Spring Luncheon Woodstock Club, 1301 W 38th St. Indianapolis Saturday, April 21, 11:00 am

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1 Spring INSIDE THIS ISSUE Governor s Message 2 Luncheon Pictures 3 New Members 4 Website 4 Words of War Books 5 Compact Signers 5 Scholarship 6 Mayflower Booklets 7 Why Pink? 8 Calendar 8 Spring Luncheon Woodstock Club, 1301 W 38th St. Indianapolis Saturday, April 21, 11:00 am The program for the Spring Luncheon will feature the showing of the film The Making of a Colony. Viewers are invited to follow the English colonists through their journey from Holland and England to America and experience their first difficult winter, their treaty with the Native people and celebration of their first successful harvest. This story, the beginnings of the Plimoth Colony, will be told using eyewitness accounts: Governor William Bradford s History, Of Plimoth Plantation and Mourt s Relation: A Journal of the Pilgrims at Plymouth, written by Governor William Bradford and Governor Edward Winslow. Menu for the Spring luncheon will include mixed greens with salad dressing, fruit salad, tilapia with citrus salsa, beef burgundy tips, whipped potatoes, chef s assorted vegetables, rolls & butter, coffee/tea/lemonade and assorted desserts. Children s menu will include fruit cup, chicken fingers with fries and an ice cream sundae for dessert. Cost of the luncheon will be $30 for adults or $15 for children (10 and under). Pre-paid reservations are due by Monday, April 16 and can be mailed to Robert Hessong, 5512 Fall Creek Rd, Indianapolis, IN Cancellations are required by April 18 and can be made by contacting Robert Hessong, Spring Member Meeting April 21, 2012 Educational Film The Making of a Colony HELP REBUILD THE FRANCIS COOKE HOUSE On Saturday, November 19, 2011 at 9:45 a.m. a fire occurred at Plimoth Plantation at the Francis Cooke House. The fire originated from the fireplace in the house, spread up the chimney and quickly engulfed the roof materials. Like all buildings in the 17th Century English Village, the Francis Cooke House was artisan-crafted according to historical information and research. This exacting craftsmanship makes each individual house unique and valuable. Although insurance is expected to cover a portion of the costs of rebuilding the Francis Cooke House, donations are being accepted. Donations can be mailed to: Plimoth Plantation, PO Box 1620, Plymouth, MA Photo taken prior to fire

2 Page 2 Governor s Message By Graham Morey Indiana Society Governor The Board has voted to revise billing procedures, so Life members will no longer be billed specifically for their per capita charges. We want to express our deep appreciation for those Life members who willingly paid such charges. In many cases, they also contributed to other funds, including Scholarship, Pilgrim in the Schools, etc. Again, thank you very much for your support of our society. Indiana has seen eight new member applications be approved with more in process. Our Historian, Rebecca Gaddy, returned to California, so we are in need of a new Historian or Assistant Historian, the most important positions on the Board. Rebecca has defined the steps in the process and continues to do her work via . However, we desperately need a local contact to help with this position. Genealogical skills and interest in history & geography would be helpful. If that is not you, we have several other positions open on the Board. We need all of our members to consider serving the Indiana Society in some capacity. PLEASE contact me at or immediately, if you are able, willing and have the time to help. I hope to see all of you at our spring membership luncheon on Saturday, April 21, 2012 at Woodstock Club. Please notice the earlier starting time, 11 AM this time. Best wishes to all for a Happy Easter, Graham Denby Morey Governor \ ã á{ àé véçàü uâàx àé à{x \Çw tçt fév xàç Éy `tçyäéãxü WxávxÇwtÇàá Ç à{x yéääéã Çz ÅtÇÇxÜM Enclosed is my donation of in support of the Governor s Operational Fund (operating expenses which include printing newsletters & invitations, postage, speakers, audio visual rental, medals, etc.) Enclosed is my donation of in support of the Scholarship Fund (scholarships awarded each spring) Enclosed is my donation of in support of the Pilgrim in the Schools Project (Kevin Stonerock portrays Pilgrim Stephen Hopkins) Please make your checks payable to Indiana Society of Mayflower Descendants with your preference noted in the memo line, and mail this coupon & check to Chuck Provost, Treasurer, 6831 Marmont Ct, Indianapolis, IN 46220

