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1 LEADERS TIP SHEET Going to the Dogs Dog Show Fun & Facts Approved for use Sat. Aug. 16, 2014 At Island Grove Regional Park 501 N. 14 th Ave. Greeley, CO Sponsored By: A fun educational program for all levels of Girl Scouts * FREE GIRL SCOUT PATCHES * Sponsored by the Hosting Kennel Clubs REGISTER BY Aug 1 st Marlene Groves ~ Rocky Mtn. Hound Club Member Lifetime Girl Scout & Dog Show Enthusiast! Leaders, here s the tip sheet for this new patch program. We definitely want to have your input; so please fill out the 1 Page Patch Request Form & Program Evaluation Form (page 6). Lesson 1 (J C S A) - The American Kennel Club (AKC) recognizes over 200 dog breeds, in 7 dog groups. 1.1 Girls are to learn & list the 7 AKC dog groups, 1.2 Then girls are to learn & list 2 dogs from each dog group At the dog show we will have an AKC poster of dogs by groups, the dog show catalog listed by group,& the AKC 7 Groups Flyer, also on line at - SUGGESTION FOR DAISIES & BROWNIES, who are not required to do this lesson. Leaders might use the poster or flyer to tell troops there are 7 Dog Groups. Toy (has small dogs), Working (has large dogs), Herding (has dogs that herd animals), Hound (has dogs that hunt by scent or sight), Terrier (has dogs bred to dig & hunt), Sporting (has dogs to help retrieve game), Non-Sporting (a variety of dogs). Lesson 2 (D B J C S A) -There are several types of AKC Events at a Dog Show. 2.1 Girls should watch at least one Judged Dog Breed (a breed of your choice). At the show just make sure your troop watches 1 Dog Breed. If the troop has special interest in a particular breed, make sure to look up the breed in the Judging Catalog to understand what ring & what time the breed will show. There will be a link from our website to the judging catalog when it is available. 2.2 Then if possible, please watch another type of Dog Event (Rally, Obedience, Agility, etc). Try to ensure your troop watches another event. Again if there is something specific your troop wants to watch, make sure to look it up in the Judging Catalog to know what ring & what time the event will take place. There will be a link from our website to the judging catalog when it is available. To help you/your troop select another event, you may want to check out the AKC Events in Brief Sheet. It will be available in the Girl Scout Area of the Dog Show; and it is available on our website at On a separate sheet, girls should write or type an overall review of what they observed & learned from attending the Dog Show. SELF EXPLANATORY.

2 Lesson 3 (D B J C S A) - This is the Favorite or Funniest Dog at the dog show (& the dog s Function) 3.1 Girls are finding their Favorite Dog or the Funniest Dog from the Dog Show? (Which breed of dog is it?) SELF EXPLANATORY. 3.2 Why was it their Favorite Dog or the Funniest Dog? SELF EXPLANATORY 3.3 What is the Dog s Special Function? (It s special dog purpose or special dog talent.) Encourage your troop to locate a person with this type of dog, and try to ask them for more information on the dog s special purpose or talent. PLEASE NOTE Dog Show Etiquette: Before your troop engages with dog show exhibitors, we suggest that you quickly review (with your troop) the AKC Dog Show Etiquette Sheet which will be at the Girl Scout area of the Dog Show or our website at Otherwise the AKC website is a good resource to look up information on particular dog breeds; here is the link OPTIONAL On a separate sheet of paper, girls can draw their favorite type of dog (or maybe you can ask to take a photo of your favorite/funniest dog). SELF EXPLANATORY Lesson 4 (B J C S A) - A Dog is an important decision. There are no official right or wrong answers. 4.1 Girls are to think about 2 dogs that you think would make a good dog for them & their family. 4.2 Girls are to think about 2 dogs you think are not a good fit, for a dog, for them & their family. For both of these we would encourage a discussion with the troop, and depending on the age of those in your troop, would determine how detailed your discussion would be. It might include things like: If a dog breed is really active and a family is really busy, maybe dogs are not a fit at all. If you have a small yard, maybe a big dog is not a good fit. If a family does lots of walking & hiking, maybe a real small dog would not be able to keep up. If you dislike lots of dog hair, maybe a hairy dog is not a good idea. If someone in the family has an allergy, this would be a consideration. At the Girl Scout area of the Dog Show we will have these items, & they are on line as well. What s The Right Dog? (1 sheet) The Right Dog For You (brochure) OPTIONAL - Dog Breed Selector at Lesson 5 (B J C S A) - This is learning about a Dog s Daily Needs. (Dogs have needs too). Work can be done of this lesson before the dog show with information based on a dog that they have or a dog of a friends or neighbors. A general sheet on Dog Needs will be at the Girl Scout area of the Dog Show we will have this sheet is also available on line via the AKC website. A Dog is For Life (1 sheet) Bailey Beagle Ownership Sheet - Additionally we have provided some GENERAL ANSWERS for each question on the next page. 2

