Chance. A Second PLUS: Joey made it, thanks to you! Caring Hands Humane Society Critter Chronicle

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1 Caring Hands Humane Society Critter Chronicle Issue 5 October 2017 Published Bi-Monthly A Second Chance PLUS: When Disaster Strikes: How to Pack a Go Bag for your pet! Joey made it, thanks to you! Thank you, Volunteers for summer fundraiser help! First Saturday is Bath Day!

2 A Second Chance Joey s leg was injured. Without help, he might have died. Abandoned on the outskirts of Halstead, Fonzie was left to fend for himself. When Animal Control brought him to Caring Hands Humane Society, we knew he desperately needed medical attention. Fonzie s left leg was so badly mangled it couldn t support his weight. In order to survive, he walked using three legs, while dragging the injured leg across the ground resulting in large open wounds. When Joey came to us, his leg had an awful wound. Stacie Tonn saw Fonzie on the Caring Hands website before his operation and was immediately drawn to him. From his story, she knew he would need a lot of love and care while adjusting to his new situation. Stacie reached out to our Kennel Manager and Foster Coordinator hoping to bring Fonzie home to stay with her and her daughter, Jaden. After having this spirited lab in their home for only two days, Stacie and Jaden knew that Fonzie was meant to be a permanent part of the family. They We ll never know the cause of the initial injury, but we do know that Fonzie arrived at Caring Hands just in time to prevent his wounds from becoming infected. Fonzie s leg was amputated in April, and he was placed in foster care to begin his journey to recovery and a new home. Through everything that s happened, Joey has never lost his affectionate personality and joyous outlook on life. 2

3 These days, Stacie and Joey visit retirement homes in Newton. Joey loves to interact with people and is a much beloved guest at every facility. Sadly, Joey had to have his leg removed. But the operation helped save his life. Joey came to a caring facility where he received urgently needed medical attention and found a new, loving family, but Caring Hands is more than a place. It s also a community of donors, volunteers and a dedicated staff who believe in a mission that values animals and their contribution to our community. moved forward with adoption and renamed him Joey, after a member of Jaden s favorite band. Joey has been working through months of therapy, but with his new family by his side he is steadily improving. He has gained some much needed weight, and is adjusting to life without his left leg. In the beginning, Stacie took Joey out on walks every day in a sling crafted to support his body weight and aide in balance. Now, he can walk on his own, and is taking rehabilitation swim classes twice a week. Joey is recovering well. He s learned to walk with just three legs and still bounds with energy! Your gift to Caring Hands allows animals like Joey to survive and flourish. Thank you! 3

4 Volunteer Corner Just a Reminder Thank You, Adopt-A-Thon Volunteers! Our Volunteers did an amazing job at the Sonic Adopt-A-Thons this summer. On August 5, 2017, we went to the South Sonic with a couple dogs and on August 26, 2017, we were at the North Sonic with a couple dogs. Thank you Sonic and our loving volunteers! Because of you, we raised $ Everyone did a great job. Thank you so much for your help. If you are a volunteer with us and you would like to be a part of one of our Adopt-A-Thons, please contact Quette by calling the office or ing me. You are always welcome to stop in a visit with me if you have any questions. 4

5 Welcome, New Volunteers We are excited to have you all join our team of volunteers and look forward to working with. Thank you for choosing Caring Hands Humane Society to volunteer your time. Allyssa M. Amanda M. Calliope G. Marni M. Happy Birthday! The Staff and Animals would like to wish a tail wagging purr-fect Happy Birthday to these volunteers: NOVEMBER Dana S. DECEMBER Cassidy C. Tess B. Dana S. JANUARY Connie C. Our Volunteer Landon is getting to know our new resident kitty, Maverick. I think they are becoming friends! If you are a Volunteer and we have missed your birthday, please get with Quette to update our information. Garage Sale Success We had another amazing garage sale this year! All the donations from the garage sale will help the animals in our care. Thank you to all the volunteers, board members, employees and customers for making this a great event. We hope to see you all next year.

