Paws Before Dying Caring for your senior dog through their golden years and beyond

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1 Paws Before Dying Caring for your senior dog through their golden years and beyond Class 1: Setting a Good Foundation With Practical Matters Supplemental Handout

2 Coping with Senior K9 Challenges, Easing End of Life Pain and Discomfort! This is an excellent time to get started exploring alternative remedies for your dog, like homeopathic medicine, offering healing modalities like Animal Reiki or BodyTalk for Animals, and the Bach Flower Essences. All these approaches can be very helpful with senior dogs, and provide valid alternatives to drugs with their many harmful side effects. Teaching you everything you need to know for each individual situation is beyond the scope of this Program obviously. However, here are some basics to get you started. If you have others you d like to mention, them to me at so we can include them in the list.

3 Remember to check out Jan Rasmusen s resources! Our special guest has done so much to aid all of us in the cause keeping our dogs as healthy and happy as possible, for as long as possible. Jan has uncovered many pitfalls and has already done the research for us. She s done a brilliant job and deserves our support. Be sure to go to her website, sign up for her newsletter, and while you re there, pick up your copy of her award winning book: Scared Poopless, the Straight Scoop on Modern Dog Care Two Interviews With Jan Rasmusen on Modern Dog Care! Your dog (& cat) needs an informed advocate: YOU! I interviewed multiple award winning author, Jan Rasmusen, to help you make informed health, food, supplements & treat choices -- without having to make dog (or cat) care your full-time job. Listen & Learn in my Free Interview with the Author. Learn more about how Jan's extraordinary advice to animal lovers can drastically help with the health and happiness of your much-loved animal friends. I also interviewed her recently on The Real Dr Doolittle Show specifically about the Dangers of the Rabies Vaccine. You can go here to listen now:

4 Homeopathic medicine has been around for hundreds of years and is widely regarded as useful, beneficial, and safe. Reference: Holistic Guide for a Healthy Dog, by Wendy Volhard and Kerry Brown, DVM) There are literally thousands of homeopathic remedies, but these are common to the kinds of issues senior dogs can be struggling with and will help you get started. Basic Guidelines: * Homeopathic remedies come in various strengths, the common ones are 6c, 12c, 30c, and 200c. It is acceptable to use the 30c to start with. * Use 2 3 pellets per dose Homeopathics to keep in your medicine kit * Don t touch the pellets with your gers just pop them into your dog s mouth * Don t worry if your dog spits them out, just pick them up and th row them away. They ll have already done their work when they contact the mucous membranes of the animal s mouth. These are not drugs and don t have to be swallowed in order to be effective. * Standard rule of thumb is to dose 2 3 times per day into a clean mouth (no food for 15 minutes before or after) * Acute situations you can offer the remedy every 15 minutes for several doses, then taper off to several times a day * If you have the right remedy you should start seeing a result within a few days * If you are not seeing a result, it s possible you have the wrong remedy or they need something else instead, or they need something in addition to what you re using * It is always advisable to consult a professional homeopathic doctor for specific advice regarding your dog s needs and situation.

5 Nux Vomica for digestive upsets, urinary tract and nervous system disorders great for when you dog is having being picky or goes off their food, loses their appetite Nat Sulph is for vomiting Ferr Phos is for bleeding that won t stop Carbo Vegatalis is for bloating, gas Belladona is for heat stroke Ipecac is for food poisoning, and also Arsenicum Fragaria is for tartar on teeth Arnica for soreness, bruising, accident, injury or trauma Phosphorus is for liver, pancreas, respiratory, kidney diseases, and spinal paralysis Aconite for vision and eye problems, and also for fear issues Rhus Tox and Sulphur for skin itchies Rhus Tox is also for hot ears, limps, sprains Ruta is for tendons and ligaments Ignatia is for grieving, loss, sadness, depression Cicuta Virosa is for epilepsy and seizures Ledum puncture wounds, inset or animal bites Apis is for insect bites or stings Pulsatilla is for needy, clingy, whiney animals Berberis is for kidney problems and backaches

