Heel And Sit News NEWSLETTER OF THE GREAT SALT LAKE DOG TRAINING CLUB. Did You Miss the Awards Banquet?? For pictures, please see page 2

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1 Jan 2019 Heel And Sit News NEWSLETTER OF THE GREAT SALT LAKE DOG TRAINING CLUB What s Happening... Did You Miss the Awards Banquet?? For pictures, please see page Schedule of Events & Trials Next General meeting, Next Class Sign up, Renewals coming up Please see page 3-4 Meeting Minutes Please see page 5-7 Inside this issue: What s Happening 1 Awards Banquet 2 Schedule of Events 3-4 AKC Revisions Please see page 8-10 Proposed Board Meeting Minutes Proposed General Meeting Minutes Members Page Sportsmanship Award Please see page 11 AKC Revisions 8-10 Member s Page 11

2 Page 2 Awards Banquet Jan 5, 2019 A busy year for our members and their dogs! 167 titles earned, 13 CGC, and 16 Non AKC Titles CONGRATULATIONS to ALL!!!!

3 Page 3 GSLDTC 2019 Schedule of Events &Trials Scent Work Trial Saturday, February 2nd and Sunday, February 3, 2019 National Guard Armory West Jordan, Utah Premium List is on our website under Upcoming Events TDX Test (Tracking Dog Excellent) Sunday, April 14, 2019 Plot Saturday, April 13, 2019 Entries close Wednesday, April 3, 2019 Beehive Cluster/Intermountain KC & Utah Valley KC May 2, 3, 4 and 5, 2019 Equestrian Center South Jordan, Utah TD Test (Tracking Dog) Sunday, May 12, 2019 Plot Saturday, May 11, 2019 Entries close Wednesday, May 1, 2019 Scent Work Trial Summer 2019 Dates to be Announced National Guard Armory West Jordan, Utah Agility/Obedience/Rally Trials September 13, 14, and 15, 2019 Friday, Saturday and Sunday Agility Trial x 3 days Obedience Trial x 3 days Rally Trial x 3 days Held with Bonneville Basin KA Farmington, Utah Combined VST/TDU Test (Variable Surface/Tracking Dog Urban) Sunday, October 2019 Date to be announced after the University of Utah football schedule is finalized Obedience/Rally Trials Friday, November 8, Saturday, November 9 and Sunday, November 10, 2019 Farmington, Utah

4 General Meetings Schedule: held at the Columbus Center South 500 East Salt Lake City at 7 pm Room 101 but occasionally moved to the gym. Jan 28th Presentation will be Homemade Dog Treats by Kelsey Neeley Feb 25th Presentation will be CPR/First Aid for Pets by JoDee Sands Mar 25th Presentation will be TBD April 22nd Presentation will be TBD NO General Meeting in May due to the Memorial Day Holiday June 24th Presentation will be TBD July 22nd Presentation will be TBD Aug 26th Annual Picnic held at Murray Park Pavilion #4 Sept 23rd Presentation will be TBD Oct 28th Presentation will be TBD Nov 25th Presentation will be Train the Trainer by Wendy McCleery NO General Meeting in Dec due to the Holidays Next Class Sign Up will be on Feb 5th & Feb 6th, 2019, with Wednesday s classes starting on Feb 13th, Tuesday s classes start the night of sign up. All current classes are FULL! THANK YOU so much for all our dedicated instructors and support members!! Jan/Feb Classes are as Follows: Tuesday Classes: 7:00 pm Advanced Class with Penny Beginning Novice Class with April 7:45 pm Tricks class with Lisa NO new Tricks sign up until March 5th. Conformation class with April & Wendy 7:45 pm Beginning Scent Work with Darlana & Toni 8:30 pm Competition Scent Work with Darlana & Toni Wednesday Classes: 7:00 pm Rally with Deb & Jessica New Puppy Class with Kayla & Lisa New Beginning Class with Tony & donna New Beginning Class with Penny & Jo 8:30 pm New Intermediate Class with Tom & Tony New Intermediate Classes with Lisa & Kelsey New Intermediate with Wendy & Jo NO new Intermediate class sign up until March 6th! Renewal time is here! Yep it s that time again..deadline was Dec 31, 2018 I sent out renewals in Oct. via . Please let me know if you did not receive yours. Due date for dues and forms to be returned was Dec 31, Returning your form and/or dues timely is important as I will start on the 2019 Membership Directories come Jan 2019 to have them completed by end of Feb. If we have not received your dues by mid Feb, your membership will be expired. Thank you to all who have returned your forms and dues. It is much appreciated!! We have only a few (23) renewals that have not been returned yet. Hoping to get those in and processed soon. We currently have 166 members! Remember, it is YOU who help this club survive.

