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1 DIARIES & Calendars 2019 LONDON & HOME COUNTIES SOUTH & SOUTH WEST MIDLANDS SCOTLAND ALL CONTRACT DESK DIARIES HAVE A HARD COVER, RIBBON, 70gsm PAPER AND ARE MANUFACTURED IN THE UK D0101 D D0102 D D FULL A5 & A4 PAGE SIZE CLUB EXCLUSIVE D FULL A5 & A4 PAGE SIZE Club Contract Desk Diaries - 3 Asstd. - Pkd. 10s D0101 A4 Week to View D0102 A5 Week to View D0103 A4 Day to Page D0104 A5 Day to Page 7 FULL DAYS D0105 A4 Day to Page Appointments D0106 A5 Day to Page Appointments D Pastel Diary D0107 A5 Week to View - Pkd. 10s Index Diary D0108 A5 Day a Page - Pkd. 5s D See page 12 for our Special RANGE OF DIAR IES AND Regional Calendars

2 MANUFACTURED IN THE UK D0201 D D Club Diaries D0201 Slim Two Weeks to View - D/Box 10s D0202 Pocket Week to View - D/Box 20s D A6 Diary D0203 Week to View - Pkd. 10s CONTENTS CONTENTS 10 x x x A x A x x 1.19 D Diary Collections - D/Box 1s D Asstd. Executive Diaries - Slim, Pocket D Asstd. Diaries - A5, Slim, Pocket Leather Effect Diary D D/Box 30s D0206 Slim Week to View D0207 Pocket Week to View 99p D Academic Diary D0208 A5 Casebound Week to View - D/Box 12s DIE CUT Academic Diary D p D D0209 A5 Twin Wire Week to View - D/Box 12s

3 PADDED & STITCHED D0301 D D0302 D Premium Diary - Pkd. 6s D0301 A4 Day a Page D0302 A5 Day a Page D0303 A4 Week to View D0304 A5 Week to View PADDED & STITCHED D0305 D Premium Diary with Pen - D/Box 20s D0305 Slim Week to View D0306 Pocket Day a Page PADDED & STITCHED Premium Organisers - Pkd. 6s D0307 A6 Week to View Diary and A-Z Address Index D0308 A5 Week to View Diary and A-Z Address Index D D

4 ALL DESIGNS COME IN SLIM & POCKET SIZE D0401 D CLUB EXCLUSIVE Diary Assortments - 8 Asstd. - D/Box 24s D0401 Slim Week to View D0402 Pocket Week to View D0403 D Floral & Butterfly Diaries D0403 Slim Week to View - D/Box 18s D D0404 Pocket Week to View - D/Box 18s D0405 A6 Week to View - D/Box 12s D D Stripe & Floral Diaries 4 D0406 A5 Week to View - D/Box 12s D0407 Slim Week to View - D/Box 20s D0408 Pocket Week to View - D/Box 20s D

5 D0501 D0502 CAROUSELCALENDARS D D D0503 Slim Diary with Pen 5.99 D0504 Carousel Slim Diaries - Pkd. 3s - Tray 12s D0501 Pets - Week to View D0502 Tropical - Week to View D0503 RSPCA - Week to View D0504 Forever Friends - Week to View D p Slim Diary - D/Box 24s D0505 Floral - Two Weeks to View D0505 D0506 Cats/Dogs - Two Weeks to View D0507 D0506 D D Soft Cover Monthly Planner A6 Chunky Diary D0507 Tropical - D/Box 12s D0508 A5 Month to View with Notes - D/Box 12s Mum's Family Organiser D0509 A5 Floral/ Butterflies - Pkd. 6s 5

6 D0601 D D x 214mm CAROUSELCALENDARS 305 x 165mm Carousel Calendar Essentials D0601 A4 Organiser - Week to View - Pkd. 3s 305 x 165mm D0602 Stubby Monthly Calendar - Month to View - Pkd. 6s D0603 Stubby Weekly Calendar - Week to View - Pkd. 6s D D0605 D p 99p 300 x 600mm 290 x 210mm 350 x 105mm D p x 270mm D p Red & Black Calendars - Pkd. 12s D0604 Giant Print Commercial Planner D0605 Slim Engagement D0606 Large Print Extra Wide Engagement D0607 Bold Figure Easy View Monthly Planner D0608 Three Months to View Planner 250 x 240mm

