The Barker! Greetings from the shelter! By: Christin Klimek, LAHS Director. Newsletter of the Lakes Area Humane Society Spring 2015.

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1 The Barker! Newsletter of the Lakes Area Humane Society Spring 2015 Greetings from the shelter! By: Christin Klimek, LAHS Director In this Issue Page 2 Fundraising Success Page 3 We have all seen that evasive cat that lives under a garden shed, in an unoccupied out building or even seen daily walking across the yard. Here at the shelter, we often get phone calls asking for advice regarding concern for these cats. It is estimated that there are million feral cats living throughout the United States. By definition, feral cats are those that have been born and raised in the wild, or who have been abandoned or lost and turned to wild ways in order to survive. While some feral cats tolerate a bit of human contact, most are too fearful and wild to be touched. Many of these callers have no problem with the cat being there, but are concerned about the cat s health and welfare. Here are a few ways that you can help these cats and also lead to long term reduction of ferals in our community. Making a Difference Pages 4 ~ 7 Letters From Home Pages 8 ~ 11 Donations Opportunity Calendar MN SNAP Mobile Spay Clinic September 17th (Call the shelter for qualification and registration information) Annual Halloween Fundraiser October Create a winterized shelter for them, they can be simple and inexpensive to construct. There are many different plans available on the internet, Google Feral Cat Houses or you can call the shelter and we can provide instructions as well. Provide food throughout the year to help them survive the long winter months. It is recommended to use timed feeders or feeding on a schedule during day time hours so as not to entice other unwanted wildlife onto the property. If a feral cat has kittens, there a good chance of socializing them if you spend some time each day once they are moving about. Typically, the kittens can be taken from the mom at 7-8 weeks of age, at that time they can be brought to LAHS to be prepared for adoption. Once at the shelter, their socialization will continue and they will be tested for diseases, vaccinated, dewormed, treat external parasites, and altered. Doing so, will ensure that they will have life-long homes and will not have to endure the difficulties of growing up as feral cats. Lastly, one of the most important things you can do for a feral cat in your community: Utilize a live trap to capture the cat and have him/her spayed or neutered. This not only reduces the chances of unwanted kittens contributing to the overpopulation problem, but can increase the cat s life expectancy. Doing so reduces deaths due to birthing and territorial fighting in males with subsequent injuries and diseases found in intact cats. There are low-cost options available through the mobile clinics that LAHS hosts every couple of months. *If every household in Douglas County altered either one male or female feral cat, it would easily prevent the birth of over 35,000 new kittens. Wow, what an impact that would have! Holiday Bake Sale Saturday, Dec 12th Viking Plaza Mall 9:00 am Here are some of our cats currently available for adoption! Additional Opportunities to be Announced! Compton Gater Wava Gimli

2 Fundraising Success. Annual Holiday Bake Sale Thanks to the generosity of our members and volunteers, the annual LAHS Holiday Bake Sale was very successful with over $1000 being raised! A huge THANK YOU to everyone who brought donations of baked goods, those who bought goodies and to those who donated their time prior to the event and at the sale! Paint and Sip Night On Thursday, March 5th, Gail Kiltie with Joyful H Arts Studio held a fundraiser for LAHS! All the participants had a wonderful time learning how to create their very own masterpieces! An amazing $260 was raised for the animals cared for by the shelter! Thank you to all that attended and special thanks to Gail for setting up the fundraiser and providing such a fantastic evening! 2

