Scents & Nonscents. Special May Trial Awards! Inside this issue: June, Meeting Schedules. Back Cover. May Trials Go Well 2.

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1 Scents & Nonscents June, 2018 Special May Trial Awards! Teaching People and their Dogs for over 50 years. Inside this issue: Meeting Schedules May Trials Go Well 2 News Notes 3 Leaving the Ring! 4 Monthly Minutes MAY 5 Just a brief wrap-up of our May Trials. First of all, to no one s surprise, Sandra Davis and her Border Collie were HIT with a out of Utility B. Pixel is one of those once in a lifetime dogs and Sandra has done a super job with him. He s almost guaranteed to be in the upper rankings of scores whenever and wherever he shows. Pixel s registered name and titles are: OTCH Mosaic s Pixel, UDX5, OM9! Sandra is one of our long-time competitors from El Paso. The High-Combined Dog at our trial was OTCH Goldenloch Lay Down Your Bets, UDX35, OMG, RN owned by Peggy McConnell. Bet earned the High Combined ribbon wit h scores of 199 in Open B and 198 in Utility B. Peggy is, I believe, from Arizona. The High Scoring Dog in Rally was an Italian Greyhound owned by Karen Richardson and Shawna Swanson. Kaos n Rodeo s La Vita Nuevo CD, RE, OA, NAJ, CGC earned a 99 in Rally Excellent B, and a 100 in Advanced B. The High Scoring Triple Qualify Score was an All-American Dog, Jay Dee who is owned by Terry Gray and Steven Petto. Jay Dee had scores of 80 in Rally Advanced B, 98 in Rally Excellent B, and 85 in Rally Masters. VERY nice and consistant work! Unfortunately we do not have a photo of Jay Dee, but we do have one of Terry and the judge receiving the ribbons! Prez Sez Call For Stewards Brags April Minutes First Aid for Dogs Los Ranchos Fest Back Cover CONGRATULATIONS to all of our qualifiers and to these special trophy winners! Page 1

2 How to Contribute: SDOC s newsletter Scents & Nonscents is published 11 times per year. Contributions are welcome at any time, provided they are in an electronic format (*.txt, *.doc, *.jpg, *.tiff) and received by the deadline. Send your items and ideas to the Editor. Laurel Drew or Deadline for each issue is the of each month! Information is believed correct at the time of printing, however the Editor and staff bear no responsibility for errors or omissions. The Editor is deeply indebted to Allie Wimber for copying and mailing, and to Sue Babcock our Webmaster SDOC Class Schedules and Notes For full information concerning up-coming classes whether obedience or agility, please refer to the Sandia Dog Obedience Club website. It is found at Call Betty Pearson at to sign up for classes. ALL TRAINERS MUST STILL SIGN UP FOR CLASSES, EVEN IF THEY ARE GETTING ONE FREE. SDOC May Trials Go Well By Marcie Jensen This is a little late coming; I was a bit under the weather just after the trials. I want to thank everyone who helped make our show a success. Firstly, I want to thank my Co-Chair, Lois Whitmire; she was invaluable; not only did she do an outstanding job as co-chair, she s a fun and funny person to work with. Next, I d like to thank the Robbs. They did a great job with trophies as always. I know I can always count on Jeff for good advice; he is the go-to guy! You know after serving as Training Director for 4 years and Trial Chair for 2 years, I d like to thank the people who saw it was me on their phone ID and picked up anyway. They KNEW I wanted something and they were right again. Thank you Dede and Maggie for the super job you did as Chief Ring Stewards. I know that s a big job, and you made it look easy. Thank you Terri Brown and Ken for bringing the truck and helping to load and unload all the show equipment. Talk about a tough job! And thanks also to all the worker bees who helped us with the truck. Thanks Pam for being in charge of all the Fun Matches. They are the reason our show are so popular. People love fun matches, especially since there are now so few of them. Thanks to Barb Mitchell for being in charge of the judges hospitality. A job well done. A Special thanks to Christy Stern and Donna Faulkner for agreeing to handle Hospitality for Friday and Sunday. They did a fantastic job. Jerry, I know you helped so a big thank you to you as well. The rally rings were taken care of by Betty and her special unit of Rally people. You and your people did a great job. Thank you! Thanks to Jody Head for agreeing to be our Emergency Coordinator. We didn t need you, but it was reassuring to know you were on hand to help if needed. Last but certainly not least, to everyone who stewarded, a HUGE thank you. We can t have a trial without ring stewards. Thank you for stepping up to the plate. O ur show was a big success, and it was all because of the people who when asked to help, said yes. It truly takes a village! Happy Summer! Marcie Page 2 Scents & Nonscents

