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3 When choosing a new neighborhood, house, or apartment for you and your furry friends, make sure your pet will love it just as much as you do. Moving can be one of the most stressful experiences in life and, in the midst of packing and moving, your pets can feel stressed too. HOW CAN YOU MAKE THE TRANSITION BOTH EASY AND SAFE FOR YOUR PETS? What Will Work: Make sure the neighborhood is safe for your pets. You want them to love your dream home as much as you do. Take into consideration the needs of your dogs and cats and the square footage. For instance, felines appreciate plenty of space to climb. Create virtual space with shelving, such as kitty blocks on top of furniture. A dog s needs are different. Older dogs, puppies, and dogs with house-training issues often need access to a yard or the outside, which might be difficult in an apartment building or condominium with lots of stairs. Proper Preparation: How can you help your cats and anxious dogs adjust to the moving process? You can start early by bringing home boxes and keeping your feline friends in a familiar room weeks in advance with the boxes you plan to pack last. When moving day arrives, keep pets in a quiet room with the door shut or with your pet-friendly friends. We do not want your furry friends to get scared and try to make a quick getaway while the movers load up the truck. The Move: Months and weeks prior to the big move, you can prepare your pets by gradually acclimating them to their crates. Start by placing their food in the open crate and eventually having them eat their food in the crate with the door closed. Try carrying them around the house in their crate or for short drives in the car. Create a positive association with the crate, and develop play times and provide treats in the crate. Taking these steps will help you and your furry friends feel more comfortable when moving day arrives. Home Sweet Home: Now that you have arrived in your new home, resist the temptation to allow your pet to roam freely in the home to explore. You can help your cat or dog adjust to their new digs by placing them in one room as their own space and home base. This should include their favorite toys, treats, water and food bowls, and a litter box for cats. Gradually introduce them to the rest of the house once they seem comfortable, but restrict their access to every room. Keep a few doors shut. Slowly move the cat s litter box into another room. Don t forget to scope out the local dog parks and find a new veterinarian if you have traveled far. You can learn more about road trips for your dogs and introducing your cat to a new house by visiting Rockaway Ricky s blog at RE/MAX Star Properties XNLV249398

4 Contents PACIFICA JUNE 2017 Features 10 Two decades of local art Sanchez Art Center creates lasting role in community BY VANITHA SANKARAN 16 Don t know jack? Pacifica historian traces popular cheese to local beginnings BY VANITHA SANKARAN 20 For the love of dolphins ECOFest honors favorite sea creatures BY VANITHA SANKARAN 22 Fresh again, year after year Q&A with Erin Tormey of the Pacifica Farmers Market BY VANITHA SANKARAN Departments CoastalCanine Trixie the border Collie mix 28 Publisher s Note 4 Flashback 6 Upcoming 8 Real Estate 30 PETS! +Check out some tips from the professtionals 26 ON THE COVER: Kathleen Manning and Pacifica Jack cheese. Photo by Jamie Soja 2 PACIFICA JUNE 2017

5 Andersen, the AW logo and Fibrex are registered trademarks of Andersen Corporation. Photo courtesy of Andersen. Gianna Franco, TV Personality & Anchor Host 95.7 The Game The Architectural Series by Andersen is the ideal choice for coastal homes. These windows and doors were carefully designed with authentic architectural styles in mind. Why are they so perfect for coastal areas? The exterior is Fibrex. It s durability is unequalled. It is maintenance-free and comes in a choice of colors. Triple pane glass is available and interiors offer a choice of beautiful woods, unfinished, factory-stained, painted or primed. Learn more about these amazing windows when you watch the progress of Gianna Franco s Pacific, California home remodel at JUNE 2016 PACIFICA 3

6 Publisher s Note PACIFICA JUNE 2017 Our new kitten named Manny is a bundle of energy. Sometimes. SUBSCRIBE TO PACIFICA! If you d rather have a copy arrive in your mail than pick one up around town, you can now subscribe. Just go to and click subscribe. A 12-issue subscription is just $30. Comments, critiques or contributions? We d love to publish your letters and photos. Send to our editor Clay Lambert. I better write this quickly before the cat wakes up. As of two days ago, I have officially become a kitten owner. This is hard for me to get my head around. For more than 40 of my 40-some-odd years, and until very recently, I have been a dog owner. Except for a brief hiatus in college, I ve always had a lumbering, slobbery, ball-chasing canine to blissfully complicate my life. Cats were things that my dog barked at. And excluding the occasional visit from a very vocal neighborhood tabby that we creatively call loud kitty, no felines have spent much time in our house. That is until Manny showed up. A student in my wife s French class had kittens that needed homes. I clearly remember our conversation about it. I don t clearly remember agreeing to take one. But my wife assures me I did. And lord knows I trust her more than I do myself. So now we have an 8-week-old, ocelot striped kitten exploring our house. He shows no mercy to his feather toy. He tears down the hall in serpentine fashion in pursuit of nothing. He ll bound from chair to couch with eyes that certainly can t open any wider. And then, as if someone tripped on his power cord, he ll fall asleep mid-stride. But his most recent fascination is my laptop. Attracted by the tappity-tap of the keys, he has twice snuck up on the keyboard. On his first attempt, he held down the power button and shut the machine off. On his second mission, he stood on the keys, succumbed to nappies and dozed off instantly on the warm glow between letters Q and P, which he comfortably fits between. Now I ve got to hurry before his batteries get recharged. In a few minutes he ll be awake again. And I suspect he ll try to distract me with his fuzzy antics. I also suspect he ll succeed. We love our pets! Read some tips from professionals and take a look at some of our staffs four-legged friends in our pet section starting on page 26. PUBLISHER Bill Murray EDITOR Clay Lambert WRITERS Vanitha Sankaran Clay Lambert I m just glad my black Lab never tried those tricks COPY EDITOR Julie Gerth PHOTOGRAPHER Jamie Soja DESIGN Bill Murray CONTRIBUTOR Paul Slavin BUSINESS OFFICE Barbara Anderson CIRCULATION Lynn Altwer ADVERTISING SALES Karin Litcher Randie Marlow Pedro Ramos BILL MURRAY Publisher CONTACT US (650) SEND LETTERS AND PHOTOS Your contributions are welcome. Please send photos and letters for consideration to 2017, Pacifica Magazine Subscriptions are $30/year. 4 PACIFICA MAY 2017

