A safe haven for Goldens finding their way home again. Only The Shadow Knows By Mike Jones

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1 February, 2008 H O M E W A R D B O U N D G O L D E N R E T R I E V E R R E S C U E A N D S A N C T U A R Y, I N C. T A X I D # HOMEWARD BOUND I A safe haven for Goldens finding their way home again. Only The Shadow Knows By Mike Jones believe it is safe to say that we all cast a shadow of some sort. My shadow actually has a name. Its name is Gus. Gus is a male Golden Retriever, approximately three years of age, who found himself domiciled at the El Dorado County Animal Shelter. Shelter officials contacted Carla McCreary, our stellar volunteer in Placerville, advising her that Gus was not adoptable from the shelter because he had apparently been struck by a motor vehicle and could not even walk. Carla picked up Gus at the shelter and transported him to Sacramento Veterinary Surgical Center (SVSS), where he received a thorough evaluation. The staff at SVSS told us that, rather than having been struck by a vehicle, Gus had probably been used (abused) as a bait dog because of the numerous bite wounds on his face and torso. For the uninitiated, owners of fighting dogs, such as pit bulls, often use defenseless dogs of any breed as bait, so that their dogs can practice the fine art of killing. Further evaluation determined that Gus actually could walk, but was too traumatized to do so. Volunteers Carolyn Belz and Bob Murphy picked up Gus and delivered him to the Sanctuary. They literally had to carry him to their car. When Gus alighted from their car, he immediately flattened himself on the ground. It was then that he officially became my shadow. When I took his leash, I beckoned for Gus to come toward me. Instead, he darted behind me and sat down. As I turned to face him, he rotated as well so he was still behind me. After repeated attempts with the same result, I realized that Gus was deathly afraid of me. Undaunted, I led him into one of the exercise yards, hoping that his bizarre behavior might change if he was off leash. No such luck. Finally, I sat down on a bench, thus insuring that he could not dart behind me. I held his face in my hands and discovered that he refused to make eye contact. He was paralyzed with fear. In This Issue: The Shadow Knows Page 1 Barking for Bucks Fundraiser Page 2 A Tale of Two Dogs Page 3 Kennel Remodel is Complete! Page 5 Double -The-Gold Challenge Page 6 Kibble & Bids 2008 Page 9 The Well Behaved Golden Page10 Gus and Mike Jody and I realized that Gus would be a longterm reclamation project, given his traumatized state. We were reluctant to house him in the kennel building, as it can be a rather raucous environment, to say the least. So we decided to invite him into our home, but this created additional concerns. If, in fact, Gus was used as a bait dog, would he be dog aggressive? As a precaution, we decided that he would initially stay in my office with the door closed. The Shadow and I then began our strange odyssey. From the outset, (Continued on page 8)

2 Page 2 Homeward Bound "Barking for Bucks" The inspiration behind the concept by Cheryl Gorewitz As a volunteer with Homeward Bound since 2001, I know how much all of us give of ourselves, our time, and money to help the organization help these wonderful, deserving dogs. I know how many "special needs" dogs I have rescued up here in the Redding area (and some from out of state). My rescues, however, are just a small percentage of the dogs coming to HBGRR daily. Heartworm positive dogs, dogs with severe hip dysplasia requiring expensive surgeries, dogs with cancer - the list goes on. The dogs keep coming, and the vet bills get larger and larger. In November 2005, Dean and I took in a 9-year-old mostly-golden, Spanky, who would, because of his myriad of medical issues, become our permanent foster dog until December 2006 when sadly, we had to help him to the Rainbow Bridge. His homeward bound journey had come full circle and he was truly "home." During Spanky's 13 months with us, HBGRR incurred some hefty vet bills in order to maintain Spanky's quality of life. Never once did Jody deny any of the vet-recommended treatments, medications or surgeries. I never added up the total, but I know that Dean and I personally contributed in the neighborhood of $1500 for Spanky's care. HBGRR probably covered twice that amount, or more. In 2007 HBGRR took in 561 goldens, golden mixes and golden "wannabes." FIVE HUNDRED SIXTY-ONE! It was a landmark year for HBGRR rescues, and also for veterinary expenses. As I watched the number of 2007 HBGRR rescues climb to over 500, knowing that some of those dogs would require non-routine veterinary care as Spanky had, it occurred to me that HBGRR could benefit from a special fund for those costly, "nonroutine" veterinary expenses. But how to make this a "revolving fund," a "recurring fundraising campaign" to replenish the spent funds monthly, while making it "do-able" for everyone? So I began crunching numbers, utilizing our own volunteer base as the starting point, and "Barking for Bucks" was born. (Continued on page 11)