3 Newsnotes From the Neighborhood Your Editor Enchantment Training Club will hold a UKC Nosework trial on July 7 & 8. There will be two trials on Saturday at the Rock Rio Christian Center in Rio Rancho and one trial at Los Duranes Park in Albquerque on Sunday. All levels will be offered. For complete information and entry forms, go to: Entries must be received by July 1. I believe the trial premium is also available on our SDOC website. Sporting Dog Fanciers of NM will host Dr. Kris Bannon, Veterinary Dentistry and Oral Surgery of NM, who will speak on the Top 10 Dog Dentistry Problems on June 27 (Wed.) at the Cabela s Community Room at 6:00 p.m. Everyone is welcome! Kim Banales will hold the 4th annual Firecracker Fourth Show and Go at SDOC S training site from 12 noon to 3:00 p.m. on July 4. Cost is $10. Puppy socialization, multiple run thrus, and problem solving will be featured. Come have fun with your dog and get some conformation practice in! Trail Ridge KC in Longmont, CO will hold their first UKC Nosework trial on July 21/22. It will occur at the Boulder County Fairgrounds with 2 interior trials on Saturday and 2 container trials on Sunday. All levels will be offered with pre-trial classes will be held each day. Elements are by Pre-Entry only. Day of Trial entries will be available for PTs only IF space is available. This trial accompanies the conformation and obedience trials. Cost is $23 per show/trial, a total of $115 if all 5 shows are entered. Complete information is available on their premium list. Entries close July 5, Penni Adrian and Pam Day are Co-Chairing our Fall trials over Labor Day Weekend. They need several committee Heads to make the trials go smoothly. ESPECIALLY NEEDED are one or two people to act as Chief Ring Stewards. This is a particularly essential position so please help out and contact Penni or Pam ASAP. Don t forget to start planning for our July Ice Cream Social. The Club will supply the ice cream while members are asked to bring the fixin's. We will need things like toppings, cookies, nuts, anything that goes well on or around ice cream. This is one of our tastiest meetings so plan to come...and bring your taste buds! A Special Thank You from our President, Betty Pearson: To everyone who helped at the SDOC May Trial, and RGKC trials, thank you all! Trial Chairs, Stewards, those working all day every day and those who were there to help as much as they could. Also those who did Hospitality and kept the judges happy with drinks of their choice not mention the thirsty stewards. You are all so appreciated. Also a special thank you to those who loaded Terri s truck at our site and conveyed all our equipment to the show site and unloaded there, then repeated the work in reverse on Sunday afternoon after long hours at the trials. It takes a village to put on such a series of trials, and you did. I hope that those of you showed as well did great! Good luck in whatever you do this summer, trials, shows, or just loafing around (as if dog folks ever get a chance to do that). Betty SDOC WEBSITE ADDRESS IS Be Sure to Check the Website for complete class information, class applications and special updates. Training Year (per the SDOC Training Regulations) For these purposes, the training year will be from December 1 to November 30 of the following year. The total hours of any class which begins on or before December 1 will be credited to the following training year. Page 3

4 From AKC, Ring Procedures By Diane Schultz SDOC Board Meetings are held on the Tuesday prior to General Membership meetings at the SDOC Training Building. Minutes are available for review by contacting the Recording Secretary at net or at any General Membership meeting. Entering and Exiting the Ring should not be a free-for-all. Here are the proper procedures: It has been a long-standing policy that dogs entering and exiting the obedience or rally ring must be under control. The area of the ring gate, where a team enters and exits the ring, is busy, with people and dogs routinely coming and going. Leaving the ring with a dog under control is not only a sign of good sportsmanship but promotes a safer environment for all. Prior to May 1, 2018, lack of control often went unnoticed by the judges and was not properly penalized under Miscellaneous Penalties. The additional language that requires a judge to be in position to see the team exit the ring and to penalize the dog that does not