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1 CATALOG Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of America, Inc. Member, American Kennel Club Tracking Dog (TD) Test Event # There are 5 dogs entered in this test with no alternates. Open to AKC-registered dogs that are at least six months of age. Pembroke Welsh Corgis are given Preference in the draw for Entries and Alternates. Should the test not fill with Pembroke Welsh Corgis, it will be open to other breeds per the procedures in the AKC Tracking Regulations. Sunday, September 24, 2017 Sullivan Missouri Industrial Park & Regional Airport Highway AF Sullivan, Missouri This event will be held Outdoors. Event hours: 7 AM until 5 PM CST

2 Marilyn Van Vleit... President Gerald Kyle...Vice-President Jo Durrance... Recording Secretary Sarah Fitzell... Treasurer Patty Gailey... Corresponding Secretary Address: 94 South 250 East, Blackfoot, ID (208) Anne Bowes... AKC Delegate Directors Class of 2017 Class of 2018 Class of 2019 Amy Caple Anne Bowes Russell Allen Jill Hart Ann Marie Buonanno Karen Baker Marlene Rosenberg Tim Mathiesen Laura Heckler Carol Schroeder Ila McLaughlin Linda Thompson Sally Wynn Dede Rodgers Marian Your Lynda McKee, Event Secretary 43 Thornbush Court., Hiram, GA Phone: Cell: (use cell only 9/21 through 10/1) Test Committee Test Chairman & Secretary Lynda McKee Chief Tracklayer Sharon Cerny Kathy Brandt, Sharon Cerny, Kathy Schmidgall, Janey Wilcox, and members of the PWCCA Board of Directors and any eligible PWCCA members Secretary s Certification: I hereby certify to the correctness of the within marked awards and absentees as taken from the judge s books. Lynda McKee, Test Secretary EMERGENCY COORDINATOR: Lynda McKee (404) Fire, Ambulance, Police: 911

3 EMERGENCY INFORMATION : Sullivan Veterinary Hospital 777 N. Service Road E Sullivan, MO (573) M-Th: 8AM- 7PM; F 8 AM- 5 PM; Sat 8 AM 12 PM After hours: (636) Directions: Go southwest on Airport Road toward N. Church St./MO-AF. Take the first left onto N. Church St./MO-AF. Take the first left onto N. Loop Dr. Take the first left onto N. Service Rd. E. Go 1.05 miles. Clinic is on the left. 24 HOUR EMERGENCY CLINIC St. Louis Emergency Clinic, Inc Big Bend Road Crestwood, MO (314) Please call ahead Directions: Go southwest on Airport Road toward N. Church St/MO-AF. Take the first left onto N. Church St/MO-AF. Take the first left onto N. Loop Dr. Merge onto I-44 via the ramp on the left toward St. Louis. Go about 52 miles..take Exit 278/Big Bend Road. Keep right at the fork in the ramp. Merge onto Big Bend Road which becomes Big Bend Blvd. Clinic is on the left INFORMATION FOR HUMANS: Directions to hospital from test site: Mission Baptist Sullivan Hospital Go southwest on Airport Road toward N. Church St/MO-AF 751 Sappington Bridge Road Take the first left onto N. Church St/MO-AF Sullivan, MO Turn right onto N. Service Rd W/MO-185 Emergency: (573) Take the first left onto MO-185/State Highway 185 Turn right onto S Service Rd W. Stay straight onto Police, Ambulance, Fire: 911 Highway D/MO-D. Take a slight right on Sappington Bridge Road. Hospital is on the right. JUDGES Carl Rosenkoetter (80034) Almond Way, Beaufort, MO Sharon Rosenkoetter (36585) Almond Way, Beaufort, MO PHOTOGRAPHER Kathryn Brandt...Classy Canines Photography N. Fairfield Road Lake Villa, IL (847) Kathy Brandt has the exclusive right to photograph candid shots, working shots of dogs with judges permission and win shots of dogs who qualify. Image files from the two-day event will be uploaded to for viewing proofs and ordering by exhibitors. No other photography is allowed. DRAW FOR RUNNING ORDER TEST HEADQUARTERS: Airport Office, Sullivan Airport, Hwy AF, Sullivan, MO Test Hours: 7 AM 5 PM CST DRAWING FOR TRACKS: TD Draw 8:00 AM CST Sunday, September 24, 2017 The draw will take place at the Test Headquarters. The first track will be run as soon as properly aged.