7 CAMP FOOD FIGHT! A SUMMER CAMP Camp Food Fight is a summer camp where campers create real solutions to real problems in our food world through entreprenuership, cooking, gardening, code-breaking, working with horses...and more! Register online by June 5 CHOOSE YOUR SESSION Food Wasted is Food Lost June The Power of Food Marketing July Food Desert or Dessert July Extended care and financial assistance are available! $50 OFF REGISTRATION FOR LOCALS Double J Ranch 1208 Alamo St. Montara, CA (415)

8 Flashback Looking sharp at Sharp Park This view from the early 1950s shows part of the Sharp Park business district along the east side of the Coast Highway. I m sure some reader could help identify the newerlooking building on the left, where some workmen seem to be repairing or painting the chimney. (The short stepladder used to access the roof clearly indicates pre-osha timeframe.) The next building to the south contains several businesses, including a plumber, and is anchored by Roy Higgins, Pacifica s pioneering real estate promoter and developer. He later built the Sharp Park Center, an early example of a strip mall, which consolidated many of these businesses under one roof. Next in line is the Associated gas station, located on the corner of Paloma Avenue. This was owned and operated for many years by Dewey Getchell. A block up Paloma, the hip roof and tower of Anderson s store can be seen just above the plumber. The Sharp Park Market headed the group of stores on the south side of Paloma, which included a pharmacy, restaurant, post office and more. More than half a century ago these small, simple, mom-and-pop operations supplied all the needs of the Coastside population. Paul Slavin is the president of the Pacifica Historical Society.? every Want to know more? Visit to learn more about the Pacifica Historical Society and programs at the Pacifica Coastside Museum. Board meetings are at 7 p.m. on the second Tuesday of month at the Little Brown Church museum, 1850 Francisco Blvd. 6 PACIFICA JUNE 2017

9 SOLD $2,200,000 4 BD 3.5 BA 3,200 SF 2 MASTER BD SUITES BRAND NEW CONSTRUCTION. STUNNING SPANISH STYLE HOME, WITH FABULOUS VIEWS OF VALLEY AND MONTARA MOUNTAIN. 1.2 ACRE LOT ON A QUIET PRIVATE CUL DE SAC LOCATION COMPLETION DATE 2/ ASKING $1,250,000 4 BD 2 BA 1,970 SF DESIRABLE VALLEMAR. BEAUTIFUL HOME, PARK LIKE SETTING SOLD 35 MALAVEAR COURT Listed by John Rice & Randy Berend 148 JUANITA AVE Listed by John Rice John Rice Broker/Owner ph BRE # Terry Ford ph BRE # Kristian Cruz-Quinn ph BRE # John Rice Jr. ph BRE # Charlie Witzel ph BRE # Maxine Smith ph BRE # Randy Berend ph BRE # Christine Andersen-Smith ph BRE # A FULL SERVICE REAL ESTATE COMPANY SPECIALIZING IN Residential Home & Land Commercial & Investment Properties Property Management Relocation Services Notary Public 904 Linda Mar Boulevard, Pacifica, CA Frank Cevasco ph BRE # XNLV June 2 25, 2017 Reception: Friday, June 2, 7 9 pm Artist Talk: Sunday, June 25, 3:30 pm A COLORFUL LIFE: MARY HARRIS AT 100 FOG FEST INVITATIONAL Photo Contest winners & judges LEGENDS & LEGACIES Art Guild of Pacifica Summer camps for kids, workshops for teens/adults, now enrolling! XNLV ANNUAL RECITAL On The Move Saturday June 10 7:30pm Sunday June 11 2:00pm Terra Nova High School Theater Pacifica For Ticket Info photo by Christine Robbin FOR A DETAILED SCHEDULE AND ENROLLMENT INFORMATION GO TO: or CERTIFIED DANCE EDUCATORS BY DANCE MASTERS OF AMERICA JUNE 2017 PACIFICA 7

10 Upcoming LIST YOUR EVENT Do you have an event that might be a good addition to our Upcoming page? for consideration. Tour the castle Take a guided historical tour led by Bridget Oates, the author of Sam s Castle. The The event includes light refreshments. After your tour, you will have time to take in the view, snap photos, and enjoy the whimsical ambiance of Sam s Castle. Be sure to bring your camera to one of two planned tours. When: 12 and 2:30 p.m., June 18 Where: 900 Mirador Terrace More info: ~ Tribute to Kingston Trio The County Line Trio performs its tribute to the famous Kingston Trio with a bit of tongue-in-cheek humor that would make even the Smothers Brothers envious. Hear songs like Tom Dooley, Lemon Tree and This Land is Your Land that are so timeless they work as well today as they ever did. When: 7:30 p.m., June 10 Where: Mildred Owens Concert Hall, 1220 Linda Mar Blvd. More info: ~ Addictive music The Prophets of Addiction feature some veterans of the glam band era. It s like Guns and Roses stopped fooling around, got back together and played in a cozy local bar. You wouldn t want to miss that, would you? When: 9 p.m., June 10 Where: Winters Tavern, 1522 Francisco Blvd. More info: ~ Grip and rip! Tee it up high for a golf tournament celebrating the 90th anniversary of Pacifica s Nick s restaurant and enjoy a day in the sunshine (hopefully). It s a full day of fun, beginning with breakfast and ending with dinner at Nick s. When: June 12 Where: Nick s Restaurant, 100 Rockaway Beach More info: (650) ~Taste Pacifica Join friends for Taste of Pacifica, where area restaurants come together to delight the taste buds. Bring an appetite, grab a plate, sip on wine, listen to live music, meet your neighbors and make new friends. Tickets always sell out, so make sure to get yours. Presented by the Pacifica Chamber of Commerce. When: 12 p.m., June 24 Where: 776 Bradford Way at the Pacifica Moose Lodge More info: (650) PACIFICA JUNE 2017

11 Did you know that the buyers out there are looking on several Real Estate Websites for their next home purchase? Will your home be one of them? New Bridal Collection Ask us how we can make your home stand out from all the rest on, Zillow, Trulia and others when you list your home for sale with the GOLD TEAM! phone: fax: Main St., Half Moon Bay, CA XNLV Represented the Seller 735 Moana Way Represented the Buyer and Seller 15 Cranham Ct. Represented the Seller 1250 Hermosa Ave Represented the Buyer 1336 Peralta Rd 18th Annual Tour GARDENS BY THE SEA Saturday, June 17, a.m. to 4 p.m. $20 per ticket, self-guided Ticket and map at the Sanchez Art Center/Owen Concert Hall 1220 Linda Mar Blvd, Pacifica Plant sale open to the public. For more info: Melina s Cal BRE # Rich s Cal BRE # REALTY WORLD BAY AREA REAL EATATE 1001 Bayhill Drive STE 225 San Bruno, CA XNLV XNLV JUNE 2017 PACIFICA 9


