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1 The Gator Gazette The Official Newsletter of Country Lakes Village JUNE, 2018 CLV Website: Free Concert and Karaoke Night Tim Burns, son of CLV residents Debi and Rory Burns, shared his talents in a free performance on April 24. Tim performs at various clubs and events in New York and while visiting his parents here at CLV, he entertained a nice crowd at the clubhouse. Tim selected an array of music including songs he has written. In connection with the concert, Leroy Everett filled the intermissions with karaoke. Several residents shared their voices to complete a very entertaining evening. See photos on page 17. Thank you, Tim and Leroy! JUNE IMPORTANT MEETING CO-OP 10 a.m. Co-op Input & Board Meeting Monday, June 18, 2018 CLVII Clubhouse (Must be a shareholder to attend meetings) Honoring Our Veterans Surrounding the plaque recognizing the past and present veterans in our community are these beautiful military plaques. Three of them were donated by residents: Sue and Charlie Eckert, Dee and Dale Jesse and Bill Rank. The other two were purchased by the Residents Club. Veterans Request Veterans, if you are not on the CLV register, please contact Gary Hudson, or Larry Smith, A veterans project is in the planning stages and it is important we have the names of all current veterans living in Country Lakes Village I. Newsletter Deadline: 15th of Each Month Thank You! When you have articles to be included in the newsletters, please submit to Martha, Lot 270, or Phone Summer issues will not be combined. 1

2 Manager s Corner by Nancy Davis Office: Community Related Emergency After Hours Just a few reminders: The community rules and regulations state: guest visitations are limited to a period of up to fifteen (15) consecutive days or a total of thirty (30) days in a calendar year. Country Lakes is a 55+ plus community and it is the responsibility of the residents to abide by the rules. The recreation facilities are provided for your enjoyment. The clubhouse, swimming pool, recreation rooms, tennis courts and shuffleboard courts are open from 7:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Please observe and follow the health, safety, and sanitation Florida Landscaping Tips Susan Griffith of the local Extension Office, left, made a return visit to CLV to give residents more tips on Florida friendly landscaping. Master Gardener Juanita Centanni invited Susan to make the presentation and answer questions. It was a very informative session. Susan noted that only 1% of all water on earth is of drinkable quality and stressed the importance of conservation since Florida has the highest domestic use of water in the U.S. She suggested expanding flower beds containing native, low maintenance plants rather than turf grass which needs more water. A couple of the suggestions were Coreopsis or Tickweed and coral honeysuckle which is a vining plant, as well as other plants that attract Florida birds. On top of weed block material, three to four inches of melaleuca/flori mulch as an alternative to cypress mulch, helps reduce water consumption. With the use of this type mulch, it helps save the Cypress trees. The alternative mulch is made from scrub trees. She recommended a slow release fertilizer and noted fertilizing is banned from June 1-September 30 in Florida. There is a large fine connected with this ban. regulations as posted in each area. No glass or other breakable containers, utensils, etc., are permitted in the recreation areas except in the clubhouse and patio area. No drinking or smoking is permitted around the pool or spa, except in the patio area. Remember prior to the commencement of any project whether it be painting your home, driveway, lamp post or changes to landscaping, permission must be obtained from the management. If the local laws and ordinances require a permit, it s in your best interest to hire a contractor that is licensed and insured. Homeowners are liable if their unlicensed contractor is injured on their property. Having a licensed, insured contractor is the responsibility of the resident. No contractor is allowed to park their vehicles/ trailers on resident or park properties overnight. No unlicensed trailers of any kind are permitted in the park. For any community related emergency after business hours please call Thank you for your cooperation regarding these and all community rules. Computer doctor Thank you Susan and Juanita for an informative session! 2

