OLY Wilshaw s IMP GR CH Rossikhan Alter Ego Chocolate Burmese

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1 SHOW: SCOTTISH CAT CLUB DATE: 2 nd December 2017 JUDGE: Mrs. Rosemary Fisher My thanks to the Club for inviting me to judge at the joint Scottish shows. It was evident that Heather & Richard have built up a formidable network of helpers among the Scottish contingent of the Cat Fancy, and it was great to see so many joining in to help keep things moving along smoothly. Thank you to my steward, Ron Hutchinson, for your help and good company during a busy day. AV OLYMPIAN IMP GR CH FEMALE OLY Wilshaw s IMP GR CH Rossikhan Alter Ego Chocolate Burmese I love this girl s head type. She has a short blunt wedge, and a slightly rounded brow, and there is good width and depth to her skull. Her ears are slightly more than medium sized, but are broad based and well set with a slight forward tilt. Superb large eyes, set well apart, chartreuse in colour and with a wonderful expression that immediately catches your eye. In profile she has a distinct break and straight nose, her chin is firm and her bite level. Medium neck leading to a compact body that is nicely muscled and a good weight. Slender legs with neat oval paws. Straight tail of proportionate length tapering to a rounded tip. Her coat is short and close coat with a satin-like texture, the colour is a warm milk chocolate, even in tone, slightly darker on her face, ears and tail, free of barring, slightly lighter on her underparts. Her overall condition was excellent and she was relaxed and showed herself well. I understand her ticket today makes her up to a Bronze Olympian congratulations to her owner/breeder. RES OLY Lincoln s OB IMP GR CH Linczozo Cat s Pyjamas Usual Abyssinian Beautiful 5 year-old girl of super type. She has a modified wedge with gently rounded contours, her ears are large, well cupped and set wide apart. Her eyes are large and expressive, rounded almond in shape and a beautiful, vibrant green. In profile she has a good break, firm chin and level bite, although the incisors are a little untidy. Elegant arching neck leading to a firm muscular body of medium size. Slender legs and small oval feet. Her tail is thick at the base and tapers to the tip. Her coat is close-lying, with pleasing density. Good facial markings, cream to her lips and lighter beneath her chin. Lovely clear even black ticking on a bright apricot base, black spine line extending along her tail to a black tip. Dark hocks, no barring or necklets. Wonderful condition and temperament and a joy to handle ran the winner very close!

2 3 rd Whitmore s UK OB IMP GR CH Sunshimmer Vela Fleur Lilium Brown Spotted Bengal Another beauty in this quality class. Broad medium wedge. Small, wide based ears, super almond shaped green eyes. Very nice gentle profile, large broad nose with puffed leather. Good muzzle that is slightly rounded, wide level bite. Long neck leading to a long, sleek body that is very firm and muscular. Medium length tail, held low, well ringed, thick and even with dark rounded tip. Medium length strong legs and rounded paws. Her coat is very dense and soft, with clear rosettes affording a good contrast to the clear golden ground colour. She has good facial pattern and a scarab to the top of her head, clear bracelets to her legs with spotting down to her toes. Beautifully shown in wonderful condition. 4 th Darling s UK IMP GR CH Goshen Silver Jasmine Black Silver Tabby British SH A lovely. mature six year-old girl. She has a very good round head, her ears are small and well spaced, fitting into the rounded contours of her head. Round, well-opened green eyes. Short broad straight nose of even width with a lovely brick nose leather that is well outlined. Her face is round with pleasing width to her cheeks, good firm chin and a level bite. She has a very good short, cobby body with a broad chest, firm and nicely muscled. Her legs are strong and well boned, and she stands on round, firm paws. Medium length thick tail with a rounded tip. A short dense coat with a pleasing clear, silver ground and a very well defined classic tabby pattern. Today she was shedding a little, otherwise her presentation was good and her overall condition excellent. 5 th Brewood s IMP GR CH Noynarock Chloe Blue Tortie Smoke & White Norwegian Forest Cat A very well grown and elegant 3 year-old girl. She has a very nice head with a strong triangular shape. Large, wide based ears that are placed high and tufted at the tips. Obliquely set green eyes. Good straight profile, good strong chin and a level bite. Very good body that is long and muscular with excellent weight, long legs that are well boned with large tufted paws. Her overall shape balanced by a long very well furnished tail. Good coat length and texture with good woolly undercoat. Her coat had been very well prepared for the show. She was just a little shy when out of the pen, but otherwise handled well.