13 TWO DECADES OF LOCAL ART The Left Coast annual exhibit in Pacifica is part of a 20th anniversary celebration of the Sanchez Art Center. By Vanitha Sankaran Photos by Jamie Soja These days, the arts are often the first on the cutting floor in city and school budgets alike, but Pacifica has created a model for sustaining art that crosses the boundaries from learning to teaching to creating, and back around. The result is the Sanchez Art Center. Now 20 years in the making, the organization is made of working artists who teach craft to others and offer a chance to appreciate art in a way towns the size of Pacifica almost never get: up close and free. The Sanchez is located off Linda Mar Boulevard, in a repurposed elementary school from the 1950s that butts up against San Pedro Valley Park. It s the perfect location for an artists gallery, amid the beauty of the mountains and the sea, in a building that still carries the traces of learning and teaching, now lost to those budget cuts. The Sanchez was actually born of the very cuts in funding the arts community needed to survive. Cindy Abbott, executive director of the Sanchez, explains, The school district closed the school in 1982, but they still owned the building for a while. At the time, the district was going through budget cuts, and so art was being eliminated from the schools. They did a program called SWAP, where they had artists in the former classrooms in exchange for JUNE 2017 PACIFICA 11

14 them going to the Pacifica schools to teach kids, Abbott said. This was even before anything was being dreamed up of art spaces for artists. At the time, four or six artists shared spaces in the Sanchez and taught at the schools. They would take their materials and teach art classes in exchange for their studio space. It was a winning program, Abbott says, noting that model still informs how they work to this day. The school district sold the property to the city of Pacifica, which currently only uses a classroom and some storage space at the site. To me, this is the other community center, Abbott says. She refers to the Pacifica Community Center located on Crespi Drive. This is just another community center, but with art. The (Little League and soccer) playing fields outside the center as well as a dog park are maintained; there is a credit union, photographer business and concert hall on the site. There s always something going on with different things and for different audiences, she said. The Art Guild of Pacifica, the Sanchez s sister organization, originally received the keys to the center while the Sanchez worked on getting its 501(c)(3) designation a year later. While the Art Guild is more than 50 years old, the Sanchez is celebrating its 20 th anniversary over 2017 and The center is currently made up of both galleries and 31 artists in studios (which rent for $1 per square foot, with service hours at the Sanchez and working with the community as part of the contract) that operate under a part-time staff. While the structure of the original school remains, the art transforms the building into something that speaks of learning and creating at the same time. The Sanchez offers two juried shows a year. Currently, the Left Coast annual show is on display, and features artists from California, Oregon, Washington and Alaska. There were roughly 800 entries, including some from Alaska for the first time, and local Pacificans. Artistic Director Jerry Barrish reached out to wellknown institutions, directors and curators to juror the show. This year, Susan Sayre Batton, the interim director of the San Jose Museum of Art, is curating the show. Previous years have seen experts from the Oakland Museum, San Francisco MOMA, the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, and other local big names in art as jurors. We re really appreciative they take on this task, says Abbott, explaining the juror has to winnow the 800 entries down to 40 or 50 pieces, depending on size of the art pieces relative to the space. The big-name jurors also draw in a higher level of entries. The Sanchez galleries are divided into three main exhibition spaces. The Main Gallery currently features art from the Left Coast exhibition, but outside of shows is used to display work from Art Guild members. The West Gallery is typically devoted to the Art Guild of Pacifica, again outside of other exhibitions, and the East Gallery features exhibitions from the community and children s classes along with installations from past contest winners. Space for Art Guild members is crucial, especially given The Sanchez galleries are divided into three main exhibition spaces, so there is something for all tastes. Learn more For more information, visit 12 PACIFICA JUNE 2017

15 Over the years, the Sanchez Art Center has become a community gathering place and a supportive environment for all kinds of artists. IT S AN ART CENTER. THIS IS A SMALL TOWN BUT WE HAVE AN ART CENTER THAT PUTS ON SEVERAL EXHIBITIONS A YEAR, FREE TO THE PUBLIC, AND THERE S NOT A LOT OF TOWNS THAT DO THAT. PETER LOEB, SANCHEZ ART CENTER BOARD MEMBER MARCH 2JUNE 2017 PACIFICA 13

16 The Sanchez Art Center offers regular exhibits all year long as well as classes for artists of all levels. their service to the community. Before having a permanent home, Guild members used to show their art in traveling shows and pop-ups. Abbott describes how the Sanchez puts on 18 exhibitions a year, some of them simultaneous, across different groups, with the Art Guild rotating in. This includes an annual Art Guild member show at the end of the year, she said. Each exhibition lasts about four or five weeks, after which there is an intensive period of cleaning and patching, and structuring the next set of displays with careful thought as to how the viewer will see the new works. New lighting and careful measurement of each work help raise the level of the experience. The current Left Coast annual exhibition features works on paper and mixed media, encaustics, photographs and paintings, and more. When asked what type of work is best received, Abbot explains it should be an artist s best work, but to also look at what the juror likes. For the Left Coast annual, there s a lot of black and white with splashes of color. Apparently more than half of the show is photographs or digital prints of some sort, she said. Understanding the juror s aesthetic helps an artist s chances to be involved that expert s choices. Longtime board member Peter Loeb describes the value of the Sanchez Art Center simply: It s an art center. This is a small town, but we have an art center that puts on several exhibitions a year, free to the public, and there s not a lot of towns that do that. He credits the community for supporting art, and hopes more people get invested in any and all part of the Sanchez. The show has displays of small and large art, in black and white, pale shades, and stunning colors, all in mixed media. Artists can range from minimalists to artists who speak on big religion to James Shefik, who had installations of hummingbirds, both visually appealing and which had cameras that surveilled its audience. Art can speak messages, says Abbott, and she is proud Pacifica speaks to these larger issues. The Sanchez s other major exhibition each year is called the 50-50, a show that involves creating 50 pieces of small art in 50 days. Applications ask artists to provide examples of their work with a short message on what they want to convey. The Sanchez continues to offer classes for kids and adults as well as a community art gallery, with a Rotary Clubdesigned plaza, as part of its mission to bring art back to Pacificans. In Loeb s words, we have an art center, and all involved hope more will enjoy the fine art aspect, support the skills workshops, and help bring art to Pacifica s attention. In the end, everyone benefits. PACIFICA 14 PACIFICA JUNE 2017