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4 COUNTRY LAKES CO-OP NEWS & NOTES JUNE, 2018 by President, Sharon Benedict Board: Don Burchell, vice-president; John Johnson, treasurer; Sue Dibble, secretary; Duane Ely, Ken Gravitt, Cheryl Koepke, Sue Eckert and Chet Syiud, directors. Our golf carts are back on the road and are now registered and road safe. We realized we were vulnerable to DMV violations by driving them on the road and not having the carts equipped with the necessary items needed to make them road safe and road 1/4 page ad legal. They are now DMV registered, insured, have wipers, signal lights, seat belts, road legal tires, road approved windshield and a horn. If the rain cooperated, the new roof should be on the CLVI Clubhouse. The Tennis Court Project in CLVII has begun; again weather could detain its completion. The new floor in the CLVII Library is completed. The new floor in the CLVI Pool Table room began the 1st of June. Are you prepared for Hurricane season? I hope you picked up your disaster planning guide. The information pamphlets are available in both clubhouses. For those of us who will be here, these are some of the recommendations. First of all, get a tote. In that tote keep enough food to feed your family for three to seven days. Choose items that are non-perishable and need no refrigeration or cooking such as canned goods, protein and snack bars, peanut butter, crackers. You should also pack a two week supply of prescription medicines. Water, this is so important. Stock up on cases of water in case a boil water order is put in place. Have gallons of water on hand for drinking, washing. Have a supply enough to last 7 days. Have flashlights and extra batteries packed in the tote. Other items are a first aid book, portable radio, nonelectric can opener, maybe a book to read. Many other items are recommended in the Disaster Planning Guide, including having important papers with you. Be sure you pick a copy up today. Once packed, store your tote and hope you never need it. Should you need to evacuate as we did with Irma, just grab your tote and you are ready to go. Do this now and you avoid the rush should we get a hurricane! At the end of hurricane season just unpack your goods and use them, or donate them to food banks. If you are a snowbird and forgot to put items that are outside in a secure place, please contact a neighbor and see if they can do that for you. I hope everyone has a happy and safe summer. 4

5 SUNSHINE REPORT Jennettie Lierman Well Wishes: Anne Burrows is now living in a hospice facility in the Philadelphia area to be closer with family, Sunrise of Haverford, 217 West Montgomery Ave, Suite 112, Haverford, PA 19041, cell remains I understand Anne is very sharp and in touch, and generally gets most of the answers on Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy every day. Charlie Eckert s sister: Jane Crompton, 357 Country View Dr, Lower Burrell, PA 15068; Ken & Sharon Fleming, 597 Laurier Dr, Windsor, Ontario, Canada; J O Keith (CLV II), 6201 US 41 North, Lot 2066, Palmetto, FL 34221; Meadow Lane Assisted Living, 150 Meadow Lane, Attn: Lea Meinhold, Bad Axe, MI 48413; John Sheeley s brother Richard, 275 Tollgate Rd, Anna, IL and John & Barb s address: Turnberry Ln, Clinton Township, MI Donna Thorne s great-granddaughter, Jordyn Gugliemini, passed away on Tuesday, May 1. Cards can be sent to: Donna Thorne, 5700 Bayshore Rd, Lot 524, Palmetto, FL 34221; (Grandparents) Ashley & Jack Gugliemini, 4013 Highland Ave, W, Bradenton, FL and (Mom) Ashley Gugliemini, th St. W, Apt. 1004A, Bradenton, FL Keep Donna s family in your thoughts and prayers. Jordyn s obituary link: -gugliemini Bill Toban passed away from a lung condition on May 12. Jane and Bill rented in our park for years from Rod and Noreen. Cards can be sent to: Jane Toban, 137 Beck St, Rehobeth, MA , Ph: , Cell Continued on Page 18 1/2 page ad We Do All Roof Overs, Roof Coatings Roof Repairs & Inspections on all Manufactured Homes 5