6 When Disaster Strikes Are you prepared to care for your pet in an emergency? In the wake of hurricane Harvey, we are also recognizing National Preparedness Month (September). This is typically the time set aside for professionals to encourage their community members to be aware of potential risks for emergency situations and then to actually prepare for various types of emergencies. Preparation efforts will often peak in unaffected parts of the country as recent disaster situations are unfolding fresh in our minds and our news networks and social media are consumed with stories of devastation. Although we are now beginning October, THIS is the time to act for yourself! Please take advantage of this time to have plans for yourself, family, friends and neighbors. Then have a plan B and maybe even plan C. Within hours of deployment in Texas, even response teams have had to modify plans because circumstances changed. Our country is fortunate to have such dedicated first responders and we can help make their jobs safer by simply having go-bags ready for ourselves and our pets. Kansas State Animal Response Team Be the first to help animals in need! Volunteers are needed people like you who care about pets and their community. There are two paths available for volunteers. The Disaster Responder path trains and prepares volunteers to deploy in a disaster. The Community Volunteer path provides an avenue for volunteers with the desire to participate without deployment. It is possible to pursue both paths as a volunteer. SOUTH CENTRAL REGIONAL RESPONSE TEAM SCHEDULE Horsing Around Team Building Saturday, October 21 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM Hope In The Valley, Valley Center Annual Strategic Meeting Saturday, November 18 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM Wichita. 6 VOLUNTEER TODAY! Contact or

7 How to Pack a Go Bag for Your Pet FOOD AND WATER At least 3 days of food in an airtight, waterproof container At least 3 days of water specifically for your pets Pack food and water dishes MEDICINES AND MEDICAL RECORDS A supply of your pet s medicines Your pet s veterinarian contact information Microchip your pet and update your associated on-line information Pet Data Sheet, completed for each pet Your pet s registration information, adoption papers, vaccination documents and medical records COLLAR WITH ID TAG, LEASH AND PHOTOS Keep a collar with its rabies tag and identification on your pet at all times Add a backup leash, collar and ID tag in your pet s go bag Picture of you with your pet (on your phone and in your pet s go bag) FIRST AID KIT AND SANITATION Cotton bandage rolls, tape and scissors; antibiotic ointment; flea and tick prevention; latex gloves, isopropyl alcohol and saline solution A pet first aid reference book Cat litter and box, paper towels, plastic trash bags, and poop sacks CRATE OR PET CARRIER AND FAMILIAR ITEMS Blankets or bedding of some kind A secure crate or kennel large enough for your pet to stand, turn around, and lie down Favorite toys and treats A LIST OF CONTACTS List emergency contacts for your pet on your Pet Data Sheet Locate sheltering options for you and your pet friends, family, pet friend hotels Get this list and additional helpful information at 7

