3 rd Annual Show. APA / ABA Sanctioned Show Catalog for March norcalpoultryncpa.com

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1 3 rd Annual Show APA / ABA Sanctioned Show Catalog for March norcalpoultryncpa.com

2 Tyler Jelly Building 4-H events & Sale Floriculture Building Game Bird Show garden east of Floriculture Building w/p Kiwanis Cafeteria Award Cafeteria Host Comfort Inn & Suites 1 mile From I-5 take Antelope exit east, Comfort Inn is on the southeast side of I-5, turn right on Sale Lane. The fairground is one mile from I-5 heading east on Antelope. 25 Trailer Spaces available at fairgrounds $25 includes: Water, electricity & dump onsite Tent site $10 Pay on arrival, for info contact fairground at

3 Welcome to NCPA s 3 rd Annual Spring Show. Thank you for being a part of this exciting event and your continued support that reflects in our success. Our main purpose is to provide an enjoyable show. If there is any input you would like to share please do so. We hope all of you will enjoy your weekend with us and the facilities. We have included some new events this year and extended our show an additional day. I would like to extend our appreciation to our Judges, past and present, who have been very patient and gracious as we iron out all the wrinkles in the setup and flow of the show. Also thank you to everyone who has had the faith in our club to continue to support us while we grow. Susan Smallbrook NorCal Poultry Association Officially formed 2011 President, Leeann Stearns. Vice President, Glenda Rasella, Secretary, Susan Smallbrook. Treasurer, Debi Stuhr. Youth Coordinator, Tracy Goschke. Directors, Roy Runnings, Aaron Turner, Holly Wilson SHOW COMMITTEE Show Superintendent Leeann Stearns Show Secretary Susan Smallbrook Treasurer Debi Stuhr Show Catalog Susan Smallbrook Game Bird Show Manny Burruel Serama Table Top Show Jaimie Sanchez Youth Coordinator Tracy Goschke H Superintendent Michael Willis Awards Tracy Goschke Raffle Wende Jesson Breeder s Raffle Leeann Stearns Snack Bar Tehama Kiwanis Biosecurity Leeann Stearns Banquet Debi Stuhr

4 OUR JUDGES Open/Youth Show Open/Youth Show 4H Show Showmanship Primary Showmanship Avian Bowl Game Bird Show Serama Table Top Show MCCUSA Egg Show Mr. David Anderson Mr. Eric Kutch Mr. Brian Decker Dr. Francine Bradley Ms. Emma Osborn Dr. Francine Bradley Mr. Donald Barger Mr. Donald Barger Mr. Brian Decker SHOW SCHEDULE Friday, March :00-9:00pm Coop in, potluck provided by NCPA Saturday, March :00-8:00am Coop in 8:30 Judges and Clerk Meeting 9:00 Judging of birds begins Primary Showmanship Game Bird Show 10:00 Showmanship 11:00 Serama Table Top Show 10-12:00 Knowledge Quiz, Bird ID Contest, Judging Contest. 11:00 NCPA 3rd Quarterly meeting 12:00 Best Dressed Bird Contest 1:00 Avian Bowl Breeders Raffle 5:30 Showroom closes Judging of Champions Social hour, Wine raffle 6:30 Award Banquet Sunday, March :00 NCPA Table Raffle & Coop out No early coop outs, without the permission of the Show Superintendent. PLEASE BE CONSIDERATE! Early coop-outs forfeit awards and future entry.