remain under control when they enter and exit the ring, is expected to improve ring safety. It is in no way intended to prevent a team from celebrating joyfully inside the ring between exercises or after the last exercise. The celebration, with the dog remaining under the handler s control, may include and is not limited to jumping for joy, hand touching, spinning, and tugging on the leash inside the ring; however, the dog must exit the ring gate under control and without jumping, tugging or pulling. Judges must penalize under Miscellaneous Penalties if this occurs. Flat-Coated Retriever Specialty News By Janice Anthes The theme of the Flat-Coat specialty was Harry Potter and dogs and handlers formed Quidditch teams. The one in which Janice and some of our local folks participated was the HufflePuff team. There was a total of 7 teams, including Slytherin! It was a complete surprise when Janice s team took first! Topper, who just had his first birthday, earned a in Beginner Novice, just a half point out of the ribbons. He finished his Beginner Novice title. There were 29 Flat-Coats in his class! Not bad for such a youngster. Tempe earned an Agility Preferred Fast leg and second place in her class. Most fun was watching Topper s sister, Roxy, earn a 198 in Novice B to tie for HIT. Unfortunately, she lost the run-off. But Janice s dogs sure did themselves proud! Janice is back to teaching the Novice Drill class on Thursdays. Novice will be followed by Open Drill on even dates and Utility Drill on odd dates. The class will continue until after the Sporting Dog Show/Trials on November 3/4. Obedience classes are open to all dogs at the Sporting Dog trials! After that, the drill classes will take a holiday break. Be sure to support this event which is being hosted by Coronado Kennel Club. More details later. Page 4

5 May General Meeting Minutes By Julie Brozek In Attendance: Officers and Board Members: Betty Pearson, President; Jeff Robb, Vice President; Sue Babcock, Treasurer; Julie Brozek, Recording Secretary; Board Members: Peggy Chandler, Stephanie Kouretsos Absent: Amy Montano, Board Member; Christy Stern, Board Member; Annie Newsted, Tracking Director; Gene Tatum and Pat Hester, Agility Directors; Deb Tabor, Obedience/Rally/Conformation/Other Director The meeting was called to order by President Betty Pearson at 7:04 PM on May 25, 2018, in the training room of the SDOC facility, 7050 San Pedro NE in Albuquerque. The minutes of the April 2018 Membership Meeting were approved as published. Stephanie Kouretsos moved, Chris Norfolk second. Motion carried. Officers and Board reports: President: The May Obedience trial was a big success. Thanks to all who helped! Congratulations to Peggy Chandler and PACH Jake! Vice President: Thanks to everyone who helped with the Los Ranchos Canine event! Treasurer: The April Profit and Loss and the Year-to-Date Profit and Loss reports were reviewed. Thanks to all instructors for doing a great job with the drill sheets last month. We have decided not to pursue looking into purchasing the property next door. Corresponding Secretary: AKC approved the Scentwork event for September 7, 8, and 9. AKC invited us to participate in nominating recipients for lifetime achievement awards. Evi Fox sent a note thanking SDOC for the Spring Obedience trial. Join SDOC s YAHOO! group: Contact Rosemary Burtch at with questions Training Directors Reports: Tracking (by Betty for Annie): Gloria Napper-Owen will be the Trial Chair for the TDX. Penni Adrian will be the VST Trial Secretary. Obedience: (by Betty for Deb) Novice-Only Rally Drill starts Friday June 8, at 6 PM. A Tricks class will be starting on Monday, June 25, at 5 PM. Richard Waters was promoted to Assistant Instructor for KPT and Basic Novice. Agility: (by Peggy for Laura) Cathy Hyatt has been promoted to Assistant Instructor. New Business: Contact Penni Adrian and Pam Day to sign up to help with the fall SDOC Obedience/Rally trial. Contact Kim and Marco Banales to volunteer to assist with the Fall Obedience/Rally fun match. Kim and Marco Banales will hold a July 4th Conformation Show and Go at SDOC. Membership readings: Welcome Kathy Woodbury, Erica Roesch, Cynthia Ramsey, and Jaclyn Robertson who were voted into membership after a second reading! Terri Brown moved, Peggy Chandler second. Motion carried. First readings: Linda Stephens Brags: There were many brags by the membership! Congratulations! Remember to give Laurel Drew your brags for the newsletter! Hospitality: Thanks to Stephanie Kouretsos, Toi Tschohl, Jeff Robb, and all others who contributed to hospitality! The next SDOC General Meeting will be held on Friday, June 29 at 7:00 PM Want to become a member? Get an application in the lobby at the Club building, or download from the SDOC web site! Adjourned at 7:36 P.M. Page 5

