ROONEY & NEMO (Two lovely cats longing for a new home)

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1 Avon Cat Rescue Autumn Newsletter 2018 The Barn House, Chapel Street, Welford on Avon, CV37 8PX website Charity number Now in our 54 th year ROONEY & NEMO (Two lovely cats longing for a new home) Rooney and Nemo are brother and sister. They were abandoned by their owners last December when they moved away and left them to fend for themselves. Neighbours saw them sitting outside their window, wondering why they could not get in the warm and be fed. They were brought to Avon Cat Rescue in late December and soon settled in, appreciating fuss, warmth and regular meals. They are still here after 9 months. We are not sure why they have not been chosen. They are only 5 years old, neutered, vaccinated, very clean and easy to please. Rooney, all black, has a bit of arthritis and limps on his front leg, but can still jump and loves affection. One man reserved them, but never came back. We hope someone will offer them a new home before Christmas. They deserve it.

2 Dear friends, We seem to have been busier than ever over the summer, on call almost 24/7 to cats needing rescue and prospective owners wanting to visit. It has been exhausting, but rewarding as well because the more new homes we find, the more cats we can help. Amongst those taken in have been Leo, a lovely black and white tom, bought on the Internet with his sister and then suffering a serious urinary problem probably brought on by stress. This put him in the vet hospital for a week, but he recovered and a few thousand pounds later, he has found a happy home in Moreton-in- Marsh. Then there was Tori, a 14 year old black female whose owner was not allowed to take her into sheltered housing. Tori hid in her carrier for weeks and we thought we would never find her a home, but 10 weeks later she was chosen by such a kind couple who coaxed her out and took her home and now she is happy again. We had Noah, a white and black tom with FIV, whose vet did not want to put him down, so he came to us and now lives safely in a flat with his new owner. Darwin, a lovely tabby tom, came from France complete with his own passport. His French owner had to reluctantly give him up and he now lives with a family in Wilmcote. Chutney, a 15 year old ginger, was found in a Birmingham garden, his owner believed to have passed away. He was thin, scruffy and bony, but a lady fell for him not long after he arrived and he is enjoying his twilight years in Gaydon. The list goes on. We have placed elderly, grumpy, poorly and timid cats, mainly because people are so kind-hearted. It makes everything worthwhile. We do have kittens as well. Seven were born here to stray mums rescued just in time, one was found under a car bonnet after a 5 mile journey; one turned up at the golf course club house and 3 were dumped in a box outside a local cattery. Fortunately all were unhurt and have found new homes. We still have more cats waiting patiently to go home.(see Cats for Homing) Also we need brave people to take on more challenging cats like Emmie, a middle-aged tortoiseshell, seen here on the right, who can be grumpy but fine if left alone, or Poppy, a very pretty 12 year old grey and white, who just needs space and time.(on the left) Do pass on the message. Thank you for all your support in whatever way it manifests itself. We could not manage without you! Rosemary Spicer Dates for your Diary Saturday September 22 nd Autumn Sale/coffee morning pm 22, Camberwell Terrace, L/Spa Saturday October 13 th ACR Autumn Bazaar 2pm Welford Memorial Hall Saturday November 17 th Christmas Sale/Coffee Morning pm 22, Camberwell Terrace, L/Spa Sunday December 2 nd or November 25 th Leamington Christmas Market 10-5pm The Parade, L/Spa Thursday December 6ht St Nicholas Fair 5-8pm High Street, Alcester Friday December 7 th Shipston Victorian Evening 6-8pm Shipston Square Saturday February 16th Jumble Sale 2pm Welford Memorial Hall Saturday April 27th ACR Spring Bazaar 2pm At the Rescue

3 MAVIS MOORE Marvellous Mavis Moore, now in her 95 th year, has been raising money for Avon Cat (&Dog) Rescue since 1982 almost 40 years of stalls, coffee mornings, fayres and markets, which have raised over 40,000. She is always preparing for the next event - baking her famous madeleines, making marmalade and jam and attaching her home made price tickets to all the donated goods She has a small group of helpers on whom she can rely. Avon Cat (& Dog) Rescue are so grateful for all Mavis has done for us over the years. She never stops and has set an amazing example to all our younger fund-raisers. Thank you Mavis from the bottom of our hearts and from all the cats over the years. What a star! [Initially Avon Cat Rescue as we know it today was Avon Cat and Dog Rescue. When Mrs Palin (Rosemary s mother) died the dogs were taken on by what is now known as the Dogs Trust.] Beware all who visit the rescue! Benny, one of our pensioners, loves to hitch a ride on people s shoulders. Seen here below on the shoulders of Dave one of our weekend volunteers.

