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2 M E S S A G E FR O M T H E E X E C U T I V E D I R E C T O R CASA DEL HERRERO BOARD OF TRUSTEES Meghan Stoll President Robert E. Williams Vice President Christopher C. Hardy Treasurer Emily Jones Secretary After the mudslides, walking in the Casa gardens was surreal. Flowers burst Karen Jones Clark Jane Defnet Bryan Goligoski John F. Hall Albert P. Hinckley, Jr. Susan Jackson Travis Kranz, PhD Elizabeth Storm McGovern Fran Morrow Annalisa Hinckley Savin Katherine Pharibe Wise Cheryl Ziegler For some people, life continues as it did before. But, for others, life will never be the same again. I am heartened by Montecito s resiliency, how quickly the community has come together to rise above the tragedy to try to become whole again. I am amazed at the great work of all of the first responders, firefighters, police officers, and individuals working to bring our community back. with color in the Cutting Garden, roses bloomed in the Rose Garden, and the orchards were full of ripe citrus fruit. Birds chirped in the distance. It was stunning, just a few blocks away from tragedy, to be surrounded by such beauty. It was healing and comforting to know the Casa weathered the storm. Many of you expressed concern about the Casa, and I want to thank you for keeping the estate in your hearts. It s your support that keeps us going. George Steedman Bass Founding Trustee CASA DEL HERRERO STAFF Jessica Tade, PhD Executive Director Nichole LaViola Membership & Volunteer Coordinator José Aguilar Head Gardner & Site Manager Sergio Martinez Gardner Casa del Herrero 1387 East Valley Road Santa Barbara, CA Mailing Address: P.O. Box 5612 Santa Barbara, CA (805) casadelherrero.com 2 Cover and inside front page photos courtesy of Matt Walla. As we move through spring, I am excited about the prospect of renewal and a fresh start. In this issue, you will find stories about some of our longtime volunteers, whose passion for the Casa continues to soar. You will also read about our new logo, and learn more about our great work. Your passion and love lifts us. Thank you for being there. With gratitude, Casa del Herrero takes as its mission to maintain, preserve, and restore the house, furnishings, gardens, and history of the Steedman/Bass estate for the benefit of the community, visiting public, scholars, educators, and students. Jessica Tade Executive Director 3

3 Casa Weathers the Storm Surviving Thomas Fire and Subsequent Mudslides It is with a sigh of relief, and much gratitude, that the Casa can confirm it survived the Thomas Fire and subsequent mudslides receiving no major structural damage to the estate. Even though the Casa was located on a stretch of East Valley Road that was in the mandatory evacuation zone, it was able to weather the storm. The Casa has a long history of surviving natural disasters beginning with its very origin. The day of the 1925 earthquake, the Casa s original owner George Fox Steedman was staying in Santa Barbara awaiting the completion of his new summer home. His hotel did not fare well when the earthquake hit, and he likely drove up to the Casa with trepidation as to what he would find. To his astonishment, the house was intact, and he moved in that day. Now, more than 90 years later, the Casa has weathered the largest fire in California s history as well as devastating mudslides. Today it remains as it always has an incomparable treasure. Through tragedy and heartbreak comes resiliency and collaboration, said Executive Director Jessica Tade. Casa del Herrero is proud to call Montecito home. Its mantra Good work lives on is now timelier than ever. Casa del Herrero was the grateful recipient of a Hutton Parker Foundation 2018 Quick Response Crisis Grant. These necessary funds bolstered the work of the Casa at an extraordinary time. Thank you, Hutton Parker Foundation, for this invaluable support! 4 Roof Restoration Complete! Workshop and Butler s Cottage Receive Much Needed Repair A s with any house, repairs become necessary over time. Casa del Herrero recently went through a roof restoration process on its workshop and Butler s Cottage. The Casa s original owner George Fox Steedman initiated several construction projects on the estate in the 1930s including building the workshop and an expansion to the Butler s Cottage. With the historical nature of these two structures in mind, necessary restoration was completed while preserving the original roof tiles. Preservation is always a priority at the Casa. When visitors come to the 11-acre estate, they are transported back to Montecito in the 1920s and 1930s. Completing important restoration projects like the roof repair allows the Casa to keep Spanish Revival architecture a vital presence in the community. Thank you to Mission Roofing for completing the Casa s workshop and Butler s Cottage roof restorations! 5