6 Want to stay indoors during the long, hot summer months and need reading material or need a book to read at the pool? Check out Country Lakes Village Clubhouse Library. There are hundreds of titles, both fiction and non-fiction, from which to choose. You don t need a card or have books back by a certain date here. You can also find a large selection of puzzles available to residents. The library is maintained on an honor system. Sharon Schumaker, who tends the library, asks that book jackets not be removed. And please return books when finished so others might enjoy them. Also there is a computer in the library which residents may use and it has WiFi available. DARTS Your Invited Sundays 6-8 p.m. You are invited to join us for fun and to drink some beer if you d like. For more info, contact Les Gray There is Happy Hour each Friday throughout the summer from 4-6 p.m. Bring your favorite beverage and snacks and join in fun and companionship. The first Friday of each month is pot luck night, beginning at 5 p.m. with dinner served at 6 p.m. Join us for great food and a relaxing atmosphere. June Sudoku 1/2 page 6

7 Bulletin Board Contest Winner Cathy Kasch, left, and Betty Neal decorate the clubhouse bulletin board each month and hide one or two items that do not belong. Bob Obendorfer identified the two hidden items, a fish and a heart, on the beautifully decorated April bulletin board. Bob received a certificate entitling him to a free Saturday morning donut and coffee. Rest in Peace, Andy We miss your smiling face but know you in a far better place than this earth. You were a friend and loved by many. May you rest in peace! Mike s Walking Count By Mike Lierman 1/4 page ad Mike s count for May: 22 houses for sale, 43 newspapers delivered, 22 houses with life at 7a.m., 7 fire hydrants, 15 speed limit signs, 5 no parking signs, 4 tow-away signs, 127 houses with trash cans at the curb and 3 of those cans were turned over, and 85 houses with recycling cans at the curb. Rainy season is here. Stay dry! MOBILE HOME DEPOT Your Mobile Home Parts Warehouse! DOORS A/C UNITS Single ad Low-E WINDOWS ALUMINUM PRODUCTS RV ACCESSORIES SCREEN ROOMS HURRICANE PANELS 54 x 27 TUBS/SHOWERS A/C Installs! LIC #: CAC Palmetto: 1250 B US Hwy 301 N (941)

8 CLV Homeowners Association (HOA) JUNE, 2018 A Note from HOA President: Mary Wright son for this year s drive. His experience is valued. As I prepare this report (May 15) it is raining cats and dogs and the heat is on in the house! The temperature here in Ontario is 49 degrees F. Rather unusual for mid May. No shorts yet! Oh for a little of your Florida sunshine! We will continue to work on improving our lines of communication to our Leaseholder households. An list will be developed to be used for quickly informing and reminding of meetings, events and things pertinent. Kat Whittaker has offered to assist us with this process. Thank you Kat. Your expertise is valued. A few things to follow up on with you. Since our last HOA Board Meeting, April 10, the HOA/CO-OP Sharing Committee met April 11. The minutes of each of these meetings will be posted in the monthly Newsletter. The next meeting is scheduled for November 14, By-laws govern how the Home Owners Association can conduct itself. The Board of Directors will be working throughout the summer months looking at how the current By-laws require updating. The process takes a considerable amount of time. When completed they must be brought to the membership for a vote of acceptance. Then they are sent to Talahassee for state approval. The Annual door-to-door HOA Membership Drive 2018 will be November 13 thru the 30th. Board Directors will be visiting each Leaseholder home to provide information and membership applications. The fee per household continues to be $10 a year. Thank you to Roger Relich who will be the Chairper- Continued on Page 18 MOBILE HOME ROOFING 1/2 page FREE VIDEO ROOF INSPECTIONS Lifetime Transferable Warranty Energy Efficient Protects Your Home Roof Insurance Certifications Financing Available FREE Estimates LICENSED & INSURED #CCC CBC Family Owned & Operated AllFloridaRoofs.com 8 8