3 AC PERSIAN GRAND CHAMPION MALE IMP GR CH Campbell s GR CH Dedannan Rufus Silversocks Red Tabby & White Exotic SH A mature 4½ year-old boy. He has a very good round, smooth head and neat ears. His eyes are large and round and a good bright orange tone. Short broad nose, round cheeks, good chin and bite. Short thick neck, strong cobby body and well boned legs with round paws. Short thick tail with a rounded tip. His coat today was short, with good density. The red areas are quite bright with light mackerel tabby markings, well marked head, white to his whisker pads, chest and all limbs. Such a shy boy though, and not very happy out of his pen so didn t show himself to advantage. Good condition. SELKIRK REX PREMIER FEMALE GR PR Farrer s PR Noontide Pumpkin Flutterwood Lilac Tortie Silver Shaded LH Very well grown 15 month-old girl with a broad rounded head and nicely rounded forehead, ears well set just a touch small. Well opened round eyes of green/gold. Good muzzle shape, firm chin and level bite. Good rectangular body standing on well boned legs and round paws. Medium length tail with rounded tip. Coat of good length, with masses of loose curls, including on her ruff, and plumy curls on her tail, standing away well from her body and of a good soft texture. Well prepared. FOREIGN REX & SPHYNX PREMIER FEMALE GR PR Clayton & Illes PR Auroradawn Chantilly Tortie Point Cornish Rex This mature 7½ year-old girl has a nice medium wedge with high cheekbones. Her profile curves gentle at the forehead with a straight line to the tip of her nose, fairly firm chin. She is missing her upper right canine and most of her incisors. I would prefer her ears a touch larger, but they are a good shape and set rather high. Oval shaped eyes with a straight top line and a lovely blue colour. Slender, medium length body, long straight legs and oval paws. Her tail is long, fine and tapering. She has a super coat, it is short and fine with a lovely silky feel, and is completely rippled over her whole body and tail, with waves extending down her legs. Very sweet natured girl to handle.

4 BLACK PERSIAN ADULT FEMALE 1 st, CC & BOB Smith s Heathrose Cilla Black Young girl of very pretty, balanced type. She has a very good round head with a smooth skull. Neat little ears that fit nicely into the contours of her head, almost hidden by a very full frill that frames her face. Her eyes are round and bright orange in tone, snub nose, full leather, good round cheeks, firm chin and slightly undershot bite. Her body shape is very cobby, standing four square on short well boned legs and balanced by a short very full tail. Excellent coat that is long, with good density and a silky texture. It is sound black to the roots and had been very well prepared for the show. Excellent condition. BLACK SMOKE PERSIAN ADULT FEMALE BOB Craig & Bell s CH Carisma So Chic This girl has a very nice head, with a good topline and ear set. Large, round orange eyes, snub nose, round cheeks, good chin and a level bite. Good short cobby body shape, well boned short legs and a short tail. Her coat is still coming in, it is a good length, she has a good mask and dark legs, contrasts still developing on her body. Well presented. TORTOISESHELL PERSIAN ADULT BOB Young s GR CH Levina Freya My first words in my book are Love her! Beautiful Persian type, round head with neat ears, super bright orange eyes, large, round and expressive. Snub nose, good chin and a level bite. Cobby body, short legs and a short full tail. Wonderful Tortie coat, the colours are bright and sound, she has a very good patched pattern and all legs are broken with colour; it is an excellent length and was silky and flowing, and she had been perfectly groomed to make the most of her assets. BI-COLOURED PERSIAN ADULT BOB Ramshaw s CH Summerstar Little Miss Sophie Blue & White female Very well grown 18 month-old of good size. She has a good round head, her ears are small and well placed. Nicely shaped round, orange eyes, snub nose, round full cheeks, good firm chin and a level bite. Weighty, cobby body and well boned legs, short full tail. Nicely patched coat, the white areas are pristine, the blue patches just a little unsound. Very nicely presented.

5 AOC NON-SELF EXOTIC SH ADULT 1 st, CC WITHHELD Campbell s Dedannan Restful Simplicity Tortie & White An 18 month-old girl with a round head, small well placed ears. Round eyes of very good deep copper colour, snub nose, deep stop, leather fairly full but her nostrils are very restricted and this made her breathing stertorous, my reason for withholding her CC. Good chin and level bite. She has a good cobby shape, short well boned legs and a short thick tail. Her coat is thick and soft with a good pattern and bright colours. CHINCHILLA/ SHADED SILVER KITTEN 1 st & BOB McCutcheon s Kittychara Silver Copyright male A gorgeous Chinchilla boy with an excellent round head, neat ears, superb large blue-green eyes perfectly outlined in black that he used to full advantage. Short broad nose, good full brick coloured leather, black lips and paw pads, firm chin, slightly undershot bite. Very well grown, good size and body weight, well boned legs, short full tail to balance his shape. Very full soft coat with correct white undercoat and light even tipping over his back and on his tail, completely white underparts, white chest and chin. Excellent preparation, later my Best Persian congratulations! TABBY COLOURPOINT PERSIAN KITTEN 1 st & BOB Adair s Cushka Cherry Blossom Red Tabby Point female Round head with slightly bumpy skull. Ears of good size and quite well set. Her eyes are round, and even pale blue in colour. Short nose, good chin. She has good points colour with a nicely contrasting body coat colour, but needs more preparation, especially to her eyes, but also coat to give her show sparkle. BRITISH SMOKE ADULT 1 st, CC & BOB Scaife s Harlaw Mimosa Madam Chocolate Tortie Smoke One year-old girl with a fairly round head, her ears are quite small and well set. Round orange eyes, nose a touch long, her face and muzzle still needing to fill out, good chin and level bite. Good body shape, well boned legs and medium length thick tail. Her coat is short and dense and displays a very good Chocolate Tortie pattern with rich colours that is well intermingled, and when parted shows a good silver contrast.