6 Prez Sez By Betty Pearson To order SDOC t-shirts and sweatshirts, contact Estelle Metz Stay warm or be cool, in style! We had a wonderful May trial and many of the SDOC members have brags as to how well they and their dog did. Remember, this is a team effort and I think we all have a tendency to say how well our dog did.. I know I do and I am often corrected. Things would have not gone nearly as well as they did if there had not been many people stepping up to fill in as needed and their show schedule permitted. Some were able to give large blocks of time and effort and some gave smaller blacks of time as they could. All were invaluable and I thank you all. Too many of you for individual thanks but I want to say thank you to the trial chairs, Marcie Jensen and Lois Whitmire who made it all look easy and I am sure it was not and to Head Steward Dede Brownstein who by some miracle that is beyond me was able to have all the rings fully staffed all the time not only for our trial but for both days of RGKC trials as well. You are both amazing!! It truly does take a village, sometimes a city to get things done for any of our events. Thanks are due to all of those who came to support SDOC at the Los Ranchos Canine Celebration held on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. It is always a fun time, with the added bonus of all the market has to offer. Many thanks to Jeff and Cathy Robb who put in a good deal of time getting this organized as well as getting the equipment to and from the club. Also many thanks to those who came and helped load and unload the truck both Fri and Sat, and to those who came and participated in the demos of some of what SDOC offers. Lots of new classes coming up, so check the website and see what might be of interest to you and your canine friends they love to come and learn.. Since it is getting warm, please be sure that you don t leave your dog in the vehicle for any length of time and it is always a good thought to have water and a bowl along. Good luck to any of you who are off to participate in any venue with your dogs. Enjoy them.. they are the best. The next meeting is 29 June We d love to see any and all of you there and hear what you and your dog(s) have been up to Page 6 Scents & Nonscents

7 Call For Stewards! By Penni Adrian On Sat.,, Sun., and Mon., September 1, 2, and 3, SDOC will hold its Fall Trials.. In order to have a successful event, we will need volunteers to serve as stewards. Pennie Adrian and Pam Day will co-chair the trials. Why steward? Here are some of the reasons: First, you will perform an indispensable service to SDOC. After all, we cannot have a trial without stewards. And in order to ensure a more successful experience for all of us, SDOC has agreed to provide stewards for RGKC as well. Second, you have an opportunity to personally benefit from volunteering. Here s why. You ll become more familiar and comfortable with how to perform exercises at various levels, something which is particularly important this year because there are significant changes being implemented for Obedience on May 1st. Many new exercises were added recently to Rally as well, including the new Masters Class. You ll learn about ring procedures. You ll have the opportunity to interact with our judges. It s fun and will help make you more comfortable when you show your own dog. Why? Because you ll find out that judges are human beings with faults and failings -- no different from your own! Stewarding will not only give you a close up seat for cheering on fellow SDOC members but you ll see some excellent performances by local exhibitors and out-of-towners. A great learning experience in and of itself. You ll even get a free lunch! There are 3 stewards for each obedience ring and 5 for Rally, so take your pick and add your name to the Steward Signup sheets at SDOC or call Dede at If you wish to steward for Rally please contact Betty Pearson. I cannot encourage you enough to take advantage of this opportunity. You ll be glad you did! There is already a sign-up sheet on the board in the training room on the bulletin board! If you don t see it, give Pennie or Pam a call. FAMOUS BROCCOLI SALAD Here is the recipe for the famous salad that was served at the SDC May Trials and was a very big hit! 1-2 bunches of broccoli 1/2 cup golden raisins or dried cranberries 1purple onion thinly sliced 1 cup toasted sunflower seeds 1 pound bacon 1 can mandarin oranges Has your dog accomplished something new? all the details to the Editor. AND if there s a CH or X anywhere in that title, please include a picture of your dog! Do Ahead: cut tops off broccoli, slice onion and add raisins. Can refrigerate overnight. Next: cook bacon and crumble. Needs to be well done. One hour before serving, add dressing. (1 cup mayonnaise, 1/8 cup sugar, 3 Tablespoons cider vinegar) Just before serving, add bacon, sunflower seeds and oranges. Stir and serve. Enjoy the compliments! Page 7