9 CLV Neighbors Helping Wildlife in Distress Several weeks ago Seagrape neighbors realized a Florida Sandhill Crane was in distress. The beautiful bird looked weak and neighbors noticed its top beak was broken off possibly from some kind of animal attack. Neighbors, Velma McCrae, Mary Bright and Joe and Mary Bauer worked together to help this beautiful creature. They herded the wounded bird into Velma and Mary s lanai and decided what to do. Joe called the Wildlife Education and Rehab Center, a volunteer organization that survives strictly by donation. A representative from that organization came to Country Lakes Village to help these neighbors save this large bird. The man told the Seagrape neighbors that this Florida Sandhill Crane does not migrate but is native to Florida. It is among the endangered species with only 4,000-5,000 left in the wild. The man brought a cage and took the bird to a veterinarian where it remained for several days. The organization rep asked the neighbors if they would care for the bird while it rehabilitates. They were told his beak would grow back. (Isn t nature wonderful!) Of course, loving the beautiful creatures, they said of course. When returning the crane, he told the four neighbors that the vet had filed the beak and stitched its tongue which had been damaged in the attack. He showed them how to feed the bird by dropping pellets of food the organization provided into a bucket of water so the bird could maneuver its beak to pick up the food. This was accomplished several times a day until one day the crane helped itself to pellets in a bowl sitting on a small outside table. They were told not to touch the bird because it is a wild animal and they wouldn t want to make their home a bird sanctuary. According to the neighbors, the crane did not fear them. After one feeding, the neighbors were sitting out at Velma s talking when the crane 9 Joe Bauer is seen feeding Sandy. Pellets are dropped in the water so she can maneuver her bill to pick up the food pellets. curled up in front of them and took a long nap. He just ignored us, said Mary Bauer, spokesperson for the group. Sandy as it was named, would leave during the day and one day came back with a friend. The Wildlife representative told the neighbors they cannot identify it as male or female because they look alike. But, I think most feel the injured bird is female. (Maybe it s because the thinking is females are more vulnerable? Just my assumption) Since the rehabilitation process, residents know when the two birds, which are said to mate for life, are temporarily separated by mostly the rehabbed bird wandering off. The loud, shrill call resounds through the community until they find each other. It has been a learning experience for the four neighbors and they are very happy they could help Mother Nature take care of this beautiful creature. Following is an update from Mary Bauer: Sandy's beak is progressively starting to get much better, the lower beak which was trimmed is just about back to normal and the upper beak, which had the most damage, is also starting to form her nostrils and a small black beak is starting to peak out from the nostrils. Continued on Page 18

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12 They Have Begun! The May Ladies Luncheon was held at Ferraro s Italian Grill which was, in my opinion, delicious! said Jennettie Lierman, chairperson of the events. Throughout the summer, I would like those attending the Ladies Luncheons to donate to help feed the school-aged children. Peanut butter crackers, cheese and crackers, cookies, juice boxes, food that doesn t require cooking and wrapped are all acceptable. They also need children s socks to wear in the Soup Kitchen. Barb Clymer will host the June luncheon on the 20th at 11:30 a.m. Details are in the Clubhouse on the bulletin board. Hope to see you there! It s Tradition! Sea Hut is always a great time, good food and a lot of conversation to kick off the summer dine-outs. Above are a few shots of some of our residents and a guest enjoying the evening. Thank you, Mike Lierman, with the help of Donna Thorne, for hosting a very pleasant evening. Jennettie Lierman, we missed you! Hope you are feeling better. We need a host for July. If you are our next host for Dine-Out, please call Jennettie, , or Mike, , for all of the details. How it works: 1 Patronize the advertisers 2 3 in this month s newsletter Mail it back to us at: Community Media 220 Bahama Street Venice, FL In Cash Prizes Available Monthly 4 1/4 page ad Ask the business for your Community Cash ticket OR a copy of your receipt & clip this ad Every month we draw new tickets for CASH PRIZES and mail winners a check! Every Month is a New Chance to Win! 1 drawing for $ drawings for $10 Winner Vendor Thomas Miller... $ The Plumbing Patrol, Inc. Sylvester Taube... $10... Hellers Mobile Home Washing Sandi Sylves... $10... Community Roofing of Florida Rosalie Ganno... $10... Master Plumbers and Septic Inc. Paul Abraham... $10... Palm Harbor & Dunedin Electric Fred Abare... $10... Bill the Carpet Guy Ruth Williams... $10... Florida Anchor and Barrier Ken Trotter... $10... ASC, Inc. Dolores Elice... $ st Class Handyman Service, Inc. Joyce Noto... $10... Royal Enterprises Dennis Daley... $10... Haseney Electric Services, Inc. Drawing Date - 5/10/18 Limit one ticket per advertiser s service per quarter( 3 month period) Customer must have paid for advertiser's service to play Contest void where prohibited by law Checks will be mailed within 60 days of drawing date Questions?: or