3 Homeward Bound On a Dark and Stormy Night A Tale of Two Dogs Fast forward to college, then a mobile sales job and always the possibility of a physical move. The canine void was somewhat fulfilled in my 30 s and 40 s with a serious commitment to two worthy canine service organizations. But, like most unfulfilled dreams, my heartfelt need for a dog kept growing with each empty New Year. The story next takes a remarkable and speedy turn towards my dream come true. I was unemployed, and free time was in my favor. One day, while whining on the phone to my brother, he finally raised his voice, and using a few colorful words, told me to get the darn dog, already! What was I waiting for? So, I sent off an to a Pet Finder listing that defaulted to a volunteer with Homeward Bound. I inquired about two dogs. I wrote an introduction letter with full disclosure of my canine experience and outlining my lifestyle. Volunteer extraordinaire and Homeward Bound board member, Lea Kachler-Leake, responded to my message, and within days I was visiting her home in Vacaville. Lea was fostering Elsa, so I made the 75-minute drive; in commute traffic on a windy, rainy night. The weather conditions explain the title of this article. The next day brought a home visit, by the Placement Volunteer, then a follow-up call from Lea making sure that I was "truly" ready to adopt. A few minutes of soul searching lead me to the same conclusion. Armed with a fierce determination to make my dream a living breathing reality, I phoned back Lea, with an affirmative response. Elsa was to be my first dog. Page 3 I soon adopted Elsa and she came to make her final home and resting place with me. Turns out that Emma (AKA Elsa) was a Beagador. It seems a beagle/lab mix slipped into the loving care of Homeward Bound. Emma By Karen Posner was found wandering in a field near Chico, and a couple who knew of Homeward Bound, delivered Emma into their an it possibly be true? Is there really a Golden Retriever living in the house? I look at my redheaded, her survival in serious question. Although my vet esti- care. She was rescued from deplorable conditions with C twelve year old tripod, golden girl in wonderment. If I roll mated her to be 10 or 11 years old, age did not matter to my memory back to age three, a time when I wanted a me. My expectations and needs were simple - no puppies Basset Hound or a Beagle puppy, I gaze in constant wonderment at my golden pup. As the time, some health challenges sur- and no dog drool. Although over time shifts back to the present, and faced - she was arthritic, hard of the age of 56, I realize that my canine hearing, had cataracts and internal journey spans five decades between buckshot debris, her hips remained wanting a dog and adopting a Golden healthy. What made Emma a lovable Retriever. This story takes a long and dog was her selfless devotion, gentle winding road. My need for canine spirit, love of all canines and cats (not companionship grew beyond fantasy perfect though squirrel pie anyone?) A happy countenance, a met- and an aching desire to parent a dog. There is a glorious happy ending to ronome tail, a grin from ear to ear, a this story, so stay with me. Growing quiet reserve; she loved her human s up dogless was my mother s decision. A brother with asthma, two kids sleepovers with adoptive grandpar- singing voice, walks, outdoors, and with allergies and her fear of dogs ents, Jim and Millie and Aunt Ann. kept me from successfully selling, And, she was a poultice for what bribing and begging her to finally ailed you. Young and old were break down and say, OK, you can drawn to her cute body and silly gait. have your dog. Her silky ears resembled a velvet bag Emma filled with endless gifts. After the first two years, each day become more of a physical challenge, but an eagerness to engage and be acknowledged by all interested parties remained. Our nighttime lullabies, snuggle-fests, gentle caressing and softly spoken words of endearment were priceless and daily treasures. After four years, Emma s final gift was to tell me that today would be her