Get Heard: Unexpected Ways to Gain Attention for Your Cats. Get Heard: Unexpected Ways to Gain Attention for Your Cats

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1 Increasing Cat Adoptions Wendy Blount, DVM Get Heard: Unexpected Ways to Gain Attention for Your Cats Beyond PetFinder - Get a Facebook Page gets more hits every day than any other website on the planet Facebook advertising gets more exposure than Google Facebook is widely used by every age group except those >65 years of age Used by male and females of all education levels and occupations Used at home, work and school It s Free!! Get Heard: Unexpected Ways to Gain Attention for Your Cats Outgoing Voic recording MEOW! This is Mercedes, I'm a 2 year old spayed female kitty with personality plus. The Animal Control Officer is not in right now, so please leave your message and don't forget to tell the ACO that you can't live without me. Adopt me today - you won't be disappointed! Submitted by Jaylin Ramos of Hugoton Animal Shelter in KS Get Heard: Unexpected Ways to Gain Attention for Your Cats Look for Performances of the musical Cats in Your Area With permission, assemble outside to distribute flyers of cats up for adoption. get creative and wear cat costumes. Bring animals to showcase and take applications Submitted by Ally Harris of Halfway Home Rescue in CT Get Heard: Unexpected Ways to Gain Attention for Your Cats Do Not Litter Campaign Take a photo of a Do Not Litter sign with a basket of kittens under it Make up flyers to post with permission at local businesses with high traffic If you have restaurants with waiting lists, this is a great place to take advantage of a captive audience Promote adoptions and get leads for your low cost spay-neuter program Submitted by Kathie Tonnessen of Communities Altering The Strays (CATS) in NJ Think Outside the (Litter) Box! Pet Friendly Apartment Complexes Approach reputable, pet-friendly apartment complexes and offer to hold adoption fairs. The apartment manager publishes ads to advertise the fair while promoting their pet-friendly atmosphere in an effort to attract new tenants. The complexes offer a special, reduced-rate petdeposit good for any new tenants and current tenants adopting from your shelter Submitted by Cheryl Knox of Humane Society of Alamance County in NC

2 Think Outside the (Litter) Box! Showcase cats in local busineses Family-owned used book store located in an old, refinished house in downtown Lufkin. That bookstore has become the official home of the Lufkin Chapter of O'Malley Alley Cats. The customer traffic helps socialize feral kittens as well as providing the visibility they need to steal hearts. Customers always ask about the kitties if they are not promptly greeted when they walk in the door. Submitted by Brooke Cooley of The O'Malley Alley Cat Organization in TX Think Outside the (Litter) Box! Showcase kittens in pet friendly schools Many school rooms have small mammal pets Some might be open to a cat cage for fosters to visit from time to time Reluctant 1 st grade readers can read aloud to the kittens in the reading corner by the cage Foster kittens can be socialized Springboard to humane education for the kids Nothing is more fun than watching kittens play Adoptions to teachers, other employees and parents might surprise you Submitted by Cynthia Dewy of GRASP in NY Think Outside the (Litter) Box! Cats Only off site adoptions Invite local cat rescues to show their cats. Invite all pet associated groups to have tables. Dog rescues Pet Pantries, food and supplies Pet show, performance and therapy groups The atmosphere is quiet so the cats are calmer and show better. Get serious cat people who are ready to adopt a cat and are turned off by barking dogs. Submitted by Julie Bates of Hendricks County Humane Society in IN Think Outside the (Litter) Box! Local Veterinary Clinics Set up a cage behind the reception desk Or in the cat area of the waiting room near the desk Great for adoptions and socializing kittens Submitted by Linda Brown of Backyard Friends in ON Dress Up Plain Jane Cats for Formal Adoption Days Esperanza Ball Black Tie Affair What to do with all the black, tuxedo and gray tabby cats? Room decorated like a formal ballroom Punch and treats for those who visit this room Oreos and black and white m&m s Music is nice Female cats get hot pink soft paws and pink frilly collars Male cats get bright blue soft paws and turquoise bow ties Volunteers & staff dress in black and white Dress Up Plain Jane Cats for Formal Adoption Days Esperanza Ball Black Tie Affair No flashy cats allowed that might steal the show Some call it a Black Cat Ball & host it in the fall Special evening hours for the event Adopted cats delivered by limousine service with a donated pet supply gift basket Photograph the delivery and submit to the local paper or use in advertisements Submitted by Tina Puentes of A Pets F.A.T.E. in WA & Linda Young of KittyCorner of CNY, Inc. in NY

