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1 ECRK 2016 March 5 & 6, 2016 Winter Sieger Show Jacksonville, NC Location: Onslow Pines Park Officiating: Steven Robinson (AIRK Judge) All entries must be received by the entry deadline date. Entry closing date: February 25, 2016 Thank you, Eastern Carolina Rottweiler Klub Dates & Agenda Saturday, March 6, :00 a.m.: All Puppy Males beginning with the 4-6 month class followed by the Puppy Females.

2 ***Selection of Best Puppy Dog and Best Puppy Females After puppies: Conformation: All Youth Males beginning with the month class, followed by the Youth Females/ Selection of the Youth Sieger and Siegerin ***PLEASE Note: The agenda for ZTP titles is to be announced*** Sunday, March 6, :00 a.m.: Male Classes Open Champion Working Stud Dogs Veterans Stud Female Classes Open Champion Working Veterans Brood Kennel Class Selection of the 2016 ECRK Winter Sieger and Siegerin Driving Directions Direction from I-95 South. Take EXIT for Hwy East to Hwy 17 North. Follow Hwy 17 North through Jacksonville. Turn left at next stop light past Western Blvd intersection. Host hotel is on right after making left turn at light onto North Marine Blvd. Hotel entrance is on right. Directions from I-40: From I-95 north or south from Benson, NC take I-40 east to Magnolia exit 373. This is highway 24. Follow Highway 24 towards Jacksonville. Highway 24 merges with Highway 17 in Jacksonville. Follow Highway 17 north until you get to the Western Blvd. Intersection. (Walmart on left) Take next stoplight left onto North Marine Blvd. Entrance to Hotel is on right.

3 Host Hotels EXTENDED STAY AMERICA Jacksonville - Camp Lejeune 20 McDaniel Dr. Jacksonville, NC (910) CANDLEWOOD SUITES Jacksonville Camp Lejeune 119 Penny Lane Jacksonville, NC (910) PLEASE MENTION EASTERN CAROLINA ROTTWEILER CLUB WHEN YOU MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS FOR SPECIAL SHOW RATE Directions to show site from both host hotels: Take Hwy 17 south towards Wilmington. Onslow Pines Road is the second right past the New River Air Station. Turn right on road beside Harley Davidson shop which is on the corner. Onslow Pines Park is about 2.5 miles down Onslow Pines road on the right side of the road. JUDGE S DINNER Saturday, March 6:00 PM Jim Bougie s House 118 Tar Kiln Drive Hubert, NC The meal will be catered at a cost of $20.00 per person Fried Chicken Barbeque Pork Potato Salad Cole Slaw Baked Beans Hushpuppies Limited to 50 people Please RVSP if you plan to attend the judge s dinner At the bottom of your entry forms. ********** HOTEL RULES FOR OUR DOGS Please, no dogs in lobby and do not leave dogs loose in the hotel room when you are not there, they must be crated and the Do Not Disturb sign must be on your door.

4 Clean up after your dog when you take him/her out to use the bathroom. Please keep your dog(s) quiet; other guests wish to sleep! If there are any disturbances this year may be our last! Please keep this in mind. As Rottweiler owners we all know how responsible we have to be to keep the breed from getting more bad press. PLEASE let s show the public that we are indeed responsible! Show and Site Information * Parking is provided and parking is free. * Trophies will be awarded for 1 st through 4 th place in all Regular classes. * Critiques must be picked up the day of the show. (A stamped, selfaddressed envelope must be left if you wish your critique mailed) * This show will be held outdoors, rain or shine. The average temperatures range from 58 to 89 degrees. * Bring plenty of water for your Rottweilers. *Bring comfortable chairs. * There will be a concession stand open all day. * Only dogs participating in the show will be allowed on the show grounds. No other dogs will be permitted! * Dogs will absolutely not be allowed to be tied out. Please supply a crate for each Dog. No Exercise Pens Allowed (X-Pens). *Scotts Hill Animal Hospital Hwy 17 North, Wilmington, NC Phone: (910) * All dogs must have proof of rabies, parvo and distemper vaccinations. * Any sick dogs will be excused from the show grounds. * Please use the designated exercise area and clean up after your dog. * No dogs will be allowed within 50 feet of the show ring except those who are entered in the class that is being judged. * If you have further questions, you can contact Del Bougie at *Every dog entered will be critiqued. *Show your Rottweiler the natural way. Dual handling and help moving your dog are encouraged. Bring your family to help move your dog. No hand stacking or food baiting is allowed at all - use natural movement and stance. Adult classes will be moved long enough to evaluate each dog s movement. You may change handlers as needed. You cannot show littermates if one is tailed and the other is not. Copies of all titles must accompany entries and originals must be brought to the show, NO EXCEPTIONS!!! You must present the original copies of titles and wins in order to compete in the Working and/or Sieger/Siegerin classes.

