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1 PET ADOPTION LEAGUE PAWPRINTS Spring 2015 BEAUTIFUL BETSY REQUIRES SURGERY FOR HER HIPS and KNEES League (PAL) of Hackettstown, NJ when Betsy'sthe lifeshelter was saved she wasby in the was Pet closed Adoption and she had languished in the shelter for two years before APRIL 24th- PAL'S 5th ANNUAL PASTA DINNER - DETAILS INSIDE they came to PAL. We found Betsy had severe oral and dental disease and was with us for 3 APRIL 25/26th "PET APPRECIATION DAYS" months while her serious issues were treated and at PETVALU, AAANSIFELD: and 3 other cats needed to be rehoused. They her mouth healed. When she was healthy enough to be adopted, it happened quick SATURDAY 10 AM - 2 PM SUNDAY- 2-6 PM ly. A wonderful young woman fell in love with her. Betsy and her new cat siblings also quickly became friends and began to play, and that is how her new person discovered Betsy's limp. MAY 2nd "FILL-A-TRUCK" FUNDRAISERat ARBY'S DETAILS INSIDE Unfortunately, Betsy has genetically inherited two very painful conditions; luxating patella's (her kneecaps dislocate) and hip dysplasia (her hip joint and the ball at the end of her femur are misaligned). These conditions in OCTOBER 2nd PAL'S ANNUAL TRICKY TRAY, MINEBROOK GOLF CLUB, cats are rare and very painful. If left untreated both conditions cause debilitating arthritis which will add to the pain she already experiences, HACKETTSTOWN T/CKETS GO ON SALEJULY IS an and the luxating patella's could eventually cause her to lose the use of her legs. Surgery is critical to allow her to walk and play. THANK YOU Betsy's new owner loves her very much, but she cannot afford the surgery to fix her problems. We have seen how loved and happy Betsy is in her new home, and after all she's been through we want her to be able to stay in the home she has finally found where she is so loved and cod dled. Betsy's new owner is willing to do anything necessary for Betsy's recovery, including the daily physical therapy and other home care and the regular vet visits to check on progress. Can you help us by donating what ever amount you can to help us get Betsy the surgery she needs to stop her pain and prevent much more serious problems to come? Once in a while, a cat or dog needs special surgery or medical treatment which can fix their problems and allow them to live a happy and long life. A fundraising campaign has been set up for Betsy on gofundme at http: // which you can find on our website at mail a check to "PAL, P.O. Box 206, Hackettstown, NJ 07840" marked 'BETSY" or donate via PayPal all donations are tax de ductible, and any amount is welcome. Thank you very much from Betsy and all of the PAL volunteers. If! he Pet Adoption League would like to Mi ithank the faculty and families at Old Farm ers Road School in Long Valley, NJ for all the gen erous donations made over the past holiday sea son. The food and toys were distributed to our animals in foster care and were greatly appreciated by all. As you can see from the picture, David one of our foster dogs at the time the donations were made, was thoroughly enjoying himself choosing a new toy for himself! Thank you again. Old Farmers Road School. We couldn't do it without your continued support! PAL'S 2014 SUMMARY... We adopted out or helped rehome 10 dogs, and adopted out 129 cats! In 2014! So far this year we have adopted out or helped rehome 5 dogs and 27 cats!