6 Thuja is for vaccinosis problems and viral issues Hydrophobinum is also for rabies vacc side effects Traumeel is a combination remedy that helps with trauma, bruising, injury, inflammation. It comes in a cream form as well that can be very helpful to put on the sore area. Most health experts agree that degeneration and illness come from inflammation in the body, and, chronic inflammation is a common side effect of vaccination. I keep this handy and use it myself, often. Bach Flowers Essences Originally designed and created by a medical doctor, Dr Bach, to help rebalance personality and emotional disorders, these work very well with animals as well. It s i mportant to recognize that the human animal bodymind mirror is reflected both ways, so remember that their issues can be shared by you, and that they mirror your issues as well. TIP: Remember to dose yourself, dose your dog so you both have a chance to rebalance. Here s a short list of those more common to senior dogs needs, but there are a total of 38 remedies, so check them out and do your research. Note: Each remedy does a lot more than what I ve stated here as they have much more depth to them than is usually recognized. There have been many books written about these essences, but my preferred resource is: Bach Flower Essences for the Family, original Bach Flower Essences, published by Wigmore Publications Limited. These usually come in a liquid form preserved in brandy, and is not considered harmful for mammals. If your animal has a liver problem, I would dilute them in a clean or distilled water first. Administer them by putting a few drops in the animals mouth, on their food, or in their water. You can also rub it on their ears, paws or belly. Do this several times a day for several weeks.

7 Or, in an acute situation, you can administer it every 15 minutes. You can use up to 6 different remedies at one time, so choose wisely. Rescue Remedy is for shock, trauma, extreme stress, panic, terror, tension, desperation, disorientation, unconsciousness, heals wounds, anxiety, nervousness it s the one to use before going to the vet, or for when emotions run high. Mimulus fear of being alone or of specific things, like thunderstorms, bicycles, umbrellas Aspen fear of the unknown, paranoia Larch or Cerato lack or loss of confidence Gentian for those who get discouraged easily Gorse feeling hopelessness or wanting to give up Clematis for lethargy, apathy Crab apple cleansing and healing after illness Heather seeks company constantly and doesn t want to be left alone Vervain for dogs who try to do too much and don t take the time to heal or rest after surgery or accidents Impatiens along with Vervain, too impatient to rest and heal Walnut major life transitions Honeysuckle bereavement, leaving the past behind, letting go

8 Animal Reiki A wonderful, simple and easy healing technique that is a gentle, supportive way to love your animal is through Animal Reiki. You ll want to learn how to o er healing energy to your dog too when they need it. World renowned Reiki Master, Kathleen Prasad and I co-taught this teleclass so we can teach you 3 important techniques you can use to improve your animal's well-being and quality of life. If you believe in holistic healing like we do, then you'll definitely want to get this class! Animal communication and holistic animal Reiki healing go hand in hand. And, it's our intention to support and empower you in learning how to hear and heal your animals yourself. That recording is available on my YouTube Channel at: The BodyTalk System for Animals BodyTalk for Animals is a remarkably effect energetic healing modality that harnesses the body s ability to heal itself from the inside out. The BodyTalk system works by first identifying the weak energy circuits that exist within the body. The practitioner relies on the innate wisdom of the body to locate the energy circuits that need repair by using a form of biofeedback, which is a subtle muscle testing technique. For every malfunctioning energy circuit that is found, the practitioner or client contacts the corresponding "points" with their hands. The practitioner then lightly taps the client on the top of the head, which stimulates the brain centers and causes the brain to re-evaluate the state of the body's health.

9 The result is that the general and overall energy balance of the body is greatly improved. Click here to learn more about that on my website. I am an advanced level practitioner working with both the humans and their animals to achieve the best results. Loese Jacobs Interview: You may also be interested in listening to a podcast interview I did with Loesje Jacobs, international Animal BodyTalk practitioner and teacher. Loesje Jacobs is world renowned for her work with animals, and our interview will delight you as we discuss everything from healing elephants -- to Joshua Baboon's amazing message -- to the whales call for assistance -- to the pink dolphins and their delightful work with the children. Listen and be inspired as you learn more about healing with animals and the miracles Loesje has witnessed firsthand. We also discussed The BodyTalk System of healing, and how it works with animals. Enjoy!

10 Article: 7 Ways to Help Your Senior Dog Be Healthy and Happy For As Long As Possible By Val Heart You ve spent precious time with your dog(s), been their companion and their trusted friend Senior Dog Willy s Remarkable Healing Experience You ve loved them and they ve loved you, unconditionally And now, during their golden years, they re looking to you no t only for the companionship they ve grown accustomed to, but also for all of the things that will keep them healthy, happy and as free from pain as possible, for as long as possible. Recently, Carrie contacted me. She d had devastating news that her sweet, loving little dog Willy had advanced liver disease. Her vet had given her a prescription for antibiotics, a prescription, and a "wait to see what happens". She read everything she could get her hands on from the Internet and ordered in all probably $1,000 worth of supplements, ebooks. She even found herself shopping for the best quality of anything she thought Willy might be able to eat and keep down. After 45 days Willy seemed to be improving remarkably. They live in a heavily mosquito infested area and since Willy had already skipped one month of heart wormer, she gave him a dose and he crashed three days later. The vomiting, jaundice, etc. were back and they were at square one again.