8 Thank You, Donors! 07/09/17-09/07/17 DONATIONS Cash/NonCash All Creatures Veterinary Center Allmond, Kay Anonymous Asbury Park Residents Aylward, Linda Baldwin, Clark Bender III, Jack Bergkamp, Gordan Bieghler, Joshua & Sara Blann, Phillip & Paula Boone, Emily Bowman, Jessica Brockman, Jerry Brown, Susan Buchholz, Brent & Amy Butcher Estate, Sylvia Cain, Jeremy Carlson, Duane Carpenter-Ledford, Wendy Charlsen, Charla Conyers, Sheryl & Dennis Cornwell, Tom & Arlene Country Aide Vet Clinic Croft, Cindy & Douglas Decker, Wilma Donyers, Sheryl & Dennis Eitzen, Alan Energy, Westar Faber, Arnold Famming, Judith Farrar, Jean Friesen, Marjorie Gaede, Gene Gardner, Susan Garrett, Patrick Gehring, Dick & Kaylene 8 Geurian, Vergi Great Plains Pet Hospital Hamm, Clinton & Maxine Hardtafer, David & Mary Harper, Denise Harper, Diana Harrison, Madella Harvey, Anne Hasting, Chris Haury, Kent & Myrla Hauser, Elaine Heartland Combined Federal Campaign Hefner, Keith Helburg, Marilyn Heller, Jeremy & Sarah Henson, Mini Hubbard, Kristan Huxman, Alice Jay s Place Kelsheimer, Denna Klassen, Shelley Klein, Ashley Koehn, Deanna Kraus, Leroy & Ronda Kroger Family Trust Kueger, Sheryl Kurth, Glen & Marion Lang, Elizabeth Lewis, Paula Lieb, Metta Lyon, James Malcom, Mark & Laura Manale, Peggy Marten, Megan Mathews, Lacretia May, Jessica McCune, Allen McHatten, Clayton & Stephanie Meece, Brent & Tasha Miller, Herman & Louvine Myers, Edward Nold, Richard & Kim O Hara, Paul & Bonnie Palmer, Stephen Pendergraft, Sonja Petersen, Tom Plasek, Debra Quiring, Rawald, Sandy Regier, Bruce Reyes, Ana Richardson, Dianah Riggs, Doris Rivera, Will Robben, Tammie Rohe, Sandy Rucker, James Schmidt, Betty Schroeder, Ivan Schroeder, Joni Shifflett, Dana Silvernale, Kandace Simmons, Kathryn Smith, Linda Sparks, Penny Sparlin, Thomas & Sparlin Stoddard, Eileen Stucky, Jim & Barb Sullivan, Candy Swart, Julie Swayze, Larry The Cato Corporation Thomas Thompson, Linda & James Thouvenell, Tammie Tibbets, Elaine VL Androes Family Trust Walmart # 2428 Well Wheeler, Linda White, Glenn & Peggy Wichita Krazy Kollectors Club Wickiser, Jimmy & Susan Yost, Greg & Tabatha LIFE- SUSTAINING MEMBERS Baumgartner, Bonnie & Robert Bernhart, Elizabeth Dinneen, Steve Edwards, Catherine Emmele, Penny Gaede, Gene Hagman, Herbert Heck, Willis & Janice Jensen, Stacia Johnson, Delbert & Gini Kingry, Mary Kittrell, Sandy Nicholson, Carol Nickel, Pat & Rocky Osburn, Rhonda & Scott Palmer, Phil & Lois Roach, Shari Webster, Katherine Wheeler, Geneva White, Glenn & Peggy RENEWED MEMBERS Armstrong, Pamela Bayless, Steve & Vicki Bender III, Jack & Donna Blanford, Richard Booher, Elizabeth Cawford, Kathleen Center, Jose Hearing Clem, Norma Congdon, Sharon Dalke, Jacqueline Danziger, Pat Donyers, Sheryl & Dennis Dubois, Terresia Fransen, Paul Guyer, Judith Hastings, Gene & Cindy Hauser, Elaine Heckman, Roberta & John Helburg, Marilyn Hoffer, Bruce & Carol Hoyt Jr, Walter & Cynthia Jesse, Richard & Enid Johnson, Patsy & Eugene Jones, Lanny & Jane Kellogg, Mary Kippes, Richard & Julie Kitzenberger, Dean & Mary Knapp, David Koelliker, Howard & Vera Marie Kraus, Leroy & Ronda Lehmberg, Barbara Linnehan, Mike Lyon, James Marquart, Jill Martinez, Frances Matz, Ronald & Darlene Metz, Shannon O Hara, Bonnie & Paul Palmer, Phil & Lois Palmer, Stephen Paulin, Shawne Piper, Bette & Dean Raglin, Patricia Ratzlaff, John & Ann Ravenscraft, Dan Rawald, Sandy Rhodes, Cynthia Roatch, Darlene & Cameron Rohe, Sandy Salmeron, Laura Snook, Charlie Snyder, Vernon & Donnis Sparlin, Thomas & Sparlin