8 Brags, Brags and More Brags Any venue, any breed To register for any Agility class, contact: Stephanie Kourestsos at or REMINDER: Drills cost $10 per dog per session. Penni Adrian s Cardigan Corgi puppy girl, River earned 2 major reserves at the Valencia Mon/Tues. shows while her boy, Chase took Group 1 in the Veterans Herding Group at RGKC on Saturday! Annie Newsted and her Border Terrier, Chatter, had a SUPER May with Chatter taking taking 2 three point majors at the RGKC and then converting them into 2 five pointers by going BOB. She also went fourth in Terrier Group on Mother s Day and Best in Show Owner Handler!!! She then took Chatter to Farmington and got 2 more BOBs and one Owner Handled Terrier Group 1. She is now Ch. Fortune s Can You Hear Me Now TD. WOW! Now on to the fun stuff: agility, obedience, barn hunt, etc. Oh, Chatter is just 16 months old! Jody Head and Gabby Bouvier picked up 3 five point majors in May to earn her Championship!!! Peggy Chandler and Jake Sheltie earned their PACH at the Durango Agility Dogs trial in May. Chuck and Peggy Chandler s Aussie, Coupe, earned their RATN and Buzz, their other Aussie earned 2 Qs toward his RAT O at the Bosque Barnstormers Barn Hunt April 14/25! Nice goint!! Linda Smith, at the same barn hunt, had her Aussies both earn a RATU and the first leg of the RA- TO. Jeep s Novice run was 14 seconds for High in Class! Cricket Mara and Smooch Whippet earned their RATN at the same trial and a CD at our May trials. Leonore Abordo and Gyro Borzoi took a Owner Handler Group 3 on May 12 at RGKC. Leonore and her other Borzoi, Khang, earned their RN title and then on Sunday took WB/BW in Breed to earn two points toward their Ch! Cindy Sisson and Tux Greyhound earned their CD at the May trials! Laurel Drew s Greyhound youngster, Trip, took WD/BW to earn their first 2 points toward a Ch. Pam Day reports that her Cardigan Corgi, Lacey went BOS on Mon. and Tues. at our local shows to get two 5 point majors and finish her Grand Ch. Woohoo!!! Officers, Board of Directors & Others 2018 To register for any Obedience class, contact: Betty Pearson Page 8 Members of the Board: Officers: President: Betty Pearson Vice President: Jeff Robb Treasurer: Sue Babcock Corresponding Secretary: Estelle Metz Recording Secretary: Julie Brozek Board of Directors: Peggy Chandler, Amy Montano, Stephanie Kouretsos, Christie Stern Ongoing Programs: Obedience Director: Deb Tabor Agility Director: Gene Tatum & Pat Hester and Tracking Director: Annie Newsted Editor: Laurel Drew Production Staff: Allie Wimber Web Wizard: Sue Babcock Maintenance Projects: John Clendenin and Les Stans Thank you one and all! Scents & Nonscents

9 April Membership Meeting Minutes By Julie Brozek In Attendance: Officers and Board Members: Betty Pearson, President; Jeff Robb, Vice President; Sue Babcock, Treasurer; Julie Brozek, Recording Secretary; Board Members: Peggy Chandler, Christy Stern, Stephanie Kouretsos, Amy Montano Directors: Deb Tabor, Obedience/Rally/Conformation/Other Director Absent: Estelle Metz, Corresponding Secretary; Annie Newsted, Tracking Director; Gene Tatum and Pat Hester, Agility Directors The meeting was called to order by President Betty Pearson at 7:07 PM on April 27, 2018, in the training room of the SDOC facility, 7050 San Pedro NE in Albuquerque. The minutes of the March 2018 Membership Meeting were approved as published. Peggy Chandler moved, Amy Montano second. Motion carried. REMINDER: Drills cost $10 per dog per session. Officers and Board reports: President: Pam Day and Penni Adrian will be Co-Chairs for the September Obedience/Rally trial. We are looking for a Chief Ring Steward. Let Pam, Penni, or Betty know if you would like to volunteer for this position. Vice President: The Los Ranchos Canine event will take place on the last Saturday of May. Contact Jeff if you are interested in participating. Treasurer: The March Profit and Loss and the Year-to-Date Profit and Loss reports were reviewed. Corresponding Secretary (read by Julie for Estelle): AKC processed the March 16 and 17 Agility event. AKC approved the September 20, 21, 22, 23 