17 Based in Montara and serving homeowners, HOAs, and businesses throughout the Coastside. SERVICES OFFERED INCLUDE: Tree Risk Assessment and Reports Tree Appraisals Tree Management Pest and Health Diagnostic Tree Preservation/ Construction Management Tree and Shrub Planting Selection Young Tree Pruning, Planting & Staking ISA Certified Arborist, NO WE-10042A ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualified Member, American Society of Consulting Arborists Fully Insured 43 XNLV Florey s Books Books for All Ages! XNLV To have a place to go is called home To have someone to love is called family To have both is a blessing We are a full line bakery and our main ingredient is love. Mazzetti s Bakery 101 Manor Drive, Pacifi ca Mon-Sat 6am-7pm, Sun 6am-6pm Like us on facebook and follow us on SPEC New, Used & SPECIAL ORDER Check out our monthly events here: Open 10 am 6 pm (650) Palmetto Ave., Pacifica XNLV % OFF ENTIRE PURCHASE Excludes Surfboards Expires 6/23/17 SURF SKATE SUP RENTALS 5460 Coast Hwy. Pacifica at Linda Mar Beach JUNE 2017 PACIFICA 15

18 DON T KNOW JACK? By Vanitha Sankaran Photos by Jamie Soja PACIFICA HISTORIAN TRACES POPULAR CHEESE TO LOCAL BEGINNINGS Any cheese lover especially one who enjoys a great grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup is surely familiar with the creamy cheese known as Monterey Jack. But did you know how Pacifica fits into the story of this beloved staple? Folklore tells us that Jack cheese descends from a semi-soft style of Italian farmers cheese that was once a staple of Caesar s vast armies. Reportedly, a version of this cheese made its way from Rome to Mallorca, Spain, and then on to Mexico via 18 th century Franciscan monks. From here, however, the story gets a little muddy. One version tells of a Spanish woman named Dona Joana Cota de Boronda who made bricks of cheese that she sold door to door in Monterey. According to the tale, her property fell into the hands of notorious Scot David Jacks, who made his fortune as a usurer. Another version speaks of Jacks paying overdue taxes on a dairy farm, confiscating it and then selling the cheese as way to use up the farm s milk surpluses. However Jacks came by his cheese, his contribution in making Monterey Jack a well-known American cheese is undisputed. 16 PACIFICA JUNE 2017

19 K athleen Manning shows some of the creamy, locally made cheese sold at the Pacifica Coastside Museum. JUNE 2017 PACIFICA 17

20 More recently, however, Pacifican discovered a new twist to the mystery: it turns out that the recipe for Jack cheese actually might not have passed through Mexico at all, but came from Italy straight to Pacifica, and through a family known well to locals. Manning is an antiquarian who sells antique books and prints and is the president emerita of the Pacifica Historical Society. A collector of vintage cookbooks, Manning delights in reading about social history through food and recipes. She recalls coming across a 1938 edition of the book Eating Around San Francisco, by Ruth Thompson and Chef Louis Hanges, and thinking, I wonder if there s anything there on Pacifica? And there was, on Mori, and Mori s Inn at the Point, which burned down in the 60s. The passage she refers to is a description of Ray and Marie Mori s farmhouse near Rockaway Beach, originally purchased by Stefano Mori in 1888 when he arrived from Italy. Marie took the authors of the book on a tour of their restored home and hotel accommodations. As they describe it, the kitchen carried the odors of cooking sauces, soups, and meats, while the storeroom seemed a veritable Italian grocery store, with cheeses, salami hung from the ceiling, shelves of necessary sauces and foods that go into the making of Mori meals. It turns out that Stefano Mori made the Italian farmers cheese on the property himself. Says Manning, Their cheese recipe was stolen by an employee, apparently by a family friend named Baldacchi. They had a falling out, and he went down to Monterey, to the Jacks Ranch. He had the recipe and they started producing the cheese commercially and it s called Monterey Jack. In effect, Manning says, they ve stolen our recipe, right from Pacifica. She found corroborating evidence of Jacks theft in the book Roadside History of California by Ruth Pittman. Manning decided to take the recipe back to its local origins. Using her vast skills and resources in finding rare books, Manning was able to track down the recipe Stefano Mori used to make his cheese, which the Pacifica Historical Society resurrected under the name Pacifica Jack Cheese. It s not a complicated recipe, she says, and explains how they found a cheesemaker to produce the organic cheese as a novelty. But it took off like crazy. In fact, during the tours of Sam s Castle, also put on by PHS, an actress comes out in the ghostly guise of Mrs. Mori to explain the history of the cheese. It really is very tasty, Manning says, estimating they ve sold roughly a ton of Pacifica Jack now, with all proceeds going to PHS for their restoration projects. Earlier this year, the PHS held its second annual cheese contest, netting 22 contestants, both local and from the greater An impressive assortment of treats were created with Pacifica Jack cheese at the 2nd Annual Pacifica Jack Cheese Contest presented by the Pacifica Historical Society.

21 T R A T T O R I A & P I Z Z E R I A DINE-In Take OUT DELIVERY The pioneering Mori family seems to have been involved in the development of Jack cheese. Bay area. They all entered Pacifica Jack-based foods in four categories: hors d oeuvres, desserts, cheese trays and creative use. The submissions were stunning displays of edible art with names such as Mega Jack, Spicy Jack, Jack Crack and Bringing Sexy Jack. The style goes along well with the cheese memorabilia PHS sells with sly slogans such as If You Don t Know Pacifica, You Don t Know Jack! and Make Pacifica Great Again. Buy Pacifica Jack Cheese. Prizes included tickets to the ragtime musician Bob Milne concert, a gift certificate to the PHS store, and a local cookbook. The Spindrift Players entertained with songs from their upcoming production of Cabaret, and participants got the chance to take pictures with PHS s cardboard cow. The society is hoping to hold a grilled cheese contest later this year and eventually also plans to publish a cookbook with Pacifica Jack cheese recipes. The cheese is sold both at the PHS-run Pacifica Coastside Museum and at Manning s Books and Prints Old and Rare at the Crespi Center, as well as at Fog Fest and during the castle tours. Although it s hard for PHS to keep the cheese in stock due to its popularity, the PHS has no plans to sell the cheese elsewhere. But as Manning puts it, You never know what the future holds. Given how popular the cheese is, the future for this historical cheese seems bright. Pacifica Jack Cheese can be tasted at Pacifica Coastside Museum. For more information, please visit PACIFICA IT TURNS OUT THAT THE RECIPE FOR JACK CHEESE ACTUALLY MIGHT NOT HAVE PASSED THROUGH MEXICO AT ALL, BUT CAME FROM ITALY STRAIGHT TO PACIFICA, AND THROUGH A FAMILY KNOWN WELL TO LOCALS. XNLV Manor Plaza, Pacifica Wine Club Charter Memberships Available Now! Boutique Wines Gourmet Food Kitchen open late Happy Hour Everyday Day Live Music Every Weekend Dog Friendly Patio JUNE 2017 PACIFICA 19