7 265 x 210mm D p 210 x 297mm D p 297 x 420mm D MADE IN GREAT BRITAIN Nordic Red & Black Calendars D0704 D p 20p 104 x 350mm D0701 Monthly Bold Figure - Pkd. 12s D0702 Monthly Engagement - Pkd. 12s D0703 A3 Monthly Easy View - Pkd. 12s D0704 Monthly Slim Engagement - Pkd. 12s D0705 Calendar Pads No.7 - D/Box 100s 876 x 585mm D Year Planner D0706 Wall Planner with Pen & Stickers - D/Box 24s D0707 Wall Planner with Pen & Stickers - Pkd. 6s D

8 D0801 D x 310 mm A4 Wiro Family Organisers - Pkd. 3s D0801 Forever Friends 'Keep it in the Family' D0802 Garden Days D Wiro Wall Family Organiser CAROUSELCALENDARS 190 x 480mm D0806 Family Organiser D0804 Organiser with Pen - Pkd. 6s 1.59 D D0805 Family Organiser D0805 Asstd. - Pkd. 18s Family Calendar 1.59 D0806 Slim Large Organsiser - Pkd. 12s D A3 Family Organiser D0807 Happy Family - Pkd. 3s 7.99 D0803 The Funny Side of Life - Pkd. 3s 305 x 578 mm 335 x 425mm D0803 D A3 Family Planner D0808 Butterfly/Owl - Pkd. 6s

9 MEETS LARGE LETTER POSTAL DIMENSIONS with write on wipe off pen Memo Calendar D D0901 Midi Calendar with Pen - Pkd. 12s Opens out to 841 x 594mm D Year Planner D0902 Fashion Wall Planner - Pkd. 24s 320 x 222 x 2mm OPENS OUT TO 285 x 570mm Square Calendars - Pkd. 12s D0903 Puppies, Kittens D0904 Penguins, Polar Bears, Wales & Dolphins D0905 Flowers, Gardens, Bouquets D x 285mm 1.49 D0903 D0904 D0905 D p Super Slim Calendars - Pkd. 24s D0906 Kittens, Cats, Puppies, Dogs D0907 Coastal, Scenes, Gardens, Cottages D0906 D0907 D p Slim Spiral Calendars D0908 Photographic - Pkd. 32s 9

10 Emma Bridgewater Calendar D1001 Matthew Rice 'A Year in the Country 2019' - Pkd. 3s 305 x 305mm D x 310 mm D D Wiro Calendars - Pkd. 3s D1002 Countryside Memories D1003 Seaside Memories D1003 CAROUSELCALENDARS D1004 D1005 A4 Calendars - Pkd. 3s D1004 Golden Days D1005 Caravans - Young at Heart D1006 Wildlife of Britain D1007 Garden Birds D1008 The Wacky World of Sheep D1009 Vintage Railway Posters D D1006 D1007 D1008 D1009

11 D1101 D1102 D1107 D1108 D1113 D1114 Slim Calendars - Pkd. 3s D1101 RSPB Birds D1102 RSPCA I Love Puppies D1103 RSPCA I Love Kittens D1104 RSPCA British Wildlife D1105 Horses D1106 Days Gone By D1103 D1104 D1109 D1115 D1106 D1105 D1110 D1116 D D1107 Tractors D1108 Patience Strong D1109 National Geographic Beautiful World D1110 Images of Britain D1111 Enchanted Days D1112 Garden Days D1111 D1112 D x 423mm D1113 Railway Poster Art D1114 Wacky World His, Hers 'n' Theirs D1115 To My Special Friend D1116 Forever Friends D1117 Friendship 11

12 a selection of Regional Calendars & DIARIES from kardwell HOBBS D D1201 D1202 D1204 A4 Calendars - Pkd. 3s D1201 Wiltshire D1202 New Forest D1203 Dorset D x 423mm D1206 D1205 Slim Calendars - Pkd. 3s D1204 Somerset D1205 Hampshire D D1206 Dorset Cream pages, 80gsm paper, 2019 & 2020 month planners 70gsm White Paper, Perforated Corners, 2019 & 2020 Month Planners D A5 DTP Diary D1207 Day to Page Appointments - Pkd. 6s D D Week to VIEW Appointment Planner Diaries - Pkd. 6s D1208 Slim Week to View D1209 A5 Week to View NGE OF CAROUSEL CALENDARS IS AVAILABLE - PLE THE FULL RA ASE CALL OR ASK YOUR REPRESENTATIVE FOR DETAILS