3 Page 3 FALL 2011 LUNCHEON Marsha Reynolds, Mayflower Descendant of John Howland, gives a report on Kevin Stonerock and the Pilgrim in the Schools program. Door Prize Winner Joyce Brant, descendant of William White, will receive a free lunch! Tenor Joey Purifoy sings music from the 1600 s while Tom Gerber plays the harpsichord James Johnston performs on the violin while Tom Gerber plays the harpsichord. What a beautiful instrument the harpsichord is! Sometimes the harpsichord sounded like a lute. FOOD A PILGRIM WOULD LOVE After ye have drawn your eels, chop them into small pieces of three or four inches, and season them with pepper, salt, and ginger, and so put them in a coffin with a good lump of butter, great raisins, onions small chopped, and so close it, bake it, and serve it up. Source: Gervase Markham s English Housewife (1630) and J. Partridge s The Good Housewife s Handmaid for the Kitchen (1594)

4 Page 4 New Members November 2011 through March 2012 From Historian Rebecca Gaddy Ancestor: ALDEN Abigail Jean Ray Carmel, IN Approved: 9 Dec 2011 Ancestor: BRADFORD Sherry Thrall Schmeichel Westfield, IN Approved: 8 Nov 2011 Ancestor: BREWSTER Carlotta Losie Duncan Greenwood, IN Approved: 27 Dec 2011 Ancestor: FULLER Betty Varble Konkle Madison, IN Approved: 11 Nov 2011 Ancestor: HOWLAND Scott Charles Baxter Carmel, IN Approved: 26 Jan 2012 Ancestor: WHITE Dorothy MacKay Greene Indianapolis, IN Approved: 12 Jan 2012 Ancestor: WHITE Shirley Donley Harris Ft. Wayne, IN Approved: 9 Feb 2012 Supplemental: Janet Smith Sweeney, BREWSTER Approved: 19 Dec 2011 NEW MEMBERS Allen Manning, descendant of Edward Fuller & Jan Sweeney, descendant of Stephen Hopkins We Need You! Historian Vacancy on the Board If you enjoy genealogy and would like to help new prospective members with their paperwork to join Mayflower, this is the ideal job for you. Please contact Rebecca Gaddy, or Graham Morey, Updated GSMD Website Be sure to check out the updated GSMD website at and register as a member so you can see the members-only section exclusive to society members. A very popular part of the members-only area is the ability to read the entire Mayflower Quarterly online. The Officers area gives hyperlinks to addresses of all GSMD officers in case you want to reach them. The public area will help prospective members. There is a Welcome from Governor General Bruce MacGunnigle with a video of him in front of the Mayflower II. In the About the Pilgrims section, there is a list of notable Mayflower descendants. The Mayflower House button takes you to a number of virtual tours taking you into the house, library and around Plymouth. The Membership area includes the preliminary review applications as well as how to contact state societies. Featured Articles will change periodically with interesting reading relative to our Pilgrim ancestors. Of course, you will be able to shop for insignia, jewelry, gifts and books. Everything the society sells all in one place! You may also pay online or order by phone. Source: Mayflower Quarterly, December 2011