5 Page 5 Proposed Board Meeting Minutes of Dec 2018 Great Salt Lake Dog Training Club Dec 17, 2018 Board Meeting Attendance: Board Members: Tom McLelland, Lisa Quibell, Penny Morrison, Kayla Enriquez, Donna Smith, Wendy & Jeff McCleery, Judy Campbell, George & Dorathy Hart, Catherine Beattie, Mark Kuhn Excused: Stephanie Evans, Darlana Quinn, Michelle Larsen Guests: Linda McLelland, Jack Smith. Brandon Beattie, Charlotte Kuhn, Francisco Enriquez Meeting brought to 6:27 pm Minutes of Nov Board Meeting, Lisa1 st, Mark 2 nd, no opposed Minutes approved as written. President s Report: Nothing at this time Vice President s Report: Upcoming General meeting presentations: Jan, 2019 will be Homemade dog Treats by Kelsey, Feb 2019 First Aid & CPR for Canines by JoDee Sands If anyone has ANY suggestions, topics or persons they would like to see speak/present at any of our General Meetings, Please contact Lisa Executive Secretary s Report: Judges for the Sept 2019 Obedience & Rally Trials will be the same as we had this year. Home Secretary Report: Nothing at this time Treasurer s Report Everything paid to date. Show Report: Italian Greyhound Nationals will be held the weekend before the BBKA shows in Farmington, Agility will be all breed, equipment rented from GSLDTC. Training Report: Next sign up will be Jan 2, 2019 with classes starting on Jan 9th, We have 56 dogs signed up for Intermediate classes in Jan. Hospitality: Awards Banquet Jan 5 th. Set up will start at 4:30, Social at 6. Trophy Report: Awards Banquet applications coming in. Continued on Page 6

6 Continued from page 5 Page 6 Committees: Advertising Website updated. Agility this time Obedience Nothing until Spring Rally Ditto Tracking 2019 TDX & TD test approved on the AKC site. Red Rock Kennel Club in St. George/Cedar City area will be holding A match/s in tracking. Scent Work Next Trial is being set up for Feb 2 nd & 3 rd, 2019 Premium list on website Trick Dog - AKC announced new tricks coming in No new sign ups No Advance trick classes until Feb Volunteer - Will need Scent Work volunteers for Feb, 2019 Old Business: Received a Thank you note from 2 nd Chance for Homeless pets for the gift certificate. New Business: George wanted to Thank everyone for all of the Get Well cards he has received. Next Board Meeting: Jan 21, 2019 Hosted by Mark Kuhn at his home 7 pm Next General Meeting: Jan 28, 2019, 2018 Columbus Center 7 pm Jack motioned, Lisa 2nd Meeting adjourned at 6:54 pm Great Salt Lake Dog Training Club General Meeting Jan 5, 2019 Awards Banquet Member Attendance:, Jeff & Wendy McCleery, Lisa Quibell, Tom & Linda McLelland, Michelle Larsen, Donna & Jack Smith, Catherine, Brandon & Max Beattie, Judy Campbell, Kelsey Neeley, Tonya Worthington, Becky Brennan, Lexi Hancock, Maria Sweeten, Taylor, Cheri, & John Rieben, Deb Wafford Stephanie & Randall Evans, Darlana Quinn, Geroge & Dorothy Hart Angel & Family Bunker, Jenny, Carly & Sterling Ince, Mike & Barb Cohn, Katrina Ware, Toni Sjoblom, Sheryl Hohle, Brenda Santisteran, Kristie & Cris Rasmussen, Danielle LaGrave, Hannah Miller, Dan Wheeler Board Members Excused: Guests: Barb Lutz, Monique Lattierer Meeting called to order 6:20 pm President s Report: this time Proposed General Meeting Minutes of Dec 2018 Vice President s Report: Jan presentation will be Homemade Dog Treats by Kelsey, Feb will be CPR/First Aid for Pet by JoDee Sands If anyone has ANY suggestions, topics or persons they would like to see speak/present at any of our General Meetings, Please contact Lisa Executive Secretary s Report: Nothing Continued on page 7

