Fireman s Park, Ferndale CA. Single Open Rabbit Show. Po Box 320 Eureka CA,

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1 Fireman s Park, Ferndale CA Single Open Rabbit Show Po Box 320 Eureka CA,

2 Judge Cathy Szychulda Red Bluff, CA Show Committee Superintendent Show Secretary BIS/RIS Awards Food Booth Raffle Registrar Rebecca Hartman Heather Ponsano Rebecca Hartman Humboldt County RCBA Humboldt County RCBA Heather Ponsano Raffle Please feel free to bring items for the raffle This is an official ARBA Sanctioned Show American Rabbit Breeders Association Eric Stewart, Executive Director- Po Box 426, Bloomington, IL Sanction Fee: $25 Open - $20 Youth Dues: $20 per year, $50 for 3 years *H/W $30 per year, $75 for 3 years * Youth $12 per year, $30 for 3 years Don t forget the 94 TH ARBA National Convention October 1-5, 2017 in Indianapolis, IN.

3 Entry Information & Deadline Entries must be postmarked by August 8, 2017 and ed by August 10, NO DAY OF SHOW ENTRIES! All entries will be confirmed if you don t receive a confirmation your entry was not received. HCRCBA is not responsible for confirmations directed to a spam box so please check your spam before contacting the Show Secretary. MAIL ENTRIES TO: ENTRY FEES: Heather Ponsano One Show - $4.00 per rabbit/cavy PO Box 320, Eureka, CA Fur - $2.00 per rabbit per show Phone: (707) Ear Number Changes - $ Payable to HCRCBA If you are entering via , you must include the following information in that 1. Exhibitor name, address, city, state, zip code, telephone number, and address. 2. The breed, variety, sex, class, and tattoo number of rabbit. 3. If you do not receive a response stating your entry was received within 24 hours of sending we NOTE: Check or money order MUST accompany entry. Send entries and make checks payable to the proper club! There will be a $35.00 fee for all returned checks or the charge by the bank (whichever is greater). E- mail entries must be paid in full before the show starts. The club will pull your entry if you have not paid. Exhibitors who mail or entries and don t show up are still responsible for paying for their entries. Your phone number must appear on your entry form or in your entry . If we are unable to contact you your entry will be scratched! NO CHANGES WILL BE PERMITTED AT THE TABLE PER ARBA RULES YOU MUST MAKE ANY AND ALL CHANGES BEFORE THE SHOW STARTS. All ear changes must be in the same show class. The exhibitor is responsible to make sure changes are made to the card and control sheet. All changes must be accompanied by the initials of the secretary or superintendent. Any changes that do not have their initials will be void and awards will be forfeited. Picnic This is a picnic potluck show, the club will have hot dogs and drinks available for purchase. All exhibitors are invited to bring side dishes and/or desserts to share.

4 Show Rules 1. This is an official ARBA sanctioned show and will be governed by the latest revised rules of the ARBA. Filling an entry, or making an entry, implies acceptance of these rules. A complete list of ARBA rules governing ARBA sanctioned shows can be found on the ARBA website under forms. 2. This show is held at the Fireman s Park on the south end of Francis Street, Ferndale, CA on Sunday, August 13, Judging begins promptly at 9:00 AM. All exhibitors are responsible for getting their animals to and from the show tables. A class will not be recalled or re-judged for missing rabbits. All awards must be claimed at the show. Legs and show reports will be mailed. 3. No rabbits younger than 8 weeks will be allowed in the show room. 4. The Show Committee reserves the right to reject any entry. The Show Committee shall decide answers to all questions, which are not covered by these specific rules. All parties shall abide by these decisions. 5. All children must be properly supervised by the adult(s) that brought them to the show. Any damages arising from inappropriate play/behavior by the children will be the responsibility of the adult guardian. 6. All animals are entered at the owner s own risk. Every precaution possible will be taken to safeguard the animals and to minimize hazards, losses and mistakes in the show building. Show personnel and judges are in no way responsible for the death or injury of any animal. The HCRCBA will not be responsible for loss in case of fire, accidents or any act of nature or mankind. 7. All animals must be in carriers with a leak proof bottom. Please ensure your animals have access to food and water. 8. All animals must be healthy, any animals showing symptoms of illness must be immediately removed from the building. 9. We are guests in the park; please behave responsibly. You will be held financially liable for any expenses HCRCBA is charged for misbehavior or damage to the premises by you or youth transported by you. 10. There are to be absolutely NO changes on the show table. All corrections must be made before the show starts. Any changes on the show paperwork must be accompanied by the initials of either the show secretary or superintendent. Any changes without either set of initials will be void and entry fees forfeited. Sanctioned Breeds AMERICAN HIMALAYAN RABBIT ASSOC Errean Kratochvil; 7715 Callan Ct New Port Richey, FL Dues: Adult $10, Youth $8, Sanctions: OPEN $7.00, YOUTH $7.00, Combo $10.00.

5 Make as many copies of this form as you need Single Open Rabbit Show (Starts at 9:00 AM) Sunday Rabbit and Cavy entries/fees: Heather Ponsano, PO BOX 320, Eureka, CA Make checks out to: HCRCBA or Paypal: EAR NUMBER BREED VARIETY CLASS (Check One) Show SEX SR 6/8 JR PRE FUR A B B/D NOTE: Entry Fees vary based on show entered. Check catalog to insure you are calculating the correct entry fees! Remember fur fee is $2.00 per animal per show PLEASE CHECK ALL THAT APPLY: o Open Rabbit o Open Cavy LAST NAME FIRST NAME NO. ANIMALS X ENTRY FEE = E- MAIL ADDRESS (print clearly) NO. FUR CLASS ADDRESS CITY STATE ZIP X FUR ENTRY FEE = TOTAL ENTRY FEES PHONE NUMBER ( ) SHOW ENTRY NUMBER (for Secretary Use Only)

6 Humboldt County RCBA PO Box 320 Eureka, CA 95502