Agility trial. AKC will change the eligibility requirement for Rally Intermediate in August AKC passed a recommendation to recognize the number of times a dog has passed in tracking. Carol Franks thanks SDOC for sponsoring the Gerry Brown seminar. Training Directors Reports: Tracking (read by Julie for Annie): AKC is encouraging people to enter titled dogs again if a test is not full. It may be a challenge for us as we might be lacking in personnel to do it. To register for any Obedience class, contact: Betty Pearson At Obedience: There will be an 8 week Intro to Utility class starting June 6 at 7:30 PM with Hallie Ray, instructor. Rally Novice only drill will start on Friday, June 8, at 6 PM. This will be a teaching drill. A CGC class is coming up on May 17. There will be a Scentwork trial in September. We are looking for people who are interested in becoming Obedience instructors and assistants. Contact Deb if interested. We are investigating getting new mats for the training room. If you have any information to share about mats, contact Cathy Dunbar. Agility: (read by Peggy for Laura) We are looking at getting some field equipment fixed. If you notice any equipment with problems, let someone know. Continued on page 11. Page 9 Scents & Nonscents

10 Knowing First Aid Can Save Your Dog s Life By Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine Too few dog owners know what to do in case of an emergency with their pet. All pet owners should have a working knowledge of first aid and CCPR should and emergency arise and minutes count. Equally important is recognizing what s normal for your dog how he usually walks, sleeps, eats, urinates and defecates, says Elizabeth Rozanski, DVM, a specialist in emergency and critical care at Cummings School of Veterinary Medice at Tufts University. Simple procedures like checking the health of his gums, taking his pulse and knowing his normal heart rate can provide valuable information to a veterinarian in an emergency. Smart owners will also be prepared by keeping contact information of you veterinary clinic and emergency veterinary clinic handy. Among helpful first aid techniques: CHECK THE GUMS: Healthy gums are pink and oist. Pale, white or blue gums can signal a problem such as shock or anemia, which is a lowredcell count. The best way to check the gums is a centimeter above the canine. (A centimeter is about a half an inch.) Lift up your dog s muzzle and press lightly with your finger on the gum area above the canine tooth. It should return to a pick color within a couple seconds. TAKING THE PULSE: The number of heart beats per minute varies by size, with larger dogs having a lower rate. It s good to know your dog s normal rate. If it s usually 80 and now is 150, that can mean he s in trouble. A rapidly beating heart can indicate shock or pain. To take your dog s pulse, lay him on his right side. Then follow these steps: gently lift his upper hind leg away from the lower hind leg. Place two fingers as high up as possible on the inside of the leg where the leg meets the body. Feel for a recess in the middle of the leg about half way between the front and back. This is where the blood vessels are located and where you ll find the pulse. Count the number of pulses in 10 seconds and multiply that number by six to give you the beats per minute. If you are unsure about how to take the pulse, ask your veterinarian or vet technician to show you on your dog the next time you are in for a visit. CHECKING BREATHING IN AN UNCONSCIOUS DOG Place your hand on the dog s side to feel if the chest is moving up and down. You can also hold a mirror near his mouth. If it fogs up, he s breathing. If he s not, you may need to perform CPR in this order of priorities: Airway: Check the throat and mouth for foreign objects. Breathing: If your dog isn t breathing, place your mouth over his muzzle if he weighs more than 30 pounds. Seal his entire snout with your mouth if he weighs less than 30 pounds and gently exhale until you see the chest rise. Give four or five breaths rapidly and then check to see if your dog is breathing without assistance. circulation: If you can t detect a heartbeat or pulse, you ll need to perform chest compressions. Ask your veterinarian how to perform them STOPPING BLEEDING IN A WOUND If your dog is bleeding due to a cut or a bite, the first advice from Dr. Rozanski is: Don t Panic. Dogs have more blood than you think. Put pressure on the wound, but do not take it off to see if the bleeding has stopped. If you don t have a first-aid kit handy, a towel and duct tape work well. Always keep towels in your car. To vaoid being bitten