4 C ASA L E G ACY SER IES C ASA L E GAC Y SE RIE S Jane Dyruff and Joyce Johnson s Love for the Casa Sparks an Enduring Friendship The house is like a jewel set in a beautiful garden setting. This is the right kind of preservation. Jane Dyruff has a long history with Casa del Herrero beginning with the opportunity to work on silver projects in Steedman s workshop during the 1990s. Her love of the estate prompted her to join the Casa s first docent training class in the spring of Joyce Johnson began as a docent the following summer. At the time, Joyce was a professor of history and studio art at Oxnard 6 College. After visiting the Casa as the guest of Medora Steedman Bass, Joyce knew she had found a special place. Joyce and I have become good friends and we really enjoy being at the Casa, said Jane. The museum is small and personal, which is really great. George Fox Steedman was looking to create a nice house to live in. I think he did that and then some. For more than 20 years, Jane and Joyce have been involved with the Casa, serving as both docent volunteers and donors. It is easy to recognize their wealth of knowledge and passion for the Casa as they can share narratives about every member of the Steedman/Bass family as well as interesting facts about the estate. Whether they are recanting a comical story about young George Bass helping his grandfather in the workshop or providing information about the history of George Fox Steedman s handwritten inventories, Jane and Joyce know it all. It is rare to have a house museum that still includes all of the original furnishings and artwork, said Joyce. The house is like a jewel set in a beautiful garden setting. This is the right kind of preservation. While no longer volunteering as active docents, Jane and Joyce are still on-call, preferring to give their time now as members of the Casa s Fine Arts and Furnishings Committee. They hope to always be involved on some level, as they will be forever drawn to the Casa s unique qualities. I am so pleased that the Casa continues on as a public monument for the community, said Joyce. Everything about the house and gardens is worth saving. Devotion Drives Dan Eidelson s 30 Year Passion for the Casa L ongtime educator Dan Eidelson moved with his wife from Orange County to Montecito in the 1980s so that they could be close to their son and his family. Dan first learned about Casa del Herrero from his wife, who had visited the grounds as part of a private tour through an extension class she was taking at UC Santa Barbara. She spoke so enthusiastically about what she had seen, that Dan was intrigued. A chance meeting with George Bass, the Casa s founding trustee, led to a friendship and devotion to the Casa that has now lasted more than 30 years. When I think about my life in Montecito, Casa del Herrero is the focal point, said Dan. There was a period of time that I was completely devoted to the property, and as a result, the significance of the estate will always be important to me. A chance meeting with George Bass, the Casa s founding trustee, led to a friendship and devotion to the Casa that has now lasted more than 30 years. George Bass was the steward of his mother s final wish to make Casa del Herrero a public charity. During this transition period in the 1990s, Dan decided to give his all to the project, becoming a member of the Casa s first Advisory Committee where he worked with a small group of dedicated individuals. He devoted up to five days a week meeting with residents, going to meetings, and talking to the planning commission all in the hope of giving the Casa to the community. I have such great admiration for George Bass, said Dan. He is a thoughtful, generous person. He was very sensitive during the transition process, and was deeply concerned about the impact on residents. He was flexible, and really listened, which resulted in the preservation of a great monument in our community. Dan has spent much time at the estate, working in the gardens, leading tours, serving as a board member for many years, and now lending his expertise as a member on the Buildings and Grounds Committee. His love of mechanical things drove Dan s interest in and concern for the wellbeing of the Casa s Pump House, which he has devoted many hours to preserving. Dan has given his time again and again, all in the hope of maintaining the Casa in perpetuity. There is something very special about this property, said Dan. I don t know what it is, but I do know I will always love it. 7

5 Workshop Remains Testament to Steedman s Creativity A favorite stop on the Casa guided tour is quite arguably the Steedman workshop. Built around 1930, the space remains as beloved today as it did during George Fox Steedman s lifetime. In the workshop, Steedman pursued his interests in silversmithing, woodworking, and machine tooling, whiling away many happy hours each day. I am afflicted (or blessed?) with an incurable heart disease, which, if I take life easy, will probably permit me to live to a ripe and happy old age, and 8 I am enjoying a regular and easy life in southern California, Steedman wrote in the Harvard College Class of 1932 Report. Shooting, golf, and all exercise are no longer permitted, but my life work of engineering machinery, and the like gave me a training that now permits me to spend many happy hours each day as a sedentary silversmith a vegetable existence perhaps, but a very happy and contented life after plenty of hard work and activity in my younger days. Steedman became interested in silversmithing in the mid-1920s. Papers in his archive indicate that he wrote to Goldsmith Brothers Smelting & Refining Company in Chicago to inquire about purchasing silver to be used in the creation of forks and spoons. In the letter, he also jokingly asked about the firm s policy on repurchasing scrap silver as he did not expect to produce quality items for some time. To increase his skills, Steedman took silversmithing lessons in 1927 from the established silversmith George Gebelein, paying $5 per lesson. He would spend the next 14 years perfecting his technique, often spending as many as six or seven hours a day in the workshop. I have found really great happiness in attempting to turn out a grade of work which compares with the old English and Irish silver work of from two to three hundred years ago, Steedman said in a letter written to a friend in It serves a temporary cause, and I also feel it is a permanent thing, which will live long after I am gone. The silver objects produced in the workshop included many gifts for his family for birthdays, Christmas, and other holidays, each one especially individualized for the recipient with stamped markings of the names and dates denoting the occasion. Many of these objects remain in the Casa s possession as part of the Steedman/Bass Family Silver Collection. Today, the workshop remains a time capsule giving visitors a glimpse of a world frozen in time. Information courtesy of Robert Sweeney s book Casa del Herrero The Romance of Spanish Colonial published by Rizzoli International Publications, Inc., and longtime docent and volunteer Jane Dyruff. 9