22 This year, Earth Day dawned warm and clear at Linda Mar Beach. The Pacifica Beach Coalition gathered for its citywide day of cleaning beaches and other habitats, restoring native plants, and, of course, educating each other on how to protect our beaches and our environment. Throughout the day, people talked about the sheer numbers of marine mammals they ve glimpsed this past year in our For the love of warming waters gray whales and humpbacks, seals and sea lions, and even a recent spate of orca. Of course, many are quick to point the playful antics of everyone s favorite, and this year s Dolphins animal honorees: dolphins and porpoises. Dolphins and porpoises are both toothed whales, and alongside other whales, belong to the scientific order Cetacea. California boasts 11 species of dolphins and two of porpoises. In Pacifica s waters, the Pacific whitesided dolphin is a common sight and is easily recognized by the contrast By Vanitha Sankaran between its dark top and white bottom as well as its broad dorsal fin that both has a strong recurve and white coloring. Dolphins also have pointed snouts, somewhat reminiscent of beaks. Pacificans can expect to spot this dolphin year-round as it travels between the waters off ECOFEST HONORS Alaska to Baja, Calif., on to Japan and back. The animals feed FAVORITE SEA more plentifully in the winter, when the cold weather means they burn calories quicker. CREATURES The Dall s porpoise is another common visitor to our waters. They are stockier than the Pacific white-sided dolphin, with blunt, rounded snouts and triangular fins that resemble 20 PACIFICA JUNE 2017

23 Spotting dolphins and porpoises Two members of the local group Heirs to our Oceans show their support for dolphins during ECOFest. Photo court that of a shark. These porpoises are more coldwater creatures than their dolphin brethren, and can also be found year-round here, especially during the winter and spring seasons. While the Dall s doesn t tend to engage in as much leaping and frolicking as its dolphin cousins, it s always a treat to catch a sight of these majestic neighbors who live so tantalizingly close by. Marina Gentry, an East Bay dental assistant with three children, agrees. I ve been bringing my girls here for five or six years now, and I quiz them about the animal of the year the whole drive over. If they get anything wrong, they ve got chores on top of cleaning up the beach. She laughs before getting serious. We re lucky, all of us, to be so close to nature like this. If we don t help them out, then what are we really doing? The process to choose the animal honoree(s) of the year is something the coalition starts working on right after each year s Earth Day. Members nominate individual animals and state their reasons. After discussions that can last two to three months, a vote is taken and the new honoree is named. Lynn Adams, president of the PBC, explains, After the nominee is chosen, we begin playing with slogans. Usually for two months we take suggestions for slogans, tweak them, play with them. And thenm in Septemberm we narrow it down to three. The public is invited to vote on the top three slogans at Fog Fest, with the PBC tweaking the winning slogan until it s just right. This year, the winning entry at Fog Fest was Make a Splash by Picking up Trash, which the PBC eventually changed to Make a Splash by Ending Trash. Adams further explains that many factors go into choosing both the animal honoree and the slogan. For instance, we changed this year s slogan (from the Fog Fest vote) because we ve been picking up litter forever, she said. It is time to reduce litter, to end it and we need to talk about less plastic, less waste, better buying habits, using our voice to businesses to make better packaging, use different materials. It s a significant change, going from showing people how littering affects the environment to helping them make educated choices that reduce waste and pollutants from being a problem in the first place. Making the right choices is the takeaway when it comes to making dolphins and porpoises thrive. The current threats to these animals include pollution, both in terms of waste and noise (which affects how the animals communicate and track prey), fisheries, whose nets often trap these larger animals, and climate change. It s no surprise the same factors affect other animals, from sea otters to bees and even us. Asked if she ll return for next year s ECOFest, Marina Gentry gives an enthusiastic, You bet. We ve learned about dolphins and porpoises, sea otters, bees and that bird, she said. She ticks each off with her fingers and looks to her daughters for help. All three of them are playing with this year s temporary dolphin tattoo, which becomes animated using a free phone app. What s the bird, do you remember? Her eldest thinks for a moment and then says, The snowy plover, while her youngest reminds their mother they ve learned about sharks, too. Yeah, you bet we ll be back, Gentry adds. We want to do our part. For more information on how to help keep our beaches and environment clean and safe, please visit the Pacifica Beach Coalition at PACIFICA Dolphins and porpoises are highly social creatures and tend to travel in pods. As with whales, a flurry of bird activity can mean that a pod is traveling nearby. It takes patience to watch for them they tend not to surface all at once, and will only come up for air every 20 seconds or so. With dolphins, you re more likely to see a dorsal fin, or even slapping tail, rather than the animal s face unless it s a calf. Calves tend to like popping up next to their mothers, especially when in a large pod, further out at sea. Look for the telltale splashes of a pod at play. Porpoises travel in smaller pods and are most easily spotted by looking for the spray it leaves in its wake. Did you see one? The Golden Gate Cetacean Institute is always on the lookout for sightings of dolphins, porpoises, and whales. The information is used to track activity of these mammals, where they are sighted, and in what numbers. Photos and details are always appreciated. To learn more, please visit contact-us.html. JUNE 2017 PACIFICA 21

24 Q&A Go shopping! The Coastside farmers markets run from May to December, from 2:30 to 6:30 p.m. on Wednesdays at Rockaway Beach in Pacifica, and from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturdays at Shoreline Station in Half Moon Bay. For more information, please call (650) Erin Tormey manages the Pacifica Farmers Market. 22 PACIFICA JUNE 2017

25 COASTSIDE FARMERS MARKET BRINGS COMMUNITY TO TABLE By Vanitha Sankaran Photos by Jamie Soja FRESH AGAIN, YEAR AFTER YEAR The Coastside farmers markets are back in business now that the calendar has turned to the warmer months. That means crowds of gourmands are finding their way to Rockaway Beach every Wednesday for local provisions that will become culinary masterpieces in home kitchens. Pacifica Magazine s Vanitha Sankaran grabbed market manager Erin Tormey during this busy time to ask about the market and its place in the community. Pacifica: May 3 marks the first farmers market of the year. What s new and who are the fan favorites coming back? Tormey: Local favorites Farmer John, Fly Girl Farms, Farm Fatales and local honey are back, Roli Roti returns, and this year we start the season with blueberries and cherries on opening day. We are really excited to welcome several new local farmers this year, including Pomponio Ranch with GrassFed meats from San Gregorio, and Simms Organics from Pescadero. We re also tickled to announce the addition of several Pacifica-based businesses to the fold this year. JUNE 2017 PACIFICA 23

