Look at the cover of a story book! What do you see? Label the items in the box and describe what you see on the cover below.

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1 1 Name: Date: Look at the cover of a story book! What do you see? Label the items in the box and describe what you see on the cover below. A with two big ears and long hanging on to a tree branch. Young of a A fierce eyeing the mouse hoping to catch it. A thorny stem What do you think will happen next? Exchange your guess with a partner. Award each other 1 mark for any possible guess, but award 5 marks instead if your guess matches the story.

2 2 What was the cat doing? The cat was pouncing onto Mouse! Was Cat successful in catching Mouse? Oh no! I miss catching Mouse! Cat screeched. And now I am caught in this thorny bush. Ouch! Ouch! Cat squirmed as he struggled out of the thorns. Is Mouse actually lucky or not?

3 3 It was the shadow of a big. What was this black hole? It is a hawk! Should Mouse be grumbling? Did things go right or wrong for Mouse? Poor Hawk was dizzy after hitting the ground!

4 4 Look! What was behind Mouse? was slithering towards Mouse! Mouse was in danger! Mouse must be tired running away from Cat, then Hawk! Mouse must take a. But was Mouse in a comfortable spot? Look at the snake s big mouth and its two sharp fangs! Snake was going to attack. But Snake bit a leaf instead! Mouse cried in pain as he pulled out the prickles from his.

5 5 Look at Mouse! He was crossing the stream by jumping on to the stepping. Look behind Mouse! What was Salmon going to do? Mouse slipped and fell into the. Salmon opened its mouth wide to Mouse. Mouse complained that the water was freezing and swam out as fast as he could. Look at Salmon! Salmon caught a twig in its big instead of Mouse.

6 6 Look! Who was staring at Mouse? Or was it staring at something else? What was running after Mouse? What could this be? Oh no! Fox hit on a instead! Mouse lost his balance and skidded down to the.

7 7 Poor Mouse was hurt! He was in pain with and bruises all over his body. Mouse slowly staggered in pain to run all the way home. Why do you think Mouse was running? Mouse went home quickly to seek out his Mother so she could put some ointment and over his cuts and. Mouse had fallen onto thorny, fell into a, got wet and cold in the, skidded down a slope. It was quite an adventure for Mouse! Mother Mouse said, Never mind, It! You are a lucky and brave boy!

8 8 Wasn t Mouse very lucky indeed! He was very nearly caught by the, then the, next the, then the, after that the and finally the again! It indeed! What do you think Mouse and Mother would do next? You can draw pictures in the next row and write captions in the following boxes below.

9 9 Copy /Underline all the VERBS/Action Words in the story. Do you know the meaning of all the verbs? Show / Demonstrate to your teacher the verb/action. The teacher will tell you whether you are right or not. VERBS in the story Have you found all the verbs in the story? Transform the verbs in the Past Tense back into the Base Form/ Present Tense. was visiting lost fell said is could have been picked up carried on came was scurrying crash disappeared do go grumbled clambered think (wi)ll take had found sat shot happens wailed pulled walked reached began cross landed catch complained paddled climbed shaking scramble lost skidded staggered (wi)ll be ran (ha)s been bathed got mind Do you like the story? Which part do you like best? Do you think Little Mouse will be more careful in future? Do you think Mother Mouse need to teach little Mouse to be more careful? What will Mother Mouse say to the little Mouse? Individually, write the dialogue. In pairs, exchange your dialogue. Combine your best ideas to make a better dialogue. In pairs, role play Mother & Little Mouse.

10 10 ANSWER: The Past Tense VERBS below in red have been transformed back into their base form/present tense. was - is visiting lost - lose fell - fall said - say is could have been picked up pick..up carried on carry on came - come was scurrying crash disappeared-disappear do go grumbled-grumble clambered-clamber think (wi)ll take had found sat shot - shoot happens wailed - wail pulled - pull walked - walk reached - reach began - begin cross landed - land catch complained - complain paddled - paddle climbed - climb shaking scramble lost - lose skidded - skid staggered - stagger (wi)ll be ran - run (ha)s been bathed bathe got - get mind