13 Vapor / Moisture Barrier Quality Workmanship Honest Pricing Underhome Encapsulated Insulation Hurricane Tie-Down Anchors 8 Yrs Exp. BEFORE We Keep rodents, snakes, spiders, bugs, mold, mildew, and damaging moisture out of your home! AFTER LIC. # IH INSURED FAMILY OPERATED ESTIMATES & SMILES ALWAYS FREE (800) or (941)

14 With: Larry and Bev Smith or Travel Opportunities Dec. 2-6,2018 CHRISTMAS IN BRANSON, MO... Come fly with us and enjoy many Christmas shows [limited space,call ASAP] Dec. 14, 2018 SINGING CHRISTMAS TREE SPECTACULAR SHOW. Huge Choir, Full Orchestra and Buffet Dinner in Orlando [limited space] Jan , 2019 CUBA ROYAL CARIBBEAN CRUISE. Visit 3 Ports, Havana, Cienfuegos and Cozumel Jan. 23, 2019 "SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER" Broadway Production in Ft. Myers with Buffet Lunch [limited space] Feb. 12, 2019 EDISON and FORD MUSEUM Tour the Estates of 2 Famous Inventors in Ft. Myers with Lunch [limited space] 220 Bahama St. Venice, FL communitymedia.com Community Newsletters Printing & Design Leaving Florida for the summer? 1/4 page ad Don t miss the summer issues of your community newsletter. Sign up with Community Media (your community newsletter publisher) to receive your summer issues. Feb , 2019 COSTA RICA. Explore rainforests, volcanoes, plantations and much more. [limited space,call ASAP] March 5, 2019 TAMPA FLORIDA AQUARIUM and DOLPHIN DAY CRUISE. Lunch at the Famous Columbia Restaurant in Ybor City [limited space] March 24-28, 2019 HISTORICAL CHARLESTON, S.C. America's Favorite Old City dated back to the 1600's [limited space] April 11-22, 2019 DANUBE EUROPEAN RIVER CRUISE. One of the Most Romantic River Journey of Discovering Old Europe For more information, check the Travel Board in your Clubhouse. For any questions or if you want to sign up for any of these travel opportunities, please call Larry and Bev Smith, , Travel Arrangements by: Valerie Gill at Gem Travel or It s Easy as 1. Decide how many months you ll be away from your community 2. Call our office and sign up for the service for $4 per month flat fee* *foreign mailing fees may apply* 3. Get your community newsletter mailed to your northern address every month! (941) or Toll Free (877)