5 Words of War Books Page 5 One of our Mayflower members, Kathryn Lerch, is the director of the Park Tudor School Legacy Initiative Project. Every two years students publish a new anthology based on a compilation of original oral history accounts, letters, diaries and reminiscences from wartime experiences both military and civilian. The most recent anthology was published December Copies of this and earlier volumes may be ordered through Park Tudor School or purchased at Barnes & Noble at Clearwater Crossing, Indianapolis. If you are a Civil War aficionado, you will enjoy an all-civil War edition coming later this fall. Samples of each volume will be available to preview prior to the General Membership Luncheon. Because the Legacy Initiative Project does not want to let go of the passing WWII generation, Volume 5 includes some exceptional wartime diaries and wonderful WWII-era oral history accounts, which represent stories from all the points on the compass. To complement these stories, there are some unusual WWI letters. Although in some ways Volume 5 is similar to 2007 s Wartime Memories From America and Abroad, there is an even greater diversity; there are accounts written from the northern-most reaches of the Arctic to the mountains of China in the Far East; during WWI, families stayed more closely connected through letters from far-off and exotic places, although the world seemed to be spinning out of control. Twentieth-century stories remain especially important and relevant in the twenty-first century. Volume 1: Wartime Memories from the Civil War through the Gulf War (2002) $15.00 Volume 2: Wartime Memories from the American Revolution through the Iraq War (2004) $20.00 Volume 3: Wartime Memories from America and Abroad (2007) $20.00 Volume 4: Wartime Memories Oral Histories from WWII (2009) $22.00 Volume 5: Wartime Memories from the Four Points on the Compass (December 2011) $24.95 Volume 6: Civil War Memories from North & South of the Mason-Dixon Line (coming Fall 2012) Option1: Set of all five volumes at 10% discount: $90.00 Option 2: Set of volumes 1 through 4 $75.00 Option 3: Volume 5 + any three other volumes: $75.00 Five or more of any one discount Pick up purchased books at Park Tudor School (Admissions Office), 7200 N. College Ave, Indianapolis, IN For out of town orders, shipping & handling costs are 1-2 books $4.00, 3-4 books $7.00, and 5-8 books $ Questions, please contact Kathryn Lerch at (317) x3102. Make all checks payable to PARK TUDOR SCHOOL and mail to Kathryn W. Lerch, 7200 N. College Ave, Indianapolis, IN What Do We Know About Mayflower Compact Signers? Biographical data is available for many of these men. Here are some brief notes: John Carver and wife Catherine belonged to the Leiden Separatist community in Holland and he helped plan the Mayflower voyage. Both died at Plymouth early in He spent most of his considerable estate paying for the Plymouth experiment. Francis Cooke and his teenage son, John, came on the Mayflower. Mrs. Cooke, the former Hester Mayhieu, came three years later with children Jane, Jacob and Hester. Stephen Hopkins and second wife Elizabeth Fisher were wed in London in 1618 and came on the Mayflower with his children Giles and Constanta (by first wife) and their daughter Damaris. Son Oceanus was born during the voyage and they had five more children in Plymouth. Hopkins served as emissary to the Indians. He also was charged with assault and overpricing. James Chilton died while the Mayflower was anchored off Provincetown and his wife died shortly after. Daughter May, then 12, grew up to marry John Winslow. They moved to Boston after the birth of their tenth child. Captain Miles Standish was the military leader for the first Plymouth colonists. He trained a local militia to wage reprisal attacks on the Indians. He died in 1656 and his will names family members and locations for land he owned in England. Source: Who Were the Signers of Mayflower Compact, Rosemary E Bachelor, Oct 1, 2009

