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1 THE HOWLER Patches Upcoming Events Dear fellow Jack Lovers, I hope that everyone had a very Merry Christmas and a lovely ring in to the New Year! The year 2016 has taken many on quite the roller coaster ride, but hopefully 2017 will be a year filled with lots of positives, love, joy, happiness, and good health. Of course, these wishes are not just for you but also your families and the little white dogs in your life. We hope that 2017 is the best year yet for MAJR as well, and that we can save more dogs than ever this year! Of course, our goal for saving dogs is bigger than last year and that goal will continue to grow every year. In 2016 we saved 88 dogs and we are aiming for over 100 in 2017! Of course, the only way we can save more dogs is to have a larger family of supporters and volunteers. There are still so many dogs out in the community that we can t help simply due to the lack of resources. We know that with a little more help, that we can be a stronger force for saving these lives. The biggest help we can have this year, and always, are more foster homes. So many of you do foster, but we still need more foster families. If you have already opened your heart and adopted one of our dogs, please know that your dog was only able to be saved due to someone willing to open their home and heart to be a foster. Yes, it is tough, no one said it was easy, but it will be one of the most rewarding things you ll ever do! To see a dog sleep through the first night knowing that they were saved will truly move you to tears and be a feeling you will never forget. Save-the-Date MAJR s Annual Party April 2, pm Iron Hill Brewery - Wilmington, DE. More details and invitations coming soon. If you d like to donate to the silent auction please contact us at Page 1: Page 2: Page 3: Pages 4: Page 5: Page 6: Page 7: In This Edition Letter from the editor Upcoming events Volunteer spotlight Available dogs Board member spotlight Featured dog In memory Cold weather tips Paw Wax Photo contest If fostering is something you simply just can t do, we would still love to have your help! We are always looking for people to help with transport, volunteer at events, do evaluations at shelters, share this newsletter, and share Facebook posts with as many people as you can. Every little share on Facebook helps. I shared a dog with only hours left to live, and was thrilled when I saw just a few hours later that a friend of mine pulled her. She was fostered and found an awesome home! Yours, covered in white hair, Jamie Guiberson Riley Page 1 of 7

2 Volunteer Spotlight Jamie Guiberson North East, Maryland Available Dogs Well, I assume this had to be done at some point, so here it is, my spotlight. As the Howler editor, I enjoy reading and writing about others, and finding a creative way to showcase what MAJR does (now the tables are turned). I have been part of the MAJR family for 3 years this month, and it all started with the adoption of Bailey and Zack. I fell in love with MAJR beause they were such a sensible rescue to work with, and really cared about putting the right dog in the right home. After a few months of getting s begging for foster homes, I finally gave in to the guilt! An came through asking for a foster for an older male named Duncan. Since the kids best friend was named Duncan, that sealed the deal for my husband as well. After Duncan, my family and I went on to foster a few other dogs. The longest was Jessie, a blind jack mix who was the sweetest little pup! Jessie had a very rough start to life. It was so rewarding seeing her learn to trust and navigate around. After Jessie was adopted,we fostered a few more times. One of them being our first foster-fail, Bosco. My youngest son fell in love with him, and well, the rest is history. With each new foster, however, it became increasingly difficult to keep Zack well-mannered. After a few scuffles with our last foster, we decided that we needed to take a break. It was at that time I volunteered to take over the Howler. I felt helpless because I couldn t bring in more fosters, and wanted to do something. As far as my personal life, I love family time with my husband and stepsons. We are very active in Boy Scouts. Aside from that, spending time with the dogs at the park, or with my horse on a trail ride is my little slice of heaven. Professionally, it s still all about the animals, as I am a certified veterinary technician. I am a Nursing Supervisor at New Bolton Center, the University of Pennsylvania s large animal hospital. We see horses, cows, sheep, goats, alpacas, pigs, and exotics. Every day is an adventure. A fun fact is that I was Barbaro s nurse after he broke his leg in the Preakness! I also work a few hours a week in a small animal hospital. I have so much free time (enter sarcasm here) I also lecture on veterinary technology topics at Harcum College and nationwide at veterinary conferences. I was also an organizing member of the vet tech specialty in equine veterinary nursing, for which credentials I now hold. Regan Regan Pee Wee Princeton Chico Stone Perdie adoption pending! Renny Patches Riley JJ Petey (MD) Petey (DE) adoption pending! Rocket on adoption trial! Willow Gracie Bear adoption pending! Chicko Doser Brandy Spot Blue Lucy Bean Lucy Bean Page 2 of 7

3 Board Member Spotlight Elaine Cave, Vice President Broomall, Pennsylvania Hello everyone, and Happy New Year! I am Elaine Cave, Vice-President of Mid-Atlantic Jack Rescue. I am one of the original founding members of MAJR and have been a board member from the beginning. I work full time at the Vanguard Group in Malvern, PA. In 2001, it was there that I found out about a little young white dog who was kept in a crate most of the time because a child was allergic to her. A co-worker knew of my love of animals (I had one dog and five cats and a bunny at the time) and mentioned this poor dog who belonged to her neighbor. To make a long story short, I adopted Jackie from this family in June A bit like the animal version of the Brady Bunch, when my husband Dan and I purchased our first home, I brought Jackie, Puddles (my Beagle-Terrier mix,) one of the cats and a bunny and Dan brought his cat. Shortly after moving in, a kitten showed up and joined the crew. In 2007, we completed the bunch (3 cats, 3 dogs) and added Chase (our GSD mix.) After losing Puddles at the age of 18 and after experiencing an extended hospital stay in January 2011, I decided we were ready for another dog. I was volunteering for Russell Rescue at the time. In February 2011, I drove to Lancaster to pick up a mom and 8 puppies that were left in a dumpster. I transported them on the first leg of their journey to a foster home in Virginia. During that journey, I observed the puppies to determine which one was the best fit for our family. I was serenaded by a very vocal female, but I choose the little boy who didn t make a fuss when his siblings took his toy carrot from him. As you know, these crafty little dogs are great actors and looks can be deceiving. That little docile puppy is now the crazy tennis ball obsessed Chooch. By the way the female that serenaded me is none other than Bailee Manzanares. When I am not working, planning rescue events or laughing at Chooch s nonsense, with Jackie glued to my side, I am painting ceramics, watching the Philadelphia Flyers, or working on one of our houses. We purchased a new home for the dogs with more land and a fenced in front and back yard in August. We renovated it and moved in November. We now have to get the other on the market. I have no idea how anyone shows a house when they have 3 dogs! Page 3 of 7