last and I could see her on her way, as she was ready to take her final rest. Friends came to visit and to say a loving goodbye. You see, I was paying attention and I knew I could seal my covenant with Emma by honoring her final wish. My sorrow resembled a country well - deep and dark. Water around my eyes was plentiful. After one year, my grief receded and my comfort at her absence in my life was manageable due to her frequent visits to my head, my house, and my heart. Her memory has stayed familiar and close to me every single day. Lucie Months later, on January 6, 2007, I was at the Homeward Bound ranch volunteering. At Jody s suggestion, I met Lucie, the beautiful (Continued on page 5)

4 Page 4 an oh man, what a difference! M In our last issue of the newsletter we told you about the upcoming remodel of the doggie dorm room at the Homeward Bound adoption center. The remodel came about as part of a dream, almost an off-the cuff suggestion by a volunteer who said, Wouldn t it be nice if we Homeward Bound Kennel Remodel Is Complete! New industrial washer and dryer could. From that daydream to improve the accommodations for the dogs was born a plan. We were already in the process of remodeling parts of the ranch, thanks to generous grants from the Golden Retriever Foundation. We were able to purchase an industrial strength washer and dryer to assist with the laundering of the endless mountains of towels and blankets. These machines are expected to serve us for the next 15 years or so. Contributions from our supporters and donated labor made possible the addition of a professional bath tub which made bathing dogs so much easier. So the idea of remodeling the kennels seemed like the logical next step. We wanted to put in kennels that were easier to access, more comfortable for the dogs, and easier to clean. We wanted to put in a new bacteria resistant epoxy floor. Our dream was big, but money was short. Thus was born a plan to offer sponsorships to pay for the new kennels. Our volunteers responded, and the funds to pay for the new kennels was raised. It took months of planning and research to come up with the plans and timeline for the new design. With Deb Schroder coordinating and supervising the effort and doing much of the labor, the work began the week after Thanksgiving. Some volunteers took days off work to come help. Others came to help with construction as their schedules allowed. Many responded to the need for temporary homes for the dogs by taking home a dog to foster during construction. The old kennels and wall sheeting were removed. A new water line was run; the ceiling and walls were scrubbed and painted. New wall panels and drains were installed. The new epoxy floor was installed. Then came the installation of the new kennels, storage areas, feeding station, and radio system (the dogs particularly enjoy classical music). At last the work was finished and on December 6 the grand opening was held and the dogs moved into their beautiful new homes. Each dog now has his or her own kennel (bonded pairs share a larger kennel). The kennels have fold-down beds which make cleaning the kennels much easier. Each kennel affords the dogs a full view of the dorm room, so the dogs can see what s going on. There is a feeding station where meals are prepared and food and supplies are stored. The new kennel design makes feeding and watering the dogs much easier. Moving dogs in and out of the kennels on adoption day is infinitely easier (for dogs and humans) with the new design. Classical music plays Jody welcomes Sport to his new throughout the day to sooth dorm room and relax the dogs. The room is climate controlled so the dogs are comfortable even in extreme weather. This project was a major undertaking, and except for the floor, which was professionally installed, all the work was done by our wonderful volunteers. Without their dedication and commitment and hard work, this project could never have been completed, much less completed within the scheduled timeline. But everyone pulled together to make it happen. Hats off and golden thanks to all the wonderful volunteers that made this dream a reality. The goldens love their new home! Cameron & Joey in their new kennel The kennels getting their finishing touch before the tenants move in Logan enjoying his comfy new bed