6 2 nd Wood & McArthur s Adpixsh Jesi Gee Black Smoke female Fair head, ears a touch large but well set. Round, pale gold eyes with slight green rim at the centre. Slightly long nose, good chin and level bite. Good body shape and weight with well boned legs and medium length tail. Her coat today was shedding and showing numerous tabby markings although quite good contrasts were evident. BRITISH GOLDEN TIPPED ADULT 1 st, CC & BOB Smith s Quiver Quiz Gatto Derey Blue Golden Very good round head, neat ears, lovely big green eyes with good outline. Short broad straight nose, good firm chin and level bite. Excellent strong, muscular body, well boned strong limbs, medium length thick tail with rounded tip. Evenly blue tipped coat with pale honey gold base and good dense texture. CHARTREUX ADULT ASSESSMENT MERIT & BOB Phillips Macan De Midilys male A big, impressive cat with a nicely shaped head. His ears are broad based, medium sized and well set. He has a very nice profile with a medium length nose, firm chin and a level bite. He has super eyes, they are large and a good warm orange tone. He has a very good strong body, broad chest, medium length well boned legs standing on oval paws. His tail is medium length and thicker at the base. His coat is medium short, with a very good, slightly woolly texture and is medium blue in tone. He has an excellent temperament, very composed and happy to be handled and was looking n fine form. BRITISH LONGHAIR KITTEN ASSESSMENT MALE MERIT & BOB Jones Lorribex Midnight Star - Black A very handsome kitten of excellent size for his age of just 5 months. Very good round head, small well placed ears. Lovely round, well opened orange eyes, short broad nose, good chin and a level bite. Strong cobby body and very well boned legs with large round paws, medium length fully furnished tail. Lovely coat that is semi-longhair in length, with excellent density and resilience. He was sound black to the roots and had been beautifully prepared.

7 BRITISH LONGHAIR KITTEN ASSESSMENT FEMALE MERIT Graham s Baronet Choco Rumba - Black In my judging book as chocolate, but she is black. She is a nicely grown girl with a round head and neat ears, short broad nose, round cheeks, firm chin and a level bite. Her eyes are lovely, they are large, round and very expressive and a good orange colour. She is a well boned girl with a strong body and legs and a medium length full brush. Her coat is a good shiny black, just a little shady at the base, and good texture. Her temperament and condition were both excellent. SELKIRK REX NEUTER BOB Farrer s PR Noontide Pumpkin Flutterwood Lilac Tortie Silver Shaded LH FN 1 st & PC Farrer s PR Noontide Easter Parade Blue Silver Mackerel Tabby LH FN A very nice 15 month-old girl of excellent size. She has a very nice broad, rounded head with a rounded forehead, broad based medium sized ears that are well placed. Round, well opened gold coloured eyes. Broad nose with downward slant, good profile and muzzle shape. Excellent body shape, well boned legs, and medium length tail. A lovely coat, very full with loads of loose curls that had been well separated and beautifully prepared for the show. SNOW SPOTTED BENGAL (AOC & BLUE-EYED) ADULT BOB Kearney s GR CH Cheysuli Gaelic Charm female Now almost 8 years old. She has a gently rounded moderate wedge, slightly longer than wide. Medium sized well set ears. In profile she has a gentle break; nicely rounded muzzle, good chin and level bite. Good eye shape and blue-green colour. Long strong body, long legs and rounded paws. Medium length thick tail. Her coat is short and soft with clear small rosettes and some arrowhead spots in brown on a tan ground. Sweet natured girl. AC PERSIAN/EXOTIC KITTEN NOT BRED BY EXHIBITOR 1 st Thomson s Cullykhan La Belle Epoque Tortie Tabby & White 2 nd Young s Lafrebella Sylvester Orange-eyed White male 3 rd Adair s Cushka Cherry Blossom Red Tabby Point Colourpoint female

8 AV SH ADULT MALE WITH FEWER THAN 3 CCs OR MERITS 1 st Phillips Macan De Midilys Chartreux 2 nd Lincoln & Miskelly s A-Amor Van Ermelinde Usual Abyssininan 3 rd Bardsley s Limatz Winstone Churchill Blue British SH AC BRITISH/SELKIRK KITTEN NOT BRED BY EXHIBITOR 1 st Graham s Baronet Choco Rumba Black British LH female 2 nd Cross & Bicket s Skyota Cozmic Cookie Blue British SH female 3 rd Bowd s Primageeta Silver Darrach-Bee Black Silver Tabby SH male AC BRITISH/SELKIRK NEUTER NOT BRED BY EXHIBITOR 1 st Balfour s GR PR Trizinca Angus Blue British SH MN 2 nd Simpson s CH & GR PR Templegates Tia Black Tipped British SH FN 3 rd Farrer s PR Noontide Pumpkin Flutterwood Lilac Tortie Silver Shaded LH FN AC CORNISH OR DEVON REX, LA PERM OR SPHYNX NEUTER 1 st Clayton & Illes PR Auroradawn Chantilly - Tortie Point Cornish Rex FN