5 AIRK Sportsmanship Clause Those exhibiting sportsmanship unbecoming to the individual club, judge or Alliance will receive one warning. Subsequent such acts will cause suspension and/or expulsion and prohibit the individual from exhibiting in all future Alliance events. The decision of such suspension and/or expulsion will be decided by the group made up of the representative (contact person) of each club. Trophies will be awarded as each group concludes. LUNCH BREAK will be at the judge s discretion each day. NOTE: All times are approximate, No class will start sooner than listed, but may start later. ENTRY FEES Puppies under 12 months... $45.00 All Youth classes 12 to 24 months... $50.00 All adult classes... $55.00 ZtP...$ All entries must be accompanied by a photocopy of the dog s registration (AKC,CKC, or FCI recognized kennel club), plus supporting documents as necessary for Working, Sieger, Siegerin and working events. The original of these documents must be shown before picking up arm bands. No entries will be accepted after the closing date of Thursday, February 25, Online entries can be made on please include all documents. Mailed entries must include an entry form, fees, and photocopies of necessary supporting documents along with a check for your entry(ies). Please include your address if you would like confirmation for mailed entries. No entries will be accepted after the closing date of Thursday, March 6, Please make checks payable to James Bougie, 118 Tar Kiln Drive, Hubert, NC CATALOG ADVERTISING Full page, black and white... $75.00 Half page, black and white... $55.00 Full page, color $ Half page, color $65.00

6 Business Card... $30.00 KORUNG (Advanced Breed Suitability Test) The purpose of this test is to re-evaluate dogs which have already received a basic breeding certification (ZtP) to determine if they should continue to be used in a breeding program. The Korung re-evaluates conformation, temperament and working ability. It is scored on a pass/fail basis. Requirements 1. Dogs must have an OFA number, acceptable Penn Hip certification, or hip certification from country of origin. 2. Dogs must have rating of V (Excellent) or SG (Very Good) at three Sieger Shows under two different FCI recognized judges. 3. Male Dogs: Minimum age is 36 months at date of test. Successful completion of SchH III by the date of entry. Successful completion of AD by a DVH-sanctioned organization and a ZtP. Female Dogs: Minimum age is 30 months at date of test. Successful completion of SchH 1 by the date of entry. Successful completion of AD by a VDH-sanctioned organization and a ZtP. 4. Copies of all documents described must be sent with the entry; originals must be brought to the show. Conformation Same as for the ZtP, but must also have 3A or darker eyes and ½ dark pigment in the mouth to pass. Temperament: Same as for the Ztp. Working Ability This test approximates the SchH III Protection routine. Search: Dog is sent (about 40 paces) to search and hiding place. Bark & Hold: Dog finds agitator and should bark continuously. At the judge s signal the handler approaches to within 4 paces from the dog. At the judge s signal the dog is called to heel. Agitator is told to step out, hands up, dog is told down. Handler searches agitator for weapons then goes to search hiding place.