5 Homeward Bound Peter & Cathy Olson Priscilla Cortez Dr. Justina Codde Jody Jones Patti Arena Tom and Candice Courtney JoAnn Williams Susan Freeman Barbara Hockaday Lauren Dummer Debbie Upton Eileen Kopp Diane & Michael Brownell Maryann Farmar Jack Farmar Suzanne Goldstein Members of the California Highway Patrol Marie Manipella Dr. Robert Richardson Sherri Starkey Shelly Gray Golden Thanks to Our Kennel Sponsors Andy Welch George & Jen Phillips Karen Posner & Allan Kuperstein Martha & Randy Willox Sandi Brown Jan & Margaret Morgan Theodore Cheng Michael & Marilyn Skala Patricia Grigsby Lynn Pihera Mike & Jo O'Neill George & Carole Larson Lea Kachler-Leake & Whitney Leake Lynn Irey Jana Mauk Leslie Evans Bob & Bridget Gransee Sandy Hale Jim & Geri Reisinger Alexandra Russell Robin Trimble Maureen Wetteland Jody Mazur Jo Ann Rosen & Sage Mountainfire Andy Jones Bill, Carolyn, Shelby & Sophie Carlson Krista Crocker & Lezlie Martin Amy Mangan Traci Lemas Sue Coutts Mark Fields Ellen Conley Bridgett Lott Sherrell Sutherland Cathy Sulinski Susan Brown Kathryn Dyer Janis Berie Jennifer O'Brien Beverly Sharp Maertz James Mearns & Mary Crevelt Lori Brock Linda Student Sara Thomas Streamline Strategies Donna Becker Susan Berber Kevin Thompson Mary Fiala Jannet King Cheryl Taverna Ann Sullivan Wendy Engel Christin Carney Susan Bill Mark & Shereen Farber Scotty & Michael Richardson Blake Brehl Patricia Deguilmi Roxanne Scully Deb Haggerty & Richard Chambers Joe & Leslie Fitzgerald Susan Kaplan Christopher Enrico Patricia Campbell Pam Chadwick Scott Woodland Allison Heifen Christine Clark Patty Blomberg Nadia Sisova Debbie Springer Arthur Bowie Vicki Schultz Gregory Beatty Frederick Mills Alec Nunenkamp Elizabeth Blaise Ricky Coughlin Suzanne Bria Page 5 Lucie, Karen, and Allan (Continued from page 3) three-legged golden. The following Saturday my partner Allan came to meet Miss Lucie. On February 3 we brought her home. All we really knew was her age was estimated to be 11, although Jody said she may be younger, given her energy level and physical strength. Upon my hearing those special words from Jody, that Lucie was a heaven-sent dog, meant for my loving home; she became our next heart dog. Lucie is now 12 and about to celebrate her first anniversary living with her beloved family. Despite having only three legs, she runs like the wind, leaps in the air, catches balls on the fly, loves to take walks and races up and down the staircase. Her three legs empower Lucie to navigate her world with ease and confidence. Every day, treasures spill out from her golden form, filling our home and hearts with pure magic. She is a twenty-four hour love, and happy all the time. The best gift that Emma and Lucie have given me is my current commitment to Homeward Bound. For the last four years, my Placement Team position has afforded me a chance to promote rescue, support Homeward Bound, meet the nicest people, make new friends and unite canines and humans in loving partnerships, for whatever gift of time is ours to keep. Finally, I dedicate this article to my mother and father. My 90-year-old father supports and understands my interest in all things canine, and has since I was a child in need of a canine friend. My 88-year-old mother, who had never been in the same room with a dog, let alone touched one, at age 81, fell in love with sweet Emma. Mom became a doting grand-puppy parent. There were lots of phone calls to Emma, not to me. Visits to my house involved much petting and fussing and cooing. Loving concern for her daily well being became routine. Emma pictures were planted throughout the house. What an unexpected gift, at such a late stage of life. What more can we all expect from this journey through life, alongside our beloved pets? Thanks to every one at Homeward Bound and the love of friends and family, my experience can be shared with others and the outcome - 100% guaranteed. This story is in loving honor of Lucie K. Posner, Golden girl; and in loving memory of Emma T. Dog, Beagador; Oski Crum, Shepherd/Retriever mix; and Joshua Kachler-Leake, Golden boy. Some Thoughts On Dogs By Jillian, age 10 Dogs are obedient, kind and loving. When you are lonely, they convert you. Dogs make you feel safe, and you know what they say, Man s best friend. Well, they can be anyone s best friend. Well, in my world, at least. But I hope dogs can be accepted by anyone. We all know that having one or more dogs can be hard work, but everyone could manage that. If anyone wants to know, my family has five dogs!! If you think it s hard having one dog, try having five!!! It s really hard!!! Taking your dog to the vet may be expensive, but it s worth it. It s really expensive for 5 dogs, but like I said, it s worth it! My family works for a dog rescue. It is called Homeward Bound. Last year Homeward Bound rescued 561 dogs!!! That is really impressive! Homeward Bound is the #1 dog rescue!