4 NOTICE TO EXHIBITORS Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of America, Inc., the Secretary, their Agents/Employees and the Owner or Lessor of the Property assume no responsibility for any Loss, Damage, or Injury sustained by Exhibitors, Spectators, Handlers, or to any of their Dogs or Property and further assumes no responsibility for injury to children. Parents/Guardians are responsible for all actions of their children. Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of America, Inc. does not agree to arbitrate claims as set forth on the Official AKC Entry Form for these Tests. AWARDS AND PRIZES Anywhere a trophy is listed, the PWCCA has generously sponsored the trophy unless otherwise noted. The PWCCA has the right to substitute a trophy of equal or higher value. The Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of America, Inc. offers the following prizes. All Trophies are Pewter and have the Club Seal, except where otherwise noted. Each dog passing...dark Green Rosette and 6" Danforth Bread Plate Trophy sponsor...patty Fulton, Dedicated to CT PACH Busy B's Legacy of Summer VCD4 RE AX AXJ MXP3 MXPB MXP4 MJPB PAX NF (Piper) for teaching me so much about performance sports. As my first tracking and agility dog, her huge heart and love of all games made it possible for us to achieve so many goals. Those exhibitors completing a suffix title at the show and who desire recognition at the event may claim a "New Title" rosette on the day of competition. Any exhibitor requesting a rosette should be prepared to validate their entitlement. No rosettes will be mailed. NOTICE WAIVER OF RIGHTS All persons attending these events herby waive any claim for damages against the club or its members, in the event a motor vehicle has to be entered to rescue a dog from overheating or improperly vented conditions. DIRECTIONS HEADQUARTERS: Sullivan Missouri Industrial Park & Regional Airport, Airport Office, Highway AF, Sullivan, MO Test Hours: 7 AM 5 PM CST. From points east: I-44 West: Take the MO-185 S Exit 226 toward Sullivan. Turn right on MO-185. Take the first left onto MO-185/N, Service Road W. Then follow ***** below From points west: I-44 East: Take Exit 225 toward MO-185N/Sullivan/MO-D. Turn left. Turn right onto MO-185/N, Service Road W. Then follow ***** below From points south: I-55 N (crossing into Missouri). Merge onto I-270 N via Exit 196 toward Kansas City. Merge onto I-44 W via Exit 5B toward Tulsa. Take the MO-185 S Exit 226 toward Sullivan. Turn right onto MO-185. Take the first left onto MO-185.N, Service Road W. Then follow ***** below. From points north: I-55 S (crossing into Missouri) Merge onto I-55 S via Exit 40C toward I-44 W. Merge onto I-44 W via Exit 207 toward Tulsa. Take the MO-185 S Exit 226 toward Sullivan. Then follow ***** below. ***** Turn onto N. Church Street/ State Highway AF. Take the second right onto Airport Road. The road will dead end at a gate at the Headquarters building. Look for flags or signs

5 ENTRANTS PASS/FAIL TD # 1 CT Buffalo Creek s Beau Geste RAE HSAs NJP NFP. DN DC Sua Mah Hail To The Chief CD TD HXAcds x Buffalo Creek s Wren HIad HXAs. Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Dog. Breeder: Eric Ernst. Owners: Eugene A. Nick & Mary A. Kramer Prospect, Lincoln, NE Half Moon Unanswered Prayer CGCU TKA. SR CT MACH Mirasol Rip Van Periwinkle CDX MXB MJB NF x Half Moon The Sweet Science CDX NW1 DS OD. Golden Retriever. Bitch. Breeders: Kathryn Willis & Carrie Tavares. Owner: Cheryl Tisdale, 3850 W. Trimble Road, Milton, TN Certified by Terry McGauley #15488 on 3/24/17. MACH3 Bachllyn Willow Her Own CD BN RAE MXC MJB2 CA TKN. DN Ch. Woodburn s Nomad At Westside x Tri-Umph Testarossa. Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Bitch. Breeder: Lucy Clem. Owner: Phyllis Damron, 2302 Black Fox Court, Murfreesboro, TN Certified by Lynda McKee #18976 on 9/4/17 CH Howlyn Sazbrat Luck Be A Lady BN RA OA NAJ OF THDN CGCA TKA. DN GCH CH Howlyn Short Circuit x Sazbrat Howlyn Lucky Charm. Australian Shepherd. Bitch. Breeders: Kelly English, Michael English & Linda Howell. Owner: Sandra C. Hawkins, 9445 Highway AN, Rosebud, MO Certified by Ruth A. Vaughan #98461 on 6/26/17. 5 Pokies County Princess Bride PT. DN CH Twinan Another Chance For Salvenik x GCH Ch Pokies County Diamond In The Ruff BN RE HSBd HXAd HSAcM HXAsM AX OAJ OF THD CGC. Pembroke Welsh Corgi.. Bitch. Breeder: Judy Garbarino. Owners: Mary Kramer & Gene Nick, 1960 Prospect, Lincoln, NE Certified by Dian Quist #82174 on