6 Guests passed a lovely Christmas tree as they entered the historic George Washington Smith house. Claiborne & Lime ~ Event Design & Production complemented the lighting concept created by Ambient Event Design. Fran Morrow, Carolyn and Bob Williams, and Meghan Stoll. Marc Appleton, the evening s honoree, with his wife Joanna Kerns. Board President Susan Jackson and Casa Executive Director Jessica Tade. Jen Abed, and Wendy and Chris Blau. Allen Rogers, Marianne Sprague, and Dr. Richard Kahmann. Casa board members Bob Williams; Meghan Stoll; Emily Jones; Fran Morrow; Jane Defnet; Cheryl Ziegler; Albert Hinckley, Jr.; and Susan Jackson. Casa board members Karen Jones Clark and Fran Morrow, Carolyn Williams, and Gwen Baker. Guests enjoyed the sounds of James Connolly and his band. Kathy Kerstiens and Robert Mislang. Susan Jackson, Marc Appleton, and Joan Jackson. Daniel Gibbings, Marni Margerum, and John Stegall. Marc Appleton, Alison Wrigley, Valerie and A.J. Rice, and Joanna Kerns. Jim Rivera, David Luna, and Bruce Defnet. Doug Margerum, and Bob and Valerie Montgomery. Susan Morrow, Susan Jackson, and Loren Booth. Charles Knight, Kristi Marks, and Mark Mattingly. Christmas at the Casa A Celebration of Preservation In early December 2017, the Casa held its annual Christmas at the Casa, a merry event full of holiday cheer. The theme, A Celebration of Preservation, provided individuals with the opportunity to reflect on the many Spanish art objects preserved inside the house museum, which itself is a historic George Washington Smith structure. Guests enjoyed delicious hearty appetizers from Dining with Di and lovely wines from the Margerum Wine Company. Billecart-Salmon provided fabulous champagne. The sold-out affair featured a special salute to Santa Barbara s own Marc Appleton, an acclaimed architect who is a perennial fixture on Architectural Digest s AD100 list of the world s best in design. Marc is a longtime friend of the Casa, generously sharing his time and talent in addition to serving as a board member for many years. I look forward to this event every year as it is a great way to honor Casa del Herrero and the important place it holds in our community, said Casa Executive Director Jessica Tade. We always have a festive atmosphere and a jolly good time. I am grateful to our generous supporters for making this all possible! 10 Lucinda Lester and Topper Owen, and Robin Barker. Patricia Connor, John and Patti Simpson, and Josh Connor. Cleveland and Laura Motley; Blake Jones; Bruce and Jane Defnet; and Emily Jones. Kelly Cox Bilek and Jen Abed co-chaired a lovely event. Thank you to our Christmas at the Casa event committee! Palmer and Joan Jackson, and Susan and Palmer Jackson, Jr. Guests left with delicious Christmas cookies baked by the Solvang Bakery. Jen Abed, co-chair; Kelly Cox Bilek, co-chair; Heather Biles; Hannah Dal Pozzo; Susan Jackson; Emily Jones; Jennifer Kelly; Travis Kranz; Jennifer Markham; Jennifer McCoy; Elizabeth Storm McGovern; Betsey von Summer Moller; Christina Rottman; Daryl Stegall; Meghan Stoll; 1 23 and Cheryl Ziegler