3 5.1 DOG FOOD - How many times will you feed a dog per day? GENERAL ANSWER - Most adult dogs get 2 meals per day, 1 in the am & 1 in the pm; but puppies often require at least 3 meals per day. 5.2 DOG REST - How much rest (sleep) does a dog need per day? GENERAL ANSWER Most dogs sleep approximately 14 hours per day (puppies & senior dogs often more); and sleeping & activity levels of dogs do vary by dog breed and their living environment. 5.3 DOG EXERCISE - How much exercise does a dog need per day? GENERAL ANSWER Dogs need 30 to 60 minutes or exercise (activity) per day. This will vary on dog age, dog breed, dog health and dog environment. 5.4 DOG ATTENTION - How much attention does a dog need per day? GENERAL ANSWER A dog should not be left unattended & ignored all day, and depending on the type of dog, the dog s age, and even the dog s personality the amount of attention (or time a dog gets from it s human family) will vary. We might suggest at least 1 to 2 hours per day. This can be anything from just playing in the backyard, to taking a dog on a walk, to participating in a dog class, etc. 5.5 DOG CLEAN UP - Who is (or would be) in charge of dog clean up? SELF EXPLANATORY 5.6 SPECIAL DOG CARE - Some dogs require special daily dog care (grooming, or cleaning big ears, maybe something else). Who would be in (or is) in charge of any special care? SELF EXPLANATORY Lesson 6 (B J C S A) This is learning other responsible elements of Basic Dog Needs. 6.1 What is needed for a dog to go safely outside? GENERAL ANSWER Proper fenced yard. 6.2 What do you need outside for dog shelter? GENERAL ANSWER Proper dog house. 6.3 What will help you identify your dog? GENERAL ANSWER Perhaps a microchip or at least a dog collar with proper dog id. 6.4 What will you need to walk your dog? GENERAL ANSWER At least a dog collar & leash (maybe some dog training & socializing). 6.5 Where will your dog sleep at night? GENERAL ANSWER Might be sleep in the house or garage (for some they might even say their dog sleeps outside in their dog house). There are no specific reference sheets for this lesson; but some are covered in the references for lesson 5. Lesson 7 - J C S A - Learning that Dogs are for Life! PRETTY SELF EXPLANATORY The objective here is for kids to understand their age, the lifespan of a dog breed, and add it together ; then to understand that s how long they will have the dog and have to care for the dog if they got a puppy of that breed now. (Might be from 8 years to 20 years A Life long commitment!) An AKC booklet, Before You Buy A Dog, will be at the Girl Scout area of the Dog show; and is also on-line. Before You Buy A Dog - 3

4 Lesson 8 - J C S A - Learning about Dog Health & Safety. 8.1 Girls are to pick a dog breed, then learn & list a few health concerns for this dog breed. Before the show, some investigating could be done by visiting the AKC website, From this link, by drop down arrow, select the type of dog you are interested in, Example Pug (the search button refers you to (Pug Dog Club of America) Or while at the dog show, you could find an exhibitor of that breed and ask for information. 8.2 Dogs are like toddlers; they need people to keep them safe from dangerous items. List something in your garage that would be Dangerous for a Dog. List something in your kitchen or bathroom that would be Dangerous for a Dog. List a food (for people) that could be Dangerous for a Dog. An AKC sheet, about Dangers to Dogs will be at the Girl Scout area of the Dog show; and is also on-line. Food-Household Dog Dangers - Lesson 9 - J C S A - Learning about Dog Training There are 6 Basic Dog Commands troops should learn. Sit, Stand, Stay, Down, Come & Heel. (If a girl has a dog, she should try get her dog to do these commands, then answer the Yes or No on if her dog can perform these 6 basic dog commands.) The AKC has some Basic Obedience Information (Basic Class) under Types of Training Classes on this webpage - An AKC sheet, on Benefits of a Trained Dog, will be at the Girl Scout area of the Dog show; and is on line. The Benetifs of a Trained Dog - OPTIONAL Try to ask someone at the dog show if they can show you these 5 Basic Dog Commands with their dog. Or go watch some dogs that are doing Obedience. Lesson 10 (C S A) - Investigating some important information on the Basic Costs of owning a Dog. The lesson is first to choose a dog breed and to learn it s average life span. Then to investigate basic costs of owning a dog. There are suggestions on where to find costs on each line item. The most challenging cost to learn, is for dog food. Math skills are needed and we suggest having some calculators available for use. - For this exercise, just figure the cost of dry food for a dog. The economical price point of 40 lb bag of dog food is $22, but girls are free do this exercise with any dog food brand and price point. - Girls need to learn how much dog food the dog breed requires, then how many servings are in a 40 lb bag. There is an-line Dog Food Estimator, where you enter a dog weight, and it will recommend the amount of food. It s Natures Logic (Or read some dog food bags at a pet supply store or grocery store.) The end result will be a 1 st year Total Estimated Cost, and an Estimated Total Lifetime Cost. NOTE: Leaders, keep in mind there are really no exact answers for this exercise. This is an exercise to show there are many costs of owning a dog (not just the initial cost of the dog or puppy). And the costs continue for the life of the dog. 4