6 Page 6 Homeward Bound HOMEWARD BOUND SEEKS MATCHING FUND SPONSORS FOR OUR 6 TH ANNUAL DOUBLE-THE -GOLD CHALLENGE ARE YOU UP FOR THE CHALLENGE? s you may recall, it's A nearly time for Homeward Bound's annual spring fundraiser, Double-the-Gold Challenge! But the challenge actually begins now, since February is the time when we build our Fund of Love, which provides the matching funds for Double-the-Gold. This popular fundraiser is a unique and essential source of funding for Homeward Bound. 100% of these funds are dedicated to veterinary care for deserving Goldens that desperately need our help. Double-the-Gold allows us to provide not only treatment for illness and spay and neuters, but enables us to pay for many necessary surgeries that offer dogs in our care the opportunity to find loving forever homes and live pain-free happy lives. In 2007 Homeward Bound rescued a staggering 561 dogs resulting in veterinary expenses which exceeded $280,000 for the year. We provided many happy endings through a record number of total hip replacements, numerous crusciate ligament surgeries, eye surgeries, and several ear resections and ablations. Double-the-Gold plays a critical role in allowing us to continue offering the best veterinary care available to every dog that is counting on us. If we don t help them who will? We need your help to continue this important work! Homeward Bound is inviting foundations, businesses, and individuals to participate in establishing our 2008 matching Tawni & Shirley Fund of Love. Everyone loves a matching fundraiser! Supporters give generously when their funds are matched. By coming together and building a matching fund, we can inspire people all over the world to make a donation to help Goldens in need. Homeward Bound has established a stellar reputation for being one of the most compassionate and committed rescue organizations in the nation. We have a huge task before us in continuing to maintain the high standards and level of care that we have established. We are passionately dedicated to our mission and know that you will want to support our efforts by partnering with us in this noble cause. Anyone can participate by donating or pledging $250 or greater. As an additional incentive, we will be delighted to offer the business, individual, or foundation contributing the largest portion of our matching Fund of Love the opportunity to name the challenge drive. If you would like to help build the matching fund of love or if you know of an individual, a business, or foundation that might join in, please contact Candy Courtney at 916/ , or Jody Jones, 916/ Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue Mission Statement Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue & Sanctuary, Inc. is a volunteer organization which rescues and heals displaced, abandoned, and homeless Golden Retrievers and Golden/Labrador mixes throughout Northern California, no matter their age or health. Homeward Bound secures safe, loving, homes through a comprehensive adoption program and also provides sanctuary for Goldens who cannot be adopted. Homeward Bound provides education on proper animal care and on the benefits of, and need for, rescue and sanctuary. Homeward Bound will continue to serve as a model rescue organization, which addresses animal welfare needs throughout California and neighboring states. Due to HBGRR s leadership in rescue, sanctuary, and education, all Golden Retrievers and other dogs will be well cared for, living in safe, nurturing, and loving homes.

7 Homeward Bound Page 7 Have you ordered your 2008 HBGRR Calendar? It s not too late! Every page of our 2008 HBGRR calendar is full of golden pics that are sure to make you smile. Adorable golden mugs galore! Order your copy today and help support Homeward Bound! To order, visit our website at and look for the link on the front page. This takes you to our online Cafepress store, where you can order not only the calendar, but other golden goodies too. Check out the Homeward Bound logo merchandise and show the world you support rescue! And start snapping pics of YOUR golden kids for the 2009 HBGRR calendar! Kennel help needed! Jody still needs volunteers to help in feeding the dogs. We have openings for 8:00 a.m. feedings and 5:00 p.m. feedings. If you can commit to coming to the Ranch one day a week and helping to feed hungry dogs, please call us at No experience necessary; just a desire to help the goldens. Fringe benefits: golden hugs, kisses and lots of furry bellies to rub. Clerical help needed! We are still in need of clerical assistance at the ranch. Duties include checking voice mail, returning phone calls, copying and filing dog records, responding to . If you can come out one-two days per week to help, call us at Good News for the Newsletter - a New Printer is on the Way! With the help of a couple of wonderful volunteers, we are in the processing of leasing a copier that will enable us to keep publishing the newsletter. Our Golden Angels are always looking over us. A BIG Golden Paw thank you. The February newsletter will be out in print soooooooon. Save the Date! Ryley s Run 2008 June 8, 2008, Benefitting Homeward Bound and other local dog rescues American River College Website:

8 Page 8 Homeward Bound (Continued from page 1) Gus was wary of Jody. He would recoil if she tried to touch him. However, he would follow me everywhere, always lurking behind me to avoid the dreaded eye contact. When I sat in my office working on the PC or watching TV, he would hug the floor, directly behind my chair. After a few days, and under close supervision, we allowed Gus to meet our own golden crew. Happily, there were no incidents and The Shadow quickly formed a bond with our young golden, Elliot. In fact, Elliot would become Gus mentor, a scary thought since Elliot is something of a free thinker. Other than a few food-related incidents with our golden Chelsea, his assimilation into the pack was relatively uneventful. Gus was emaciated when he arrived and therefore possessed a voracious appetite - for anything, as we would soon discover. A few weeks into his stay with us, he abruptly stopped eating and became listless. After several