9 Stamps, Treva Stinger, Kenneth & Norma Vanschaick, James & Anita Voth, Wilbur & Hazel Watkins, Glenda Weeks, Rick & Linda White, Glenn & Peggy NEW MEMBERS Adams, Carolyn Alexander, Jo Birdsell, Rebecca Bradshaw, Bernadette Buller, Timothy & Rachel Burke, Regina & Scott Chronister, Ranee & Phillip Club, Newton Saddle Funk, Linda & Pete Gleason, Dana & Bonnie Haden, Jim & Kathy Hill, Sarah & William Hood, Grace Kaegi, Gial Kater, Gloria Krehbiel, Nancy & James Leewright-Patry, Christi Luna, Delores Overton, Yvonne & Anthony Penner, Pamela Peterfish, Glenda Phillips, Mary Reimer, Judy Richardson, Edna Schroeder, DaLonna Swayze, Larry Timken, Carolyn & Phillip Waegener, Kenneth & Nita Way, Tammie Wedel, Adrianne Yee, David & Joanne IN MEMORY Farrell J. Grogg Anderson, James & Donna Dey, Michael & Kay Gasaway, Ronald & Sharon Heck, Willis & Janice Knupp, Margaret Martin, Karen PBA Architects, Susan & Edward Klock Samuelson, John Schmidt, Betty & Eldon Stineman, Gordon & Becky Triplitt, Forest & Glenda Westfall, George Chip & Theresa Darlene (Holinde) Hamilton Fellows, Eydie Jones, Jarrell & Mary Rice, Randall Homes Heckman, Roberta & John Lester Jarrell Jones, Jarrell & Mary Mona Kreivins Hurst, Brendan Brady K. Krueger Anderson, James & Donna B & B Airparts Beck, Vickie Bohrer-Croxdale & McAdoo Inc. Conrade, Darrell & Cynda Decker, Wilma & Tracy Gregg, Dr. Harold & Evelyn Hanna, Michael Haury, Doug Ice, Sue Kansas Association of Professional Insurance Agents Inc. Kloster, Eileen Knapp, David Koehn, Susan Krueger, Martha McGlachlin, Richard & Margie Moody, Donald Musser, Alvin & Priscilla Powell, Scott & Cassie Raber, Beulah & Merrill Ragon, RD & CG Roberson, Tom & Marge Scheffler, Vickie Schmidt, Debbie & David Schmidt, Eldon & Betty Schwarz, Eric John Sjogren, Robert & Marilyn Smalley, Debra Snider, Cynthia Spurlock, George Steely & Schimming LLC CPA Steiner, Anthony & Donna Van Der Weg, Martin & Peggy Wallace, Edd & Marilyn Linda Ravenscraft McCoy, Virginia LaDonna Smith LaDonna Smith Estate Lois E. Stewart Brotton, Kathy Hartke, Lauren Nebergall, Norma Rasmussen, Clem & Judy Wheeler, Geneva IN HONOR Hooper & Friends Androes, Vernon CHHS Employee & Volunteers McCune, Dr. Allen Guardians of the Animals Club Join the Guardians of the Animals Club to leave a lasting legacy. Become a member of this dedicated group of individuals who have remembered Caring Hands Humane Society in their estate planning. Please discuss with your financial planner or attorney the various ways you can help. Name us as the beneficiary of your insurance policy, create an endowment, leave a bequest, stocks or real estate! Louis Amari Andrew David Eldena Deplar Orville Dennis Catherine Edwards Aline L. Force Helen Force- Courtwright Betty H. Graham Joyce Heine Krys Hiebert Harry Hinton Jr. Denise Kueser Barbara Lehmberg Metta Lieb Dr. Edward Myers Linda Parsons Monna Pinaire Sandra Rohe Laura S. Salmeron Robert L. & Margaret E. Spencer James & Barbara Stucky Elaine Tibbets 9

