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1 Index Number MURITIUS EXMINTIONS SYNITE The ertificate of Primary Education Examination October 2009 ENGLISH Time: 1 hour 45 minutes Instructions to andidates 1. heck that this question paper contains 6 questions printed on 13 pages numbered 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and Write your Index Number on the question paper in the space provided above. 3. You should not use red ink in answering questions. 4. Write all your answers clearly on the question paper. 5. ttempt all questions. Section/ Question TOTL For Markers Use Only MRKING REVISION ONTROL Sig Sig Sig Sig (HG) (1 5) Sig (HG) (6) 9001 Mauritius Examinations Syndicate

2 SETION Question 1 (20 marks) For each item, circle the letter which shows the correct answer. Example: Raj went... work by bus this morning. from at to in 1. My mother... for a walk every afternoon. goes going go gone 2. Too... sugar is bad for health. many few much some 3. On... birthday, I usually receive many gifts. your my his their 4. He is a famous actor,...? wasn t he aren t he isn t he weren t he

3 5. We cannot leave school... we have permission. unless for since without 6. My sister does her homework by.... himself ourselves themselves herself 7. I have a toothache. I need to see a.... fireman carpenter dentist teacher 8. The cat is hiding... the table. next under after in 9. This is the man... won the lottery. which whose whom who has stolen my pen. nyone nything Someone Everything Please turn over this page

4 11. Yesterday my father... a bicycle for me. has bought had bought buys bought 12. id you... to the cinema last week? go going went gone 13. Ravi was the... among all the boys. fast faster fastest so fast 14. He was punished for... garbage on the road. throwing stealing removing selling 15. My neighbour and I go to school... foot. by in at on

5 16. I... a letter when the phone rang. will write was writing am writing have written 17. Grandfather cannot see anything without his glasses. He is almost.... blind dumb deaf paralysed 18. My brother woke up late because he had... television till midnight. seen looked watched found 19. I like ice cream and Jerry likes it.... not all then too 20. She was... in bed because she had had a nightmare. laughing snoring crying playing Please turn over this page

6 Question 2 (10 marks) Read the text below. The Sports lub will organise: badminton classes football matches sports competitions Why join? If you join the Sports lub, you will: remain healthy make new friends have a lot of fun What do you need? To join the club, you should: - have the permission of your parents. - have your own sports equipment (such as shoes and badminton rackets) The club will meet every Friday from 3.30 p.m to 4.30 p.m. If you want to become a member of the club, contact Mr lain on losing date: 15th September

7 omplete the following. 1. Which school prepared this poster?.. 2. Which club can the pupils join?.. 3. Name two activities the club will organise: (i)... (ii) Give two reasons for pupils to join the club. (i)... (ii) Name one condition needed to join the club On what day will the club meet? Who should pupils phone to become a member of the club? Your friend is in standard 4. Why can t he join the club? Please turn over this page

8 Question 2 (20 marks) Read the following passage. Puppies for Sale farmer had some puppies to sell. He made a poster advertising the puppies and put it on the fence. s he was going inside, he felt someone pulling at his shirt. It was a little boy. He looked at the farmer and said timidly: I want to buy one of your puppies. Well, said the farmer, these puppies are quite expensive. o you have money? The boy looked disappointed for a moment. Then he put his hand into his pocket and pulled out a handful of coins. I ve only got fifty rupees. Will that be enough? he asked the farmer. The farmer thought for a while. He could see how much the boy wanted a puppy. Therefore, he whistled and called, ome here olly! olly ran out of the dog house followed by four puppies. The little boy s eyes danced with delight on seeing them and he waited excitedly for them to come near him. ut, as the dogs ran towards them, the little boy saw another puppy behind. This one was smaller and was running towards the others with some difficulty. I want that one, the little boy said, pointing to the last puppy. The farmer knelt down beside the boy and said, Son, do you really want that puppy? He will never be able to run and play with you like the others. You can have any other puppy you want. On hearing that, the little boy pulled up one leg of his trousers to reveal a specially made shoe. He had had an accident a few months ago and could not walk properly. He told the farmer, I don t run too well myself. The puppy will need someone who understands. When he heard that, the farmer felt quite sad. He smiled kindly and gave the puppy to the boy without taking his money. Now answer the following questions. ircle the correct answer for questions 1-8. Example: The farmer put up a poster because he had drawn a map of the farm. he wanted people to know he was selling puppies. he was selling fruits and vegetables. he did not want anyone to enter his yard

9 1. fter he had put up the poster, the farmer felt someone pulling his clothes. pushing him. tearing his shirt. holding him. 2. The farmer thought the boy might not buy a puppy because there were too many puppies. the puppies were quite cheap. the puppies cost quite a lot of money. his parents did not want him to. 3. The boy was disappointed for a moment because the farmer had scolded him. the puppies were ugly. the farmer refused to sell any puppy to him. he had little money on him. 4. We know that the boy loved dogs as he said it to the farmer. he came to the farm early. he wanted to buy all the puppies. he offered all his money to buy a puppy. 5. The dogs ran out because they had seen the boy. the farmer had whistled. the weather was fine. they were hungry Please turn over this page

10 6. When he saw the dogs, the boy jumped about. ran towards them. was very happy. was sad. 7. olly is the name of the puppies mother. the farmer s wife. the boy s mother. the last puppy. 8. The boy wore a special shoe because he enjoyed running. he could not walk properly. he did not want to have an accident. he wanted to climb over the fence. Now answer the following questions. 9. Why did the boy choose the puppy that could not run properly? How do we know that the farmer was sorry for the boy?

11 Question 3 (10 marks) Write a complete sentence using the given words. The first one has been done for you as an example. 1. cousins - visit - fun 2. garden - flowers 3. beach - sunny 4. book - sofa - comfortably 5. morning - school 6. play - rain - ill Please turn over this page

12 SETION Question 4 (10 marks) Write the correct form of the words in brackets. The first one has been done for you. On our last school outing, we to Trou aux erfs in urepipe and the otanical Gardens in Pamplemousses. It (to be) my first visit to the crater and from that I could see many of the towns. The sea and (high) the mountains looked so that I stood there for a long time (beauty) the view. However, it was quite and (to admire) (wind) many of my friends ran back to the bus. I found the otanical Gardens too. My classmates and I (interest) discovered many new plants and this made us very happy. We had a picnic there and the sandwich my mother for me was (to prepare) delicious. The lake also attracted us and we all to go near it. (to want) lthough we promised to be, our teachers were worried we would (care) fall in and did not allow us to do so. We were all very (to disappoint) but we realised that they were right

13 Question 5 (10 marks) Fill each blank in the following text with one suitable word. The first one has been done for you. fter the yclone cyclone had just Mauritius, causing severe damage to vegetable plantations. People going to the market were unhappy. There were not vegetables for sale and the prices were high. Nevertheless, as every Saturday, Mrs Jones decided to go the market. There, sellers were shouting out prices to attract Mrs Jones stopped at several stalls to see the vegetables were fresh. She bought very little as she was not with the quality and the price. Then, she went to another to buy fruit but it was very expensive. She also stopped at the butchers to buy some She could not find any fish because the had not gone out to sea. Mrs Jones was disappointed. Her basket was almost What will I for dinner tonight? she wondered on her way home Please turn over this page

14 Question 6 (20 marks) Your teacher told the class he/she would be leaving the school. In about 150 words, write a composition describing what happened. The questions below may help you. Why was he/she leaving? How was he/she feeling? How did the class feel? How did you feel? What did the pupils do afterwards?

15 Please turn over this page