26 Pacifica: Is the farmers market all about produce or do you have more in mind? Tormey: The priority for us has always been to support the livelihoods of the farmers, ranchers and fishermen from our community, delivering healthy, locally grown produce to our neighbors. But we also serve as an incubator for local residents who are trying to get small food production businesses off the ground. This season, in addition to the new farms and ranches we are bringing on, we are introducing several new Pacifica-based businesses Boatdocks Bakery, Cheryl s Shortbread, and Saporito Pasta as well as Coastsiders Slow Brine and Moss Beach Kombucha, and Artesana Salvadoreno to the lineup! Pacifica: How does supporting the farmers market impact the community? Tormey: In addition to their primary function of making access to locally grown, fresh foods available to all residents and supporting the bottom line of our family farmers, farmers markets have come to serve as the Town Square, promoting convivial community engagement, civic interaction and neighborhood unity. They have been shown to significantly stimulate the local economy and spur significant spending in neighboring businesses, and keep money circulating in the local economy. Pacifica: How did you get involved in the market and what keeps you coming back? Tormey: All of the above! And, I am a small, firstgeneration farmer myself, and my livelihood depends on it. When I first started Coastside Farmers Markets 15 years ago there was no option for me or other small, local diversified farmers to sell out produce directly to our own community. It s a rare and wonderful thing for a farmer to be able to make a living close to home, and to be able to participate in their own community activities, see our friends regularly, and make new ones every week. Pacifica: Any fun recipes with our local ingredients you d like to share? Tormey: I am one of those lucky people that learned to cook in an intuitive way, so I rarely use recipes, but I find that when any meal begins with the freshest ingredients possible, the simplest combinations can be transporting. For example, toss a few halved cherries and some sliced spring onions with crisp butter lettuce with a splash of rice vinegar and cracked black pepper delish! Add a few shreds of rotisserie chicken and a thick chunk of still-warm sourdough and fly me to the moon! PACIFICA 24 PACIFICA JUNE 2017

27 andthebscompanyitown! You are invited! FridAy EvEning SoCiAl HourS: 4:30-5:30 P.M. You invited! You are invited! MEMORIAL WEEKEND WALK/RUN XNLV FridAy HourS:4:30-5:30 4:30-5:30P.M. P.M. FridAyEvEning EvEning SoCiAl SoCiAl HourS: FOR VETS Sunday May 28, :00-11 :00 AM Rotary Plaza 1220 Linda Mar Blvd Enjoy great music, delicious snacks and beverages, and the best company in town! Raising money to help VETS with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) And if you d like to learn more about our options for independent Enjoy great music, snacks and to beverages, senior living, justdelicious let us know. We d love share. Please join us! You can sign-up at or BUY TICKETS at Entry Fee: $ /3 of the net proceeds will go to The Pathway Home to help Veterans recover from their Iraqi and Afghan combat. 1/3 of the net proceeds will go to the Pacifica Rotary Endowment Fund to support the Pacifica community and other outreach programs around the world. Enjoy greatand music, delicious snacks and beverages, the best company in town! At Sterling Court, we re proud of what and the best company in town! we offer. SPONSORED BY: Recology of the Coast Law offices of Patrick Talbot Hall First National Bank American Legion, Post 238 Veterans of Foreign Wars, Post The Jonas Family Marilyn St. Germain-Hall, Realtor Andifyou lketoarnmoeabutorpinsfordepn t And if you d like to learn more about our options for independent senior justmore let usabout know. our We doptions love to for share. And if you d likeliving, to learn independent senior living, justwe re let uscommunity know. We d love share. At Sterling Court, proud of what we offer. Sterling Court, The For to Seniors 850 N. El Court, Camino Real, San proud Mateo At Sterling we re of what we offer Sterling Court, Community For Seniors 650The N. El Camino Real, San Mateo Sterling Court, The Community For Seniors WHEN YOU 850 REQUIRE THE ABSOLUTE N. El Camino Real, San Mateo BEST REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALS Residential and Commercial Sales Leasing Property Management Mortgage Lending Expert advisors who will treat you like family, focusing only on what is best for you! Ensuring solid relationships and forever friendships. This is why most of our new clients are referrals from you! Experience the SF Homelife difference! Visit us at Frank Vella BRE SF HomeLife, Inc. Kristine Foster Sharon Vella April 29, BRE NMLS BRE BRE # UNLOCKING DOORSESTATE SERVICES BAY AREA REAL 1005 Terra Nova Blvd Suite A Pacifica, CA JUNE 2017 PAC I F I CA 25 XNLV XNLV THIRD ANNUAL

28 PacificaPets Pet tips from the professionals North Peninsula Veterinary Rotary Club of Pacifica Emergency Clinic Allcare Veterinary Hospital of Pacifica PET TIP: Due to the wet winter and warm spring, there appears to be a bumper crop of foxtails growing. These can get into eyes, ears, noses, between toes, and almost anywhere else. They have the potential to do serious damage. Look your dog (or cat) over carefully anytime they have been outdoors, with a close eye on the areas listed above. Repeated sneezing, a squinting eye, head shaking or pawing at ears can be signs of a foxtail. Call your veterinarian. PET TIP: Heartworm disease is transmitted by mosquitoes causing a potentially fatal heart and lung condition. Treatment of the disease has risk and involves injecting an expensive arsenic-based drug. It only takes the bite of one infected mosquito to transmit the disease. Give a preventative medication year-round. Before starting preventative, a blood test must be done to make sure your dog does not already have the infection. Life-long prevention is safer and costs less than the danger of the disease and treatment. North Peninsula Vet Emergency is open 24/7/365 for emergencies, or for problems with your pet that are not emergencies, but are causing you concern. We treat a wide variety of problems big and small, and work closely with several board-certified specialists, who we can bring in if needed. We do not duplicate general practice services like vaccines, spays and neuters, or puppy and kitten well-checks, but do most everything else, including treating those nasty foxtails. (650) N. Amphlett Blvd., San Mateo PET TIP: Do you want to honor your family s pet, remember loved pets, or celebrate your pet s birthday? Our state of art technology, laser engraved bricks capture your sentiments for many generations to enjoy. Your custom text and graphics will be engraved on a brick and the bricks will be set in the Pet Path at Pacifica s Rotary Plaza, which is at the Pacifica Center for the Arts also known as Sanchez Art Center. To purchase a brick, go to and click on the link or call (650) Improving Lives Locally and Globally is our club s motto. We welcome you to our meetings. Besides varied and interesting speakers, we do community service and have fun, fellowship events. For meeting times, please use the link above or Google: Rotary Club of Pacifica. Rotary is a worldwide network of inspired individuals who translate their passions into relevant social causes to change lives in communities. Happy Tails Doggy Day Care & Grooming Honor your pet with a Brick on the Pet Path A Coastal Canine Paradise Doggy Day Care Lodging Grooming Proud to offer Full Service Grooming using Natural Products Individual private appointments Being a part of the Rotary Plaza Pet Path is a wonderful way to: Honor your family s pet Remember loved pets Celebrate your pet s birthday Laser engraved bricks using state of the art technology For more details and to place your order visit or call PAC I F I CA JUNE 2017 See our reviews on Yelp! XNLV XNLV at Pacifiatca s Rotary Plaza the Pacifica Center for the Arts Small Play Groups & Multiple Yards On Our Private Ranch (650) We are a small animal hospital welcoming dogs, cats, rabbits and pocket pets. We have digital imaging available and in-house laboratory for diagnostics. We offer full care for your most treasured pets including diagnostic exams, preventative care, surgery and dental services. (650) Carmel Ave., Pacifica