3 Kids Making a Difference! AAbout LAHS Mission To promote responsible care and training for household pets through education and public awareness and, when appropriate, to provide a safe and sheltering haven for lost and abandoned animals pending placement in suitable permanent homes. Location/Contact 3811 Nevada Street SW Alexandria, MN We wish to off a huge THANK YOU for the donations collected by the Alexandria Area 9th grade girls basketball team! We sincerely appreciate your efforts; Matie, Linsey, Kelsea, Courtney, Alison, Rachel, Emma, Coach Tony and the Amundsons! Shelter Hours Monday & Wednesday 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm Thursday & Friday 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm Saturday 11:00 am to 4:00 pm Board of Directors JoAnna Meduna, President Peter Koel, Vice President Misty Tracy, Secretary Bob Bordeaux, Treasurer Dan Meduna Sherilee Hansen Shelter Staff In May, more than 400, 5th Grade children participated in this year s Douglas County Safety First day camp. Lakes Area Humane Society s staff gave presentations throughout the day on animal safety. The children were taught how to tell if an animal is aggressive or fearful, how to safely approach an animal after they have gotten permission from their owner and what to do if an animal would chase them. Thanks to all the children who participated! 3 Christin Klimek, Ex. Director Sara Clasemann Joan Becker April Klinghagen Renae Smith Kacie Nelson Mary Klinghagen Mariah Anderson Melissa Gromatka

4 Letters From Home Scrapper ~adopted by C. Johnson LAHS Staff, we just wanted to tell you how happy Sammy is in our home, and how thrilled we are with her...we adopted her last May, and she fits in wonderfully with our family. The boys adore her...our 10 year old son said last week, "Mom, I think Sammy is the best thing that has ever happened to our family!" High praise indeed!!! Here she is, our lovely laundry mole (she loves diving into warm clean laundry..thank you so much for what you do every day!!! Sammy ~adopted by the Shatek Family 4

5 Hello! We just want to drop a line and say thank you again for a wonderful adoption of our kitten Kryptonite. He is wonderful, fun, snugly and wildly playful. Everything a boy could want in his first kitten. Your staff made the process so easy and were considerate and kind with giving us space and time to make a good choice. He is a very loved kitten, and often hears "you are the best and cutest kitten in the whole world". Thanks you, the Holzman Family Kryptonite ~Adopted by the Holzman Faimly Hello! I wanted to give you an update on how things are going. Lola has been amazing! We introduced her to our dog, Lady, although Lola has a lot of energy and she has gradually grown on her. Now they sit together! Lola is also very good with our children). She is a very smart dog, and is picking up on what we expect from her and has our routine down quiet well. She trips up the stairs and bowls the kids over sometimes, but is also cuddly and loves attention. We truly are happy with her in our house! Lola (and Lady) ~Adopted by the Kjelland Family Nala ~Adopted by the Bitz Family 5

6 More Letters From Home Ava ~Adopted by the Dreher family Titus and Sally ~ Adopted by the Brown Family Buddy ~Adopted by the Broten Family 6

7 LAHS is seeking dedicated and passionate persons! The Lakes Area Humane Society is actively seeking members of the community who are committed to making a difference for animals to serve on our Board of Directors! Prospective candidates should have a desire to give of their time and expertise to promote LAHS and its services through community outreach and fundraising events. In addition, they will be a an important part of the creation and execution of strategic plans to uphold the mission and future of the organization. For more information, please contact Christin at or Biggie ~Adopted by Anita A. Join us and we will keep you updated on pets that are available for adoption, upcoming events and other opportunities! Shelter Wish List Postage Stamps (both postcard and 1st class) Kitten and Puppy Food (Purina or Iams) Bleach Paper Towels Copy Paper Bright Colored Copy Paper Business Sized Envelopes Dish Detergent Lysol-Lemon or Fresh Scents Scented Candles Cat Collars 7

