, they re not interested anymore. Because of this problem it s almost impossible to find new locations for offered animals. As mentioned in the introduction the offered animals are all kamaroma and male amboinensis, this in contrast to the people looking for couro and female amboinensis. It s still possible to get fertilized eggs so this isn t a problem, especially for the kamaroma. The bigger problem is there are some know hybrids from several subspecies. For the studbook it s very important to keep them separated from the non-hybrids. 5

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