6 Page 6 Scholarship Winners Submitted by Don Hattin, Scholarship Chairman Three students, one young man and two young women, have been awarded 2012 merit scholarships from the Indiana Society of Mayflower Descendants. Two of these are Indiana residents, and the third is a Michigan resident with Indiana connections. One of the awardees is a lifetime member of our society. Students who are receiving these awards, together with information regarding their descendancy, schooling, and long-term goals are as follows: Gretta A. Michael, Heritage Christian School, Muncie, IN, $1000. She is descended from Mayflower passenger William Brewster. Gretta will attend Taylor University, where she plans a major in biology and a minor in Spanish. She plans to pursue a career in physical therapy. Alexandria N. Schunot, Lapeer East High School, Lapeer, MI, $1000. She is descended from Mayflower passengers William Brewster and Thomas Rogers. Alex will attend the University of Michigan -Ann Arbor, where she plans to study microbiology and biomedical engineering. She wishes to pursue a career in genetic research, with long-range plans to earn the Ph.D. degree and, after retirement, to become a college professor in her chosen field. Keith A. White, William Henry Harrison High School, West Lafayette, IN, $1000. He is descended from Mayflower passenger Richard Warren, and is a lifetime member of our society. Keith will attend Purdue University, where he plans to major in mechanical engineering, with a minor in management. His long-term goal is to become the CEO of a business, or start his own business, which specializes in the manufacture of custom-made parts. Our scholarship program has assisted many outstanding students in reaching their academic and longterm goals. To date, The Indiana Society of Mayflower Descendants has made awards to 45 remarkable young scholars: 28 to young women and 17 to young men. To each of this year's scholarship recipients our members extend heartiest congratulations, and best wishes for success in all of their future endeavors. Other Colonies in North America We are all familiar with the Plymouth settlement, which was founded by Separatists and Anglicans in 1620, and the first sizable permanent English settlement in the New England region. But, what colonies already occupied the new land? Far to the North, Frenchmen had been living in Quebec since To the South, there was an English colony at Jamestown, founded in 1607 primarily by London entrepreneurs and was the first permanent English settlement in North America. In Florida at St. Augustine, a Spanish colony had been established since And in 1606, the Spaniards colonized Santa Fe, New Mexico. Soon to follow were the Dutch settlement, New Amsterdam (New York City) in 1624, and the Puritans in Salem in 1628 and in Boston in Source: Maryland Mayflower Log, Fall 2010

7 Page 7 Mayflower Compact Signer s Booklets The following are available for purchase on the GSMD web site for $3 each. Profit will go toward GSMD Junior activities (i.e. GSMD Jr s tour of New England). Reservation Form Indiana Society of Mayflower Descendants Meeting & Luncheon Where: Woodstock Club, 1301 W. 38th Street, Indianapolis, IN When: Saturday, April 21, 2012; meeting at 11:00 am, luncheon about Noon I/We Reserve place(s) at The Woodstock Club for luncheon at $30 per adult and $15 for age 10 and younger. Name(s) Telephone Address Amount Enclosed (Check payable to IN Society of Mayflower Descendants) Please reply by April 16, 2012 to Robert Hessong, 5512 Fall Creek Rd, Indianapolis, IN Telephone:

8 Please update us with any changes in your family s status change of address, change of name or any deaths. Did you know that if you mail in a copy of a death certificate or obit that it will be forwarded to Plymouth and placed in your family history record. PLEASE SEND INFORMATION TO: Linda McGlothlin, or 6367 N Parker Ave, Indianapolis, IN Why is PINK the color used by the Mayflower Society? The Mayflower, known as the ground laurel or trailing arbutus, has ovate hairy leaves, is pink or white in color, and spring-blooming with five petals. It grows in woods, preferring sandy or rocky soil, under or near evergreens. Mayflower named by the Pilgrims who saw in the rise of the new leaves over the brown of last year s foliage, a parallel to their own rise over hardship. It became the Massachusetts state flower in Unfortunately, since 1925, it has been on the endangered list. April 21 Sept 7-9 September 22 November 17 Calendar 2012 Member Meeting National Board Meeting in Mt. Laurel, NJ Board Meeting Member Meeting SAVE A TREE! We are currently collecting s so that we may send out information electronically about Mayflower. You will receive the newsletter in color! Sending info by will help to conserve monies and save a tree. Please send your to: Linda McGlothlin, Indiana Society of Mayflower Descendants Linda McGlothlin, Editor 6367 North Parker Avenue Indianapolis, IN Address Correction Requested