7 Christmas at the Casa A Celebration of Preservation would not have been possible without the Casa s many generous supporters. It is with immense gratitude that we thank the following individuals and corporate sponsors: Robin and Peter Barker Karen and Stephen Clark Ann Jackson Family Foundation Joan and Palmer Jackson Susan and Palmer Jackson, Jr. Kelly and Tom Bilek Sharon and David Bradford Betsy Edwards Elizabeth Storm McGovern Gretchen and Marshall Milligan Jen and Skip Abed Joanna Kerns and Marc Appleton Gwen and Henry Baker Nicole and Andrew Ball Laurel Barrack Alisa and Robert Baur Heather and Chris Biles Christian Kraus and Jamie Bishton Laura and John Bridley Lynn and Chris Brown Betsy and Ken Coates Kathryne and William Dahlman Elizabeth and Kenneth Doran Jane S. Dyruff Champagne Billecart-Salmon Claiborne & Lime ~ Event Design & Production Daniel Gibbings m SPONSORS CONSERVATORS RESTORERS Joanie and Gery Zacher ARCHIVISTS Elizabeth and Greg Fowler Cynthia and John Hall Mary and Douglas Hampson Hollye and Jeff Jacobs Emily and Blake Jones Robert Lieff and Linda Koehler Judith A. Little Lillian Lovelace Debbie and John Mackall Jennifer and John Markham Suzanne Tucker and Timothy F. Marks Mari and Patrick McAlister Janet and John McCann Jennifer and Patrick McCoy Kellen and Andrew Meyer Mari and Hank Mitchel CORPORATE SPONSORS Travis and Tom Kranz Susan and William McKinley Nanette and Henry Nevins Fred Burrows and Ben Tucker Cheryl and Peter Ziegler Lois H. Moore Frances M. Morrow Eileen and Alex Rasmussen Alison Wrigley & Geoffrey Claflin Rusack Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Stoll, Jr. Betsey and John Moller Mary and Jim Morouse Susan and Ron Morrow Suzanne Rheinstein David Luna and Jim Rivera Missy and Tim Ryan Nancy Schlosser Barbara and Wayne Smith Marianne Sprague Daryl and John Stegall The Steedman Family Susanne and Gary Tobey Patty and Nick Weber Carolyn and Bob Williams Margerum Wine Company Rabobank Wealth Management UBS Santa Barbara Casa Unveils New Logo Thank you to Tom Stanley Creative for the amazing design! Our Casa is Your Casa Become a Member Today! While membership has its privileges, the most important benefit is the support your gift provides to Casa del Herrero. Your membership keeps the door of access open to all those wishing to engage with the Casa to share our local history, to preserve our fine art objects, and to keep George Washington Smith s architecture a vital, living presence in our community. When you become a member, you join a legacy of individuals preserving local history for the public benefit. Find a membership level that is right for you at casadelherrero.com. With the new year, comes a fresh start and a new logo! The Casa is pleased to unveil its new logo design, which reproduces a crest envisioned by the Casa s first owner George Fox Steedman. The crest depicts an anvil on fire and garden trowels symbols of the Steedmans greatest passions. The garden trowels represent Carrie Steedman s love of gardens and flower arranging while the anvil is a powerful image of George Steedman s passion for silver and blacksmithing. Taken together, these two images represent the focus of the Casa s preservation work today. Visitors on the guided tour will be pleased to see the crest on Steedman s aluminum furniture as well as the workshop door. The Casa will be holding two exclusive members only events in Become a member to take part in the fun! Afternoon Tea and Garden Blossoms q Off the Vine: An Evening of Wine Tasting 12 13

8 Casa Welcomes 2018 Class of Docents New and current docents gathered for a photo at the Casa new docent training kick-off event. Back row: Herb Aldwinckle; Sue Skenderian; Laura Wilson; Jo Thompson; Liz Rosedale; Sally Green; Jane Defnet; Linda Van Buren; and Larry Disharoon. Front row: Michael Stichler; Laura Motley; and Rosalie Bier. It is an exciting time of year as Casa del Herrero welcomes its newest volunteers into the 2018 docent training program. Lasting 10 weeks, the training program prepares trainees to lead guided tours of the house, gardens, and workshop. Each week, trainees attend a training session focused on Casa-related subjects including architecture, garden design, arts and furnishings, and more. 14 This year s training program commenced at the end of March, with new trainees receiving an orientation that concluded with a small kick-off party on the beautiful Casa loggia. Trainees and current docents were both in attendance, sharing stories about their interest in volunteerism and the Casa. Eight individuals are participating in this year s cohort, each bringing their own knowledge, interests, and personalities to the docenting program. They will make a great addition to the Casa s roster of 30 docents. Current docents are also attending the weekly training sessions in order to keep their Casa knowledge up-to-date. The Casa is grateful to have such a passionate group of committed docents representing the organization! Volunteers give so much to Casa del Herrero! Photo courtesy of Matt Walla. With 11-acres to maintain, the Casa is always looking for garden volunteers to lend a hand. With everything from general garden maintenance and cleanup to more involved projects, there is something for every volunteer. Call (805) or for more information on becoming a garden volunteer. 15

9 Nonprofit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Santa Barbara, CA Permit No. 61 P.O. Box 5612 Santa Barbara, CA Visit Join Donate The experience of visiting Casa del Herrero is unparalleled. Tours can be booked online at casadelherrero.com/tours/. Our Casa is your casa! Your membership keeps the door of access open to all those wishing to engage with Casa del Herrero. Become a member today by calling (805) or online at casadelherrero.com/membership/. Your donations make our work possible. Call (805) or give online at casadelherrero.com/donate/.