6 THANK YOU! Tracklayers Sharon Cerny, Lynda McKee, Bob Portiss, Kathy Schmidgall, Pati Wiedel Judges. Carl and Sharon Rosenkoetter Flag Carrier Kathy Brandt Start Articles designed & donated by Lynn Goad Gloves designed & donated by Lynn Goad Trophy Table Lynda Portiss & Janey Wilcox Photographer Kathy Brandt, Classy Canine Thermal Bags Purina Flags Gateway Tracking Club Hospitality Hostesses Lynda Portiss & Janey Wilcox Tracklayer Gifts Chris Robinette Test Hospitality Chris Robinette & Lois & Dick Evans Site. David Wall, Sullivan Parks & Recreation Judges Gifts & Hospitality Bags Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of America

7 PWCCA would like to thank the following members who have made donations to the general trophy fund for 2017: Annie Baker (Homespun) Joanne Baker (Corgard) Susan Ballard (Picabo) Carol Barlick (Carolee) Deborah Beal (Mystical) Kandee Bishea (Winecup) Michael & Patricia Bittles (Pot O'Gold) Carol Black Maurice & Deborah Blais (Crysmont) Janet & Thomas Bodin (Peri Lane) Kandy L. Boll (Corgard) Anne Bowes & Rick Bowes III (Heronsway) Joan M. Jensen (Martindale) Leslie (Kirkpatrick) Brennan (Oakdene) Sheila Broderick (Verilo) Kathleen Broska (Arbor) Candace Brown (Cailleach) Cynthia Brown (Winella) Richard Burd (Kidwelly) Gene & Martha Burnley (Burnsport) Linda L. Canfield (Renefield) Amy Caple (Sassapine) Dora Carter (Carterhall) Debra Francek Castelanelli (Marlmont) Sharon Cerny Ellen C. Childs (XIII Maples) Lolly Clarke J. Dianne Connolly (Llandian) Kathy Daniel (Bailiwick) Gary & Gloria Danielsen (Dansen) Mary Day (Stillwater) Cathy Donovan (Northrun) Melissa S. Ericksen (Woodsedge) Sally Felix (Daydream) Mary D. Fine (Tylwyth) Gigi Fitzgerald (Foxtale) LaFrenda Fitzgerald (Applecor) Donna Francis (Elfwish) W. Gregory & Linda L. Gersch (Kalana) Joan Giesler Donna Gilbert (Milestone) Karen Gunzel (Fairysteed) Terry Hansen-Mitchell (Pinemeade, Reg.) Jill Hart (Ferndale) Rebecca Harvey (Crabtree) Heather Haynes (Hoedwig) Joan Healy (Taichritia) Robin Herrick (Beaumanor) Patricia Hess (Highbanks) Martha Ihrman (Sunrunner) N. Chris Johnson (Stillwater) Tammy Johnston (Riverun) Lucy Jones DVM (Llanelly) Heidi Kennedy (Caradocx) Vicki L. Kirsher (Cilgerran) Melody Kist (Harmony) Deanna Kuhn (Crychydd) L'Nore Latimer (Pemwyck) Yolanda Lininger (Linincorgi) Martha "Dee Dee" Lyon (Taliesin) Kimberly I. Maffit (Kee Bear) Chari Magnan (Mapleleaf) Karen Martinac (Ragtime) John & Joan Maskie (Redclyffe) Tom Dedini & Tim Mathiesen (Nebriowa) Bonnie B. Mayger (Darbyhill) Ila McLaughlin (Windy Oaks) Elizbeth Mendoza Bonnie Mitchener (Channelsyde) Barbara A. Morris (San B) Teresa Mulhausen (Wyndtree) Elizabeth Myhre (Emrys) Feli Noeller, DVM (Perivale) Sylvia Nolan (Trengate) Carol Ann Novak (Karnova) Don Christie & Fred Omer (Chryndom) George and Carol Openhym (Evensong) Betsey Orman (Bramblyhedge) Kelly Kae Otto (Northwynd) Mary Parke (Kimmeridge) Rutledge & Nash Parker (Happiharbor) Helen Sherlock & Pat Parsons (Caralon) Marcene Perry Gwen Platt (Rojanway) Joan Gibson Reid (Jade Tree) Amanda Reinhardt (Royston) Anne J. A. Rojas (Spotworks) Marlene A. Rosenberg (Encore) Deborah Royster (Foxwood) Kathy Runkle (Caleb Corgis) Vicki Sandage (Sandfox) Doug & Kathi Sanders (Tybrenin) Pat Sandy-Smith (Sandyshire) Dorothy Sanford (Big Cypress Corgis) Cathy Santarsiero (Reinwood) Bill Sharp (Kennas Red) David & Gail Sheets (Lustigleben) Mary-Elizabeth Simpson (Reinwood/Windcrest) Harold Small (Ariel) Sybil I. Smith William & Diane Sprung (Wildifox) Brenda Stiles (Brynlea) Margaret Thomas (Festiniog) Willys Treanor, MD (Byendebrok) John & Sue Vahaly (Pennington) Jenny Ward (Gypsy Woods) Mary I. Weatherspoon (Boondocks) Celia T. Wells (Penmorgan) Karen Werfield (Fairykist) Pati Wiedel (Birch Hill) Sheila C. Wilde (Wildefox) Anna T. Wyatt (Morningstar)