2 DAVID AND EDITH ARE ENJOYING THEIR NEW HOMES!! Whippet mix who was Davidfound is a abandoned silly and sweet with no collar or microchip by the side of Edith (front) and her new freiend, Hueo the road in Allamuchy. He was beautiful adopted by a family, but due to Edith isfreck a little unforeseen circumstances after a led beagle who was abandoned this couple of years, they asked PAL to help them find a new home for more time with him. David likes to play with other dogs past winter. One of our wonderful vets at Blairstown and has several cat friends, but what he really, really Animal Hospital him, where he would have someone who was able to spend wanted was a person who would love him as much as he loved them and would bring him for adventures each day in fostered her and taught her good house manners while she waited for her forever home. the woods or in the neighborhood. David's dream came true when Teresa and her husband Heather and Shad, a wonderful couple who had adopted an older beagle named Hugo, were interested in finding a com adopted him in February. For him it was love at first panion for him. Edith's beauty and charm won over not just sight, and even though he was normally cautious around her new family but Hugo as well. He was head over heels in men, he even went right up to his new dad to say hello. He now has his daily adventures plus all the love he dreamed love as soon as he set eyes on her. about and even a fireplace to nap in front of after long walks and a feline friend, named Sabe. Now Hugo and Edith are living happily ever after together, and Edith has even helped Hugo stop pulling on his leash be cause he is perfectly happy to walk next to Edith. The pair In this picture he is modelling one of his new coats and a have matching red coats and white fleece collars for the blanket he likes to walk around in while in the house. David was a favorite amongst his daily PAL dog walkers and was winter and they, do turn heads because they are so adorable together. fostered for a short time by one of our volunteers. My name is Mr. R and my previous owners moved and left me behind. I was born 7/1/07 (approx.). Despite my misfortune, I still have a sunny disposition and I love every one and everything. I have a sensitive stomach and require spe cial food. I adore attention and being brushed. Look how cute I am! Please fill out an online preadopt if you would like me to join your family. I'm Phoebe and I was born 2/16/14 (approx.). I am one of a large foster homes NEEDED We are always in need of foster homeskitten season will be coming soon, and we have cats that would really benefit from being in a home and socialized to help prepare them for their new home. PAL supplies all food and medical care to our animals in foster care. We also support our foster families with all the advice and training tips they may need to be sure their foster dog or cat makes a smooth transition into their family. If you or someone you know is in a position to foster any ofour PAT, dogs (or cats), please contact us at (978) or us at for more information on anyoi our dogs. A volun teer will then be in contact with you. group of cats that were abandoned at a farm recently. I'm a pretty girl who is very friendly and I love attention. I also enjoy being brushed, which is a good thing since I have long hair and will need help from my human friends p _ OEBE to keep me looking my best. Please fill out an online pre-adopt if you would like me to join your family. Hey, I'm Percy and I also came from the large group of cats aban doned at a farm. I'm a handsome tabby that had an eye infection that was left untreated, but it is only cos metic and has not taken away from my movie star looks or my happy demeanor. I love attention and play need is love can you open your heart to one of these adorable felines?? ing with my circular toy! I'm ap proximately one year old. Come by PERCY the PetValu store in Mansfield and meet me in person you will be glad Visit our website at to complete an online pre-adopt if you you did! Or you can complete an online pre-adopt form. These cats deserve a second chance, they are innoccnt babies and all they are interested in any of our cats.

3 Cat adoptions arc held every Saturday at the Mt. Olive PetSmart from 12 3 p.m. and we also have adaptable cats at PetValu, Mansfield come and check out their new location in the strip mall across from Ruby Tuesdays. Rt. 57, Mansfield. Our wonderful cats look forward to meeting you! HAVE A COUPLE OF HOURS TO SPARE? PAL ALUMNI RILEY 10 YEARS LATER... ago after he was rescued from the streets of Jersey We are for looking a few City. adopted Riley hadfrom beenthe adopted out onceleague or twice ten but was Riley was Pet Adoption years animals lovers to returned. Riley's dad, Jim, says that fact did not bother him as give our cats some he had two fenced in acres for Riley to run around in. Jim said that Riley was the "perfect gentleman" on the car ride home and TLC at our busy adoption center at PetSmart, Mt Olive and also at PetValu, Mansfield. then he became a handful, but he and his wife hung in there. They adopted Riley in April and by the Fall, Riley decided that his new home wasn't bad after all! He had fallen in