8 Shelter Updates. New Digs for the Dogs! Our dog kennel area received a significant and needed upgrade recently. Each of the old mental, link kennel doors were replaced with beautiful black, powder coated aluminum frames with bright blue lower panels. The new kennel doors will allow for better cleaning, prevent dogs from demolishing the metal link and causing hazards for themselves, such as sharp wires and holes that noses, feet and other body parts could become stuck in. In addition, the privacy panels significantly reduce the stress felt by our adoptive dogs by helping to block out stimuli outside of the kennel that can lead to aggression or fearfulness. We wish to sincerely thank one of our long-time donors, Sandi O., for the funding that she provided to make this necessary update possible! In addition, we want to thank the great group of volunteers who took time out of their busy Saturday to install the doors; Paul, Pete, David, Steve, Corey, Tammie and Dan! Persons who donated money in Honor of November 2014 thru March 2015 Mary Downing in honor of Dezel Pamela Kamholz in honor of Kamry Richard Martin in honor of Kissa Beverly Barglof in honor of Penny Doug & Shirley Jacobson in honor of Charlie Sandra Benfield in honor of Geri Zabrosky Joe & Margaret Skogmo in honor of Iggy Bryan & Beth Carlson in honor of Nola Carol & Darrell Neilson in honor of Missy & Sissy Bonnie Boe in honor of Berrett & Val Boe Shawn Green in honor of Sadie & Peyton Green s birthday Sadie & Peyton Green in honor of Douglas County Animal Hospital Sandra Oland in honor of Buffy Susanne Engstrom in honor of Kora Chris Oster in honor of Dianna Spring Tom & Linda Andert in honor of Jeremy Foley Sheila Benedict in honor of Abby & Lucy Brandon & Amy Chaffins in honor of: John & Ruth Ann Dahlin & Guinness Kristina Dahlin, Paul Schulte & Stella John & Ruth Ann Dahlin in honor of Brandon & Amy Chaffins & Cash Dennis & Joyce VanKempen in honor of Hank Kara Fiedler in honor of Ransom Daniel Carns in honor of Maggie Tonya Raths in honor of Floyd Lee Gordon Holden in honor of Deb Holden Alan Olk in honor of Buddy Jeremy & Amy Pedersen in honor of Luther Cleone Sherman in honor of Bella Raymond & Cheryl Schneider in honor of Cocoa Kevin & Luana Klimek in honor of Sparky Darko Pete & Kim Koel in honor of: Barb Carlson, Receptionist Lana Kotzenmacher, Receptionist Jill Tomford, Receptionist Sharon Spencer, Receptionist Amber Johnson, LPN Charity Kuperus, LPN Mary Kodet, LPN Heidi Huntley, LPN Barb Erickson, LPN Lindsey Buttweiler, LPN 8