7 Continued from page 6 Home Secretary's Report: Voted in 1 new members. Reinstated 1 member Page 7 A note to all New & current members: You can find a copy of the clubs Constitution and By Laws, along with all meeting minutes via the newsletters on the clubs under Members Page. Treasurer s Report Everything paid to date. Show Report: this time Training Report: Next sign up will be Feb 6, 2019 with classes starting on Feb 13 th, 2019 The Jan sign up was huge! No new Intermediate class sign ups until March now. Hospitality: Thank you everyone for coming to our Awards Banquet and bringing food. Trophy Report: We have many awards to hand out. 167 titles earns by members and their dogs, 13 CGC Awards, 16 non AKC Awards Our members were busy in 2018! Committees: Advertising Website updated, Agility No new classes until next year. Obedience Nothing until spring Rally Ditto Tracking April 14, 2019 will be our TDX test, May 12, 2019 will be the TD test Scentwork Next Scent Work Trial is set for Feb 2 nd & 3 rd, the Armory, Pia Paulsen will be judge Trick- No new trick class sign ups until March. Volunteer Thank you to all the volunteers from the Nov trial. Will get a list together for volunteers needed for the Feb Scent Work Trial. Old Business: None New Business: None Next Board Meeting: Jan 21, 2018 hosted by Mark Kuhn at the Kuhn Home 7:00 pm Next General Meeting: Jan 28, 2019 at the Columbus Center 7 pm Michelle motioned and Tom 2nd for meeting to adjourn. All in favor. Meeting adjourned at 6:30 pm. Time to EAT!!

8 Page 8 The AKC has been busy making some revisions. The 1st is a Definition of Immediate Family Member Definition of Immediate Family in Obedience/Rally/Tracking/Agility The Board reviewed a request from the Companion Events staff to amend the definition of Immediate Family in the Regulations for Obedience, Rally, Tracking and Agility to be consistent with the change made to the Rules Applying to Dog Shows which was approved by the Board at the October 2018 Board meeting, effective December 1, Staff is seeking to have the same definition of immediate family in the Obedience Regulations, Rally Regulations, Tracking Regulations and Regulations for Agility Trials and Agility Course Test (ACT) to be consistent, with what is written in the Rules Applying to Dog Shows. There was discussion that this definition should be used across each AKC sport. Following a motion by Mr. Wooding, seconded by Dr. Davies, the Board VOTED (unanimously) to have the definition of Immediate Family approved for the Rules Applying to Dog Shows apply to all AKC Sports: Immediate Family: As used in these regulations, immediate family means one s spouse, domestic partner, parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren, siblings, mother-in-law, father-in-law, brothers in-law, sisters-in-law, daughters-in-law, and sons in-law; adopted, half, and step members are also included in immediate family. This next Revision is for the Conformation Ring. Although I know the Great Salt Lake Dog Training Club does not hold or host Conformation Shows, many of it s members exhibit in conformation and they may find this of interest. I borrowed this from the Vizsla Club of America that they sent to their membership. The Delegates at the December 2018 meeting approved a revision to Chapter 16 Section 1 of the Rules Applying to Dog Shows. This revision, which relates to the calculation of points for Best of Winners, is effective January 1, The revised rule provides a provision where a single point may be earned by the dog awarded Best of Winners if neither sex had sufficient dogs in competition to qualify for one point for its breed in the region the show was held. The revised paragraph 5 of Chapter 16 Section 1 will read as follows: The dog awarded the Best of Winners shall be credited with the number of points calculated for Winners Dog or Winners Bitch, whichever is greater. If no points are credited to the dog awarded Best of Winners, the regular class dogs of both sexes shall be counted in calculating championship points. A maximum of one championship point can be awarded when combining sexes for the Best of Winners point calculation. Continued on page 9