love with the wood stove; it sure beat the sidewalk grates in his former ter ritory for warmth and comfort - and that love affair continues today! Jim says that Riley was never badly behaved towards them, he was just naughty and independent, but through their love and patience he has become a wonderful companion. Jim and MaryJane, thank you so much for this wonderful update we are sure you have many Riley stories to share. LIKE US ON FACEBOOK! http: //www. f acebook. com/pages/the -Pet-Adoption-League/ DONATE TO PAL THROUGH igive.com - You Shop! PAL wins! We will receive two cents each time you search and a portion of each purchase will be donated to PAL. -IlM I MOI/ING! w00mi0(f01 D Are you money? a baker We or love love new toitems raise to sell at our monthly bake sales and we are always looking for new ideas and people to help with fundraisers. don'twould know love how to started, If you to get help, but if s easy, just give us a call at , us at visit our website at and someone will contact you to get you started. Need to move into on apartment and want to take your pet?? Check out MyApartmentMap.com a search site for pet friendly apartments all over the country. Please help us help the animals by making a TAX DEDUCTIBLE_donation today! We need your help now more than ever, with so many animals being abandoned. Thank you for your support. Yes, I want to help the Pet Adoption League with food, fostering and finding homes for pets in need. Enclosed is my donation for: D $15 D $25 D $35 D $50 D $100 D Other $ Name: Address: City: hone Number: ( State: ) Zip: I would like to contribute monthly in your "PAL for Life" program, please send me a coupon book. (No obligation, can stop at anytime.) I am interested in volunteering, please have someone contact me. PET ADOPTION LEAGUE Please make checks payable to "Pet Adoption League" and mail to: You can help stop the vicious cycle of unwanted pets, please spay or neuter all your petsl P.O. BOX 206 HACKETTSTOWN, NJ 07840

4 A DAY IN THE LIFE OF AN ANIMAL RESCUE The Pet Adoption League (PAL) has been in the Hacketts town area for many years. We are a small group and very focused on helping as many abandoned animals in our area that we can. Our organization is made up of volunteers - no paid staff - many of these volunteers BREANN have families, pets of their own and, oh yes full time jobs! The hours that are put into trapping a cat, taking them to the vet, caring for them in foster homes and at SALEM our adoption centers at PetSmart, Mt. Olive, and Pet Valu, Mansfield - is just something that these dedicated volunteers do day in and day out, whatever the weather. Many times volunteers are out at night in all kinds of weather rescuing cats left in a box at the side of a road, or from a storm drain, many times full of water. Recently we have taken in several cats from Allamuchy Township that were abandoned at a farm. Breann beautiful gray and white female, very friendly; Velma lovely, quiet female tabby; Salem, - a beautiful LUKE black cat whose owner recently passed away. Salem is missing his owner and is very depressed. Rusty, - a handsome ginger tabby. Upon first meeting him, he may give you the "stink" eye, but warms up once you begin to pet him.; Luke - a very handsome cutie looking for a SASHA warm lap check out our Facebook page to see Luke playing! Tyler is a love bug and very handsome tabby; Griffin is a lovely black and white kitty, a real lover boy, he really loves attention and a quiet home would suit him best. He does require a low cost daily medication. Kavan cute RUSTY tabby, that loves to play; Sasha beautiful cat, a little shy at first, would love a home with other gentle cats. Betsy - she was rescued with three other cats from an overcrowded shelter where they had languished for 2 years. Her story is on featured on the front page. GRIFFIN These are just a few of the cats in need of a new home or with the help of PAL have found their new homes. When the need is there, PAL does its best to help provided we have the space to take in more cats, money needed for food, vet bills, boarding, etc. We rely on donations from our supporters, proceeds from our fundraisers - we can't do it alone. TYLER If you can help us by volunteering, fostering a cat, making a one time or ongoing donation through our "PAL for Life" program, please visit our website at us at call us at , mail a check to "PAL, PO Box 206, Hackettstown, NJ 07840" or visit our Facebook page which can be found on our website. The Pet Adoption League is a organization and all donations are tax deductible. Thank you to all of our PAL for Life supporters we could not do it without your continued help. VELMA KAVAN STOP BY PETVALU, MANSFIELD ON: SATURDAY, 4/2S, 10 AM 2 PM SUNDAY, 4/26, Z PM 6 PM We have many more cats and kittens that are not featured in our newsletter because of space. Please visit our website at TO MEET OUR WONDERFUL CATS WHO ARE LOOMNfi FOR THEIR - to read all of the stories about our cats, us at or call our phone line FOREVER HOMESI at We are always in need of loving foster homes to help socialize our kitties all supplies provided. We always need help at our busy adoption center at PetSmart, Mt. Olive and also at PetValu, Mansfield.