9 Thanks...for Helping Us Make a Difference! Persons who donated money in Memory of November 2014 thru March 2015 Michael Davis in memory of Carol Stone Shelley Anderson in memory of Bill Langner Manly & Helen Johnson in memory of Simba Maureen Elkington in memory of Hank Christenson Wendy Peterson in memory of Callie Harold & Jeanne Wells in memory of Shelby Richard Martin in memory of Sam Steve & Bonnie Frahm in memory of CoCo Joey Loken in memory of Levi DuWayne & Angela Lund in memory of Bud & Nugget Sherri Faehnrich in memory of Wabbit Scott & Jen Sundby in memory of Harley Doug & Shirley Jacobson in memory of Teddy Diane Watkins in memory of Buddy & Cujo Judy Melville in memory of Phyllis Anderson Rita Winters in memory of Albert Edith Waller in memory of Missie, Lisa, Pammie & Charlie Raymond & Marilyn Myers in memory of their cats Wayne & Cindy Anderson in memory of Spanky Kirsten Booth in memory of Eddy Jim & Kay Krantz in memory of Jason Krantz Sandra Doege in memory of Danica Carol & Darrell Neilsen in memory of Charlie & Tigger Sadie & Peyton Green in memory of Keely Kevin & Barbara Minnerath in memory of Scully Sandra Oland in memory of Thor Reed & Lee Becker in memory of Kramer Susanne Engstrom in memory of Moki Ed Modahl in memory of Libby Sharon & Bill Bursch in memory of Blu Beau Tom & Linda Andert in memory of: Big Chip dogs Herma Hagen Charles Lowinske Jim & Darla Brink in memory of Goldie Sheila Peterson in memory of Dude, Chance & Angel Harold & Charlene Dalluge in memory of Candy Wyck & Lori Linder in memory of Emmy Eva Strazzabosco in memory of Max Donna & Gordon Ziegelman in memory of Pepper Kenneth & Doris Judson in memory of Val & Cora Dennis & Joyce VanKempen in memory of Nala Shirley & Jim Busenga in memory of Gizmo Tonya Raths in memory of Ozzy Jo Alan Olk in memory of Tiny Debbie Connelly in memory of Hailey Marcia Weisel in memory of Mazey Lori Meath in memory/honor of Sydney, Gabby & Maggie Meath & Shelby Wells Heidi Wentland in memory of Joan Wagner Angela Harding in memory of Joan Wagner Robin Weir in memory of Joan Wagner Jolene Kolbeck in memory of Joan Wagner Kelly Williams in memory of Joan Wagner Kathryn & Bumper Lee in memory of Snicker Doodle, Sara Jane, Scott P. Gay Halverson-Loesch in memory of Bella Tom & Linda Akenson in memory of Bowser Arvid & Mary Povilaitis in memory of Joan Wagner Affordable Pet Services (Mat & Cindee Kakac) in memory of: Carson, owner Wally Stukel Rudy, owner Bruce Olson & Marie Anderson Teddy, onwer Sally & Paul Ringdahl Patches, owner John Gilson Flash, owner Tess Evink Jack #1 & Jack #2, owner Rich & Carolyn Carlson Trigger, owner Christie Saffert Blizzard, owner Michelle Kelly Gus, owner Mary & Greg Sonstegard Quick, owner Tom & Joni Jacobson Dolly, owner Dave & Jan Keller Shelby, owner Rhonda & Jeff Fasset Maddy, owner Kristie Granning Bear, owner June & Doug Landgren Hailey, owner Deb & Ed Connely Katie, owner Marlys Costello Dakota, owner Stacy & Mike Salavold Selfie, owner Dan Sutton Goldie, owner Darla & Jim Brink Chi, owner Mary & Ed Bolas Grizzly, owner Craig Zens Fred & Barb Harvey in memory of Hobbs Eppie & Laurie Gaynes in memory of Joan Wagner Sharlene & James Duggan in memory of Joan Wagner Bob & Heidi Bordeaux in memory of Rosie Hochstein Ted & Geri Zabrosky in memory of Eleanor Jo Shelton in memory of Joan Wagner Nancy Daniels in memory of Joan Wagner Charthouse Senior Living in memory of Joan Wagner Tom & Linda Akenson in memory of Joan Wagner Helen & Adam Bruening in memory of Joan Wagner Robert & Carolyn Goedken in memory of Joan Wagner Christopher & Kathleen Hill in memory of Joan Wagner Dan Fisk in memory of Joan Wagner Wade & Kimberly Williams in memory of Sammie Harvey & Carol Tewes in memory of Joan Wagner Gary & Tammy Dierks in memory of Ruthanne Murray Michael & Rhonda Asmus in memory of Ruthanne Murray John Gilson in memory of Kay & Ed Rooney s dog John Gilson in memory of Ally McAndert, owned by Tom & Linda Andert Georgianna Clausen in memory of Lillian Fisher Joyce Kakac in memory of Si Naas Geri & Ted Zabrosky in memory of Abby 9