days with no improvement, we took him back to SVSS and learned that he had a blockage in his intestines. Emergency surgery revealed a knotted scarf that he had devoured some time prior to his arrival at the Sanctuary. It was described by the veterinary staff as a near death experience for Gus. The Shadow returned home after several days in intensive care and we resumed the rehabilitation process. We began allowing Gus to sleep in our bedroom. Our own goldens are permitted to sleep on the bed, but that was completely foreign to The Shadow. He slept on the floor on my side of the bed, as close to me as possible. After a few days, I began feeling sorry for Gus. So I made the fateful decision to teach him how to climb onto the bed and to reassure him that it was OK to be there. Did I ever create a monster! After several days of coaxing, Gus decided that it was safe to hang out on the bed with Elliot. He began to sleep lying across the top of the bed with his head resting on my pillow, or occasionally, on my chest. Finally, the tortured soul who literally crawled onto the Sanctuary grounds was finding some measure of peace, tranquility, and security. Along the way, there was another medical crisis with Gus. When he again stopped eating we reacted swiftly. During surgery at Campus Commons Pet Hospital they removed a rag from his stomach. It was apparent that Gus was a canine vacuum. Since then, he has destroyed remote controls and ravaged trash cans, foraging for goodness knows what. In a nightstand on my side of the bed, I stored remote controls, reading glasses, a mouth guard and red licorice in the top drawer. On day I awoke to find the drawer partially open. Remotes were strewn about, partially chewed. A pair of expensive glasses was reduced to twisted frames without lenses. A $250 mouth guard vanished. And the licorice was gone. I knew The Shadow was the culprit, but I foolishly assumed that I had left the nightstand drawer open. Silly me. The day after losing the mouth guard I awoke at 4:00 am and was unable to get back to sleep. As I lay staring at the ceiling, I heard the nightstand drawer opening. I glanced down in time to witness The Shadow effortlessly opening the drawer by pulling on the handle with his teeth. Needless to say, the drawer handles were immediately removed and I now store the licorice elsewhere. Although he is far from normal, Gus has made tremendous strides since his arrival. He has even allowed Jody into his inner circle. After dinner, while we are watching a movie, he jumps behind Jody onto her recliner and eventually wraps himself around so that his head is in her lap. He has learned how to swim in the pool and retrieve tennis balls and he has learned how to play with other dogs, specifically Elliot and even our 14-year old, April. At times, he acts like a puppy, but he is forever on guard for the blow to his head that he feels is sure to come. Even now, after 4 months in our home, he can be spooked by the slightest of things. We have rarely encountered a golden so mentally traumatized, and I would give anything to know the name of the cowardly individual who was guilty of such cruelty. Unfortunately, that will remain a mystery. Only The Shadow knows, and he isn t talking.

9 Homeward Bound Mark Your Calendar! Kibble & Bids Presents Olympic Gold! Saturday, September 6, :00-3:00 Sponsor Reception 3:00-7:00 Kibble & Bids Page 9 Kibble & Bids is Homeward Bound s premier, annual fundraising event featuring silent and live auctions, gourmet food, great beer, fabulous wine tasting, raffle, award-winning classic car display and Golden Retrievers! We re in our eighth year and this year promises to be Olympic caliber as we present our own version of Olympic Gold! Again, Kibble & Bids will be held at the beautiful, private estate owned by Doug Alcorn (Kibble & Bids Co-Chair) and John White, located just a few minutes from Downtown Sacramento on the Garden Highway. Thanks to you, we raised over $110,000 last year and all dollars were devoted to the hundreds of Golden Retrievers that crossed our doorstep and to their (hopefully) temporary home, the Homeward Bound Adoption Center and Sanctuary. Did you know that Homeward Bound is only one of three non-profit rescue organizations nationwide that owns and manages a sanctuary? We re very proud of this distinction, but with it comes responsibility, maintenance, and considerable attention. Your support of Kibble & Bids helps us do what we need to do for these wonderful, incredible dogs: routine veterinary care, non-routine surgeries of all kinds, heartworm treatment, medications, food, treats, and lodging! We re looking for all kinds of help in preparation for Kibble & Bids this year: Donate! We re looking for high-quality items of all types for our silent and live auctions and raffle vacation property that can be used as a weekend or weekday getaway, timeshare vacations, restaurant certificates, art glass, pottery, sports items including anything golf, wine and food, theatre tickets, pet-related items, etc. Sponsor! Sponsorships are the lifeblood of Kibble & Bids. We have several sponsorship levels to meet your financial needs, with associated benefits at each level. We welcome individual sponsorships, corporate sponsorships, and business sponsorships. Volunteer! Kibble & Bids cannot happen without our essential volunteers. We have all kinds of opportunities not only on K&B day, but in the months leading up to Kibble & Bids. Perhaps you re interested in joining our planning team or doing something more short-term. No matter what, we can use your help. Keep abreast of Kibble & Bids developments on the Homeward Bound website: And, contact Andrea Lewis, Kibble & Bids Co-Chair at (916) for donation, sponsorship, and volunteer information. Thank You, Golden Retriever Foundation! Homeward Bound wishes to extend its sincere thanks to the Golden Retriever Foundation for two generous grants, In 2006 we received a grant of $15,000 for the purchase of the industrial washer and dryer. In 2007 a second $15,000 grant provided the new flooring in the kennel, which was installed prior to the new kennels going in. Thank you GRF! We couldn t have done it without you!