3 Baby Shower Day Donors bring kitten/puppy/bunny supplies to help during critical spring baby season. Kitten milk replacer & Pet nurse bottles Cat beds and kitten toys Post a Kitten Gift Registry Showcase the adult female cats that have had their babies and now need good homes. Showcase kittens that are ready to go. Decorate like a baby shower for the day. Submitted by Debbie Ringer of S.T.A.R.T. in NJ &Tyler Lewis of Providence Animal Rescue League in RI Mother s Day Event Feature all the little mama's who are the "leftovers" of the kitten season. They are often only kittens themselves. For all qualified adopters, offer a goodie bag full of coupons, samples and handouts and of course a low-cost spay/neuter certificate for the very young kittens. Post on Petfinder website and Facebook page Submitted by Rebecca Endsley of C.A.T.S. Cats Are Totally Special in TN We Have Irish Cats for St. Patrick s Day Put a shamrock on each cage with the cat's Irish name. Sally O'Patch for a calico Mitch McStripe for a tabby Mr. Stubbins for a Manx People may stop in to see what an Irish Cat looks like Green softpaws and collars on the cats Submitted by Cindy Seigel of PATCH in NJ 2012 Models Just Arrived for New Year Name Cats after Cars Herbie the Love Bug Fiesta Marquis Audi Lexus Submitted by Cindy Seigel of PATCH in NJ Cinco de Meow-O! first week in May Pre-event ticketed raffle to raise money for the adoption center called the Purr Pad More than 25 donated prizes. TV-DVD player, gift certificates from area businesses Boutique with donated gifts and fabulous Cinco de Meow-O t-shirts Food and drink booth. Over fifty adult cats for adoption, as well as several kittens. More than 30 adoptions that day Submitted by Elizabeth Ledet of Friends of the Jefferson Animal Shelter in LA June is Adopt A Cat Month Cats are like potato chips you can t have JUST ONE! No fees on the second cat if you adopt 2 Some give the new owner up to 2 months to choose the second cat Adopter gets a bag of potato chips Cats get a goodie bag with toys and catnip Submitted by Lorraine Askam of Maui Humane Society in HI & Nikke Beer of Humane Society of Northwestern Pennsylvania in PA

4 Karoke Kitties Event Public can sing, sponsor a singer, send a donation or come just to show their support. Winners are recipients of "Ameri-Cat Idol" prizes for: "Purrrrrfect Singer" (best voice) "Money Cat" (most sponsors) "Alley Cat" (the crowd pleaser). Everyone that sang is awarded a little "Cool Cat trophy Submitted by Diane Show of Sheltara Humane Society in MA Fundraiser Pool Tournament Tables are "named" after select cats who need medical care. When players' names are called to play, they must read the descriptions on the placards to find the cat name and locate the appropriate table. Kitties gain additional visibility and tournament participants learn about the animals who are receiving the donated entry fee. Submitted by Vivian Cooper of Companion Animal Rescue Alliance in MD Love an Experienced Cat Pair Senior Cats with Senior Citizens Some well funded programs have senior foster programs where the rescue delivers food and litter monthly Conducts a welfare check at this time handles all vet care Cat returned to the rescue if senior can no longer care for the cat Submitted by Carol Storm of Callie's Home for Cats in CA & Nancy Engel of Pet Angel Adoption & Rescue Inc. in MI Pair Handicapped pets with people with the same handicap Deaf, blind local schools for deaf/blind Epileptics Diabetics Amputees Typically unadoptable animals might become adoptable Submitted by Diana Nelson of Cornish and Devon Rex Rescue NW, Sphynx Too in OR County Fair type event that benefits the shelter Rent tables to those in the pet care and rescue industry Canine Good Citizen Certification Of site adoptions Pony Rides for the kids Petting zoo (work with your health department on this) Concessions Sell t-shirts listing sponsors Numbered squares are laid out on a path. Tickets are sold to participants, and they walk around the path in time to music, which plays for a duration and then stops. Use songs like Cat Scratch Fever, What s New Pussycat?, etc. A number is then called out, and the person standing on the square with that number wins a cake or other kitty gift as a prize. Multiple cakes are given out, one for each round. Cat theme cakes and cookies are great

5 The stepping stones the participants will be walking on are the actual pictures of kitties looking for homes. Use placemats that are taken to local restaurants after the cake walk. Have sponsorship levels for the walkers $5 pays for a shelter kitties vaccination $10 pays for the vaccinations plus parasite removal $25-$45 pays for the spay/neuter $50 covers the whole schmeal for a healthy cat Submitted by Denise Novak of Save1Pet in MS Blue towel and a blue stuffed animal to bring out the eye color in a blue eyed cat Colorful rugs rather than newspaper in the bottom of the cages Color coordinate the bedding and litter pan with the cat Well staged photos of the cat on the cage, rather than the usual mug shot in the metal cage Submitted by Dee Carroll of Marin Cat Connection in CA & Submitted by Linda Hickam of Friends of Ferals/Greater Huntsville H.S. in AL