29 Happy Tails Doggy Day Care & Grooming PET TIP: Walking your dog, that s it! Your neighborhood, beaches, trails are all wonderful places to walk your pup. Remember not to hurry along though, let them sniff, sniff and sniff some more. Sniffing is both mentally stimulating and it is a natural instinct to inspect everything. So since you are walking them, make sure they get the most of a wonderful outing and take a leisurely stroll with your best friend. Happy Tails is a Bed, Breakfast and Spa for your dog. We happily offer day-care, indoor lodging on our private ranch, all breed-full service grooming using amazing all-natural products formulated for your pets skin. Day-care and lodging guests enjoy spacious yards and use of our own on-site dog park.we pride ourselves in providing the very best care for your pup either for the day, the week or in our spa. Come see for yourself, your dog will thank you! (650) Park St., Montara Rockaway Ricky Dog With A Blog - Re/Max Star Properties PET TIP: Rockaway Ricky s Blog is full of helpful pet care tips. Even suggestions to help your pets when preparing for a move. I am the official mascot of the Lommori-Stahl Real Estate Group of RE/MAX Star Properties. I like to share my daily adventures about my canine and feline friends I meet along the way and also blog about dog food recipes, service and hero dogs, pet adoption, and other helpful hints. See my dog with a blog stories, adventures, and helpful hints at (650) Dondee Way, Ste. #7, Pacifica Staff Pets! Name: Manny Person: Bill Murray, Publisher Shamrock Ranch Kennels & Stables PET TIP: Your furry friends can get in on some savingthe-planet goodness, too--and have plenty of fun--with toys made from recycled materials or sustainable fibers (sans herbicides or pesticides) such as hemp. You may also consider upcycling some old rope or socks with added extra knot in the middle. These days we all need to consider our ecological footprint, pups included. You may also consider using natural shampoos and cleaning products as well. More than just pet care, Shamrock is the home away from home for many of the bay area pups. We have worked hard over the past 50 years to bring better than ever pet care to the bay area by questioning and experimenting with the best way to care for dogs. We are also fortunate to be located in a secluded valley, where people and animals alike find an easy time. We offer training, boarding, grooming and Playcare. (650) Shamrock Ranch Rd. Pacifica I M ROCKAWAY RICKY! Mascot for the Lommori Stahl Team at RE/MAX Star Properties! Check out my blog to find out more about pet care and my adventures! Go to or send me questions at And also - see page 1 of this issue for great tips on moving with your pet! RE/MAX Star Properties Christine Stahl - CA BRE# Pete Lommori - CA BRE# XNLV NORTH PENINSULA VETERINARY EMERGENCY CLINIC We love our pets too! Now open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Staff Pets! Name: Samson Person: Carina Woudenberg, writer 227 N. Amphlett Blvd., San Mateo JUNE 2017 PACIFICA 27

30 CoastalCanines Trixie Age: 12 years Breed: Border Collie-cattle dog mix Trixie came to the Shives family 12 years ago on New Year s Day. Annette and Jeff Shives had taken their two sons to a skate park in Scotts Valley, and there was a lady with a box full of free puppies. The youngest Shives was smitten, as the family s previous dog had passed away just few month prior. Jeff gave some light-hearted resistance, but their son picked Trixie out of three furry pups. She s slowed down over the years, Trixie still loves going on walks, beach walks, anywhere she can be free, says Annette. Mori s Point is her favorite, but really she loves going anywhere with her mom. Trixie also enjoys swimming in lakes and rivers. She s even been rafting on the Truckee River and has her own life jacket. She also loves the snow and recently came back with her family from Lake Tahoe. Trixie is clearly a dog of all seasons. The Shives have recently started ordering Bark Boxes for Trixie, which Annette says their pup loves. It s for her and she knows it. A fine reward for a good dog who obeys the rules, enjoys the simpler pleasures in life, and loves her loving family. Vanitha Sankaran

31 A unique dog ranch nestled in a secluded coastal valley. Open space on 200 acres, fresh air,and a quiet serene setting. Family Owned & Operated Since 1943 founded on the love of pets BOARDING Safe, Clean & Stress-Free More than just pet care Your Dog s Home away from home Packages To Meet Your Dogs Every Need Staff Pets! Name: Maddie Person: Randie Marlow, sales representative o er More Pet Services than Ever! Comfortable inside boarding areas with access to the outdoors Expert Training & Puppy Classes Complete Grooming Services DOG SOCIALS First Saturday of every month Nature Hikes for your dog XNLV Shamrock Ranch, Pacifica Staff Pets! Name: Kurly Person: Karin Litcher, Advertising Manager XNLV We welcome your family s dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs & pocket pets In-house lab, Digital X-ray, and Pharmacy JEREMY GROSSBARD, DVM 225 Carmel Ave Pacifica VETS Staff Pets! Name: Bailey Person: Barb Anderson, Business Manager Small hospital with compassionate care JUNE 2017 PACIFICA 29