when treating an injured, conscious, you can create a home-made muzzle by ripping strips from a towel or T- shirt. Approach the dog from the side, not directly head on and talk in a calm voice. (If the dog was hit by a car, make sure he s in a safe area and, if necessary, stop traffic.) Take a cloth strip and tie it around the dog s nose and then behind the ears. Even a sweet tempered dog with a brijeb oekvus ir itger ubhyrt nught bite. If you re able to treat the wound, it is better to not use peroxide to clean it. Dr. Rozanski says, Peroxide is bad for wounds. It delays healing. A better Alternative would be to use sterile solution or tap water. HELPING A DOG WHO IS CHOKING If your dog is choking on food or a toy and is conscious, approach him cautiously to avoid being bitten. Open his mouth and carefully Continued on page 11 Page 10

11 Continued from page 9 The Gerry Brown seminar went well. Only two working spots were available to non-members. The Board has approved a Gerry Brown seminar for next year. Tentative dates are March 22, 23, 24, There were some difficulties with novice students attending drills and skills. Students are no longer allowed to go to drills or skills until completing the Beginning classes. New Business: May Obedience/Rally trials: Ring Stewards are still needed for Saturday and Sunday. Ring Stewards get free lunch and a free parking pass. Please sign up! Setup time will be on Thursday, May 10 at 10:30 AM. The Friday and Saturday night matches will include Rally this year. Membership readings: Welcome Suzanne Levi, Cheryl Mitchell, and Judy Petersen Ellis who were voted into membership after a second reading! Amy Montano moved, Deb Tabor second. Motion carried. First readings: Erica Roesch, Cynthia Ramsey, Jaclyn Robertson Brags: There were many brags by the membership! Congratulations! Remember to give Laurel Drew your brags for the newsletter! Hospitality: Thanks to all who contributed to hospitality! Announcements/Other Items: We are looking at and gathering information about the property next door that is for sale. Anyone with thoughts, questions, and information to share, contact Sue Babcock. The next SDOC Membership meeting will be Friday, May 25, at 7:00 PM Meeting adjourned at 7:51 PM. Los Ranchos Fest a Success By Jeff Robb Los Ranchos Canine Fest was fun! Many thanks to all who helped and showed up with their dogs. Special thanks to Susan McGowen, Suzanne Ratchener and three of Toi s agility students for helping load the truck Friday afternoon with equipment for the event. Also to Peggy Chandler, Jeanne Gill and Jerry Faulkner for helping unload the truck and put everything away on Saturday afternoon. Betty Pearce, Estelle and Danny Metz, Donna Sloan and Kathy Robb did some Obedience and Rally demos. Toi had an Beginning Agility class for a few of her students; Jeanne Gill set up a Rally course, and we had an Obedience course as well. Special thanks to Jinkle Seagrave who demonstrated Free-Style with her dogs. I m sure I forgot to mention someone, but believe me all the people who attended are thanked for their help. The weather was great and we had a very nice venue. Continued from page 10 Sweep the inside with your finger to dislodge the object. If you can t dislodge the object, you ll need to perform these abdominal thrusts: If you can lift your dog, hoist him by his front legs with his spine against your chest and wrap your arms around him under his ribs. Make a fist with one hand, place your other hand over your fist and give five rapid abdominal thrust, lifting your fist in an inward and upward motion. Just be gentle as you would working on a baby. If your dog is too big to lift, place him on his side. Put the palms of your hands below his rib cage and give 5 rapid abdominal thrust s in an inward and upward motion. Check his mouth to see if the object has been dislodged. If not, find veterinary help quickly. Page 11

12 Sandia Dog Obedience Club, Inc. P.O. Box Albuquerque, NM Prsrt Std US Postage PAID Permit 759 Albuquerque NM ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED Teaching People and their Dogs for over 50 years. (505) Visit us on the web: Upcoming Club Meetings More details... F uture Board Meetings (in the Office at the SDOC training building) - always at 6:30 p.m. May 22 June 26 July 24 August 28? September 25 October 23 November 13 December 18 Future General Membership Meetings (in the SDOC training building) - always at 7:00 p.m. May 25 June 29 July 27 August 31? September 28 (Ice Cream Social?) October 26 (Halloween Party) November 16 December 21 (Christmas Party) Remember: see for local events. Page 12