15 Country Lakes Village Entertainment Schedule Wednesday, October 31, p.m. Halloween Dance w/double Density Friday, November 16, p.m. Turkey Trot Dance w/ Miller & Mark Sunday, December 9, p.m. Holiday Sparkle Show w/ Bonnie Gray Saturday, December 15, p.m. Winter Dance w/ Black Velvet Friday, January 11, :30 p.m. Spittin Image Music & Comedy Saturday, January 19, p.m. Winter Dance w/robert & Wolfie Sunday, February 10, p.m. Valentine Dance w/ Royz Band Friday, March 1, p.m. Street Dance w/ Bobby Remp Sunday, March 17, p.m. St. Patrick s Dance w/george Durham & Co. Sunday, March 24, :30 p.m. Suncoast Mummers Saturday, April 6, p.m. Spring Fling w/bobby Remp The Event Schedule is posted in the clubhouse. Please consider hosting one of our events. It s not too early to sign up. If you are a Snow Bird and want to sign up, please contact Sue Eckert at or 1/4 pg. Join us in the Clubhouse on Saturday mornings for Coffee and Donuts. Find out what is going on in our little community. Dog Owners: Be considerate of your neighbors! Refrain from allowing your dog to defecate or urinate in a neighbor s yard. It is also against the rules and Florida law to allow your dog to be off leash. Cat Owners: Cats are not allowed to run free to damage property and make a mess in neighbors yards. It s a rule! 15

16 Tid Bits by Juanita Centanni Container Garden to Dress Up the Yard Many containers will remain attractive all summer long, just look for warm-weather annuals that bloom all summer or have foliage that remains attractive. Geraniums, marigolds, wax begonias, coleus, scarlet sage, salvia, walking iris and flowering tobaccos like nicotiana are all good choices; but you will find many more in the local garden centers. Experiment and if one plant doesn t work out, don t worry about it, just dig it up and try something else. Herbs can always be a good companion and you ll have something right from your garden to spice up your dishes: basil, parsley, thyme, chives are good. Containers planted with hardy perennials and shrubs can be grown and enjoyed from year to year. Hostas and day lilies are great container gardening plants but many other perennials work as well. There are ferns, European wild ginger, sedges, lavender, sedums and lungwart. Ornamental grasses are great in container gardening too, as are dwarf conifers and small shrubs. Water container plants thoroughly. How often depends on many factors such as weather, plant size and pot size. Don t let soil in containers dry out complete as it is hard to get the soil moist enough again. To keep large containers attractive, spread a layer of mulch as you would in the garden. This will also help retain moisture. Be sure to keep mulch an inch or so away from plant stems. Container gardening plants need regular feeding just like our bodies need nutrition. Or foliar feed by spraying the leaves with doubly diluted preparations of plant food solutions. Start by feeding once every two weeks, adjust the frequency depending on plant response. Prune back plants that get leggy or stop blooming. To keep mixed pots attractive, dig out or cut back any plants that don t grow well or that clash. You can add something else or let other plants fill the space. Keep an eye out for pests like aphids. Happy Container Gardening! 1/2 page AMS WEATHER-LOK TM ROOFOVER SYSTEM Available Only at AMS Family Owned & Operated Since We Do NOT Use Membrane Products! LIFETIME TRANSFERABLE WARRANTY* **FREE ESTIMATES** Evening & Weekend Appointments Available. All installers are company employees. All work guaranteed. AMS Certified. The Only Patented, Lifetime Aluminum Roof-Over System you will ever need! Energy Efficient Lower Your Electric Bill Lifetime Warranty Maintenance Free Custom Tri-Bend Facia Custom Gutter / Overhang System At AMS we use only Energy Efficient Custom Rolled Aluminum. We do not use interlocking pans, panels, membrane products, or materials that may shrink, dry rot or deteriorate over time. AMS is Rated Florida s #1 Remodeler by Qualified Remodeler Magazine for 2011 AMS offers the best in Weather-Lok Roof Over Insulated Vinyl Siding Window Replacements Carports & Screen Rooms Carport Ultra-Fence Acrylic and Vinyl Enclosures Storm Protection Awnings Deco Kool Ceilings Patio Covers and more... Visit Our Website 100% FINANCING AVAILABLE (*W.A.C.) Insurance Roof Certifications MADE IN THE MySafeFloridaHome.com PARTICIPATING CONTRACTOR Meets All Florida approved Wind Zone Requirements * Meets New FL. Building Code Requirements * Licensed & Insured CG CO33977 CC CO