4 Cats for Homing SOX (A Golden Oldie ) Sox is a 12 year old neutered male. He is micro-chipped and vaccinated. He is very friendly. Returned to us as he hated the dog. Please ask about our Golden Oldies policy. SIMBA Simba is a 4 year old grey and white female. She is spayed, micro-chipped and vaccinated. Very pretty. Highly strung. MALCOLM Malcolm is about 7 years old. He is neutered. He was found wandering the streets. He is affectionate and loves a cuddle. PIPPA Pippa is a 9 year old spayed tabby. She does not like other cats and can be very temperamental. She would love her own space.

5 EVIE & ADA Evie and Ada are about a year old. They are spayed. They are very attractive with huge saucer eyes. When they arrived they were very nervous but are getting braver and would love to be loved in a new home. MARA Mara is a 2 year old tabby white. She is spayed and micro-chipped. She is a very sweet quiet cat. SHIRLEY Shirley is a pretty 8 year old torti/white who refused to come and have her photo taken! She is spayed and vaccinated. Sadly she is blind in one eye but this does not affect her. She is a little nervous of new people. ROO Roo is a 4 year old black and white male. He is neutered and micro-chipped Very friendly If you think you may be able to offer a home to one of these cats do get in touch. They would love to meet you

6 From Helen Hall 24 Hanson Avenue, Shipston on Stour, Warkwickshire. Cv36 4HL What a glorious afternoon we had for our Summer Bazaar! The weather was perfect. We had lots of help setting up but were a little short of help in the afternoon but we managed. The final total was 2, which was amazing. Thank you to everyone who helped or supported us in anyway. Our third bazaar of the year is coming up shortly on Saturday October 13 th in the Village Hall. Please help if you can either setting up, serving, or clearing away. Please let Rosemary or myself know if you can help. It is always so lovely when we have sufficient help. It makes a long day go much quicker Calendar. As many of you know we have our own ACR calendar printed professionally each year. In it are pictures and stories of some of the cats we have homed. This year it features: Justice (a tabby), Bubble and Squeak (torti and bl/wh), Boo Boo (white with some black), Gloria (torti)), Hector (bl/wh), Poppy (White with black), Cilla (tabby), Glitch (tabby), Monica and George (2 fluffy tabbies) and Eedie (ginger). A selection of cats featured: Bubble & Squeak, Justice, Gloria and Paddy. The calendar costs 4.50 plus 1.30 postage for each calendar or they can be bought at one of our events or from the Rescue Christmas cards Thank you to those who designed a Christmas card for us. From left to right. Top row- by Ana; by Charlie aged 7; by Connie aged 4; by Pamela. Bottom row- by Sue; by Diane; by Barbara. All cards have a greeting on the front as well as inside. I am sorry the greetings on the front would not print. There are 7 designs and cost 1.30 for a pack of 4 of the same design. A mixed pack of 6 costs Our small change collection During the year many of our supporters collect their small change for us. Over the last 5 years this has amounted to 4, This year so far, the total stands at It is not too late to start saving for us and bring it to one of our events or to my home. We have a bucket at our main events and it is always heartwarming when I cannot lift it back into the car. Please keep saving as it does make a difference to our funds. Gift-Aid If you are a UK taxpayer and feel you would like to gift-aid your donation(s), please ask for a form and return it to us or alternatively go to the and download a single or multiple donation form. Fill it in and return it to me please at my home address. For every 1 you donate the Rescue claims an

7 extra 25p. Last year gift-aid raised over 2,400 for the Rescue. Please remember the person who signs the cheque must be a taxpayer. Sponsorship This is a valuable part of our fund-raising and helps us support the 24 cats that live at the Rescue permanently. It costs 20 for the year and in return you will receive a sponsorship certificate and any known details. This can be an ideal present for a cat lover or possibly someone who can no longer have a cat. Thank you to those who already sponsor. If you would like to help us in this way please get in touch using the form at the end. Cats for sponsoring BLANCO KIRI LUCY BENNY STRIPE TOBY Christmas dinner for our cats I know Christmas is a long way off but this is the last chance I have to ask you to donate a pouch or two for the cats Christmas dinner. Every contribution means a happy cat and is a saving to us. Your help/support is needed as follows: October 13 th Autumn Bazaar in the Village Hall. If you cannot attend please consider sending a donation however small. Collecting your small change Cats Christmas dinner appeal Over the coming weeks we are upgrading two of the houses and runs that are occupied by our long term residents. The first 2 pens on the left as you enter, known as Corse Lawn and May Trees, are to be demolished and replaced with state of the art new pens. It is going to be a difficult time for a few weeks moving cats around but hopefully they will appreciate their new des res TIGGER & SQUEAK (BOB & Bill) Stories of cats we have Homed We just wanted to let you know that Bob and Bill, currently known as Tigger and Squeak, are settling in really well in their new home and are already very much loved by us all, including Izzy the dog! They are eating well - we have discovered that Tigger (tabby) likes crunchy cat food so he s eating that and some Liquivite and Squeak (black and white) is always hungry for his sachet foods. It s been amazing watching them settle into the family and really find their feet.