7 Crash the Cat Show Rent a table at the cat show for your mutt cats, and actually enter them in the Household Cats Decorate the cages like show cats Create some catchy competition CAT-egories for the cages Champion Heart Stealer Black Belt Ninja Kitten Put all the ribbons they win on the fronts of the cages Display ribbons at the shelter and off site adoptions Submitted by Lee Ann Causey of Little Orphan Angels in TX Humorous Talent Lists types 50wpm, snow boards and does windows! Trained with Jackie Chan Speaks 7 languages Official food taster Gifted AND talented! Submitted by Michelle Brandenburg of Brenton-Franklin Humane Society in WA Writing on the Cage Cards Humorous Talent Lists Promote Adult Cat Adoption Adult cats know their way around a litter box Adult cats love couch potatoes Adult cats don't climb curtains The bigger the better Submitted by Andrea Traganza of Noah's Ark Pet Adoptions in AZ Pet Personal Ads TwinkleToes pound cat "Full-figured single black & white spayed female seeks human for brushing, petting, and LONG walks." Smudge very talkative Young single gray & white neutered male seeks Lovely Lady (or Gentleman) for late night chats and long naps in front of the fireplace or on the heat vent." Kayla prefers quiet Recently divorced mother of two seeks quiet family who will take care of me during my retirement. Submitted by Jeannette Srivastava of The Kitty Cat CARES in MI

8 Pet Personal Ads Whiskers doesn t like other cats 7 year old Libra enjoys long naps in sunny locales and prefer chicken over tuna. My ideal home is one where I can be adored...meaning I prefer to be the only cat. Some describe me as sensitive, and this can be said about me on many levels. Not only do prefer a quiet household, I eat a sensitive stomach diet. If you are looking for a long-term committed relationship, please speak with my people at the front desk." Submitted by Moon Wymore of Pioneer Valley Humane Society in MA Pet of the Week Letter from Pet Dear Editor, I turn one year old this month. Everyone has been coming in and saying "Happy Birthday, Mary!". You're probably saying "Congratulations". Except, it's not a happy day for me -- you see, I'm a shelter kitten, correction, a shelter cat. Very few people look at the cats in the shelter; they go for that cute cuddly kitten. The younger the better, or so they think. They don't take the time to look at the others like me, who don t attack like a Ninja in the middle of the night and don t think it s fun to climb curtains any more. The volunteers at the shelter sing high praise about us cats, but it falls on deaf ears. Pet of the Week Letter from Pet Don't get me wrong, we get love from the volunteers at the shelter, but they are there only so long during the day and they have so much to do and so many cats to love. Oh! To have the freedom to roam around a real home, looking for a sunny place to sleep, or a warm lap to curl up in. This is my dream. Please, would you help us and print my plea, so when people are looking to add an animal to their home, they adopt from a shelter, and take time to look at the older animals? We make great companions for humans of all ages. Thank you for listening to me. Maybe after this is printed, my family will find me. Mary, A Shelter Cat Pet of the Week Letter from Pet From a cat named Easter: The kids went back to school so I am here. No had time for me. The volunteers brought us all toys with dangling skeletons for Halloween but I did not get to see any costumes this year. I was hoping to go home for Turkey Day but everyone has been so busy. I asked Santa for a new home but he just couldn't find one. I made a New Year's resolution to enjoy my time here. Everyone is very kind and I do have my own room. Now it's spring and I miss my family. I'm hoping for one more Easter Egg hunt... Off Site Placement 4 color tents on restaurant tables Christmas trees at local vet clinics and pet stores Each ornament has pet picture and info In photo albums for the rest of the year Pet of the Week at store cash registers It s All in the Finish People often can t remember the name of the pet they were interested in People may not know how to contact the shelter or rescue group from an off-site adoption Make up business cards for each pet for people to pick up and take with them Example: Angelo, Quality Control Analyst, Treat Department. include the animal's picture on the business card. Submitted by Rebecca Leinenback of Open Door Animal Sanctuary in MO

9 It s All in the Finish Goodies to Go Kitty Kupon book with each adoption Free grooming Volunteer home visit if any challenges T-shirt with each adoption I adopted a Feline Friend T-shirts are cheap advertising that keeps working for years Submitted by Nancy Job of Affection Connection Rescue in MI It s All in the Finish Even Exchange Guilt free exchange for another cat if the adopted cat doesn t do well in the household Encourage sleepovers to try out cats prior to adoption. Paws to Consider Program Finding the right owner-cat fit is crucial to long term adoption success