10 Kitty Cuddles! Furry felines share special time with special visitors This summer, we had some of the Asbury Residents come out and visit us and some of our kitties. The Asbury Residents brought out some newspapers that they all collected for us to use here at Caring Hands Humane Society! We enjoyed having you all out and we look forward to seeing you all again. Thank you for the newspaper donation! First Saturday Is Bath Day! Dog Wash is the first Saturday of each month 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Prices vary by the size of dog. If you would like us to wash your dog, please call To volunteer, contact Outreach Coordinator Quette. helping our dog wash Savannah and Ashley are y wash him. Great job, girls! client feel loved while the 10 Ollie is one of ou r regular client s. His mom, LaDon na, brings him to Caring Hands on ce a month for his bath. We fo und this very cu te duck towel and we could not w ait to snuggle Ollie up in it! Thank you.

11 BOARD OF DIRECTORS President LeAnn Suderman Vice President Lois Ross Secretary Sandy Rohe Treasurer Kathy Pearce Members Martha Gartner Christine Rose Ginger Resnik Howard Lacher Kathy Brotton Tom Roberson Unfilled VETERINARY STAFF Veterinarian Dr. Errick Clayborn DVM Veterinary Technician Heather Moran RVT Veterinary Assistant Joni Schroeder STAFF Executive Director Kevin Stubbs Assistant Director Mike Jantz Shelter Manager Christy Million Outreach Coordinator Quette Graves Adoption Counselors Kayla Horsley Cynthia Sutcliffe OPERATIONS ASST. Roy Ring KENNEL TECHNICIANS Jamie Stahl Christy Lester Tara Crocker Anabel Gomez Membership Benefits $25 LEVEL Use of our pet bathing facilities (bring your own shampoo) Reduced fees on CHHS Obedience Training License placard and window decal $50 LEVEL All the $25 level, plus a t-shirt $100 LEVEL All the $25 level, plus a sweatshirt $250 LEVEL All the $25 level, plus a t-shirt and a sweatshirt LIFE-SUSTAINING MEMBER $18 monthly (minimum) commitment Members receive discounts at the following businesses: Anderson s Office Supply Avon - Kathy Brotton/ Independent Agent CertaPro Painters County Seat Decorating Center Curtis C s Diner Curves Eastgate Lanes The Family Dog Behavioral & Training Center Mary s Mats & More Norm s Coffee Bar Papa Murphy s Take n Bake Pizza Passion for Pets Pawsitively Groomed K-9 s Please pick up your member gift items at the shelter. For your gift of $500, $1000, or $5000, we ll add your name on our Bronze, Silver, or Gold Donor Wall. Yes! I want to give life and love to animals In need at Caring Hands Humane Society Yes! I wish to become a member. Here is my membership gift of $ No, thank you. I do not want to become a member. However, please accept my gift of $ Check or cash enclosed Please accept my credit card donation: Visa Mastercard Discover Name card: Expiration Date: Card Number: CVV: Phone: Thank you! Your support provides loving care to animals in need. Thank you for helping us remain a no-kill animal care community. All donations are tax deductible, less the amount of any goods received, as applicable by law. Return this form to: Caring Hands Humane Society 1400 SE 3rd Street Newton, KS 67114

12 wto KS Caring Hands Humane Society 1400 SE 3rd Street Newton, KS (316) Nonprofit Org US Postage PAID AKA SHELTER HOURS Monday: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM Tuesday: 10:00 AM - 6:30 PM Wednesday: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM Thursday: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM Friday: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM Saturday: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM Sunday: 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM LIKE US ON FACEBOOK! Your support saves lives! Please send a gift today to help us remain a no-kill animal shelter. Send a gift using the form on the other side, or donate online at