8 CLARENCE CHUTNEY DIEGO GARTH On 26th of this Month it will be the anniversary of Garth's adoption. I took him to Severn Vets to have his annual check-up and medication and he passed with flying colours. His heart murmur was hardly noticeable. He was very well behaved and stood still on the table without anyone having to hold him. At home he is quite good at communication. When he has finished his meal or used his litter tray he comes to announce the fact by a single meow and obviously expects me to say "Good Boy" and clear away the evidence. He has chosen an odd place to sleep, (see photograph) but when I sit on the settee he comes to keep me company. If a visitor is sitting beside me Garth comes to sit between us. That's the good side. However he comes to me and meows and runs back and forward to the kitchen every five minutes for half an hour before meal times. PUMPKIN Here is a brief update of how little Pumpkin is getting on since we took her home. You know that her tummy has been quite upset and needing a fair bit of tlc but we think that she may be turning the corner and making steady improvements. Her weight has now increased to just under 1.5kg and she is eating us out of house and home! She has a lovely temperament and enjoys nothing more than the house being busy and noisy and joining in with all the activity. She is very much a lap cat and has sussed out all of the best spots to sleep in the house. She now has a microchip and is loving the garden, chasing butterflies and ants is her favourite thing. By 6pm she is completely worn out and you'll see from the photos that she crashes out asleep and is very difficult to wake up! We definitely belong to her now and are thoroughly enjoying her now that the tummy issues are improving. She's due another vet check in 3 weeks for her weight and we'll let you know how she's getting on. GLITCH I hope you have been doing well! Just dropping in a little update on Glitch - a little shorter than the last one because less has changed, but nonetheless. She has gained quite an appetite and ravenously scarfs down her wet food meals every day; and, of course, she is thirsty as ever. Of all her cat toys, she enjoys the jingly balls, is delighted by the rainbow dangly toy, and particularly loves the little crinkly balls of papery foil... but she has picked a favourite. Glitch's absolute, number one, absolute favourite cat toy, is my white stick. She could chase it for hours. I am bemused, but amused! Regarding dog introductions, we are still keeping them supervised just in case, but by this stage as long as we are both around I can have the door to my room open without

9 problems. She enjoys hopping up on the windowsill where she gets to be the tallest thing in the room, and sleeps on my bed pretty much every night, often on my legs. Overall, she is having a great time, and every day does something new I've never seen before Thank you so much for letting me know; and what good timing, because I had been meaning to send you an update on Glitch for a long while now! Just to let you know she is still a very happy, active cat, and the absolute love of my life. She always comes to curl up with me, either against my legs, on my lap or - her favourite, oddly enough - directly on my feet! Every time I go to the kitchen she follows and does her best to place herself directly in front of my legs. She loves feet, and socks, and particularly likes to nibble on my toes and haul my socks around the place. She is healthy and eating and drinking well (two pouches of wet cat food a day), and I have trained her to come when I whistle in a certain way in return for cat treats, which she goes absolutely wild for. Her purr still rivals that of a jet engine (seriously, I don't think I have ever met a cat who purrs as loudly as this one), and by god, if she does not give the best greetings when I come home. I have attached my favourite picture of her so far, snapped just a few days ago. As you can see she enjoys her naps! MONICA & GEORGE Monica & Georgie have both settled down nicely, on taking them to the vet for their jabs, the vet examined their teeth and tried to make out that they were both in need of dental treatment that was going to cost 200 to put right, from what they said Monica had some loose teeth and I'm not sure what Georgie's problem is. They don't seem to be suffering any ill effects from what ever is wrong with their teeth and they both have healthy appetites, they rang up again the other day wanting to know if they were both alright and suffering any ill effects from their supposed dental problems. I have not been to a dentist myself since I left school, my teeth are not in the best of condition and the odd one falls out now and again but I am not in any discomfort for the state of them, as far as I am aware my brother has not had regular dental treatment either. If I thought Monica & Georgie were in any discomfort from their teeth we would get them treated. We call Monica, Mad Monica because whenever she goes anywhere she always does it at the double, Georgie always takes things nice and leisurely, as far as I am aware Monica doesn't go in for stalking and catching the birds in the garden but Georgie likes to stalk them, indeed a few weeks ago she caught a Sparrow and was just sat there watching it as it was sat there injured, I took it off her and found that it wasn't too badly injured and put it in a box to recover, sadly it died. At the moment she has a fascination with the frogs that are jumping out of our drought stricken pond, she brought one into the house yesterday and was sat watching it, needless to say it went back out into the pond straight away. TORI As promised an about Tori. Incidentally we have nicknamed her "Squeaky" because of her little miaow. As I mentioned this morning she is settling in surprisingly well, and isn't as retiring now, as you can see from the attached photographs. She still likes her private time, but is also happy to sit with us, although not yet on our lap. We are registering tomorrow morning with the de Montford Veterinary Hospital, 44 Merstow Green, Evesham. We particularly liked their cat friendly waiting room. They were asking about her vaccinations, and I seem to remember you said she had not been vaccinated. Do you know if she has been vaccinated at any time in the past, so we can advise the vets accordingly?