4 Featured Dog! Renny Hello my name is Princess Renny. I am 12 years old and I expect all of my subjects to bow to my every whim!! No, really I do. I have huge brown eyes and boy do I know how to use them to my advantage! I have a serious hitch in my giddy up because of an injury. My knees are locked, but let me tell you - I can move when I want to, especially when food is involved! I have to admit I don't have the best manners when it comes to taking treats, but I m working on that with my foster-mom, Meg. I love to cuddle and would love to make someone the perfect lap warmer! Is that person you? Page 4 of 7

5 In Memory In 2016 we lost quite a few precious souls from our MAJR family. Some were lost due to old age or illness, and a few simply due to the misfortunes that are so sadly associated with being a rescue. May these little white dogs all rest in peace, knowing that they were loved. Phoenix Eddie Tippy Girl Scruffy Milo Scrappy Jack Eddie Baby Boo Shorty Bandit Jack Tank Shadow Until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge Page 5 of 7

6 Cold Weather Tips Well, winter officially made its debut in December and is probably going to stick around a few months here in the Mid-Atlantic region. That said, it is important to keep your pets warm and safe (cats too). Below are a few tips from the University of Pennsylvania s Ryan Hospital. Also, be on the lookout for dogs in your area that are being left outside, especially when there is snow and/or freezing conditions. Alert your local animal control if you see a dangerous situation and they will investigate. Being a good citizen can definitely save lives! Short-coated and small breed dogs should wear a sweater or coat to keep them warm when going outside. When walking a dog, keep it leashed. Avoid icy walkways, because the animal can slip and pull muscles and ligaments. Slips and falls also can aggravate existing conditions like hip dysplasia. If a dog limps after going for a walk, let the animal rest and monitor the situation. If things do not improve after 24 hours, call your veterinarian. Owners of older or overweight dogs should be particularly careful with these animals when they are walked. When the snow is deep, clear an area where the dog can relieve itself. Many dogs, particularly small ones, will not relieve themselves in deep snow. After a walk, a dog s paws should be washed and dried because salt and other material spread on sidewalks causes irritation to the feet. Dogs get cold, just like people. Do not leave a dog outside for extended periods of time. In very cold temperatures, dogs should not be left outdoors overnight. Additionally, water in water bowls can freeze when left outside, preventing your pet s access to water. When shoveling snow, keep dogs away. Many dogs like to jump at the snow as it flies from the shovel. However, in their exuberance, they may run into the sharp edge of the shovel and get cut. ** see the Paw Wax recipe on the next page for a fun and easy way to protect your pet s feet this winter Cat specific tips: Cats like to climb onto car motors to hide and find warmth. While hiding on the motor, they also like to lick antifreeze that has spilled around the radiator cap. The ethylene glycol in antifreeze has a sweet odor and taste that seems to lure animals. A very small amount of the liquid can be lethal to cats and dogs. If an animal has had contact with contaminated surfaces, seek veterinary attention quickly. When filling the radiator, wipe up any spillage on the engine and under the car. Because cats like to hide under the hoods of cars during cold weather, thump the hood a few times before entering a vehicle and turning the key. That will give the animal time to scamper away and not be hurt by the fan or fan belt. Page 6 of 7

7 Paw-Wax Supplies needed: standard lip balm tubes or (6) 1oz tins (empty/not containing lip balm) A small digital kitchen scale (optional) Small pot or double broiler Ingredients: 2 oz. (~2 tbsp.) olive, sunflower, or sweet almond oil 2 oz. (~2 tbsp.) coconut oil 1 oz. (~1 tbsp.) shea butter 4 tsp. beeswax Pet Wax instructions: 1. In a small pot (or double broiler) over low heat melt the oils, shea butter, and beeswax. Stir continuously until all is melted and well blended. 2. Pour the mixture into lip balm tubes and/or tins. 3. Let them cool on the counter until hard. 4. Cap and label. 5. Keep away from extreme heat. 6. Use within 1-2 years How to use Paw Wax: Paw Wax is intended to help prevent and treat dry and cracked paws that may occur from extreme cold (or heat). This wax can be applied liberally, and can be used for cats as well as dogs. It is perfect to apply when your pet is exposed to hot pavement, walking on snow or ice, and while hiking on rugged trails. Photo Contest Let s start the New Year off right with a fun photo contest!! To get in the spirit of winter, I m looking for some fun pics of your dogs spending some time in the snow. They don t have to be recent, as we haven t had any snow yet. Please your pictures to Jamie at by January 27, All pictures submitted will be showcased in the February Howler. There will be a panel of judges selected by the MAJR board, and the winners (grand prize and honorable mention) will be notified by in February. Winners will be announced, and showcased again in the March edition of the Howler. Oh, did I mention that there were prizes too? There will be prizes for the winner as well as for honorable mention. Good luck!! Page 7 of 7