8 SHOW COMMITTEES FOR 2017 PWCCA SPECIALTY Event Coordinator...Gerald Kyle Show Chair...Larry Adams Performance Coordinator Patty Gailey Artist Logo...Robin Faszold Announcers...Kevin Lord & Ed Heath Banquet... David Guempel Casino Night Janet Bodin & Yolanda Lininger Catalog Advertising...Robin Faszold Catalog Sales...Sue Vahaly Chief Ring Stewards...Sandy Hanson & Marilyn Van Vleit Class Trophy Sponsorships... Sally Wynn Corporate Sponsorships Sally Wynn Emergency Coordinator... Larry Adams Flowers & Decorations...Molly Forbes & Diane Poppageorge Grooming Space... Macy Rogers Hospitality Bags Debbie Price, Lisa Price, Pat Parsons, Cindy Brown, Missy Holbrook & Dana Bull Judge s Coordinator Diane Sprung Judges Education...PWCCA Board & Donna Gilbert Judges Gifts... Molly Forbes Judges Hospitality...Molly Forbes Peer Education...Carol Donnelly Premium List Coordinators... Larry Adams & Molly Forbes Ring Markers...Nancy Oehlhof RSVPs (On-line )...Sandy Hanson & Jason Klawinski RV Parking... Linda Williams Show Layout...Larry Adams Show Photographers. Meg Callea, Linda Dossett & Kathy Brandt Silent Auction...Patti Kleven, Lisa Peterson, Laci Peterson, & Dan Hartman Social Media Coordinator...Jason Klawinski Superintendent Foy Trent Dog Shows Trophies & Rosettes...Carol Schroeder & Sandy Hanson Vendors... Betty Cook Videographer.. Show Dogs Video Plus Ways and Means...Karen Werfield Webmaster...Juliana DuPree & Jason Klawinski Welcome Party...Debbie Price, Lisa Price, Kara Janiszak & Robin Faszold NOTICE: We are pleased that Show Dogs Video Pros has been retained to perform all videography services at all the conformation events of our Specialty including Sweepstakes, Dogs, Bitches, Intersex, Non-Regular Classes and Junior Showmanship. They will be able to provide not only live streaming video, but also a realtime video broadcast throughout the Purina Events Center building! Because this show will be professionally video recorded, No other commercial video recording, video recording from a tripod or monopod mounted camera, or any video recording or streaming of large segments of the show will be permitted. Submission of an entry for and/or physical presence on the show grounds shall constitute both implied and real consent for both the handler and their dog to be video recorded. On Line streaming of show video to Facebook YouTube, FaceTime, U-Stream, Live Stream or other comparable outlets is strictly forbidden! Violation of these video policies may result in an Event or Bench Committee hearing


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