10 Page 10 Homeward Bound The Well Behaved Golden By Lea Kachler-Leake t is with profound sadness that I tell you that The Well Behaved Golden column I is going on indefinite hiatus. The author, Joshua, my magnificent muse and beloved companion, has passed away. Josh left us on Christmas Eve morning, after a valiant four-month battle with adenocarcinoma (nasal cancer). Joshua lived every day with gusto and enthusiasm. He was the impetus for my entry into the world of rescue. He welcomed each of our more than 80 foster dogs with grace and good humor. He helped them to feel secure and to find their smiles. Occasionally he also helped them find contraband, such as the time he and foster dog Dallas shared a five pound bag of uncooked rice purloined from the kitchen counter...or the time he and the rest of the pack staged a spectacular raid on the kitchen pantry. That night my husband and I returned home to find empty packaging of all sorts strewn about the house. Although we guessed that Cody, our senior statesman and renowned counter surfer was the front man, the consensus was that Josh was the brains behind the caper. Soon after I adopted Joshua, when he was still in the process of learning his manners and struggling with impulse control, one hot summer afternoon, I took him and our sweet old golden/lab Prince, (age 13 at the time) to the local soft ice cream store for a special treat - a small vanilla ice cream cone. I parked outside the door of the drive-in, leashed the dogs to the leg of a table outside the door and dashed inside to purchase their ice cream. A pleasant couple sitting at the table next to ours chatted amiably with the dogs. When I returned, the woman complimented me on how charming and well behaved my dogs were. I beamed with pride. The boys wolfed their ice cream and we rose to leave. As we passed in front of the woman who had just complimented me on their excellent behavior, my beloved Joshua leaped into her lap and tried to snatch her ice cream cone. Mortified, I apologized profusely; she graciously laughed it off. Fortunately, Josh s manners improved considerably, and he became a shining example of the fact that strong leadership, patience, and consistency can turn a dog with questionable manners into a well-mannered citizen that is a pleasure to be around. Considering the behavior issues he had before he came to Homeward Bound, his transition was remarkable and inspiring. He was charming, handsome, affectionate, heart wrenchingly devoted and so much fun. He taught us so many important lessons. He was a golden treasure, a spectacular blessing to our lives. A sweet golden girl named Shasta has joined our pack. We don t know yet what skills she has (we have learned she s a champion chewer - she decided the Tivo remote control would make a dandy chew toy) and it will take some time for her to settle in before she will be in a position to write or inspire a behavior column. So the column in its present form will take a break. When Shasta earns her stripes, she may step in for Josh. But she has some mighty big golden shoes to fill. Finally, my husband and I would like to take this time to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who has made a donation to Homeward Bound in Joshua s memory. Does your company offer Charitable Gifts Matching Funds? An Easy Way to Double or Triple Your Homeward Bound Donations id you know that many companies have charitable gifts matching funds programs in which the company matches D (sometimes doubles) donations to registered non-profit organizations? What a great way for Homeward Bound supporters to double their donations! It's easy to do. Just check with your employer's Human Resources department to find out if your company offers an Employee Matching Gifts Program. They will instruct you on how to participate. Just a few of the companies that offer matching funds are: Verizon, Hewlett Packard, Adobe Systems, Honeywell, H&R Block, Home Depot, Arco, Apple Computers, Qwest, IBM, Sun Microsystems, K-Mart, Revlon, AT&T, Intel, Chevron, Lockheed Martin, Lowes, Johnson & Johnson, Lucent, PepsiCo Inc, Coca Cola, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, Campbell Soup, Bank of America, 3Com, Ford Motor Company, Charles Schwab, Xerox, Wells Fargo, Cisco Systems, Nike, Dun and Bradstreet, and so many more. Check with your company today!