5 Lesson 11 ( S A ) - This exercise is all about investigating possible Canine Careers. SELF EXPLANATORY There are 6 Canine Careers required to investigate. Dog Walker, Dog Sitter, Dog Groomer, Dog Trainer, Vet Technician, Veterinarian), and 2 Optional Canine Careers to investigate (Professional Dog Show Handler & Dog Show Judge). There are suggestions on how to find or investigate each possible Canine Career; but other methods can also be used. For each Canine Career girls should determine: - Education Requirements (if any) - Salary (which might be per hour, per dog, per event, per year) - General duties of the career. Lesson 12 This is learning about Dogs with Jobs. SELF EXPLANATORY (but takes a bit of research). This is about dog jobs, and why some dogs are chosen for their Dog Job based on their AKC breed, because of their unique dog capabilities Pick a Dog Job to investigate & then locate a Dog that does this Job. Police K9 Dog - Search & Rescue Dog - Military, Narcotics or Bomb Dog - Service Dog - Sheep or Cattle Ranching Dog What is the Dog s Job? Who is the Dog? Where does the Dog Work? What Breed of Dog is it? Was it chosen because of it s Breed? 12.2 List some of the Dog s Special Breed Qualities List some of the Dog s Regular Duties How was the Dog Trained for his job? IMPORTANT DOG SHOW EVENT INFORMATION Approved for Saturday, Aug. 16, 2014 REGISTER BY Aug 1 st By Rocky Mtn. Hound Club, Greeley Kennel Club & American Kennel Club Held at Island Grove Park 501 N. 14 th Ave. Greeley, CO PARKING generally no charge ALL CHILDREN & ADULTS FREE GIRL SCOUTS & LEADERS please wear your uniform-vest-sash FREE PATCHES Sponsored by the supporting Kennel Clubs MUST fill out & turn in Patch Request - Patch Evaluation Form (on page 6) The Girl Scout Area of the Dog Show (Signs will indicate where the Girl Scout area is, or leaders can check with the Information Booth) Dog club members with vests & nametags can be asked for help. Area will have posters, a catalog, other printed materials & a Contact Sheet of helpful people. 5

6 Going to the Dogs - Dog Show Fun & Facts Evaluation Form YOU MUST TURN THIS IN TO GET YOUR PATCHES Your Name Your Phone Troop Level Troop # Leaders: Thank you for attending the Dog Show with your troop. Please fill out this form and bring back to Marlene Groves or another kennel club member to get your patches. Dog Club Members please save these forms for Marlene Groves. # Kids # Adults Total # of First timers to a Dog Show # of Kids who have a Dog How did you hear about the Dog Show or Dog Show Patch Program Was this EASY Or HARD Was this FUN Or NOT Did troop LEARN from this YES-NO Other Comments (feel free to write on the back of this sheet if necessary) Lesson 1-7 AKC Dog Groups Lesson 2 Dog Judging & Dog Event Lesson 3 Favorite & Funniest Dogs Lesson 4 Dog is an Important Decision Lesson 5 Dog s Daily Needs (Care) Lesson 6 Dog s Basic Needs (Things) Lesson 7 Dogs are for Life (Age Exercise) Lesson 8 Dog Health & Safety Lesson 9 6 Basic Dog Commands Lesson 10 Costs of Owning a Dog Lesson 11 Canine Careers Lesson 12 Dogs with Jobs General comments about the dog show General comments on this new patch program General comments on folks you interacted with This program was designed & created by Marlene Groves (Lifetime Girl Scout & Dog Enthusiast). 6