7 Escape: As the handler is out of sight, the judge signals the agitator to escape. The dog must prevent the escape by biting hard. Agitator comes to a standstill, handler commands out. Dog does bark and hold when bite released. Re-Attack: On the judge s signal the agitator re-attacks the dog, threatening with stick. When the dog has a firm bite, he is hit twice with the stick. Agitator comes to a standstill, dog commanded to out. On judge s signal, handler returns to dog and takes him to the end of the field. Courage Test: Agitator is hiding at opposite end of field. On judge s signal the agitator comes out, is verbally challenged by the handler, and then runs away. The dog is sent to stop him (must go in a straight line). When the dog is about 40 paces away, the agitator turns and tries to chase the dog using voice, forward motion and waving stick (not Hitting ). Without being deterred the dog must bite hard and hold the agitator. Agitator comes to standstill, dog commanded out. Re-Attack: The agitator will immediately re-attack the dog; dog bites hard and is hit twice with stick. Agitator comes to standstill, dog commanded to out. At the judge s signal, handler comes across field and takes dog off. Dog must out each time he is commanded to do so. ZTP AND KORUNG INFORMATION ZTP (Zuchttaughlichkeitsprufung- Breeding Suitability Test) The purpose of this test is to determine which dogs are worthy of being used in a breeding program. The test covers conformation, temperament and working ability. It is scored on a pass/fail basis. A dog which fails any part of the test will be excused from continuing the test. Requirements 1. All dogs must have a tattoo or microchip.(bring your own scanner) 2. On the day of the event, all dogs must present the following original papers: A.. Original registration papers B. An original certified three or four generation AKC pedigree or certified pedigree from Country of origin. C. Original scorebook with proof of BH given by a VDH sanctioned organization. D. Original acceptable hip certification (OFA, acceptable Penn Hip evaluation,

8 Or acceptable hip rating from the country of origin). Dogs may attempt breed Tests at the age of 18 months; however, an acceptable hip certification must be Submitted before the breed test becomes valid. 3. A copy of each of these original documents must be sent with the entry form. 4. Entry forms must include: Full name of dog; sex; date of birth; registration number; Tattoo or microchip number; hip certification if the dog is 2 years of age or older; Proof of BH; any titles; sire; dam; breeder; owner s name, address and phone number. Registration numbers, hip certification, and tattoo or microchip numbers of dam and sire are also required. Conformation All dogs will be measured, weighed (if scales are not available, entrants must bring a letter from a veterinarian stating the dog s weight) and critiqued for movement and conformation. Dogs must have 4A or darker eyes to pass. Temperament Two shots will be fired from the dog as he is walked away on a loose lead. Crowd test: Dog must walk through a group of 4-6 people as they move and stand still. The dog and handler stand still, the crowd walks up forming a tight circle around the dog and handler, then move away at the judge s command. This is done several times at slow, normal or fast pace as directed by the judge. Working Ability Attack on Handler: Dog must react to attack on handler by biting sleeve and taking two stick hits. Agitator stands still, dog commanded to out, release bite on command. Courage Test: Dog must pursue an agitator that is running straight away from him (about 50 paces). As the dog gets about 20 paces from the agitator, he turns and runs at the dog making noise and threatening gestures. Dog must bite sleeve and hold. In order to continue to present the winners with the finest trophies, we ask that you PLEASE donate to the fund. TROPHY SPONSORS $ Sponsor an Individual Class of your choice and receive a free Half Page

9 Black and White Ad in the show catalog. $ Sponsor Two Classes and receive One Full Page of free Black and white Ad in the show catalog. $ Youth Sieger, Youth Siegerin, Best Puppy Dog, Best Puppy Bitch and receive One Full Page of free Ad in black and white. $ Sponsor Sieger or Siegerin, and receive One Full Page color advertisement in the show catalog. Please send sponsor donations to: James Bougie, 118 Tar Kiln Drive, Hubert, NC Raffle & Auction Items gratefully accepted! Donate $20.00 worth of merchandise and receive a free business card ad in the catalog. Del Bougie (910) or (910) Vendor Booth Space Cost is $50.00 and 2 Raffle donations. Booth space is 10 x 10 feet. Vendor booths must be self-sufficient. Your vendor fee must be paid in advance, or you may not set up. All vendors are required to obtain a permit through Onslow Pines Park. Contact: Del Bougie SHOW RATINGS & AWARDS Trophies will be awarded for 1 st -4 th place in each regular class and for Best Puppy Male and Female, Youth Sieger and Youth Siegerin, and Sieger and Siegerin. Ratings for puppies 4-12 months Ratings for months VP - Very Promising V - Excellent P - Promising SG - Very Good S Satisfactory NP - Not Promising G - Good B - Satisfactory U Unsatisfactory Ratings for Adult Dogs V - Excellent SG - Very Good G - Good S - Satisfactory AIRK Requirements for Entries