11 Willy was begging for the worst kinds of food (cheese and ham) and he started to swell. He got so big and uncomfortable she thought they were losing the battle. Carrie found me on the internet and decided to make an appointment. However, while waiting for their consultation, Willy started having tremors and couldn't walk. It was so heart breaking Carrie decided to have him euthanized when she got home from work that day. She called me and I asked her to consider waiting until after my session which was 4 days away because when you are struggling with making a decision like this, it s critically important that your animal have a voice in what happens to them. When Carrie got home, Willy greeted her with so much enthusiasm, she knew waiting was the right decision. Here s what she said afterward her session: It was so beautiful and profound it is hard to put into words. Val communicates with animals from the highest possible place... she touches the sacred place in beings and heals from this place. Willy had a lot to say about the purpose and reason for his illness and how I could heal him. Being able to communicate to him so precisely enabled me to see him as the high spiritual being he truly is and in thus doing he started to heal himself in the session. He said that the something that was twisting in his stomach was unwinding and that he was already feeling the pressure release. During this session, Val applied healing to every being in my household and gave a rating on what Willy was taking and eating as to what was most beneficial and least beneficial. 36 hours later Willy's fluid buildup was totally and completely gone. The vet giving the ultra -sound (3 days later) said there was NO fluid in his abdomen and that whatever was causing the disease was gone, she said that she would even call it a miracle. -- Carrie S., Austin, Texas The miracle continued as Carrie and Willy went on to enjoy another great month together before Willy crossed over. Willy was very happy in his final few weeks. He made the most of the grace period to enjoy all the things he d loved so much, and was doing great right up until what I call Graduation Day.

12 Because of our work together in preparing them both for transition, Carrie was able to feel peace about his passing and although she still misses him, she continues to feel his presence and love all around her. I have many heart warming stories like this one on my website, and would love to help you with your dog too. Here are some of the issues you may be facing right now with your senior dog: Frustrations, fears and disconnect that sometimes comes at this stage Chronic pain, arthritis, hip problems, digestive upsets, aging, cancer, seizures, itchy skin, allergies, hot spots, vaccination problems, autoimmune diseases... and much more Achieving peace of mind and closure at the end of their life Knowing when it s time to make the euthanasia decision Wanting to reconnect with your dog in the afterlife How to find support with grief, sadness and loss Separation anxiety Your dog is becoming more aggressive Soiling in the house Developing noise phobias Changes in their sleep patterns Becoming confused or disoriented You can choose the experiences you have with your dog at this phase, and the choices you make will impact your memories long after they are gone. As your dog is quieting down in this stage of life he may require different things from you. For instance, he may benefit from: 1. A quieter home small children, a rambunctious puppy, street noise, etc, can all make an older dog more anxious or nervous, especially if he/she is experiencing pain, vision or hearing problems. 2. A different diet older dogs often have a harder time digesting food and eliminating waste. Changing the mix and/or type of food or adding supplements often helps his aging digestive system cope better. 3. More stable routine as your dog ages he may be more fearful of you leaving or of unexpected changes to the home environment. 4. Less change in the home you may need to put things away so he doesn t trip or become disoriented or confused. Leave his food and water in exactly the same place each day.

13 5. More outdoor time this will lessen the chances of him soiling in your home. 6. Help with changing sleep patterns - some older dogs may become restless at night, and stay awake, pacing through the house, or vocalizing. They may need help with pain, may experience the need to urinate or defecate more often. Sometimes the loss of vision or hearing and other neurologic conditions can make it hard for him to sleep well too. 7. A voice in his end of life decision dog are intelligent creatures who know more about what is going on with their health issues than you may believe. They know what hurts, what they are afraid of and how they feel about their own recovery process and even death. They definitely want to share all of this with you. It is important that at this stage you are actively communicating directly with your dog to get their feedback on how to deal with health, emotional and euthanasia decisions. Just as we humans age and become possibly more wise but frail, so do our animal friends. Making small changes for their health and in their environment can make for a much happier dog in his senior years.

14 About Val: Val Heart, the Real Dr Doolittle - Expert Animal Communicator, Behaviorist, Master Healer, author, inspirational speaker, seen on tv and heard on radio. I m here to help you have b etter behaved, healthier, happier animals for greater peace of mind, joy and harmony! Specializing in resolving chronic pain, illness, trauma, training, behavior, performance, euthanasia. The Real Dr Doolittle Show With Val Heart now available on itunes! Or, Subscribe here: TeleClasses, Free Animal Communication etips & enewsletter. Call (210) , visit Get Val s Free Report: 10 Things You Must Know Before Hiring An Animal Communicator