5 SHOW RULES By participating you agree to abide by show rules as stated below. 1. DUE DATE: Entry must be postmarked by March ENTRY FORMS: One exhibitor per entry form. Entry forms may be copied. 3. ENTRY FEES: All entry fees must accompany the entry. DO NOT send cash. Please send check or money order made NCPA. a. $4 exhibitor fee b. $3 per bird c. $6 for double coop d. $3 per bird for 4H show, must also be entered in open show. e. $5 youth activity fee required if no birds are entered. f. Vendor/club tables $ H and Youth divisions: Age of 12/31/15, Primary 5-8 yrs., Novice 1 st year, Junior 9-11 yrs., Intermediate yrs., Senior yrs. 5. HANDLING OF BIRDS: No person other than the show officials or owner shall be allowed to handle or feed /water birds without the owner s permission. 6. FEED/WATER: Exhibitors are responsible for feeding and watering their own birds; feed and water provided. 7. COOP-OUT: Please honor check-out time. No early releases. Any exhibitor cooping out early without approval of Show Superintendent will forfeit awards/placings and NCPA will not honor further entries. 8. JUDGING: By comparison with the latest edition of the APA Standard of Perfection and the ABA Bantam Standard. Any matter not provided for under APA/ABA rules will be resolved by NCPA. 9. PREMIUMS: All premiums are accepted from specialty clubs and individuals in good faith. NCPA will not be responsible for payment of premiums or awards not delivered to NCPA. 10. BIOSECURITY: Birds showing evidence of disease or parasites will be removed from the showroom. See Leeann Stearns. 11.SECURITY: The NCPA and Tehama County Fair are not responsible for any claims or losses, theft, or accidents to personal property. 12.SALE CAGES: 1) Overcrowding will not be permitted limit on birds per cage is as follows: maximum of 3 large fowl or 6 bantams at any time. 2) NCPA is not liable for birds in the sale area. 3) Owner is responsible for sale, feeding, and watering of their own stock. 13.NCPA reserves the right to reject any entry. 14. SUBMISSION OF ENTRIES deadline: March by mail: Susan Smallbrook, Hackett Lane, Redding, CA 96003

6 Thank You Comfort Inn for your continued support!

7 your Judge: Mr. Donald Barger

8 Central Tehama Kiwanis will be serving up some good vittles for breakfast and lunch. 7am-10am biscuits n gravy, breakfast burritos, donuts, milk and coffee 10am-2pm hamburgers, pizza, hot dogs, chips, soda Award Banquet tri-tip or chicken vegetable medley baked beans baked potatoe dessert & beverage

9 Attention 4Hers This show is a fair qualifier or all counties! we All contests open to anyone 18 encourage FFA to be a part of this show. Shasta County 4H Poultry 23 nd Annual Show Shasta County 4H Poultry will host Showmanship, Avian Bowl & Best Dressed Bird contest. Butte Valley 4H will host the Knowledge Quiz, Judging Contest (two classes, land and water fowl) & the Breed Identification Contest. Shasta County 4H would like to express their appreciation for the support from Butte Valley 4H & contributing to our success!

10 Sanctioned MEETS American Poultry Association American Bantam Association SPECIAL MEETS American Brahma Club American Langshan Club American Silkie Bantam Club American Sumatra Association Belgian D Uccle and Booted Bantam Club California National Cochins International Dominique Club of America International Cornish Breeders Association Modern Game Club of America National Jersey Giant Club North America Hamberg Society Old English Game Bantam Club of America Sebright Club of America Marans Chicken Club USA State Meet and Marans Egg Show Hosted by NorCal Poultry Association To enter the Marans Meet, please use the NCPA entry form. All of the NorCal dead-lines and entry fees will apply. If you have any questions, contact the Egg Show Host for the MCC for this show: Brian Parks or call him at ) The Black Coppers, Wheatens, and the White Marans have all been approved by the American Poultry Association. The three SOP standards, as well as the proposed standards for the other varieties, can be found at the MCC website. 2) Awards for the open show will be as follows: a. Best of Breed Rosette from Marans Chicken Club b. Reserve of Breed Rosette from Marans Chicken Club c. 1 st 3 rd of each Variety Ribbons from Marans Chicken Club 3) Awards for Junior Marans exhibitors: a. Best of Breed Rosette from the Marans Chicken Club b. Reserve of Breed Rosette from the Marans Chicken Club c. All participants receive a ribbon from the Marans Chicken Club 4) A Marans Chicken Club USA sanctioned Egg Show will also be held using the entry form and rules found at or download the form from 5) A Marans Egg Entry consists of three closely matching, purebred Marans eggs. Eggs do not have to be fertile. Bring eggs to the show and check in at the Marans Chicken Club USA table, where entry blanks will be provided, OR, mail egg entries to Brian Parks, 1020 NW Lewisburg Avenue, Corvallis, OR along with the entry fee monies and the completely filled out form. The egg entry fee is $5.00 for the first set of eggs and $2.50 per entry for each additional set of eggs. 6) Awards for the egg show are as follows; a. 1 st place overall Ribbon from MCC Club and $25.00 donated by MCC b. 2 nd place overall Ribbon from MCC Club and $15.00 donated by MCC c. 3 rd place overall Ribbon from MCC Club and $10.00 donated by MCC d. 1 st 3 rd place each variety Ribbons from MCC Club e. Ribbon for People s Choice of the most popular set of eggs according to the spectators.