10 Thanks...for Helping Us Make a Difference! Persons who donated Monies, Sponsorships (memberships), Supplies & Services November 2014 thru March 2015 Manly & Helen Johnson Kim Steinle Michael Davis Michael & Kathryn Christensen Shelley Anderson Coni McKay Gary & Cheryl Anderson Doug & Diane Jewson Chester Seiford Sharon Marthaler Ellen Bangtson Todd Skramstad Melaleuca, The Wellness Company Duane & Connie Shelden David Ostrander John & Dorothy Freed Sharon Willasson Loreen Madson Shirlee Swanberg Marlys Benson Glenwood State Bank Kathy Heesem Lyle Blackberg Ryan Anderson Target Harold Dalluge Chris Estenson Tradition Mortgage April Weber Keri Mohror Carma Tucker Matthew Adelman Wal Mart St. Mary s R.E. Program Steve & Sandy Bogenrief Maureen Elkington Anita Anderson Brandy Roseth Professionals in Networking Wendy Peterson Larry & Judith Brustad Nancy Plecas Prairie Fire Childrens Theatre Mary Downing Charles Torrens Val Swenson Gail Cloutier Jeffrey Morse Joan Frederickson Sonja & Allen Starry Keith & Kay Zempel Barbara Gehle Harold & Jeanne Wells Pamela Kamholz Anthony Tigges & Karen Burr Mike & Mary Schmidt Carlene Ness Elliot Kjos Keith & Amanda Albertson Galen & Kari Huizinga Beth McKay-Teeuwen Tom & Becky Wilkinson Carol & Gary Joffer Richard Martin Steve & Bonnie Frahm Joey Loken Gary & Judy Voracheck DuWayne & Angela Lund Ellen Bengtson Orris & Judy Schjei Sherri Faehnrich Scott & Jen Sundby Beverly Barglof Connie Cook Ben & Brenda Schoenrock Doug & Shirley Jacobson Diane Watkins Cathy Weatherwax Kathy & Gary Lofquist Judy Melville Rhonda Thoennes Clayton & Sue Lewis Rita Winters Edith Waller Raymond & Marilyn Myers Dennis & Jenny Schmidt Dick & Donna Carlson Donald & Phyllis Schoonhoven Beverly Gallup Mitch Linder John & Bonita Leesch Deb & Michael Henrion Bev Bales Sandra Benfield Raymond Raml Joe & Margaret Skogmo Bryan & Beth Carlson Wayne & Cindy Anderson Kirsten Booth Ronald & Mary Ellen Lyman Jim & Kay Krantz Sandra Doege Carol & Darrell Neilsen Bonnie Boe Ron & Annette Sletto Kathleen Ferson Tim & Kathy Schoonhoven Eric & Sara Gronholz Kathleen Ferson Tim & Kathy Schoonhoven Eric & Sara Gronholz Irene Morse Nicole Smith Deborah & Tague Thoennes Janice & Thomas Broten Dan & Tammie Quiggle Wendy & Todd Hyatt Shawn Green Sadie Green Peyton Green Kevin & Barbara Minnerath Sandra Oland Myrtle McKay Joan & Dennis Sprague Reed & Lee Becker Helen Glade Susanne Engstrom Pete & Kim Koel Phyllis Tucker Verle & Jan Hammer Ed Modahl Sharon & Bill Bursch Bette Olson Lee & Jan Saeugling Chris Oster Tom & Linda Andert Jim & Darla Brink Duane & Judith Doucette Philip Yeutter Lakes Area Professional Women Mary & David Butler Sabrina Marthaler Hoppe Jerry & Linda Jakes Mary New Curt & Becky Vokaty Sheila Peterson Jean Skarda Brian Williams Sheila Benedict Roger & Maureen Podany Harold & Charlene Dalluge Wyck & Lori Linder Eva Strazzabosco Nancy Rademacher Donna & Gordon Ziegelman Kerry Beilke Joyce Kuehn Brandon & Amy Chaffins John & Ruth Ann Dahlin Rany & Patricia Turner Kenneth & Doris Judson Dennis & Joyce VanKempen Kara Fiedler Elaine Schoening 10