11 w*5nfgsx Homeward Bound Page 11 Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue & Sanctuary, Inc. Board of Directors Jody Jones, President Andrea Lewis, Vice President Jana Mauk, Secretary Shelly Gray, Treasurer Dick Brothers Candice Courtney Maryann Farmar Deb Haggerty paws up to Noah s Bagels! Mike Jones Lea Kachler-Leake Barbara Mayer JoAnne Moody Anne-Marie Petrie Lynn Pihera JoAnn Williams The Homeward Bound goldens wish to thank Noah s Bagels on Douglas Blvd. in Roseville for all the yummy bagels. Noah s has generously donated bagels to us each week since the beginning of These healthy treats are greatly appreciated. Golden thanks and four Cash For Critters Program Has Changed! Our ink cartridge recycling company is no longer accepting ink cartridges for recycling, so please discard your prepaid envelopes and discontinue sending them your used ink cartridges. We are working on setting up a new program with another recycler, so stay tuned for details and hang onto those ink cartridges! (Continued from page 2) The beauty of "Barking for Bucks," besides the money it will generate for Homeward Bound's "Spanky Memorial Medical Fund," is its simplicity. Just one dollar each month from each of our volunteers or supporters, and $1.00 a month in additional donations from at least 5 additional individuals - friends, family, co-workers, HBGRR adopters, your dog groomer or pet sitter. If we all participate, "Barking for Bucks" has the potential of raising over $1,100 a month, more than $13,000 annually in additional funds if everyone gets on board. That's only $12.00 a year for you and me. It really couldn't be any more painless! With that said, I am issuing a challenge to each and every HBGRR volunteer and supporter to meet or beat my monthly "Barking for Bucks" contributions which, for the month of January, were $ At the conclusion of the first annual "Barking for Bucks" fundraising campaign (December 2008), the individual who has collected the most in "Barking for Bucks" donations during 2008 will receive a gift basket chock full of goodies for you and your canine companion(s), valued at no less than $200.00! The basket will be awarded in January 2009, after the "Barking for Bucks" contributions for 2008 are tallied. Come on! It's only a buck! Get started today! Log onto Homeward Bound's website, print out the forms and start collecting! A buck really can make a difference! If you have questions, contact me at Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue and Sanctuary, Inc. Your help and ideas are always welcome! Contact team leaders below if you re interested in helping in any of these areas. Adoptions and Surrenders & Sanctuary Development Mike and Jody Jones 7495 Natomas Road Elverta, CA Fax: Foster Families Maryann Farmar Placement Team Lynn Pihera, Golden Taxi Joan Barrett, Events Planning Jana Mauk, Volunteer Coordinator Barbara Mayer, (916) Newsletter Lea Kachler-Leake, Website Management Mari Graham, Janet Scott, Kibble & Bids Andrea Lewis, HOMEWARD BOUND RESCUE 2007 STATS 561 DOGS RESCUED Vet expenses: $288, STATS 54 dogs rescued Vet expenses: $3500+

12 Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue & Sanctuary, Inc Natomas Road Elverta, CA Telephone: Fax: NON-PROFIT ORG. U.S. POSTAGE PAID SACRAMENTO, CA PERMIT NO Visit our website at To make a donation to Homeward Bound, please return to our home page and click on the donate link on the left side of the page. Our Golden Wish List If you re interested in donating any of the items on our wish list, please contact us at For our Golden Guests 8 sterilized bones available from Large Nylabones Dog biscuits, Large Canned dog food Canned pureed pumpkin Bath towels Blankets Landscaping Elm trees Eucalyptus trees Sycamore trees Honeysuckle plants (1 gal) General Maintenance & Laundry Household paper towels Toilet paper (safe for septic systems) Drum liners, 55 & 13 gallon Powdered bleach Powdered laundry detergent Office Supplies Postage stamps 41 cents Copier paper Miscellaneous Used/repairable ATV for pulling trailer at the ranch