9 In Summary: The championship criteria remains unchanged The sexes may only be combined if there is not a point available in both sexes. The combination of animals has to be compared to the applicable point schedule to determine is a point was earned. To explain, when neither sex has sufficient entry for one point, Best of Winners will now earn one point if the sum of the class dogs and class bitches equals or exceeds the number required for one point in the breed for that sex in the region the show was held.

10 Great news for all those working towards the Rally Champion (RACH) Title AKC Rally Champion (RACH) Title The Rally Champion title (RACH) was established on November 1, After approximately one year in the titling progression, the title requirements were revised effective 2/1/19 and the new title requirements will be grandfathered back to November 1, With the requirements changing while the RACH title was in its infancy, it was the right thing to do to backdate the title requirements to the beginning of the titling program. However, AKC will recognize those that have been working so hard to achieve the title as it was originally established. In February 2019, all dog s records will be recalculated using the new title requirements. Prior to recalculating the records, AKC will publish a list of dogs who have achieved the RACH title from November 1, 2017 through and including January 31, The list will include the dog s name, breed, owner s name with their state, and the date they earned the RACH title under the original requirements. Any dog that earned the RACH title under the original requirements will receive a title certificate acknowledging their achievement. Once the records have been recalculated a new title certificate will be generated for any dogs that have achieved the title under the new RACH title requirements. AKC Rally event results processing normally takes 3-4 weeks from the date of the trial; and the trials are processed in date order. All event results are normally completed by the 15th of each month from the month prior. This means that in the middle to the third week of February 2019, the RACH title holders list will be published on the AKC website and then all dog s records will be recalculated for the new RACH requirements. New title certificates will be mailed to any dog that achieves the RACH title under the new requirements.

11 Page 12 Member s Page Next sign up will be Feb 6th, With classes starting on Feb 13th, Please do not bring dogs to sign ups. And this Year s Sportsmanship Award goes to Catherine Beattie!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!! And THANK YOU for ALL you do!!! Trophies, Instructor, Volunteer!!

12 Disclaimer: Heel And Sit News is ed by the 10th of each month. Deadline for submission of articles and information for that issue is the 1st of the month. Opinions expressed in "Heel and Sit News"are not necessarily those of the Great Salt Lake DTC, the Staff, or the Board of Directors. Articles appearing in "Heel and Sit News" may be reprinted, provided credit is given the author and source. Materials submitted for publication in "Heel and Sit News" will be kept for 30 days following the mailing of the issue in which they appear. Following publication, materials will be discarded unless otherwise requested at the time of submission. Please send submissions and Letters to the Editor, Judy Campbell Point View Court, Draper, UT or For address changes, please notify Judy Campbell, at above. website: Officers: President: Vice President: Exec. Secretary Home Secretary Treasurer Tom McLelland Lisa Quibell Dorathy Hart Judy Campbell Donna Smith Board of Directors: Show Training Hospitality Trophy Committee Chairs: Advertising Trophy Obedience Rally Agility Tracking Scent Work Trick Dog Volunteer Jeff McCleery Mark Kuhn Wendy McCleery Kayla Enriquez Stephanie Evans Michelle Larsen Catherine Beattie Wendy McCleery/Judy Campbell Lexi Hancock Donna Smith Penny Morrison George Hart Wendy McCleery Darlana Quinn Lisa Quibell Lisa Quibell Heel and Sit News c/o PO Box Sandy, UT 84070