5 LEAVE THE COOKING TO US! PET ADOPTION LEAGUE'S 5th ANNUAL PASTA DINNER FRIDAY, APRIL 24TH, :00 pm 8:00 pm Panther Valley Ecumenical Church, 1490 Route 517, Allamuchy, NJ $10.00 pp Yes! I'm coming! Please reserve Yes! We're bringing our kids 6 and under $5.00 per child Please reserve dinners at $5.00 ea. Take out call (201) No, I can't attend, but I would like to make a donation. Phone: Name: Address: Zio: City: MAIL TOTAL AMOUNT TO : 'PAL' - 3 Spring Hill Lane, Great Meadows, NJ b, i.» ALL PROCEEDS GO TOWARDS HELPING HOMELESS ANIMALS IN OUR AREA TWO WAYS TO HELP PET ADOPTION LEAGUE YOUR LOCAL CAT/DOG RESCUE FILL-A-TRUCK FUNDRAISING EVENT it's a clothing drive and much more so start your Spring cleaning now! Please help support Pet Adoption League by bringing bags of items to: ARBY'S, Route 57, Mansfield Saturday, May 2nd 11 am 2:30 pm Acceptable Items new or gently used Mixed clothing, all sizes, Shoes, Sandals, Sneakers, Boots, Belts, Ties, Jackets, Coats, Rain Gear, Hats, Scarves, Gloves, Pants, Shirts, Sweaters, Vests Blouses, Dresses, Skirts Curtains, Blankets, Sheets, Towels, Tablecloths, Bedspreads... ****ARBY'S FUNDRAISING EVENT**** Arby's is also supporting PAL the same day by donating 15% of all proceeds between 11 am and 2:30 pm so stop by for a delicious lunch after donating to the Fill-a-Truck event!

6 LOW COST SPAY/ NEUTER INFORMATION: Friends of Animals: PETS (7387) Peaceable Klnodom: (610) Eastern PA Animal Alliance Low Cost Spav/Neuter Clinic: ( 570) SPAY/USA: SPAy (7729) DONATE YOUR CAR TO PAL!! If you're thinking of selling or trading in your car, consider donating it to the Pet Adoption League. You will avoid all the hassle of finding a buyer, greatly help our homeless animals find their forever home and get a tax deduction! It's easy, just fill out the donation form on our website ( and you will be contacted within 3-4 days to make arrange ments to have your car towed at your conven ience. The car doesn't have to run as long as it has all major parts (tires, engine, etc.) Visit our website NOW at It couldn't be easier to get rid of that clunker and your neighbors will love you for it! ESTATE PLANNING Please remember your pets and PAL in your estate planning the animals will appreciate the lasting gift you give them. BE A 'TAL FOR LIFE" This is a program designed to help animals that have been waiting for a long time for their new home... we will provide you with a coupon booklet upon request and you can make a do nation when you like for whatever amount you like no strings attached and all donations are tax deductible! Visit our website to see our full list of animals that are available for adoption everyone wants a kitten, but many one year old cats are deemed "too old", or perhaps the cat has "teary eyes" - everyone wants perfection, but all pets give unconditional love they don't care what YOU look like. Visit our website for more infor mation on becoming a "PAL for Lifer"!! *** ** ** *** NON-PROFIT ORG. US POSTAiSE PAID HACKETTSTOWN, NJ PERMIT #19 Pet Adoption League PO Box 206 Hackettstown, NJ OR CURRENT RESIDENT Printed by Lamb Printing, Inc. Hackettstown, NJ (908)