10 In all classes which have an age limit - the dog must be four, six, nine, twelve, or eighteen months of age on THE DAY of showing. Dogs must be 24 months or more for all adult classes; OPEN, BREEDERS, WORKING, GEBRAUCHSHUND, VETERAN, SIEGER Copies of AKC registration papers must be included with all entries. Four to six month old puppies may be entered with the AKC litter registration number. No person under suspension with the AKC may participate in any AIRK event. For the "Breeders Class" the person presenting the dog must be the breeder of the dog. (Not necessarily the owner). This is NOT a BBE as in AKC. In order to enter the Sieger or Champion class the dog must be a Champion of a country. We accept ARV and USRC National Siegers. No regional or club Siegers. If your dog or bitch has acquired the title of AIRK Sieger or Siegerin you must pick up your certificate from the show secretary. You will need it at your next show. Remember, once a Sieger, always a Sieger. That is the only class that dog may now be entered in. Best Puppy will come from the 4-6, 6-9 & 9-12 month classes Youth Sieger will come from & month classes. Only adults (over 24 months) can become Sieger or Siegerin - this includes the Veteran Classes Working Class: Dogs & bitches over 24 months of age with a working title. This title must represent assistance to mankind" * **Working Class: Must have a Schutzhund title. Please bring your score book. Veterans class: must be seven years of age. Non regular classes include Kennel Class - Stud Dog Class & Brood Bitch Class. Kennel Class: A minimum of three dogs representing the kennels breeding program. Must include progeny from two different litters & must be entered in regular classes. Stud Dog Class: Three progeny from two different litters. Progeny must be entered in regular classes.

11 Brood Female Class: Two progeny from two different litters. Progeny must be entered in regular classes. (Note that it is not necessary for the Stud Dog or Brood Bitch to be entered in the regular classes.) For the Ztp. dog must have a BH, Tattoo, hip certification and original pedigree. After 30 months of age "pending" will not be allowed concerning hip ratings. The dog must either have a number or a 0 will be used. No critiques will be given (either orally or written) unless the dog competes in the class. * Most "working titles qualify; however, titles such as CGC, PT, HIT and all Agility titles do not. If you have any questions, please get in touch with Dennis Hughes Eastern Carolina Rottweiler Klub 2016 Winter Sieger Show & ZTP Alliance of Independent Rottweiler Klubs Entry Form Only recognized titles will be printed in the catalog for the dog entered the dog s sire and dam. Proof of titles must be sent with this entry form. If proof of titles are not submitted, the dog will be entered into the open class. This form may be duplicated however; only one dog may be entered per form. If the same dog is entered into more than one class, you must send each entry for that dog on a separate entry form. Please circle the class you are entering: 4-6 month 6-9 month 9-12 month month month Open Working Breeders Class Sieger/Siegerin Veteran Brood Bitch Stud Dog Kennel Group ZTP Please circle the gender of your dog. Male Female Dog s Name Titles: DOB Registration # Hip Cert.# Elbow Cert.#

12 Microchip/Tattoo # Country of Birth Name of Sire: Registration # Titles held by Sire: Name of Dam : Registration # Titles held by Dam: Breeder(s): Owner(s): Address: Phone: City: _State: Zip Code: Address: Website: We agree to hold the Eastern Carolina Rottweiler Klub, Alliance of Independent Rottweiler Klubs, their members, officers and agents harmless from any loss or injury which may be alleged to have been caused by any person or thing while upon these show grounds. We agree to allow any information learned about this Rottweiler to be published as well as all photographs taken at the show. AIRK Sportsmanship Clause Those exhibiting sportsmanship unbecoming to the individual club, judge or Alliance will receive one warning. Subsequent such acts will cause suspension and/or expulsion and prohibit the individual from exhibiting in all future Alliance events. The decision of such suspension and/or expulsion will be decided by the group made up of the representative (contact person) of each club. Signature (Required) NOTE: You should always receive confirmation to the shows you enter. Check on your entry status at least by the entry closing date if you have not received confirmation. for confirmation. No day of show entries are allowed. All entries must be received by entry closing date: February 25, 2016, 12:00PM (Noon). Make checks payable and mail to James Bougie, 118 Tar Kiln Drive, Hubert, NC JUDGE S DINNER YES NO