10 FELIX Hello! Just a quick message to let you know how Felix is doing- we ve had him almost a year and he s doing great! He loves to lie in the garden, and loves to come and say hello when he comes inside!! It s nice to see how settled he has become and how trusting he is, PETAL Petal is settling in really well to her new home, I thought I d send you some pictures! She s following me round, eating well, playing with her toys and purring lots! She s currently asleep on my bed! When would be convenient for me to drop the carrier basket back? I ve bought some cat food and treats for your cats too. I ll keep you updated on her progress! Thanks for everything, SIA & MIA We just want to update you about our kittens Sia and Mia. We're so lucky that you're giving us a chance to give them a forever home. They're now approximately 4 month old kittens. We have registered them with the Ark veterinary on Birmingham road, Stratford upon Avon. The kittens both had a second vaccine and been wormed and flea treated. They're very healthy and very active cats! They can eat anything, if any left over food is left there by the sink they would steal and eat it! So we're in no doubt they're proper street born cat. (Don't get us wrong, we're not and never were feeding them human food) It s just some time when we're not aware they could be sneaky and steal our food! Cheeky little fur face. Any way they're very loving cats. Every day in the early morning about 5.30 am they would come in our bedroom and try to lick our face and give us a cat massage to wake us up. We love them so much. We've got more about the kittens to tell but we will be going on and on about them forever. Please see the picture of them in an attachment. MORTY Morty has settled in really well, he loves being around us and is very affectionate. He loves exploring the garden and sometimes goes out further but not very far. He is very good with his litter tray but if we leave towels on the floor he uses them as well! Overall he seems very happy and settled and we love having him home with us.

11 VERA She really is a delightful little cat to have around & has fitted in well with family life - our grown up children absolutely love making a fuss of her when visiting. The picture is of her in contemplative state in the back garden after a morning exploring POPPY Having read the paperwork that came with her we have we have reverted to her original name of Poppy to which she responds well. She is adorable and very pretty. She is well house-trained but I hope to let her out through the cat flap next week. She loves being stroked and fussed when I sit she comes and sits on my lap. She sleeps on my bed but she will not let me pick her up! I do not know why. I suspect she was abused while living rough for a month and possibly kicked. P.S. she escaped through a bedroom window and was missing for at least an hour and then she walked in through the front door! I love her to bits. JD We are glad to report that JD has well and truly settled in and it is a joy to be his owners. After a matter of 3 days we took to letting him out into the garage and opened the cat flap. On inspection he pushed thru into our garden. Since then he has come and gone as and when he wished. The current situation is that we have a delightful member of the family. Please keep the stories coming The next newsletter is due out late January 2019 SPONSORSHIP/SUPPORTERS GROUP is 8pa/DONATION SPONSORSHIP/DONATION Please delete as appropriate AMOUNT ENCLOSED.. Name of cat chosen ( 20 per cat per year) Name.. Address.. Post code. If the sponsorship is for a gift please give details and date of birth if for a birthday present Please make cheques payable to Avon Cat Rescue and send this form and your cheque to Helen Hall, 24, Hanson Avenue, Shipston-on-Stour CV36 4HL