32 RealEstate RECENT SALE Address 712 Prairie Creek Drive, Pacifica Home Size 2,037 sq. ft. Lot Size 22,057 sq. ft. Bedrooms 4 Bathrooms 3.5 Built 1970 Sale Price $1,445,000 HOME PROVIDED BY FRANK VELLA, SF HOMELIFE, INC. Majestic Piece of the World Imagine owning your own secluded, gated compound in Sunny Park Pacifica! With the stunning view from this chef s kitchen, you will find cooking a pleasure. This 4-bedroom, 3.5-bathroom home has been lovingly cared for and upgraded to a very high standard. Upstairs has been expanded so you will enjoy a large living/dining room with slider to the back deck. Full media/movie room with soundproofing, built-in surround sound, gas fireplace, wet bar, refrigerator and French doors out to your pool/hot tub. PACIFICA SNAPSHOT Median home sales price $875, % Year over year TRULIA.COM MARKET TRENDS 30 PACIFICA JUNE 2017

33 RealEstate Select recent Pacifica transactions Seller Property Buyer Amount Kevin W. and Gina S. Cox, trustees 909 Fassler Ave. Daniel C. and Doni H. Robinson $850,000 Robert Bloomer and Austin Harkin 448 Reina Del Mar Ave. Joseph D. and Erica F. Duncan $975,000 ERC International LLC 115 Panorama Court Miha Sitar and Kelly Konczal $,300,000 David and Man K.C. Yim, trustees 1352 Terra Nova Blvd. Robert and Laura Bastida $635,000 Janice Plate Sonjaya T. and Tanya E. Tandon 15 Salada Ave. Sonjaya T. and Tanya E. Tandon $978,000 Newlands Enterprises LLC 528 Esplanade City of Pacifica $500 William Martin Danz 1517 Crespi Drive Ann C. Magner $250,000 Roman E. Suguitan Jr. et. al Poplar Ave. Robert Phung $810,000 David and Christine Stormont 1345 Terra Nova Blvd. Tonya Mestas $550,000 Edward P. Bell and Kathryn G. Lemon 201 Bonnie Lane Brian J. and Mary T. Olson $970,000 Lisa Mancini, administrator 240 Avalon Drive Mara McCain $599,000 Oscar L. and Owen L. Platzer, trustees 1036 Crespi Drive Owen L. Platzer $395,000 Douglas and Jessica Hudson 1045 Everglades Drive Sharon X.W. Kong $928,500 Kyle W. and Angela M.G. Ekberg 1307 Redwood Way Heiko Ritter $918,000 Put My Experience To Work For You Providing Experience and Service Exceeding Client Expectations Sue Vaterlaus Realtor since 1990 Selling Homes for Over 25 Years! Realtor of the Year 2007 President San Mateo County Association of Realtors 2011 CA BRE: XNLV CA BRE: Paul Benson assisted another family member with property in Daly City many years ago. His professionalism and real estate knowledge were already familiar to me. Our property was a trust sale which required Paul s expertise and counseling. He was very sensitive to the fact that we were selling our family home of over 66 years. He guided our family through the whole process. We were pleasantly surprised how quickly the sale went and the overwhelming number of offers we received. Paul was there every step of the way and was a great communicator, keeping us informed of all the inspections, open house response and paperwork requirements. Paul Benson is a top notch agent who I would defi nitely work with again. - Julie M. CA BRE: Marilyn S. Hall PROPERTY MANAGEMENT REALTOR, NOTARY Realtor since 1993 I make it happen. You make it home! Marilyn S. Hall Pacific Coast Real Estate 1005 Terra Nova Blvd., Pacifica, CA XNLV JUNE 2017 PACIFICA 31

34 RealEstate How to make relocation go smoothly People relocate for various reasons. Many relocate for professional opportunities, while others relocate to pursue their educations. And while some may relocate to enjoy a lower cost of living, others may find themselves relocating to satisfy their sense of adventure. Regardless of why a person is relocating, doing so without preparing for the move can make the transition that much more difficult. According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau, roughly 19 percent of the 35.9 million people one year and over who moved between 2012 and 2013 did so for a job-related reason. Relocating to a new city for a job is different than moving from one home to another within the same community. Relocating to a new city can be a life-changing event that requires planning and maybe even a little luck to make it work. Examine your finances. Moving is expensive, and it can be even more expensive when moving to an entirely new city. If you are moving to pursue career opportunities but don t yet have a job offer in hand, examine your finances and work out a worst-case scenario in the event that your job hunt takes longer than you hoped for. Unless you have a benefactor who can help you pay your bills and avoid debt while you look for a job, make sure you have several months worth of living expenses saved up before moving. Research the job market. Certain cities have more opportunities for people in certain fields than others, so make sure the city you plan to relocate to is a place where you will have ample opportunities in your chosen line of work. Otherwise you might find yourself settling for a career you don t like or relocating again to a job market more accommodating to someone in your field. Research the real estate market. Before hitting the road and heading for your new home, research the real estate market in that area. Try to find out the average rental price via online forums or even online newspaper classified sections. Find out if people tend to live with roommates or go it alone in the city you re relocating to. If you are moving to a city where you know very few people or no one at all, consider becoming someone s roommate. Relocating to a new city can produce mixed feelings of anxiety and excitement. Planning ahead and doing some homework can help you as you transition to your new home. Metro Work with Lisa Hung of our Home Mortgage Team Call today, and put my knowledge to work for you. Lisa Hung Mortgage Loan Originator 1655 Oceana Blvd. Pacifica, CA NMLS #: Loan approval is subject to credit approval and program guidelines. Not all loan programs are available in all states for all loan amounts. Interest rates and program terms are subject to change without notice. Visit to learn more about U.S. Bank products and services. Mortgage, Home Equity and Credit products are offered by U.S. Bank National Association. Deposit products EQUAL HOUSING are offered by U.S. Bank National Association. Member FDIC U.S. Bank /17 The best tool is information. Real Estate professionals: Make sure you have the best tools for helping your clients. Provide them with the Neighborhoods publication. Free for your offices. Contact us at for delivery. New issue in May! R E A L E S T A T E G U I D E Neighborhoods TAKE A TOUR OF 33 PICTURE PERFECT NEIGHBORHOODS MOUNTAINS, REDWOODS, OPEN SPACE, AND OF COURSE, THE PACIFIC OCEAN DEMOGRAPHICS AND CURRENT TRENDS SEAL COVE, CALIFORNIA PUBLISHED BY THE Half Moon Bay Review OF THE SAN MATEO COUNTY COASTSIDE FALL 2016! FACTS, FIGURES, PHOTOS AND MAPS JUST MOVED? HERE SOME THINGS TO DO FIRST 32 PACIFICA JUNE 2017

35 Pacifica local restaurants will be serving you their best bites to woo your taste buds. There will be wine tastings to compliment the feast and live music by local artists. Bring an appetite and a friend! Become a Pacifica Chamber Member and discover the array of business benefits we have to offer! 225 Rockaway Beach Ave. #1 *

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