11 CALIFORNIA NATIONAL MEET This show is a recognized POINT MEET for the California National Show Year (October 2014 through March 2015). Anyone who is a member of a California poultry club is eligible to enroll and compete for the Exhibit of Merit and Breed Fanciers awards. Point will be awarded to an exhibitor for their 6 highest scoring recognized California National Shows. The cost to join is $10.00 for the show year, which will be used for awards. No points will be awarded for wins of show attended prior to receipt of the enrollment form. For more information contact Chris Tamayo(916) , or AWARDS Additional premiums and awards to be announced 4H SHOW AWARDS - Premiums Champion Large Fowl $10 Galewick s Gorgeous Bantams Champion Bantam $10 Galewick s Gorgeous Bantams Champion Water Fowl $10 Galewick s Gorgeous Bantams Best Conditioned Bird $10 Galewick s Gorgeous Bantams Champion Modern Game $10 Smallbrook Ranch Shasta County 4H Poultry offer awards to the following champs: Best of Show, Reserve of Show, Best Conditioned, Champion Bantam, Reserve Bantam, Champion Large Fowl, Reserve Large Fowl, Champion Water Fowl, Reserve Water Fowl, Champion Turkey, Reserve Turkey, Best of Class, Best of Breed, Showmanship, Knowledge Quiz, Avian Bowl, Best Dressed Bird, Judging Contest, Breed ID Contest Open and Youth Show Awards - Premiums Belgian D Uccle, Best of Breed by Youth $10 Galewick s Gorgeous Bantams Belgian D Uccle, Res. of Breed by Youth $10 Galewick s Gorgeous Bantams Belgian D Uccle, Best of Breed-Open $10 Galewick s Gorgeous Bantams Belgian D Uccle, Best of Breed-Open $10 Roof Family Booted Bantam, Best of Breed-Open $10 Galewick s Gorgeous Bantams Belgian d Anver, Best of Breed $10 Roof Family Large Wyandotte, Best of Breed $10 Roof Family Champion Bantam by Youth $15 CS Bantams / Chris Tamayo Reserve Bantam By Youth $10 CS Bantams / Chris Tamayo NCPA will offer awards to each of the following champions - Open & Youth Grand Champion of Show Reserve Grand Champion of Show Champion Bantam, Reserve Champion Bantam Champion Large Fowl, Reserve Champion Large Fowl Champion Waterfowl, Reserve Champion Water Fowl Champion Turkey, Reserve Champion Turkey Champion Guinea, Reserve Champion Guinea Champion Trio Champion and Reserve of Breed, Champion of classes

12 Breeders Raffle will consist of a trio or pair with a premium for Best Overall Wine Raffle during our Social Hour Please bring your wine or bottled beverage donations to Bob Jones Our table raffle. need to be present to receive your item Sunday at 9am if you would like to donate any type of item bring it to the show or contact Wende

13 OUR AWESOME SPONSERS Albrecht Family & Chaffin Family Orchards Antelope Auto Repair Artois Feed, Inc Big Boy Toys California Brewing Company Central Tehama Kiwanis Comfort Inn Suites Nicole Comp Country Canine Crossroads Feed & Ranch Supply Eric Leslie Photography Galactic Garden Center Heaven Sent Ranch Holly Wilson Humboldt Poultry Fanciers Association JNL Ranch & Nursery Keller Family Farms Let Us Do The Dirty Work For You Marans Chicken Club USA McMurray Hatchery Palo Cedro Feed, Inc Reynolds Ranch & Farm Supply Smallbrook Ranch West Coast Serama Fanciers Any additional sponsors will be posted at our show and any further publishing of this catalog, Apologies if anyone is overlooked, please let us know.

14 For all of you of age that may enjoy a cold brew at our show, California Brewing Company has donated it s specialties.

15 Thank you Palo Cedro Feed for putting shavings under our poultry!

16 The Albrecht Family Holly Wilson Specializing in rare breeds of livestock & poultry San Clemente Island goats




20 Thank You HPFA for loaning us cages and your continued support! Humboldt Poultry Fanciers 55 th Winter Show February Humboldt Fairgrounds Ferndale, California