17 Concert and Karaoke, from page 1 Tim Burns, seated left, performed in concert at the CLV Clubhouse April 24. Tim, his daughter Abby and wife Pam were visiting their parents, Debi and Rory Burns; and Pam s parents, Buddy and CeCe Rogers, all residents of Country Lakes Village. Tim performed some his original Americana tunes with influences from the blues, rock, country, bluegrass and some good old fashioned rock and roll with a little karaoke, too. There was a little dancing going on also. To the right are some of our residents lending their voices in karaoke. Tim Burns strums his acoustic guitar at the Clubhouse during his Concert and Karaoke night as Marcio, our dancing machine, sings a Brazilian ditty and Marcio s wife Carol dances along. 17

18 HOA Continued from Page 8 It is with great sadness that we reflect on the passing of and serious illnesses of, many of our cherished residents. Please continue to remember in your thoughts and prayers, our HOA Treasurer Donna Thorne. Donna is grieving the passing of her Great Grand-Daughter Jordyn. There is final peace for this special child. On behalf of your Board of Directors, be safe, be well and continue to enjoy all that CLV offers its residents. Sunshine Report Continued from Page 5 If mailing your well wish to residents in the park please use: 5700 Bayshore Rd, Palmetto, FL along with their name and lot number. You can also use the No Postage Needed, across the hallway from the bulletin board for your well wishes. Please address with name and lot number. Drop in the slot by their last name. Rory Burns, Lot 223; Norma Davis, Lot 505; Charlie & Sue Eckert, Lot 254; Ed Gough, Lot 300; Dave Head, Lot 216; Marilyn Measday & Kathleen, Lot 542; Betty Sagraves, Lot 316; Bill Schippnick, Lot 339; Dave Smith, Lot 905; Pat Sweeney, Lot 514; Donna Thorne, Lot 524; Dona Turgeon, Lot 712; Lynn Turgeon, Lot 704; and Butch Wagstaff, Lot 201. Remember to hug your Care-Giver. Florida Crane Update from Page 9 They usually come in the mornings then we put the pellets out for Sandy. Butch is too fussy to eat the pellets so he wanders around looking for whatever he can find. But he does join her for a drink of water. Just an FYI, if you see them around the park, please remember these are wild birds, so please don't feed them. Bread, hotdogs, etc., can be harmful to them. Also, if you are driving on Seagrape, please slow down. For some reason Sandy likes to curl up on the road. Maybe she likes the warmth. I don't think they will let us put up a Watch for Crane Crossing Sign. Our hope is when her beak has developed they will return to the wild and hopefully start a family of their own. Thank you! to Mary Bauer and Barb Clymer for the photos accompanying this article. This and That from your Gator Gazette editor Martha Ackerman Summer is almost here and life goes on at CLV. The Summer Dine-Outs have begun. Ladies Luncheons continue to be enjoyed by those of us who live here year-round and the guys still enjoy their Wednesday lunch out with the Romeos. It s funny, you just never know what you will see here in our little community. I hope you enjoyed the article on the Florida sandhill crane. I m hoping we see little cranes in the future. A couple of weeks ago, my neighbor called me and said look out your front window. I just had to get a shot of this fast moving water turtle trekking down the street. He certainly isn t one of God s prettiest creatures, but I watched as he made his way back to the water. As editor of this newsletter, I sometimes encounter a dilemma regarding content for this newsletter. (I had some of the same problems as the editor/publisher of our hometown newspaper back in Ohio.) An article came to me that I feel this isn t the forum to address the subject. There is a more appropriate place to handle some issues without causing hard feelings. Last but not least, I want to remember a friend who our community lost last month. Andy Nawrcaj was a resident who was always willing to help his friends and neighbors. He is missed by all who knew him. Our sympathy and hugs go to Lynn. BINGO CLVII Thursdays All Year DOORS OPEN AND SALES START AT 5:00 P.M. SALES STOP AT 6:40 P.M. GAME STARTS AT 7:00 P.M. 18


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