11 Thanks...for Helping Us Make a Difference! Persons who donated Monies, Sponsorships (memberships), Supplies & Services November 2014 thru March 2015 Continued... Daniel Carns Shirley & Jim Busenga Lori Anderson Jacqueline Stepan Lael & Carma Tucker John & Joan Huseth Tonya Raths Rick & Sandy Paulsen Gordon Holden Herb Anderson Curtis & Bonnie Ulvestad Gene & Connie Rasmusen Patricia Smith E.C. Beliveau Orb Management Shannon Swenson Barker s More 4 Less Alan Olk John Sherman Meagan Krohnfeldt Wayne & Beverly Quernemoen Eileen Holland Debbie Connelly Delores Woessner Richard & Diane Nelson Marcia Weisel Pryce Score Lori Meath Marjorie Weber Jeremy & Amy Pedersen Deborah Hinnenkamp Colleen Ouimet Doug & Kelly Prestby Michelle & Jerrod Kelly Greg Haines Carolyn Binnebose Eugene Oswald Alexandria Area Girls, 9 th Grade Basketball Team Barb Minnerath The Brown Family Kelly Kees Henry s Food Emma, Hawk & Buster Jason Rector Barb Wagner Jadyn Athmann Rhonda Weber Jessie Blanchard Heidi Wentland Angela Harding Robin Weir Jolene Kolbeck Kelly Williams Jacob Porter Brandy Roseth Kathryn & Bumper Lee Gay Halverson-Loesch Jeff Meland Tom & Linda Akenson Sharon Heinrich Salon Alexis Dan & Diann Ness Brittany Lanus Diane Levasseur Johnston Law Office Cleone Sherman Arvid & Mary Povilaitis Affordable Pet Services, Mat & Cindee Kakac Fred & Barb Harvey Becky Albright Tammie Leverson Eppie & Laurie Gaynes Sharlene & James Duggan Bob & Heidi Bordeaux Ted & Geri Zabrosky Catherine & Jason Beste Jo Shelton Nancy Daniels Dakota Supply Group Daniel Wagner Thomas & Rebecca Wagner Charthouse Senior Living Helen & Adam Bruening Robert & Carolyn Goedken Christopher & Kathleen Hill Bonnie Morehart Kathy & Larry Ortloff Mia Farrow Dan Fisk Wade & Kimberly Williams Richard & Jean Otte WoofTrax, Inc Harvey & Carol Tewes Linda Freeman Eldens Food Fair Nancy Heuer Spartan Nash Renee Parduhn Trisha Smith Irene Parduhn Gladys Jobe Mary & John Verhaeghe Christine Peacock Elizabeth Frick Erin Lange Carolyn Chlian Laura Vogel Raymond & Cheryl Schneider The Benevity Community Impact Fund Ladeen Schillinger Gary & Tammy Dierks Michael & Rhonda Asmus John Gilson Eric & Jenny Bjerke Joyce Kakac Georgianna Clausen Saundra Benson Mark & Amy Opp Julia Allen Karen Pommerening Mary Helen & William Moeller Kevin & Luana Klimek Betty Sue Lee James & Margery Jensen Debra Parrott Amber Laidlaw Little Stars Daycare, Carlos Dawn Simonson Mike DeBettignies Craig Bengford Patricia Bengford Lisa Rothbauer-Biernat Linda Sletto Gopher Prairie 4H Jerry Daas Megan Poeleart Alexandria s Animal Doctor Ed & Patty Thompson Barb Bowman Kim Vosburgh Kim Moore Carol Durand William Cain Mike & Barb Blumer Wayne Roquette Jean Wright Steve Finn Wilma Triebenbach Diane Winter Kelly Smith Cynthia Fischer Michelle & David Olsen While we strive to ensure that all donors are acknowledged, we want to extend a THANK YOU to anyone who we may have inadvertently omitted. We sincerely appreciate any and all donations! 11

12 NON-PROFIT ORG. US POSTAGE PAID PERMIT #29 ALEXANDRIA, MN Lakes Area Humane Society 3811 Nevada Street SW Alexandria, MN Return Service Requested 1 Heel, Sit, Stay and Come! Whether you have a dog or puppy that is in need of a brush up on the basics or one that needs to start from square one, the Lakes Area Humane Society has the perfect training program for you! We offer basic Dog Obedience Training throughout the year, please contact the shelter to get information on our next session. Call the shelter today at or 12